i love this part of the video

I dont know if i alredy send this, because my internet is bad ;u;

So, Jakei-senpai! I realy LOVE, underverse, and i hope this amazing animation serie have a great underversary <3

 Ever time i was bored or sad, i watch again the Underverse videos, and i feel better! You are a amazing and nice person, Jakei! I hope you be fine!

Happy underversary!!!! :3

(ps: sorry for the bad english ;u; i am a brazilian fan! <3)

Response: Thank you so much for your words and your fanart. Maybe the next part is taking so much this time but I’m really glad you still watching the other parts. I hope the next one can make you feel better, too!

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Okay but imagine the fact that during that video, Anx's interactions with Logan probably gave him hope that maybe the others didn't hate him and maybe he could fit in and be a part of the team but then by the end of the video when everyone's praising/comforting Roman and he slips away without anyone noticing he realises he may never fit in with them at all and then he cries and angst is the best i love it

y'all are angsty af jfc

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I don't think she actually made it for him... if you look in her twitter she has that video made for someone else who asked for it. I think he just dubbed a voiceover with the miniminter part... idk. Glad you're back! 😘

Idk either. It just wasn’t a wise decision on his behalf. I personally think he loves winding the crazy fan girls up. In my opinion I think he lives for the reactions that putting that in his outro is going to get, because surely no one’s that stupid to think something like that wouldn’t get a reaction because he’s well aware of the amount of fan girls he has and how many of em that will piss off. But thank you doll! Irrespective of everything that i’ve come back to I’m glad to be back 😚

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Hi: I just finished watching the Tale of Two Rulers videos, and oh my god I loved them! The soundtrack was amazing (was that all original?), great sound effects, and the voice acting was fluid and effortless. I enjoyed it! Great job! I can't wait to see more of you and your team's work :-)

We used like 5 tracks from the Warcraft OST but each one was from the second part, all the other music you hear IS completely original! You should check out our composer ClefferNotes on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClefferNotes

BUT THANK YOU I worked super hard on it and even though it’s not getting nearly as many views as our other videos I still had a blast getting everyone together for this project- I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

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Okay, I have just seen your say no to this and it's really great and I love it but... In the later parts of the video, it looks like Male!Maria is trying to rape Alexandra and many people in the comment section have commented about it, I feel conflicted right now.

They’re kids~ but lemme finish the animatic im not done yet. Let them comment About their problem , thats jot my probs… Anywaye thankss
(Youve watch a bunch of hamil animatic how can you 0
not see her doing a yes face)


“Sports athletes you want to be as your boyfriend” ranking :
1st. Shohei OHTANI
2nd. Yuzuru HANYU

The pict below is the reasons for choosing Yuzuru by the voters :

💟 He looks kind
💟 He looks like a prince
💟 His smile which tickles your maternal instinct
💟 He hates to lose
💟 He is ambitious
💟 (the voters) want to dote him with love
💟 to bring him up/ to nurture him ( this part is a bit confusing, cmiiw if you have better translation please inform me ^^ )

*disclaimer : i might not do justice to the 100% correct translation, please do inform me for any correction ^_^

Source : x

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omg Mint! Do you follow Zack's clothing line mailing list? He sent us some news plus he literally sent us a Merrikat montage video! I'm not a shipper or wahtever, but just tell me that this isn't the best thing ever?! I love Zack so much and now I love him even more!

I’m not part of the mailing list cause I’ve never gotten around to buying his clothes, because 1 im poor and 2 they arent really my style. But honestly that’s so cute bless him hes a cutie!

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can you link us to some uv video scrapped parts? if there are any other exept the ones in the freak vid. also do you know about any other uv scrapped vids? i heard there was one for pretty when i cry. pls if you could link then i'll love you forever! have a nice day/night :)

All of UV’s scrapped parts were in the Freak video, and there was one for West Coast and Pretty When You Cry, but Lana never released them. I hope she releases them soon though, but I doubt it :( 


Honestly I love the little moments like this when Seán looks at the camera and asks us or the viewers if we’re fine, good or okay. I just think it’s really nice that he tries to make us feel involved in what he’s doing in a video somehow even though we can’t actually respond back to him in that moment. I know he wasn’t being 100% serious at this part of this video but still I love the little moments like this in his videos. :)


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015

why i’m going to miss the blurryface era:
  • red literally everywhere
  • creepy clique art
  • music that makes you want to explore abandoned buildings 
  • tyler and josh’s talent finally being recognized. 
  • new clique frens. 
  • madison square garden
  • blurryface’s mysterious tweets. i loved staying up late theorizing with everyone about morse code. 
  • the consistent theme throughout all videos, songs, and tours has just been something really cool to observe and be a part of.  
  • incredible videos. 
  • emotional roadshow being their most impressive tour yet. 
  • snl, grammy’s, and tons of other impressive music industry stuff. 
  • the overwhelming largeness of this album and era. 
  • finally, victory over darkness.



Voltron Tarot Cards ___ Part 1

First Four.

Lance is Cups which represents Water. Keith is wands which represents fire. Pidge is swords or Air. And Hunk is Pentacles or Earth. Each has numbers like playing cards. I

Been working on this for the past week. I’ve got video of me working on each one so there will be videos popping up as they go. I’m not sold on the designs of these. I would love to make a set for sale but it would take a lot of time.

The next four I plan to post will be some of the trump cards. The magician, the lovers, the empress and the fool. Plenty of characters in Voltron to work with so it should be a blast making them. They won’t all be this space and dark… probably.

here’s an overprotective grunkles montage for your overprotective grunkle needs