i love this photoshoot so much omg

Bangtan is growing so much I’m crying

I’m feeling nostalgic af today forgive me for the spam

DEBUTED 13/06/2013

1st ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2014

Look at their first anniversary picture omg 2014 bangtan was so young…jungkook was still a baby here



and this picture where I’m 100% sure tae was trying to twerk + namjoon being scared at yoongi’s unusual antics

this picture where namjoon seemed like he doesn’t give a shit and don’t know why he even did this lmao

namjoon be creepin at the back

and this picture in which I don’t know wtf is going on here but it’s cool but namjoon can you cooperate pls lmao

and this party at their old dorm (i swear i’m not crying rn) I’m that cheetah

2nd ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2015

And then, we stepped into the year 2015, their 2nd anniversary + the iconic awkward family picture

just look at this cuties


so cute

looking fine as hell but still cute and dorky


yoongi doe

fluffy af + yoongi’s slim legs wtf so beautiful

look at the smiles of angels

and this lmao

I just have to include this here because it’s cute (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ 

Bangtan in America aka the day Jayhope appeared (AHL was fun lmao)

Sailors? Fuck yes

3rd ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2016

Now, into the year of 2016, last year’s festa. Yoongi looks like a proud dad with 6 children I ain’t kidding that’s my first thought when I saw this lol

and this

This cute outdoor pictures with the colorful t-shirts and shorts

do you see how high they jumped like holy shit

get this out from my face CUTE AF ahhhhh help me

this is the reason for my death


and again, I’m really curious what’s the context behind this picture. 2 orange human with superpowers with their leader, Jin which apparently is a chef who can cook hella delicious food that’ll save the world, with 4 handsome sidekicks??? lmao idk what I’m typing wtf but this pic i swear it’s weird and funny, but still aesthetically pleasing


don’t attack me pls that stare

Chef Jin aka handsome world leader that spreads happiness and love with his cooking + magical rice spatula (it looks normal but it holds such power that can beats Gordon Ramsay’s cooking)

this is probably the most normal hobi can be and the mildest yoongi can be (we all know yoongi is secretly as crazy as hobi tbh lol) SOPE FTW

4th ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2017

And this year, the 2017 BTS Festa (do you see the schedules omg they spoil us way too much i love it) THEY GROWN UP WELL

back with the school boy looks and wow that shorts…dem smooth legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) can i have that giraffe with abnormally long legs at the back pls it kinda stole the whole spotlight jk bangtan still caught my eyes with the beautiful legs

Can i join them pls that looks so fluffy

YNWA photoshoot is just amazing…tae and namjoon in bandana wow i love death (and namjoon’s pose why it looks like a kawaii high school girl pose the sailor moon effect I guess)



I expected a picture where namjoon’s face is full with icing and cake,but nevermind this is still cute okay bighit is a tease

when they win big awards (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。look how proud they are

yoongi is crying my heart cannot take this


The family pictures for this year are on 10/06 but I’m not sure if I’ll have internet access by that time T.T why this kind of things happen to me so idc i’ll do this appreciation today lmao


OMG!  (*°▽°*)

Already having the first picture of a Photoshoot we went to some weeks ago, before going to an anime con, and I’m so excited with the quality and how cute it looks, omfg! Thank you so much to 3LEMENTS for taking this awesome pictures! 


Was cosplaying Riko Sakurauchi, kimono version. it was such an amazing experience going for a photoshoot with two other lovely girls cosplayed as Mari and Kanan ♡ ♡ Had an amazing time!

I should cosplay more Riko soon, even if is a casual Riko until I have the school uniform version (*´▽`*)

omg my package from @dunkirks finally arrived and everything is so 😍😍😍💕💕💕 i had a mini photoshoot so it took me an hour to get this set up, but thank you so much susan!!!!! you gave me so much and everything is so cute 😭😭 no one gets my love for stationery except for you… i will use/eat hoard everything while thinking of you this is honestly one of the best packages i’ve received in my life??? your previous package was the best but you topped yourself with this one!! 

seokjinsarmybomb  asked:

Jikook - Tinkerbell (based off the Now3 shoot where Jungkook wore pretty makeup and no pants and he called it his favorite because he was pretty)

OMG THANKS FOR REMINDING ME. I will actually never stop screaming about that photoshoot. I can’t believe it looked like he was only wearing that button up and he loved it so much.

Jungkook was Jimin’s very own tinkerbell, his little fairy he cherished so much. No, he wasn’t as tiny and he could talk but Jungkook was still just as magical in Jimin’s eyes. He was full of joy and gave Jimin the spark of life that he’d never felt before. But when Jungkook’s light starts fading, what can he do to protect his fairy prince? He’d do anything to put back the fire in Jungkook’s eyes and the color back in his cherry red lips. “Hyung, am I still pretty?” “Yes, you’re beautiful.”


I love these two so much omg.

Hirotaka is just…so unbothered by bl, it’s hilarious. And even though Kabakura isn’t exactly happy to be partaking in this photoshoot, he doesn’t object too much because he can see his girlfriend is completely enjoying this lmao.

Honestly, these are both #squad goals, and #couple goals. Why don’t guys like this exist irl T^T

i love my job trust me but photoshoots outside are the death of me. i hate them so much i try calling in sick whenever i have a photoshoot outside. first of all you’re like in middle of the street with bunch of people walking past you and the photographer is yelling, “YAS!” also it could be really cold outside and you’re just in a thin designer shirt while the hairstylist sprays a whole bottle of hairspray on you. i swear it’s so awkward and uncomfortable. speaking of photoshoots you should totally do this charity photoshoot with me and i promise we can do it INSIDE. plus i figured i would look really good standing next to you. come on do it with me, please!

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So,,, I love ur international idol and Victor/Yurio hcs, so for some angst (if thats okay) could I ask how they react when, while away on work, they hear their s/o has gone into shock and sent to the hospital? If that's okay!! Thank you very much!!

OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS. I LOVE WRITING ANGST AND HURTING MY OWN HEART. I’ve only had mostly fluffy things and I really love angst and not knowing how things end and stuff like that. I’m glad you like my other headcanons (Which can be read here). Thank you for this request!  (and thank you for being so polite omg tbh some people don’t say please or thank you when requesting things and I’m kind of like ???? manners pls) Also, these headcanons are not like my other ones; they’re not going to be as funny, since they’re angsty.

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • It’s another night of separation for you and Viktor, and it’s been almost three weeks since you’ve last seen him
  • He’s at your shared home and you’re in Switzerland for a photoshoot of sorts
  • maybe for sexy swimwear???? idk you decide wink wonk
  • He’s getting ready to give you a call to tell you goodnight and how much he loves you
  • But, to his surprise, you call him before he could dial your number
  • He always calls first, so it’s a surprise to him. But he’s noticed how tired and stressed you’ve seemed over the phone the last week, and your ‘i miss you’ texts have multiplied considerably in number
  • Viktor’s surprised expression changes to a knowing smirk real quick
  • “Heheh they must be excited and can’t wait to ‘say goodnight’ to me omg you sexy animal”
  • He answers the call with a “Hey, baby~”
  • But the reaction he is looking for isn’t what he gets at all
  • The way his smirk falls into a devastated expression is worthy of being in a movie
  • but this aint acting; no Oscar for this too-real performance
  • Your manager is who calls him; they say you were walking to your hotel after the photoshoot and a huge crowd of paparazzi came out of nowhere
  • There were no bodyguards around, and your manager was the only one there with you
  • A photographer from the crowd had grabbed your arm and scared you more in the already-stressful situation, and you immediately had a poor reaction
  • Your manager noticed how pale and sweaty you looked, and managed to get you away from the crowd and into a small store
  • Inside the store, your manager barely touched your cold, sweaty hand before you went into psychogenic shock, passing out and falling to the floor
  • The employees of the business called an ambulance when you didn’t respond for a while, and you were still receiving treatment
  • Viktor keeps the phone while he rushes around, packing a bag and getting his jacket
  • He bombards your manager with questions
  • “Are they awake yet? Can I talk to my love? Who’s taking care of them?”
  • He tells your manager to get you a room at the hospital, and that he’ll be there before the sun rises
  • Viktor rushes to the airport and gets on the first plane to Switzerland. The wait for the flight to leave isn’t long, but he’s shaking the entire time
  • He continues to text your phone in hopes that you will answer, but to no avail
  • The entire flight is torture, and he accidentally snaps at a flight attendant who makes a comment about his composure
  • When he finally arrives in Switzerland, he’s able to get to the hospital you’re at quite quickly.
  • He looks like a maniac, frantically sprinting through the halls of the hospital trying to find your room
  • And when he does find you, the sight of your cold, pale skin brings him to tears
  • Seeing your beautiful body lifeless in a hospital bed is too much for him to handle
  • He sits in a chair next to you and holds your hand while he sobs into the blankets covering you, murmuring apologizes about not being there and for not protecting you
  • After a few hours of crying, he notices the natural light has changed in the room
  • He looks out the window at the bright pink sunrise, holding your limp hand in his warm one
  • Viktor knows you need to rest, but he just wishes you were awake to see it

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri is sitting alone in his room with his music blasting into his ears
  • He’s being all pouty and cute because he misses you while you’re away
  • He really tried get his schedule to work out, but it just couldn’t happen this time :(
  • You were in France to shoot a designer perfume commercial, but Yuri had to stay back due to his skating
  • The phone ringing interrupted his brooding, but a less-annoyed expression crossed his face when he saw that it was you calling
  • When he answers the phone and it’s not you, he gets angry
  • Your manager tells him in the phone call that you came into contact with your allergen by accident
  • The lunch you had on set contained the allergen, and you immediately went into anaphylactic shock
  • The crew immediately called an ambulance, and your manager did the best they could to keep you breathing and calm for as long as possible
  • It was difficult to keep calm, since people were panicking in trying to get a grip on the situation
  • By the time the ambulance had arrived, you were barely capable of breathing on your own and your face had swollen significantly
  • Your manager said you are currently in a room at the hospital, and you responded well to the treatment
  • Yuri’s anger really set in when your manager told him you hadn’t woken up yet, and the incident had happened almost six hours earlier
  • “This happened six hours ago, and you didn’t bother to even give me a hint that something was going on? You really are a piece of shit.”
  • When your manager apologizes,Yuri promises to see them in a few hours and hangs up the phone
  • Yuri marches through the airport with his quickly packed luggage, and gets on a full-service flight to France
  • He scowls the entire trip, and even glares at the flight attendant that gives him his complimentary cookie
  • In France, he takes a taxi to the hospital you’re at without leaving a tip for the driver
  • Before heading up to your room, he stops at the convenience store to get you some gifts and himself a snack
  • Yuri comes into your hospital room with a bunch of balloons and a kitten stuffed animal in his hands
  • When he sees you in the hospital bed and on oxygen, he can feel his heart split in half
  • He carefully sets the balloons in a corner and takes a seat in the chair next to your bed
  • The kitten stuffed animal is carefully placed on your stomach, and Yuri gently moves your arm so you’re cuddling it against your body
  • He can’t help but smirk to himself about how cute you would look if you weren’t at a hospital recovering from a near-death experience
  • The blank expression on your face and beeping of monitors hooked up to you haunt him; they make him want to be sick
  • He wants to be sad, but he can’t control his anger once your manager enters the room
  • Yuri stands up from his chair and charges at your manager, pinning them against the wall with his forearm across their chest
  • He stands on his tiptoes and yells right into your manager’s face
  • “You shithead! You are such an incompetent fuck! This is your fault! You know about their allergy! This wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve done your fucking job right! Once this is all over and (Y/N) is back home safe, you’re going to be out of a fucking job, because I’m going to fire you!”
  • He then grabs the collar of your manager’s shirt and shoves them out of your room before quietly closing the door behind them, making sure not to wake you while you rest
  • Yuri takes his seat beside you and holds your hand, letting a few tears of anger and sadness fall down his cheeks
  • Oh, how he wishes you would wake up, so he can see your beautiful smile again
  • It’s only been a day or two, but it feels like an eternity since he’s last seen it

me as Chloe Price from Life is Strange. so what chould I say? just..

OMG! I can’t believe that I’ve cosplayed her, because at the beginnig I thought she wouldn’t suit me >///<

thanks and so much love to my lovely cosplay-partners!!! i love you!

more photos are coming this week~

emmalution: Finally need to take a second to celebrate… 1 million followers!! Wow thank you so much for the support! 😊
And while I’m at it, let’s celebrate the amazing work of @harrylhgfx and @missmarissartistry.. Loving all the pics that came from this amazing photoshoot we did a little while ago!

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Your question at the panel was so amazing. I'm so glad you asked because it was something that needed to be addressed. Also, when you saw Andy and Danai hug and you saw him give her a kiss on the cheek, how did you NOT die from a cuteness overload? I swear those two make my heart hurt.

and [separate Anon]:  OMG Andy gave Danai a hug and kiss on the cheek after the panel?!?! Is there a video?

and[another separate Anon]:  Thank you so much for asking your question it was wonderful and I’m so glad you brought up a richonne photoshoot lol and Andy really went up to Danai afterwards and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek? Crying forever

Thank you to everyone who took the time to message me and send notes, etc.  I got a lot of love this weekend at the con, and I’m glad I did y’all proud.

And yes, Andy and Danai seemed A-okay to me.  I already posted about this, but they shared a moment after the panel.  Perhaps he was complimenting her answers during the panel; I don’t know.  But they seemed in good spirits either way.  I think they’re trying to keep a tight lid on this as if we don’t know that Michonne and Rick make it, lol, but they’re fine, y’all.  All is well.

I got a crap load to catch up on and write, including meeting Danai, so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)