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Jinyoung X Reader


Word Count: 1.2K

Anon Asked:  I was wondering if you could do and fluff thing with Jinyoung from GOT7. He is my bias an I love him sooooo much; Prompt? Something to do with reading. Please and thank you!!!! (PS LOVE YOUR WRITING)

Summary: You and your female best friend live together. Her brother brings over some of his friends one day and now they are your friends too. They come over to hangout and watch movies one night but you go to the roof to read and Jinyoung follows (¬‿¬)

A/N: Not to pat my own back but I love this one (ᵔᴥᵔ) Hope you enjoy it too!
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 No matter how hard you tried to isolate yourself you could still hear the the laughing and talking of the boys. It’s not that you didn’t want them over; You loved having them over; But you didn’t think they knew the concept of an inside voice. Any other night you wouldn’t have a problem with the obnoxious yelling and the hilariously bad jokes but those are the night that you weren’t trying to submerge yourself into a new book.

 Finding yourself a bit frustrated that you can’t concentrate, you decide to grab your book, your phone and a pair of earbuds Probably your friends’ and head up to the rooftop. You weren’t trying to be rude to your guests and they knew this so you quietly slipped out of the modern apartment and started your way up the stairwells.
Jackson would be proud

 The guys and your friend were just about to press play so they could watch the movie when Jinyoung started to scan the room for the one person he wanted to see the most tonight.

“Hey, uh, where’s ____?” He asked aloud.

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Kagehinatsukkiyama HCs

So I really love this ship and all variations of it I’m so sorry but I just reallllyy love Kagehinatsukkiyama ahaha okay so here are some headcanons:

-Aged Up! AU Where they live together.
-Hinata is a big cuddler. So whenever they have sleep, they take turns “sacrificing body warmth” to Hinata in their futons. (Kageyama secretly hogs him more. Don’t tell the other 2.)
-Yamaguchi and Hinata drag Kageyama and Tsukishima to go shopping together for cute hair accesories and outfits!
-“SHO YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!! AAA I COULD JUST EAT YOU UP!” *picks Hinata up and spins him*
-“TADA-CHAN LOOKS SUPER CUTE TOO!!” *Giggles* *gives him cute kisses*
-Kageyama and Tsukishima are fighting their nosebleeds in the background.
-“S-s-o King… can you still handle it?” -“Y-yea… no… this is too much.”

-Hinata makes Tsukishima pick him up and ride on his shoulders.
-Tsukishima grumbles and complains WHILE carrying him on his shoulders.
-Sometimes he’ll just swoop him up bridal style. Then kiss him where ever he wants. Hinata beams.

-Tsukishima and Yamaguchi watch Dino movies together and Yamaguchi would have to deal with useless Dino facts and crying everytime one dies. But he doesn’t mind, he’ll kiss all the tears away.

-Tsukishima facepalms and Yamaguchi snickers. But they secretly find it endearing.

-Yams and Kags go to buy cakes together ocassionally while the other 2 sleep on the couch all cuddled up.
-One time it gets cold and Yamaguchi realizes he forgets his gloves.
-“S-stupid… take this…” and Kageyama gives him one if his gloves then proceeds to take Yamaguchi’s otherhand in his and shove it into his pocket. Kageyama is blushing madly and Yamaguchi giggles.
-“You and Tsukki are the same… I love you all.”
-Kageyama nearly faints that was too cute.
-It becomes routine and Yamaguchi always “forgets” his gloves. Not that Kageyama minds at all.
-They buy Tsukishima strawberry cake and Hinata chocolate cake!

-“Stupid King, hotblooded useless…” -“Tall gigantic egoistical pillar of salt.”
-Stuff like that are muttered in between kisses and Yams and Hina are just staring at them like *sighs* “They never change.” “It’s still cute though.”

-If anyone DARES to hurt Hinata, he’ll have 3 guys, all over 180cm, ready to fight and wearing the scariest expressions ever.

-Tsukishima is the only one able to kabedon™ Kageyama. When he does it’s usually really intimate and he whispers all sorts of stuff in his ear to make him blush.
-Hinata and Yamaguchi are watching all of this with matching blushes and squeals.
-“It’s like one of Noya-san’s BL mangas…”

-Daichi is kind of concerned at times like “IS NOBODY IN YOUR HOUSE RESPONSIBLE BESIDES YAMAGUCHI????” When he and Suga come over to check on their kids.
-Sugawara smiles and shakes his head.
-“You kids are wonderful but how about trying not to wreak havoc throughout all Miyagi okay?” With the Mom Face™ and Mom Tone™ and honestly they’re all more terrified of him than Dadchi. (Daichi totally understand because Suga scares him too 60% of the time.)

-They all hug Hinata when he’s feeling down and he feels super loved. “Stupid Hinata, we love you don’t ever doubt that.” Then they all carry him around to make him feel tol.
-Yamaguchi gets warm loving words and cheek kisses from everyone. (Tsukishima aims for the mouth though that cheater.)
-Kageyama gets Hinata and Yamaguchi  pulling him to dance around the room and Tsukishima ruffles his hair. It’s an odd comforting method but he loves it.
-Tsukishima gets movies AND cake AND 3 wonderful boys snuggled up beside him. How spoiled.

-Hinayama dates are like: Yamaguchi takes Hinata out to the lake and they gaze at the sunset leaning on each other. They say the sappiest, cutest things.
-Kagehina is when Kageyama takes Hinata out on “dates” and brings the volleyball so its 70% volleyball, 20% making out, 10% actually being romantic and 100% chance of BOKE! They run around open fields and make flower crowns too that’s super cute and fluffy.
-Tsukkiyama dates usually include going to museums (the other 2 are kinda ummm yea not into that) and Yamaguchi gets to see Tsukki light up talking about Dinosaurs. He gets to tease him but it’s really cute. Awww. Slow dancing under the moon at night too.
-Tsukkihina dates include “Tsukki take me to see the floating lights!” “You mean the stars?” So they go to the observatory. “The stars look just like the ones in your eyes.” Tsukishima almost cries because that was adorable. They’ll walk home at night hand in hand with matching blushes.
-Tsukkikage dates are… relatively normal. They chat in cafes with lots of banter but they enjoy it alot and share milkshake. Tsukki likes to rub it in that he’s taller. It’s fun riling up his king.
-KageYama (no wait Yamakage makes more sense.) Dates include watching romcom movies in the theaters and Yamaguchi attempting to explain the jokes, puns, romantic lines, etc. Kageyama is kinda… blank??? But Yamaguchi finds his innocence super precious. So throughout the movie Kageyama mostly just watches Yamaguchi and honestly it’s so much better than any movie.

-When all of them go out together it’s SUPER HECTIC BUT SUPER FUN and they do all sorts of stuff yayy!!!
-Super surprising but the one who cooks the best is HINATA. So he’d make them breakfast and dinner and it’s just sooooo good.
-This ship is so pure please consider it thank you.

Well thanks a lot @thereadersmuse for activating every last one of my Persuasion feels when I have no time to go and swoon over Captain Wentworth’s “I am half agony, half hope” voiceover. I mean for fuck’s sake I just went and looked up fanvids. What is even happening help.

anonymous asked:

I'm a 5'2" girl with short curly-ish brown hair just below the chin, brown eyes and I wear glasses, and I'm pretty chubby too lol. I really like reading books and my favorites are the ones about fairytales, and I like listening to instrumental music, and the piano is my favorite instrument c: I also really enjoy Disney stuff alot and my favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast, and that's about all I could think of to put here lol Could I be paired with Zen please?

ask and you shall receive!!!! you’ve been paired with *drum roll*


You and Zenny~ would be sooooo cute together!!!! I probably would’ve paired you with him anyways just because you mentioned Disney which
ALWAYS reminds me of him for some reason


  • he will 100% serenade you with Disney tunes
  • EVEN IN PUBLIC it’s super embarrassing
  • Okay but listen to this
  • On your first date you told Zen how much you loved the piano
  • So he went home and learned how to play
  • I mean sure it sounds like a dying cat but he’s working on it!!!!
WalkInRedInstead April Challenge Day 6: Autistic Characters

So I’m going to use this opportunity to talk about how much I love the autistic character in the Power Rangers movie, Billy Cranston. I saw Power Rangers the weekend that it came out and I was so excited to see it because of the autistic character. His character was amazing and so well done. Towards the beginning of the movie he tells Jason, the Red Ranger, that he is autistic so it’s actually confirmed in movie! And there were sooooo many moments in the movie where I was like “that is so me!” Which isn’t something that I get to feel in movies all that often. Like I could connect with this character so much! And he actually stims in the movie! When he gets excited he tends to happy stim by clapping his hands. And he was an important part of the team and just as capable as any of the others. I ended up leaving the theater feeling so incredibly happy after seeing the movie. In fact I can’t remember the last time that a movie made me so happy.

Now a character that I 100% headcanon as autistic is Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Just everything about the character screams autistic to me.

ID #70573

Name: Adrian
Age: 13 (14 in August)
Country: Puerto Rico

Hiii! I have no idea how to start this sooooo im just gonna write random stuff. I’m SUPER awkward btw. I love to watch movies and TV. Love to read, sleep, eat, watch Netflix, NUTELA, and I love to paint. I love to travel too.
I’m fluent in English and Spanish. I’m learning Italian.
I’m not gonna write too much because hey what’s the point of getting to know me!

Preferences: I don’t have any preferences but as long as you are nice, 13-14 and from a place on planet Earth. Any gender or nationality. Also no racists please.

Hello Fellow Humans!

HI! I’m Adrian and I’m from the beautiful yet chaotic island of Puerto Rico (still love it here though)

I have no idea how to start this sooooo im just gonna write random stuff. I’m SUPER awkward btw. I love to watch movies and TV. Love to read, sleep, eat, watch Netflix, NUTELLA, and I love to paint. I love to travel and I’ve been to many countries.
I’m fluent in English and Spanish. I’m learning Italian.
I’m not gonna write too much because hey what’s the point of getting to know me!

I don’t have any perfect penpal but as long as you are nice, 13-15 and from a place on planet Earth. Any gender, sexuality or nationality. Also no racists please.

How to contact moi:

My email is: adriansamples98 @gmail .com    (without the spaces. Don’t judge it)

My Tumblr: myowndoppelganger

Instagram and Snapchat maybe if I get to know you after awhile. 

Talk later!

I’m on holiday right now, so naturally I’m re-watching all the Detective Conan movies. And I’m gonna start commenting now, because I love them so much

Things I love: 

- Ai being ready for death at any given moment, I can identify with that mindset 

- the authors thinking; what else does this movie need…? More murder? Yes! A plane crashing after the pilots pass out? Absolutely! Bio terrorism? Definitely! More bombs? All the bombs!!!

- Ran thinking; maybe Conan is Shinichi?????? Nah  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No way

- every interaction between Conan and Kid gives me life (especially when Kid disguises himself as Shinichi)

- Sonoko shipping ShinRan sooooo hard (like when their on the plane and she listens to Shinichi talking to Ran via headset, maybe she should put hers down, but nah, she lives for ShinRan)

Date Night

Authors Note: This imagine was requested by an anon but I think it’s a little long to be considered an imagine so I’m going to label it as a one shot. Thanks so much for your request lovely and I hope that you enjoy! XOXO

Trigger Warning: Profanity and Smut

“Hey! I was wondering could you do a simple date night imagine with Jared and his girlfriend and maybe some smut at the end? Thanks!” -Anon

I opened all of the cabinets in sight looking for a large glass bowl before he shoved something in my back.

“Looking for this,” he joked placing it over his head.

“Dammit Jared,” I laughed trying to remove it.

He pulled me into his arms and moved the bowl so that it laid along his hairline.

“Would you love me if I got a bowl haircut next?”

“Absolutely fucking not. My love has limits,” I joked as he laughed against my neck, placing gentle kisses on me.

I kissed his lips sweetly before quickly removing the bowl from his head. Standing there waiting for the popcorn, I could see him setting up the blankets in the living room. I got to decide the movie for the night and of course, it had to be a dark film but which one I couldn’t decide.

I walked into the living room with the bowl overflowing knowing that I wouldn’t be the one to consume most of it.

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