i love this new patrick thing

things that i remember from the show

- there was this big ass countdown at the beginning and everyone lost their minds



- drum solo

- the walkway was like lined in sparklers??? it was the coolest shit???



- a video interlude with the llamas telling bad puns

- the llamas came on stage and used a t-shirt cannon


- during i don’t care the background visual was a bunch of people flipping the bird and the middle finger emoji

- at the end a bunch of merch parachuted down with the confetti


REQUEST: stalker!patrick. so maybe he’s obsessed with the new girl in derry, creeps her out heaps, he notices she’s becoming close/flirty with a boy (maybe henry lol but thats up to you) and hes PISSED, because she is HIS property, so one day she’s walking home and he follows her, the parents arent home, NSFW content begins to boil~~ i will give you my entire life if its a super long story, this massive patrick fanfic shortage is destroying me, i love u btw, thanks for blessing us w/ ur writing.

A/N: pls don’t slut shame y/n for wanting a lil’ makeout here and there, girls are allowed to want those things too without being called sluts !!!! let your little hearts enjoy making out as much as the next boy does !!!!

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The Practical Magic AU I do not have proper time for because I have two long fics to finish whoops, so I just did a thing (Part 1).

It is well known that a man should never love a McKinnie woman, for they tend to die an untimely death. And so did Patrick McKinnie (who as by tradition took his wife’s name) after years of prolonged illness. Adrienne finds she can no longer care for Serena and sends her to her to live with her two strange aunts.

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fuckign love how clear you can hear patricks vocals in the verse and bridge of young and menace and they arent drowned out by guitars or background instruments like they so often are.. esp since hes said hes still nervous about making his voice and he still feels the need to drown it out as recently as 2013… i love it. cant wait to hear the new era of fob 💜🔮💜


REQUEST: Oh can I request Patrick getting jealous after following Y/N & finding her hanging out with another guy at the quarry (in secret) but all she was planning was to steal the kids wallet after she convinces him to jump off the cliff into the water. And while she’s putting her clothes back on & leaving; Patrick is standing in front of her like “I knew I loved you for a reason” Thank you 💕💕

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Infinitely Wallflowers: Chapter two

Eventual Peter Parker X Reader

Warnings: Mentions of drinking, Cussing, Bullying, high school.

A/N: This is based off of “The Perks Of being A Wallflower” if you haven’t read it or seen it, i highly recommend you make a trip to the library. 

 Also, It’s been such a long time since i’ve written the first chapter, but i finally did it! Yay! There’s so many reasons why but i don’t feel like i need to say them. I just hope you enjoy and thank you for sticking around for this long!

{Chapter One Here} // Song to listen to: Temptation

Words: 1,556

August 24th, 2016

Dear journal,

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to not have powers. To not be that awkward kid who sticks around walls whenever possible. Would it be better to fit in? To be popular? Besides the kind of popular in middle school where you held hands with anyone who could breathe. The kind of popular where people actually liked you and looked up to you.

Besides my slightly angsty wannabe poetry, I’m doing okay.

Well, as okay as you can be when everyone around you seems to want to force hell on you every single time you step one foot on school grounds. Though I firmly believe that things get better. Thing have to, right? Not everyone can be so bad.

Always ~ Peter P-

He thought maybe, just maybe that school might not be as bad the next day. But god, was he wrong. Some could even say it was worse. Time seemed endless in the dull hallways of the germ-filled building. It was all just… useless.

He wasn’t learning anything, really. Some things, yes. But nothing that would help him five years later. And he hated it. Everything about it. The wasted time could be spent patching up old computers and saving the world.

Peter stuck to his plan of staying close to the walls and not saying much. Becoming part of the limitless amount of students. Keeping quiet during classes, too. It certainly made things easier and harder at the same time.

But despite all of his efforts, this only worked moderately well. People still pushed him over, still snarled “loser, pick up this,” as they ripped some of the pages straight out of one of his history books, throwing them across the room. They left with a smirk on their faces, satisfied with ruining another life that day. Peter sighed, clenching his fists tight, his knuckles going pale white and even pink. It sounded stupid, but he could feel something inside him, power, maybe. But more uncontrollable than usual.

The last thing he wanted was spider problems in school.

1,384 days till he was out.

He overheard students yelling about a football game, and how it was going to be “the bomb.” Though he never really liked sports, it would just be a shame to miss the first game of the school year. And, he didn’t want to be around when Derrick came around to pick up Aunt May for yet another date. It made him sick just thinking about it.

When Peter arrived to the game, he was shocked to see how many people had come. He was expecting 100 or so, maybe, but it seemed as though everyone and their friends had come. And, unfortunately, Peter had turned up late. He wove his way through the heavy crowd of sweaty teenagers, trying to find some sort of empty seat anywhere. But it was pointless.

Just when he was about to turn around and go home, he heard a voice.

“Hey! Looking for a seat?” Someone waved to him, motioning to the saved seat next to them. Realizing it was Patrick, Peter quickly made his way over, silently glad it was him, since he seemed to be the only sane person in the whole damn school.

“Thanks,” Peter muttered, sitting down on the end of the awfully uncomfortable metal bench.

“You’re in my workshop class, right?” Patrick asked, turning to talk to Peter. He seemed truly interested in Peter, which was a new thing. No one had ever wanted to know anything about him before.

“I’m pretty sure, yeah,” Peter tried to reply as casually as possible, but he thought it was quite obvious he knew for sure. He had always been a horrible actor, anyway.

“I never was good at workshop. Though I think you can tell by the clock I tried to make today.” Patrick gleamed, laughing at his own joke, his face lighting up instantly.

“Oh, hey, Y/n!”

It was the girl from the day before. Still just as gorgeous as she’d been the previous day.

She was wearing a oversized varsity jacket and overalls that were really mismatched. It seemed as though she didn’t want to fit in, and that was something so rare nowadays. Slightly refreshing, actually.

“Question: could the people here get grosser?” She smiled the warmest smile he had ever seen. He tried not to stare, but his eyes were letting him down. She scooted right next to Peter, causing him to suddenly be aware of the lack of space between them. Peter’s breath became ragged, and he didn’t quite know why. It was just a girl. Yes, the most beautiful girl he had ever met, but still, a person. He didn’t know what to do. Talk? No. He could always fuck that up. Best to stay silent, as always.

“We’re not going to Ruth’s, by the way. Her parents caught her buying rum for the party,” Y/n spoke up, leaning across Peter slightly to talk to Patrick. Her tone was loud, though dimmed by the roaring of the students whenever anyone did anything on the sports field.

“Damn it, Ruth. I always tell that girl that paper bags are a dead giveaway.. So, we wanna go to Queenies instead?” Patrick rolled his green eyes, clearly disappointed by their friend.

“Of course,” she said in a joking tone, like it had been blatantly obvious. Then, she turned to him, with that smile of hers, and a shimmer in her eyes. “Peter? That’s your name, right? Would you like to go to Queenies with us after the game?”

“T-that’s my name. And I’d love to, if that’s okay. I don’t want to ruin your fun,” Peter spoke up, stuttering a bit, which he mentally slapped himself for.

“I invited you for a reason. If I thought you were a buzzkill, I’d move away as soon as possible.”

Noise flooded his ears, so he looked over at the scoreboard. Seemed like he had missed quite a bit of the game, since many points had been added since he last checked. For a little bit, he forgot that they had even been at a game, but with the roaring crowd, the cozy atmosphere surrounding the three of them cracked instantly, bringing him back to harsh reality.

“GO SPORTS!” Patrick yelled over the crowd, clapping along with everyone else.

“So,” Y/n started as soon as they sat down in a empty booth in a darkish corner of the small diner. It was a cozy place that smelled like milkshakes and heartburn, but in a good kind of way. “Peter, what music do you like?”

“Answer this carefully. You might get on her bad side if you hit a nerve,” Patrick smirked devilishly, wiggling his eyebrows.

“I’m not that bad, I swear.” She slapped Patrick’s arm with the back of her hand, rolling her eyes at him. “Tell us already!”

“Oh, well…” Peter started, but drifted off. All of his life, people had made fun of him for what he liked in music, or anything, really. Though Patrick and Y/n seemed nice, would they be like everyone else and judge him? “It’ll sound stupid.”

“Nothing truly sounds stupid,” Patrick said, pointing right at Peter, “and never think otherwise. Your taste matters in this cruel world.”

“Okay. Mostly I listen to David Bowie, Prince, Duran Duran, U2, The Smiths…”

“Ohmygod! Someone who likes good music! Our music!” Y/n squeaked, beaming head to toe. Peter couldn’t recall someone being so happy over a small topic like music, but he thought it was cute. She gripped Patrick’s arm tightly, shaking it vigorously.  “Can we keep him? Peter, can we keep you?”

“Yes?” he said with more of a question than an answer in his voice. These people must’ve been slightly insane, but he thought he liked it, strangely enough. Never had he thought that people like them could exist. So free spirited; people who didn’t care and didn’t want to. They were just… them. And that amazed Peter.

“Do you know The Electric Fetus?”

“Yeah, I love that band.” Peter lied. He really didn’t know who it was, but the last thing he wanted to seem like was clueless.

“It’s actually a record shop, but good enough.” Patrick smiled. He did not even make a big deal about it. Just a casual mess up. Another new thing to add to the list of what makes a decent person. Not everyone had to point out your mistakes.

“Tell you what, sometime over a weekend, I’ll take you there, okay?” she offered. There was a constant undertone in her voice that sounded so welcoming, but he couldn’t place a finger on exactly why. It was something you could get addicted to hearing. “Show you some more good music…”

“Be careful, you start listening to that shit and it’s basically a popularity plague. One old song and your rep is dead.”

“I’m pretty sure my rep can’t get any worse…” he muttered. And at that, they burst out into sudden laughter, startling Peter a bit. Y/n was even wiping away tears from her eyes. Soon enough, Peter joined in with laughing, not fully sure of why yet, but it was just contagious.

“We’ll see about that,” Y/n managed to say, smiling ear to ear. “we can ruin anyone, kid. You’ll learn that soon enough.”

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lgbtq slam poetry

a masterpost of poetry by and for the lgbtq community

side note: almost all of these have blunt mentions of homophobia, transphobia, and dysphoria. please be careful when listening!

Denice Frohman - “Dear Straight People” (WOWPS 2013)

Elliot Darrow - “God is Gay” (CUPSI 2013 Finals)

Rhiannon McGavin - “Art Class”

Joy Young - “The Queer Hokey-Pokey” (IWPS 2014)

(tw: rape) Kevin Kantor - “People You May Know” (CUPSI 2015 Finals)

Ollie Schminkey & Wyatt Fleckenstein - “Small Towns”

Thomas Hill - “Pray the Gay Away” (Brave New Voices 2013)  

Sibel Sayiner & Violet Trachtenberg - “Pride” (CUPSI 2014)

Jamie Mortara - “Some Things You Need to Know Before Dating Me”

(tw: self harm) Ollie Schminkey - “How to Love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps”

Justice Gaines - “Letter from Xem” (CUPSI 2015)

Ethan Smith - “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” (CUPSI 2014)

Dia Davina - A Boy Called Everything

Joy Young - “Unbuttoning My Boy Shirt” (NPS 2014)

Arati Warrier - “Witch Hunt” (TGS 2014)

(tw: suicide) Kevin Kantor & Sienna Burnett - "Phases” (CUPSI 2015)

Denver Team Round #4 - Brave New Voices 2013 (Semi Finals) 

(tw: death, alcoholism, abuse)  Patrick Roche - “21” (CUPSI 2014)

Jai Rogers, Francisco Velaquez, Jessica Vernon - “Public Trans” (BNW 2014)

Wyatt Fleckenstein - “Labels” (CUPSI 2014) 

(tw: implied suicide) Bronte, Fraser, and Josh - “Gay Suicides” (BNV 2011)

(tw: rape) Ollie Schminkey - “Two Twin Beds” (NPS 2014)

EDIT (thank you to @ace-deuce-bi​ !)

Joanna Hoffman - “Pride”

(tw: n slur, explicit sex ment) Danez Smith - “Dear Mrs. Thompson”

Andrea Gibson - “Prism”

(tw: abuse, drugs, death) Gina Keplinger - “For Bob” (NPS 2014)

Jomar Valentin - “Layering” (NPS 2014)

Talia Young - “Queers’ Ark” (CUPSI 2015)

Cassidy Foust - “The Knife That Carves” (CUPSI 2015)

Sarah Lawson - “Erasure” (WoWPS 2015)

(tw: explicit sex ment) Zev Verdoner - “Dear Rosie” (CUPSI 2015)

feel free to add on to this list !!

Thinkie Thoughting on Jean

I have so many Thinkie Thoughts about the telemovie, that I need to break them up.  

In a season of Jean Growth and Blooming (like begonias?), that plot arc felt interestingly resolved to me in the telemovie.  She’d made her choice in 5.8 and was standing by it.  While Lucien spends the movie talking about his anxieties and concerns, ranting about them, and flashing back scenes of family dysfunction, the New and Improved Jean’s internal struggle is seen rather than told to us with a shift of her gaze, a lift of her chin.  When confronted with something that would have put her on the defensive in the past, she heeds the advice she’s given others, and gets over it.  

It starts right off, with her dragging Lucien to the wedding of the man who wanted Lucien arrested for assault just a few months ago.  Jean and Susan have had a complex relationship based in class through the seasons.  When Jean says that she’s surprised they were invited, Susan is clear that it wasn’t her idea, that Edward insisted. (Surely for his own little game.)  Despite being seated by the kitchen–a definite snub–Jean squares her shoulders and takes it.  She’s prepping for the role of Mrs Lucien Blake.  There’s going to be plenty of uncomfortable social occasions in her future; might as well get used to it.   

When Aunt Dorothy comes to visit, Jean announces Dorothy as though she’s still the housekeeper and Dorothy sweeps by without even a glance, as one would treat the hired help.  Jean may be comfortable with her position, but now it’s a matter of how others look at her.  

A skilled seamstress who’s made a number of wedding dresses for other women decides to buy her wedding suit, which means having to navigate a prissy Melbourne shop.  She’s determined to play the role, even if the outcome is: “It’s very nice and it fits beautifully.”

The most interesting scene was with Matthew and Lucien, where we see a flash of old insecure Jean when she’s talking about Milton Dunne and his aggression with Lucien: “Maybe he doesn’t like being reminded that he comes from more modest beginnings than some people.”

Lucien senses danger.  "Yes, perhaps,“ he says very carefully.

She has brought over Dorothy’s present. (And what’s that about?  Was it intended as passing on a family heirloom to a Blake bride?  If so, that was in the least classy way possible. No card, not wrapped, and not delivered in person as would be proper.)  Matthew wants them to open and keep it, since it’s surely expensive. “I hope not,” says Jean, looking concerned.  Is she worried of looking like a gold digger?  

Then there’s the visit to the bereaved mother, Susan.  Jean is wearing her old plaid housekeeper coat, not one of her lovely new pieces, and brings of all things, a casserole.  Which fluxmoxes Susan until she finally passes it off on the maid.  Class differences can’t be presented any more starkly.  Susan is drinking like a fish, Jean looks terribly uncomfortable, then sets herself up to be left alone with Susan when Lucien goes to talk to Patrick.  One can only imagine what the women talked about.  

Just as she’s free of one drunk society woman, she decides to go with Lucien to scrape Auntie Dot off a chair at the club.  Lucien has them quickly check Dorothy’s gift first–clever him, thinking she may mention it when they see her–and it’s a string of pearls that neither he nor Jean seem to want.  


If not nice, it seems normal.  Dying woman hands off family jewels to the newest Mrs Blake.  So why doesn’t Jean seem too enthusiastic?  

They find Dorothy giving Cec about a year’s salary as a tip.  

When Jean says, “You’re not hungry?”  it sounds like something she’d say to Lucien.  And I swear that’s the plate of food Mrs Tooney tried to give Charlie and Mattie when Jean stormed off to Adelaide.  No wonder Dot doesn’t want it.  She’s drinking her dinner anyway.  

Once again, she perches on her chair, uncomfortable in her lumpy housekeeper coat as Dot and Lucien rail at each other, surely thinking, this is so not the sort of scene I want to be part of.

Her face when he rants: “You barely spoke after he married my mother.  You shunned him.”

“He was choosing that girl over his entire family.”  At least Dorothy doesn’t stare down her long nose at Jean while she says it.  

“Not one of you could look beyond the betrayal of him marrying the woman he loved.” Yep, just as well Dorothy’s dying to spare Jean having to host her at the next Christmas dinner.  

As though this exchange wouldn’t put her in her place, Auntie asks “Mrs Beazley” to take her home, as you’d ask a servant.

Actually, the movie is generally a series of uncomfortable encounters for Jean with upper crust women, the sort of woman that Jean isn’t, nor aspires to be.  So what will be her role?   

But at least on the day, she had the wedding she wanted and needed.  An 11th hour swap of dresses; who cares what anyone thinks; she’ll wear white.  An attendant nimble-fingered enough to fasten up all those buttons, and fit enough to get up the stairs as fast as Jean dashes, rather than some doubting old friend.

I’ve checked with my Catholic friend old enough to have lived in these days, and yes, when she refused to be married in the Catholic Church, despite both she and the groom being baptized Catholic, her to be in-laws didn’t attend the ceremony at the city hall; they did not see their own son being married. I can imagine that a good number of Jean’s friends would not feel comfortable participating in, let alone attending, a wedding not sanctioned in front of God and officiated by a priest.  

And Jean seems fine with that.  While Lucien’s voice quavers on his vows, and he’s near tears, her voice rings out clear and strong.  "Yes!“ she’s ready.  For their kiss, she leans in to make sure it’s deep and intimate.   No more reservations for Jean.

nunonabun  asked:

How about 1 & 9(surprise me!) for Shelagh and Patrick?

1. Sleeping habits: 

Unlike most couples they don’t have a side of the bed each. Only one of the bed side lamps work (Patrick has been meaning to get round to fixing it but he just never seems to find the time.) So who ever retires to bed first sleeps on that side of the bed as they like to sit and read before they sleep. It’s usually Shelagh as she understands that, although united as they are, Patrick occasionally needs a moment or two to himself before bed. On the nights they retire together sides of the bed become irrelevant.. the activity that precedes the sleep determines which side they sleep on that night. Though most nights, they are curled up in the middle of the bed together, with Shelagh’s head resting on Patrick’s chest so she can listen to his steady heartbeat which helps lul her to sleep. She is usually the first to fall asleep, Patrick’s mind takes a bit longer to switch off. While Shelagh’s sleeping Patrick will rub circles on the bottom of her back, oddly it brings him comfort. When he can finally feel sleep take over he will always place a final kiss on Shelagh’s temple and whisper a quiet “I love you.” 

9.  Random headcanon / surprise me! 

Shelagh cannot bake to save her life. She’s an excellent cook but baking completely eludes her. For the first few months of her marriage she manages to hide this fact with shop brought cakes she passes off as her own (surely the Lord can forgive a white lie such as this?). Patrick catches her taking the shop brought cake out of its box one day when he’s come home early from work to surprise her. She confesses then, another secret revealed to her husband. He wonders when he’ll stop learning new things about her. They both burst out in a fit of giggles at her admission, unable to hide their amusement at the ridiculousness of the situation. It’s then that Patrick walks to the cupboard and begins to take out all the ingredients for a cake (which Shelagh had put there to cover her secret). She watches in bemusement as he begins to pour varying ingredients into a bowl but doesn’t question it. Within the hour Patrick had produced the best Victoria sponge Shelagh had ever tasted. From then on Sunday afternoons are dedicated to Patrick teaching Shelagh to bake and her attempting to teach him to cook. (though they abandoned that after the third ruined frying pan.).

{these definitely ran away with me too!}

And we’re back! Today, you’ll get two comics to help get back into the swing of things, but afterwards it’s once a week unless otherwise stated.

COMPASSION – this comic– was conceived immediately after IDENTITY, the previous comic, so I just had this idea sitting in my head since the end of New Content Week (and beyond). I wanted to show exactly how Nini interacts with her siblings should they do something bad. Essentially, she’s setting a standard, in that by showing them love as opposed to shouting and fighting, her siblings would feel worse about disappointing their beloved sister as opposed to fearing her.

A Letter from an Old School FOB Fan

I’ve been a Fall Out Boy fan since the album that is real and doesn’t matter. Honorable Mention is such a bop. I have been in the crowd (even before it was a crowd) more times than I can remember throughout each album cycle. I, like many of you, have a tattoo relating to the guys. I, like many of you, have a mental illness and have credited the guys with saving me on more than one occasion.

I called the album months ago. A lot of us did. We knew it was coming. If you are new to the FOB world, I’m sorry to tell you this but they have always been extra. They probably always will be. Just accept it, and love them.

I’ve witnessed some back and forth about the new single. How the sound has changed, how they’ve sold out, how Patrick looks like this or like that, etc. Here’s the thing: they’re happy. No matter what you think it sounds like. No matter what you think they look like. No matter what cities they are or are not hitting (there will be more tours, guys. I’m sorry they skipped over you this time). They are happy.

Am I a huge fan of the single? In my own way, I suppose I am. The words are fantastic. The meaning is incredible. The giant llama muppets in the video are kind of terrifying, not gonna lie. The music and Patrick’s voice are top notch like always. I’m not sold on how they pitched it during the chorus, but I get it.

For someone like me, and some of the old school fans (maybe? can i speak for some of you?), we remember and reverie the glory days. TTTYG is still one of my top five albums. Honorable Mention is still one of my favorite songs. FUCT is still one of the most sonically cohesive albums. Yet, at this point in the journey, I would be a shitty fan to even think that they could remain the same band that they were SIXTEEN YEARS AGO. They would be cheating themselves and us if they continued to release FUCT, pt. 2 or Take This To Your Grave…Again.

That’s not what art is. That’s not what music should be. I don’t want to listen to a band that I’ve invested so much of my life, my time, and my love in constantly repeat themselves. I want the new. The unexplored. The different. Fall Out Boy has always been that. And I hope they will always be that. Please don’t give them shit for something they are proud of. Whether you like it or not, it’s what they wanted to make and share. Listen or don’t, just understand that art is subjective.

Also, it doesn’t matter what anyone in the band looks like. Not one iota. Weight and looks don’t have anything to do with musical ability.

Love, me
some legends are told || A Link fanmix by HeroesOfHyrule

Listen on 8tracks and Spotify || Original cover by Fall Out Boy; edited by yours truly. 


01. Fall Out Boy: Centuries | 02. Imogen Heap: Headlock | 03. Avicii: Wake Me Up 04. The A-Sides: Diamonds 05. Imagine Dragons: Demons 06. Swedish House Mafia: Don’t You Worry Child 07. Patrick Stump: Spotlight (New Regrets) 08. Bastille: Weight Of Living Pt. II 09. Coldplay: Fix You |


Here it isssss~~~ I hope it’s enjoyable! I love this cover so much? wow

CtM Friday Follow-Up: The Question of Shelagh

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my Thursday post about headcanons! It’s been great to read everyone’s answers, and please feel free to add more. One thing I wanted to address, though, is the preponderance of headcanons about Shelagh and her romantic experience (or lack thereof) before Patrick. The variety of answers about this is great. I’m now going to take this opportunity to share some of my own ideas about this subject. More thoughts follow:

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Title: The New Candidate (Part 5.) 

Character(s): Patrick Sullivan and Ashley Wright (original female character)
Summary: Ashley plays soccer with Patrick and the rest of the crew.
Word Count: 1,996
Author’s Note: Okay, JDM playing sports does things to me for some damn reason. I don’t know much about soccer, but I loved writing this chapter regardless. Man, I can’t wait for you all to see how this story plays out hehe. Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @hughxjackman)

After last night, Ashley couldn’t wait to spend more time with the guys of the firehouse. Most importantly, she was excited to see Patrick again that didn’t involve being at work. She felt the tension last night throughout the pool game, while he was dancing, and their brief talk. He had told her that the next time they played, Patrick wanted her to dance for him.

It was enough proof for Ashley to realize that the feeling was mutual. Though, she didn’t know if she could act on it and she wasn’t sure if she wanted Patrick to either. Her career was more important to her than some man that wasn’t a guarantee in her future. It sounded very naive, but Ashley wanted to establish herself as a firefighter first before jumping into a relationship with the Lieutenant.

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Highlights from the Fall Out Boy show in Oakland, CA 11.14.17

okay so here were some of my favorite moments!! it was an amazing show and I had such a good time 

1. funniest moment was probably when Pete called out someone’s shirt, he said something like “man, that is the funniest and probably most terrible shirt I have ever seen…like let me know where I can order one of those” and never told us exactly what the shirt said, but kept making references to it throughout the show, and we could deduce that it said something along the lines of “Pete Wentz: Cut Your Hair” and ok honestly mood

2. after the first few songs, the first thing that Pete says to the crowd is “you know that quote from the movie Drive, when he says, ‘Once you get in this car, you’re family, we take care of you?’ or something like that Well, what I’m trying to say is, for the next ninety minutes, we’re your drivers - get in the fucking car with us’

3. about halfway through the show, Pete saw that there were some people who had made a really cool banner, and they weren’t quite in the pit, but in the stands right off to the side, so he was like, “hey, you guys with the banner? yeah, come down and listen to the rest of the show down here” (in the pit)

4. Pete also found some pretty little kid who was in the pit and let security move him and his family even closer to the stage. He was like, “yeah, don’t worry, this guy knows all the words”

5. PATRICK’S LITTLE DANCE MOVES were so freakin cute, especially when they were doing Dance, Dance on the elevated stage - he does this little stand-in-place shuffle thing with his feet 

6. when the elevated stages came out, the boys were REALLY freaking close to us, and a few people in my area and I all waved at Patrick, and he waved back and gave us a such a humble smile, like he was thinking, “oh my gosh that’s so nice that those people are waving at me!” I was like Patrick my love we paid money to see you!! He just gives us such a sweet, humble vibe I love it

7. They’re doing a new arrangement of Young and Menace where it’s just Patrick on the piano, and it’s really awesome and moving. They also put these little purple crystal ball cutouts in everyone’s seats with instructions to use them during Y&M by using them as a filter over the flashlight on your phone, so that when it played, all the lights had a purple tint

8. Andy’s drum solo!! Ahhh it was so good, especially because he was on one of the elevated stages. Also, during the solo, you see Pete and Patrick getting set up on the other elevated stage, just kind of squatting down and jamming out to his solo. Super adorable!!

9. Joe went fucking HARD. He came out on the runway part a lot, especially during the guitar solos. He was super animated and great.

10. Pete just thanked everyone for being so patient with the album, and said that he wanted them to make music that would be fun for people like us on nights like tonight

11. Pete was wearing his little fucking tail thing on his jeans and my friend screamed bc now she’s convinced he’s a furry

12. In between when the boys go offstage after the elevated stages are done and when the monsters come on with the T-shirt canon, there’s a little clip that plays over the big screen that shows the four of them running backstage, and then has the monsters joking around

13. There are little parachutes at the end of the show that fall out from the ceiling and have t-shirts attached to them!

Honestly I could probably talk about more that went on, but this is getting really long. So please feel free to message me if you want any more details about the show bc it was so so awesome and I can’t stop thinking about it and overall the boys just give a really good experience for their fans <3