i love this question so much

I realized something kind of beautiful about Hamilton…

in the very first song, we start out with this question “how does a bastard, orphan….” etc. “grow up to be a hero and a scholar?” and basically the entire musical is about answering this question

at the end of act one, it kind of seems like you have the answer: he does it by being “non-stop” and by writing like he’s running out of time and you’re like great that’s it then that’s the answer

but then it isn’t until the very end of the play that you realize there’s a different answer

it’s because of Eliza. sure, alex did all those things and worked his butt off, but Eliza was the one who “tells his story” and passes on his legacy. the bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a scotsman grows up to be a hero and a scholar and is remembered to this day because of Eliza


Screenshots from ARE YOU TICKLISH? | Reading Your Comments #99! :D

I love Reading Your Comments videos so much they’re always so much fun to watch! ^_^
These videos are seriously my favorite videos to screenshot Sean in because they always give me so much to work with. Even if it’s just a video where he’s answering serious questions. Plus I just love the interaction that comes from this series too. Whenever I see that he’s uploaded a new one I get super excited! :D

Now there’s almost 100 Reading Your comments videos.
Hmmm I wonder if he’s going to post the 100th video the same day he uploads the final Happy Wheels video? ;)

Saw the Storks movie this weekend. I adored a lot of it. Mainly the first hour. It was really funny, the animation was snappy and made the jokes work, and you could see the expressive drawings behind all the poses of the CG characters. This made the film fun and cartoony, and didn’t feel like it was embarrassed to be.
I felt it kinda ran out of steam once it tried to be real sentimental at around the last half hour. Once that happens, the movie’s strange premise becomes more evident and I started to annoyingly question everything. But there are some excellent jokes and great cartoony CG animation that I love so much, so yeah I liked it.

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Well, he *is* the main character, which is something I usually forget in rare pair hell (half the wonderful minor characters you flesh out have like, less than an hour of screen time, much less the rarepairs of two people who've never looked at each other, or poor Sakumoooo, or mangled characters who weren't done justice in canon--), he *is* the main character, so how about Naruto? For the character playlist thing. I have my own songs but they're kinda eh by now, yanno?

(I love playlist questions! Fair warning, though - my music taste is “everything with a beat, except what I don’t like”)


Runaway - Beats Antique
Young Blood - Lynx
Holding Out For a Hero - Frou Frou
Swimmers Can Drown - I:Scintilla
Roads Untraveled (Rad Omen Remix) - Linkin Park ft. Bun B
Heartlines - Florence and the Machine
It’s On Again - Alicia Keys ft. Kendrick Lamar
Dominion of Dust - Abney Park
Kingsword - Heather Dale
The Element - OAR
Grandstand - Beats Antique
I Think It’s Going to Rain Today - Blackmore’s Night
We Loved It - John Legend ft. Seal
The Bells - I:Scintilla
Ignition - tobyMac
Marchin On - OneRepublic
Adore Adore - Yoav
Best Mistake I’ve Ever Made - Joanne Wang
This Is Why We Fight - The Decemberists
Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
Colony Collapse (Beats Antique Remix) - Filastine ft. Nova
Drumming Song - Florence and the Machine
Magnificent - U2
I’m Coming After You - Owl City
The Mighty Fall - Fall Out Boy ft. Big Sean
Brand New Day - Sting
Bombshell Blonde - Owl City
King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men
Burning Bone - Lynx ft. Kyrstyn Pixton

1st Annual No Sleep October

Hello autumn Lovelies and welcome to my first annual no sleep October. I first started this as a fun movie marathon in October of last year and I had so much fun that I decided to let you guys try it! What No sleep October is is a autumn/fall movie marathon that includes both scary and fall themed movies😊 We watch one movie a day and answer a Halloween question! So, I’ll just post the list of movies and questions (movie//question) and where to find them. They are on YouTube and Netflix so if you don’t have either of these then I’m sorry😔 anyways…

OCTOBER 1ST: the amityville horror (2005)// What is your favorite scary movie? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 2ND: child’s play// favorite horror movie villain? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 3RD: Plan 9 from outer space// favorite classic horror movie? (Found on You tube)

OCTOBER 4TH: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown// favorite Halloween tradition? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 5TH: sleepy hollow// best childhood costume? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 6TH: night of the living dead// zombies: fast or slow? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 7TH: the Addams family// ever hosted a Halloween party? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 8TH: jaws// ever been to a Halloween party? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 9TH: corpse Bride// best Halloween related song? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 10TH: Elvira mistress of the dark// homemade or store bought costume? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 11TH: children of the corn// eat pumpkin seeds? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 12TH: the exorcist// have you been to a haunted house attraction? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 13TH: terror in the haunted house// have you been to an actual haunted house? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 14TH: re-animator// when’s the last time you visited a cemetery? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 15TH: mostly ghostly: one night in doom house// paranormal experiences? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 16TH: children of the corn: Genesis// jack o lanterns: funny, scary, or themed? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 17TH: the raven(1935)// favorite Halloween color combo? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 18TH: the crow// favorite fall movie? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 19TH: the house October built// favorite fall blogs on Tumblr? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 20TH: Wes Cravens new nightmare// leggings or jeans? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 21ST: the monster maker// favorite book to read in fall? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 22ND: the fog// coffee or tea? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 23RD: child’s play 2// favorite fall activity? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 24TH: Sweeny Todd// Carmel Apple or candy apple? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 25TH: jaws 2// favorite fall outfit? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 26TH: heathers// seaters or jackets? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 27TH: the bat// mittens or gloves? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 28TH: teenagers from outer space// would you have a fall themed wedding? (Found on YouTube)

OCTOBER 29TH: holidays// scarves or hats? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 30TH: John dies at the end// do you like baking? (Found on Netflix)

OCTOBER 31ST: curse of the swamp creature// favorite fall thing? (Found on YouTube)

i love my mum (also) because whenever i have a panic attack or i’m incredibly anxious and i just can’t calm down, she asks me questions about things i like, mostly history topics, and even though she just couldn’t care less about queens and kings, she sits down next to me, listening to me talking about the sultanate of women or whatever, until i’ve completely calmed down

idk i find it very cute. my mum is amazing

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Could I maybe suggest a prompt for an interaction between Snape and Trelawney? Just a casual passing by, maybe she keeps trying to start a conversation and he doesn't want to deal with it. I love her so much, but your response to what Snape thinks of her is hilarious.

“What’s wrong?”

Snape’s black eyes narrowed, and he pushed past the older witch on the stairs.


McGonagall turned, and followed him down the stone steps, grasping his arm as he neared the bottom.

“What?” he hissed, shaking free of her grip.

“I asked you a question.”

He ran his tongue over his teeth, considering his answer, but not replying.

“Severus, what is going on?  Only ten minutes ago, I heard you telling Professor Sprout about how you had an evening staring at the stars planned, and now you’re barrelling back down to the dungeons faster than a rat down a drainpipe.”

“I changed my mind.”  With that, he departed through the door and out across the grounds.  The heavy rain lashed his face as he moved across the courtyard, his body language daring her to follow him.

McGonagall moved to the window and watched him, a frown fixed across her face.  She didn’t notice as Sybill crept down the stairs behind her, and slipped silently down the corridor.

“Dumbledore,” Severus said, standing rapidly as the Headmaster walked in, ready to start the staff meeting.  “I’ve just recalled that I have a potion to check most urgently.”  He stalked out of the room, leaving the rest of the staff shocked.

Charity shook her head.  “What was that about?”

“Beats me,” Filius said, “but if he’s giving up his seat, I’m claiming it!”  He moved from his hard chair in the corner, and sat in the newly vacant spot on the sofa.  He shuffled a little to get comfortable, and then turned to the scowling witch next to him. “Come on, Sybill, move up.  There’s no need to sit on my lap.”

“Ah, Professor Snape!”

He heard the jingle of her jewellery before he heard her voice.  He didn’t break stride, and marched purposefully down the corridor, his robes billowing behind him.  “Not now,” he called, over his shoulder, from a safe distance, “miscreants to punish!”

McGonagall frowned as Severus walked into the staffroom, and without saying a word, turned and walked straight back out again.

“What is his problem now?” Sprout mused, cradling her mug of strong tea.  “He isn’t half a funny lad.”


He stormed into his office, and in a fit of rage, swiped the contents of his desk onto the floor.

“Have you quite finished?”

Snape pivoted on his heel, his greasy hair swinging and revealing the pulse thumping wildly in his temple.  “It’s my office,” he sneered.

McGonagall took one of the chairs and pulled it up to the desk that the man was pacing behind.  “Such fits of temper are expected from the youths in this castle, Severus.  Not from the teaching staff.”

“Don’t you dare lecture me on the appropriate ways for teaching staff to behave.  Not after that meeting!”


“Sybill needs to keep her nose out of everyone else’s private business!”

“Severus, sit down.”

He stared for a moment, not sitting, but not pacing either.

“It’s an order, Severus.  Sit down.”

Petulantly, he grabbed his own – more comfortable chair – and sank into it.  “Well?”

“Have you not realised by now that the staffroom is far worse than anything you’ll read by Skeeter in the Prophet?  Did you really think that you’d be able to carry on with Hooch-”


“-carry on with Hooch,” she continued, loudly, “without the rest of the castle finding out?”

Snape bristled, his voice cold when he eventually responded.  “I’m not carrying on.”

“Whatever turn of phrase you wish to use.”

“It’s not a carrying on,” he stated, firmly.  “It was a one-time thing.  Several months ago.  Never to be repeated.”

McGonagall sat back and considered the man before her.  In all the years that Snape had been teaching, she’d never known him approach a woman, let alone be caught in flagrante with one. She’d been rather surprised at Sybill’s revelation.  “Does Rolanda feel the same way?”

Snape snorted loudly, a red flush creeping up his neck, but didn’t respond.

McGonagall didn’t push.

Eventually, he tapped his fingers on the desk and drew a deep breath.  “It’s harassment.”

“Are you making a complaint?” McGonagall raised her eyebrows.  “Against Rolanda?”

“Not Rolanda!” he erupted.  “Sybill!”

“Sybill?  Severus, I know her comments today were unkind-”


“I’m sorry?”

“This has been going on for weeks, Minerva.  She follows me everywhere.  It’s like having a particularly imbecilic familiar.”

McGonagall eyed him curiously.  “Is that why you practically sprinted out of the staff meeting the other day?”

Snape gave a curt nod.

“And the interrupted star gazing?”

He nodded again.

“She caught you in the act with Hooch and now she thinks she’s a prime candidate for your affections?”  A smile twisted across McGonagall’s lips

“It’s not funny.  I’m making a formal complaint.  To my superior.”

McGonagall fussed with the sleeve of her robes.  “I will have a quiet word with Sybill.”  She paused. “Are you not flattered?”

“Flattered?” Snape spluttered.  “I’m fucking terrified!”

Again, the smile threatened to break onto McGonagall’s face.

“She’s a pest, Minerva!  Stroking my leg in staff meetings, accidentally bumping into me in the hall,” he leant forward across his desk, “grabbing my mug and predicting my future.”

“Well, Severus, be fair – she does that with the tea leaves of all of the staff.”

“I drink coffee!” he bellowed.

“I will raise the issue with Sybill,” McGonagall promised, standing, “and I will inform Dumbledore of the situation.”

“You can do me a favour and inform Sybill that there’ll be no situation,” he muttered, picking his papers up from off the floor.  

“I shall,” McGonagall said, firmly. “And Severus?”


“Sit next to me in the staff meetings. I can promise you there’ll be no stroking.”

Severus’ own thin lips finally twisted into a smile.  “Promise?”


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Hiiiiii! Question: if you're still doing the ABC challenge, would you be willing to do 2pUsUk with I: Intimate? (P.s. You are freaking amazing and so nice and sweet and I love your writing)

Omg thank you so much! That means A LOT! I always try to be a sweet lil tortellini cuz thats what the world needs, more tortellinis. 


     They never took it slow. Allen liked it fast and rough. But it had been more than a rough day, and the russet-haired thug didn’t have the energy, nor heart, to be greedy with Oliver’s body. So, like a good little poppet, he laid bare on the bed, and sighed contently as his lover trailed kisses all over his sore muscles. 

“Poor, poor, poppet. Let Ollie make you better, love.” The pink-haired man cooed. 

    Leaning back, Oliver peeled off his sweater and threw it off the bed, now completely bare except for his candy blue thigh-highs and cute lacy MANties. Allen nearly fainted, the sight turning him on. Without a moment’s notice, Oliver was kissing him softly, and after a few moments the kissing turned passionate. Allen sighed into Oliver’s mouth as their tongues played with each other, and gently stroked any freckled-skin he could with his rough hands. Oliver shivered.

     When they were both ready, Allen watched adoringly as Oliver took off his MANties, sliding them down his hips seductively and kicking them off to join his sweater. The pinkette’s blue eyes sparked with lustful admiration and after pressing a kiss to Allen’s lips, he reached over to grab the lube on the nightstand. After a few minutes of heated kissing and Oliver stretching himself, slowly, he sunk down onto Allen’s cock. Both of them moaned, and needily, Allen gripped onto the chubby Brit’s lovehandles as they rocked together slowly. 

“D-Doll…” Allen gasped.

“Oh, Allen! Mmm… Gosh, this is just what we needed…” 

     Allen was mystified by his lover’s loving look, the way those blue eyes watched him adoringly, the way Oliver smiled in the midst of such pleasure.

“Ollie, you feel so good!”

“You feel good too, love,” he gasped, “I-I don’t think I’ll last long!”

“M-Me too, dollface, oh…”

  “I love you, Allen… Ahhhh…”

“I-I love you too, b-babe!”

     And then both of them came, holding each other close as their bodies wracked with the euphoria of orgasm. They kissed sweetly, whispering words of praise and love. All alone in their little world…

Finally answering some ooold questions

old as balls. I didn’t have time/energy to answer them when I got them and then it got more and more overwhelming to answer them as time went by and I didn’t wanna answer new questions before I answer these (well to some I did) and the cycle was complete. But now I’m taking the bull by the horns finally.

Long post is long so I’mma put it under a cut. There are some lovely comments about Transfusions, handling a serious discussion and a few, more or less, personal questions for me:

Keep reading

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i love all of your posts/tags on black sails!!! i was wondering since i don't think you post much of him, what are you thoughts on vane?

awh thank you so very much, anon! :’D that makes me so happy <33

I just went, to myself, “……do I have any vane posts on my blog?” and I checked and…NOPE. I DO NOT. fjdsaklfjasdklfjldsf. I mean, that PROBABLY speaks for itself 🙈

I think I’ve casually mentioned it once or twice in passing but yeah, I’m not a fan of his. I mean, to say “he’s done a lot of horrible things” is like…a really shaky reason on a show like this and I get that *snorts* but in addition to finding some of the things he’s done particularly deplorable and having a very different view than many on his feelings toward/behavior toward eleanor, I also just…was never really emotionally compelled by him. *shrugs* HE JUST DOESN’T INTEREST ME THE WAY THE OTHERS DO. I recognize his growth and his positive moments during season 3 but even then I was just like [vaguely] “that’s pretty nice!!! that was a cool thing for a human to do!!!” but I wasn’t moved by him in the specific, by what makes vane his very special vane self, you know? his narrative, his beliefs, his worldview, his desires, just don’t especially interest me much in any way other than like…”oh, well that’s fascinating to compare to the way flint sees things!!!”

I’m genuinely compelled by most of the characters on this show; he is just not one of those characters for me. I don’t especially like him, don’t especially care about him. I know lots of other people do which is fine, but he’s never been ~the heart~ of this show for me. he’s just kinda there, somewhere around the spleen maybe. fjslkafjsdlfasdlf. I acknowledge the role he plays in the narrative and objectively see that it’s important; it’s just not important to me personally. THAT’S ALL O:)

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Hi Florbe! What is your favorite breed of dog?

Hi Honey!! hahah AH I’m like… so glad about this question, It made my day lol. I LOVE DOGS SO MUCH!! <3333 *o*

Okay, I know I post a lot about Shiba dogs here and it’s because they are really really one of my fav breeds…very cute and expressive, having lots of weird manners that make them look like children hehe. 

BUT my favorite breed by far is the Boxer Dog (I have one myself) THEY NEVER GROW OLD!! always loyal and loving… I talk from my own experience and yes, you will always fall in love with a boxer…. <333

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this is a pretty demon thing to ask but do you think dan and phil will ever have a child? and if so when? lmao

ugh i gotta be doing apeuro reading i hate myself  ok so to answer your question, yeah. they’ve both expressed wanting to be parents and as much as youtube is their life now, i don’t think they would never get a child simply because of being afraid of “being out”, if you get me… like while youtube is important i’ve always gotten a sense from dan (esp recently) that his reality as a human being outweighs the shaky reality of even a successful career online. i like to see this as paralleling his recent falling away of hypermasculine ideals and expectations. while people change, people can also submerge issues, and though it’s easy to cast the idea of the hypermasculine persona as way of hiding a “true self”, i believe it’s him starting to almost not care. he obviously did some soul searching in the past years and it’s clear that even minutely he believes he himself as an entity with personal differences to the ideal dominant norm of masculinity is worth showing online. take it as a form of personal protest. 

that being said, i think it’s the same with children. if not, he would still be the #str8NoHomo we saw years ago, and of course, wanting children with your significant other that is precisely against the dominant heterosexual society we live in would manifest in… no children! but as you could have guessed, this theory is based on the idea of them being together to begin with etc etc.

if so when? it’s cheap to say “the future”, but i believe it. both of them are changing. phil minutely, he’s critical of his persona now and was secure enough in himself and his twitter branding to delete a header he had for half a decade and the bio along with it. dan’s been hinting at a rebrand for months now. tatinof is finally wrapping up and both seem eager to have this over by the end of the year, so 2017 will be a fresh start. if i had to give a date, i would but it at around 2021 at the earliest. but that’s just my bs ! prove me wrong dnp!

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hey, i have a question if that's okay!! your writing is fabulous but it got me thinking, between bucky and steve, do you have a favorite?

Eyyy I bet you didn’t expect me to respond to this question with a goddamn essay but I’m gONNA DO IT ANYWAY

I would like to preface this by saying that I love Steve and Bucky both, and the prospect of choosing between them breaks my heart a little bit, but…

I do have an answer here.

When I first got into this fandom, it was all about Bucky. Steve was like an afterthought, almost. I’d search for Bucky-centric fics and would sometimes even be annoyed by Steve’s POV. I actually only got into the fandom because my old bff liked it, and she very much disliked Steve. So. I guess I went into the fandom with that rubbing off on me. Plus, Bucky was such an abjectly tragic character, and that appealed to my heart like nothing else.

And jfc, I love Bucky Barnes so much, but I do not love him the same way that I love Steve Rogers.

There’s something about Steve that’s so damn relatable. To me, at least. His issues are so quiet, and they are not apparent on the surface. I watched TWS, and Bucky was the character whose suffering I could see. But every damn time I watch the movie again, I am astounded by how anyone can miss the fact that Steve is suffering too, and it’s so much more quiet, but it’s not any less relevant. It’s just different.

I found Steve Rogers at a fairly shitty time in my life, and I latched onto him like no other fictional character. Steve was like me. He was lonely, and he was quiet about being sad, and he was bitter about what had happened to him, and he stood for justice when others didn’t, and he reminded me that you can be very loud and very quiet at the same time.

This is a really interesting fandom. I love seeing the different reasons why people relate to Bucky or Steve or whoever. A lot of the time, it’s Bucky. Bucky appeals to everyone, I think, especially at a first glance of the two.

But Steve Rogers is just. Completely different for me. I’m so happy that this fandom is addressing these loud issues, especially when it comes to Bucky. We’re very good at that. We’ve got these demanding, screaming issues down to a science.

But I want to see more of the quiet issues. The issues that generally don’t get as much attention, although they’re screaming in their own way. Because my issues are quiet, and when nobody seems to care about quiet issues in a fandom that is exceptionally involved in psychological trauma/recovery, it hurts.

(Not to say that we don’t care about these quiet issues because WE DO. Of course we do. But we don’t give them nearly as much attention as loud issues.)

So. I love Bucky Barnes beyond belief, but I relate to Steve Rogers down to my bones, and I really can’t compare that.

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I bought all the witcher books but they seem to not focus on the yennefer x geralt relationship so much. How did you find them as someone who ships them?

Wel just to clarify, have you also read them all? If yes then it is still a matter of personal view I guess. Wel all of the books can’t be just about Yennefer and Geralt. The majority focuses on Ciri (that is my opinion though). But to come back at your question, there are plenty of moments in the books for me that are about their relationship. 

The first 2 books really go in depth a bit who Yennefer and Geralt are and what their flaws and struggles are. Then later on, and namely in the Time of Contempt novel It kinda focused on how they truly loved each other (I still love the wedding vows sample before the Thanedd chapter) It told me so much on how they both grew in their relationship together. And specially the last novel says allot to to me.

But in the end I also really like the family dynamic in the novels, I mean Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri. Not just Yennefer and Geralt if you know what I mean :)

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I don't know much about Oscar Isaac... can you fill me in so I can love him too?


Originally posted by existentialmiranda

Oscar Isaac is a 37-year-old Guatemalan prince/actor/singer/musician who is famous for his roles as Poe Dameron, the best pilot in the galaxy in Star Wars (my babe):

Originally posted by poesexual-finn

As Llewyn Davis, the world-weary folk singer in Inside Llewyn Davis:

Originally posted by thefilmfatale

He played the troubled but genuine politician Nick Wasicsko (and won a Golden Globe) in HBO’s Show Me a Hero:

Originally posted by lilo146

and so many more roles that I would go on and on about forever if Tumblr would let me.

I would recommend you check out his IMDB page

Also his Wikipedia page

If that wasn’t torture enough, his Facebook page

And his band Nightlab on Soundcloud

Oscar is widely considered to be the best actor of his generation for the sheer variety of roles that he has been able to take on and excel in both in tv and film, as well as stunning short film projects. He also does voice work for some brands and causes that he is into, such as the documentary Time to Choose, a film about the global climate change crisis we are facing.

I would also refer you to this excellent interview conducted by his very own brother, Michael Hernandez.

Originally posted by daisyridleyofficial

Don’t worry, you’ll be in Oscar Isaac hell heaven with the rest of us soon enough :)

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i am so inspired by you and your wife and i'm sure people have asked you this in the past, but how are you ok with yourself? a girl i like just told me she was gay and that she likes me too :D but i am too afraid to do anything. i've also never done anything with another person, boy or girl besides bad experiences. i am sorry this is so long and personal but i need help

Oh, sweet thing. I’m okay with myself because I have a wonderful, supportive wife and great friends who love me for who I am. But it was a long, long process. I’m still not okay with myself sometimes, you know? Like, I’m bi, and ace, and I just wish I was good and gay like my wife. That would make things so much easier, and I’d have so many less questions to answer (like “how are you bi AND ace?”) but I’m just me and my wife and my friends and my family love me for it anyway.

I can’t tell you how to be comfortable with yourself, but I can tell you that telling the truth helps. If others know who you are and what you want, and they accept you for that, it makes it a whole lot easier for you to do the same. You’ll have good days and bad days and regular days where it’s not an issue at all. Just be honest and sincere and make no apologies for taking up space, and you’ll be just fine.

I hope things work out for you and this girl. I hope you are okay with yourself soon. It doesn’t stop being scary, you just kind of get used to the dark. Bad experiences can hold us back, but being open for new and better ones can help us to move forward. It’s okay to be cautious; you have to protect your heart. But I hope you find the support in this girl to try something new and that things go better for you this time.

I’m here if you need anything.