i love this picture for all kinds of reasons

  • “Is there a weakness?” “Our plan.”
  • It cracks me up so much when Kash uses a word like “phalanx” and the rest of VM just stares at him in awe. Who put these people in charge of multiple armies?
  • Keyleth is just all kinds of adorkable in this episode and I love her.
  • I love the mental picture of Allura just standing there awkwardly while everyone emphatically fails to introduce her.
  • Vax talking about coming back to Keyleth’s home after all this is a big deal for a lot of reasons. Not least of which: his perception of the future as a character has always been very focused on how he’ll die (for his sister, avenging family). The one time he started planning ahead was when he was expressing an interest in learning more about the possibility of serving Sarenrae… and that effort got completely and totally twisted in the worst possible way. Ever since then, for him, the finish line is always just a few feet ahead, and he’s spent a lot of time preparing for that inevitable ending but can’t look beyond that; a lot of what could be construed as a drive for revenge or a certain mawkishness is sheer terror at the notion of hope, given what happened the last time he tried hope on for size. But here he is, at the worst possible time, starting (starting) to imagine a future with no set endpoint.
  • VEX holy shit that was great. Percy’s a hopeless schemer, and it’s so entertaining to see him so completely and cheerfully knocked off-balance.
800 Followers Follow Forever

Thank you all so much for the follows! I hope my blog continues to be filled with content you enjoy and character spams that last far too long. This isn’t even close to all the blogs I would like to mention, but I follow over 1.3k blogs and that number grows everyday so it would be a bit overboard to name them all here. So even if your name isn’t here, thank you so much! Thank you for the likes, the reblogs, the tags (especially when I post my own writing/ocs, believe me I look at them all!), the comments and the really kind words when things get rough. It’s been an awful year for me and I really don’t know how I would have dealt with things without the wonderful community of people here. 

I love you all <3

Special thanks for @happystarpirates for drawing this adorable picture of Ume and Yui celebrating our milestone. You are the main reason I wish they would invent teleporters already, so I could pop over to the other side of the world and give you the biggest hug ever. You spoil me with your beautiful art of both my favorite ships and my ocs. 

Some of my favorite blogs:

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+sherlolly because...the influx

Those gifs of Loo and BC having a laugh as she stepped up on something to take a picture of the back of his head is the reason I wrote this. I’ve not written in a-g-e-s, so this is kind of timely I suppose! Happy Christmas and I hope you like this little Sherlolly gift I’ve brought you. xx

A Feeling  ( also on FF.net )

“You know what, I’m just going to do it…” said Molly, gripping her mobile phone whilst carefully manouvering her skirt.

Sherlock watched, puzzled at first then slowly filling with worry, as the woman with whom he had just been talking, no, complaining to hitched her skirt up slightly to step up on an intricately carved bench by the window they were standing at.

“Molly!” He whispered with clenched teeth, “You said we were at a church and had to behave! What are you doing?”
“What am I doing?” she asked back, positioning her phone behind Sherlock’s infamous mop of curls.

“Molly, I wasn’t serious when I said…”
“You weren’t?” Molly interjected, “you are never not serious, Sherlock Holmes. Now stand still so we can end this once and for all…”

With a resigned sigh, Sherlock listened and stood still as a statue. After a few camera clicks, Molly hopped off the bench and presented the photos to him.

“There, not a curl out of place, in spite of what you might feel…” said Molly, stifling a laugh. “Besides, when did you start basing your deductions on a feeling anyway?”

It was Sherlock’s turn to stifle his laughter. Molly returned to Sherlock’s side, where she had been standing before he had begun kicking a fuss about his hair.

“Because, as you’ve taught me, Molly Hooper,” he said, leaning over to whisper in her ear, “Sometimes a feeling is all we have to go on.”
“Oh?” she replied, turning to face him in amusement, “Have I?”
“You most certainly have,” said Sherlock, reaching quietly to take her hand in his. 
The pair smiled at each other before returning their attention to the church altar where their goddaughter was about to be baptised. Their hands were held firmly, if only to remind themselves that this, whatever this was that they had at this moment, was a rather beautiful thing. 

And that it was perfectly all right to feel this way. 

OK SO, update

This is what I’ve been up to lately, a 32 page fully illustrated short story, out of the blue, completely as a personal project. It’s something between a picture book and comic, featuring Sprout, Cookie & Sibel preparing for a picnic date. Currently I’ve written the first draft & done thumbnails, with several pages done & dusted.
This really has been a brain child of mine and I hope you guys appreciate it too, It’s the kind of story world that I wish I’d experienced growing up and for that reason I’ve been putting my heart and soul into it and aiming to finish by August.

that is all, I just wanted to keep you in the loop, your support means a lot to me 

(love you guys)

anonymous asked:

I am beyond interested in learning about your bodily insecurities. I think it's fascinating that so many people describe it as perfect and yet you see it so differently. If it's too personal to share, I completely understand, and if it's not, I'd love for you to speak your mind 😬.

I love all kinds of bodies. Yet for whatever reason I can’t feel the same way about my own. When I look at it or even look at the pictures I’ve taken of it, I genuinely think it looks rather disgusting. I always think there is something beautiful about everyones body forms, but I struggle a lot with my own. I’m getting a tiny bit better, trying to look after myself a bit more. But I still do have some really down or bad days. Guess you guys are joining me on my mission to accept and love my body!

I couldn’t help sharing this picture. I love how happy I am in it. This was taken a month ago at my work holiday party. I had just found out I won an award, Inker of All Trades, meaning I am able to and always willing to help in many areas of our business. The man to my right is the Founder and CEO of the company. The man on the left is our President. The two of them are the reasons I have the chance to excel and succeed in a place that encourages growth, innovation, kindness and community. 

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How is that he spend days in LA and we had only one picture of him but as soon as he land in Vancouver some fan manages to take a picture with him? I love Canada, that's it! I got used to all the selfies that he took in Vancouver these months that I kind of missed him last week 😂

I think that he really wanted to stay low key in LA. And of course there are so many celebrities there, that people are kind of used to bumping into them. So that could be the reason. But he’s back to Vancouver and yay to all the new selfies with fans :) 

doriengray  asked:

oooh I recommend "Challenger Deep" by Neal Shusterman! there were so many chaotic thoughts and in all honesty, the book made my head spin because it provoked deep thinking :0 also, the Graceling trilogy by Kristin Cashore is a very fun read also :)

I’ve never heard of Challenger Deep but I have heard of Neal Shusterman (all good things!) but it sounds very interesting! The ocean kind of terrifies me and I have a feeling that this would make it more terrifying. I’ve heard of The Graceling Trilogy as well, but for some reason, I’ve never read it. It sounds good though!

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Blacklist “Michaela rates” if you don’t want to see this on your dashboard.

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I think any fandom when it comes to ships are ridiculous. I dont think NaruSaku or ShikaTema are abusive. SasuSaku actually is, he tried to kill her twice and once in a genjutsu. I love Sasuke and Sakura. But not together, I think it ruined her development by making her still chase after Sasuke blindly and even Kishimoto said that he never gave her an actual reason to love him. I hardly see people ever admit that SasuSaku is abusive sorry I just wanted to rant on that. You dont have to respond

It’s alright, I’m not judging haha I think when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, all ships have their flaws for one reason or another. The thing that bothers me the most is the “tunnel vision” thing. Like all a person can see is their OTP  (yes I was like that too years ago) and kind of dismissing/insulting other peoples opinions (ship preferences). I have so much respect for someone (for example) who is hardcore SS or NH who says they really admire Naruto and Sakura’s relationship, what I can’t stand is someone saying “Sakura hates Naruto”, because even Kishi stated they have one of the strongest bonds in the whole bloody manga LOL. Anyway thank you for sharing your opinion ^^

“until you start seeing a therapist and get the help you need, i think we should take a break”

‘well, t—–, we might as well call it off now because im not going to’

i dont know how long wed been dating; close to a year, i think. she was the first person id ever honestly loved. first serious relationship after a slew of awkward ones. she was kind and caring beyond reason and she loved me of all people. which was the most baffling thing about our entire relationship.

picture a disney princess; that was her. beautiful, kind, energetic, crazy ambition. really creative. wonderful writer.

then picture a really destructive sid vicious kind of guy.; thats the type of person i was when i was dating her

underage, i was drinking and doing drugs and she didnt like that, but didn’t stop me. shed just say be careful. one night we’re up late just talking and she asks me to tell her about my life and stuff. she wanted to know everything about me. i made the mistake of telling her.

she looked at me different after that. started connecting my drug use and alcoholism to things my dad had done to me as a kid but i kept telling her over and over i was over all that shit. i guess i kinda lost myself towards the end of it. i was angry a lot because all she’d talk about afterwards was how she thought i could use a therapist. all she wanted to do was help.

she was like the warm yellow light that poured over everything she loved, and i was the grey ice water trying to drown her.

id like to say that it was for the greater good. she wasnt right with me, i wasnt good for her. she was perfect. i was a punk. i realized that. i want to say that i let her go because i knew shed be better off, but the truth is, i just dont like being told what to do; especially when people use themselves like that.

that was the last message we sent each other. a few weeks later we kind of awkwardly met again and talked and by that point we were already strangers, even when she started to cry and say she wished we could get back together. i said i wished we could too but i knew that the same things that had made me begin to resent her would make me angry with her again since i was so against her aid.

that was roughly 7 years ago. i still think about her from time to time, even though im in a really good relationship right now. id just like to know how shes doing and hope shes okay and where she wants to be in life. she deserves that much, i think.


A Chris Evans fanfic

Summary: Chris and Lori went for a little walk in NYC for her birthday, and a lot of surprises happened to this birthday girl.

Warnings: Language (just a little bit, almost nothing), WORDS IN ITALIAN (the translation is right next to the dialogue)


This chapter was inspired by two people. First my biggest iconic idol Audrey Hepburn, and also my grandma!!THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT, IT WAS SO NICE TO READ ALL YOUR COMMENTS. Hope you enjoy this new chapter! LOVE Y’ALL! 

The picture in an original one made by me, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IT, OR AT LEAST TAG ME. It took time to make it so ,please, don’t be a douche :)

If by any reason you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, let me know!

Previously on Closer: PROLOGUE CHAPTER ONE

CHAPTER TWO: Breakfast at Tiffany’s…kind of.

“I can’t believe you did this to me” She admitted under her breath, looking at him like she was about to kill him.

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26 Reasons to Love Taylor:

(random order)
1. Her kindness – It radiates to all those around her.
2. How genuine she is – How much she cares about other people, and their happiness is absolutely insanely awesome.
3. Her generosity – Swiftmas, charities, you get the picture.
4. Her style. – Girl, DANG. She never goes out of style (Yes I really just said that).
5. Her friendship – Not only to her real life ones, but also to us. We are so, so lucky.
6. How she doesn’t take her eyes off of you when she’s talking to you – Now, this may sound intimidating but when she looks at you…it begins to feel like everything broken in your life is coming back together. It really helps having someone who is interested in what you’re saying always.
7. Her positive vibes – They radiate from miles. She brings so much happiness to us. Even from thousands of miles away.
8. Her speeches – ALRIGHT. So the clean speeches from this tour…they’ve helped me through so much. They came directly from her heart which makes it so much better.
9. How she is constantly on social media – This girl talks to us as much as she can. It is crazy to think that she actually hangs with us online a lot and stalks us????????
10. Those hashtags – You’ve come so far. You went from #idontknowwhathashtaggingisordoes to hashtags that i don’t know that i could’ve ever come up with.
11. Her sense of humor – “YES WHALE”
12. Her sass – “I came out of the water because you need to stop.
13. Her love for 13 – 26/2=13 bye.
14. Her music – Her voice is like an angel. Each album makes me want to throw up glitter and rainbows because ahhHhahhHh.
15. Her constant need to put others first.
16. Her legs. (I am weak)
17. Her smile – It lights up the world.
18. How she goes out of her way for everyone – She met as many of us as she could….with Secret Sessions, Loft 89’, pre-show m&g and more. She didn’t have to do that, but she chose to for us<3
19. How she stops to meet fans if she even sees one wearing tshirt while out in public.
20. Her love & support to those around her – Family, dancers/singers for tour, EVERYONE!
21. Her positivity.
22. Her way with words.
23. Her strength – I’m so proud of her. She is constantly in the spotlight yet she handles it SO well:)
24. Her friendliness – To everyone.
25. Her dancing – Everyone has seen it. A+++…is an award show really an award show if Taylor isn’t in the audience?
26. Her cats – those cats…Taylor rarely posts about Meredith (the fame got to her) and only dibbles. Let’s hope dibbles doesn’t change.

All in all Taylor, Happy Birthday. These are 26 random reasons to love you. Most serious, some funny. But honestly girl, I don’t know where I would be without you. Your kindness, positivity, and strength radiates to everyone around you. I hope 26 is so good to you because you absolutely deserve it.
Love you with all my heart, Sara.

October 18, 2015

Solange updates her Instagram.

“I usually don’t share pictures of my baby love anymore, for a number of reasons, BUT my favorite person of all time came into my life 11 years ago today and I’m too in love with who he’s become and gonna celebrate the hell out of my forever baby, my forever love, my forever coolest, funniest, kind, confident, awesome-est boy, and my partner in the world, my beautiful boy Daniel Julez J Smith!”

Since the Vote Yes picture I did ended up getting a good bit of attention (which was super overwhelming btw, it was so lovely to see so many supportive and kind messages), I wanted to make a small follow-up pic since yesterday, Saturday May 23rd, the Marriage Equality Referendum passed by an overwhelming Yes vote.

So many people have written some very wonderful and moving pieces about this historic day that are more eloquent than I could ever hope to be, so all in all I just wanna say that yesterday was the first time I ever felt I had a legitimate reason to feel proud to be Irish. We have shown the world that we are capable of breaking away from our conservative past and that at heart we are a people who believe that everyone should be treated equally. I’m so glad that in the end we pulled together and did the right thing <3

something important

I’m so happy and honored to say I’ve been chosen by the jury of the 10th
Close up!- Project and I’m one of the 13 photographers called to take pictures during the 65th edition of the Berlinale, the International Film Festival in Berlin, to cover the event and its amazing stars on the red carpet. I’m so happy to share this with you guys because a lot of you supports me every day and I’m not kidding when I say you all gave me strength, and the reason why I didn’t stop dreaming and making my art a long time ago it’s also because of you all and your kind messages. Love you all so much and don’t stop believing in your dreams because mine are coming true and yours will too!

Also if you are in Berlin at the same time as me (02/02/15-16/02/15)we can meet up if I find some free time! 

ok so i recently hit 500 followers and wanted to give a shout out to all my mutuals ! ! you’re all amazing i love you all sm ☆

please note i have a poor memory.. !! if i’ve accidentally followed a double or some one who you’re not comfortable with me following, please tell me who and why! i might unfollow if its reasonable !

picture credit

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The signs as reasons why I miss my love

That look you would flash your mom when she was being a bitch

Your determination to have good relationships

How you’d flip the story to talk about yourself all of the time

The picture of you mid laugh that made me realize I loved you, and then realize that I loved you the second I saw you.

Your kindness towards any living creature

How emotionally confused yet totally sane you are

Gosh your beauty still takes my breath away just like it did the first time I laid my eyes on you

Your body is a masterpiece

Your taste for adventure and art

How you used to reassure me that you cared, but got tired of doing it. I lost you because of it.

Your amazing gift giving skills

How you took on so many work hours and so many daily activities to keep yourself busy and away from the dark side of yourself.


Yesterday was amazing…but it was only “amazing” because I don’t have a better, bigger, grander word to use that would fully encapsulate how I feel. I think the reason it was so great is because of all the posts, texts, comments, and messages I got wishing me “Happy Birthday. Truly, the words that were sent my way (some of those words from you lovelies!) were so sweet, so kind, and so generous. My heart was so full from it all (all the words of affirmation!). 

Things of note/pictures/things I want to remember: 

  • 1 - We made the marquee at Stan’s!!! Its been our watering hole for the last few years so Ellen ( themattheweffectseries) got in touch with some of the staff to make this stellar surprise happen. I cannot express how much joy this brings me. 
  • Speaking of the staff at Stan’s…they were the best. They were even more attentive than usual both with my drink and with keeping creepy patrons away. PLUS, the bar manager got me a book and a kettle bell! So. Freaking. Nice. We aren’t there as much as we used to be (maybe 2x a month these days), but all the stars aligned and all my favorite people were working. Huzzah!
  • 2 - hermano and me. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to share 30 birthdays with this turd. 
  • 3 - I am so happy with how my brother’s gift turned out. I decided to do 30 small gifts…one for each year. There’s a bunch of stuff tucked into the basket you can’t see like gift cards, a picture of us as children, a picture of my cat (because he’s in love with her), and an envelope containing 30 memories/things I love about him (this was by far my favorite gift). And yes, there are 12 beers in the basket and each of them counted as a gift. And no, that’s not cheating.
  • 4 - the Reese’s cake was part of my brother’s gift as well and it was a huge hit! I made a chocolate cake from scratch and threw some Reese’s minis into the batter. I topped it with homemade peanut butter whipped frosting and Reese’s miniatures that I cut up. SO DECADENT but very delicious. 
  • Similar to the 30 memories thing I did for my brother, feistyflamingo sent me “30 of the best things about [me]” via text with an accompanying gif. She spaced them out over the full 24 hours. This was AWESOME. Omg. Go do this for someone. It’ll make their year. It was so kind and generous. My cup runneth over. 
  • 5/6 - FRIENDS! amft brought her other half who kept trying to skirt conversation with a very drunk patron and it was hysterical. Plus, fivefootsomethingsweating was there looking gorgeous and teaching us all a little about yoga. Ellen did what she always does on my birthday…she makes it better than I could have imagined and then slinks into the background like its no big deal. Between my brother’s group and my group, I think every stage of my life from elementary school up was represented last night. It was amazing. Heart=full
  • 7/8 - I’m not going to give a full account of the gifts I got (I’m a lucky b, for sure) but these Taylor gifts have to be shared. I thought this was a Jesus candle at first (which I thought was a good gag gift for me) and then I realized it was Taylor Swift candle and I nearly died laughing. To add to the awesomeness Angela’s sister, Amanda, made these Taylor Swift themed cookies! Red lips and her signature (not pictured - there were ice cream cone and cupcake shaped cookies too!). Someone said, “I hope whoever made these cookies is in the cookie-making business.” I assured her she was. These were some good lookin’ cookies that taste just as good as they look.
  • 9 - Mogge sent me a gift (in addition to all the aforementioned gifs) and this Avenger apron was a part of it! She made it and I forever love handmade presents. Its so well-constructed and adorable!
  • 7-9 are proof that I’m getting older, but I will forever be young at heart. 
  • 10 - I’ve only ever received flowers from students so it was a very lovely surprise to get them from a grown up. 
  • My brother challenged me to a push-up contest at Stan’s. I OBLIGED. Why? I don’t know. I did draw the line at a decline push-up contest because DRESS. He got 38, I got 34. I’m calling a rematch, because I had done 65 as a part of my work out earlier in the day. 
  • Every year since I went to college, my mom has called me on the actual minute I was born. She didn’t get to do it last year because of a scheduling thing and I genuinely missed it. She brought the phone call back this year which made my heart happy. 

I cannot remember ever starting off another year of my life feeling so so SO incredibly lucky and loved. My heart is so full. I must have been a saint in another life. 

No one told me turning 30 would be so much fun. Can I do it again next year? 

The Rutherfords / WIP #03

Here my babies, all together ^__^
From the left: Branson (6.5yo), Rosie (2), Cullen (8) and Mia (11)

I’ve seen other artists complain about it on tumblr, and I confirm everything: drawing children is so damn hard!! For some reason, Cullen’s the only one who doesn’t look kind of weird to me, I think it might be something about their mouths, or maybe it’s just because I love him, I’ll try to investigate :O

PS: oh yes, I’m defintely using references. And oh yes, searching the internet for children pictures is as creepy as it sounds XD