i love this picture more than words can express

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You are such a brilliant writer. I cherish each and everyone of your stories. You bring bughead to life in a way very few can. You're able to capture that dynamic and tenderness perfectly. My favourite parts of your writing are always the descriptions of their gestures and facial expressions. Thank you so much for your hard work. We love you for it. Continue to bless our feeds with your magical words.

Can I just say that I’m beyond honored by your words?? Your compliments are something more than perfect, honestly, I can’t even thank you enough! I always imagine things way too graphic in my mind, it’s almost cimenatic, like what they are doing, how they are sitting, what they are wearing, and I try to describe these pictures as best as I can because I have a feeling that they set the mood and help you get drowned into the story more, as if you’re watching a scene unfold like it does on TV of sorts. And you dropping by to tell me that you actually like it and want me to continue doing that makes me the happiest girl on the planet! Because I always worry that maybe my long descriptions or constant visualization bore you guys or you find it tiring to read. Seriously, thank you so so so so much for your lovely message, it means the world to me! Hope you continue enjoying my stories, love! <333

The words ‘I love you’ have weight.
Before you utter them, make sure that you’ll stick around when outside of your window it’s Spring and she tries to fit the picture, but inside of your house she is wilting.
Love is a commitment.
Expressing your feelings this way means you’ll show her the sunlight she can’t feel or see.
When it feels like the world wants to rob her of her petals and God is nothing more than a very lazy gardener, you’ll be expected to be there for her.
So if this doesn’t sound like something you’d want to do, if you’d only be willing to be there when she’s all smiles or when she’s standing in your bedroom doorway in lingerie, don’t tell her you love her.
Don’t be a reason she wilts.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Don’t Be A Reason She Wilts (224/366)

I don’t understand, how anyone can say that Naruto doesn’t love Hinata. I mean just look at the images above (Not just look but take your time to take all the expressions in) a picture says more than a thousand words, so these should be more than enough to open one’s eyes.

Tell me, has Naruto ever look at Sakura the way he is looking at Hinata, in the first image? Has he ever been so bashful and shy with her, as he is with Hinata in the second and third Image?

Did he ever help, Sakura with something so small as removing a spider web and still end up smiling? Hinata didn’t even ask him to help, he did it out of his own and look at them…They are adorable.

The fifth image, Hinata is enjoying herself and actually laughing at something that he said. To all those that say that she can’t hold a conversation with him, I present you the casual stroll.

All in all, Naruto likes her company and has been falling for her, for a very long time now. This movie just showed us how and when he realized it,

And anyone that can’t see that those two are in love need their eyes checked

yo yo yo just so you guys know we’re going to try and get #EmbraceTheWaffleDan to trend on twitter when i get home from school (i only have a half day since it’s the last day so I’ll be back p soon) bc he always gets on himself for talking about things we like and i want to make him feel appreciated bc i love him
you can tweet like anything from the tags, idc, pictures, compliments, whatever. just no negativity pls and don’t bring up phil too much if you can avoid it bc although he is my beautiful sun and i love him like my own this is more so about dan and trying to make him more adapt to expressing his opinions rather than dismissing it right away
is that cool? good? don’t start until i get home pls bc i wanna be a part of it too, and spread the word!
(if this ends up being a flop and no one else tweets we’re gonna forget it ever happened k)

i fucking love memes.  i love memes and tumblr talk and chatspeak and reaction gifs and every single other stupid thing that highbrow snobs like to make fun of about the internet. 

i love that i can put a picture of shia labeouf on a green background in my post and people will immediately understand that what i’m doing is screaming “JUST DO IT!!!” at them.  i love that i can use a line drawing of freddie mercury to congratulate myself on a job well done.  i love that i can post a picture of a dorky-looking cat in substitute for the facial expressions i’m making in real life.

human language is so much more than words.  it’s gesture, it’s tone of voice, it’s facial expression, it’s body language, it’s emphasis and volume.  it’s so many things that shouldn’t be possible online but here we are, we of the internet, doing it anyway.  we’re finding ways to substitute for the raised eyebrow, for the sarcastic tone, for the angry body language, and everything we try is new and organic and original and dynamic.

smiley faces aren’t cutesy stupid fluff cluttering up your lanuage, they ARE language, and i think that’s fuckin amazing.