i love this new patrick thing

Surely I’m not the only one who analyzed the new Mushy Mansion layout and its every detail, am I? Let’s play “I Spy” in the new Turner residence…

  • The Turners FINALLY added a coffee table to their couch of matrimony sitting room set! About time, really - how does anyone function without a coffee table upon which to place your teacup (or feet)?
  • Appears to be a small desk behind the sitting chair in the background. I must say, those open shelves can’t compare to those gorgeous built-ins that flanked the fireplace at the old flat.
  • This house sure has a lot of light fixtures, doesn’t it? Pendants, table lamps, all with that simple modern barrel shade.
  • There is a SECOND staircase off the kitchen 😙 this is one fancy house. The nice homes on TV sitcoms always had a second staircase off the kitchen.
  • New collection of plates and mugs. I think it’s nice Shelagh got to pick out her own dishes for the new house since she inherited Patrick and Marianne’s old dinnerware. Looks like they are keeping things modern with the solid teal blue color. No old-fashioned dainty floral patterns for the modern Turners.
  • I also spy a main floor bathroom behind Patrick
  • Looks like Father Christmas brought Shelagh a fancy stand mixer for Christmas! Imagine if Sister MJ knew Shelagh had this new appliance at her disposal….Cake for daaaaays
  • I bet Shelagh is LOVING the added storage with the upper cabinets. Plus a tile backsplash and wall oven….this kitchen is straight out of a 1960s episode of HGTV

  • LOVE the full wall of glass doors in the sitting room as well as the side glass door leading to the patio - i anticipate they’ll be making good use of that patio come springtime.
  • Another built-in lamp on the shelf, similar to the Turner’s new bed with attached end tables, plus telephone #3 in the Turner residence in a perfectly retro shade of dark green.

Some odds and ends:

– a navy blue carry cot for Teddy

– Patrick’s new robe and new pajamas with some sort of medallion pattern that seems to be a shade of purple (so fashionable)

– Shelagh’s fuzzy blue robe

– Angela’s sippy cup on the coffee table, and of course, evidence of her potty training :)

Did anyone catch any other new details in the Turner home? 🏡

lgbtq slam poetry

a masterpost of poetry by and for the lgbtq community

side note: almost all of these have blunt mentions of homophobia, transphobia, and dysphoria. please be careful when listening!

Denice Frohman - “Dear Straight People” (WOWPS 2013)

Elliot Darrow - “God is Gay” (CUPSI 2013 Finals)

Rhiannon McGavin - “Art Class”

Joy Young - “The Queer Hokey-Pokey” (IWPS 2014)

(tw: rape) Kevin Kantor - “People You May Know” (CUPSI 2015 Finals)

Ollie Schminkey & Wyatt Fleckenstein - “Small Towns”

Thomas Hill - “Pray the Gay Away” (Brave New Voices 2013)  

Sibel Sayiner & Violet Trachtenberg - “Pride” (CUPSI 2014)

Jamie Mortara - “Some Things You Need to Know Before Dating Me”

(tw: self harm) Ollie Schminkey - “How to Love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps”

Justice Gaines - “Letter from Xem” (CUPSI 2015)

Ethan Smith - “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” (CUPSI 2014)

Dia Davina - A Boy Called Everything

Joy Young - “Unbuttoning My Boy Shirt” (NPS 2014)

Arati Warrier - “Witch Hunt” (TGS 2014)

(tw: suicide) Kevin Kantor & Sienna Burnett - "Phases” (CUPSI 2015)

Denver Team Round #4 - Brave New Voices 2013 (Semi Finals) 

(tw: death, alcoholism, abuse)  Patrick Roche - “21” (CUPSI 2014)

Jai Rogers, Francisco Velaquez, Jessica Vernon - “Public Trans” (BNW 2014)

Wyatt Fleckenstein - “Labels” (CUPSI 2014) 

(tw: implied suicide) Bronte, Fraser, and Josh - “Gay Suicides” (BNV 2011)

(tw: rape) Ollie Schminkey - “Two Twin Beds” (NPS 2014)

EDIT (thank you to @ace-deuce-bi​ !)

Joanna Hoffman - “Pride”

(tw: n slur, explicit sex ment) Danez Smith - “Dear Mrs. Thompson”

Andrea Gibson - “Prism”

(tw: abuse, drugs, death) Gina Keplinger - “For Bob” (NPS 2014)

Jomar Valentin - “Layering” (NPS 2014)

Talia Young - “Queers’ Ark” (CUPSI 2015)

Cassidy Foust - “The Knife That Carves” (CUPSI 2015)

Sarah Lawson - “Erasure” (WoWPS 2015)

(tw: explicit sex ment) Zev Verdoner - “Dear Rosie” (CUPSI 2015)

feel free to add on to this list !!

Hi there! So, since I’ve been liking a lot of posts of a lot of CTM/Turnadette blogs I think it’s about time that I introduce myself 😂 My name is Simone and I’ve been into CTM for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. I’m still quite new to the fandom (and Tumblr as well) so I’m probably going to stick to reblogging before I start posting things myself, but I love to hear your opinions on the show! So if you’d like to, feel free to chat with me :)

‪i think the thing i love most about the fob fandom is the fact that there’s so many like, different age groups in it. like bc fob’s been around so long, there’s like the typical demographic - people around the boys’ age who’ve just liked the band forever bc they were like 19 when tttyg or futct came out and 20-28 year olds who grew up w/ fob - but then there’s also like tiny children who’re new here or ppl like me who found out about them during the hiatus or found out about them from srar & are like 15 or 16. this post is like, way too sappy but i don’t know, i guess ‪it’s just interesting to me bc otherwise none of us would probably ever interact, but because we all love those four dudes from chicago we - more or less - get along. ‬

And we’re back! Today, you’ll get two comics to help get back into the swing of things, but afterwards it’s once a week unless otherwise stated.

COMPASSION – this comic– was conceived immediately after IDENTITY, the previous comic, so I just had this idea sitting in my head since the end of New Content Week (and beyond). I wanted to show exactly how Nini interacts with her siblings should they do something bad. Essentially, she’s setting a standard, in that by showing them love as opposed to shouting and fighting, her siblings would feel worse about disappointing their beloved sister as opposed to fearing her.

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Nolan Patrick for the NYE thing

- you would be at a party

- Nolan wouldn´t like stick to your butt but when you pass each other he would quickly kiss you and make sure you are fine

- later, just before midnight hr would come up from behind and wrap his arms around you

- “what´s a pretty lady like you doing all alone on new years eve?”

- “I cannot find my boyfriend. Do you wanna be my new years kiss?”

- he would hold you in his arms as the countdown is called

- would probably yell along

- “love you, baby”, kisses you and smiles brightly, pushing your hair behind your ear

-you would stay at the party til almost sunrise and fall into bed as you arrive home 

- he would help you take your makeup off

- lazy day with lots of cuddles

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2/2. I’m in love Patrick, and that with each book you could see the development of the character, but I felt it wasn’t like “I’m a new person and I’ve forgotten all the stuff I suffered”. For me, his development was not a complete one, but a human one. I’m so grateful you recommend me this book and can’t wait to see how BC nails it. (((The only thing I didn’t like was the bunch of new people that each ‘novel’ had, lol I was lost in that aspect, must give it a second reading ))

… and yes I adore Patrick, and I think BC is about to deliver a tour de force. 


"Accidental" Tease. Pete Wentz Imagine

Hey could you do a Pete Wentz imagine where he falls in love with your or something 😂❤️


“Hey Patrick,” You smiled at your best friend as you walked in his house like you lived there. Kind of seemed like you did sometimes. “Pete.” You nodded in his direction. You only met Pete a few times, so you were still unsure of how to act towards him. He gave you a small wave and smiled.

At least he was nice.

“So bored.” You muttered, leaning down and laying across the two of them.

“Oh well.” Patrick said, patting your back with fake sympathy.

“We should do something.”

“Like what?”

“Lets order a pizza and build a fort!” You said, jumping up excitedly.

“Okay!” Patrick said with just as much enthusiasm. He turned to Pete. “I’ll order the pizza, you two start with the fort!”

“Okay.” Pete said flatly.

“My dear Pete, could you try being more enthusiastic please?”

“OH BOY, A FORT?!” Pete said loudly.

“Thank you.” Patrick nodded in satisfaction. He pulled out his phone and headed towards rhe kitchen. You ran upstairs, Pete following more slowly behind you. You gathered up as many blankets as you could, handing them off to Pete so you could get more. You both tossed armfuls of blankets dosn the stairs and ran down, jumping into the pile. Your laughs muffled, you sat up and smiled at Pete. The two of you dragged the blankets into the living room. Your hands bumped against each others a fee times, making your cheeks heat up and your tummy flutter.

You hoped he hadn’t noticed, but looking over at his expression, you knew he had.

How embarrassing. You thought to yourself as you dropped the blankets in front of the tv. Patrick returned and helped you two set up the couch cushions and pillows into a fort. He left again once he heard a knock at the door.

“Pizza’s here!” He exclaimed running out of the room.

You and Pete continued draping blankets over the cushions. You felt his eyes on you, making you uncomfortable. Especially trying to resist the urge to glance at him.

You found him quite attractive, but no way he felt the same about you. You shook your head and smiled as Patrick came running in, grinning wildly, with the box of pizza in his arms and several movies stuffed down his shirt.

The three of you managed to squeeze into the fort that was just big enough to hold you. You were squished between Patrick and Pete, laying down on your stomach, head propped up on your arms ad you watched the movies.

You tried to ignore how you were pressed up against Pete. You could feel his breathing, his heartbeat…

You felt him shift ever so slightly towards you, but when you looked over at him, he wasn’t paying any attention.

You bit your lip. Probably nothing. Either you imagined it, or it was an accident.

You looked on your other side, seeing happy little Patrick staring at the tv screen. You smiled. You loved your best friend, you really did. He was just the sweetest thing ever.

Patrick had told you how Pete was the only one to ever stick up for him in school. You an Patrick had been in grade school together, but attended different highschools. Apparently Patrick was bullied pretty bad.

You looked back at Pete. Though he was an “accidental” tease, he was a good guy. You decided you liked Pete. Anyone who sticks up for Patrick, you had no problem with.

You felt your cheeks warm up as you noticed Pete was staring right back at you.

“What?” He silently mouthed.

You shook your head. “Nothing.” You mouthed back. Pete smiled and put his arm around your waist.

“Nothing?” He whispered, his lips barely brushing your ear.


“I should get going.” You said standing up. The last movie had ended and it was pretty late.

“Yeah, me too.” Pete looked over at Patrick. “See you later.”

You headed out the front door and to your car.

You heard Pete behind you, but thought nothing of it as his car was right next to yours.

“Hey, Y/N?” He called out.


“Where do you live?”

“Uh…” Your brows furrowed. Why would he want to know where you live? “Do you want to come over or something?”

Pete shrugged.

“Just follow me. So Patrick won’t suspect anything if we leave together.” You said simply, getting into your car. Lying to your best friend, you thought. Nice.

You didn’t live very far from Patrick’s, plus, your parents were out of town for a few days. You didn’t think they’d appreciate you bringing a boy home at…you looked at the time on the car radio, 11pm.

Once you unlocked the door to the house, you heard Pete pull in to the driveway. You were shivering from the cold, but you waited outside for him anyway.

“Hey.” He said as if he hadn’t just seen you five minutes ago.

“Hi.” You smiled, pulling him inside with you, out of the cold. Yeah, it was summer, but the nights were still chilly. You yawned and rubbed your eyes.

“I’m going to change.” You said through your yawn. “I’ll be back in a second.”

He nodded and looked around, shoving his hands in his pockets. You felt his eyes on you as you walked up the stairs, but you were to tired to think of something to say. You changed into your pajamas: shorts and an old button down shirt. You put your hair up in a bun and walked back downstairs. Pete looked half asleep standing in the middle of the room, exactly where you had left him.

You took his hand and sat him on the couch, sitting down next to him.

“Sleep.” You said, covering his eyes with your hand. He laughed, he had such a cute laugh, and pulled you down next to him. The last thing you remember before fall asleep was Pete wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you on his chest.


“Hey Y/N, I think I left my- WHAT IS THIS!?” You jumped awake to see Patrick standing in the door way.

“Hey ‘Trick.” You heard Pete mumble behind you, his voice still thick with sleep.

“I just came here to get my guitar pick, and I find both my best friends sleeping together.”

“We didn’t sleep together, we just…slept together.” You said slowly.

“What’s the difference?”

“One involves doing the dirty.” Pete said. “Yeah, we didn’t do that.”

“So wait…are you two like…a thing now?” Patrick asked.

You and Pete both looked to eachother. You shrugged.


“Aw….wait. My two best friends are dating….MORE FUN!”


-3 years later-

You smiled as Pete kissed your cheek, then your nose.

“Pete!” You laughed, trying to push him off you. You were in the recording studio, watching silently as the boys worked on their new album. They took a break for a bit and Pete had hugged you tight.

“I love you.” He murmured against your cheek.

Your eyes widened. Neither of you had said ‘I love you’, and quite frankly, you feared that he would reject you if you told him. You pressed your lips against his, slow yet passionate.

“Alright lovebirds.” You hear Andy’s voice from behind you.

Pete flipped him off but didn’t stop. If anything he kissed you harder, tangling his fingers in your hair.

“Okay guys….that’s enough.” Patrick pulled you backwards, away from Pete.

“I love you too.” You said smiling.


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30 Days of CtM, Day 15

Favorite pajamas

Tie: Patrick’s striped pajama top and the bri-nylon nightdress

My two favorites happen to symbolize the start of new things for Patrick and Shelagh. First, Shelagh wears Patrick’s pajama top on the first night she spends in what will be her new home. She looks adorable drowning in it and I love this scene (pictured) where she lovingly touches the lapel as she dreams of her new life to come. Secondly, the bri-nylon nightie ushers in some 60s fashion, a slew of new nightwear (finally!) and is the invitation that results in a whole new Turner arc for s6. I love the color, the polka dots and the un-Shelagh-like flounce.

A comprehensive list of awesome things from my early bandom days that I love sharing with new fans

  • That video of Pete with the backpack speakers and the mascot costumes
  • The video of Patrick attempting to get a giant fucking spider out of the band’s dressing room (featuring Pete screaming in fear constantly)

  • “Wind power. It’s fucking sexy”

  • The DoSomething.Org PSA

  • The World’s Most In-Depth Fall Out Boy Interview

  • Fall Out Boy Trail

  • That GIANT collage of fan names the band put together to form their official photo (I don’t even know if that website is still up anymore)

  • Citizens For Our Betterment

  • Fresh Only Bakery and Pete’s horrible wig

  • Mark Hoppus shaving Pete’s head on stage

  • “Gabey Baby Made Me Go Bad”

anirvanaofficial  asked:

I watched Stranger Things and liked it very much. So, can you please recommend me book having this type of 'Things'??????

Yassss I loved Stranger Things, I cannot wait for season 2!! Here are some books to hold you over until the new season airs.

  1. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness 
  2. The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts 
  3. The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue 
  4. White Is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi 
  5. Boy’s Life, by Robert McCammon 
  6. Watchers by Dean Koontz
  7. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
  8. Dangerous Laughter by Steven Millhauser 
  9. The Lost Estateby Alan-Fournier 
  10. Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist 

I think fans of the show would really love books 1-6! Happy reading, watch for flickering lights! 

2007: “New York eyes, Chicago thighs”

2015: “You look so Seattle, but you feel so L.A.”

    With the new year coming up I can’t think of a better time to go through the bookshelves and find new and old things to read. If you enjoy fantasy novels and epic storytelling then this is something you’ll love. I’m so excited to read it again and get lost in Kvothe’s world. Seriously one of the best books I’ve read and I cannot wait for book #3!

skullmcbender  asked:

I just want to thank you for the great job you have done with the peterick theories!!!. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I also wanted to ask you a huge favor (I beg you) where can I see when Pete talks about the first time he met Patrick?, I found out about that recently and I'm dying to see it. Thanks again and I hope new posts about MANIA <3  

Thank you so much for this sweet message! I love you right back.

I will look for some sources and get back to you! Anybody have links on hand?

You can absolutely count on more Mania posts 💜🔮🌊



Here’s the golden ticket thing–not the only time he says it, as archived on http://fobomatic.tumblr.com/petefobr :

Sunday, February 19, 2006
i heard fall out boy on the radio for pretty much one of the first times ever last night. it made me once again realize that 99 percent of the reason anyone will ever like this band is because patrick has the best voice on the planet. that kid is the golden ticket.

I know there are better sources and some videos that recount the whole meeting–check out this one from My Heart Is The B-Side To My Tongue for loads of good stuff! Answering this question properly is going on my to-do list. Thanks again, @skullmcbender!

sunshine-killjoy  asked:

Hiya! I have been following you since I have had an account and I love to draw, your style is inspiring and honestly something I aspire to have one day. I have also been to nervous to show my art to the world. Before I study my ass into a nonexistent state I want you to know looking at your art is a highlight of mine, and when I'm notified that you posted my day gets a little better, also I would love to see a bread squad Patrick! Idk personal thing on the bucket list (^-^)

thank you so much. you’re lovely and i’m glad that i give you inspiration!!! tbh, many new artists told me they want to show up their works but fear to do so, for whatever reasons, or even fear to get negative comments. i always told them not to fear about that because your happinass is drawing whatever you want to and it takes time to develop own skills. i’ve passed hard time before, once i got lots of negative comments and really depressed but something changed when you realized and why have to fear for it, why i don’t improve those skills, so just get rid of it and be open-minded person then you will crossing that with become good artist. i really want to applause to new artists who dare to show up their works. you guys are great!!!!!!!  now i’m full recovered too. thanks!!!!

Trucker Hat, Afro and You

(A/N) this one is smut right off the bat, beware.
Request- riding Joe Trohman and Patrick Stump can’t mind his own business. (Era of 2004 as request stated)

“Yes….yes..fuck…baby!” Joe grunts as he digs his hands into my hips, making me go faster. He grunts as I lean forward, hitting him at an angle. My hands on either side of his head, hair making a curtain on one side.

“Have you sween my-” I look up to see Patrick standing there. With an open mouth staring at me. He doesn’t make a sound, as i start playing with my breasts moaning at him, while still thrusting on Joe. I throw my head back, and moan loudly as Joe’s comes, running my hand through my hair, moving it to the side, smirking at him.

“So-sorry. I’ll-I’ll go. I- bye.” He runs out the bus, slamming the door. I lay down next to Joe, as he slips the condom off.

“Was that Trick? Who walked in?”

“Yes. I love how embarrassed he got. So cute.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Pete says he’s still a virgin.” Joe laughs, sitting up messing with his fingers. I run my hands on his back. Feeling it, he’s got somewhat of a bad back, this helps him.

“Maybe we should help him with that.” I sit up putting my arm around him.

“How? Trick is so awkward that-. No. Babe, out of all the people?” He whines, I look at him, with serious eyes.

“Joe, c'mon. You’re always saying you’re up for new things. Patrick is the right guy. He obviously has a crush on me. I can see it.”

“Andy has a crush on you. Hell, even Pete! Why is Trick so special?”

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After the Charlie and Matteusz angst of the finale I just want scenes of them just being happy is that too much to ask.

I want to see them on sitting around on a Sunday, it’s raining outside and they’re sat huddled under a duvet watching old Disney films because Charlie needs to be educated on why Mulan is the best Disney Princess.

I want to see Charlie asking Matteusz endless questions about music, magazines and why on earth Kim Kardashian is famous.

And them going to the supermarket and buying at least one new thing for Charlie to try every time they go.

Them being that one ridiculously in love couple at college who make everyone want to puke with how adorable they are.

Seriously we deserve this for the shit they put us through.