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a HC where Chubby!MC ask her S/O to break up with her because she thought herself as a burden and only embarass her s/o?? *slips hourglasses

lololol I think I’ll classify this as mini-fic tbh haha I write whatever comes out. Mm, I can’t think of V’s reaction, sorry…

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Warning: Long post.


Chubby MC asks to Break Up


  • Jaehee was rubbing her temples, thrown off by your sudden statement. “What brought this on, MC?” she asked, sounding tired and sad already.
  • When you didn’t reply, she prompted, “Was it something I did? Was it the chocolate I secretly ate a few weeks ago? Or maybe when I ignored you that one time a while back when I was serving a customer? Or was it because I was top last nigh—“
  • “No!!” you exclaimed. Your cheeks were flushed from her previous comment. Lowering your voice, you continued, “No… It’s just me. I-I… I don’t like how I look.”
  • She led you to sit down on the couch, running her hand soothingly on your back. Jaehee was staring at you with worried eyes, silently urging you to explain.
  • Reluctantly, you began to speak. “Jaehee… you’re really, really pretty… Ever since you quit C&R, you’ve become more feminine and beautiful… So many people turn their heads at the sight of you. I bet nobody even thinks that the one next to you is your lover because I’m so… fat. I really do love you, but I’m only holding you back from finding someone better than me.”
  • The hand on your back slowed to a stop. Jaehee took hold of both your hands, looking you straight in the eyes. “MC. Have you ever heard that a woman becomes more beautiful when she falls in love?
  • Without waiting for your reply, she continued, “If you think that I’ve gotten prettier, then it must be because of you. I fell… ah, this sounds cheesy… I fell in love with you. And, it’s also thanks to you that I gained the courage to leave C&R to start a coffeeshop. I can only be so happy because you were by my side, so please, don’t think you’re not good enough for me. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be sitting unhappily at a desk and waiting on Mr. Han day and night.”
  • Jaehee’s desperation to express her appreciation brought tears to your eyes. You wrapped your arms around her tightly, letting yourself cry on her shoulder. All you could think of was, Thank you, for accepting me.


  • You were sat atop Zen’s lap, flipping through a magazine together. In it was the release of Zen’s latest photoshoot, along with an interview from a famous reporter. Zen had been so excited for the opportunity, a wide smile on his face when he explained that it would spread his name across the country.
  • “It’s almost like I’m actually famous or something,” he murmured in wonder, looking pleased. You giggled to yourself, knowing he was much more popular than he gave himself credit for.
  • Your eyes fell to the magazine pages, a submitted fan article catching your eye:
  • Although the actor claims to be in a relationship, we suspect that it is a company tactic. The ‘girlfriend’ in question appears to be very plain, and hardly attractive compared to any model Zen has worked with in the past. Had she been more visually appealing, it would’ve raised more dissatisfaction and jealousy. As it is now, no one fears that she will steal our Zenny from the stage, nor will we worry about him getting into a relationship with a beautiful model. Smart move, @ Zen’s management team.
  • Your breath hitched. Were you really that ugly? To the extent that you weren’t even competition to his fans? It’s not like you wanted to be the object of envy, but it hurt that they didn’t consider your relationship serious. Were you really that mismatched with him?
  • …Zen is very handsome, after all.
  • “Zen,” you whispered, trying to control your shaky voice. “We should break up.”
  • He met your eyes with shock. “Jagi? Why so suddenly?”
  • You couldn’t blame him for asking, it was really out of the blue. In fact, you weren’t even sure why you’d said it. But the words just kept rolling off your tongue.
  • “Look at what they’re saying. Nobody believes I’m even worthy of being your girlfriend. It’s probably because you’re so handsome, and I’m just… fat.” You gestured to yourself as if to make a point. “We’re too different, Zen. We’re in two completely different worlds.”
  • He frowned. “Jagi, do you think I’m handsome?”
  • You rolled your eyes, huffing, “Yes, in fact, I just said that.”
  • “But do you love me because I’m handsome?” His eyes met yours, a serious look in them. “Would you love me if I wasn’t handsome? If I didn’t have my muscles, or my abs, or my face, or my height. From what I’ve learned about you over the time we’ve been together, I sincerely don’t think you would mind. And, it’s true that I always see gorgeous models who have slim bodies, but after seeing them so much at work, I’m already sick of it. I can’t even appreciate their beauty.”
  • Zen slipped a finger under your chin, tilting your head to meet his lips with a gentle kiss. With his sharp red eyes burning into yours, he whispered, “But you… you’re endlessly beautiful in my eyes. Yes, maybe it’s true that you don’t have exceptional looks. But, even if you’re not the first person I notice in the crowds, you’re the only person I’m looking for.”


  • When the words first slipped past your lips, he thought he’d misheard you. Break up? With him? Why?
  • A long silence hung in the air.
  • “I… is there something I’m doing wrong?” he quietly asked you, lowering his head to hide his expression.
  • You quickly shook your head, explaining that you just weren’t good enough for him. “You’re the heir to a huge company, you’ve received high education and your family has a status… we’re part of different worlds, you know? It takes so much courage for to even stand beside you… Even the newspapers say we’re mismatched.”
  • Jumin frowned at your words. “MC…” he dragged out your name, raising his head slowly to look into your eyes. “That’s never bothered you before… When we first started dating, I made sure you were able to tolerate this. You told me you’d be fine… I don’t think you were lying at that time.”
  • You remained silent, averting your eyes as you let him continue speaking.
  • MC… what’s really bothering you?” he asked you softly, reaching to caress your cheek.
  • Your throat felt painful as you tried to hold back your tears. “It’s not like I really want to break up with you,” you began. “B-but… it’s true that we’re incompatible. Everyone knows it.”
  • “What do you mean? Who’s ‘everyone?’”
  • “Everyone online, the news, your father… everyone! I’m so fat. I’m not worthy of standing beside someone as handsome as you… I don’t even look like I’m your girlfriend…”
  • Jumin’s eyes turned cold with disappointment. He walked past you without looking at your face, his jaw clenched. “MC…” he murmured lowly. “Do you remember why I fell for you, in the first place?”
  • He only left you to find your answers in silence.
  • Why he liked you…? Jumin always told you that you were different from all the other women in his life… Because you weren’t after his wealth or status… You truly loved him for who he was. What did that have to do with—Oh.
  • You immediately ran out of the room to find him, tackling him with a hug as soon as you saw him. “I’m sorry!” You chose to apologize first. “I’m sorry… I know I shouldn’t worry about what others think. It’s just, what they’re saying is making me feel insecure about myself… I’m not worried about our relationship, I know you love me and I love you, but… what they’re saying about my body really hurts.”
  • He stroked your head softly, a small sigh escaping his lips as he stared down at you apologetically. “I’m sorry that I have to put you through this. But I can’t control whose family I’m born into, or how others see me, or what they say about me and the people around me. All I have to give, is all that I am. Are you able to accept that?”
  • “Of course!”
  • “And if I gained weight, would your answer be different?”
  • Your cheeks flushed red as you shook your head. No… he would still be the man you love.
  • “The same goes for me, MC,” he whispered gently, cradling you in his arms. “I’ll say it over and over, however many times you need to hear it. I love you for who you are. No matter what others say, I’m proud that you’re mine.


  • “Break up?” he repeated, blinking dumbfoundedly as if to process your words.
  • You only nodded in confirmation.
  • It was obvious that he was trying to control his anxious feelings, the way he attempted to quiet down his short, quick breaths. “W-why?” he stammered.
  • You lowered your eyes, whispering the answer.
  • He tilted his head, not catching that.
  • “Doesn’t it embarrass you to have a girlfriend this fat?” you mumbled a little louder. “I bet there are so many cuter, thinner girls in your college classes who want to date you instead. You have so many options. I don’t think anybody wants to date someone fat like this… You should go out with someone else instead. I think we should break up.”
  • Yoosung visibly relaxed, a small smile adorning his face instead.
  • Confused, you asked, “Why are you smiling?”
  • “Ah, sorry!! I’m not making fun of you or anything, I swear!” A blush crept onto his cheeks. “It’s just that… I’m secretly glad that nobody else except me sees all your good qualities… I-I want you all to myself. I want to be the only one to see how concentrated you are when you try to cook, the only one to wipe away your tears, and the only one to make you smile… I want to be with you, MC. You’re not an embarrassment to me.”
  • You frowned as you stared at your puppy-eyed, blushing boyfriend. Your previous thoughts of insecurity and breaking up were dispelled by one: Why is my boyfriend cuter than me??


  • You’d told him you wanted to break up while he was playing with a claw machine in the arcade. His head snapped in your direction immediately, eyes wide with surprise and confusion.
  • In a small, pained voice, he managed to utter hoarsely, “Break up…? Why?”
  • But you could only run off in response. It hurt enough, having to tell the man you love with all your heart that you wanted to break up. But his upset expression only killed you inside even more. God, you didn’t want to hurt him.
  • But you didn’t want to keep feeling like this, either.
  • That night, when he returned to the apartment, you were laying on the couch, feeling guilty and ashamed.
  • “MC… Please… at least give me an explanation,” he whispered softly.
  • You glanced up, noticing the redness of his eyes and feeling another pang of guilt hit you immediately. “I… I’m sorry. I’m just not good enough for you,” you choked out, tears welling up in your eyes. “I’m only an embarrassment for you.”
  • Saeyoung furrowed his eyebrows, watching you carefully. “What do you mean?”
  • “I’m so…” you gestured to yourself exaggeratedly. “fat. Look at me! I’m so ugly.
  • “What? You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!” he argued back. “A little fat doesn’t take away from your beauty. Please, MC… I love you.”
  • You looked down at your feet, not saying anything.
  • “I’ll gain weight too,” the redhead declared triumphantly. “And I’ll still be beautiful!”
  • You weren’t sure whether to feel touched or disturbed, but a smile graced your face, regardless.
  • He stayed true to his word, and when his stomach had enough fat to squish around, he ran to show you, lifting up his shirt and smacking himself excitedly. “Look at meeee!!!”
  • It would’ve been less embarrassing if he hadn’t done that in the middle of a high class restaurant.


  • “MC, check this out!” Saeran grinned devilishly as he exited the changeroom, cocking his head to the side as he showed off the outfit. Damn, he looked fiiine.
  • You raised both your hands, showing thumbs up, a small smile on your face. His eyes softened affectionately as he caught your eye, returning your smile.
  • You could hear excited whispers behind you, feminine voices, gushing over how hot the white-haired man looked. …Huh? They’re talking about Saeran…
  • “He looks so hot!! Do you think he has a girlfriend?”
  • “What about that girl next to him?”
  • “Eww, she’s so fat, no way! Must be his sister or something.”
  • “There’s no way a guy as good-looking as him would have someone like her related to him.”
  • Laughter followed.
  • The smile fell off your face. Was that how it looked to outsiders? It was then that you suddenly burst out, “Saeran. Let’s break up.”
  • He froze, every inch of his body tense from your words. He slowly met your eyes, looking as if he couldn’t breathe anymore. Even his voice sounded breathless as he choked out, “What?”
  • The walk back to the car was torturously silent and awkward. The entire time, you were inwardly kicking yourself for saying that. You hadn’t meant to… god, what if he took you seriously? What if he really did break up with you? Maybe he wanted this too. Maybe he wanted a girlfriend who was cuter, thinner and just generally more attractive—anyone but you.
  • When he sat in the driver’s seat, Saeran couldn’t even find the energy to start up the car. “MC… can we talk about this? Please.”
  • You took a deep breath, mustering up what little courage you had. “I, I don’t know. It’s just, we don’t look good together. The girls back there… they didn’t think I could even be related to you, let alone be your girlfriend. Walking around with someone as fat as me must be really embarrassing for you. I don’t want that. I don’t want to embarrass you.”
  • Saeran looked even more wounded by what you’d just said than when you’d asked to break up. “Do you really think I care about something like that?” He directed a fierce glare at you, his words harsh with passion.
  • Taken aback, you could only stare at him in surprise.
  • He went on, “I was this edgy, depressed kid who hated the world and wanted to die, hurting everyone who tried to help me. But you accepted me even with my baggage, you took care of me… You stayed, unlike everyone else who gave up. And you’re still here. I… It’s because of you that I can smile now. Do you really think I’d care about something as shallow as your weight or your appearance?”
  • You quietly shook your head, eyes downcast. You hadn’t realized how much he treasured something as simple as that.
  • Saeran pressed his forehead against yours, murmuring softly, “I don’t care how others look at us. There will be people who think I’m not good for you just because of the way I dress, and there will be people who think you’re not good for me just because they can’t see how beautiful you are. But we’ll never be able to meet everyone’s standards, and we don’t have to, okay?

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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Request: “40 – Montgomery de la Cruz”


40. “Your girlfriend hates me too.”

Word count: 1.890

Posted: 22nd of May 2017

A/N: Here’s another imagine from Aja’s long list. I am happy to say that I’ve almost made through her list and I might post two imagines tomorrow. Who knows? I am hoping.
Anyways, I hope that you like this imagine. I hate myself, because I keep on coming up with sad endings. Sorry. HAHAHA. A massive thank you for your support guys and I love you so much. I am happy to receive some positive feedbacks from you and your nice comments really make my day complete. Thank you so so so much, really! Enjoy this imagine!

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x 

Link: Prompt list

Warning: contains swearing

“(Y/N), I need a muse for my Arts project, please.” Tyler, your best friend, insisted for the millionth time as he wanted you to model for him. He was the professional photographer of your school and he took pictures of everyone, but he has always wanted to have his own personal muse.

“Ty, I know that I’ve always been your muse, but I am busy this week. C'mon!” You answered, miffed. You explained him for more than thirty minutes why you were turning him down that time, but it didn’t seem that he understood your point.

“Damn!” He unleashed a heavy sigh as he watched you getting the things you needed for your Science class in your locker. “Who’s going to be my muse now?”

“I don’t know, Ty.” You shoved your books in your backpack and you carelessly shut your locker’s door. “Sorry.” You’ve never declined his offer, because you always had fun during your photoshoots with him, but you were really busy and you really felt sorry for him.

“Can’t you think of anyone who might accept my offer?” He desperately asked and followed you along the hallway as you started to walk towards your class.

You didn’t want to disappoint your best friend and you knew how paranoid he became when it came to searching for his muse. He never had this problem, since you’ve always accepted his offer, and he didn’t know what to do, panic was surely occupying his emotions.

You knew Tyler and he would always stick to only one subject for his school projects. You surely disappointed him, but he couldn’t blame you, because he knew that you had your own life too.

“Ty, why don’t you ask Jessica or Sheri?” You suggested as you stopped yourself from walking, which caused you and Tyler to bump into each other, fortunately not hurting yourselves.

“Alright, but you owe me one.” He was offended, but Tyler was a sweetheart and he understood serious things quickly. He was your best friend because he knew how to cope with you and how to respect your own decisions.

“No, I don’t!” You playfully replied, giggling as you saw him flashing his sweetest smile.

“Of course, you do.” He winked at you as he fidgeted with the cameras dangling on his neck. You both laughed, nevertheless it wasn’t really a big deal.

“I need to go, Ty.” You flashed him a smile as you thrusted your head to your classroom’s direction. He nodded with a big and wide smile on his face.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you and you just nodded as you started to walk again, increasing the distance between the two of you. “You owe me something, remember that!”

“She doesn’t!” You heard a deep voice along the hallway and you perfectly knew to whom it belonged: Montgomery, your boyfriend.

“What do you want, Montgomery?” Tyler’s shaky voice demanded for you to turn around and to check what was going on between them. The hallway was almost empty and some students were already in their respective classrooms. “(Y/N) is my best friend, I have the right to talk to her.”

“No, you leave her alone.” Your eyes widen and you quickly ran back to Tyler and Montgomery as you heard a sudden loud and sharp bang against the cold metal locker doors. “Freak!”

“Monty!” You stopped your boyfriend, but he just grabbed Tyler’s midnight blue button up shirt and tightened his grip as much as he could.

“Fucking leave her alone.” Montgomery threatened your best friend with his angry voice and eyes widened, showing that the sight of Tyler talking to you displeased and vexed him.

“These are thousand dollar cameras.” Your best friend tried to defend himself, protecting his beloved cameras. He really loved them, because photography was his life and favourite hobby too. You stood in front of them and you thought that your presence would have stopped Montgomery from pushing Tyler against the lockers behind him.

“Oh, yeah.” Montgomery nodded as he looked straight into Tyler’s eyes. He was struggling a little bit as Tyler was little taller than him. “I’ll break them on your face.”

“Montgomery, stop!” You pushed your boyfriend away, pulling his fist off Tyler’s clothes.

Montgomery was acting up, because he was jealous of your relationship with Tyler. You surely knew Tyler longer than you and Montgomery did, so he was afraid that you would leave him for your best friend.

“Threatening Tyler with your useless shit wouldn’t help you to ruin my relationship with him, okay?” You fiercely looked at your boyfriend’s eyes as you let him understand that he was doing the wrong thing.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler blurted out as he fixed his crumpled shirt. “your girlfriend hates me too.” He pointed out as he was referring to your action before, declining his proposal to be his muse. He shrugged his shoulders off, trying to assure Montgomery.

“Cut it off, Tyler!” You rolled your eyes. “I can do this on my own, go to your next class and I will see you later.”

“Alright, fine!” Tyler guiltily responded as he walked quickly through the empty corridors of your school. You watched his silhouette disappearing slowly from afar and you turned yourself to your still-miffed-boyfriend.

“Let’s go, de la Cruz!” You grabbed his forearm and you dragged him to the main entrance of your school. “We’re talking about your behaviour, because I am starting to be fed up. Okay?”

You heard him unleashing a long sigh and he foresaw the trouble that he was into. He was just afraid to lose you and you couldn’t blame him, but he was overreacting and he was menacing someone who meant a lot to you.

You both sat down on a bench, putting your school materials aside, and you inhaled some fresh air first, before you let the happening sink in your mind once again. The rage wrapped your body one more time and you looked at Montgomery, trying to catch his gaze.

“Fuck this silence!” Montgomery threw a fit and he stood up from the bench. He seriously considered your eyes and he saw your dull gaze. “I’m sorry, okay? I was just jealous.”

“I know, Montgomery,” You unleashed a deep and heavy sigh. You couldn’t believe that he was still jealous of Tyler and you were already dating for almost five months, five long months. “but you couldn’t keep on threatening my best friend whenever your jealousy takes control of your good and kind heart.”

“Of course, I can.” He bravely objected your statement. “I’m your boyfriend, he’s just your best friend.”

You knew Montgomery and he was a tough guy. He would do anything to protect you and your relationship. He would fight against people to maintain the bond between the two of you.

You loved him even though he was like that and you were trying to let him understand that he should stop worrying about your relationship, because your heart beat only for him. In fact, he was the perfect boyfriend that you could ever wish for, but all of us had our own imperfections. Montgomery’s imperfection was this: his inability to control his anger and his jealousy.

“It doesn’t work that way. Do you know that?” You remained calm as you fidgeted with your long dark sleeves. Finally shaking off the thought that you were skipping your class for a pointless chaos. You tried to not to cry, because you had to be strong. He had to listen to you and you knew that he wouldn’t if you just broke down.

“He is obstructing our relationship, (Y/N). I would be worried if I didn’t care about what he was doing, you know?” He debated, not getting the real point of your opinion. He was a hard-headed guy and you sometimes despised him for being one.

“No, Montgomery!” You protested, standing up from the bench. “You know what is obstructing our relationship?”

“Tyler!” He stated as he raised his voice, still convinced that the real cause was Tyler. You shook your head continuously to let him know that his answer was wrong. He wasn’t stupid, but he was blinded by his jealousy. Of course.

“Wrong!” You whispered as you leant towards him, diminishing the distances of your faces. “Your trust, Montgomery.” You poked his chest with your index finger as you ferociously pointed out. “Trust.”

“Okay, I had my doubts, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t trust you.” Montgomery lowered his voice as he calmly explained his thoughts, but you thought that they were just some sort of excuses.

“Your doubts?” You questioned him. “You had your doubts again?”

“Yes!” He bravely answered, almost shouting against you.

“And you want us to be together, nevertheless your doubts?” You asked him, being sure of what he had in his mind. Tears were about to escape, but you stopped them. You needed to be strong, remember? You couldn’t believe that he doubted on you once again, even though you never missed any chance to make him feel that you loved him. He doubted on you and it seriously hurt you.

“Yes!” He repeated with a sure and convinced voice timbre. He didn’t notice that you were hurt and he still kept his pride, shielding himself against your opinion.

“You know what those doubts are doing in our relationship?” You mumbled, the words were almost couldn’t be heard.

“No.” His feet suddenly became more interesting than seeing your face. His voice died as he honestly responded to your question.

“They are wrecking us.” You weakly blurted out. You couldn’t imagine your life without Montgomery and it broke you, everything broke you. “So, if you don’t want to lose me, start shaking off those doubts, because I love you. You, only you, and no one else, Montgomery!”

You grabbed your backpack and your books from the bench as you slowly walked away from Montgomery, leaving him with his mouth ajar. You decided to head to your Science class, although you were already late. It was always better to be late, than never. Right?

The journey was hard and heavy for you. The love that you were feeling for Montgomery was pulling you to bring you back next to him. You wanted to let him know that he would never lose you, no matter what happened between the two of you. He would never lose you, because you didn’t want to lose him either.

You loved Montgomery so much, but he doubted on you. It was heart-breaking, because you didn’t expect that he would doubt on you again, the first time was when he didn’t know that Tyler was your best friend and he thought that you were cheating on him. Sad, right? But he was excused that time.

You walked away from him and you let your tears to run down your face, letting your resentments out. Tears were slowly burning your crimson red cheeks.

He had his point on being jealous of your relationship with Tyler, but doubting on you? That was wrong, because, after all, doubts were the one who ruined relationships the most.

Montgomery hurt you and you would always forgive him, he just needed to realize his mistake after you opened his eyes.

It was better to be safe than to be sorry, right? Right.

Take Care

Summary: When the kitchen is the best place to confess your feelings.


Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader
Genre/warnings: lots of fluff
Words: 2.5K
Notes:  Just a little scenario because we all need some positivity now and then. Special thanks to @noonachronicles for being my muse (like always). 

Opening the door to his bedroom, Jiyong fell face first into the mattress. As soon as he had left the YG building his body was hit with exhaustion that felt like it had been piling up for weeks. Even though getting home was tough – he thought he was going to crash his car at one point - he made it there safely. He had you to thank really. Had it not been for your concerned call asking him when he would return home, he would still have been in the studio neglecting his needs.

Life as an artist was tough; comebacks, promotions, albums, photoshoots, scandals,… You honestly did not know how he handled everything. It had been easier for a while, Bigbang was doing great and Jiyong was able to relax more than before. Now that he was working on a new solo album and concerts, his life became hectic once again. While you did your best to care for his well-being, you didn’t have the power to force Jiyong to rest. Every day he would promise you to leave work early, only to arrive in the middle of the night and leaving before the sun was up again.

He is as perfectionistic as he is stubborn and you cursed him every day for that. His music and his fans are his number one priority and you were always okay with that. As long as he didn’t neglect himself. While you had tried to get him out of that studio by force, it had never worked. Having no options left, you decided on a new approach; pleading. Not being the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, calling him that day was quite unusual for you. You figured it must have had some effect on him as you saw his jacket by the door after walking inside his home. Figuring he was probably asleep, you carefully treaded your way into your kitchen. Now that he was home so early, you wanted to take care of him this evening.  

While dinner was simmering on the stove and you had run him a bath, you made your way around his apartment. Looking at the pictures on his wall, you reminisce on all the memories you made with him. What started as a drunk conversation in a club five years ago had somehow turned into this. Your relationship with Jiyong was hard to understand and most of his friends were confused about your status. While you acted like best friends most of the time - bickering like siblings but always having each other’s back – there was something there nobody could explain. When one of you was upset, the other one was the only person that could cheer you up. You understood each other on a level no one else could and you cared for each other more than you had cared for anyone else before. You had always been aware of this connection but past failed relationships made you reluctant to act on your feelings and risk losing the precious friendship you had. Deciding that remaining friends was the best option for you, you continued acting the way you had before content with your relationship as it was.

Until everything changed one night.

Jiyong’s drunken confession and his lips landing on yours led you to waking up in his bed the next day, stark naked. Initially wanting to deem it as a drunken mistake, you couldn’t keep saying that when it continued to happen. Having finally had a taste of each other you found it impossible to stay away. While in the beginning it was only about sex, the more you woke up in his arms, the more you wanted to stay in them. During this time your feelings for him had somehow grown stronger. Feelings you thought you had long buried inside, not wanting to risk losing him. Waking up next to him and seeing his sleep filled face made you fall harder every time. While it was apparent you couldn’t get enough of each other - chasing your release wherever you could - you were cautious to stay as detached as possible. Being completely positive Jiyong didn’t feel the same way, you did not want him to feel bad for your unanswered feelings.

Flash forward to a few months later, your love for him was undeniable.

The more you hook up, the harder it becomes to keep you feelings hidden. It’s been a while since it was no longer about the sex to you - even though you enjoy that part just as much - the need to take care of him and love him becomes more important. That is why you’re in his home now, cooking him dinner and being concerned for his health.

Shaking your head to clear it from the thoughts about Jiyong, you turn around wanting to head back to the kitchen. When your eyes lock on Jiyong standing behind you, you freeze. How long had he been looking at you?

“Hi… How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see you getting lost in thought again. What were you thinking about?”

Questions like this often made you think Jiyong secretly knew about your feelings for him. Being careful not to give anything away if he didn’t, you let your gaze fall on one of the pictures.

“I was thinking of the day this picture was taken, you remember it?”

Your question seems to have successfully avoided the topic, taking his mind off of his original question. He moves from his position against the wall, coming up behind you. His chest connects with your back the same time his hand lands on your hip, making your body unintentionally tense up. The hitch in your breath a clear indication how affected you are by even the lightest of his touches.

“Of course I do. I invited you to New York to accompany me on the tour. After the show I took you around Times Square and we ate the best Korean BBQ outside Seoul. That place is where we took the picture.”

Thinking he would have already forgotten about it, his comment takes you off guard. You look at him over your shoulder, meeting his eyes that had already been staring at you, gauging your reaction. Your lips only inches apart, you feel the urge to connect them rise inside of you. Before you can act on this urge, you decide to speak up.

“Talking about Korean BBQ, I’ve made some in the kitchen if you’re hungry.”

Now it’s his turn to be surprised by your words. The thought of you having cooked dinner for him fills his heart with an unfamiliar warmth. Looking in your eyes he knows this feeling isn’t really unfamiliar to him, having been feeling this around you for a while now. Not wanting to admit this thought to himself yet, he averts his eyes.

“Really? Thank you Y/N, I’m starving.”

His sudden excitement to get to the kitchen makes you smile, knowing him this is probably his first actual meal of the day. Calmly following behind him you think back to the moment you just had. Not wanting to go too much into it and get your hopes up, you shake off your thoughts and enter the kitchen.

Jiyong is conflicted.

He thought he had always been so sure about his feelings for you – or lack thereof – until now. The way you so casually announced you had also prepared him bath after serving him the most delicious meal he’s had in a while, clouds his mind with different scenarios. The most prominent one is him coming home from work, seeing you in his kitchen trying to cook dinner while your toddler is resting on your hip. He greets you both with a kiss on the cheek, the smell off the home cooked meal invading his senses when he looks at the child. His eyes resembling his in the most uncanny of ways while his lips seem to be a direct copy of yours.

He had always been sure he wanted children, he had just never thought he wanted them with you. The fact that he finds himself liking the idea somehow terrifies him to the core. He had always been sure he loved you, he just never realised how much. These thoughts just confirm something he unconsciously had been feeling, yet was too blind to notice.

Being so lost in thought, he doesn’t realise you have stopped walking around and were now looking at him instead.

“Earth to Jiyong. What are you thinking about?”

Your voice brings him back from his daze, making him look up at you leaning against the counter. The words that escape his mouth have no time to be reconsidered in his mind.

“Do you want to have children someday?”

Looking at him weirdly, you wonder what he must have been thinking about that got him to ask you this question. Knowing that this is porbably just the way Jiyong’s brain works, you answer him.

“Well of course. You know I always dreamed of having a family and seeing as I’m not getting any younger, I do want children one day.”

“Would you want to have them with me one day?”


Silence is the only thing surrounding you after that question left his mouth. Being too taken aback to answer, you think you understood his question wrong. Knowing Jiyong, it was probably meant as a joke. However, looking into his eyes you are shocked to see absolutely no hesitation in them. Understanding the hidden implication behind the question you gather all your courage to answer him.

Jiyong officially wants to die.

How could he so carelessly throw such an important question at you? Not only was it completely random, it was laden with emotions he had never realised he felt nor had the courage to tell you about. Seeing the look of shock on your face makes him want to run away. How could he have been so stupid as to think you would actually answer him as if you felt the same way?

“That depends. How many do you want to have?”

If Jiyong thought he was shocked before, your answer managed to completely shake him to the core. Are you being serious? The look on your face surely makes it seem like you are. Seeing no way out of this situation, he figures it’s best to be honest.

“Uh… I’ve always wanted two.”

“Good, then we’re on the same page.”

You have no idea where this sudden confidence came from but seeing that smile grow on his face makes you feel like you are dreaming. How can this man, who you’ve loved for so long possibly confess to wanting children with you and you answer him like it’s the most natural thing in the world. What is wrong with you?! You are waiting on the reveal that this was all a prank; Jiyong wanting to see your reaction and then telling you it was meant as a joke. Your past confidence rapidly dropping because of your negative thoughts, you turn away from him.

Noticing the sudden change in behaviour, Jiyong is sure he must have been the cause of it. Deciding to try and salvage whatever was left, he walks over to you. Grabbing you by the waist and turning you around, he pulls you against his chest. He gently places his hand on your chin, turning your gaze towards him.

“Look at me Y/N.” The slight command accompanied by the hand on your cheek are hard to disobey, making you begrudgingly lift your gaze. “What’s wrong? Did I step out of line? I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my question… I didn’t think before speaking.”

“No it’s not that…it’s… were you serious? Or was this all just said to prank me?”

“Well… Are you?”

Slapping him on the chest because of his retaliation, you role your eyes at him.

“I’m serious Jiyong, don’t play me like that. It’s not funny.”

“I know, I know. I… I was being serious Y/N. Seeing you standing here in my kitchen, talking about everything you’ve done for me and looking like you belong here got me thinking. It got me thinking of a future where I come home from work and greet you and our baby standing in this very kitchen. A future where we can take baths together every night after we’ve put our baby in it first. When those thoughts crossed my mind I was so shocked. I was shocked that I liked them as much as I did. Then I realised that the reason I liked them so much is because they were with you. These thoughts confirmed that deep down I am in love with you. I love you so much and I think I have for a long time now and I never realised until you standing in my kitchen woke me up.”

“Ji… I don’t know what to say….” His admission of love being too much for you to handle, your brain no longer functioning to answer him.

Shaking his head at your silent rejection, he looks down. “ You don’t have to say anything Y/N. I’m sorry I just threw this at you, I never realised until now that I did and I couldn’t keep it to myself. Please just forget about it, we can act like it never happened.”

Panic taking over your body at his emotional and physical withdrawal, you grab his arm to stop him.

“I don’t want to act like it never happened Ji. I didn’t answer because I was so shocked. How could the guy I’ve been desperately in love with for months suddenly confess the same? I… I’ve never good with words but I just want you to understand that I love you too. Maybe even more than you love me.”

Looking into your eyes, the honesty that greets him fills his body with warmth once again. Rather than expressing his feelings with words and possibly failing to properly express him, showing you seems like the best option. Cupping your face with both hands, he crashes his lips on yours.

You know that moment described in all the sappy love stories about fireworks going off inside your body when you kiss the one you love? Best believe they are happening now. His kiss leaves you breathless yet you’d happily choke if you could keep kissing him like this. Grabbing his shirt in an attempt to bring him even closer, you feel his hands land on your hips. His hands roaming your body in the most sinful yet delicious way fills your kiss with a new emotion; lust. Having been in this situation many times before, he picks up on your change of mood before you can say anything.

Wordlessly he turns you around and gently guides you into his bedroom. Let’s just say that by the time you entered the bathroom to clean up, the water in the tub had long turned cold.

A/N: It took me a long time to write this and I have probably changed this whole scenario about five times. I’m finally somewhat glad with the result so I hope you are too! I’m very sorry about the cliches, Michelle deserved them. Thank you for reading! 💋

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Hello dear! Your blog brings me lotsa happiness just so you know! :) also, can I ask for scenarios of how the chocobros would react to their s/o dawning their respective outfits (nsfw if you're up to it!)? Thank you so much!

Hi Sweetie! I’m so happy you like coming here! I love when couples exchange/ take over the others wardrobe.



Noctis muttered,  he had missed three of his  daily naps and it was beyond midnight, he needed sleep! But he couldn’t!

He was even in a comfy hotel bed, away from the others! He made Ignis buy you two a single room, and tossed them down the hallway, not to be seen until the late check out tomorrow. AND the reason the Prince couldn’t sleep was because you decided you wanted to take the longest shower in the world tonight of all nights!

He’d go to sleep, than would wake up to you not being in the bed! Only to doze again for about 4 minutes before waking up again, and you still weren’t there! So when he finally heard the water shut off, the Prince was ready! He was gonna cuddle you so hard, and then just sleep, he didn’t care if you prodded him or stated that he was making your arm go to sleep, this was your punishment!

So when you stepped into the dim room, in one of his clean shirts, that reached your hips and thighs. Those beautiful thighs, those pillow thighs, the shirt raising high at the chest, not use to the extra there he found himself awake.

“Mm, that was worth it. Camping really makes you appreciate a nice shower.” You pur, sitting on your edge of the bed, as Noctis took a good amount of the other side of the Queen. Shrieking as you were pulled back to the bed, to rest against Noctis’s chest. “Noct.”

Noctis muttered softly, as he nuzzled against you, the scent of him from his clothes that you had on, but the scent of you underneath was amazing! He loved it! You two mingled together perfectly, and it turns out he had a little more energy to give.

“Hey, so uhh, what’s under the shirt?”  He asked hands wandering.

“Why don’t you figure it out.” You purred, only to be thrown to your back, as your once sleepy time Prince was now fully awake, and reaching underneath the shirt on your body, which currently had nothing underneath it.

And if that boner rutting against your leg meant anything, it was that Noctis had figured that out.



Prompto sat within your apartment, you had invited him over stating you had a rather interesting photo opportunity for him, so to bring his camera. He sat on your couch, where he had set up a small little studio for the two of you.

“You ready, Prompto?” You called from your bedroom, where you had been getting ready for the last 20 minutes.

Prompto turned, as he quickly jumped to his feet. You stood in his “digital” shirt, his vest, and a pair of cheetah printed shorts with knee high black boots.

“How do I look?”

“You look…you look, OMG bae you look fucking hot.”

You giggled stepping forward pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose, “I take that as you’re ready to start?”

Prompto automatically rose his camera, the item typically glued to his hand, as he put the viewfinder to his eye. Snapping again and again, as you posed for him. The both of you seeming on the same wavelength as you often modeled for the man when he got a new filter or lens.

You smiled, noticing that Prompto had begun to go into photographer mode, just like you expected, he was so busy trying to get the perfect angle. So time to turn up the heat, first just lowering the vest down to your shoulders, than losing it all together. Next you gripped at the bottom of the shirt, flashing your stomach and even a few peek-a-boo of the ribs, before ripping it off your body, to show the matching printed bra underneath.

You sacrificed a $30 bra for this, it had better work!

Yet judging by the tent in those light blue cargo pants it was working, just one more thing.

“You know, sweetie, I’m not wearing any underwear.”

That always got Prompto’s attention, and the blonde lowered his camera, you quickly reached out taking the camera, placing it on the side table. Taking his hand, as you pulled at the slight elastic band of the shorts, before placing his hand down the front.

The second his fingers touched you, and only you, Prompto’s mouth was on your own, and that photoshoot was over.



“You gonna be any longer?” Gladiolus groaned tapping his knee, waiting for you to exit the bedroom.

It was suppose to be movie night, which was suppose to have started 10 minutes ago, but you still hadn’t come out the back. After stating you had been confined to a bra and pants long enough you rushed to the back to change. The popcorn was ready and so was the beer, but you were taking your sweet time.

“Sorry to make you wait, baby.”

“About damn tim…Fuck babe.” Gladiolus chuckled, his words falling on his lips, as you stood there, wearing his button down and underwear alone. The top open, yet due his barrel chest, it didn’t hang open to wide, covering just your nipples, but gave him plenty of cleavage, and view of your cute bellybutton. “Isn’t this a nice treat.”

“Glad you like it.” You giggled, moving to sit beside the man on the couch, gasping as he grabbed your arm, pulling you into his lap.

“Excuse me Miss, but I believe this is your seat this evening.” He chuckled, arms wrapping around you, as you grew settled into his lap, as he placed kisses against your neck.

You didn’t even get beyond the previews before you found yourself, between the beers and popcorn on the coffee table. Shrieking above the repeating main menu repeating it’s title music, you large boyfriend pounding away at you from behind.

Maybe you could try for the movie again tomorrow, since tonight, you already knew that the man wasn’t going to let you free anytime soon.



“There she is.” Prompto called waving you over.

You made your way over to the table at the restaurant inside of the hotel that you all were currently resting out. Having unfortunately got into town, during the end of rainy season. So you were stuck here for another couple of days, when the weather let up, and you could continue on.

“Sorry, I’m late, unfortunately the front desk seems to have misplaced all of my blouses.” You apologize, always one on time, just like your boyfriend, who had stood to pull your chair out for you. “Thank you, Ignis.”

“My pleasure.” Ignis stated, a familiar song and dance for the two of you. Yet it made Ignis falter, you were wearing his purple button down, tucked with a mauve tulip skirt, with your black kitten heels. The buttons of the shirt were undone to the fourth button, showing off quite a bit of cleavage as the shirt wasn’t tailored to a woman’s figure.

You smiled to your companions as Ignis pushed your chair in, before moving to sit down next to you. Almost immediately his hand was placed on your thigh, which was rather bold for the man, yet as it was covered by the tablecloth you thought nothing of it. Even Ignis could get starved for attention from time to time.

“We have already order, My Dear. I hope you do not mind that I placed an order for you.”

You giggled softly leaning into him, “You know me better than I know myself, Ignis.”

You found it rather strange that all throughout dinner, Ignis hand remained firmly on your thigh, even while you ate. You knew that Ignis was a man of many talents but to eat with his least dominant hand was a feat you had just learned that he could do.

After dinner, both Prompto and Noctis had scurried off to see the awesome arcade they had spotted coming in, while Gladiolus stated he was going to go check out the sauna and gym. While you had mentioned that you wanted to check in on the room, to see if your items had return to the room, or else you’d be spending money on a few blouses, or wearing your Citadel uniform for the rest of the trip.

“They are luckily giving us a discount for the little confusion.” You explained to Ignis as you opened the hotel room door, yet no sooner had you both stepped through the threshold, did you feel a large hand cup your ass. “Ignis!”

“I do apologize, my love, yet you look rather ravishing. Had I know that you looked so wonderful within my shirt, I would have done away with your blouses long ago.”  Ignis purred against your ear, as he spun you around.

You didn’t have time to retort as Ignis pressed his lips against, your own, leading you to the bed. You hadn’t even noticed that all of your blouses were returned, and pressed free of charge.

The Wardrobe Girl - 2

Season 7. It’s your second year working as a wardrobe assistant on the set of Supernatural. You’ve had more than your fair share of fun with your best friendand ex-loverJared. Now, you’re twenty-four and engaged to the love of your life. Everything seems to be going smoothly… until your fiancée delivers heartbreaking news and you turn to Jared for comfort. But ‘comfort’ can have different meanings, can’t it?

Chapter Title: I Love You, But…

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2200

Warnings: cheating, angst, fluff.

A/N: In this story, Genevieve and Jared have never been romantically involved. She remains a close friend of the cast and is a growing theatrical actress. There are also a few divergences in way of convention times/dates. Enjoy!



❗️Reposting someone’s art/writing without consent is never okay! It’s not a compliment, it’s plagiarism and it can carry heavy penalties. Think twice before you copy/paste!

The next day, you went to talk to Aaron. He’d promised that the two of you could spend a day together, and you indulged in breakfast at a fancy restaurant, then, when Aaron hinted that he was up for a round, headed back to your apartment.

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Model Predator

Also on AO3

“Good evening Princess!“  Chat Noir’s voice announced his arrival just before he landed on her railing.  Quickly taking note of Marinette’s scowl, he stepped down and looked at the sketch pad.  "Oh dear.  Designing evening not going so well?”

She dragged her pencil tip heavily through all the brainstormed designs in rejection.  "Ugh.  No. These are all awful.“

He caught her hand before she could turn the page.  "What’s wrong with this one?”  He tapped on a doodle in the upper right corner of the page.

She screwed up her face a little and sighed.  "Technically nothing.“  Her fingertip outlined the sketch as she explained it.  "It’s a simple suit, designed to appeal to young men for nice events that aren’t quite formal.”

“Date suit,” he said.  "I like it.  I’d wear it.“

She snorted.  "The biggest problem with that one is that I have no one to model it.  At least not until summer’s over.  And I don’t want to wait that long.  I have so much work to do to get my portfolio diversified.”

“All your friends go backpacking across Spain or something?” he asked, leaning his hip against the table and crossing his arms comfortably.

“Some of them have.”  A number of her classmates, Nino included, were starting their gap year with that very hike.  "And the ones who haven’t wouldn’t really bring it to life in photo format.  They’re too shy, or too obnoxious…"

“I thought you were friends with that Agreste guy,” Chat interrupted.  "Can’t you ask him?“

"Adrien?”  She shook her head quickly.

“Not that good a friend?” he asked, sounding a little sad.

“Oh, no.  I could totally ask him, and I’m sure he’d be super nice about it,” she explained.  "But I couldn’t do that to him.“  She sighed.  "I don’t think he really enjoys modeling that much, for all that he’s incredibly good at it.  He’s so busy this summer, and he’s probably under some sort of exclusive contract that would make it… hard.”  She shook her head again.  "I know he’d want to help me, but I’d hate to make things more difficult for him.“

Chat stared at her for a moment, his expression thoughtful.  "Can I volunteer?”

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The Model and His Hero Ladrien June- Day 1- Love Poem

Ladrien June- Day 1- Love Poem

“With eyes of blue to show the day, your dark hair represents our night.
Your actions warm me like the sun’s rays, whenever you’ve won the fight.
No doubt that you are our savior.”

“Plagg what rhymes with savior?”

“Umm Camembert?”

Adrien placed his pen down and turned around from the desk in his room to glare at Plagg. “That’s not even close to rhyming! I just fed you! It’s Valentine’s day already, and I need to finish!”

Plagg sighed. “It’s your fault for not getting any more cheese, and besides, you’ve been working on that poem for ages! Didn’t you try confessing like this last year?”

“For your information, the only reason why I couldn’t confess to Ladybug was Kim being akumatasized!” Adrien turned his attention back to the card. “ I failed last year, but this is finally my chance to show my feelings!”

“Or reject you again huh?” Plagg avoided the pen that Adrien threw at him. “Relax! You’ve still got a few hours left to give it to her, and you have plenty of words!” To make his point, Plagg landed on top of the mess of papers scattered about Adrien’s desk. “Just finish it already and feed me!”

“But Plagg!” Adrien whined. “I’ve been too busy keeping up with akumas and photoshoots to finish it! Besides, when am I going to get to see Ladybug to give it to her?”

Plagg glanced behind Adrien and widened his eyes. “I don’t know. Probably in a few seconds!” He dove into Adrien’s jacket to hide. Adrien whirled around to catch sight of none other than Ladybug herself barge through the window and fall to the ground.

“Ladybug- uh hi?” Adrien stumbled as she picked herself up from the ground and began shaking dirt and what looked like soot off of her costume.

“Adrien! How are you?  I mean. Yeah. No. You. Need.” She stumbled with both her words and by the fact she nearly fell to the ground. Adrien moved forward to help her, but Ladybug picked herself up. “No time to explain! An Akuma is after you and we’ve got to get you to safety.”

Adrien blinked. “An akuma? What did I do to make an akuma-”

“Chloé.” Ladybug made a face.

Adrien just about sighed. “That sounds about right.” His words were back to normal, but his restored calm demeanor was shattered as Ladybug grabbed him by the arm. “Wh- what are you doing?”

Was Ladybug blushing? Adrien hoped so but couldn’t stay to tell as she cast out her yoyo and pulled the two of them outside of the room. Adrien caught sight of a massive explosion of pink and sparkles in the distance.

Ladybug pulled them to a nearby rooftop before dropping him. “Stay here! The akuma is after you, so I’m going to see if I can distract her!”

Ladybug cast her yoyo out towards what looked like a girl wearing nothing but bright pink clothes, which would be not a threatening sight if not for the giant cannon clutched in her hands. Great.

When Ladybug was out of sight, Adrien ducked behind a pillar and transformed.


After the fight, Adrien was about to tell Ladybug about setting up a meeting where he would give her his poem when her miraculous started beeping. He wasn’t able to catch her as she disappeared across the rooftops of Paris.

At home, Adrien flopped face first into his bed. “I don’t get it Plagg! I tried everything during the fight, and she just wouldn’t stick around long enough to let me confess!”

Plagg landed in his hair. “Better luck next time. Maybe you can give her cheese. If I were her, cheese would get me to stick around!”

“Only you would like smelly cheese like that!”

Plagg scoffed. “Like you smell any better mister-” Plagg stopped as he noticed something behind Adrien. For the second time that day, Plagg dove into Adrien’s jacket.

Adrien shot up from the bed as Ladybug landed inside the room.

“Sorry for not knocking, but I wanted to check how you were doing after the akuma today.” Ladybug said with a slightly faster pace than her usual speech. Ladybug’s arms flailed around the directions of the windows. “You looked like you were talking to someone, so I can leave.”

“No! I’m fine. I mean… wait.” Adrien cast his eyes about the room and landed on his undelivered valentine. He meant to give it to her as Chat, but she was right there…

“Would you” he paused in his words as his feet carried him to the table. “I mean. I wanted to give this to you.” his words were getting faster.” I wrote this poem for you, and would you be my valentine today? I know it’s really weird, but I worked hard on it and-”

Adrien looked up and saw that Ladybug’s face had gone as red as her suit. Lamely he finished “Would you be my valentine?”

The next day, Nino was forced to repeatedly ask Adrien why he looked like he was in heaven.

Love Lingered On His Lips (Biadore) - Lemonade

AN: I’m sorry it’s been…close to a month since I last submitted something. My mental health and creative muse took a road trip to rock bottom and they didn’t come home until a few days ago lmao. Anyway I hope y’all enjoy this!! Italics = thoughts. (also i’m sorry my author notes are a mess this is the #realme) (also x2 to the anon who asked about my abc fic like two weeks ago i am planning on continuing it!!! i have some of it written (along w/ four other unfinished fics bc i am trash)  i don’t know when exactly i’ll get it out but i 100% want to finish it)

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The GoM reaction to their s/o telling them out of the blue they miss them, because the guys were busy lately and didn't realize they were kinda neglecting their s/o

Hi dear, here I’m with our lovely Gom! I hope you’re going to enjoy them, let me know it!

Have a nice day!

The GoM x Lonely Reader, Reactions


Aomine Daiki

Aomine blinked at you, confused.

That second of silence wiped off the confidence with which you had told him you missed being with him lately. You weren’t even used to be that vocal and now you were regretting it.

“D-Don’t worry, I-I know you’re busy…” you stuttered blushing hard and looking at your shoes, “Now I’ll let you go back to class, I-“

You tried to walk away, but Aomine grabbed your wrist.

“Wait SO!” he called you surprised; turning, you saw his cheeks were red too. He opened his mouth to speak, but then looked around and scowled at the crowd of the students in the corridor. Without saying a word, he dragged you with him.

You didn’t even try to stop him, but just followed under perplexed stares.

You finally halted in a hidden corner under a flight of stairs and Aomine leaned against the wall.

“Aomine wha-”

He pulled you in a rough hug, resting his chin on your head and pressing your face against his chest. You suspected he was too embarrassed to let you look at him.

“’m sorry,” he mumbled lulling you, “I’m a bit of a basketball idiot and didn’t realize you were lonely…”

You chuckled, wrapping your arms around his chest.

“You are a big basketball idiot!”

“Ehi! I was trying to be nice here!” he growled, but raising your head, you saw he was grinning.

“This Saturday,” he proposed, “Let’s go out, alright?”

“Didn’t you have plans with Kagami?” you inquired lifting an eyebrow, but he shrugged.

“We can go playing another time,” he reassured you nuzzling against your neck.

“Are you saying that now I’m on the same level of basketball in your priorities?” you asked faking a gasp.

He chuckled.

“It seems so,” he answered with a kiss on the forehead, making you happier than what you would have expected.

Kise Ryouta

As soon as you finished speaking, Kise furrowed and got silence. You could see he was thinking about something, and panic caught you.

You knew Kise didn’t like to be tied down, but you were feeling really lonely lately and in that moment you couldn’t have stopped yourself from telling him. And what if now he was mad? Or annoyed? Or-

“I’m the worst boyfriend ever!” Kise blurted out shocked, covering his face, “I’m so sorry SO! Please don’t be mad!” he whined taking both your hand in his.

“I-I’m not mad-” you tried to explain him, but he was already blabbering.

“I was so busy between basketball and modeling that I didn’t notice I was neglecting you! I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks since the last time we went on a date!” he apologized to you, golden eyes filled with regret. He was truly ashamed for his behavior.

“I-It’s okay, I know you’re busy. I just needed to tell you, I’m not mad,” you reassured him with a warm smile, patting his blond hair.

He groaned and hugged you on the spot.

“You’re too good for me,” he sighed relieved, “Let’s go on a date, right now!”

“Don’t you have a photoshoot? And we still have three hours of school left,” you chuckled, enjoying the hug.

“I can cancel it.”

“You can’t.”

“Then, come with me!” he proposed grabbing your shoulders and looking at you expectantly.

“Are you sure?” You’ve never been on a set, but you were curious. He nodded enthusiastically.

“I’d love it! Then it’s settled!” he shined bubbling and gave you a kiss on the nose.

Kuroko Tetsuya

“I’ve missed you…” you whispered

Kuroko stopped walking and turned to you, surprised.

He was walking you home and holding your hand.

“Ah sorry! I didn’t want to annoy you, but lately you’ve been busy and I just…”you tried to explain yourself blushing, “…really missed you?”

Kuroko realized what you were saying and grimaced.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized bowing to you, “I didn’t mean to neglect you, nor to let you feel lonely. Forgive me.”

“No, no please Kuroko! There’s no need to-”

But he straightened and you saw a soft smile on his lips. He knew what you meant.

You quieted down, as he squeezed your hand.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” Kuroko invited you gently and you brightened up.

“Aren’t you tired?” you asked doubtful, but he shrugged.

“Not for you” he answered smoothly and you giggled giddy.

“Then, I’d love too,” you accepted softly and he resumed walking, rubbing small circles on the back of your hand.

Midorima Shintarou

“I’ve missed you!” you blurted out in the middle of the conversation, without realizing. Midorima had been talking to you about something,  but you were more focused on staring at him and it just happened. Some of the girls passing in the corridor snickered and you realized that you had yelled it instead of whispering it.

Midorima was looking at you shocked, totally caught off guard.

“Missed…me?” he repeated wide-eyed. He was talking about how he was going to murder Takao and suddenly you…

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized covering your mouth,” You were talking and I was looking at you and I just realized I didn’t see you all week and then I just…said it.” You burst in a frantic explanation until it died in your throat, leaving you with your embarrassment.

Midorima blushed deeply and averted his eyes, casually covering his mouth with a hand.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized too,” I missed you too…” the boy added in a whisper so low that you barely heard it.

His words made you redden more, but a giggle escaped from your lips.

“If you have time,” Midorima took all his courage to ask you out, “We could go out for dinner after practice,” offered awkwardly.

And finally, he met your eyes and your smile widened, because you could read in him that he really wanted to.

“It’s perfect! I’ll wait for you!” you thrilled happily and that won a smile out of him.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Murasakibara looked down at you, who were shifting your feet uncomfortably and staring at the ground. With a sigh, he crouched and met your eyes.

“Were you lonely?” he asked blankly, tilting his head to the side.

You nodded, with a small pout.

A smirk flashed on his lips.

“That’s really cute, SO,” he commented patting your head, “You should have told me, though.”

“I didn’t want to trouble you…”

He shrugged and pulled a strawberry candy out of his pocket.

“You never trouble me, except when you try to feed me carrots,” he grimaced, putting the candy in your mouth, “Sorry for that. From tomorrow I’ll be all yours again, alright?”

You grinned and nodded, satisfied with that little promise.

“Good girl,” he hummed satisfied standing up again and taking your hand.

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Not my fault you’re so cute and small.”

Akashi Seijuurou

“I missed you lately.”

Now, you usually were very careful about you said around your boyfriend, since he tended to be…extreme, but those words bubbled out of your lips before you realized it. Definitely a mistake.

Akashi, as you feared, froze while he was walking to you with a cup of tea from the vending machine in the school’s corridor.

He let the cup fall, under shock, and the tea spilled everywhere.

“Akashi!” you cried, reaching him and looking at the mess on the floor, “I’m not saying there’s something wrong, I know you’re busy! I just missed you a litt-”

He didn’t let you speak, he raised a hand putting a finger on your lips and took out his phone with the other. He quickly dialed a number.

“Hello, Akashi-sama?”

“Postpone all my appointments for the next three days to the next week,” he ordered firmly and you exhaled, covering your eyes. You should have known it.


“No but,” He shut the other off, hanging up and turning to you.

“Akashi, you didn’t need to do it,” you scolded him trying very hard to glare at him, but your devil was now smiling all sappy and alluring.

He took your hand and kissed your knuckles softly.

“Now, I’m all yours,” he whispered pulling you towards him with a mischievous smile, “I hope you’re ready.”

Yeah, you had made a mistake but you weren’t going to regret it one bit now.

Who are you? - Andre Burakovsky (Part 2)

A/N: Hello! This was extremely requested back when I posted the first part, so i decided to write a second and leave it open for a third. You guys let me know what you think about it!

Word count: 1494

Warnings: swearing.

Part 1

Master list

Originally posted by bulletproofwhale

“What’s going up?” I hit Andre’s arm and he chuckles at my confused face.

“They were off sides so…” he tries to explain but I cut him off before he can even get to the point.

“What is off sides?” I’m stressing out because I want to enjoy the game but I can’t quite follow.

“Do you see the blue line?” he points at it and I nod frenetically, “the puck has to cross that blue line first, before anyone of the attacking team. If someone crosses the blue line before the puck does then it is off sides and there is a face off”

“A face off is when the ref drops a puck in one of those big red spots and two players fight for it, right?” he had explained it for me at least a hundred times by now.

“Yes, it is” he laughs and I look at his adorable dimples, “you are learning fast”

“Ugh, I’m too stupid to watch hockey” I lean back on my seat when a horn blows and I straight my back, “what was that?”

“End of the first period” he says and I look at him horrified.

“First period? Over? Are you serious?” he is so amused that I have to sit on my hands so I don’t punch that handsome face.

“Twenty minutes” he shrugs and I pout a little.

I have to admit, I am having so much fun despite the fact that I don’t understand the game and Andre uses every chance he gets to make fun of me. We have a suite all for ourselves since my security crew has decided that it wasn’t safe for me to sit on the lower bowl. The view is great, but I’m kind of disappointed since I wanted to see the action up close.

“Do you want anything to eat?” I offer him, getting on my feet.

“Whatever you are having is fine” he says and I chuckle, “what?”

“Nothing… I just eat a lot” I respond and he looks at me unimpressed.

“I’m a hockey player, I eat a lot too” I nod and walk to the door where my bodyguard is.

“Hey Tommy” I say and he turns around, “can you get us some food, please?”, I know better than just try to go myself.

“Sure thing” Tom says and I give him a warm smile, “what do you want?”

“You know me, the greasiest the better” he nods walks away.

Tom has always been my favorite bodyguard. He was just a couple years older than me and knew that the more he tried to have me isolated the more I was going to run away. We have this little understanding where he lets me do whatever I want and I agree to have him around.

“Food is on its way” I say to Andre and he smiles like a happy puppy.

I go back to my seat and Andre starts explaining more of the rules to me. I try to focus on what he is saying, but I find myself admiring his accent and not paying that much attention to what he is saying.

“…so yeah, if you get into a fight you are sent to the penalty box for five minutes” he finishes his explanation about penalties and I come back to reality on the right moment, hearing the fighting part only.

“I can’t believe they let you fight” I state, shaking my head.

“It is a physical game. Sometimes you get so worked up that you can’t help it but to drop the gloves” he speaks like punching people is the most common thing ever.

I still don’t get it, but I don’t say anything else. Maybe I’ll learn to enjoy hockey fights if I keep learning about it. Andre has said that hockey is a mental game as much as it is a physical one, frustrating and getting under the skin of your adversary is as important as getting a good hit or scoring a goal.

“Food is here” he sounds like a kid on Christmas day and I turn around to see Tom and a huge eagle walking in, carrying what it seems it’s a lot of food.

“Bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a diet coke” Tom hands me the cardboard tray and I give him a beaming smile.

“You are the best” I kiss his cheek and Tom grins, “wanna stay and watch the game?”

“You know I can’t” he steals a fry from me and walks out the door.

I look over and I see Andre joking around with the Eagle, who has ‘Slapshot’ written on the back of his jersey. He has a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a waffle on his tray.

“Why do you have a waffle and I don’t!?” I demand an explanation.

“Slapshot knows that I love waffles” he brushes it off and I look at the eagle with a pout.

“I wanted one too” I say and Slapshot runs to me and squeezes me, apologizing.

“We can share it, don’t cry about it” Andre mocks me and I stick my tongue out to him, grabbing my phone from my back pocket and throwing it to him.

“Take a picture of Slapshot and I”

The picture ends up being a whole photoshoot of the three of us taking dumb selfies. By the time the game starts again I have around fifty pictures on my camera roll and my fries are cold.

“Second period, here we come” I scream and Andre laughs beside me.

We stuff our faces with food while watching the second period. No one has scored yet and I find myself getting really excited when the Caps have the puck and really nervous when the other team does.

“What’s the other team?” I ask and Burakovsky snorts.

“You have watched half of the game and you don’t know who we are playing against?” he looks at me like I have just told him something impossible.

“Pretty much” I shrug.

“New York Rangers, (y/n). They are the New York Rangers”

I nod, but they could be the New York Rangers or the Kentucky Chicken Nuggets and it wouldn’t make a difference to me.

The second period ends and the game is still scoreless. Andre and I entertain ourselves taking selfies with snapchat filters and posting a couple of them so everyone can see what’s going on.

“What happens if no one scores?” I wonder.

“Then they’ll go to over time. Five minutes, three-on-three, first one to score wins” he tells me and I frown.

“And if no one scores?”

“Shootouts. Just a player and a goalie”

“It sounds stressful” I state and he nods.

Both teams are back on the ice and the second the ref drops the puck two pairs of gloves are dropped and two men are throwing punches at each other.

“God dammit, Willy” Andre says and I look at the screens to get a better look of what’s going on.

Tom Wilson and a guy named Kreider are holding each other jerseys, throwing around punches. It is quite intense, but I find myself cheering for Tom as I grip Andre’s healthy arm in excitement. Tom connects a fist and the other player falls on the ice. I get on my feet and scream like a crazy lady.

“Someone is getting into it”

“This is fun” I just say, sitting back on the my seat.

The last period is definitely the most exciting… or maybe it is because I actually understand what’s going on most of the time. The teams are quite even on shot on goal and I’m sure that I have bitten off my nails. Thirty seconds left on the period and the first line is on the ice… I think. Backstrome gives Ovi a great pass and the captain just needs to push the puck in the net. The whole arena erupts and Andre and I hug each other, bouncing around and laughing.

The game ends and Andre grabs me by the sleeve of my jersey… or his jersey… or my his jersey… and drags me around the Verizon Center, straight to the locker rooms. Everyone is happy and cheering when we get there and Andre pretty much runs to Ovi.

“Hey there, Barracuda!” everyone yells and I stand on the door shyly.

“Uh uh, c’mon here, superstar!” Tom throws an arm around my shoulders and guides me to the middle of the room, “guys, this is (y/n). Tonight’s has been her first hockey game”

I smile shyly while all of them applaud.

“You should come with us to celebrate” TJ Oshie says from his little space.

“Uhhm I don’t know” I mumble and Andre’ smile falls a little.

“You really should come, it will be fun” he assures me, walking towards me.

He looks at me with his beautiful eyes and I just can’t say no, so I nod and everyone cheers again.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Klaroline AU/AH Roommates drabble with guest appearances by Enzo and Gia. Also on A03 (x)

Caroline wakes slowly to the sunshine spilling over the tangle of limbs in her bed. Caroline loves her bed; its big, white, fluffy and sturdy at the same time. The two things Caroline had splurged on when she and Enzo had moved into their new apartment – the third since college – was this monster bed or ‘Caroline’s Pit’ as Enzo refers to it and her desk. Organisation and Sleep are the two masters of Caroline’s life.

As the sunlight spreads onto her bare shoulder-blade like a good morning kiss, Caroline sleepily rolls over, refusing to open her eyes. It’s a beautifully rumpled Sunday morning and Caroline has no intention of breaking this perfect start by opening her eyes. Snuggling deeper into the mattress unleashes a gorgeous soreness in all the right places, a reminder of last night. Another reason Caroline refuses to move too much is because doing so might jostle the legs entwined with her own. Klaus Mikaelson’s legs. The international artist who Caroline’s been trying to pick the brains of for at least a year for an interview. As a travel writer, she’d proposed a piece to her editor about travelling artists and inspirations, the places they go, the people they see, their favourite mediums. Klaus Mikaelson had been the top of her list, as one of the most popular, most travelled. There was also the fact that he was a Mikaelson, the foremost family of New Orleans who’d shed his family expectations to become an artist. Whatever it was, there was a hell of a story there. And Caroline had intended on getting it.

She’d steeled herself against the attractiveness of her target; tall, chiselled features and body (his penchant for tight Henley’s wasn’t fucking helping her professionalism) as well as honest to god dimples. What she hadn’t been prepared for was his disarming charm. It was the overall genuine nature of Klaus’ interest, the way he’d immediately asked that she call him ‘Klaus’ rather than Niklaus or Mr. Mikaelson. How he’d provided full answers to all her questions but then easily steered the conversation away from himself and onto her instead. Wanted to know why a travel writer was interested in art beyond where the typical masterpieces; Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Van Dyck, Dobson, Artemisia Gentileschi were located. How a girl from a small town had ended up in the Big Apple hadn’t travelled there for love. Caroline had been infinitely grateful that for someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, whose world famous had called her a girl from a small town rather than a Small Town Girl. As the evening had worn on, it had dissolved more and more into general conversation with more and more alcohol. Hence the present state of affairs where Klaus had ended up in Caroline’s bed after what had ended up being a highly productive evening after all. And if Caroline had her way, she just might get the morning off to a productive start too.

What she had completely forgotten about however was Enzo St. John.

“Good morning Gorgeous! Miss me?” he asks with his traditional endearment and it’s the question that follows it that has Caroline bolting up in bed, Klaus’ legs be damned because she knows what comes next and she has to stop him.


Too late.

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naokaomori  asked:

Hey there >.0 Can I request how the Knights react to their s/o overworking so much to the point that they're worried for her but she's too stubborn to rest?

first knights request ! i took it as the s/o being the tenkousei and working hard on producer stuff, i hope that’s what you wanted ! if not you can still send another request;;;;; - admin mademoiselle


  • Izumi’s the hard worker type himself, so he won’t especially notice you’re overworking yourself at first.  He’ll just act as though it’s natural for Knights’ producer to work a lot.
  • It doesn’t help that he tends to add more work for you, by planning more idol jobs or tasking you with things he can’t do, like outfit making. He’ll get angry if you don’t answer your phone within two minutes, or if you take too long on some odd job he sent you away for. Overall, he tends to treat you as his personal assistant.
  • Soon, the things you had to do piled up. You had to work hard on costume making, concert planning and let’s not even mention your homework. This caused you to stress yourself quite badly, and one day during costume fitting you couldn’t help but burst into tears when Izumi’s jacket wouldn’t fit.
  • It was the first time you saw Izumi be confused about a situation. He quickly got a hang of himself but you witnessed him being at a loss for words for a moment. Ultimately, he decided to take you out of Knight’s small and stuffy studio for some fresh air.
  • Izumi understands work can be a bit too much sometimes, but he’s afraid to give you advice without sounding condescending or like he’s lecturing you. So he opts to just shyly hug you. It’s a very brief hug, but you felt better all the same. When he finally speaks, he’s not lecturing or being mean, but whispering in a gentle voice.
  • “You can rely on me a bit more, you know. If too many people give you things to do, you can just tell me. I’ll make sure they won’t ever charge their work on you again. Count on me like you’d do with a big brother, would you ?”
  • He sweetly kissed your forehead and made you promise to never overexert yourself again before the two of you went back to work. But this time, he was the one who ran about as everyone’s assistant, and you were allowed to sit in a corner and take a nap.
  • This you didn’t know, but he was watching over you with a smile as you slept.


  • Sometimes, Knights being so popular can be a pain. Especially when you have to make all the goodies they’re going to sell at their concerts. The other members tried to give you a hand, but they were so terrible at it that you decided to take care of it all by yourself.
  • As the live concert date got closer and closer, you started to panick. There was no way you were going to be able to finish all of the goodies in time. So you started to stay at school after class for longer and longer, and sometimes only went back home when Kunugi-sensei forced you to.
  • You also took a bit of your sleeping time to work on goodies-making. Sometimes you didn’t notice how late it was and only had a couple hours of sleep before you had to go to school again.
  • Ritsu was understandbly confused upon seeing you groggily wandering down the hallways during lunch break. “I thought I was the vampire here”, he slyly remarked. When he noticed you were too tired to even answer back with some wit of your own, he started to realize how wrong the situation was.
  • He offered some of his soda to you (the truth is, there’s too much for him to drink). The sweet, fizzy drink didn’t even help ; you were dozing off all the same. Ritsu then decided to switch to plan B and took you to his secret room. Before you knew it, you were laying in a dark and comfortable place, Ritsu’s hand gently stroking yours as he murmured sweet nothings.
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll be watching over you. You can have some sleep. I hope you dream of me…”
  • When you woke up, classes were already over. You got up in a panick, only to see Ritsu had fallen asleep too, next to you. You tried to go back to your original position to avoid waking him, but he lazily opened one red eye.
  • “Is sleeping beauty awake yet ? It’s boring watching someone else sleep, y'know….” He smirked and hugged you close, leaving you no possibility to move away from him.
  • And that’s how you got trapped into Rei’s spare coffin with Ritsu for far longer than you intended. But hey, he brought some snacks and drinks. And arranged for someone else to work on the goodies for the concert instead. You deserved some rest, and he was more than willing to help you get it.


  • Being a producer was a fulfilling job. You got to do many different things, meet a lot of people and try so many new experiences. And one of them was reviewing a new choreography for Knights’ next concert.
  • Of course, you had to practice it yourself, to see if it was feasible. Then you had to learn it, to teach everyone what they were supposed to do. Then, you had to change it, because Leo would always fuck up at some point and run into the others.
  • Dancing is a lot more physical than you’d thought. You’re not an idol, so you don’t have to be perfect at it but you must know your idols’ dance moves by heart and be able to teach them. As you were a bit insecure over being able to do that, you practiced a lot by yourself. Including at nighttime.
  • Stress and lack of sleep made you physically weaker, which in turn prompted you to become more frustrated at yourself and then train harder. How could you be Knights’ producer when you couldn’t even perform simple dance moves well…. ?
  • As you were moping in one of the dance rooms, Arashi allowed himself in. He felt you were upset the past few days, and didn’t even have to inquire about the cause. It was all too obvious.
  • Surprisingly, Arashi’s a very good teacher. He helped you memorize some of the more difficult moves and perfected the choreography with you. He praised you a lot, smiling brightly whenever you’d get a hard part right.
  • “Wow, you’re so good at it ! See, I’m sure you can do anything when you give it your best !”
  • He also is a good listener and you both sat down after practice, you saying how hard the last couple days had been for you and him listening. He was practically offended you didn’t come to him earlier for help. He also told you how worried he’d been over you, and made you promise to never do that kind of thing again.
  • “I know I said I love hardworking boys and girls, but I didn’t mean it like that, you know~  You should treat your body with respect and allow it some rest !”
  • Only one of Arashi’s warm and nice hugs was enough to make you feel instantly better. He also insisted on lending you his favorite concealer, saying with a wink that dark circles could ruin your pretty face. Arashi’s kind of like the resident big sister : you can and should come to him for advice or help !


  • One of the things that perplexed you the most about your new producer job was writing songs. Lyrics were one thing, but writing one entire song by yourself ? That sounded like a challenge.
  • At first, you didn’t have to worry about it. Leo would take care of it all. But then, after one particularly nasty cold that lasted over a week and prevented him from coming to school, he decided he should name a successor who would make songs in his place from time to time. Obviously, you were chosen.
  • Leo did give you lessons on music and composing in general, but he’s so vague you can hardly make up what he’s saying. And he often gets distracted, either by something or someone else, or by himself. He always ends the lesson writing his new song in a frenzy anywhere he can, all the while excitedly mumbling stuff about “inspiration” and “fantasies”. Needless to say, he didn’t help you much.
  • Being stubborn as you are, you still decided to work hard on it. For days. And nights, especially. But no matter what you’d come up with, it would always seem tame and lazy compared to Leo’s songs. You couldn’t help but get frustrated and unreasonably angry at yourself.
  • Leo’s pretty tactless. You knew that already. But you weren’t expecting him to shout “Whooaaa, you look like a zombie ! Zombie-chan, please bite me~” when he ran into you. Did you really look that awful ?
  • As you hesitated between being offended and actually indulging him and biting him hard enough to teach him some manners, he took you by the hand and dragged you to an empty classroom.
  • Once he closed the door, he looked at you dead in the eye. He was incredibly serious, for once. His eyes were grave, and his eyebrows tightly knitted. When he spoke, his voice was considerably lower compared to his usual happy pitch.
  • “Listen. I know you’re working too hard. It just shows on your face. But please don’t. Work is for serious people, and serious people are not really funny. Besides, I don’t want you to work yourself to death !”
  • Before you could even answer anything to that, he shoved a handful of papers in your face. You took a moment to realize they were music scores. Leo was looking at you expectantly, and when he understood you weren’t going to say anything, he sighed dramatically.
  • “They’re songs I wrote thinking of you. You know… You don’t need to work hard doing the same thing as me. I just need you to be there, and smile as usual, and make everyone happy. Please be my muse !”
  • As soon as he’d blurted that out, he gasped, his face lit up by his latest idea. “A muse ! That’s it, the inspiration is flowing !“ 
  • You spent the rest of the afternoon babysitting Leo and trying to prevent him from writing on the walls and floor, but you felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off your shoulders. Just by being himself, Leo had that kind of effect on you. Maybe that’s the power of love.


  • If there was one word to explain what your producer job mainly consisted of, it would be : phonecalls. So many damn phonecalls.
  • Planning concerts, photoshoots, meetings with the fans and radio interviews took a large chunk of your day, everyday. Maintaining a busy timetable for the boys was already hard enough, as you also had classes of your own to attend. But Leo seemed to think it wasn’t enough and often would plan more idol jobs on a whim, or ruin your plans by deciding at the last minute that Knights wasn’t ready for their studio recording session and it would have to be postponed.
  • So, yeah. Phonecalls. At some point, you and the secretary from the nearby recording studio would become best buds if things went on that way.
  • As you tried being the best producer Knights could hope for, you had to dabble in a lot of stuff, like planning activities, managing Knights’ official social media accounts, negotiate for a spot in a commercial…. The pressure was considerable, but you kept pushing yourself further and further, even waking up in the middle of the night when you had a photoshoot idea to take some notes of it.
  • During lunch breaks, you could often be found in Knights’ studio making phonecalls. Or finishing up new outfits. Or planning a dance routine. But never eating. You took a nasty habit of skipping lunch to favor work instead. No one noticed, anyway.
  • Except someday, as you were helping Tsukasa put on his new outfit for a music video shooting, your stomach rumbled. Loud and clear. Your cheeks were burning red and you were positively glowing of embarassment but Tsukasa, being a gentleman, feigned to not having heard a thing. But then it growled again. Ten times louder.
  • As much as you were trying to get out of this situation, Tsukasa wouldn’t have it. He was very polite, but also very firm.
  • "Onee-sama, may I wonder…. if you’re sustaining yourself properly ? It is very important to eat three meals a day. Have you eaten yet ?” You couldn’t remember when your last meal was. You’d skipped breakfast that morning, since you were late for class, and now you were also skipping lunch…
  • Seeing you so unsure of when you last ate, Tsukasa felt heartbroken. He ran to his bag and gave you all the snacks he kept for later, urging you to eat something before you feel faint. He even went to buy you a drink and came back in a heartbeat. Before you could even thank him, he’d left again and came back with your favorite sandwich from the school store. You tried to resume your outfit fitting session, but he was adamant about wanting you to eat.
  • As there was way too much food for you to eat by yourself, you offered to share with him and he shyly accepted. You two then snacked on pocky and crackers, chatting about various things. Tsukasa inquired about your hobbies and your family. You did the same. He also told a few jokes, and as much as you were surprised, they were good.
  • By the end of lunch break, you were feeling relaxed and happy, and your stomach was too. You’d managed to forget a bit about work, and all thanks to Tsukasa.

Do you still remember the happy hearbeats we shared in the span of our blooming affair. If you don’t, i’m writing this to give you wisp on how a year with your past went by.

Those boat rides which turned to photoshoots. Relishing the serene atmosphere of nature and breeze.
That time when i dropped by on your race practice then out of nowhere in the midst of boredom during break you grabbed me and all i can remember is i am panicking over the 120mph speed we’re tackling on the track. Babe, nakakaloka ang bilis mo magmaneho! But that peachy smirk you did when you saw how terrified i was stopped my heart from beating, pero that face actually helped me from getting horrified on how furious you are kasi for a split second i lost my focus on the track.
Our airport selfies and 10 seconds stories that reached our snapchats which contains how pumped up we were for our next travel stop are cute I admit. I saved them to my memories and still giving them a glance whenever i miss you.
I wouldn’t trade anything for our bathroom confessions. When i found comfort in my position on the tub and when you’re sitting on the bathroom floor with a mug of lemon water. Of all places I don’t know how it felt bizarre to confess and tell our weird secrets on a bathroom. The depth of our conversations would need more than a bottle of Pedro.
Those breakfast times spent making good looking acai bowls. Ahhh! I miss.
Late afternoons ordering takeaway coffees to spray away the derisive drowsiness.
When we’re soaking wet cause we got zero umbrella and we need to reach the parking lot so we run under that stormy weather. I was trying to be the man here and offered you my jacket as a cover up but you refused cause you’re a fan of fair treatments.
So yeah, those morning rituals dancing to spanish jive songs and sharing a stick of black bat cigarette over macchiato is one of best mornings i adore at pinapangrap na mangyari ulit. I took snap shots of you that time and i still have them saved on my folder. And if i watch it today it’s just a way of torturing myself at managinip ng gising para hintayin kang bumalik.
Broken gym sessions during noon times where we trade siesta over burning hundreds of calories.
Our exchange of cliche text messages whenever we’re apart from each other still has a space in my inbox. I also miss your hokage moves kahit ang baduy at luma nila.
Yung mga ala una ng madaling araw natin kung saan kakauwi mo lang at patulog na ko pero kailangan kong manatiling gising para may kausap ka. And those midnights consumed talking about our tinder matches and stalking them around social media. I didn’t know you have the skill of a spy. You’re even explaining to me why you swiped them right… cute.
Your sudden stares that made me uneasy in a good way. It’s like I’m kilig but felt a mixture of feeling weird and conscious.
Tracing your eyebrows cause i like how bushy and perfectly shaped they were. And it also helps you sleep sooo yeah.
Early dawns spent chilling and embracing the vibe at the rooftop waiting for the appearance of mr. sunrise while listening to cigarettes after sex.
Spontaneous trip to the mall to get some eats but led to being competitive in time zone and jumping in countless carousel ride spins.
Boring days means watching random videos online which gave us idea on how to poke tattoo at home or at certain times we apply temporary tattoos on each other’s arm then fool our friends that we got real ones.
Hours spent building a little art installations in my old room then inviting friends over as if it is an art museum!
Those weak connections and fake choppy phone calls… hindi naman talaga malabo yung line, nagbuffer lang talaga yung utak ko sa twisted words mo na para bang idiomatic expressions lang ang kaya mong sabihin buong buhay mo.
That time when we’re renting motorcycles in siargao and learning to drive it in less than 30 minutes. New skill added, bebe!
Our opm jams where i let you get the hang of burnout by sugarfree and you did! You recorded and burned it for me so i got to play it in my car while braving the traffic jams in manila.
Our made up swimming strokes and competitions which served as my work out every am. And those lame underwater photoshoots that we printed out to pin up to our memory lane.
Rushed cover ups of makeup to hide our lambing bites caused of last night’s tender fire that emblazed us.

You’re easy and extra at the same time. A perfect spice of both. You always seek for the betterment of us. You always think for the aftermaths of the games we play. I’m actually clueless on how i won over someone as aesthetically fascinating as you.

We tried to pin countles memories but suddenly one heart refused to take the journey along with the other and chose to take the path alone.

yoonseok 101: or, if i were the type to call a ship real, i would call this one real

So in my ongoing quest to pull @seriousflightrisk into Bangtan, I’m going to compile yoonseok things that are amazing and wonderful. Don’t ask me about my top Bangtan otp or else things like this happen okay. Everyone needs to love yoonseok or so help me…

(I love this gif so much it’s so accurate okay bye)

yoonseok origin story aka the beginning of the end of me

SO THEY GENUINELY HAVE THE CUTEST BEGINNING IN THE UNIVERSE??? Obvs they were both signed by bighit. Sure great whatever. BUT. Like. Min Yoongi, sweetest person in the universe, noticed that Hobi was kind of struggling and thus befriended him.

J-HOPE: 「Ok, let’s talk about our first meeting. We first met…」

SUGA: 「It was 4 years ago, we met in the dormitory. I joined the company first and then J-Hope came on 24th December?」

J-HOPE: 「That’s right. 2010’s Christmas Eve! When I first walked into the dormitory, I had mixed feelings, I was anxious and was anticipating at the same time. And Suga appeared, he only had boxers on! It was a reality check of the trainee’s life. On that day, Suga spoke to me first and I can still remember what he said to me. I was sleeping in the living room at night and then Suga said to me: 『go sleep in the room』(laughs). I was happy~」

SUGA: 「He was sleeping with the blanket tucked inside out, he looked pity.」

J-HOPE: 「I remember that I replied: 『It’s okay, it’s comfy here.』 Although Suga looks cold, but actually he is a manly man with a warm heart so I like him. ♥」

SUGA: 「Your nose is gradually growing like Pinocchio?」

J-HOPE: 「I got caught? (laughs) One more, I can remember clearly about the 『end of year chicken』. At the end of that year, the other trainees went back home and I was the only one in the dormitory to celebrate the new year. And Suga called to ask if I was fine. I replied saying that I’m bored because I’m all alone and then after a while, Suga came to the dormitory with chicken in his hand! I was so touched at the time I fell for him without even realizing it. If I was a girl, I would definitely fall in love!」

SUGA: 「His condition wasn’t good. He just came to the dormitory and he couldn’t get used to the practice so he was really stressed out. Once, you got up and didn’t you say that you felt dizzy. I was aware of that so I went back to the dormitory earlier than I’ve planned. J-Hope looks bright, likes to joke around and he’s pretty delicate? In another word, he’s vulnerable to stress. He suffered from stress-induced enteritis, so I often took him to the hospital to get an injection.」

(trans via kimmyyang, full interview here)

just little yoonseok things

  • Yoongi says when he’s sad, Hobi energizes him just from looking at him
  • Yoongi cannot finish a take without laughing at Hobi even tho Hobi’s doing nothing?? Get your shit together, Min.
  • he calls Hobi 소소 I can’t even deal with how precious that is
  • their eye contact in this (ft. Yoongi being way more trusting of another person near his eyeballs than I could ever be)
  • the fact that people think Hobi is constantly 11/10 and Yoongi is constantly mad about life but really it’s…kinda the other way around???

(The members have said several times that during time offstage Hobi is pretty chill and kinda sad if he’s not pushing himself to be the moodmaker to make the rest of them happy and I just need you to appreciate that about him okay.)

  • but even so Hobi clearly brings out the extra goofy side of Yoongs, as opposed to just regular goofy

  • they hold hands a lot
  • they ship themselves - they call themselves 솝 (Sope/Sobi) and on April Fool’s Day this year they took over the BTS twitter account and decked it out with stuff for their (eternally forthcoming) subunit 솝므 (Somme), a play on their labelmates 옴므 (Homme).

(That’s right, they have matching 솝 jumpsuits. This photoshoot had them all dressed for their individual v app broadcast shows and yoonseok do a show together called Hwagae Market. It’s ridiculous.)

  • Yoongi lets Hobi manhandle him in a way most of the other members don’t really get to do
  • but also Yoongi’s more comfortable with skinship with Hobi than the other members 
  • this picture that no one has explained yet
  • this one time they had to bungee jump and Yoongi was so worried about Hobi (Hobi is scared of heights…and everything else), he cried
  • this other time Hobi demanded that Yoongi do aegyo and Yoongi was like, no screw that, and then Hobi was like 1 2 3! and Yoongi did the aegyo anyway (he’s so whipped)
  • in the same broadcast Yoongi complained about Hobi taking his seat and then SAT ON HOBI. THERE WAS ANOTHER CHAIR THERE. A WHOLE-ASS CHAIR. EMPTY. WAITING FOR A BUTT. AND HE SAT ON HOBI INSTEAD.
  • (yes I’m still screaming about this chair thing)
  • I have no reason for sharing this, I just want you to see it.

  • also this

  • they pick on each other SO MUCH
  • “You look like a horse!” “Well you look like a turtle!”
  • Hobi’s judgy looks are THE BEST but I especially love it when he turns said looks to Yoongi

In conclusion please love yoonseok okay bye.

the space between us (chapter 15)

chapter title: these wings were made to fly   
words: 4.2k
story summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?
chapter summary: In which there are some unexpected conversations with unexpected people.

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

a/n: Surprise! :^)

Honest to god, I have a plan for this story, but lord knows where my motivation and inspiration are hiding. That said, I’m hoping to get this one wrapped up soon! There are chapters I’ve had planned since last summer that I haven’t gotten to…so hopefully this summer you’ll finally get to experience them. :’D

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Ladybug slowly removes her hands from her ears once it appears that Chloe is finally done screaming. For a moment, she wonders if perhaps this wasn’t the best idea, but it’s too late now. It’s clear that Chloe is 100% on board for whatever they’re going to ask her to do, even though she has no idea what they want.

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anonymous asked:

you can do a continuation of the ballet teacher ? when you promises exo will not see the teacher but you lies to them and the mother of his girlfriend called exo to say she is worried about his daughter because has stopped eating and she is practicing ballet even during the whole night and she believe that her daughter seen her teacher you can do two parts of this reaction first call from the mother and the second when exo talking to his girlfriend please ,i love so much your blog i'm superfan

Thank you so much. I’m glad you’re such a huge fan :) hopefully you’re still here to see you request finally posted and also, Thank you for waiting so patiently. 



Xiumin: *after hanging up with your parents* “for the love of nnngghghgnngh! I swear, worrying over y/n will kill me someday”

Talking to his partner: *hears his partner walk in after coming home* “so how’s those ballet practices with that ol’ instructor of yours going huh?”

Y/N: “…… I…. Xiumin, I can….”

Xiumin: “explain” *he says sharply, finishing your sentence for you* “of course you can, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, starting now. Come sit down and let us have a good long chat”


Luhan: *talks to his partner’s mom on speaker phone while he’s riding home from work* “I’ve told them how many times not to go back to that teacher and what do they do? They go back to that teacher” *throws his hands in the air, shaking his head* “Oh my god! I swear they’ll never hear the end of it when I get home”

Talking with his partner:  “your parents and I have told you that you shouldn’t be seeing that teacher anymore. If you want to continue ballet let us find you a new one that won’t abuse you. We don’t want to see you hurt yourself because that instructor tells you that you’re not worth it or that you’re not any good at ballet. Please, don’t see them again and please take care of yourself I don’t like seeing you losing sleep and not eating because of them”


Kris: *knocks his balled up fist on his forehead as he listens to his partner’s parents on the other line of the phone call while he thinks to himself* “Of all the things y/n could revert back to doing…..”

Talking to his partner: *meets up with his partner the next day for a “date”*  “I got a phone call from your parents today”

Y/N: “Really? What about?”

Kris: “you know what about” *gif* “y/n, tell me what’s going on. Why did you go back to that instructor when your parents and I have told you not to? Do I have to get down on my knees and beg you to stop this?”


Suho: *contemplates how he’ll approach this topic with you after your parents inform him of what’s going on* 

Talking to his partner: “so, is there anything you want to talk about?” *hopes you’ll bring up the subject when he sits down on the couch with you*

Y/N: “no, why? Is something wrong?”

Suho: “you tell me, disobedient ballet girl” *looks to you patiently waiting for you to spill out the truth* “or do I have to recall everything we’ve talked about on my own, including what your parents had to tell me on the phone today”


Yixing: *got the call from your parents as he finished taking a shower* “They’re seeing that ballet instructor again? Are you sure?… Yes I’ve noticed the weight loss and I’ve noticed they haven’t been sleeping much recently…. you’ve noticed it to?…. yeah, I was hoping it was just stress from school work or something, I never would’ve imagined they’d go back to that instructor… Yes I’ll talk to them about it… Yeah you have a good day to…. bye”

Talking to his partner: *cries as he tells you what your parents told him on the phone* “Please y/n, I love you so much. Your parents love you to. Please stop hurting yourself like this, we can’t stand to see you suffering so much. Look at what that ballet instructor has done to you, they’ve brainwashed you. please let us help you. Please don’t see that instructor anymore, I can’t stand to see how their words affect you so much anymore”


Baekhyun: ”They…. The ballet teacher… They’re seeing them again?” *has to pause every few seconds during that chat with his partner’s parents to take in the information and let it settle in his mind*

Talking to his partner: “you… I swear you….of all things….. ahhhh, you really….” *has trouble making comprehensible, full sentences as he has a deep conversation with his partner about seeing the teacher again and starving themselves*


Chen: *Looks up how to get restraining orders on his phone after the chat because he’s going to make D**N sure that the teacher can’t go anywhere near you again and vice versa* 

Talking to his partner: “You think your parents and I haven’t noticed? Oh no, we’ve noticed. I’d say that I’m disappointed in you but that would probably hurt your health even more. Your parents and I will be talking to the courts to get a restraining order on that instructor to ensure that you’ll never see them again. If you want to continue doing ballet your parents and i are going to make sure it’s with someone else than that abusive F***er, you understand me?”


Chanyeol: *Chanyeol receives the call while he’s on tour. he had called you to see how you were doing while he’s gone and to tell you he loves you but your parents had answered instead while you were busy practicing in another room*   “Aish! that little…. uggghhhh…. are you certain that they’re seeing that person again? Are you sure it’s not someone else? Ahhhh seriously!Your kid is going to give me a heart attack or a stomach ulcer one of these days from the things they do”

Talking to his partner: *this is the face his partner is welcomed with when Chanyeol arrives home from touring. All he says is a simple* “Hi” *before shuffling into the house moodily. He and his partner have talked on the phone about the situation since he got the call from their parents but now he wants to and has to have a full-on, intimate, face-to-face conversation about it and he knows it’s not the topic he wanted to come home to have with his partner just after arriving back from a long tour*


Kyungsoo: *seething in fury and stress as he waits for you to arrive home that night, still talking to your parents the entire time until you walk through the front door before he hangs up* ”I swear I’m going to kill y/n when they get home. Thank you for informing me of their actions and well being, I’ll be sure to have a long talk with them when they get home”

Talking to his partner: “we’re worried about you y/n. Can’t you see what this is doing to you? I hardly even recognize you, you’ve lost so much weight, and the lack of sleep is destroying you. Why are you letting that teacher do this to you? If you really love ballet that much then find someone else to instruct you, I’ll help you do it just please don’t go to that instructor anymore, they’re destroying you”


Tao: “Are you kidding me?!” *he practically yells as he presses the end button to the call with your parents. He then scrolls down to your number and tsks as he presses the call button* “seriously, tsk, you really are a piece of work y/n”

Talking to his partner: *sighs deeply as he sits down with you to talk about the situation* “welp, lets get this over with. lets start by hearing your excuses for this”


Kai: *He gets a LONG text from your parents while he’s at a photoshoot for EXO’s nearest promotion explaining that you’ve stopped eating and don’t sleep much anymore because you’re probably seeing the abusive ballet teacher again and all he can do as he looks up from his phone is think*  ”have they not learned anything? Well, they certainly will tonight”

Talking to his partner: *He’s super angry, not to the point that it’d show much but enough to get the point of how he’s feeling across to you as he stares you down with his arms crossed tightly against his chest* “I want an explanation now and one without excuses thank you very much”


Sehun: “WHAT?! What’d you just say?! Are you sure?!” *he’s astounded when he learns that his partner has begun seeing the abusive ballet teacher again*

Talking to his partner: *the next time he sees you, you both go on a walk early in the morning but he pauses when he knows no one is around to hear him speak with his partner about the situation at hand* “Why did you see that teacher again? You didn’t have to do that, there’s other teachers out there.  How can you do to yourself?”


I Won’t Say I’m In Love Ch. 3

Wow! This is a long time coming!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the big wait! I’ve had a very emotional past 4 months. I won’t get into the details, but the point is I’ve just graduated from high school and had some problems in my personal life and things have just been…a lot more hectic than I’ve imagined they’d be at this point.

Thank you all so much for being so patient with me! This fic is literally my blood, sweat, and tears and I’ve been working on this chapter on and off for a while now! I have lots of ideas for this story and I know it’s definitely going to go places. 

Without further ado, here’s chapter three! I really hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to like or reblog (and definitely comment if you want I do love comments)! And you can also subscribe to this fic on ao3! Enjoy!!

Btw: This whole fic is based on a lovely animatic by the wonderful and talented @pepper-bottom​, who y’all should most definitely check out!!

Words in this chapter: 2.4k. feels like it should be more but whatever

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Chapter 3 - Sunshine and His Princess Have a Little Chat

 After Ladybug turned him down, Adrien was basically a fucking mess. He hadn’t been this sad in so long. Not since…

 Well. You know.

 The point is, Adrien was miserable. He could barely eat- no matter how much Plagg tried to coax him with that smelly Camembert he likes so much. He wasn’t able to do much else but fake smile at the two photoshoots he had scheduled that weekend He couldn’t sleep much either. The night after it happened, Adrien just stared at the ceiling (once he stopped sobbing), replaying the night over and over again in his head.

 ‘Chat…I…I’m sorry.’


 ‘But my heart-’


 ‘Belongs to someone else.’

 Someone else.

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