i love this pairing tho


“ Lichtan, Lichtaus ! ”

wow - dat pun :M
But this has been in my head for years and now here it IIISSS !

For those who don’t know german/austrian:
I’m pretty sure you all know that ‘Licht’ literally means 'light’ ! Yes ~
and we all know that Lawless calls him 'Lichtan’.

Well, 'Licht an’ simply means 'lights on’ in german/austrian - example :
“ Mach mal das Licht an! ” / “ turn on the lights! ”.
Sometimes some german/austrian Servamp fans must grin because they can’t help but think of our beloved Tenshi while turning on the lights~
Whereas 'Licht aus’ is 'lights off’ - as simple as that ( =v=)b

Then this happened >w>)9 !
I even drew him taking care of fairy-san ! ( yes, the tiny egg from the second Servamp OVA ~ )
aaaaand of course it would be boring to just have some drawings, so I decided to do a little comic thingie too! :D

how the story with fairy-san could’ve turned out :
// read from left to right please //

// don’t remember that Spongebob episode ?
It was that one where Spongebob and Patrick had to take care of the school’s chicken which still was in an egg. This chicken needed a lot of light in order to hatch out of the egg. There was this one light bulb above it and Patrick turned it on and off like “ death, life, death, life… ! ” just for fun. Anyway, this light bulb broke and they immediately had to find a new one so the chicken won’t die. //

but ey ~be careful when you're trying to fool the violent angel !
otherwise he’ll hit you with his Piano >:D more like PAINo.
I also randomly decided that fairy-san is a she. Idk I instantly think of female ones such as Tinkerbell ~

nevertheless, hope you like it (*w*)9 ! I tried

"Do you have any rare pairs?”

I’ve been thinking about who the other guys could pair up with for a while and I’m going to share potential pair ups and my thoughts on them. (*** means the person is my top pick). Everyone please feel free to share your opinions and add on this!! I want a master list after analyzing this deeply!!


Kim - Would never have done this pair originally but actually it would be so cute because they started out hating each other and then bonded over tutoring. Also, they’re such opposites. They would fight a lot in the beginning but ultimately, I think they’d teach each other to be more open-minded as they shared their interests. (similar to the Nate-Armin relationship). Movie stuff for sure..

Priya - Priya and Nate clicked for me the first episode she ever got introduced. She’s so knowledgeable and well-cultured and I think she could teach Nate a lot and open him up towards a lot of new things that he would otherwise be stubborn towards. (Tbh ever since the kiss with Iris though I’ve been abandoning Priya with anyone who isn’t Iris because she’s been so flirty to her ever since and just idk).


Priya - Again, I can see Castiel pursuing Priya.. but the more I think about it the more I feel he’s not her type at all and it wouldn’t last so maybe this could be a brief hook up thing based off attractions towards each other. 

Iris - Iris has been the girl that Castiel has been warm to from the start. She’s so sweet and cute and I can definitely see her softening him up (Iris is going to come up a lot on this list).


Iris - Asides from her literally having his PICTURE on her wall, I’ve always been down for this pair. Iris always defends Ken in dialogue and compliments him. She is team Ken 100% no one can change my mind on this.

Lucy*** - This girl was a flat out jerk okay? This pair would definitely take the longest to come together but it would be so rewarding. I can see them clashing on opinions a lot but once they would start warming up to each other I think they’d make an interesting match. (Seems like Lucy drama is coming up and maybe he would be the bigger person and offer support/advice? Which would trigger her having an interest). If Lucy pursued Ken long enough for him to develop feelings, I don’t think she’d ever let him go. Ken loves so passionately and whole-heartidly that even if they broke up I can’t see her going back to chasing just any guy out there. She would definitely fight for his heart. Also this would be good for Ken because she could make him see that people can change for the better and just MY MIND IS SET ON THIS.

Amber - This match up would be better for her than him but let me just put this out there. Amber has a soft side ok? Like home girl was out here in TEARS when Ken flipped the switch with the revenge kiss. Also, I don’t recall the details but I think it was Alexy and Rosa who wrote the prank letter from Ken? & Amber was actually DOWN for it. Like she lowkey got Kentin feelings (I can 100% believe he was her first kiss). This boy would soften her the HELL up. But also, the times where her bitchiness slipped up he would call her out for sure. Again, she benefit a lot more from this pairing..


Peggy*** - So I don’t remember which episode it’s from.. but there was a dialogue option for you to mention a certain guy and ask Peggy is she liked him, for every guy she’d give a good reason why she doesn’t like him but for Armin SHE STARTED BLUSHING! Okay. So semi-cannon crush.. These two would bicker a lot no doubt but again, I think they could make such an interesting pair. The arc where Candy and her friends try to write an article for the paper.. Like there is so much tension between Armin and Peggy. Like they continuously challenged each other and there was this competitive/stubborn vibe going on and it’s so cute. I remember he would bring up Peggy’s article so much, even so many episodes later, and he was still so salty about it. I have a headcannon on how this could start, I’ll share separately if anyone cares to know..

Amber - Again, they have that built up tension thing (I seem to like a lot hahahhaa). He would call her out on all her bullshit, just like Ken. But I feel like this pairing would make more sense. Like with them being lab partners, there’s actually a chance for them to get to know one another and see each other’s good qualities. I could see them bonding over being twins and Amber opening up about feeling like she’s in Nate’s shadow or something? They both have family troubles which could make for some pretty deep connections if they shared. I also think this pairing would be SO comedic. Imagine Amber at the twin’s house for family dinner? Or Armin at her’s? LOL. Also, Armin and Nate are already friends so it would be cute for them to be related in that way.


(Last because what the actual fuck??? There is NO ONE who stands out to me other than Rosa which is a big fat no for the obvious reasons…)

Violet - Originally I was considering Violet for Ken but decided against it because she’s. so. timid. AND HE’S SO AGGRESSIVE! Like girl would stay silent forever. With Lysander’s patience and kind heart I can see her opening up. This pairing would benefit Violet more than him.. Overall though, I think they’re both too quiet so I’m not completely for this pairing because I feel they’d stay in their little bubble and not bring out that much in each other. (by my previous pairings, it’s clear I like opposite traits in which couples can bring new things into each other’s lives and they can grow positively from it).

Capucine - I think she would need to change and grow a lot before she could ever enter a relationship with Lysander. But her being with Samuel could definitely help her change for the better and head into the right direction. If her and Samuel broke up and we had the chance to see Capucine in a better light, I think that they could make for an unexpected, yet cute, pair. Lysander would be such a gentle and patient partner for her which would be beneficial for her anxiety. One thing about Capucine, is she has a strong sense of loyalty (as she has unfortunately bestowed upon Amber). She is patient, and tries to see the best in the people that she admires. Once she fell for Lysander, she would do her best to keep him happy which I’m all for.

just some extremely fluffy, domestic ushioi for the soul. 

A gust of steam rushes out from behind Oikawa the moment he throws the bathroom door open, floating around him like a protective cloud before dissipating into thin air. He runs a soft towel through his wet hair, pajama pants hanging low on his hips, shirt three sizes too large.

He makes his way to the living room couch where he knows Ushijima will be, probably watching a rerun of one of their older matches of the season. He’s long since learned that Ushijima loves watching him play, marveling at his brilliance and his accuracy, his killer instincts and overall skill. Oikawa agrees with him one hundred percent - he is an incredible setter - but that doesn’t make him feel any less embarrassed when Ushijima basically calls him a god with a straight face. Iwaizumi teases him relentlessly about it.

When he sees that familiar tuft of soft brown hair peeking out from above the couch, Oikawa’s face splits into a smile.

“Waka-chan,” he croons, making his way around the couch, “there you are.”

Ushijima mutes the tv- as Oikawa had predicted, it’s their match against Brazil, the fifth one they’d played this season. Difficult, intense, exhilarating.

The celebratory sex that night had been unforgettable.

Ushijima doesn’t even flinch at the now familiar nickname, answering Oikawa’s call with a small smile and the softening of his eyes. Oikawa holds the hairdryer and comb out, eyes large.

“Please? You always do it best.”

Ushijima shakes his head fondly, moving across the couch to where the nearest plug point is. “You ask as if I have a choice.”

Oikawa cackles, “I was trying to be nice.”

“Don’t,” Ushijima advises, plucking the hairdryer out of his hands. “I like you the way you are.”

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