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East of Eli concert in Rome with Chyler Leigh

Let’s start this recap by saying we only found out they were coming to Italy like two days before the concert itself. As Johann Frank too said on his twitter, this has been their most last minute show ever. It was amazing though, they’re all so talented and down to earth. I had such a good time and Nathan is so funny. When they took over the stage, East of Eli’s music managed to enthrall me completely. Obviously, seeing Chyler in person up so close (I was in the second row) was heart-stopping. I don’t know how it’s possible but that woman is even prettier in real life, damn! Nathan and Chyler made us laugh various times during the concert, so dorky and cute. I have a couple of videos I can share if anyone wants me to, either of them trying to speak Italian or of the live performances (Chyler’s voice ♥♥)

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if i missed you, would you hold it against me

Summary: With Soryu and MC’s passing, it now fell onto Eisuke to be Ryusei’s legal guardian. Why Soryu and MC would think naming Eisuke, of all people, as legal guardian in their will was beyond him.

              You’re the only one we can trust, Soryu had told him. But that didn’t mean Eisuke was ready to be a father.

              Hell, he wasn’t ready for anything that came since that day.

              He wasn’t ready to be a father.

              He wasn’t ready to lose his best friend.

              He wasn’t ready to lose her.

Genre: Angst, Hurt and Comfort

Pairing: One-sided Eisuke/MC, MC/Soryu

a/n: I haven’t written a proper fic in so long lmao. this idea just popped in m head one day, and since then, i couldn’t stop thinking about it lmfao. 

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove i hope you like it!! @maidofstars @bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @alolan-lillie @themysticaldaydreamer here’s a fic after so long lol

               Dinner was a solemnly silent affair.

              In the stillness of the dining room, the only sound that could be heard was the clang of Eisuke’s utensils on his plate. Across him sat little Ryusei, who only stared at his untouched food with empty eyes.

              “… You’re not hungry?” Eisuke asked slowly.

              The boy shook his head without looking up from his plate.

              Eisuke sighed in defeat, putting his utensils down. “Do you want to go to bed already?”

Ryusei nodded in assent. Gingerly, the boy pushed back his chair and gave a little bow, leaving Eisuke alone with his thoughts.

              “I suppose it’s not going to be easy, huh?” he said to no one in particular.

              And it won’t ever be easy again. Not with them gone.

              Just three days ago, Eisuke was staring into Soryu’s and MC’s coffins. Both of them looked deceptively peaceful, as if they were only asleep—that anytime, they’d wake up from their long nap and mess around in the penthouse like always.

              But Eisuke knew better.

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I’ll Be Good

image credit

Characters: Finn Balor x OFC

Content Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Daddy Kink, Light Spanking.

Summary: OFC posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a cute swimsuit. Jealous Daddy!Finn comes back to teach her a lesson.

This was supposed to be a short one based off a reader prompt but I got a bit carried away! If you want to throw an idea towards me then feel free to ASK and I’ll see if it interests me. 

Tags: @actualamyautopsy  @oraclegazes @livingthestrongstyle  @phenominalstyles @devittslegos

If you want to be added to the tags let me know!

”I’ve thought of ya all day, little one,“ Finn mumbled into her ear, kissing her fingers. “You got me so hard thinking about you waiting here for me.” Hands running down her waist pulling her in closely for a sweet kiss. “Daddy’s missed you.”

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Hohoho, I couldn’t resist joking about the afro thing! But there’s actually a hairstyle I’d love to wear, to be honest! Something like…

…this one! My cousin once had a vision with a warrior in it. She had really pretty green hair, and it was done like that.

But, I like my hair as it is right now too. I’m used to it, and even though some hairstyles are very pretty, I like being the way I am since I evolved into Gardevoir.

When I was younger, though, I looked very different from most Kirlia.

Here’s an old photo of me beside some of my team partners from some years ago! I still remember the day it was taken; the book I am holding was the very first I could read by myself without my trainer’s aid.

It took months and months of effort, but in the end when I finally did it, I was feeling a bit torn to let go of such a meaningful book.

Then, he gifted it to me as congratulations. It was very special to me, so I look kinda funny in the photo, haha. Sometimes, I still read it again. A good book is always good no matter how many times you read it, after all.

Oh, sorry. I got a bit nostalgic, it seems~ ´v`  


The Better Howlett
  • (The one where Logan had a father daughter talk and reminds Kimberly that she's always the better howlett)
  • Logan: -sees Kimberly storming into their house and slamming the door behind her- Kim?
  • Kim: -no answer. She just storms up the stairs-
  • Logan: Kimmy? Is everything ok?
  • Kim: -shouts out- Just fucking peachy! -she slams the door to her room-
  • -Logan walks up the door and sees Kim lying on her bed. He doesn't say anything. Just sits next to her while she huffs in frustration.-
  • Logan: you're upset.
  • Kim: -scoffs- duh.
  • Logan: -smirks.- something you want to talk about? Boy problems?
  • Kim: ew...no
  • Logan: -thinks for a sec-...girl problems.
  • Kim: ...maybe.
  • Logan: ah so you met someone.
  • Kim: -shifts in bed- yeah...not like it matters though. Nobody wants to be seen with a freak.
  • Logan: kimmy, I keep telling you-
  • Kim: everyone at school thinks I'm a freak Dad. Ever since Amanda...-Kimberly tears up- ever since Amanda outed me, nobody at school wants to be seen with me.
  • Logan: you mean...oh
  • Kimberly: yeah ...oh. She showed everyone at school Dad. She showed my...-Kimberly rubs her knuckles. Specifically the two spots where her two claws were and unleashed them- she said that muties and animals like us should be put in a cage were we belong.
  • Logan: -jaw clenches and his fist tightens- she said that?
  • Kimberly: - nods- she even got me kicked off the cheerleading squad. She knew how much that meant to me and...-she beings to cry-...
  • Logan: ...oh Kimmy -he wraps her daughter in his strong arms. Kimberly sobs into her fathers broad chest-
  • Kimberly: they're all afraid of me. They'll never accept us.
  • Logan: kimmy, they don't know you. Or us for that matter. People will always fear and attack what they don't understand. But you're better than them. You know why?
  • Kimberly: -sniffles and shakes her head as she wipes her eyes-
  • Logan: Because you never fall to their level. You're always the better Howlett. So you keep showing them why you're the better person ok? Don't become what they made you.
  • Kimberly: -nods and sniffles one last time- you know Amanda sent me a photo of her a shortly before she outed me. It was a...personal photo...I could've done things with it...I didn't. I deleted it.
  • Logan: see? I told you that you were the better Howlett. Personally I would've slashed her tires with those claws of yours. But that's why you're better than me.
  • Kimberly: -giggles and smiles- I...I love you Dad.
  • Logan: -kisses his daughters forehead- I love you too Kimmy. Now. Tell me about this girl. Is she pretty?
  • Kimberly: - she smiles. Thinking about her.- yeah. The prettiest.
  • Logan: is she kind?
  • Kimberly: too kind. The world doesn't deserve her.
  • Logan: is she short, has long brown hair and wears a yellow beanie?
  • Kimberly: yeah- wait. How did you know?
  • Logan: well she's down stairs waiting for you.
  • Kimberly: what? Dad why didn't you tell me?
  • Logan: I was going to but I figured you needed to vent a little. Trini told me what happened and she was concerned for you. You're right. She is pretty. And nice.
  • Kimberly: -she smiles one more time before wiping her face. Making sure that she's presentable-
  • Logan: come on. Why don't we go meet her together.
  • Logan takes kimberly's hand in his own as both father and daughter walk down together. Hand in hand.

Someone requested an imagine from my Instagram so… here it is!

Credit to the gif owner! (Sadly, I don’t remember where I got this gif from so if you guys know, let me know so I can tag them!)

Requested from a darling friend. Enjoy!! 💕
It was your first time at a meet and greet.

Especially for SpiderMan: Homecoming.

Iron Man and SpiderMan were your favorite Marvel characters, so getting to see them a week early before the national debut was a big thing deal for you.

You waited in like with your best friend, who shared a love for superheros as well. Despite her favorite being Flash.

“Robert is so hot for an older guy.” She swoons. You giggle and she makes and ‘ugh’ face.

“He is. But Tom Holland is pretty cute too.” You say.

“He looks like a 10 year old who hasn’t hit puberty yet.” She says. You swat her arm and she smiles.

“He is playing a freshmen in the movie.” You declare as the line surges forward.

“Yeah yeah. I know. I just like teasing you.” She laughs. You roll your eyes and your heart pumps louder as you see Robert and Tom at the tables, taking photos and chatting with the fans.

You loved the fact that even though these things were rushed, they still made time for the fans.

You guys are next and you hand practically also faints in RDJ’s arms.

“How much booze did you give her?” He asks me as I snap a photo of her and him. Its my turn and I laugh.

“None surprisingly. She just really loves you.” I say, smiling for the photo.

“And you don’t? Do that again. I think I blinked.” He says to my bestie.

“I’m obsessed.” I say, smiling again. He shoots me a wink and a smile and tells me to add the photo to my shrine. I laugh and head over to Tom, who freezes when he sees me.

God I must be bright red.

“H-hi.” I manage to say, hoping not to spit on him.

I hold my hand out so he can slip on the SpiderMan bracelet but my hand starts to shake. He chuckles and goes to put the bracelet on but fumbles, his fingers not being able to clasp it.

“I-I’m so sorry.” he stutters. I smile sheepishly and he finally gets it on, holding my hand.

“Just get married why don’t you?” My bestie says, snorting at us. I blush even harder and Tom’s face goes red.

I turn to leave when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Sorry for not being able to put the bracelet on. But I was wondering if you guys would like to catch up for some lunch after?” Tom says, pointing to Harrison who waves.

“Sure.” My bestie says.

“Can I have your number so I can tell you where to meet?” He asks.

My bestie elbows me in the side and I come back to reality.

“Yeah okay.” I manage to say.

He flashes a smile and leaves, the piece of paper with my never on it, tucked into his shirt pocket.

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Seth x imprint!reader

Request: “i just discovered your blog and wooow, you’re v good!! can i make a request? Where imprint!reader moves from spain to la push because she loves nature and the views (she wants to be a photographer, too) and one day the pack and her meet because (+) they catch her making photos of them with her bigass camera (lol this is me) because she finds them so pretty and they match so well w/ nature as a background? (Sorry if its too much detail omg) (+)also reader can be seth’s imprint if it isn’t too much! sorry if i seem like a freak lol i just love photography and the nature of la push!! tysm i luv you a lot have a nice day! take care and good luck on school !!”

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neko-otaku13  asked:

Sugarbush and Windflower ^^

sugarbush: do you have sweet tooth? if yes, what’s your favorite sweets? if no, why?

I say no as I munch on a twizzler.

I have a little sweet tooth, I think? Like I don’t like overly sweet things I rather have things bitter or sour but there are a few super sweet things that I do like. Like I like my cookies that are super sweet with thick icing and all. Like can’t handle super sweet drinks or super sweet cakes or foods in general but give me a super sweet cookies and I’m your girl. A friend would chime in that “It’s because I’m naturally so sweet.” That’s when I slap her with the -.0;; face and tell her to eat my shorts. (I actually say something else but I don’t want to repeat the word atm it’s not nice but she understands I jest)

windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them

Makin’ me pick favorites and all, Penny!!! Can’t do that what I can do is tell you the ones I stalk and wait for updates on shit all the time because I’m a dweeb.

  • @stephicness (RAVUS, her OCs, headcanons that rock my socks, freaking puns that slay me, This Is Ravus posts that make me giggle all day *plusmyfavoriteocofallfreakingtime*)
  • @themissimmortal (COR wonderfulness and good angsty smut, sweetest person around she is another sinnamon roll. )
  • @stunninglyignis (Artemis soulmate! Headcanons and I love tagging her in pokemon stuff and gushing about stuff.)
  • @blindbae (headcanons and freaking aesthetics, her angst sfw stuff kills me every time and her Gladiolus fic she’s working on killing me. )
  • @neko-otaku13 (awesome headcanon mash ups and over all awesomeness) 
  • @zacklover24 (prompto in wonderland and crossroads plus tagging me in fun shit and listening to me ramble all day in chat)
  • @hypaalicious (epic shit posting, torturing feels of dealing with fatal Gladnis and epic smut)
  • @diabolik-trash-heap (tentacles, some of my favorite kink stuff, kinky smut for days and introducing me into ardyn hell)
  • @louisvuittontrashbags (a fellow gladihoe who is great at writing for Ignis and Gladiolus!) 
  • @cupnoodle-queen (another fellow gladiho and her smuts are epic and Chasing Sun made me cry too much to admit)
  • @xnoctits (Slaying it with selfies, Prompto fic that I’m eager to read more about and a total ego booster!!!) 
  • @dirtyffxvconfession (Posting all those dirty thoughts giving me ideas for smut, plus I love see Sabrina stumble at the edge of Ardyn Hell) 
  • @mandakatt (MORE KITTIES I want to do adoption match ups! Sends the sweetest anons!! <3)
  • @mistressoli (NEEDLES! YASS Plus fellow kinky-twin! Tagging me in awesome stuff and just as openly pervy. :D )
  • @insomniacapples (Tagging me in the coolest stuff, always finding the cutest and coolest things I’m tagged in. Who is also the sweetest thing around, pretty sure she rivals Honey-Senpai….)
  • @misssarahdoll (always tagging me in awesome stuff too and sending me photos of sexy Gladiolus cosplayers and good stuff to my submission box that generally sends me in nosebleeds.
  • @valkyrieofardyn (FOR PUTTING ME INTO ARDYN HELL)
  • @lady-asuka (For tagging me in awesome Gladiolus things along with good Cor stuff too!)
  • @waifuthewhite (For being a super fantastic cheerleader!!)
  • @ffxv-positivity-blog (For posting the best positive thoughts around!)
  • @nifwrites (Overall headcanons and We Intertwined made me cry a lot too, and is well thought out.)

Okay this turned out to be a shout out post to people I adore as I really have a lot of favorites and can’t just choose 5. There are a ton more to all those who tag me in their fics and those who come to ask for help and those who just stalk my page and chat randomly with me, love you all, you are all my favorite shits and I wouldn’t shit you out for the world. :D LOL Can you tell I’ve had way too much coffee in one day?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering, since I love your blog so much, who would be some good harry blogs to follow? 😃

Hellooo, and thank you, love!

If you wanna follow lovely people who pretty much only blog about Harry:

@herefortheharry @hampsteadharry @harryisart @pinkbharry @harrystylqs @ohstylesno @nerdylittlestyles @colorfulsuits @stairwaytostyles @sstyles @modelharry

If you wanna follow lovely people who sometimes post about other stuff too, but are still mostly Harry blogs:

@solo-harry @stylesinthewild @ifheartscouldfly @erskine-records @harryisclever @yeahloads @floweredfeast

Also @1dedus, though she blogs about the other boys too, but she’s super lovely and has an amazing blog. PLUS she takes amazing concert photos.

And since I’m sure I left someone out, who definitely belongs to this list, here’s my blogroll.

I hope this helps! :)


Kneel by AraDolls
Via Flickr:
Finally edited a second photo from this shooting. Not 100% satisfied (and I am still struggling to get used to my new screen, so I am constantly moving the window back and forth from screen to screen), but it was too pretty to let it rot in some folder. Arcadia is the only doll that works from that angle, she just has that perfect “kneel, peasant” face xD I am still very in love with her AyuAna dress too, she has been wearing it since LDoll and looks so fabulous in it! Ara Arcadia Mellenkamp - Soom SO Beryl

I noticed this fandom has a severe lack of good Misako headcanons, so here’s a few of mine:

-Misako seems pretty chill most of the time but holy crap if Lloyd literally does anything she’s like “THAT’S MY SON!! MY BABY BOY!! LOOK AT HIM GO!!” and she’s super supportive.

-She acts as like a second mom to Nya and Kai a lot and is quite supportive of them too. Heck, if she could she would hang everything the team does up on the refrigerator she would.

-She loves photography and her favorite place to take photos of is the forest near the volcano and Stiix on rainy days.

-She’s a huge history nerd (well, of course, she’s an archaeologist) and loves telling the ninja stories of things from long ago. She will also completely destroy you in history trivia and debates about events in history.

-She likes listening to old classical music and basically traditional music, but surprisingly, Lloyd got her into 80’s metal and pop.

-She’s not the best cook, but she tries to make up for it by helping the others with cooking the best she can.

-Nya often goes to her for emotional support and Misako often checks in on her to see if she’s doing okay if she’s having an off day.

-She tries to stay up to date with memes and usually doesn’t understand them, but she tries her best.

-She and Wu are best friends but become mortal enemies while playing games like chess.

-This is the third time I’ve said this but she’s really supportive??? She loves all her kids??

Feel free to add on!


Finally received my 「Kalafina “9+ONE”」 merchandise package ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Today, I finally got my package from Japan. I feel like it took almost a month T_T. Oh well, serves me right for choosing SAL also known as “Slow Ass Lifted”.

Anyways, I got the following ┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→

  1. Kalafina 9+ONE Pamphlet: Find my scans here (Keiko set), here (Wakana set), here (Hikaru set) and here (group set)! ^_^ At ¥3,700 it’s pricier than most pamphlets but then again, we are getting a lovely hard cover book with 56 pages (nice kinda glossy paper, none of that matte stuff we got for some of the previous pamphlets). The only downside, the book isn’t bound too well which makes it rather fragile. Then again, that made it so much easier to scan the pages XD
    For this pamphlet the girls got to do pretty much whatever they wanted with their solo photoshoots. Out of the three sets, Hikaru’s is my favourite, she got really creative with her photos, I particularly love the collage!!! It seems so personal and up-close, Hikaru is just too precious for this world! Wakana’s pics are gorgeous as always but there’s nothing out of the ordinary (I wish they would lay off some of those effects…). I am intrigued by Keiko’s choices. The more I look at her pics, the more I love all of them (especially the one with just her silhouette and mermaid-Cakey.) Then of course there’s that pic with Wakana and Hikaru! Ahhh! My shipper heart!!(。♥‿♥。) That picture is totally representative of Keiko!
    I wish they hadn’t photoshopped the hell out of those Arena Live pics. Keiko looks like an alien in that one pic. The girls are beautiful as they are, they really don’t need such excessive photoshopping. They don’t need any at all to be honest!
    We also get some lovely and quite detailed interviews. Maybe one day I’ll have the time and energy to translate them but no promises >_<
  2. Kalafina 9+ONE Clear-File: I can never resist their clear-files!!! I wish there was a way I could have all of them but that’s just me dreaming T_T.
  3. Kalafina 9+ONE Notebook & Pen: I am a sucker for pretty stationary and I gotta say, that notebook looks really fancy with its shiny font and such. It’s unruled (which was undoubtedly Hikaru’s idea. By now we all know that she loves unruled notebooks because she can be more creative with them - as stated here) and the pages have a great quality, I will enjoy writing on them (now I just need to figure out what to use this notebook for XD). As expected, the pen is rather plain (I would have wished for a more elaborate design) but at least the quality isn’t too shabby. It’s surprisingly easy to write with it (and believe me, I am very hard to please when it comes to pens ^_^).
  4. Last but not least, I got a new custom made agenda for this year. My current one ends with this month so I decided to make a new one. I am super happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to use all of my stickers again.

1. Avant-Grocery

Drew welcomes the model to a grocery store, the location for their next photoshoot. He explains that the shoot is inspired by a Chanel runway show.

Ehh, I’d guess it has more to do with how under-budget it was for ANTM to rent a bodega for the day, but inspiration can come in many forms! Honestly, when I first saw the preview for the shoot, I thought the real source of inspiration was this meme:

Somehow, half the models can’t even manage to hit this mark, though.

Speaking of inspiration, the designer responsible for the day’s outfits is Nicola Formichetti, the man behind Lady Gaga’s outrageous looks. To determine which model will wear which dress, he meets with them one-on-one to discover their essence.  

Nicola repeats a phrase we hear a lot this episode, and countless times in Top Model past: “Wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you.” It’s a meaningless cliché at this point, but the intent is obviously to indicate that the models shouldn’t let the dress overpower them. That’s a lot easier said than done in avant-garde dresses that are designed explicitly to steal all the attention.

When Nicola meets with Giah, he wants to transform her into a bombshell. Possibly literally.

Actually, she’s assigned something equally as explosive: balloons. We can’t even tell that she’s got balloons under her tutu until later, though, which made this quote especially outrageous:

Is Giah smuggling cocaine in her anus?! The winner of ANTM 23 truly has to be it all: a supermodel, a brand, a business, a boss, and a drug mule.

Because the balloons aren’t visible unless Giah is literally tipped over for an upskirt shot (classy!) Drew has her lay down on the meat section and he finds the results surprisingly unsatisfying.

Yeah, well no duh it looks like shit! This whole thing is shit! She can barely move around either or her dress pops!

The judges are more receptive to Paige’s shot in the same location, calling it:

That doesn’t even make sense, although I suppose the steak has a longer shelf life than Britney’s first marriage. For my money, Paige looks about as dead as the meat products she’s reclining on.

India is criticized for looking “short.” When they dress you to look like a blob, it’s important to look like an elongated blob!

Drew chews out Kyle a good deal for not reflecting the environment she’s in. Apparently, he wants her to be ecstatic to wear deadly shoes in a grocery store. “Pretend you’re at the store opening!” he instructs her. Kyle smiles but the reaction is not good enough. Drew stresses the excitement of being at a store opening, but who the hell gets even a tiny bit excited at a grocery store opening?

If this is really how Drew reacts to a store opening, Whole Foods should hire him quick!

Nicola gets one look at Krislian and decides she’s too sexy. (An exasperated Krislian finally wonders aloud, “Is it because I’m Latina?” Sadly, probably!) Telling her that “oversexed becomes cheesy” and tries to play against her image by putting her in over-the-top funeral garb.

The editors try to make Krislian look incompetent during her shoot, but of course her veil is going to get stuck on her crown if they make her throw it over head. They actually show this exact clip twice to make it seem like it keeps happening, too. Drew thinks she’s not doing right by this “million dollar dress.”

You know how we know these aren’t really million dollar dresses? No one seems to give a shit when Marissa drenches herself in milk.

The judges adore Marissa’s photo, even though it’s pretty much an ass shot. They think she captured the right mood for the shoot and I can’t disagree because, again, it’s an ass shot.

All in all, though, I love how bizarre these photos are. That’s some vintage WTF ANTM right there, and the reason I continue to tune in.

5 Funniest Moments from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 5

This is the story I was talking about yesterday with Sheldon and Amy sending “dirty” pictures to each other.  I was going to break it into two parts because it is pretty long, but I’m just going to make it one.  It was written as one.  I don’t have any sweet cliffhangers or anything.  Not my style.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  It’s a little silly, but I’m okay with that.

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anonymous asked:

What were the other cast members like? I'm sure the encounter was too brief to truly gain an idea of them as individuals, but it's so cool that you experienced that!

I mean the one with Sasha was the longest and lasted like 10 minutes. The others were moved on pretty quick because they had to go to their photo shoot. Talked to Marlene for a long time too (which is how we know they had sex in 5x05). Sammy as well, who talked about she and Shay loving Emison

anonymous asked:

Exactly, he literally looks the same except for a few hairs on his face. How about commenting instead on how sweet it was that he told her she looked nice? Or how lovely it was that he bought the guys drinks in the last photo we got?

I definitely think he looks better without it, his face is too pretty to hide and I usually prefer a little scruff but I mean it’s not such a big deal? He still looks good? It’s still him. And he’s still super nice buying fans drinks and complementing them and being an adorable tiny puppy. I know that most people are joking and that there isn’t really anything else to talk about at the moment but sometimes the comments are just too annoying.

Request: Don't Forget That

Request: it sounds kinda cliche, but reads and Adam (can you tell I love him?) have an argument over something stupid and the reader leaves upset and ends up in an accident, ends up in hospital, doctor isn’t sure the reader’ll survive, but when they do wake up can’t remember anything, including Adam, but he’s there all the time and helps the reader to regain some memories and looks after them and fluff and yeah bye🙈x

Word Count: 918

Here it is, I really hope you like it! Thanks!<3

You snatch up the car keys on your way out, ignoring Adam’s protests from behind you.

“Y/N, wait!”

You pause by the door just long enough for you to turn around and glare daggers at him.

“Go to hell, Adam.”

It’s a low blow. You know it is. But you doubt you’ve ever been this angry at him and you can’t bear to see his face to even another second. You storm out into the garage and climb into your car, starting it up and driving off. You don’t know where you’re going and you don’t know for how long, all you know is that you have to get as far away as possible, as quickly as possible.

You’re going too fast. You don’t care. You’re speeding out into a junction and a 4x4 has the same idea and you try to swerve but it’s too late and-

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The repetitive sound seems to bore into your aching head. Talking about aching, everything aches.

You remember… you remember a 4x4. And you were going fast. But… but why?

“Y/N?” A voice asks. Whoever it is, he’s close to you, his breath tickling your face. Upon forcing your eyes open, his own widen. You squint against the stark, sterile white of the hospital room.

“Oh, thank God you’re awake.” The guy breathes, raking a hand through his mussed blonde hair, “I was worried that you wouldn’t ever wake up and-“

“I’m sorry,” You say quietly, “But… who are you?”

His face changes entirely, going from that happy relief to pure panic.

“What do you mean? You’re just messing with me! Right?”

“No. No. I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.”

His eyes widen substantially, and he takes a shaky breath.

“I’m Adam.” He says slowly, hoping it’ll spark a memory, “I’m your boyfriend. We met in high school, but then fell out of touch for a while. We’ve been dating for three years, and moved in together last month. How can you forget?

“I’m sorry,” You whisper, “I am. I’m sorry.”

He stays silent for a long moment, desperately hoping something will click into place and you’ll remember him.

“Hey, it’s okay.” He says suddenly, “When you get out of here, we’ll go some places. Then you’ll remember me.”

You nod, hoping you will. You must have been happy before, you think. Adam says he’s going to get some food, and a nurse comes in, checking over your vitals. She isn’t too surprised to hear about your amnesia.

“You took a nasty bump to the head,” She explains, “It wasn’t pretty. Just… get him to show you some photos, that’s been known to help.” She pauses, as if hesitant to tell you something, “When he got here, not long after you, he was an absolute wreck. I think you must’ve argued about something, because he kept telling me that the last thing he told you couldn’t be that he hated you. He hasn’t left your bedside.”

You can’t help but smile a little, “Must be love, huh?” You offer. She laughs.

“Sure must be. Don’t worry about it, okay? Even in your old memories don’t come back, you can make new ones.”

You smile at the idea, “Yeah. Yeah, I guess we can.”


When you’re finally let out of the hospital, Adam gets you to agree to swing by a few places to try and jog your memory.

First you go to a little park, a small pond teeming with fish and kids running around.

“Our first date?” He asks. You merely shake your head.

Next, you go to a little diner and drink a couple of cokes.

“First kiss?”

Still, nothing.

Finally, he takes you to a school. You stand outside the gates.

“Where we met?”

“I remember going here, but nothing about you.”

He just sighs, mumbles something about it being okay, and you go on your way. When you get home, you look through a photo album. It’s definitely you and it’s definitely him and you’re definitely very in love – the only problem being, you have zero recollection of any of this.

After a while, your head begins to ache so you take some painkillers and go to bed. You fall asleep easily – it’s what happens once you’re asleep that bothers you.

“Why don’t you remember me, Y/N? I love you!”

You can’t hear him, it’s just his voice in a huge smoky void that keeps threatening to swallow you up.

“Don’t you love me?”

You try to shout back a response, an apology, but you can’t.

“I thought we loved each other! We said forever, don’t you remember?”

Then, suddenly, as if sucked back by a giant vacuum cleaner, the mist disappears, giving way to a torrent of sights and sounds and smells and-

You wake with a jolt, gasping in air as if you hadn’t breathed in a month.

You remember everything.

You’re out of bed and racing over the room in seconds, ignoring the aching in your battered body.

“Adam!” You yell, “Adam! Where are you?”

“Y/N?” He calls in response. You barrel into him as he appears at the end of the corridor, your arms tightly around him as if you never want to let go.

“Did you remember?” He asks quietly, hugging you back. You nod into his chest, and he laughs gleefully in response.

“I love you.” You whisper, and he kisses the top of your head.

“I love you, too. Don’t forget that, okay?”

You laugh, “Okay.”