i love this photoshoot ok

rip taemin’s purple hair and jongin’s pink hair, also rip the opportunity to see taekai both with pastel hair at the same time

pls don’t repost my art or edit my captions, thank you!


I tell everyone that I grew up in a Friday Night Lights town up in North Jersey. Everyone [there] was like, “Oh, the football game, the prom!” And I’d be like, “Oh, I’m so hungover and I have exams tomorrow. I’m catching up on homework, sorry!” There’d be a girl in gym class crying because her boyfriend was Facebook-messaging another girl and I’d be like, “Oh that’s cool, I just found out my boyfriend’s doing heroin.” I’m not discrediting the experience of those kids, but I just went through that stage of life way, way earlier because I was an independent person, adventuring to New York and going through shit. I had to fucking hold my own. My parents were super young when they had me so they were super busy a lot, paying the bills and working all the time. They were so great though. I don’t think I’d be in the same position as I am today if I didn’t have the freedom I did as a teenager.


“I get attached to things: I wear the same jeans for a year. I’m not a purist so it’s different kinds all the time. Now it’s shoes actually - I’ve worn the same kind of shoes for three years. I wear them till they fall apart and they are just the most comfortable. For me, with a character you start with the shoes.”