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Hair and Eye color Switch!

*gasp* So THAT was what that group picture was for! xD
I dont know what I am doing with my life tbh
But this was fun to do  and… so…weird… seeing them…like this… It’s so….WEIRD. //kicked

Anyways, tell me who looks good with the color switch and who’s the funniest!

xDDDD Personally, I like the purple-haired Lily because he looks so elegant like that. Much more alluring too!! And the funniest for me would be Tsubaki BECAUSE TSUBAKI  omgomogmogmogmo xDDDD Who’s the cabbage now? //kicked

Guilty Pleasure Friends - Chapter 28 - Rubyleaf - Servamp [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Hey~! A couple days behind schedule because Book Fair shenanigans and temporarily no time to write, but hey, better late than never, right? X’D Long story short, the new chapter’s out! This time on GPF: The aftermath of the match and the wrap-up of the sports festival arc. Featuring Licht and Hyde dealing with losing, Tsubaki being ridiculous while asking non-ridiculous questions, a Shuuhei-Tinker faceoff, and lots of Kuro-team bonding. Character development: COMPLETE!

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Chapters: 28/?

Pairings: Sloth Pair, JekyllandHyde, Tetsono, TsubaSaku and MikuTsuru

Summary: All Mahiru wanted was to make an infamous delinquent stop skipping class. Getting dragged headfirst into a gang war and making a bunch of very weird friends was never part of the plan.

Chapter Summary: "It’s a promise, right?“

Enjoy the read~!

It’s a good thing that I love you

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You’ve always said that you’re boyfriend was capable of fucking you through the mattress. Why did he have to take it so literally ? a/n: this is short and stupid. Also despite the subject matter not smutty. I mean there’s mention of sex, so.

Tags: @the-geekgoddes

You have never been more embarrassed in your life. Finn, the idiot, is laughing so hard he’s no longer making noise. You are mortified. Maybe you’d be laughing along with your giggling boyfriend if it wasn’t for the fact you knew this was going to be a story he told all your friends. Damn him.

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get to know me: [5/∞] favorite pairings → dolores abernathy & william the man in black (westworld)

“My path always led me back to you, again and again. I grew tired of you after a while, of course. Looked for new adventures. But I guess your path led you back here, again and again. One more loop, looking for something you could never find. Chasing your ghosts. You were lost in your memories even then. I guess I should’ve known that’s what I would become for you: just another memory.”

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Can we have more base!ara x base!add stuff? there was one on here that was really cute and this pairing doesnt get enough love ><

“I know you’re there, Ara.”

Ara freezes, nearly falling off the edge of the cliff. Dang, and she thought she was being so sneaky too.

Add pats the ground next to him. “Next time, try to not shuffle through the grass,” he advises as Ara sits next to him. “It makes unnecessary noise and gives you away.”

They sit in silence for a while, watching the night begin to fade away and the morning comes to awaken. “You can’t sleep either?” Asks Ara meticulously.

Add shakes his head. “Insomnia’s a bitch,” he laughs bitterly. “Coffee is my godsend.”

“Mmm.” Ara stretches her arms out over her head. “Mother used to make us strong tea in the morning.”

“…Do you ever miss them?” Asks Add quietly. “The way they smiled, they spoke?”

Ara gives him a jubiliant smile. “Everyday,” she admits. “But I live on so they can smile in heaven.”

The sun rises slowly, dying the sky purple and orange as purple and orange join hands on the cliff.

Friday I'm in love

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Title: Friday I’m in love

Author: taonsils

Pairing: Chenyeol (Chanyeol / Jongdae)

Genres: domestic, romance

Rated: NC-17

Length: oneshot, 15K

Summary: “Tall girls.” Jongdae handles the words carefully, knowing that was Chanyeol getting as close to the point as they can.

Warnings: gender identity, gender dysphoria, asexual character, sex favourable asexual, non-binary character, pansexual character

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PLS WRITE MORE KIDGE FICS *___* the Black Friday one is SO cute and made me smile a lot. I'm really loving this pairing lately!!

I’M HAPPY YOU ENJOYED IT!! I’ve actually written a couple fics here you can read as well if you haven’t already. I’m also working on a couple more kidge projects; one of them being a multi-chaptered fic that will be posted very soon :D

TianShan fan: *Minds own business and give constructive criticism of the plot every now and then*

You People: omgggg!!! You’re always hating!!! Stop hating on Zhan////Yi!!! You People are always whining!! So disrepectful! Everything involving my favs is PERFECT do you hear me??? Did you even remember to worship and pray to the Gods Zhan and JY at least three times a day like we told you to???!! Why do you only like tianshan???? Why are you not drawing zhan///yi??? You are all shits and craps for not worshipping WHAT I LIKE!! and not catering to what I WANT!!

*proceeds to send anon hate and harass artists*

*By the way I love both pairings equally!™️ (・ω・) 

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Hi, this might be an unusual question, but you mentioned that your team minty forever, and I really dig all your meta (especially bellarke) so far, so: How do you see minty working out theoretically (like, why do you think they fit and how do you see it happen) and how likely do you think it is they actually happen on the show some day (obviously not in the near future because currently in relationship)? It's just, I hadn't really considered it before, but it seems cute?

Not an unusual question at all, nonny!  It probably won’t be quite as in depth as my bellarke metas, mostly because we know a lot less about Miller and Monty in canon than we do about Bellamy and Clarke, but I love this pairing a lot so I’m happy to talk about it.  (Also if you’re interested in exploring the pairing, @madgesundersee writes A++ minty fic so check that out).

As for how Miller and Monty would fit together, I think they have what all pairings I really gravitate towards have, which is complementary natures.  They’ve got enough similarities that it wouldn’t be all fighting and misunderstanding, but they’re different enough to make things interesting.

Monty is, on his surface, a cinnamon roll.  He has a capacity for optimism that is rare on the ground, and he’s rarely cruel.  He’s clearly very loyal– to Jasper, to his mom, and to the delinquents– and he’s smart and resourceful.  But he’s also got a very dark streak to him that we first really saw in Mount Weather.  It came out first when he told Maya that rather than steal grounder blood they should all die instead, and it comes out again when Tsing is dying and Monty just…watches.  Monty also made it possible for Clarke and Bellamy to kill everyone inside of Mount Weather, and while I think all of his actions were ultimately justifiable they definitely complicate the cinnamon roll persona we as a fandom sometimes put him into.  

In season three and four, we also get glimpses of Monty really trying to reconcile himself with what he did in Mount Weather and for siding with Pike.– and eventually having to kill his own mother.  Even if he can justify what he’s done to himself, it clearly weighs on him and he is not willing to let the people in charge– notably s4 Clarke– get away with saying “whatever I do is for my people therefore it’s okay.”   This tells us that Monty has a really strong moral compass and that he doesn’t make those decisions lightly.

Miller is even more of an enigma though, because he’s a more minor character, but we do know some really basic things about him.  He’s loyal– to Bellamy and to Bryan– but he will oppose them if he deems it necessary.  Siding with Lincoln and Kane in s3 is maybe my favorite Miller moment, because it put him on the opposite side of two of the three people we’ve seen him care about.  It also helped make up for what he did to Lincoln in s1, and shows that he’s capable of recognizing his mistakes and doing his best to learn from them.

Then there’s the way they flirted in Mount Weather, which was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, so we know the actors have chemistry.  But on a character level, those core traits– loyal, brave, willing to speak truth to power– would make them into a nigh unstoppable power couple.  They’ve also got plenty of other complementary traits, like Monty being a nerd and Miller being a bit of a soft-bro-jock.  Monty is earnest and optimistic (most of the time) with a steely interior and Miller is a sarcastic pessimist with a soft heart.  Those sorts of dynamics melt my heart, so yeah, I ship it.

As for it happening in canon: I don’t know if it will, to be honest.  At the end of s3 I still thought they might go there, but for now they seem to be doubling down on Monty/Harper, so idk.  Miller and Bryan seem to be on the rocks, so anything’s possible in the future, you know?  And in the mean time, there’s always fic!

Out of character;;

Just throwing it out there – if anyone wants to plot with Gionna, don’t hesitate to hit me up! I love random pairings and am not opposed to trying something new. I’m a chemistry writer so let’s plot/plan/get something going! Friends, potential lovers, FWBs, anything is available ❤

Also, anyone looking for a new, mega interactive game, join us at @hailthecrownrpg. Not opposed to seeing a Zo around here for an ex/best friend line [could be more if chemistry vibes], and ALL cruiserbabes especially Mustafa Ali, Noam Dar and Tony Nese [all are welcome though!] since Gionna is in love with all things cruiserweights.

simlishanddreams replied to your post “lmao I have a dilemma bc I want to make a typical love triangle story…”

lol that’s alright because I’ll be laughing right along with you……HAHHA kidding. I find triangle hard to maintain because I usually wind up favoring one pairing over the other.

LOL I thought about love triangle for Vea but, as you said, “I usually wind up favoring one pairing over the other“ so I can’t imagine her with someone different then Safael

I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.