i love this picture so much i'm cry


can u believe betsy wolfe invented the mirror selfie 


“we’d choose to be shinee again if we were reborn, as long as it were with these same members.”
- happy 9th anniversary shinee! ♡

did cas…………. wait hours by the pay phone waiting for dean and sam to drive up? did he……… dramatically turn around to make his Entrance????? did he purposefully pick a pay phone next to a neon sign of a cross?????????

and i’m expected to believe a straight man could ever be this extra?


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


so i found some pictures of Stefan Karl from when he played that french guard and prince Herbet in Spamalot at the icelandic national theater


So, I was looking through my 1 fancam that I took yesterday (cause security was so strict I wanted to cry) and IM CRYING CAUSE I LOVE DAY6 SO MUCH AND I TELL YOU THIS NOW, IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE OF GOING TO A DAY6 CONCERT, GO! If you have to eat instant noodles for 2 weeks to go, DO IT! It’s seriously so worth it you won’t regret a minute of it 😭😭

Bottom right. This is happening


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I'm crying thinking about Alec, who didn't get to have a real childhood and never dated anyone because he was closeted and scared, in Tokyo with this beautiful man and seeing that photo booth and thinking "this is something that people who are dating do they take cute picture together Magnus can we please?" And looking at those photos everyday and smiling even when he's in a bad mood because he loves Magnus SO MUCH I CAN'T HANDLE THIS

oh my god i’m crying yet again

I commissioned @woozifi for a picture of Morgan and Arista and am so happy with it. It’s so cute and was done so well!

Thank you so much!

Ok I really wanna talk about my experience meeting Shea Couleè yesterday. So we got to her booth and we waited about 3 hours because she had to do a panel. She was genuinely upset that she had to leave everyone who was waiting to go to the panel. It’s like she didn’t expect us to wait for her. Everyone at her booth was so fucking nice and took care of us. Kenzie Couleè was an absolute angel and actually stopped to talk to me and my friend for a few minutes as she checked on everyone in the line and she actually watched my stuff for me when it was my turn to meet Shea. Dan was the nicest man I have ever met and I want him to be my boyfriend even though I’m a lesbian is that ok I don’t know??? When it was my turn to go into the private room to meet Shea, Dan held open the curtain for me and called me gorgeous. I also heard him telling everyone who went in to meet Shea before me thank you and that he was sorry we had to wait even though it wasn’t his fault! I got into the room and Shea was sitting there she greeted me, got up and hugged me. She asked my name and as she signed my print I tried to tell her about how much her and Sasha representing lesbians on the show meant to me and I lost it at that point. I could barely speak because I was crying and she comforted me the entire time. She said thank you so much for saying that, she said it meant a lot to her to hear that. I told her that I probably sound really stupid right now and she got so defensive and said it’s not stupid and that she loves it because it was just her and Sasha expressing their genuine love for each other on the show!!! Before we took our pictures I said now I’m a mess for my pictures and she fucking said come here and patted my tears away. I told her this is going to make me cry even more and she laughed. We took our picture and I thanked her and hugged her goodbye. Then I left the private room and cried even more. So long story short I love Shea Couleè so much I’m gonna go die now!!!

Types of Mutuals

DONT REBLOG YET OR ANYTHING IM NOT DONE, Tumblr said the entire post is too long so I have to make another post to finish the list!!!! Thank you boo


-all their posts are in all caps

-private messages too

-are they okay




-probably has a lot of shook memes

The loving mutual:

-says I love you every three minutes

-a cutie

-loves anyone and everyone

-24/7 365 day a year soft

-just so full of love

The Literally Always Chill mutual:

-“oh my fave dm’d me that’s cool”

-how the hell do you stay so calm

-“just sliced my leg open lmao it’s lit”

-bby this is unhealthy I’ll tell you now it’s okay to freak out sometimes

The Drama mutual:



-has screenshots to ruin lives

-if there’s discourse on your dash they’re either in it or know about it

-are they okay they seem to get caught up in this shit a lot

The Angry mutual:


-they?? Are always?? Mad???

-epitome of the 😡 emoji

-what are they mad about

-like they’ll tell you about it but they won’t

-chill out maybe? Please

The Lurk mutual:

-reads messages in the gc but never responds

-ghosts a lot

-only likes stuff

-always leaves you on read

-lowkey hurt you

The im jumping mutual:

-always says they’re gonna jump

-are you joking please be joking

-will literally post pictures of themselves standing on a ledge with captions like “I could break my neck if I fell”

-you’re worried about them

-tell them you love them just in case they aren’t joking please

The Cringey mutual:

-why did you follow them

-you honest to god hate the account but love the person

-they still use “RAWR xD” like it’s a thing

-you want to tell them to stop becuase it’s embarrassing but you don’t wanna be mean either

-do they need help

The Busy mutual:

-always busy with something

-what the hell are they busy with

-you never see them

-“sorry I was doing something!”

-they actually have a life

The Stan mutual:

-so far up their fave’s ass

-all posts are affiliated with their fave

-deserve to meet their fave (if they are fortunate enough to have met them already, they deserve to meet them again)

-“they really did THAT”

The Famous mutual:

-well over 5k followers

-goodmoring/night posts get 193 notes

-never reads dms becuase of Stress™

-only follows like 90 people

-tf how

The IRL mutual:

-the only person you know in real life you will ever let follow you

-doesn’t know how to use social media really


-but you love them

The Meme mutual:

-they fucking collect them

-what meme don’t they have

-need a reaction pic? Ask them

-you love them

The In Love mutual:

-loves their partner(s)

-all posts are about their partner(s)

-makes you want one

-it’s so cute

-“I’m so in love with ____”

The Annoying mutual:

-why are they like this

-tone your levels down


-you’ve considered soft blocking them

The REALLY GAY mutual:

-god you love this person so much

-probably has a rainbow in their bio, in their title, as part of their theme, anywhere really

-is prideful and not afraid to show it

The Really Hot mutual:

-what the fukc how is someone so ho t,

-should be a model

-their pictures make you cry

-you wanna be them