i love this mv so bad


she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle

20 Reasons to Love Kim Seokjin!

1) #PlumpLipsSquad

The boi has some beautiful lipsssssss

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2) His self-confidence

I dream of being as confident as he is because DAMN

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3) Korean Gordan Ramsey


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4) His “Getting out of the car” pose that went viral on Twitter

I still can’t get over it…

5) EatJin

It’s oddly satisfying to see him eat

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6) Traffic Light Dance

It’s fabulous and my best friend and I dance this magical dance all the time

7) His love for Mario

I love Mario myself, but not to this extent

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8) When he wears turtlenecks

To me, I like turtlenecks on guys, and ohmehgawd Jiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn

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9) He looks great in pink

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10) His shoulders

He looks so manly uuuughghghghghghgh help mehhhhhh

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12) His laugh

Absolutely majestic

13) That time he acted weird with Kookie while eating noodles

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14) His voice

Not only is he amazing when you hear him in songs from MV, audio, etc, but hearing him live is even better.

15) #Namjin


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16) Looks great in glasses


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17) He reminds me of an alpaca

(THIS IS NOT BAD) He’s a really cute, human, broad-shouldered alpaca….. Random, I know.

18) Can open things with his toes


19) His crooked fingers

I honestly love his fingers, cuz they’re perfect, no matter what they look like

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20) CCR: Classified Cinnamon Roll

He’s adorable and stuff, y’know…

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Hope you enjoyed!


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So let’s talk Bad Liar mv, Selena is in love with her gym teacher who keeps getting hit on by Selena’s dad - who also looks at other girls - and Selena’s mum is aware of it but ignores it. Sounds simple right? Selena plays all four of these characters so technically….
Selena is in love with Selena but keeps getting hit on by Selena who is, essentially, cheating on Selena.

Ok. I’m all here for it.


Runaway Pt.1 | Taehyung (M)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Drabbles

Summary: Bad boy Tae takes an interest in innocent you and, even though you know he’s toxic, you can’t help but love him.

Word Count: 9.373

Genre: Smut, basically 

A/N: wOW this was long idk I really wanted to write it!! I was inspired by the Run mv (and Colours and Coming Down by Halsey (p.s, I’m making a second part to this and it will also contain smut so there’s that)

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Things I love about Strip That Down:

In no particular order as such,

1. Liam’s intro after 89 years OMG esp as he kicks it off with “You know I’ve been taking some time, and I’ve been keeping to myself” okay tell me about it
2. The way he sings ONE CoKE AND BACARDI!!!!!!
3. The way his voice dips in “but your love it hit me hard” into an emphatic semi rasp aaaaaah
4. The way he sings FERRARI
5. The way he sings Baby
6. That seamless switch in pace between the verse and the pre-chorus
8. The “auuuh/oh-hoo” in the chorus preceding the “yeah yeah yeah” interspersed with Quavo’s “Strip that down, girl…”
9. The “oh whoa whoa whoa” embellishment along the second chorus
10. The slight mini vibrato along the last ‘Yeah’
11. The fact that Strip that down is a bop through and through when you play it loud and on speakers but also how it has a very intimate, cozied up feel to it playing through earphones which most dance numbers lack. It’s as if it’s not a bop and just meant to be listened to by you
12. It’s such a good song to study to lmao
13. It grows on you so much, like each listen sounds better than the previous skdfjhskjhsfjs
14. It’s not the typical pop music coming out these days but it still kinda resonates with the pop scene so much and I love the balance!!!!!

I AM SO BLESSED and I am waiting for the mv and the successive singles and album so bad. GO STREAM AND BUY AND GIFT AND SUPPORT THIS SINGLE ON YOUTUBE AND iTUNES and all other platforms!!!!!!!

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My Favorite 40 Things My Mother Has Said About KPOP
  • “Chen is my favorite.”
  • “Why does so much of KPOP sound like 70′s music?”
  • [upon seeing 2008 SHINee] “They’re babies!”
  • “Minho, Xiumin, Jonghyun, and Amber are the only ones that can get away with being blonde.”
  • [about the members of f(x)] “SM Entertainment doesn’t realize what they’re throwing away.”
  • “Why are SHINee always wearing wigs?”
  • “KPOP is mesmerizing.”
  • “EXO know how to put on a show.”
  • “They sure hit each other a lot in Korea.”
  • “Jonghyun is quite the showman.”
  • [about D.O] “He’s so little!!”
  • “Amber is good for KPOP.”
  • [upon seeing Sehun’s hair in the teaser] “oh NO”
  • “Everyone in f(x) is a good singer.”
  • “Is Minho the funny one?”
  • “Baekhyun has a great stage presence, but he looks like a child.”
  • “Onew’s voice is the best.”
  • [watching ‘If You’ live] “They wear shirts?”
  • “Chen is a singer. But Xiumin is a performer.”
  • “Is Krystle the mascot?”
  • “D.O hits Chanyeol a lot? I’m not surprised.”
  • [about Taemin] “So he’s the nice one, right?”
  • “Does Kai have any friends?”
  • “Ugh!” @ Key’s hair 90% of the time
  • “whOAH D.O looks like a man now”
  • “Chanyeol has a nice smile”
  • “Onew’s got the kind of smile that is contagious”
  • “I love Baekhyun’s purple hair.”
  • [about the ‘Sherlock’ MV] “Key’s outfit is so bad I can’t focus on the dancing.”
  • “Johnny is Amber’s brother, right?”
  • “Lay is the best dancer.”
  • [about the ‘Young & Free’ MV] “They made Xiumin look really cool, but the other guy… that’s just not fair.” 
  • “Amber is so beautiful.”
  • [everytime she sees Luhan] “Is that Sehun?”
  • “Henry should stick to violin.”
  • [watching ‘Woof Woof’ live] “They should be able to veto some things.”
  • “Amber is such a great singer, she could do anything she wanted.”
  • “Chen is the handsome one.”
  • “These young men are all in the prime of their lives. Why don’t they date more?”
  • “My favorite thing about KPOP is commenting on their hair.”

Love and Peace, as requested by @camelliam

Bad Boy!Yoongi

Okay before I start this I just want to say the mv fucked me up so hardcore rn man I can’t but the song is so amazing and I’m so in love with it everything from the raps to the vocals to the chorus to everything but here’s some bad boy!Yoongi (also thank you to my friend for helping inspire this)

  • This edition of the bad boy AU is not one, not two but three AUs in one (bad boy, high school and boyfriend) so please enjoy this post of feels bc bad boy!Yoongi hurts me
  • Picture time
  • Is forever in baggy shirts but wears black skinny jeans 24/7 
  • Definitely has an eyebrow piercing also has a lip piercing (spider bites) and a septum piercing
  • He has this tattoo on his collarbone that just barely peeks out of his shirt and no one knows what it says except for you
  • He’s actually pretty tatted up tbh
  • He has a sleeve on his left arm and like most people figured he just added random things to fill up space but he actually planned it all out
  • Each and every little tattoo has a meaning and there’s a reason it’s in that specific spot and it’s so very carefully thought out
  • One of my friends and I were discussing bad boy!Yoongi and she mentioned his green hair now I can’t picture it any other way
  • Side note you helped him dye it
  • He literally calls you at three in the morning and just says “come out”
  • He takes you to his house and pulls you into the bathroom and hands you the hair dye
  • Honestly it’s not your first time dying it, you’ve always been the one he went to help him dye his hair so at this point you two are pros
  • When he shows up at school the next day, he has this mint colored hair and he does pull it off amazingly
  • Like everyday after school he waits for you outside bc he’s your ride home
  • And that day, he’s just leaned up against the wall with his freshly dyed hair and his leather jacket thrown over one of his shoulders and he already has his sunglasses in place and he has people staring at him bc it’s a v v nice look
  • And you finally come out of class to see him there and you notice the small crowd around him that’s trying to look subtle bc the last thing you wanna do is bother Min Yoongi
  • But when he sees you he gives you that gummy smile he reserves just for you and he just walks over and throws his arm over your shoulders and walks out and basically everyone is staring at you two bc wow
  • No one at school really knows how you two got together they just knew anyone who hurt you or tried to flirt with you dealt with Yoongi
  • Everyone knew if they wanted to get to you they had to get through him and six other boys and no one really wanted to do that so you were never bothered
  • There is this one time though some guy gets cocky enough to ask you out right in front of Yoongi
  • At first everyone’s silent bc did this kid really just do that and the only thing Yoongi does is tilt his head
  • His grip on you tightens and he just glares at the boy and honestly the look makes you a lil intimidated too
  • “You have three seconds to get yourself out of my sight unless you want us to have a little talk out back. It’s really your choice.”
  • You’ve never seen someone run so fast
  • But actually the entire relationship happened pretty quickly
  • Yoongi actually had this huge crush on you but he’d never tell anyone that except literally all of the members know bc Yoongi is not a subtle man
  • He never really speaks to you besides the few times you two have bumped into each other
  • But one day, you’re sat on the steps in front of the school and you’d had a really bad day like you’d failed a test, you’d been late to a class, you’d forgotten your wallet at home so you couldn’t buy lunch and now your car wouldn’t start
  • You don’t even realize anyone is there since school ended a solid hour ago and most of the people have left so you just start crying out of frustration bc you live a good 15 minutes away from the school and that’s by car and now you have to wait for your parents to get off of work and that’s not happening anytime soon
  • But after a few minutes of crying you see someone’s shadow and you peek out to see Yoongi stood next to you
  • His normal glare is gone and instead he has this look of concern and he just holds out his hand
  • You’re still a bit ??? bc you didn’t even know his real name (he always went by Suga and no one really knew his actual name) but you still took his hand and let him pull you up
  • He just leads you over to his motorcycle and hands you the helmet but before you put it on he wipes your tears away and his touch is so much more gentle than you’d expected and his hands are actually really warm
  • He pulls out his phone and his earphones and hands them to you and he sets up this lil playlist and tells you to listen to it on the ride bc it’ll help calm you down
  • You get onto the bike with him and he tells you to hold on tight and he makes sure you’re comfortable before he starts it up
  • You actually find the ride really relaxing
  • The music does really help and you quickly forget you were ever upset and the wind is adding into the calming effect
  • When he does stop all you hear are people cheering and someone rapping
  • He took you to an underground rap event bc that’s always where he went when he wanted to get away
  • You just look around really amazed by all of it and you feel his hand slip into yours but he’s refusing to look at you or acknowledge it really
  • He leads you to the front and you’re still in awe of the crowd and the fact that you’re holding hands with the “coldest man in Daegu”
  • You notice that’s everyone’s greeting him with really excited eyes and asking if he’ll be performing tonight and he keeps saying he’s just there to watch tonight and they get so disappointed
  • You get curious and ask him if he raps bc these people obviously know him
  • Before he can even answer, one of his members, the one you recognize as Namjoon, just shoves him to the front and tosses him a microphone
  • He literally has no choice bc now everyone’s cheering and yelling his name and you just smile at him bc now you’re really curious
  • He starts rapping and you’re just like w o w okay
  • He looks so at home in front of the crowd and the way he raps is breathtaking and that awed look returns to your eyes but this time it’s directed at him and it honestly only boosts his confidence and he definitely throws you a few smirks
  • When he gets off stage, he just goes straight over to you 
  • You tell him he was pretty good bc you’re trying to be casual and act like you weren’t blown away and he’s just like “pretty good? That’s not what your reaction said”
  • You just roll your eyes but both of you know you were really impressed and you two stay there for the rest of the night just listening to the different rappers
  • At one point, the night breeze sends a lil shiver down your spine but Yoongi notices and just really subtly takes off his jacket and places it over your shoulders
  • You just have to smile to yourself bc he’s doing that thing where he pretends he didn’t do something really cute bc he’s lowkey embarrassed by it but you do whisper a quiet “thank you” into his ear
  • By the time he takes you home, you’re laughing louder than you ever have and he has the widest grin on his face bc he finds your laugh adorable
  • He really doesn’t want you to go and he’s leaned against his motorcycle refusing to let go of your hand
  • You’re just laughing and you finally let him pull you back and he just gives you that lil gummy smile and his arms go around your waist
  • He just really casually kisses you, as if it was something you two did every day but you don’t mind at all bc it cuts any hint of awkwardness
  • When you open your eyes you just see him giving you this really fond look and you never once thought you’d seen the man that glared at anyone within five feet give anyone such a soft look
  • You’re both just smiling like idiots at that point and you step back bc it’s time to go unfortunately
  •  "I’ll see you later Suga"
  • “You can call me Yoongi”
My mothers love for Jungkook

Since discovering her true bias was Jungkook, my mother has said and done some questionable things. And seeing as my bias is Jimin, she mentions him a lot as well

  • He’s extra cute when he’s underage
  • His face screams child but his eyebrows scream man
  • His dancing is so sharp. He could cut me
  • Proceeds to touch his butt when he’s on the t.v
  • Look how cute Jimin and Jungkook look in the matching minion hoodies! Aww. Jimin dresses like that because hes short enough to be an actual one.
  • Yells at the other members for bullying Jungkook on his birthday 
  • He looks line a tiny little bunny. I’m going to cage him and keep him forever
  • How does he dance like that at that age? That’s illegal. Is he on steroids?
  • I could tell that was Jungkook from those calf muscles
  • Proceeds to yell at me when I mistake Jungkook for Tae for a SPLIT second (”How dare you not recognize Jungkookie! Even I could tell!”)
  • (talking to my father) Honey come over here and watch this video. This is our new son Jungkookie. I’m adopting him and you have no say in it.
  • I feel bad for Jungkook. I swerved so hard for Jhope when he sang MAMA live… I’ll be your mama
  • (after the BTS concert) I miss my Jungkookie. Tara why didn’t you steal him off the stage for me?
  • *I wake up from a nap and walk into the living room* Is standing super close in front of the tv watching the Danger music video
  • *watching For You MV* This is a better love story than anything I’ve ever seen. And I don’t mean Jungkook and the girl. These boys love each other so much it’s borderline gay but I’m supporting this

BTS has a song called “IF I RULED THE WORLD” on their debut album from 2013. They are actually starting to rule the world of music. Breaking records and music charts just hours after a comeback. Lately, I’ve been rewatching alot of videos of BTS back in 2014-15 and it makes me realize how much these 7 boys have grown. They have went through so much to get to where they are now. BTS started from a small, unknown company and they didn’t even expect 300 people to come to an event. They were happy with even the fewest fans. Now they have thousands of fans that love them no matter what. They were the first group that weren’t in the Big3 companies to win the Daesang. They reached almost 10 million views on an MV before 24 hours. BTS had accomplished so much and they continue to strive to be the best. Please don’t hate them and support them. ARMYs, stop bringing other groups down and insulting them because you’re bringing a bad image to all ARMYs and BTS. If you truely love them, just support them because they are happy with just that. Let’s help BTS become world stars before 2020. (That’s when Jin enters military service.) Please support BTS!

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I don’t usually promote, but I really think the under-appreciated/underrated groups deserve a bit more recognition and while all groups/artists work hard I think a little extra love is in order for some.

B.I.G has actually been around since 2014 I believe, and their music is pretty good. They’re pretty adorably dorky, please show them more love!

VARSITY has just recently debuted, it’s been roughly a month or so and they just have a single out I believe. They’re a pretty interesting group and I’m looking forward to what they’ll accomplish in the future. Please show them some love too! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-qqrdlmTAk Check them out here too!)

Now BTS is by no means under-appreciated or underrated and they work really hard too. I just wanted to add them to this little promotion post because I am genuinely in love with their new song and the MV is so aesthetically pleasing for me. It just made my day, and I hope it helps if you’re having a bad day too!

Let’s spread love and support for all because they all deserve it for what they do!



P.S. If there are any groups you want me to give a shout-out to or some music you want me to share (because music is meant to be enjoyed) please don’t hesitate to send it in! I’ll be more than willing to share!

Song Of The Day

Hello, all you lovely people!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for opening this post and making time to read this. It’s my first time blogging about music and I would like to keep readers in the loop about what’s trending and the music I’m listening to.
I won’t make this blog post too long and would like to share my song of the day.

From the picture above, some of you may know what the song of the day is which is a song that NCT 127 released today called Cherry Bomb (It’s still the 14th June 2017 from where I am).

For those of you who don’t know who NCT is, google will give you the best answer.

So yes, I was indeed hyped up when I first saw the teaser to the MV with its racing beat and announcing their fandom name to be NCTzen. I woke up this morning with the exciting news when I saw the MV which I was expecting it to be released later during the day.

When I first listened to Cherry Bomb along with watching its MV, my first thoughts was “Wow the visuals are amazing and that they’ve really grown up since their debut.”


Bobbing my head to the beat, I was fooled as it kept changing its tune from smooth to a rough melody. It was as if I was watching an action movie. Its bass sounds like one coming out of those dirt-bike rallies with rock music playing in the background, similar to the music played in a Mad Max type of film — building up to something which kept me wanting to watch more.
I am impressed every time with their dancing which gets me excited to see what their dance practice would be like.

“If you happy and you know it clap your hands.”

“I’m the biggest hit on the stage.”

“NaNaNa NaNaNa.”

Yip, those catchy phrases in the song are still stuck in my head lol.


The work that NCT put into their  MV never disappoints and surprised me with the pink/cherry colour theme — with fire, quad bikes, helicopters and every now and then animated visuals randomly popping in front of the screen. This goes hand in hand with their red army clothing which matches the theme on their first mini album.


The fashion stylist who dressed NCT really did an amazing job as I’m still obsessing over their clothing. I’ve seen people rocking the white suit jackets, but who would’ve thought that pink suits could look this good!

I always look at the appearance when watching MV along with hairstyles and hair colour. This is something I always look forward to talking about whether it is black, white, yellow, pink, purple, brown etc.  These talented young males do know how to wear it when it comes to extreme colours.

So let us take a moment to appreciate the bad boy look from each member!

I love how these earrings are worn here and how it looks badass. He sure is rocking it!

I’m in love with this black  Paris Tokyo vintage painters hat.

One of the outstanding appearances in this MV for me was: 

  1. The black and white stripe shorts; 
  2. and the rustic copper hair colour. 

I will end off this post here by saying hands down to NCT, you really did an awesome job to drop that single like a Bomb!


Hanging from a crane’s hook looks so cool!

Check out the MV Cherry Bomb by NCT.


PS. This comes with a warning to non-Kpoppers that once you jump into the K-pop hole; it’s often difficult to get out.

What are your thoughts about NCT and their song?

My secret: I’m a sucker for Kpop, nobody knows it but you and me.

-xo, Shay