i love this outfit


another batch!! i’m actually gonna do the whole thing! wahhooo! (captions as always! they are good u should read them~)

this time it’s:

  • during their morning rituals (if u don’t read the caption i basically say my headcanon which is that howard has insomnia and that’s why he looks tired a lot - and that doesn’t help his tiny eyes)
  • spooning
  • doing something together (naturally i had to choose crimping! wah)
  • formal (ok y’all i tried really hard on vince’s outfit bc i LOVE IT and it’s totally his aesthetic. here is the post with it on (p much all of these are his Look and they’re all beautiful) and here is a close up. i love it so much. howard’s is pretty simple but he’s a simple dude. he even tamed the curls! (sorta, a few stray curls manage to escape the slicked prison))
  • dancing (howard’s just like do u even know how to dance and vince is like ya! *raves* and howard’s like ….can you dance PROPERLY?? and vince is like ??? and thus begins a lesson and it starts clumsy cause howard is huge and vince is a puppet in an outfit but they get into the rhythm and they’re flowing like a gentle stream. and howard keeps holding vince close and vince is just like akdjs;lfkjdg. i used this as a reference for it!)