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People will come up and be like, “Hey! Thank you so much; you pulled me out of such a dark time in my life, the content that you do makes me smile everyday, we love your videos, you help me out so much” and I just want you guys to see that its a two way street. You know, that you guys doing the simple act of watching a video or engaging in a live stream or leaving a positive comment, like it makes a huge difference to me, to Steph, Jason and Chris. Like, you guys also pulled me out of one of the darkest times in my life. And my life has never been the same and I could’ve never predicted it and I’m so lucky to be here on stage talking to all of you. So you know, all of you who are like ‘thank you for making your content’, I just want to say thank you to you guys. Because you guys are awesome.
—  Matthew Patrick, GTLive

Ever since Julie announced that season 4 would be the final season of Skam I’ve been in a constant state of denial. But seeing all the videos and pictures of today’s party gave me a slap of realization like dam IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS SKAM WILL BE GONE FORVER :(

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Yo guys, I really love your videos! I follow both of your channels >w<! Anyway, that would be funny if you made a video like "reactions of (characters/cosplayers) while playing (horror games)". Have a nice day


Thanks man, glad you like them!

- We can definitely, try! I think the hard part is getting us together these Days

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- Em (Denmark)

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Hey, 38 for the OC thing?

38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?

sunny came to mind first, he’s my only gem who actually dances, and his dance is tango. being a gem he’s just naturally gifted and seeing how happy he is to fuse, he’s obviously also happy to dance. I actually traced a neat tango/ballet gif i made from a part of this video for the fusion of sunny and pearl;

to make the answer more interesting for those who were aware of all that gem talk, here’s meena who is probably a fairly good dancer, she’s a circus performer, an acrobat and a knife throwing target;

also her husband bruce can probably dance too tbh. he can be a suave italian-american so i wouldn’t even be surprised. i love how i know a whole lot about bruce, him being my character and all, but there are some things that i can just assume but not be sure about. he seems like he could probably dance. he also seems like someone who most likely owns a gun. 

after writing all of this i actually just remembered that part of bruce and meena’s knife throwing routine is actually a dance intro so there ya go

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Omg! I love part 6 of Penthesilea!!! You know I kinda picture that smutty scene at the end like the angsty smut scene of Achilles and Briseis in the Troy movie. Hahah

I can’t even remember that scene haha. To be honest, I’m one of those people that if I watch a movie based on history or mythology, I spend most of it loudly criticizing the parts that are different from the original material…

(Which is ironic, considering I write fanfiction…)

But maybe I can find a video of the scene online and check it out ^_^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @incomingtransmissionfromearth!!!! ! !!!! MEGATRONNN!!!! MEGANNN!!! MEGAN FOX!!!! I HOPE YOUR DAY IS LOVELY !!!! ! ! CAN’T WAIT TO HANG WITH U GIIRL!!! ! U ROCK LADY!!! ❀ AHHHH!!! <333

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NEW VIDEO: “A Matter of Life or Death: LGBTQ+ Refugees”: Being LGBTQ+ in the United States can definitely be difficult, but in some countries around the world you can go to jail or even be killed if you are out of the closet. For part 5 of my Pride Month series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience,” I met two incredible members of our community, Shadi (from Syria) and Sharifa (from Uganda) who went to incredible lengths to flee their home countries to avoid persecution. You’ll love them.


100 Days of London Flat Memories → (37/100)

WHO’S YOUR YOUTUBER BFF? - Dan and Phil play: PopJam

here’s an overprotective grunkles montage for your overprotective grunkle needs

So no one told you life was gonna be this gayyyyyy *clap clap* 

It’s ya girl Elliot back at it again with the Thomas Sanders Art (after way too long but shhhh) When the joke was made in the video I knew I had to parody a Brady Bunch Poster. But, since it was 2am, you get it now, plus a bonus speedpaint! Here’s the sappy note part: Thank you, so much, @thatsthat24, @welcome-to-the-joangle, @tallykat3, @jayisjo and everyone else. I’ve struggled a lot with my identity this year and just the support and love you all radiate means the world to us. Thank you. 




  • the reason melodrama is so complex is that it simultaneously celebrates and criticises parties as a place where the rules no longer apply 
  • parties give us an illusion of control? confined in the world of the party it’s all ‘our rules, our dreams’ and we are ‘kings and queens’
  • homemade dynamite is such a call to arms for our generation okay it feels like a metaphor for the potential we all have to create change 
  • but equally could be a metaphor for our self-destructive tendencies??? 
  • the louvre is beautiful because it glorifies the tiny beautiful moments, relationships that don’t last forever but are still beautiful and priceless and are still works of art - masterpieces and still good enough for the louvre
  • also this is a song about writing a love song? ‘broadcast the boom boom boom and make ‘em all dance to it’ that is literally the conventional role of pop music? 
  • okay but hear me out i think liability/hard feelings are two versions of the same story, liability immediately after the split and hard feelings in retrospect!!!!! there are so many parallels!!!
  • let go of this endless summer afternoon vs. every endless summer’s eating me alive 
  • well i guess i should go vs. well i guess i’ll go home 
  • big mistake of dancing in my storm vs.  how you’d dance for me 
  • i am obsessed with how sober ii explores the performance of being a young adult like ‘oh how fast the evening passes’ and the references to ‘champagne’ suggests some form of performed sophistication 
  • ‘we told you this was melodrama’ could play on this idea of performing a role, or alternatively could play on the way society views the lives of millennials - melodramatic and ridiculous!!!
  • ‘they’ll talk about us, all the lovers, how we kissed and killed each other’  reminds us that this is our legacy, this is how we live forever - it’s super self-reflective and seems to call on us to consider the mark we are leaving on the world BUT also ‘romanticises us making us the stuff of myth and legend, we are immortalised forever in our scandal 
  • writer in the dark!!!!! so like to begin with that double meaning - kissing her literally in the dark / kissing her while he kept her in the dark about how he really felt 
  • this is lorde’s ‘blank space’ revenge song okay fight me on this 
  • her secret power is being able to keep him forever bc she ‘locks him in her heart’ he’ll rue the day he kissed her because in doing so he sealed his fate!!!
  • okay so love of my life supercut: every chorus is like the actual supercut playing back all the good parts back - that sunny pre-chorus with the repetition, mirroring the idea of a highlights reel playing over and over again
  • but it’s also a metaphor for seeing a past relationship through rose-tinted glasses/the way nostalgia makes things beautiful - she is only remembering the beautiful parts
  • okay but the ultimate storyline of the album seems to be from green light, sober, homemade dynamite we get the impression that ‘all there is, is the party’, whereas liability reprise suggests that ‘maybe all this is the party’ which is such a beautiful and hopeful discovery for the album to make - leading straight into perfect places, which celebrates life with all it’s imperfections and flaws!!!