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Okay so since I’ve learned that this month is about pride I wanted to do something in relation to it. I know how hard it can be to show your true color toward how you feel, homosexuality have always been a controversial subject for many, some more open to it then other’s and I wanted to say that label doesn’t really matter, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual, we are all the same at the end. We want to love the person that we want without being judged for it. We want to be proud to love our other half and be able to show it.

I never expected to love a girl myself, especially as an asexual, and yet it happened that the person I feel romantically toward is a girl that I love really much. And I’m proud to love her because she’s someone fantastic.

You don’t have to be ashamed of who you are, show your color and be proud~<3

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko

Chill Vibe© @azraeltree (Thank you for being part of my life, you make everything so much better~<3)

Here’s my lovely wonderful marshmallow that I love so much with all my heart~<3 She’s such a precious and lovely person, I love her so much, she have been here in my worse time, but at my best as well, I’m not really a big fan of valentine day since this kind of celebration is especially commercial, but I still wanted to show her how much I appreciate her for being in my life and how much she mean to me. So I had that really silly idea of Crane offering Chill a flower cone since it’s something he do quite often and he always end up pretty messy all the time covered with pollen and petals.

I love you so much @azraeltree ~<3 thank you for being in my life~<3 I couldn’t ask for anything better~<3

What are some good ways to organize and preserve old notes and schoolwork? I have a lot from the past few years and I don’t want to get rid of them just yet, but I’m looking for a better way of keeping them than my current stacks-of-paper-in-a-bag system. Ideas much appreciated! ^^ 

also feel free to just spam me with your organizational systems because those are my jam and I would love to see them!!! <3

“Saitama and Genos” (One Punch Man)

I made this way back when One Punch Man the anime came out. It’s become one of my favorite shows of all time and I love these two so much, you have no idea. I ship it. Anyway, this is the first papercut fanart I’ve done where the original image wasn’t made from a screenshot from the show but something I drew myself. 

Made completely from pieces of paper and love. <3 Genos’ arms are about 15-20 individual pieces of paper each, if I remember correctly. I do sell my paper art so check out my tumblr for what’s available if you’re interested! :) I keep my prices pretty damn low for the kind of technique I use. This one goes for $30 and is about 8 inches tall.

(Apologies for the reflections, it’s impossible for me to take a picture of something in a glass frame without them DX)


I’m currently unable to take commissions but I do plan on doing so once I’m able to get my life back on track after the horribleness of 2016 destroyed it. Thank you so much for your contribution to that effort, head-in-the-ceilingfan!

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Hey! If someone were to theoretically send you another Paper Mario game, say, Thousand Year Door (assuming you don't already own it), would you consider some time in the future doing a LP of it on PBnT? I loved loved your Paper Mario LP and enjoy your commentary (all 3 of you!) most in the Mario universe. It would be fun to see it again sometime!

We actually already own Paper Mario 2, and we will definitely play it in the future.  The only games I’ll confirm that we’ll play FOR SURE in the future are that one and Ace Attorney 2 and 3.

you can watch our Paper Mario playthrough here

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Hanzo finding notes from his s/o about plans of visiting Japan and later surprising them with a trip?

I should just make a Hanzo blog since y’all love him so much xD I’m not complaining though, I love him too <3

Originally posted by inccption

Hold the thin paper in his fingers, Hanzo frowned slightly as he re-read your cursive handwriting. …Japan… Tokyo.. Maybe Hanamura? Flights cost $500 - must save $60 a month… May have to borrow some money maybe. Sell laptop?Reading your thoughts on the paper, a small smile formed on the mark-man’s lips. He knew you had a great interest in his home country, since you always seemed to ask him questions - your eyes filling with adventure when he described the mountains, the temples, the cities and the people to you. Making a soft humming noise, Hanzo neatly folded the notes and slipped them into his pocket. 

“Where are we going?” you asked, your arms outstretched in front of you as Hanzo kept one hand gently over your eyes and the other on your waist. “You’ll see” he replied softly, finding this more endearing than he originally thought. Whining softly, you cooed his name before he guided you to a halt. For the entire journey here, Hanzo had insisted that you wore his hair ribbon over your eyes as he drove you to an unknown destination. You honestly felt as if you were being kidnapped and made a point of saying so in the car, but you trusted Hanzo with your life and you knew he wouldn’t try anything foolish. 

Removing his hand from your eyes, you squinted as you adjusted to the bright sunlight. Around you, taxis cued up and people hurried along carrying bags and pulling suitcases. “The airport?”. You could hear the soft whirs of planes flying overhead as you turned to face Hanzo. He stood there, smiling shyly, a large backpack over his shoulder and one of your bags under his arm. Hair done up in a neat ponytail, he wore a plain black t shirt and jeans fixed with a leather belt. Nodding, he set one of the bags down as he begun to rummage in one of his pockets. Tilting your head, your eyes widened as he passed a ticket to you. Taking it in your hands, you read the flight number and title as a massive grin spread onto your face. 

“We’re going to Japan?” you squeaked, looking up at Hanzo as happiness began to radiate off you. With a short nod, Hanzo chuckled and ran a hand down your arm. “I hope you don’t mind my intrusion, but I found some of your notes regarding a trip…”, tilting his head, his dark eyes looked away slightly, “So, I thought I’d treat you to it myself”. Without any warning you caught Hanzo off guard as you leapt towards him, jumping up into his arms and looping your arms behind his thick neck. Laughing, you pressed a tender kiss to his lips as he, once he got over the shock, returned the embrace. 

Setting you down, Hanzo placed his hands on your waist as he smiled at you lovingly. “I take it that it was a good idea hm?” he asked, amusement lacing his words. Nodding quickly, you hugged him again, pressing your cheek to his chest. “It’s a great idea!! Thank you so so so much Hanzo! I really love you so much oh my gosh” you barely managed to spurt out due to your excitement. Patting your head, Hanzo kissed your forehead, “You know I’d do anything to see you smile”