i love this persons art uwah

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Hi there! :D I love your art and your yamaguchi is so precious <3 I was wondering if you had also multiple rair ships with the trash king, I've seen your oiyama, oisuga, oihina (and if you have considered one of my personal favs oikuroo o(*゚▽゚*)o)


Aaahh tbh Oikawa’s hair is really hard for me to draw so I don’t draw him often… but I do ship multiple pairings of Oikawa! (I’ve only drawn some of them)

((UshiOi lmao))

OiYama (obviously)

OiSuga ((they’re so prety together I love them))

aaand of course I also like OiKuro, OIKURODAI, OiIwa(obviously), OiKuni, OiKage, OiIwaKage(!!!) okay I’ll stop here ☆

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Magic anon: Cup is now human for 6 asks

❝ ……why. ❞

《 this human cup design was created by and belongs to the lovely @sunny-sundaes !! the sweetheart is letting me borrow for this M!A !! please check them out their art is amazing and they’re overall a wonderful person uwah, c h e r i s h them 》

《 their art blog is @sunny-drawdaes