i love this one scene with them

“We need a continuation of that proposal! More specifically I think it’s really important that we see how Maggie reacts to it. She felt she was worthless like a year ago and now she’s going to get married to the love of her life. Thanks cap!” from @swiftiealex13 and @ts-1989 “Most obvious one: Maggie’s response.” and “can we please get maggie saying yes i feel so deprived” from @detective-icecream and @everythinginasockdrawer “Maggie actually verbally saying yes to the proposal/aftermath stuff.” and “We need to have the rest of the scene!!! Maggie needs to break down in tears and not say yes til she’s kissed Alex until neither one of them can breathe” from @smolersmith

Other proposal fic here: https://queercapwriting.tumblr.com/post/160973112864/prompt-maggie-says-no-from-the-hard-hitting

She swears she’s not hearing her right – her ears have been ringing since blazing through that explosion on her way to the DEO to access better surveillance to guide the NCPD, fire department, and EMTs to more accurate areas of need, quicker.

She swears she’s not hearing right, because it’s been a long day.

Hell, it’s been a long week.

She still can barely tolerate Alex being out of her sight, since she told her not to wait up for her and then almost…

But she held on. She held on.

She held on, and now she was asking Maggie to hold on to her forever, and she wants to – god, does Maggie want to – because she’d be lying if she said she hasn’t been thinking about it, damn how soon it is, damn how fast it is, damn how many U-haul jokes the world will make.

The world doesn’t understand the fire their relationship, their love, has been forged by. 

The world can’t comprehend the way they’ve suffered together, survived together, already.

Suffered together, survived together, and somehow – somehow, and this is the truly incredible part – somehow managed to hold each other up, never spiral each other down. Someone managed to find reasons to celebrate life together, when celebration feels wrong and life feels meaningless.

Because they’ve created right together, and they’ve created meaning, and Alex is nothing if not blunt, and Alex is nothing if not direct.

Alex is nothing if not perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

The way she grabbed her – all that time ago, and no time at all ago – by the forearm in their bar, spinning her back around and kissing her until she couldn’t breathe.

The way she doesn’t ask her to marry her.

The way she tells her.

Tells her, and then begs her.

“Seriously. Marry me. Please?”

Maggie’s already berating herself for her “excuse me?”, but what else could she possibly muster?

What else could she possibly muster when this woman – this woman who’s committed herself to making Maggie feel like she’s enough, when she’s never, ever, ever been nearly enough before; this woman who leaps off buildings and single-handedly destroys genocidal war facilities; this woman who cries so easily but refuses, utterly, to break – what else could she possibly muster when this woman is breathless, and breathtaking, and asking her to marry her?

She doesn’t know what else to muster, so she does the only thing that her body, her brain, can do.

She kisses her.

She kisses her desperate and she kisses her hard, one hand in her hair and the other on her waist, closer, closer, closer, until her body racks with tears, her chest racks with sobs, and Alex murmurs bewildered comfort against her lips but Maggie doesn’t need that, Maggie just needs more, more, more.

More of Alex’s warmth, more of Alex’s lips. 

More of Alex’s hands wrapping her up, more of Alex’s breath moaning slightly into her lungs.

More of Alex’s love, because she loves her, god, god, god, she loves her, she loves her, she loves her.

She’s not exactly sure why, but she knows anyway, trusts Alex anyway – Alex Danvers is in love with her.

And Alex Danvers wants to add a wedding to their lifetime of firsts.

So she kisses her and she sobs and she sways on the spot and she only brings her lips off Alex’s when they have to bring their foreheads together to breathe, breathe, breathe, because the world was starting to spin from lack of oxygen, from overflow of love.

She loves her, she loves her, she loves her.

And they have a lot to talk about.

A lot to interpret and a lot to navigate.

But they’ve held on in tanks and interrogation rooms and abandoned warehouses and bars full of ghosts and fathers full of betrayal and decades full of worthlessness.

They’ve held on, and they’ve found each other’s arms to hold, too.

So when Alex asks, “So you’re saying yes? Cuz that’s… that’s what I’m getting – because of course that’s what Alex asks – Maggie sobs again, again, again, matching Alex’s tears when she tells her yes, yes, yes, yes.



Xena & Gabrielle vs. Supercat: Gabrielle & Kara’s loved one reading & complimenting their writing
Xena: Warrior Princess 5x17 | Supergirl 2x22

Loli-chan’s Anime Review: Flip Flappers

Grade: A

Quick summary: After a fateful encounter, an indecisive girl discovers the joys of adventuring into different worlds…and gradually realizes everything she knows is wrong. Disclaimer: This contains (non-sexual) shoujo-ai. 


  • The animation style is very unique, and overall quite eye catching. Everything looks like it’s been drawn in pencil, and it’s an excellent touch. It also includes many lovely ‘watercolor like backgrounds’, which remind me of Studio Ghibli’s work.
  • It has some excellent music. Both the intro and the outro are very catchy. I wasn’t fond of them at first, but they quickly found a place in my heart. I especially dig the intro, ‘Serendipity’.
  • I’m not typically a fan of most action scenes, but the action scenes in this anime are hard to keep your eyes off. They’re kept interesting and varied. 
  • One of the main characters, Yayaka, is a rare example of a good tsundere. Her personality is not overly cliche, and she’s not annoying. Moreover, her character has more depth than most tsunderes tend to. This is how a tsundere charater should be written.
  • Are you a fan of slice of life anime? Big on science fiction? Or perhaps you prefer mystery? What about magical girls? Or shoujo ai? Or mecha? You’re all winners, because this anime has a variety of genres to mix things up. It’s got something for everyone. 
  • None of the main villains are heartless, and most of them have very good motives. They are empathetic, and their characters are fully fleshed out. It makes the villains much more interesting, and overall enjoyable. Unlike most villains, you (probably) won’t hate them. These may be my favorite villains. 
  • It’s touching, and the relationships between the girls (not just the main protagonists) will make you smile. It’s kept fluffy and sweet; no sexualization here. The more platonic relationships, too, are also very pleasant.


  • If you do not like plot twists, don’t watch this. The plot is incredibly unpredictable. It may seem simple at first, but things are not as they seem. The plot twists, however, aren’t super dark and depressing. They are more….random. Everything is random, really. This makes the story line a little hard to follow at times. But don’t worry: things will become clear in the end (well, sort of). 
  • The last couple of episodes should be watched in one setting. If you don’t, the suspense may kill you. Binge-watching this is ideal. 
  • Make sure you have tissues ready when you watch episode 6, especially if you cry easily. It hurt my heart; family scenes get me every time. 

Overall opinion: Do not let the threat of plot twists drive you away. There are many shows that use unnecessary plot twists, and this doesn’t seem to be one of them. It was enjoyable, good for my heart, and it was very engaging.  It touched my heart in many ways, and I am likely to watch it again someday. 

I went back and watched the old berena scenes because I’m a bit sad, I’m missing my berena every Tuesday and just in case on Saturday either of them ask what my favourite episode is (which is highly unlikely😂) I can quote the episode number title and the minute:second I like. 😂 anyway I was watching this one and I just love the simplicity of this scene. Just after kiss #2 there foreheads resting against each other in a “Your mine” Type of way. And it’s so beautiful to watch ❤️

leaked 4x13 scene

Bellamy: *is under a high stress life and death situation* y'all mind if I-
Clarke: mind if you wha-
Bellamy: -have difficulty expressing my emotions especially to those I love due to having a large amount of pressure and responsibility placed upon me in many situations involving my loved ones from a young age

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David did not love Shaw, he is a lunatic and also a sociopath. He only set up a scene(her grave & his dialog) so that people would believe he loved Shaw and he could get what he wants. He didn't even bother to tidy up her stuffs from that spaceship.

you mean………the picture that left on the ship? 

the picture of SHAW and HOLLOWAY together? LOL 

Did you even notice that David had one more picture of Shaw on his working desk?

The picture of her, her ONLY.

Originally posted by noomirapacelove

……AND… Are you sure David didn’t even care for a bit?

Or was he just jealous of HOLLOWAY and felt the need to leave all the proofs of SHAW X HOLLOWAY behind?

Originally posted by navarrra

Remember, he was very meticulous. If he needed to fake a scene just like you said, he would not let anybody to find any flaw/mistake/clue/etc… Am I right? :)

fatherjerusalem replied to your post “I spent that episode of American Gods cycling through three responses:…”

One of the things I loved about that episode was that… you don’t necessarily LIKE Laura and the choices she makes while she’s alive, but as someone with depression, I can absolutely understand her and her self-destructive choices and her need to feel ANYTHING. I can disagree with the choices she made, but still understand the reasons she made them. They humanized Laura a LOT more than the book does.

Yea, I’d find myself really disagreeing with a certain choice of book-show changed, but then in another scene, it would make sense why they would do it that way, and then in Another scene, I’d understand overall the changes they’re making and what their aim is for future stories. 

It was an interesting cycle of emotions between anger, revelation, excitement. lol

And yea, in the book, Laura is kind nebulous? We don’t know much about her in life - other than Shadow adored her and loved their life together so much and then is so devastated about the affair but also doesn’t let that devastation take away all the love and adoration he has for her. He’s still very much got her on a pedestal when she starts coming to him in her undead form. 

And by that point, we’re still not getting a whole lot from/about her personality or anything. She’s there, she does things to help Shadow, she’s learning about the undead and gods and stuff, and she tries to get a job at one point which doesn’t work out well. 

It’s hard to actually think of words to use to describe book!Laura’s personality, like, at all.

So I think the choice made in the show to flesh her out (haaa pun) by making her see herself as flat, dispassionate, kind of going through the motions and looking desperately for something/anything to bring some kind of meaning to her life makes so much sense to me.

It fills in a lot of holes the book left open about who Laura really was, and it gives us a complex, mostly unlikable, but also somewhat relatable female character which, I’m sorry, we desperately need more of in our fiction. 

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"A week of Robron"= A. Week. Of. Her is what they meant. Literally is it going to be everyday getting one scene of Robron together then a shitload of Her/Robert scenes with a dusting of Ross where Robert ALWAYS looks like the bad guy.. I'll keep. Its tiresome for people who love Robron as a collective and or separately to always have the boys and her chained together.. for what?

So we can grow to love her of course…..🙄

I really want this SL to be over now. Even if she’s pregnant with his kid, just let it be, go be pregnant somewhere else. Leave them alone. I’m sick of her face.

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Maurice ;)

First Impression

Okay so my first impression of Maurice was a looooonnnnnggg time ago, if we’re counting the movies. I was like 7 when I first watched them. I was a very stupid 7 year old. I thought he was boring. 

Impression Now

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!! AHKJ has given him such an amazing personality that isn’t just Julien’s advisor!! He’s grown so much throughout the series!!! And so has his relationship with KJ!! He is so incredible. He handles so much every day, and he does it all so well. What did we do to deserve Maurice?!?

Favorite Moment

Maurice has had so many good moments. It’s so hard to pick just one!!! That scene in the first episode where Julien is about to try and free everyone and they’re talking is still one of my favorites though. I love when Maurice says “it stopped being a job a long time ago.” There are just so many more scenes I want to add, but aaaa

Favorite Relationship

Maurice and Julien! Their friendship in AHKJ is everything!!! 

This week I had a lovely conversation with an older dyke who reminded me how much a lot of people have always hated TERFs and SWERFs. 

She was talking about the time in the 1970s and 1980s when she was a young radical dyke and how many of the awesome dykes in the radical scene were trans women. So I asked her if there was ever any problem with TERFs and SWERFs. She didn’t know those words so I described them. Her reply was (paraphrasing a longer conversation):

“Oh, you mean the political lesbians? That’s what we called them at the time, no one really considered them radical. They hated everyone. They hated bisexual women who dated men. They hated us leather dykes and kinky dykes because they thought we were ‘copying the patriarchy’, they hated trans women. None of us in the radical scene liked them. A lot of them later left and admitted that they were straight but were presured to identify as lesbians in that group because being a feminist to them meant cutting all ties with men. They were like a cult. They often lived together and if you didn’t walk the political line you were dead to them. Intense stuff. ”

And like, I know her memories don’t have global relevance and there have also been places where TERFs had a much more prominent impact on the local radical women’s community, but still, to hear how despised these TERFs have always been by these truly radical dykes cheered me up a lot. 


(Diego) I’m very glad I had the chance to go through this journey with Felicity, because this is something new for both of us. You know, the size of this film can be very scary. And I was very lucky to have her next to me. Always there to grab my hand and go like: “Oh my god. Here we are. Let’s make sure we stick together.”


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

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 I’m Magnus looking fascinated about Even singing

I’m Magnus (and Jonas) checking for whatever has made his friend stop singing

I’m Magnus telling the boys to start singing along to support Isak and Even (at this moment is when the tears I’m trying to hold start streaming down my face)

I’m Magnus checking that the boys are still singing

and I’m Magnus having the time of his life 

Ugh I love this kid(s) so much it hurts. 


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]


She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

  • harry: [talks about how much he loves seeing how successful the other boys are and he hopes to be like them]
  • harry: [talks about how he talks to the boys all the time]
  • harry: [talks about how enjoyed the music they've made as a band and ruthlessly defends their music and their fanbase]
  • harry: [performs one of one direction's songs at one of his first solo concerts]
  • harry: [dedicates a whole segment in his behind the scenes movie to one direction]
  • harry: i love one direction