i love this pic so much you have no idea

‘Where’s your helmet?’ 

SHERLOCK - :Happy Pride Month 2017:
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)

Bleh, I’m stupid late with this but better late than never, I suppose.

Have a cheesy Johnlock husbands pic for pride month (no seriously, I made them husbands look, rings! XD) :) It’s not fantastic and it took me 3 weeks to complete, but I love these two so effing much and I just really needed to put them together okay? And the idea for the shirts, I have no idea where it came from… I think it was on a google search for “cute couples” and a similar shirt came up in the images LOL. 

Slowly but surely getting the hang of this digital art thing. I love my marker brush so much. It emulates my traditional style nicely :D

Hope you all like it, and happy pride month everyone <3

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In Time

The world around, just for a millisecond, seems to numb. All sound is sucked out of the atmosphere itself. All Sabo can hear is the crack of his boots on the stone below, and blood pulses through his ears like war drums in his mind. Every cell in his body aches, but he pushes on. It’s been a long journey to get here, peppered with storms and regret, and the young revolutionary can’t remember the last time he slept. He certainly doesn’t feel like the strong revolutionary he is in this tired, young body. In this world, he comes as a brother, not a soldier.

Heavy breathing. Blonde hair heavy with sweat falls into Sabo’s eyes, and he shoves another body out of the way so hard that they don’t get back up again. Ahead, shrouded in dust and smoke, Luffy has fallen to the ground – he doesn’t look the same as he did when Sabo last saw him. His chest is unscarred, eyes filled with horror, shoulders shaking. Alone on the ground, Luffy seems so small in comparison to the Pirate King that he was when his brother last laid eyes on him at the execution stand. His little brother looks young; too young to be in this war, too young to have to watch what’s about to happen.

No. Sabo won’t let it happen again, not this time. Screw timelines, screw what this might mean for the world. He had a chance to go back and change things. His devil fruit – Ace, living on somehow through Sabo’s own blood – didn’t approve. Neither did Dragon. Sabo doesn’t care. His mind has been overtaken by some alien force, a thirst for the thing he’s been missing for the decade since Ace’s death. A thirst to change things.

Sabo pushes this lean, twenty-year old body harder. The world is still numb, strangely quiet, as if drawing breath as it watches on. The weight of everything Sabo has ever wished for weighs heavily on his shoulders. This is it. This is the moment where the timeline changes. Ace lunges forward. Luffy’s eyes, brown reflecting magma and fire, widen. Sabo takes a flying leap, coat flaring out behind him, just as Akainu raises his fist.

Everything speeds back up.

Sabo barrels into his brothers with enough force to send them both flying back but makes sure to wrap an arm around each, blood singing in his veins. Ace yells out, pushing back against Sabo with rage in his eyes, and the heat radiating harshly from him is tangible. Luffy is limp at the blonde’s other side, and Sabo’s eyes are too blurred to see his face properly. Heat explodes behind them. The Red Dog is angered, magma pouring from him copiously, but his moment is over. Sabo did it. He took his chance, and the world feels like it’s shifting before his very eyes. There’s no going back now.

“Made it on time!”

The yell escapes from his throat before he can stop it, something between a victory cry and a threat. The battlefield is silent for a split second, and Sabo can hear his voice echoing through it over and over, a reinforcement of his own success. Of Ace’s survival. At the distinctive Grey Terminal lilt that laces the ex-noble’s voice, Ace freezes, a strange expression overthrowing the anger on his face. Luffy’s eyes widen, filling with hope and elation.

All three brothers hit the ground, hard. The world comes back to Sabo in a rush like a tsunami, and suddenly they’re running again, Ace and Luffy stumbling and yelling, both confused as to what’s happening but elated at what they just heard. Heat pushes at Sabo’s senses, so intense that panic floods his veins like a drug, and for a second he sees the boat burning around him. Then, it’s gone. The battlefield replaces everything from the past, and surprisingly, the young man is glad for it. Let this war encompass him. If it means Ace lives, so be it – war will come and go, but Sabo will never have another change like this again. Nothing is going to stop him.

“Who the hell are you?!” Ace asks as they run, surprisingly following Sabo. He looks shaken, as if coming so close to losing Luffy just now rattled him to the core. His voice is uncertain, eyes just as hopeful as Luffy’s now, and Sabo’s heart wrenches when he realises that somehow, deep down, they recognise him.


Luffy’s voice is small in Sabo’s ear, torso shuddering against his back. All his fight is gone. Sabo doesn’t recall slinging him onto his back but he must’ve, maybe when the first starting running. Everything is one pulsing, thronging blur. Travelling ten years back in time must be messing up his head.

Ace’s breath hitches, and his head spins around so fast that his neck must ache. His eyes meet Sabo’s for the first time, and he stumbles for a second, caught off guard. For the first time since Sabo arrived here, he can see that ten-year old kid shining out of Ace’s eyes. Too young to take on the world and wearing his big dreams like medals of honor; questioning whether he should be alive; hurt, but still hoping for something bigger than himself.

“Sabo?!” Ace’s voice breaks. Behind them, two of Whitebeard’s commanders clash with Akainu in a supernova of light and sound.

Against his will, Sabo feels tears spring into his eyes, and a grin stretches across his face even as they fall. Ahead of them, the ocean is just visible, wide and true. “I’ve missed you both,” he chokes out, and they run together still. Ace seems to have stopped even breathing. Around them the battle rages on, and Sabo feels horribly exposed without his pipe.  “I missed you so much.”

Maybe this time, Sabo can stop the execution of the second pirate king before it happens, too. Maybe both Luffy and Ace will survive this time, if he just plays his cards right. Maybe Sabo and his brothers can stay together and stay alive. Maybe, just maybe, he really did change the timeline for good.

A tired cheer roars through the Whitebeard Pirates as they join the three brothers, unknowing of who Sabo is but uncaring. Ace and Luffy are still in shock, disbelieving and confused, but Sabo can see the eldest of the trio as his face begins to light up. It’s like watching the sun come out. Luffy’s arms tighten slightly around him, sluggish and weak but filled with affection, and for the first time in a long time, Sabo has no regrets. He has his brothers.

Maybe time-travel wasn’t such a bad idea.

Okay so I saw that you really loved the asl pic in the magazine so I just had to write this little thing (mostly just to get out of writer’s block lmao). I hope you like it! 



6`000 Follower-Gift Part 1 ( Tumblr dont let me post all Screenshots in one post )

Gosh, guys! It`s breathtaking! I have no idea what I can say…THANK YOU all so much for following me, like my stuff, reblog my creations and for all your lovely comments! Love you all!

Special thanks to @sssvitlans for reblogging my Creations/recolors. Without you we all would miss a lot of great Creations and creators! Thanks Lana! <3

Here is my “Thank you Gift” for you, Guys.

The Urban City Living-Set.

I post it in 2 Parts, because I have so many Pics that tumblr dont let me post all in one.

What you get:

All Meshes I used for my recolors are inclued!

A big thank you to @leo-sims @chillissims and thenumberswoman on TSR for give the permission to inclued the Meshes!

-Sofa, Loveseat and Armchair ( Mesh by leosims ) - 6 colors

-Pillows ( Mesh by chillisims ) - 30 Swatches

-Big Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-3 Tile Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-Urban Canvas ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 12 Swatches

-Urban Rugs ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 14 Swatches

-Urban Walls - 4 Patterns in different colors

-Urban Carpet - 3 Patterns in 3 colors each

-Urban concrete Floor - 6 colors

I hope you like my Urban City-Set!

PS: Sorry for the crappy pictures/Screenshots! I working on this set for weeks in my short free time I had. After its finaly done, I wanna share it with you today. So I didn`t have the time to make nice pics.

I would love to see when you use my stuff in your pictures, houses, rooms etc. So please tag me/give credit to me ( not a must ). Thanks!



SUMMARY - With Steve on a mission and Bucky in a meeting , you decide to have a little fun sexting. Things get dirty when Bucky comes back from the meeting . 

WARNINGS- daddy kink .SMUT , NSFW GIF , oral (MR , FR), phone sex 

WORDS - 3k+

A/N - This was completely Taw @supersoldierslover idea . Thank you so much . You know I love you .And I am so fucking happy that you liked it . If any warnings should be added pls send me an ask . I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

[ insert Steve and Bucky image , since my stupid wifi wasn’t uploading a pic]

Walking around the tower , eating biscuits , listening to music , talking to few of the agents , you spend the last hour waiting for Bucky to come back from the meeting .

2 WEEKS . Two weeks since Bucky and Steve were sent on different missions . Two weeks since you had seen either of them . Two weeks since you had touched yourself . Two weeks since you were properly fucked . Two weeks filled with burning desire to be filled , and to orgasm . But you still remember the last words uttered by your boyfriends before leaving for their mission .

“No touching . Okay baby doll . Behave and you will be rewarded .”

There was no way they’d know if you did pleasure yourself , but you wanted to behave . You knew if you refrained until the time they came , you’d cum harder than ever .

But now Bucky was back home in the tower , but you couldn’t do anything . The meeting was sure to last another hour . So you decided to have a little fun of yours .

You went back to the room , put on your sexy matching lingerie that you knew both of them liked .

It was pink in colour . They liked it because you looks sexy and innocent at the same time.

You stood in front of the mirror admiring the way it looked .Picking up the phone in your left hand , your right hand under your panties , you clicked a picture and send it to the group chat that you guys created for the three of you . A little teasing wouldn’t hurt .

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“I love you!”

Part 1/ Part 2

Picture Perfect (Tim Drake x Reader)

A/N: This is honestly such a cute idea! I love Tim very much! Also, thank you so much, I’m glad you like my writing. ❤

Warnings: Extreme corniness???

Request: Tim Drake where he sends S/O polaroids or developed photos when he has missions outside the country!! Reader has numerous albums of his photography, some of them are pics of S/O and him <3 You have magnificent writing skills! I can’t believe I just found your blog!!

Tim smiled as he sorted through the recently developed photographs. Mostly views and scenery that he knew you would love, but also several photos of him that he had gotten Dick to take for you.

One of the photos that he was particularly excited to send you was a simple photo of him, smiling into the camera and making a heart with his hands. He saved it to be the last picture that you’d see.

With a black pen, he wrote captions on miniature post-it notes, that he stuck onto every picture. When he reached the last one he paused, smiling softly before scribbling down a short note. He packed the photos into an envelope and took them to be shipped to Gotham.

You raced down the staircase of Wayne Manor, only stopping once you found Alfred in the kitchen.

“Alfred, is there any mail?” you questioned breathlessly, wheezing slightly after sprinting from your room.

“Yes, Miss (Y/N). Master Tim sent this for you,” Alfred responded, handing you a manila envelope.

You grinned, taking the envelope from his hands and carrying it over to the table, barely able to contain your joy. The boys had been gone for three weeks, and you missed Tim greatly.

You carefully undid the seal on the envelope and pulled out a stack of photos.

You sorted through them, grinning madly at the captions he had written for each picture, scrawled onto the tiny post-its.

There was a photo of a night sky, a full moon at the center of the photo. On the sticky-note it read: ‘I love you to the moon and back.’

You continued to look through the pictures, in awe at some of the amazing shots.

You smiled when you saw the pictures of Tim doing dumb poses, and one where Jason had decided to photobomb.

Your heart melted at the last photo, and tears started to trail down the sides of your face. ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart.’ It was stupid, and cheesy, but you loved it all the same.

You took the small pile of pictures into your hands, and carried them up to yours and Tim’s room. You shut the door behind you and moved to your bookshelf, pulling several leather-bound photo albums from the shelves.

You situated yourself on your bed, and began inserting the pictures into the album, writing the date and pasting Tim’s captions underneath each one.

When you were finished you flipped to the front of the book. You smiled fondly at the old memories. Pictures Tim had mailed to you were mixed in with photos of you and him.

His corny little captions never failed to make you smile.

A picture of the two of you on a sunny day, holding hands and smiling into the camera was labeled: ‘Your smile is brighter than the sun.’

You continued to look through the albums for hours, grinning like an idiot the whole time.
Tim smiled down at the little piece of paper in his hands. The one picture he didn’t send was of you. Just you.

‘I love you.’

Aria can hear their friends and family cheering as they stop in front of the floral arch, sees the flashes of cameras, vaguely notices Tela catching her dropped bouquet as Jaal turns to take her hands in his, matching rings glinting on each of their left index fingers.

“So.” Jaal murmurs, expression one of serene joy.

“So.” Aria echoes, smile matching his, barely aware that Tela has settled on the end of her dress to toss more petals, keeping tight hold to the bouquet.

“I hardly dare to believe… we are joined, Darling One. You and I.” he bends forward, purring when she meets him halfway, foreheads pressing together, “Forever.”

“Forever.” she whispers, eyes closing as she basks in his presence - in the cheers, in Tela’s giggles, in the warm air and scent of flowers around them - and grips his hands tighter, “I love you, Jaal Ryder-Ama Darav.”

“As I love you, Aria Ryder-Ama Darav. My Darling. My Beloved. My Wife.”

I lost the battle and couldn’t wait till I finished the chapter woops.


Gorgeous commission I grabbed from @lynngo-art that depicts stuff from the next upcoming Log of the Misadventures; the wedding chapter.

Typed that little blurb out just now, I like it but we’ll see if it makes it into the actual chapter or not X3

Love love love this picture so much and yes, I squealed when I got it because sfjfjbfsv so perfect omg ♥ ♥ Just the poses and the colours and Aria and Jaal and Tela and gaaaaah ♥ ♥ ♥ I also pretty much credit Lynn with Tela’s ‘official’ design because omg so cute.

So yeah. UPCOMING WEDDING FLUFF. Thank you again Lynn for this beautiful pic so much love ♥ (I’ve been going a little art crazy while I have the funds can you tell haha ♥ And yes they both abbreviate their names I saw this idea somewhere and couldn’t resist because Jaal would ttly want them to be the same)


Disclaimer: my english is very bad.

Jessica Rabbit is one of the most underrated characters I’ve ever seen.
I really admire her and I’ve always dreamed about cosplaying her.
But I don’t have so much self-esteem to push myself dressing like her. She’s pure beauty, you know.
I was attending Lucca Comics and Games last year and I had the big chance to meet the Bancroft brothers. The Jessica Rabbit’s Topic poped-up and I was so enthusiastic talking about how a great character she is…My lovely friend Iry had the great idea to inform the Bancrofts I was working on Jessica cosplay (actually, I was wondering about doin’ it or not.) … That was when Tom Bancroft asked me to show him some pics. I was very afraid because I wasn’t perfect and so I told him: “I’m not as beautiful as Jessica. I’m warning you.”
He looked up at the pic I was showing him, then he said:
“You are truly beautiful.”
…And my heart went boom.

And that’s it.
I went on a Con dressed up as Jessica and I have to thank Tom for that.
Am I not perfect? Do I have to put away this cosplay because of my not-hourglass-shaped body?
You know what? Tom Bancroft told me I’m beautiful so go ✨✨✨✨ yourself ❤

okay. wow. so as promised i said i would upload stressed parents anonymous for the next follower milestone and only twelve days later we’ve hit that milestone. that was super fast!! wow! i’m really not sure my content is ~quality~ enough to deserve you all. (and tbh i’m not sure how a handful of you even found me lol but THANKS) a fair bit happened over those twelve days and i’m so so lucky to have such kind followers and people i can now call friends. SIMBLR FRIENDS ARE ALL I WANT IN LIFE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME  ;   A   ; 

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okay, okay, that’s all great zeeb, but get to the point. you can’t just give these lovely people a pic of danica and indie. no no no. they deserve better than that! (sorry danica and indie, i know you don’t get enough love on this blog as it is. i have failed you. but this is also the truth.) so, since my pose-making skills are good enough for me but idk how to do the thing with the list and i wouldn’t want to release anything subpar to you guys lol, and i therefore cannot offer you guys too much in the way of gifts rn, i have this idea:

i will edit your pics. (yep. that’s it. that’s the big idea.)

all you gotta do is send me or link me to a raw pic of yours that you’d like me to edit :> and i will post them all as a photoset as a token of my undying appreciation for you!! (you can send me sims 4 pics as well as sims 3. i’ll edit just about anything, even pics of potatoes!! pls don’t send me pics of potatoes tho.)

shoutout and big thank you to everyone currently following this subpar blog (please support each other!!) ♡♡♡

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n.b. not everyone here is a simblr and that’s totally cool :> 

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- lots of love from zeeb, danica, and indie ♡


OCS: Rosie & Danny Shino-MIller

Story Origin: Shino-Miller Legacy

Love Your OCS Tag created by @theartofqueenie

I love this tag so much queenie good job!! I brought a throwback into this and gave a picture of what they look like now and their wedding pictures for when i first started me legacy, ahh memories :”) (I edited them because back then I had no idea how to edit.)

Rules: Take a picture of your OCS (doesn’t have to be a couple) and one group shot. If you have a couple take a picture of the two together and then their wedding pictures or future wedding pictures. If you don’t feel comfortable or something with wedding pics, just take a second picture of your sim(s) of anything you want. Maybe even include a background story if they don’t have a story of origin. Make sure you tag this ‘love your ocs’ so i can see what y'all do!

I tag: everyone of you who want to do this!! Do this absolutely adorable tag by Queenie, just say I tagged you if you want <3


I wanna take sexy pics of my body but I have no ideas, if you guys have any let me know please. I wanna post pics for you guys more often. So ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Oh! Also thank you guys so much for taking the time to follow this blog. It means a lot to me. I love all of you ❤️

fanboyofallthingsfandom  asked:

So I found this prompt: Museums with historical portraits of upper class omegas surrounded by their pups! Like imagine the King's Omega wife and mistresses (for lack of a better word) getting their portraits painted with their pups around them looking angelic and the perfect Omega And I immediately thought of young Arthur running into a young Alfred, each at the museum with their separate Alpha/Omega schools, and both admiring the historical paintings and just getting to know each other.

I would read a fic like this. 

I can see tiny Arthur focusing so much on the paintings and statues, admiring them. He ends up being so focused on a painting and doesn’t notice the tiny Alpha watching him with wonder. 

Alfred would probably follow him around and just watching Arthur, more than likely blushing due to him thinking Arthur was cute. Then he would probably try to think of a way to approach Arthur but he gets flustered each time Arthur smiles a tiny cute smile.

They end up bumping into each other cause Alfred gets pushed by a friend, who tells him to go say ‘hi’ to the cute Omega. Alfred rushes out a ‘sorry’ before he tries to stutter out a ‘hello’. Arthur is starting at him, confused, and Alfred ends up yelling out ‘YOU ARE REALLY CUTE’. Causing Arthur to blush bright red and Alfred then realizes what he said and turns the same shade.

anonymous asked:

Hi -- could you give specifics (or rough ideas) of how you perceive Louis to be unwinding BG -- I'm just not seeing it. In the last week we've seen an IG of them together, an encouraging comment from Niall about the pic, and a quote in Louis article about loving him very much. So I am not seeing any attempts to unraveling it, but would love to hear your thoughts.

First, I guess we have to agree on the premise that BG is a real thing, that Freddie is not Louis’s son.

If you accept that, then there’s only one way this can go. It has to end. Louis is not going to mislead a human being into adulthood. If it doesn’t end, and the truth comes out anyway (as it will), the people who have orchestrated it will look like entertainment’s biggest assholes.

I have only circumstantial evidence that Louis is trying to unwind BG. I think Jay deliberately deleted all of Freddie’s photos from her Instagram. I think it was no coincidence that Freddie never visited the U.K. until December 2016, and, despite having a valid passport/visa, has never travelled with Louis back to the U.K. since. The way BG is paraded in front of our faces, if there was any pap opportunity, it would have been shown. The custody arrangements have never been explained. Most single fathers in Hollywood have a nanny; there’s no evidence Louis has ever had a nanny nor any evidence that a child spends any time with him, except for the lone prop, like the high chair. Freddie does not seem familiar with Louis. There has never been video with audio of Freddie calling Louis dad (that I know of). Briana no longer seems interested. The preponderance of evidence suggests that everyone is simply waiting for the inevitable time.

anonymous asked:

EEEE you're art is super cute! This is random but if you have time could you draw Avengers Academy Stony roller skating?? O3Ú~

Thank you so much kind anon :) I love your idea it’s just so cute!

 Oneday I will draw a proper Stony roller skating pic for you but I hope this silly doodle will do for now. I’d like to think Avengers Academy Tony already has inbuilt Roller skates- his body is ready.

anonymous asked:

I haven't really seen many pics about this AU. Do you have any links or recommendations? I really love this idea <3

Omg thank you so much!!  💕 Sorry for the lack of content recently, this blog is fairly new and I’ve been super busy this month, but I’ve been working on some more writing for the au and I’ll get back to producing more content very soon! For now, here are some links to things about my au that I have so far:

-Main premise can be read here and a better analysis of Michael’s actions are here

-Some things to keep in mind before sending an ask here

-Cover art for the au here

-I track the tag “squip swap” in case some awesome people draw fan art for the au! You can view those here and here!

Plot relevant asks:

(I’ve been answering everything in order that occurs before “Upgrade” but I should be advancing the plot soon!)

How Michael Got the Squip

What Happened To Michael’s Big Headphones?

Has the Squip Tried To Break Michael From Smoking?

Does Jeremy Know That the Squip Worked?

Does Michael Regret Taking the Squip?

Non-Plot Relevant Asks:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 12 

And that’s about it for now! I have many more questions left to answer, and I’m so excited to get to them all, but please be patient as I finish up some things this month and I’ll get right back on it! I have such cool things to share with you guys like guest artists, fully colored commissions, fics I’ve been working on, and more! ✨

sossocat  asked:

What exactly is Discord?

discord is an app/program that lets invited groups of people chat together! you can share pictures and videos and links and there are different channels where you can chat about different things!! (ex: in the spacefam discord we have a channel for musicals, memes, writing, art, and a bunch more!)

one of my favorite things though is the voice chat because i just love hearing all of your precious angelic lil voices?? ? and people sing on there and do homework and we all talk and it’s just SO PURE I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH 😭💜💜

@thecuriositydoorlocked omg dear i’m so sorry! i’m not sure if there’s any way you can retake it or something?? i hope everything goes well and i believe in you! you’ll get through this, i promise!!! i hope your day gets better and i’m sending a ton of hugs your way! ilysm!!✨⭐️💜

@little-tiny-peridot AWWW WTF THIS IS SO CUTE I’M DEAD 😍💜



@ anon - honestly i’m probs totally wrong but are you egg 🥚👀

@kaltenecker-is-bae AWWW THANK YOU MY STAR I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 💜💜

@renmultishipshelp you aren’t bothering me at all, don’t worry haha! ummm i’ve written a few fics in my day but i honestly have no idea what i’m doing if i’m honest lmao? but like, one thing i learned from writing that helps me personally is that i need to always start with an ending in mind. i started a super long fic like a year ago and never finished because i only knew the concept i wanted to start with and i’m horrible and ending things? so like, plan out the whole plot first and go from there. idk if that helps you at all, but that’s the thing i focus on most. also, make sure you really care about/are interested in what you’re writing because it will totally show through in the end result, yknow? 

idk if that helped at all i’m so sorry lmao ilysm good luck with your writing!!! ✨⭐️💜