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Some Swapfell style study I did before of Swapfell’s original creator Kkopphang and another artist Eli-sin-g.

It’s a shame the original creator is no longer with us :c

I was going to do something with them for some Outerswapfell designs but never got around to it and these boys have been sitting in my files doing nothing since sooooo… >w<”


Alex Turner + favorite outfits (EYCTE tour) part 1

(part 2

(part 3)


Okay, so Oikawa literally has his own official & organised fan club.

As a member you get an Oi-Card (omfg), and it says you can use it at Shimada Mart, Sakanoshita Shoten and various other stores with benefits. I just can’t believe this nerd actually has an organised fan club, with even a member card. I have so many questions. Who started it?? How many members are there? Is Iwa-chan a member??????

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hehe yes yuuri what do those rings mean ;3

you bet they are and awwww look at how happy and proud victor is about it 


that delicate closeup though


omggg yes phichit yesssssssss

hes so genuine like how can you not love this boy

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and bonus haha cause i loved this part soo much xD otabek and yurio you guys are the best


Kaji Yuki (Ashiya’s VA) & Maeno Tomoaki (Abeno’s VA) commenting on each other and each other’s character d(°v°)b

About Maeno/Abeno

Q: How was it like to work with Maeno-san?

Kaji: Maeno-kun and I entered the same agency around the same time, and we’ve known each other for more than ten years. Since we haven’t had many chances to work together up until now, I am really happy that we got to collaborate extensively this time. We’ve been through the ups and downs together, so his presence at the recording site always gives me reassurance. Maeno-kun’s Abeno-san feels just like the image I had in my head after reading the manga. Possessing both youth and the mature vibe from having seen through the worldly matters, I think (Maeno) fully brought out Abeno-san’s professionalism and tenderness through his voice acting.

Q: To Kaji-san, what kind of person is “Abeno Haruitsuki”?

Kaji: The master of Mononokean. Although he appears harsh, there actually is a kind side to him. He does talk meanly though… *laughs* I think he is a professional who handles everything smoothly. Since Abeno-san is still a character surrounded by all kinds of mystery, I’m curious about what’s going to happen in the future!

About Kaji/Ashiya

Q: How was it like to work with Kaji-san?

Maeno: As always, Kaji-kun is so good. I can feel courage gushing out whenever I stand in front of the mic with him. Only with Yuki. I really love the way he puts his soul into voice acting rather than aiming for specific effects.

Q: To Maeno-san, what kind of person is “Ashiya Hanae”?

Maeno: An honest teenage boy with a very kind heart. Maybe that’s why Abeno considers him not fit for the job of youkai exorcising, but I think Abeno is actually learning quite a lot from Ashiya.

~from the Fukigen na Mononokean Fanbook “Arbeit Manual”

Beautiful Creation

@nerdflash - I hope it’s okay I went with God!Chuck. Hope you like it <3 I love cheesy fluff XD 

Originally posted by lucifersagents

It was hard not to sulk. Every part of you ached from emotional exhaustion as you wiped what you hoped were the last of your tears away. Chuck sat across from you, leaning forward with his chin on his folded arms to try to keep his gaze level with yours.

You weren’t sure how he knew that you needed someone, but he arrived without question and sat across from you, not saying a word, just lending you his emotional support in your time of need.

He smiled sympathetically, looking almost guilty that he had created man with the freedom to be so cruel, and that in itself made you crack a smile for the first time in days.

“You’re better than that” he said finally, voice crackling from the two of your having been silent for so long.

“I don’t feel better than that” you replied with a sad smile.

“Maybe I just haven’t created anyone worthy of you yet” he offered with a grin, stretching forward to nudge your elbow with his. Something on his expression caught your eye though and you furrowed your brows.

“You really think that?” you asked, sitting up and stretching out your back that had been starting to cramp.

He gave a non-committal shrug, staring down at his hands. It was hard to believe that God himself could be so… human.

“Chuck? You’re starting to make me think that I’m doomed to a life of solitude. Should I join a convent or something?” you teased, though the worry seeped into your tone.

“No, no it’s not that” he quickly shook his head.

You waited patiently, fiddling with your fingers as you hoped he would continue with some sort of explanation.

“Truth be told, Y/N…” Chuck began, his voice low and his eyes anywhere but you.

“I’ve created a lot of things, but I don’t think any of them could compare to how beautiful you are” he stated, looking up at your from under his lashes, as if nervous to see your reaction.

Whatever answer you had been expecting, it certainly wasn’t that. You balked at him, forcing your jaw to remain shut though it desperately wanted to hang open in awe and wonder.

“You…” you started, trying to wrap your head around the concept.

“It’s stupid, it’s stupid. Forget I said anything” Chuck backpedalled, pushing away from the counter and waving his hands like he was trying to erase the words that hung between you.

You considered it for a moment, rolling it over in your mind while an elated burble swelled within you, overpowering any sadness you felt as though it never existed in the first place.

Standing up so fast you knocked your chair over and reached across the table to grab Chuck by his shirt, pulling him forward and bringing your lips together in the middle. Though thrown off by your suddenness, Chuck soon reciprocated and you could feel the smile spreading across his face even as you kissed.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” you scolded him playfully, though whatever response he might have had, you cut off by kissing him again.


Sebastian's Sexual Pick Up Lines #2

Sebastian: Hey, young master. I got you a riddle.

Ciel: Okay then.

Sebastian: What has 132 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?

Ciel: Uhhhh… Teeth? I don’t know… I don’t know… -frowns- What’s up with that stupid riddle anyways?!

Sebastian: -smirks- The answer is my zipper.


Sebastian: Sooooo?

Ciel: …. Sebastian, sometimes you’re just a pain in the arse…

Sebastian: Then how about adding some lubricants?! -laughs- Eh? Eh? -wink, wink- -nudge, nudge-

Ciel: -glares-

Sebastian: Oh come on! That was better than the old one!

Ciel: -still glaring-

Sebastian: -sighs- Fine! I’ll get back to work….

Black Sea

A/N: The first half was written by @ghikij This is our attempt to sorta rationalize how a DiaKanan scene would go based on their characters, since we don’t have any canon scenario to base their interaction off of lmao.
Note: This blip took place in ep7, like a behind-the-scenes sort of story
Words: 3,532
Characters: Kurosawa Dia, Matsuura Kanan

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‘You should get to know me.’

I sent the email to the tattoo artist and now I will screech xD 

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Omg the little piece of the Contest you posted makes me even more excited (if that is even possible) for the next part!! You're such a tease and I love it xD <3

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It’s almost done…just need to go over it about a hundred more times before I post lol  

Bucky is so fun to write ;)