i love this pic sososososo much

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Sorry! I'll make it up with some fluff. Iwadai visiting Daichi's mom during break and she starts enthusiastically showing Iwa all their family photos and pics of daichi as a kid, daichi used to visit his grandparents who owned a farm and he loved it, and there's a pic of little dai with a toothless smile surrounded by tall sunflowers and his mom mentions how daichi loves sunflowers so when they return to their apartment iwa buys a potted sunflower for their little porch and it makes dai so happy

thank you ily TTvTT

Y’ALL. Thank you sososososo much for 300!! I never in a million years thought this would happen! (I know this might seem small to some of y’all, but this is such a huge thing for me) I was just a little fan when I started this blog and just wanted to see some cute pics of our fave beans and make some friends, but I have gotten that and SO much more! I love every single one of you! Thank you thank you thank you💜💜💜