i love this photoshoot though... xd


Who would expect Naoto in the beach? (?)

Welp, after dancing in swimsuit in front of a bunch of shadows… It wasn’t much of a deal?

Haha funny enough, I quite understand Naoto on those kind of things xD I didn’t even attend to swimming class for 3 months in secondary school ‘cause I was too shy. But guess things change and I just love going swimming in the sea even though my shyness still. But being with close friends makes me feel so comfortable and totally worth it  (๑˘︶˘๑) #Funfact

Thank you to our wonderful Mitsuru that day @art-of-lunamaria-estel with whom I took some beautiful shots, and for being so kind, patient and great photographer too (who took these pictures. Also a great artist, go check out her art! :3) ❤  !! (Along with another friend of ours)

P.D: It really was so difficult to shoot with “normal” facial expressions due to the powerful sunlight that day xD


I think I can see why some friends tell me I should be a model/cosplay model for photoshoots.. xD This was taken before I put on my devil horn clips on. I’m just modeling my new dress from Allegra-K on Amazon and new choker (which I’m deeply in love with) I bought on Wish. Dress is super comfy and it’s an xsmall (even though it’s still a bit big on me though) but I can can still use it and it goes well with the choker, fishnet tights and boots. I love this outfit~


I just unpacked Anna and Kristoff and I’m so in love with them!

Even though they smell pretty strong like fresh lacquer, yikes! I also found out that Kristoffs muscles are fake, they just stuffed a pillow under is shirt to give him his typical build.*lol*

I’m looking forward to make a photoshooting with them outside in the nature and enact some scenes from the final…hopefully next weekend…I’m going to watch Cinderella and Frozen Fever next Sunday morning and I think until then the spoilers probably killed me!XD


If I have to dry up, if I have to be trampled on then at least by you
It’s enough if I’m next to a beautiful flower, I just want to be beside you
A painful short life it will never change
Just loving loving you…

Hanakotoba by The GazettE


So yeah, we cosplay inspired by Gnomon or well fic series stupid terrorist boys by Luchia13. We both have liked this series so far (though I prefer subjolras xD) and since we have lot of feels for Les Mis so why pull this version too :D

We were freezing during last weekend while photoshooting. It was -13-18 celsius outside and we didn’t really have any other places to go shooting than outside but I’m proud of us and happy that we got photos we could publish~

Enjolras - emery-dragonfly

Grantaire - willgrahamwearingboxers

Photos by nenna


Okay so it’s @zenwisterias / @taylordraws birthday and I managed to find a couple selfies I didn’t post of her OC, Vera, when I costested her a couple weeks ago and I figured I’d post them for her bday :)
I take way too many pics forgive me
freaking pumped to do the PHOTOSHOOT though xD Well anyways happy birthday you sweet, hilarious special person, you deserve all the love in the world!
have a wonderful day dear! :D You are my fav blog for a reason ;)
Tay loves Tay very much xoxoxo