i love this photoshoot so much omg

jase-kenny  asked:

Photography Club Leader Headcannons?

Mmh, not a lot actually. He didn’t pick my interest that much, but here’s what I have:

  • He’s pretty outgoing 
  • He really loves comics book (but fav DC over Marvel…but.. deadpool.. he really loves deadpool…)
  • He’s always happy to take a picture for you, especially if it’s a portrait
  • Has done some professional photoshoot.
  • He’s vegan.
  • Smol transboy
  • Okay but when my wife saw him, she said “he looks so french it hurts omg” so he’s half japanese half french now.
  • He wanna be a detective.
  • LOVE TAKING PICS OF LITTLE ANIMALS especially very simplest thing a cat walking on a wall. 
  • He’s hella bisexual.

emmalution: Finally need to take a second to celebrate… 1 million followers!! Wow thank you so much for the support! 😊
And while I’m at it, let’s celebrate the amazing work of @harrylhgfx and @missmarissartistry.. Loving all the pics that came from this amazing photoshoot we did a little while ago!


Behind the scenes of the Emmy magazine photoshoot.

I don’t know if anyone else has posted this already but OMG I love them so much!

the whole interview and the whole photoshoot was so deep and scary and intense idk justin is so strong and im so glad i didnt leave when he was in his dark times omg im so sad right now i just wanna go hug him and tell him how proud i am of him and how much i love him


I LOVE all my photoshoot pics. I have no abs, no veins, my legs are thick, my stomach rolls over my leggings in some pics, but I love ALL of them. Body confidence is high for the first time in a shoot and that’s 100% why I love them so much because I FELT confident and you can see it in my eyes, which makes for such better pictures.

I’ve had plenty of shoots where I took over 100 photos and liked 0. None. And I distinctly remember feeling uncomfortable in my body during those specific shoots and you could see that lack of confidence in my face, and therefore the shots had no effect.

Photoshoot tip: believe you are the hottest fucking human on earth and work it and your confidence will radiate in the photos.