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SEGA said that this peculiar part of the “Fist Bump” soundtrack was going to appear at a very important part in the game. Everyone’s saying that it didn’t appear in the promised “important scene”, but it did in Null Space. Unfortunately, it wasn’t executed well. 

I’m a sucker for symbolism and motifs, so here goes: 

A big motif in the game is friendship and the strength that comes from it. Against all odds, what with Eggman owning nearly all the world and Infinite being virtually unstoppable, Sonic and co. managed to win and it’s mostly because they worked together. 

In the scene where Eggman puts Sonic into Null Space, he wasn’t counting on the Avatar to get sucked in as well. He was intending to put Sonic in alone, giving him no chance of escape. However, because the Avatar showed up and, against Sonic’s words (“Buddy, no! You’ll get sucked in, too!”), the Avatar sacrifices his/her own safety for a rescue attempt. They both end up in Null Space together, and it’s only together that they can complete a Double Boost, allowing them to escape. 

The scene and the relationship between Sonic and Avatar also acts as a foil to the character of Infinite, who seems to think very lowly of friendship and teamwork. Lo and behold, it is Infinite who creates the pocket of Null Space that was supposed to keep Sonic – who was supposed to be alone – trapped forever. 

When Sonic and the Avatar escape Null Space, the rest of “Fist Bump” plays, which is a song that focuses entirely on teamwork. 


Oh boy, the trash inside me has been awoken and arisen from the dead to bring you more MLB art! I sure missed drawing my babies!

It took me whole week to complete this baby <3

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Hello guys.. Damy here..

I have no words as to how the heckie am I supposed to say this, but I’ll try my best. During three years I ran a YT channel named Winx Onydex and years later created a Tumblr and Twitter and some other social media. I met incredible and fantastic friends that taught me how to strengthen the quality of my videos and everything I posted. My life centered around that channel which inspired a lot of fans who I absolutely love and will hold dear in my heart.

That what is going on? I’m.. leaving. Not temporarily. This is a final mark. This is the end of the line. This is the part where everything finishes. That why is this happening? I’m Christian but part of a conservative family. Just now my dad found out about everything I created and everything I held dear once. Yes, my YT channel was a secret to my family. I couldn’t tell them with the fear that this might happen.

Yes.. I know this might sound childish and might sound like “my dad found out about everything #noclickbait”. I live in a family where everything has to be centered about who we worship and nothing to glorify ourselves. I created Winx Onydex in order for me to let my creativity show and not being like “aha, i created something but it’s kinda stupid lel”.

What is going to happen now?

My Tumblr and Twitter is going to be in charge of @flappy007.. She’ll let you know guys if anything happens. My YT channel is still on stake.

How are you feeling?

Remember that one scene from “The Little Mermaid” where Triton found out that Ariel was hiding human stuff because she KNEW what he was gonna say and then found out and destroyed everything? Like that. My body hurts too much right now. Haven’t stopped crying, have nauseas and don’t know if I wanna do anything today.

What about Spaceling, Foreign Fire and The Onydex Trilogy?

Sadly, all of that is going to be canceled until further notice. As I said, I’ll let you guys know.


Guys.. As everything was happening, I was talking to @costar12 about this…

Guys, he’s NOT okay. I’m asking of you, my dear followers, to be there for him as everything passes by.

Will you come back?

I can’t make promises. But I doubt it that I’ll come back. I’ll only be in touch with my closest friends via Discord..

As I said… I’ll let you guys know, and please reblog this to let ALL of my internet friends know. Thank you.

I’m Winx Onydex and I sign out.

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Finn Wolfhard dropping a box of Froot Loops in the Behind the Scenes video for Sonora 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY @incomingtransmissionfromearth!!!! ! !!!! MEGATRONNN!!!! MEGANNN!!! MEGAN FOX!!!! I HOPE YOUR DAY IS LOVELY !!!! ! ! CAN’T WAIT TO HANG WITH U GIIRL!!! ! U ROCK LADY!!! ❀ AHHHH!!! <333

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