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The Prince and his Consort | Chapter 8: Alliance part 1&2 by @zodiacdog101

“After a tense moment, a tall, porcelain man, in a decorated kimono stepped out at the top of the stairs. Yuuri gasped, and his mouth was left agape. The alpha expected the older Prince to wear the Russian Imperial uniform. Instead the omega was wearing traditional furisode, which somehow made Victor even more stunning than the alpha remembered.”


きたああああ!! I bundled the CDs together so I got both in one package. And I got Louis’ & Leo’s mini scenario bromide <3 (idk if there are others, can anyone confirm? Edit: it looks like the bromide are given randomly i.e. there should be Alan/Alyn, Byron/Xeno, and Giles/Jill too igottheonesiwantedyass)

The CD in yellow is a tokuten/store bonus from ordering both at the animate store~ It contains each of the cast commenting on the recording, answering a question (”イケメン王宮のせかいで王になたらまず何をしますか” / “What will you do first if you become a king in the world of Midnight Cinderella?”), and a message for the listeners. Stellasworth also has a tokuten (scenario booklets) but I much prefer this one (=w=)b Tachibana-san’s ‘evil’ laugh lmao :’D

Marvelous Marco - NovelistAngel23 - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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“Come on,” he insisted, eyes sparkling with desperation and excitement and the kind of surety that came with knowing he was doing what was right.

Marco questioned him with silent eyes, staring at the truck and the blanket covered tank as Jean regaled him with tales of the open road—of the ocean waiting at the end of it. “I’ll take you home. The Gulf of Mexico—it’ll be sunny when we get there, and I’ll set you free. You’ll never have to perform again. I’ll take good care of you.”

Marco popped his head out of the water.

“Come on, Marco. Let’s run away.”

That was… a very average and a bit underwhelming episode, at least in the most important part.

While the animation was mostly consistent and really beautiful at times I can’t help but feel like most of the emotional impact of Full Moon was lost. Up until the spike it was well done and beautiful but then…the reactions came and…no pay off.

It’s mostly because Akiteru has been handled a bit poorly through the season, I get it, they only got 10 episodes, they don’t have time to add all of his comments and remarks… but this was Tsukki’s moment, the moment that sets the whole flow and feeling of the rest of the match…and yet his reaction to Kei’s spike was completely underwhelming (well they’ve been making Akiteru way less emotional than he actually is and we know that’s what sets him appart from Kei, he’s very emotional and actually shows it)

My little brother is the…!!

best i guess.

While in the manga

He was crying, not because of the amazing block his brother did, but because he finally sees Kei belonging to the team, why is this very important and why does it make me mad they skipped it? well it comes from this person:

Akiteru beats himself for ruining volleyball for Kei, so of course it’s only natural that he’s emotional and crying about it, to finally see your brother overcoming what you ruined for him “Kei is finally acting like he’s a real part of the team” Akiteru knows how much Kei struggles to trust himself and other people, that’s why this moment meant so much for both Tsukki and him…why did they skip it OTL

And then of course, the 3rd gym deleted scene which totally messed up the 1 point is as good as 100

When this scene didn’t show up in the equivalent anime episode I got a bad feeling…and I’m so sad I was right, they simply skipped it, disrupting the whole point of the block.

Kuro’s words give meaning to what Tsukki was trying to do, he knew that blocking Ushijima was important to turn the tables, to show that they can actually win AND IT was the reason for both Hinata and Tsukishima’s so dang cute moment. Kuroo messed up his wise words at the end (its ok, you tried) and the words were left in the air, so when THE POINT happened who reminded Tsukki of them?

Hinata of course! the message stick with Hinata in a more literal sense and I dare say he’s been thinking of them all this time because hey, kuroo-san said them, they must mean something cool (oh how I adore you sweet sunshine child), Tsukki probably had dismissed the words until that moment - Notice how he smiles before he smirks- yup those words finally made sense! Akaashi, Bokuto and Kuroo are so important for our noodle’s development and it’s just so so sad it was skipped. (Not to mention Hinata’s words make no sense in the anime because they basically lack context)

Don’t get me wrong, IG is making a wonderful job overall (I actually loved the episode, the voice acting was supreme specially) as someone who has been struggling with really bad adaptations of their fave mangas for years, HQ!! has been so refreshing, I can always trust IG because it’s evident how much they love the original material but saddly this episode didn’t live up to the manga chapter at all, and at least for me, it was the episode I was more excited about so I’m just conflicted.

Just…please read the manga. (you’re also missing on how wonderful the Shiratori boys are, a lot of their interactions and inner thoughts are being skipped as well ;_;)