i love this pairing. i want just want to hug it and have tea with it and just bake cookies and stroke its hair

❄December 3rd❄

A/N: Hello everyone! I hope your December is going well so far and you’re all good! I had lots of ideas for little Christmas imagines / scenarios / mood boards so I have decided to make my ideas into a kind of advent calender for all of you! I won’t be posting every day but rather every second or third day, so stay tuned if you like this series! In my imagines the reader and Jungkook live together and it’s kind of up to you to decide whether bts exists or if Jungkook is just a normal young man. Okay I’ll stop rambling now, thanks for reading and again I hope you have a good day! ❄ 

Words: ~1 860

Genre: fluff and lots of fluff


The first thing I realized when my eyes fluttered open was the brightness. We’d forgotten to close the curtains last night. I smiled at the memory of being so lost in each other, in each others body, we’d forgotten about such a simple thing. Then I realized the tiny snowflakes that were swirled around by the wind outside the window. Beneath the blankets it was warm and soft. Jungkook’s arm was draped around me lazily, his legs tangled with mine. My skin felt tingly where he touched me, which was basically everywhere, due to the fact that I was only wearing panties. I could feel his steady breathing against my neck. For a few moments I lay there in complete silence, closing my eyes for another few seconds and taking in the moment. Jungkook’s smell lingered on the sheets and in my nose, making me feel at home and more even, in love.

Then I slowly started debating whether I would be able to leave the bed without waking Jungkook up. The fact that he was clinging to me like a baby koala was not helping at all. Usually, he was a tight sleeper though, so I decided to try my luck. Carefully, moving inch by inch, I took his hand from where it lay on my belly and placed it against his own body. Then I untangled my legs from his and a minute later I stood next to the bed, shivering at the sudden cold. Yawning, I tip-toed over to the wardrobe, looking through it for something warm I could wear. As expected, my eyes wandered from my clothes to Kookie’s, grabbing a shirt that was almost too big for Jungkook himself, which made it into a dress for me. Then I put on my fluffy knee socks and slowly made my way out the room. Something on my skin caught my eye when I passed the big mirror on the wall. After all this time something as simple as hickeys could still make me blush to myself. I silently thanked god I wouldn’t have to leave the house that day as my fingers gently brushed over the red and purple marks on my neck. A red spot that was nearly fully covered by my shirt, close to my boob, let me know that Jungkook had been sure to hide more marks beneath my, or his, shirt.

My steps lead me through the house that was covered in Christmas decoration. Yes, even though it was only the beginning of December. Jungkook had insisted on helping me, and now even the highest places in the house were covered in fairy lights and other mainly red and green decorations. Downstairs I was greeted by a little, excited bundle of fur jumping around my legs, thankfully not barking. Our newest family member was only a couple months old, but had easily adapted to the home and never left mine or Jungkook’s side.

“Are you hungry, buddy?” I asked. “Do you want your breakfast?”

At the word ‘breakfast’, the puppy began jumping even more, making me chuckle to myself. He was still struggling with a few tricks we were trying to teach him, but when it came to eating he knew exactly what was going on and how he had to act. His little tail wiggled excitedly when he heard the rustling of the bag that held his food.

“Sit,” I demanded. Instantly he plopped backwards, his ears wiggling. “Good boy.”

Because we had only owned him for a short time I still drooled inwardly over his cuteness. Every time someone spoke to him, his little head would tilt to the side, his ears moving in interest. But the second his breakfast was served, he jumped to his paws and paid no more attention to me. Chuckling, I made my way into the kitchen and prepared some hot water for a cup of tea. When it was finished I strolled into the living room, sitting down on the sofa in our conservatory, wrapping myself up in a fluffy white blanket. Seconds later the puppy came wiggling into the room, obviously looking for me. Around me the glass allowed me to watch the countless snowflakes fly through the air. The snow had gotten heavier, covering the ground without leaving a single spot green, letting us know winter was finally coming. The little dog cuddled up to my side, but he lifted his head when he made out a voice behind us.

“You left me all alone in bed,” Jungkook’s raspy morning voice complained. I grinned when I saw his messy hair and tired eyes, my eyes then wandering over his bare chest, my chuckle getting stuck in my throat. Hickeys also covered his skin, all the way down to the waistline of the black sweatpants he had thrown on. As a sign of appeasement I opened my arms, waiting for him to sneak under the blanket next to me. He welcomed it, and I shivered when I felt how cold his skin was when he snaked his arm around my shoulder. While I offered him a sip of tea he stroked over the puppies’ head, making the little animal close its eyes in content.

“I like my shirt on you,” he announced, nudging his nose into my neck, taking in my scent.

“You tell me that every time I wear it,” I replied, smiling. He yawned tiredly before he had the chance to reply.

“Because it’s true,” he said, placing a gentle kiss on my cheek. Butterflies erupted in my stomach and my heart fluttered at his loving gesture. The moment couldn’t have felt more perfect, I thought to myself. Jungkook’s skin was slowly becoming warmer, making me enjoy his closeness, the both of us sitting quietly. There was something about snow that made it seem like time slowed down, like there was a layer of calmness over the world. There was nothing else I could fix on when there were snowflakes falling from the gray sky, dunking the world into a white, sparkling beauty.

“Let’s do something Christmas-y today,” I said dreamily, completely in awe of the snow.

“And what would that be?” Jungkook asked, smiling at me. I could see that his eyelids were still heavy, making him look adorable and sleepy. “Ooh wait! Let’s bake cookies! Pleeease!”

He dragged out the 'e’ like a little child begging their mother for something, and even though I hadn’t planned on baking cookies so early in December, the way he blinked at me gave me no choice.

“Alright, let’s do it,” I agreed, hugging him tightly. We sat together the whole morning, just cuddling and enjoying the moments. Later I got up, feeling ready to fully start the day.

“Let me get you a shirt and something warmer for me to wear, then we’ll start baking,” I announced, making my way to the stairs that lead to the bedroom.

“Don’t you like me shirtless?”, Jungkook shouted jokingly, but I was already on my way, laughing to myself. My amusement grew even bigger when I came back downstairs, hearing my boyfriend talking to our dog.

“Did you hear? We’re gonna bake cookies today!” he told the fluffy puppy, his voice high in excitement, as if he was talking to a little child. “You can’t have any, though, I’m sorry.”

“We can look up a dog-cookie recipe on the internet, if you want,” I interrupted him, grinning.

“Did you hear that?!” he half-shouted to the puppy, making it jump around in excitement, even though it had no idea of what was going on.

Ten minutes later we had laid out so many ingredients in the kitchen, nearly every surface that could be covered was full of them. Truth is, Jungkook wasn’t exactly a good cook. In reality, he had made the fire alarm go off around 4 times, scaring the hell out of me every single time. But that didn’t stop him from trying again and again, so there he was, throwing ingredients into a gigantic bowl. After the 5th time of me correcting something he was doing, not only did I feel bad, but he didn’t feel like participating anymore either. At first he just stood next to me, watching me make and then knead the dough, but after a while he got bored and left the kitchen. I was too lost in cooking to take a lot of notice of him leaving. Slow Christmas music was playing in the background, candles were lit on the windowsill and the whole kitchen smelled of cookies and cinnamon. I hummed to myself quietly, when suddenly I heard a small bark.

“Come back! You’re missing your hat!” Jungkook’s voice reached my ear. Seconds later our puppy came hopping into the kitchen, Jungkook following him shortly after. Before I could ask, he grabbed the dog and forced a weird-looking hat onto his head, holes in it for the little ears. A pair of antlers sat on his head, along with a red nose. He was wearing a brown, fluffy dog-jacket with a little reindeer tail at the back. He looked ridiculous.

“Stop laughing!” Jungkook complained, but cracked up too when I stared at him and laughed even more. “Isn’t he adorable?”

He pet the energetic dog that was currently trying to wiggle his way out of the costume, clearly finding no liking in it. Jungkook couldn’t seem to calm the puppy down, having to free him of the costume eventually. Meanwhile I took a look at the cookies that were in the oven, emitting a delicious smell.

“I think they’re finished,” I mumbled, but when I turned my head, my boyfriend was gone again. I shrugged it off and went back to taking the plate out of the oven, carefully not to burn myself.

“Baby! Come here for a second?” Jungkook suddenly shouted.

“Hold on a sec!” I replied. Wiping my hands on my apron, I walked through the hall and into the living room, where Kookie stood in the middle of it. The fairy lights that hung on the ceiling made the brown of his fluffy hair shine, his eyes sparkling and his smile cheeky.

“Come here,” he demanded. I came closer, he kept waving until I stood directly in front of him, a puzzled expression on my face. When I didn’t know what to do, he smiled even bigger and looked upward to the fairy lights. Following his eyes, my gaze fell onto the mistletoe that hung above our heads.

“Oh my god,” I mumbled, chuckling and holding my hands in front of my face. I couldn’t believe the way he stared at me with so much pride, chuckling when I shook my head in amazement. He didn’t mind my reaction though, he simply pulled my hands away and put them on his own shoulders, then taking my face in his hands. While my chuckle slowly calmed down he closed his eyes, bringing his lips to mine. I relaxed instantly, my eyelids falling close and my hands tangling in his hair when I tasted his familiar, soft lips. How could one not love this boy?