i love this picture so much i'm cry


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


so i found some pictures of Stefan Karl from when he played that french guard and prince Herbet in Spamalot at the icelandic national theater

Inktober 10.16.16

I came across Pewdiepie’s sneak peek playthrough of The Last Guardian, and this game is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life??? To be honest, I’m not much of a gamer (mostly for money and time reasons), but man I wish I could find a way to play this when it comes out. Watching those 20 minutes almost made me cry, it’s so lovely…

What the fuck…. I’m crying already and it’s only been a few klangst week posts that I’ve seen on my dash..???… THIS IS HOW BIG OF A BABY I AM. PLZ WHO THE FUCK CAME UP WITH THIS. I CAN’T. TAKE IT AWAY. MY HEART IS WEAK AND I CAN’T HANDLE SO MUCH KLANGST


PLZ stop 😢😢😢


Favorite Bias(es) Tag ❤︎ 
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Since I did my last one with Jaebum, I knew it would only be right to do the tag this time with Tae Tae. 😍
Tagging anyone who want’s to do this. 💛

Amtrak tickets from South Station to Providence:

  • Saver option: $11
  • First class: $65

How much do you wanna bet that Bitty books the saver tickets when he goes to visit, meaning his trips are super early in the morning or late in the evening? And how much you wanna bet that Jack books him tickets to come visit as a surprise, and he books a first class ticket without even thinking twice. Bitty gets an email in class Friday morning with a ticket, followed by a text from Jack telling him that he should come down to visit, but not to feel bad if he already had plans. (But Jack called Lardo to double check, and she said Bitty’s weekend was free). And so Bitty goes to South Station after stopping by the Haus to pack a bag, and he pulls up his ticket and he realizes he’s sitting first class and he’s so out of his element. He gets a meal on his one hour train ride. The seat is huge, and it’s so soft and so much room. And he’s only sitting next to one other person, and it’s a cute old lady. And she sees his hockey shirt, and she mentions the Falconers…..and they spend the entire trip showing each other pictures and telling stories (and most of Bitty’s are of Jack). 

baccano! week day 7/7 - forever

“I’m going to continue to change. And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my promise with Monica. But… when I see her again, if I’ve become someone completely different… If there’s nothing left of me from the time when I loved her, there would be no meaning to seeing her again. … So no matter how much I change, Elmer… Please, I want you to remain just as you are now. I know I’m asking something very terrible and cruel of you. But if you never change, I think I might be able to rely on you to go back to the old me. The me that loved Monica.”