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katyaismyfakename  asked:

What do you feel about the boys paired with either Yachi or Kiyoko? Like. Who out of the two and some headcanons maybe. Tbh I think UshiYachi is my rarestpair.

Sen: tfw roleplayers mess up your opinion of yachi. I still love her immensely but I can’t think of her without remembering some cunt lmao. 

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Honestly, I see this pairing working more but UshiYachi is also an equally awesome ship.

- Their relationship is basically just them being awkward with each other and other people being threatened by them. Their own struggles with socialising is worked upon though because they find it easier to relate to someone who knows the struggles of being placed on a pedestal and isolated.

- He’s very protective of her after learning about how nervous she can be around people. Her comfort is of the utmost priority and if someone were to even make her feel tense at all, he’ll be sure to call the person out on it straight away - though, most of the time the person doesn’t actually mean any harm and Ushijima just misread the situation.

- Ushijima always wants to show off in front of her, since so many guys have their eyes on her. Whether it be his cooking or showing off his little plants to her. Showing off doesn’t always come off in the form of his athleticism but rather his domesticity and calmness. He’s not a wild animal after all.


- Goshiki’s first attempts at flirting with her were just really cheesy pick up lines, the kind you’d search and find on the internet. Though, most of them really didn’t work because Yachi would just get too flustered upon hearing them and Goshiki thought that he’d said something that offended her.

- Goshiki is always begging to hug Yachi, though she isn’t always comfortable with it when they’re surrounded by others. However, when they’re alone, she’s just as affectionate as he is. Mostly, it’s her anxiety talking to her about how she’s not good enough for him but Goshiki makes sure that he can reassure her in anyway he can.

- Being on opposite teams doesn’t stop them from being a couple. When either one of their teams are playing, they’ll try to come to each others’ matches. While of course, Goshiki doesn’t need to come since Yachi isn’t actually playing, but it’s nice to spend time with her and bond over what brought them together in the first place.


COUPLE PHONE CASES  AND MORE - to celebrate season one finale of Yuri!!! on Ice! Been playing the duet version of Stammi Vicino on loop since yesterday and the pair skating scene delivers \o/ I’m in love with Yuuri’s matching costume with Viktor! 

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Things I love:

  • This unknown librarian’s penmanship – my anonymous love, if I had a larger sample, I’d make your writing into a font.
  • The small “Halloween” stickers on books
  • Old school, two color illustrations in books

Things I want:

  • Autumn. October.
  • Pumpkin fields with scarecrows and ghosts and haunted winds.
  • An app like Lyft that pairs me with a witch driving a giant pumpkin to take me places.
All Too Well (M) | Pt. 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,061
Author’s Note: I always wanted to try my hand on a Yoongi chapter story, and then I saw this prompt on tumblr and decided to go with it. I also want to note up ahead that I’m not super familiar with how the recruiting process for Kpop groups go and my knowledge only extends to really quick skims of articles just to get the basis. Regardless, I hope I can get to more parts, so let me know what you think.

also idk if this should be considered a prologue or a part 1 but oh well im just leaving it as part 1


You suppose that it all starts and ends with a letter.

Dear Mr. Min Yoongi,” Your boyfriend reads across the kitchen counter, fingers curling tightly around the paper in his hands, eyes blown wide with a gaze depicting such rare intensity that you’ve actually stopped fixing your morning coffee just to catch a sight of his expression. You can’t entirely place the feeling weighing itself into your stomach, so you settle with staring at him and trying to keep your own facial features as neutral as possible. “We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the final audition at our label and therefore are officially recruited into our newest group Bangtan Boys. You are going to be one of seven other boys joining our label as trainees and we are excited to finally bring everyone together to prepare for debut. Although training won’t officially start until next week, we ask that you come to the studio tomorrow morning to meet the other members as well as be prepped on our expectations and scheduling. We wish to congratulate you on your hard work and look forward to getting to know you more in the coming years. Sincerely, Big Hit Studios.”

When Yoongi doesn’t react immediately to the positive news, you flicker your gaze up to study him. His eyes, once again, are scanning the paper, quicker and quicker with each line as if he didn’t read it or hear it correctly the first time around. His eyes have grown to the size of saucers at this point, and you would have thought him to be a statue had it not been for the rather loud inhales and exhales coming from the boy. The sight itself would have been rather comical had it not been for the context behind the stare.

So you try for a gentle smile, leaning a little on the counter to try and further gauge his expression. “Yoongi?” You inquire softly, reaching a hand across the space to run your hand along his shoulder blade. “Baby, are you alright?”

Yoongi blinks, snapping himself out of his trance as he shifts his gaze from the letter to you, back to the letter, and back to you. “I did it?” He whispers, the statement sounding more like a question above anything else and you find your lips curling up into a fond smile in light of Yoongi’s confusion—even though he was the one to read the letter multiple times, running over the words in his own mind repeatedly.

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Dear Diary - Smut

Originally posted by madyvh91

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 3,202
Requested by Anon:  Do you think you can write something where DOB and the reader have been together for a while and Dylan finds the readers journal that has all her “extreme kinky fantasies in bed” and Dylan finds it. It also just so happens to be the reader's birthday?! 
AN: I love you guys, okay? Don’t ever forget that. Also, I think I have a mild Ewok obsession? lmao. Also I edited this quickly so there may be some mistakes. Sorry aboot that.

Dylan sighed happily when he finally arrived home, dropping his suitcase and his pillow next to the door and swinging it shut behind him.

“Honey, I’m home!” He called, rounding the corner into the living room and through to the kitchen. It was empty, save for the note left on the counter.

I had to run a million errands today, I’m so sorry! I’m picking up stuff to make you your favorite for dinner and I have to stop and pay the electric and the jeep needs an oil change. I promised I’ll be home soon, I figured you’d need time to unpack anyway. Call me if you need anything. Love you and I’m so glad you’re home.”

He smiled to himself as he read, leave it to you to leave everything for the last minute. He sighed, pulling open the fridge and grabbing a beer, sipping from the bottle as he leaned on the center island. He’d been gone filming for about 3 months, and he’d only seen you once since then, when he had been able to leave for a weekend for his cousins wedding and you had met him there.

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Nalu art again. Whenever I’m stress or just tired, I ended up drawing them. I really love it when Natsu is shy /(>w<)\

Anotomy is not good because I’m still practicing and I’m very bad at perspective (. . or what it is called?).I’m just playing with the colors to relieve my stress. . >o<

Anyway, I’m open for headshot commission. Just PM me :)

Please, please do not REPOST.

10 responses to the Phrase “Man up”

1: F*ck you
2: If you want to question my masculinity like a schoolyard circle of curses, like a swordfight with lightsabers save your breath. Because contrary to what you may believe, not every problem can be fixed by “growing a pair”. You cannot arm-wrestle you way out of chemical depression. The CEO off the company that just laid you off does not care how much you bench.
And I promise, there is no Lite Beer in the universe full-bodied enough to make you love yourself.
3: Man up? Oh, that’s that new superhero right? Mild-mannered supplement salesman Mark Manstrong says the words “MAN UP” and then transforms into THE FIVE O'CLOCK SHADOW; the massively-muscled, deep-voiced, leather-duster-wearing super-man who defends the world from… I don’t know, feelings.
4: Of course, why fight to remove our chains when we can simply compare their lengths? Why step outside the box when the box has badass flames decals on it?
We men are cigarettes: dangerous, and …poisonous, and stupid
5: You ever notice how nobody ever says “woman up”? They just imply it.
Because woman, and the women’s movement, figured out a long time ago that being explicitly ordered around by commercials, magazines and music is dehumanizing. When will men figure that out?
6: The phrase “man up” suggests that competence and perseverance are uniquely masculine traits. That woman - Not to mention any man that doesn’t eat steak, drive a big pick-up truck and have lots of sex with women - are nothing more than background characters, comic relief, props. More than anything, though, it suggests that to be yourself, whether you wear skinny jeans, rock a bit of eyeliner, drink another brand of beer, or write poetry - will cost you
7: How many boys have to kill themselves before this country acknowledges the problem? How many women have to be assaulted? How many trans people have to be murdered? We teach boys how to wear the skin of a man, but we also teach them how to raise that skin like a flag and draw blood for it.
8: Boy babies get blue socks. Girl babies get pink socks. What about purple? What about green? What about orange, yellow, chartreuse, cerulean, black, tie-dyed, buffalo plaid, rainbow?
9: I want to be free to express myself. Man up. I want to have a meaningful, emotional relationship with my brother. Man up.
I want to be weak sometimes. Man up.
I want to be strong in a way that isn’t about physical power or dominance. Man up.
I want to talk to my dad about something else than sports or economics. Man up
I want to be who I am. Man up
10: no

—  poetic-pianist, Guante
yoi fic recs

hi there! 

i’ve read a bunch of really good fanfics during the past few days, so i decided to post them all in one place and share with everybody else who is as just as thirsty for yoi as i am. 

Constellations (Things You Left Unsaid) by DasWarSchonKaputt - on going au where yuuri is the famous one and viktor is the fanboy. it’s really good, pls read. (like, really reeeeeally good)

like your french girls by  ebenroot (nic98ole) - complete. i lOVE this fanfic and i recommend it to every fucking yoi fan that i know. slow burn, 100% in character, iT’S JUST *incoherent screams*

Unwritten by kaizuka - complete. soulmate au where  whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate aND IT’S SO CU UTE AAAA 


Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink - complete but f*ck you russia 

yuri the aggressive wingman by thankyouforexisting - one shot. oh, yuri 

Unspoken by daretoliveforever - one shot another soulmate au where soulmate marks are  dependent of spoken words but yuuri is m u t e 

Stay Close to Me by  dasedandconfuzed - blessed oneshot. au where vicchan lives

there are more fanfics that i’ve read but i wanted to post only the 10/10, mindblowing good ones. 

i hope you enjoy! 

Nosey - Dylan O’Brien

Rating: MA (17+ for Explicit Content)

Pairing: Reader x Dylan O’Brien

Word Count: 3,236

Warning: Voyeurism(ish), Oral, NSFW

A/N: So, I’m back from my hiatus because today is my birthday. It’s currently 1:04AM and I decided to post this imagine now. It’s a little more simpler in terms of how it’s written compared to my more recent imagines because I started this one back in December of 2015. But, nevertheless, I liked it enough to not just delete it. So, enjoy.

P.S. The gif doesn’t have anything to do with the imagine but I just love Stalia and loOK A DYLAN’S JAWLINE.


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A relationship is like a slow dance. Every movement must be taken carefully and in consideration of the partner’s and a single misstep can often result in disaster. But when a couple dedicates themselves to perfecting this performance, to the pursuit of intimately knowing each other, the result is devastatingly beautiful.

Selflessness and compromise meet together like clasped hands. While trust and loyalty lock like a love-struck gaze. Care and understanding bear each challenge with mastery and poise, like pairs of nimble feet spinning gracefully across a dance floor. As one partner bends, the other bows. As one partner falls, the other reaches out to catch her.

When a relationship works, it is effortless and fluid—a meticulously choreographed pirouette between two partnered souls in perfect balance.
—  Beau TaplinT h i s  S l o w  D a n c e  

(Image from my video “Perfect Ruin”)

I am now working on a master post for m/m pairings, the same way I did HERE. So if you know any slash videos that do not contain death of main characters, cheating, abusive relationships and/or the “forbidden love” theme then please feel free to send me a link through the chat. ;)

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! :D I love your art and your yamaguchi is so precious <3 I was wondering if you had also multiple rair ships with the trash king, I've seen your oiyama, oisuga, oihina (and if you have considered one of my personal favs oikuroo o(*゚▽゚*)o)


Aaahh tbh Oikawa’s hair is really hard for me to draw so I don’t draw him often… but I do ship multiple pairings of Oikawa! (I’ve only drawn some of them)

((UshiOi lmao))

OiYama (obviously)

OiSuga ((they’re so prety together I love them))

aaand of course I also like OiKuro, OIKURODAI, OiIwa(obviously), OiKuni, OiKage, OiIwaKage(!!!) okay I’ll stop here ☆


Every single ship/pairing/otp/brotp/friendship etc in Seventeen💎

4&11: Jun & Seungkwan