i love this photo a lot uwu

what tumblr stereotype are you

- tyler joseph is my smol bean child uwu clique represent!!
- Egalitarian. Anti-Feminist. Anti-SJ. Anti-Bullshit. Pro-Logic. I talk like a overhyped video game boss.
- silent gif/icon maker
- apathetic gay
- over positive plantkin uwu uwu uwu the world loves u!!!!!!!
- tracks you down over unfollowing, one strike youre problematic™
- emotional gay
- confused photo blogger who doesnt keep up with current events

anonymous asked:


Anon:Roxy’s so cute in that christmas pic omg

Anon:Omg santa Janey is so cute uwu

Anon:I didn’t know I loved Santa Dirk until now… look at him!

Anon: <3 Dirk’s smile!!

Anon:*Dirks hand is grabbing Jakes booty and you can’t tell me otherwise*

lmao ((actually both of his hands are visible in the pic)

Anon:ur art is giving me hot hots for hot mom how are you doing that

Anon:You should draw Jane more often because GODDAMN do you draw her well!

thanks a lot! she’s really fun to draw! I wish I liked her more in canon so I could draw her more often ahh ;v;

omg most of the comments on this pic are on Jane apparently ((I’m checking the tags on in)

also while checking the tags I found this and I’m laughing