i love this photoshoot okay

EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO IS JUST.. PERFECT.  THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER, THE SMALL DANCE, AND THEIR CUTE SMILES AT THE END.  I don’t normally post Markbum stuff a lot here but I just can’t help it my ship is sailing so hard and this video is just so precious not to check this gave me life and killed me at the same time??

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Alright, I couldn’t resist. Here’s a preview of my heir favourite Blizzard because she’s one of the most gorgeous sims I’ve ever had in my game ♥

I love what TV’s doing right now. I think it really is incredible and there’s so much great stuff out there that I just want to be patient and find something that I really respond to It’s a little scary knowing that a project could go ten years, which would be great, but it’s also tough. I have so much other stuff that I really want to get done.”- Josh Duhamel. 

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I feel like this isn't talked about as much but I can imagine kookie and jimin bonding so much over the passions they have aka dancing and singing. I mean it's already evident from them always showcasing to us that they have these passions in common but if you think about it, it's kinda a big deal to share a passion with someone let alone two like this. No wonder jimin says he has the best work/photoshoot chemistry with kookie.

okay but i love that so much ???? like domestic jikook just talking for hours about singing and dancing. telling the other what they love, their favorite things, the feelings they get while doing it, and so much more. that’s so sweet and just cute. and i agree, they seem to have a lot in common, and hold a lot of the same passions. and i find that so amazing and cute. and i also think that’s one of the reasons why he chose jk as who he works best with. 


NEW VIDEO: “Attempting To Play the Kim Kardashian Game???”

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