i love this mv so bad

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What are your thoughts about the sugakookie storyline in the MVs?

i don’t think i have anything new to say but i’ll try my best since you’re interested in my opinion for some reason lol

as shown in “i need u” and “prologue” they obviously love and care about each other

something interesting to notice: both yoongi and jungkook are assosiated with the piano

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bias tag :)

i was tagged by @seeyoongi (thank you sm and sorry it took me so long to finally do it)

rules: pick ten biases and answer twenty questions!

   1. lee jihoon (seventeen)

   2. do kyungsoo (exo)

   3. jeon jungkook (bts)

   4. jackson wang (got7)

   5. yoon sanha (astro)

   6. yang hongseok (pentagon)

   7. kang chanhee (sf9)

   8. cho seungyeon (uniq)

   9. jay park

   10. lee seunghyun (bigbang)

1. between three and six, whose most recent concept do you like more? (jungkook x hongseok)

 -ya put me in a bad spot..but idk i have seen v little of bts except for the new mv and i really like pentagon’s can you feel it, but i love spring day and the mv and everthing else so im going to go with jungkook!

2. between two and ten, who would you rather be stranded on an island with? (kyungsoo x seunghyun)

 -i feel like seunghyun would cry and be a mess and complain so kyungsoo loll

3. between four and eight, who would you trust to take care of you when you were drunk? (jackson x seungyeon)

 -they’re both sweethearts, but this one is pretty obvious lol, i pick jackson

4. between one and two, who would you go to jail for? (jihoon x kyungsoo)

 -why would you do this to me??? kyungsoo’s ballin so he can bail himself out but jihoon aint so rich and i don’t even wanna think of my baby being in jail so jihoon

5. between five and nine, who is a better visual to you? (sanha x jay)

 -these two are complete opposites and i like both looks and ily jay but sanha’s fresh looks are more my style

6. between seven and eight, who would you rather save from a sinking ship? (chanhee x seungyeon)

 -they can both save themselves, but chanhee is my little baby and seungyeon is my big baby, so chanhee

7. between six and ten, who would you rather have a movie marathon with? (hongseok x seunghyun)

 -probably hongseok just because i feel like he has a better taste in movies

8. between one and ten, who do you think makes a better impression? (jihoon x seunghyun)

 -seunghyun since he is more outgoing and knows what to say and i think jihoon is more reserved and would rather keep to himself which might give people the wrong idea.

9. between three and seven, who would you prefer to kiss in the rain? (jungkook x chanhee)

 -this is so hard!!!!!! omg i think im gonna go with jungkook

10. between five and six, who would you rather have a summer fling with? (sanha x hongseok)

 -idk, maybe sanha since hes closer to my age and we’re both teenagers so doing teen things together would be fun!

11. between five and seven, who would you rather do drugs with? (sanha x chanhee)

 -neither, but if i had to pick, then chanhee 

12. between three and eight, who would you rather take home to your parents? (jungkook x seungyeon)

 -this is kinda hard, but probably seungyeon since my parents mainly speak spanish and portuguese is similar so learning a little bit of spanish wouldn’t be too hard for him

13. between nine and ten, whose wardrobe do you want more? (jay x seunghyun)

 -ooh they both got nice clothes, but i want seunghyun’s more since its more my style

14. between four and ten, who would you be more surprised to see cry? (jackson x seunghyun)

 -seunghyun since ive seen jackson cry tons of time

15. between one and four, who would you rather have kiss you on the forehead? (jihoon x jackson)

 -jihoon since i want him to kiss me anywhere lolll

16. between two and three, who would you rather have hung you from behind? (kyungsoo x jungkook)

 -k y u n g s o o. them arms!!!!!!!

17. between five and two, whose group do you stan more? (sanha x kyungsoo)

 -kyungsoos!!! exo is my ult even though kyungsoo isnt my ub

18. between four and nine, who is higher on your bias list? (jackson x jay)

 -jackson! hes my little ray of sunshine :))))

19. between one and seven, who would you open your door to during the purge? (jihoon x chanhee)

 -both because theyre both sweet, but probably chanhee since he looks more innocent 

20. between six and nine, who would you rather go to a haunted house with? (hongseok x jay)

 -tbh i dont think either of them would be too scared and i feel like they would both carry me through the whole thing, which would be very very much appreciated so i cant pick buttttttttt im gonna go with jay since i feel like it would be funny to watch him get scared when things pop out

im tagging new mutuals who i would like to get to know, you dont have to do this either, only do it if you feel like it :) : @ilysmjeno @pcysvalentine @1suho @wybh1 @starboygguk @chanyoel and @jmnie !

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Unfortunately, I'm not joining the hype train for the new release. And I feel really guilty about that. I know I'm not obligated to like everything bangtan makes but seeing everybody so amped up makes me feel like I should like Not Today as much as everyone. Still everything about the MV is so well done! I just wanted to voice my opinion so I don't feel suffocated about being the minority lol

oh gosh no don’t worry about it! we all have different reactions and if there is a particular comeback that doesn’t hype you up, it doesn’t make you a bad fan :)) you are just honest with your feelings and that’s okay. it all comes down to showing love and support in your own way. I’m glad you still liked the mv in itself *__*

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I literally don't think I've ever been this upset. The amount of so called "armys" that stay silent when Jin repetitively gets treated like this is astounding. Idk wtf Bighit and the mv directors/ editors are thinking but I'm getting sick and tired of this shit. I can only imagine how this shit makes Jin feel... :///

Me too tbh, I’m nearly in tears right now… ppl always preach about loving all the members equally but barely anyone ever fucking says anything when Jin gets treated like shit again and again… I’m just really really tired and sad right now and I feel so bad for him he doesn’t fucking deserve this


It’s so refreshing seeing a BTS mv centred mostly on the choreo and not in trying to give the fans an headache of theories.

Who am I trying to fool? I’m sure you all will detect this ⬇

Why does BTS loves abandoned places?

First time seeing the MV:

  • Rapmon looks like the mastermind behind the cult in the beginning.
  • I can’t figure out if the guys in black are good or bad. Because they run after BTS and looks like the shots are coming from them but at the same time they go down when BTS does.
  • The only one standing is Jungkook and he sees himself in the middle of the bodies. 

The second time: 

  • I heard an helicopter and Namjoon does call for all the underdogs, so my guess is that this is all about them being hunted down (including the guys in black) by some enemy they are in war with.      
  • (But please, tell me that Kookie did not get influenced by B.A.P and betrayed them!!!)


Despite all that:

  • The dance was lit 🔥🔥🔥
  • The close ups were cool 😍😍😍
  • It was fun seeing Suga and Jin disappearing in the crowd and laying down on floor for the next scene 😂😂😂
  • Their faces when being shot were 👏👏👏
  • The clothes were pretty cool (I love the jackets, the bandanas and those leather pants…!)
  • And who gave authorization to Park Jimin to shot us and, worst, with that sweet smile of his!!

BTS are kings 👑 like always


Love and Peace, as requested by @camelliam

Bad Boy!Yoongi

Okay before I start this I just want to say the mv fucked me up so hardcore rn man I can’t but the song is so amazing and I’m so in love with it everything from the raps to the vocals to the chorus to everything but here’s some bad boy!Yoongi (also thank you to my friend for helping inspire this)

  • This edition of the bad boy AU is not one, not two but three AUs in one (bad boy, high school and boyfriend) so please enjoy this post of feels bc bad boy!Yoongi hurts me
  • Picture time
  • Is forever in baggy shirts but wears black skinny jeans 24/7 
  • Definitely has an eyebrow piercing also has a lip piercing (spider bites) and a septum piercing
  • He has this tattoo on his collarbone that just barely peeks out of his shirt and no one knows what it says except for you
  • He’s actually pretty tatted up tbh
  • He has a sleeve on his left arm and like most people figured he just added random things to fill up space but he actually planned it all out
  • Each and every little tattoo has a meaning and there’s a reason it’s in that specific spot and it’s so very carefully thought out
  • One of my friends and I were discussing bad boy!Yoongi and she mentioned his green hair now I can’t picture it any other way
  • Side note you helped him dye it
  • He literally calls you at three in the morning and just says “come out”
  • He takes you to his house and pulls you into the bathroom and hands you the hair dye
  • Honestly it’s not your first time dying it, you’ve always been the one he went to help him dye his hair so at this point you two are pros
  • When he shows up at school the next day, he has this mint colored hair and he does pull it off amazingly
  • Like everyday after school he waits for you outside bc he’s your ride home
  • And that day, he’s just leaned up against the wall with his freshly dyed hair and his leather jacket thrown over one of his shoulders and he already has his sunglasses in place and he has people staring at him bc it’s a v v nice look
  • And you finally come out of class to see him there and you notice the small crowd around him that’s trying to look subtle bc the last thing you wanna do is bother Min Yoongi
  • But when he sees you he gives you that gummy smile he reserves just for you and he just walks over and throws his arm over your shoulders and walks out and basically everyone is staring at you two bc wow
  • No one at school really knows how you two got together they just knew anyone who hurt you or tried to flirt with you dealt with Yoongi
  • Everyone knew if they wanted to get to you they had to get through him and six other boys and no one really wanted to do that so you were never bothered
  • There is this one time though some guy gets cocky enough to ask you out right in front of Yoongi
  • At first everyone’s silent bc did this kid really just do that and the only thing Yoongi does is tilt his head
  • His grip on you tightens and he just glares at the boy and honestly the look makes you a lil intimidated too
  • “You have three seconds to get yourself out of my sight unless you want us to have a little talk out back. It’s really your choice.”
  • You’ve never seen someone run so fast
  • But actually the entire relationship happened pretty quickly
  • Yoongi actually had this huge crush on you but he’d never tell anyone that except literally all of the members know bc Yoongi is not a subtle man
  • He never really speaks to you besides the few times you two have bumped into each other
  • But one day, you’re sat on the steps in front of the school and you’d had a really bad day like you’d failed a test, you’d been late to a class, you’d forgotten your wallet at home so you couldn’t buy lunch and now your car wouldn’t start
  • You don’t even realize anyone is there since school ended a solid hour ago and most of the people have left so you just start crying out of frustration bc you live a good 15 minutes away from the school and that’s by car and now you have to wait for your parents to get off of work and that’s not happening anytime soon
  • But after a few minutes of crying you see someone’s shadow and you peek out to see Yoongi stood next to you
  • His normal glare is gone and instead he has this look of concern and he just holds out his hand
  • You’re still a bit ??? bc you didn’t even know his real name (he always went by Suga and no one really knew his actual name) but you still took his hand and let him pull you up
  • He just leads you over to his motorcycle and hands you the helmet but before you put it on he wipes your tears away and his touch is so much more gentle than you’d expected and his hands are actually really warm
  • He pulls out his phone and his earphones and hands them to you and he sets up this lil playlist and tells you to listen to it on the ride bc it’ll help calm you down
  • You get onto the bike with him and he tells you to hold on tight and he makes sure you’re comfortable before he starts it up
  • You actually find the ride really relaxing
  • The music does really help and you quickly forget you were ever upset and the wind is adding into the calming effect
  • When he does stop all you hear are people cheering and someone rapping
  • He took you to an underground rap event bc that’s always where he went when he wanted to get away
  • You just look around really amazed by all of it and you feel his hand slip into yours but he’s refusing to look at you or acknowledge it really
  • He leads you to the front and you’re still in awe of the crowd and the fact that you’re holding hands with the “coldest man in Daegu”
  • You notice that’s everyone’s greeting him with really excited eyes and asking if he’ll be performing tonight and he keeps saying he’s just there to watch tonight and they get so disappointed
  • You get curious and ask him if he raps bc these people obviously know him
  • Before he can even answer, one of his members, the one you recognize as Namjoon, just shoves him to the front and tosses him a microphone
  • He literally has no choice bc now everyone’s cheering and yelling his name and you just smile at him bc now you’re really curious
  • He starts rapping and you’re just like w o w okay
  • He looks so at home in front of the crowd and the way he raps is breathtaking and that awed look returns to your eyes but this time it’s directed at him and it honestly only boosts his confidence and he definitely throws you a few smirks
  • When he gets off stage, he just goes straight over to you 
  • You tell him he was pretty good bc you’re trying to be casual and act like you weren’t blown away and he’s just like “pretty good? That’s not what your reaction said”
  • You just roll your eyes but both of you know you were really impressed and you two stay there for the rest of the night just listening to the different rappers
  • At one point, the night breeze sends a lil shiver down your spine but Yoongi notices and just really subtly takes off his jacket and places it over your shoulders
  • You just have to smile to yourself bc he’s doing that thing where he pretends he didn’t do something really cute bc he’s lowkey embarrassed by it but you do whisper a quiet “thank you” into his ear
  • By the time he takes you home, you’re laughing louder than you ever have and he has the widest grin on his face bc he finds your laugh adorable
  • He really doesn’t want you to go and he’s leaned against his motorcycle refusing to let go of your hand
  • You’re just laughing and you finally let him pull you back and he just gives you that lil gummy smile and his arms go around your waist
  • He just really casually kisses you, as if it was something you two did every day but you don’t mind at all bc it cuts any hint of awkwardness
  • When you open your eyes you just see him giving you this really fond look and you never once thought you’d seen the man that glared at anyone within five feet give anyone such a soft look
  • You’re both just smiling like idiots at that point and you step back bc it’s time to go unfortunately
  •  "I’ll see you later Suga"
  • “You can call me Yoongi”

Text with Jimin when you wanna know who died in the new MV But seriously guyz I died watching the v live and I died again watching the MV. They all look so good! I think whomever those white shoes belongs to is the person who died. But I’m really bad at things like this so I would love to know what you guys think! I’m gonna go die again. Bye~

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Taehyung Scenario: Starlight - Part 1.

Request: Hii,can i request a fanfic based on taeyeon’s starlight music video with taehyung please since the mv looks really nice if it could be turn into a fanfic,thank you❤️(sorry if my english is bad)(p.s i love roman holidays and i was made for loving you by you guys its amazing) 

Genre: Angst / Romance.

Part 2

You weren’t planning on doing this, when you got out of your tiny rented apartment earlier you really didn’t plan this. But seeing the pig that was your ex boss looking at the new waitress like she was new meat you knew you had to do it.

The old man hadn’t seen you, so you tried to sneak closer to the fast food truck as swiftly as possible, you took the two big bottles that were left on an empty table and moved fast.

-Hey!- you shouted making your ex boss turn to you. He was pink like a big and when he saw it was you he was ready to yell you out of there. But first you squeezed the ketchup and mustard bottles hard, the yellow and red sauce flying his way splashing his shirt and face. Everyone watched with mouths agape, some of the people already laughing as the man fought to wipe the mess out of his face.

-You little skank I’m gonna grab you-

You jumped, starting to go for a run out of there you turned around only to smash into someone, you squeezed the bottle of mustard that you had still in hand smearing the guy’s white shirt. The guy let out a low curse but when he looked at your face his eyes were more surprised than they were pissed, so you gazed up at his face only to find out that you indeed knew him. Your neighbor and until not so long ago almost boyfriend, almost because you really didn’t get past a few dates and flirts since he suddenly disappeared.

-Get back here!- your ex boss shouted and you went back to reality. Letting the two bottles fall you ran away leaving Taehyung and your ex boss behind.

You had been able to escape without much trouble, but now you couldn’t wait to confirm if what you had seen was true, if it was really him or if your mind had played you.
So you waited at a spot by your apartment building that you knew he’d have to go across to be able to go home, if he still lived in your same apartment.
The spot wasn’t much of a thing if you passed by in a hurry, it was just a street really, a plain and lonely street with a big wall, but in the wall you could see the amazing art that changed from time to time. Right now it was all in black and white, the letters were smaller at the bottom, with designs that cluttered against each other mixing phrases and faces, but as you looked up the letters got wider and bigger, the black background making the white letters standout, it had been painted like they were dripping white paint to the floor and if you stared hard at it you thought that you’d get splashed.

-Hey, mustard girl!-

You were startled for a second, but then you saw him. Taehyung was standing a few meters away from you, he had still his shirt dirty with mustard, but that didn’t diminish how handsome he was. You really liked him, because of that and because he was the type of person with whom you could speak whatever was on your mind, just a talk with him made you brighter, seeing him making jokes just for you to smile and laugh had been a pleasure for you, and you could tell he liked to be with you, it had showed the interest in him, so you really didn’t understand why he had disappeared so suddenly.

-Look who we have here, the gone boy-

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[161020] Love Game Radio w/ BTS

Jin talking about the difficulty he endured while filming for BST ©

Jin: There’s a scene in the mv where V covers my eyes, but that scene was originally supposed to be Suga not V.

Radio Host: Then why wasn’t Suga the one to cover your eyes in the actual mv?

Jimin: Because he couldn’t do it! 

Rap Monster: He was really bad at it.

Radio Host: What’s so hard about covering someone’s eyes?!

Rap Monster: There are scenes before where he had to act out certain expressions..

Jin: Every time I met eyes with Suga we kept laughing!

Suga: Yea I.. didn’t know it would be this bad.

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Hi!! Sorry if this is a really strange question? but I noticed in your klance art you always link mvs (which are Amazing by the way you have great taste) and I was wondering if you have any music recs??(kpop or otherwise bc honestly I luv ur music taste?? You don't have to answer if you don't want/publicly) 💖💖

Hello! Awww no problem at all! I’m so glad you noticed aaa it’s just two of my fav things :’ Some tracks currently on loop:

Red Velvet - Talk to Me
DAY6 - You Were Beautiful
NCT127 - Another World
NCT127 - Good Thing
SeoHyun - Bad Love
Pentagon - Pretty Pretty (shhh the performance is super cutE)

Thank you for asking!!! <3

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I have, no doubt, an unpopular opinion. The music video makes me extremely sad and I can't watch it. The song is excellent, all of them are, but it all seems so heavy and sad to me. Everyone perceives music differently and to me this music makes me sad. Maybe it's resonating with me differently because of my age (25) but I can't fall in love with it right away. I feel like a horrible fan because of it but I just got so sad from the music.

omg don’t feel bad! you are emotionally moved by their music that doesn’t make you a bad fan???? that makes you emotionally invested and connected. it’s okay if you can’t watch the mv, it is incredibly sad and it is hard to watch at times and again yes? maybe that could be because of our age we perceive things differently, but that’s okay, take your time, if you can only watch it in a month, or two or never that’s okay nothing wrong with that

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Hey~ I love you~ And can I ask you about something? I want to start making gifs but I don't know where should I start from. I mean.. should I gifing mvs or.. or what? One of the reason why I'm so nervous because first there're so many good gif makers and the second one that all possible gifs were made before me and.. I think you got it what I mean. Please tell me how did you start making gifs? And I'm so sorry for my bad English grammar it's not my native language. I love you again, girls ❤️

Hey love ❤︎ Your english is perfectly fine! It’s not our first language either so pls don’t worry about it. And for me, I started with gifs bcs I just had a lot of fun doing them! :3 don’t worry about things like ‘who already did it’ or ‘my gifs aren’t good enough’ You’ll eventually find your own style soon anyways ☺️ And starting/practicing with MV’s is a really good idea! If you need help with sharpening or psd’s or whatever you can always message me in private and I can try to help as much as possible! 💕

And for motivation, this is what my gifs looked like when i first started: 

vs. now:

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not study related but did you saw the spring day mv? I'm still shook about it. It was beautifully directed and edited, i love bts

gogkfjcjcnc oh my god has it been released already??? i’m such a bad fan smh i’m so slow with checking out new music + things 😭😭😭 i will watch it in a bit though i promise!! thank u for letting me know, it’s v much appreciated 💓