i love this movie sooooo much


Castle in the Sky (1986) dir. by Hayao Miyazaki

“No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love!”


It has been a while since I last did something like this and I watched Fantastic Beasts this weekend and I FREAKING LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! sooooo special fantastic beasts blogrates for you guysssssss


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I think winter soldier has been the only rewatchable marvel movie for me. I loved gotg but sadly the second time I watched it , I was like thinking this is mediocre and the funny lines didn't hit the same spot. Same goes with avengers, the second time I watched I was bored out of my mind until the New York fight scene. Do you also feel the same way with some of their movies? Like you first loved it in theaters and then when u rewatch it by urself and ur like meh bout it

I had that experience with The Avengers but, to be fair, that was after a couple of years of seeing all the anti-DC bullshit Marvel fans spread on here and that definitely played a part in my view. I had to see that stupid fucking post about The Avengers and how They were SOOOOO much more fucking heroic than Superman because of one or two scenes of rescuing civilians. I’d also become a lot more aware of Marvel’s flaws as a result and saw Them more clearly the second time (God damnit, you can stop fucking quipping for two fucking seconds). I’m biased because I couldn’t see Them as films again after They’d been turned into blunt instruments against DC/the DCEU.

I haven’t really rewatched the others though I now have a dimmer view of The Winter Soldier simply because people wouldn’t stop talking about how it was the most amazing, fantabulous film ever and using it as a trump card every time someone said that Marvel films have too much humor and it ruins the tension.

 It’s also notable in that, despite the success and acclaim, Marvel haven’t made any effort to do another film like that even though it’s easily Their best (No, three and a half seconds of looking vaguely serious in Civil War while pretending to suddenly give a shit about politics and discussing it in with a delivery bizarrely reminiscent of how Andy in Parks and Rec sounded when he tried to sound intelligent doesn’t count). 

Bangtan Ship Date Day

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Namjin is the definition of a perfect couple being mature and classy. They would go on dates at fancy french and Italian resturants and take long walks on the beach by sunset or sunrise. Veryyyyyy Romantic


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Considering I view Vkook as a best friends type deal; I’d say they would do cute best friend related things even if they were dating. Such as; skateboarding together, going to the arcade, playing in the park, walking along to riverside,etc.

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Yoonmin is the type to stay at home during date night. They’d watch disney or pixar movie marathons and cuddle on the couch while eating chinese take out. And if Jimin was lucky they’d watch Twilight and played the roles, ending up with Jimin sobbing hysterically into Yoongi’s chest because he loves him sooooo much. Yoongi would pretend like nothing was wrong by in the end we all know Yoongi is a big teddy bear~


Those couples that do the craziest of things together. V-hope would be the couple to go out on the most random like larping (live action role playing) or playing tag together in the backyard with their 20 million dogs. (Taehyung likes dogs so Hoseok would have to get them for him XDD)

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Jikook is like the simpliest of pleasures in life. They’d spend countless hours laying on their backs in the backyard looking up at the stars, or dancing under twinkling lights while singing to eachother (Jimin prefered it to be Jungkook singing to him but Jungkook would talk Jimin into singing quietly to him every once in a good while)



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I loved Diane for years and loved Norman for years, so them dating is sooooo perf. And Sky was a really good movie, did you watch it? 🦋🦋🌼

Don’t know much about her but they seem happy :))) and I haven’t!!! I need to though

Hey guys! I’m Emily, I’m 19 and from Michigan, USA. I’ve done this before and have met my best friend doing this, I’m just looking to make more friends!


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  • Netflix: Shameless, The 100, The Fosters, Grey’s Anatomy, Switched At Birth, Lost, Fuller House, Pretty Little Liars, Orange Is The New Black, and sooooo many movies.
  • I like doing DIY projects and crafts. I also LOVE naps. I don’t want to give too much about me so we will have stuff to talk about

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  • Someone near my age (17-20).
  • Gender, sexuality, race, none of that matters to me. As long as you’re a nice person who doesn’t judge someone based on those things either.
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me and my boyfriend are going on a skype date tomorrow!! i'm super excited to see his cute face and to be able to get to talk with him a while ^^ he's showing me one of his favorite movies and !! we're gonna talk abt conspiracy theories!! i'm sooooo excited !!!1!

KAT. GIRL. 2CUTE. That honestly sounds like so much fun! I’m very excited and happy for you omg let me know how it goes because I love all the adorable updates y'all always have. What movie are you watching? And if you’re talking about conspiracy theories then definitely discuss the Berensta(e)in Bears one because it drives me crazy. Anywaysss you two lovebirds have a good time on your Skype date make sure to keep it pg 😉

The most important thing the MCU gets right, for me.

You know what I will always, always love about the Marvel movies? It’s that the heroes always make such a big deal out of saving people. Yes, they’re saving the city, or they’re saving the world, or the entire universe even–but while they’re doing that, they don’t lose sight of the people. Individual lives, each one so very important. And we don’t just see it in a few instances scattered here and there, it’s actually a guiding truth in this universe, both in the big screen and the small. That each person’s life, that ordinary person on the street, is worth protecting. It is perhaps an impractical stance to take, and certainly the heroes don’t always manage to save every single civilian caught in the crossfire, but by God, they always try.

These movies aren’t perfect, and people will call out some faults that I agree with, and others that I don’t, but as long as this is true? As long as these movies resist the ultimate cynicism of forgetting that individual lives matter? I for one will keep watching.

But by god, every one of them, hero and civilian alike, is gonna need so much therapy, though. So. Much. Therapy.

Enough with the hate already.

Listen here you fucking fucks. You’re about to read some 3 am hay-wired, naruto-binged ranting so buckle up and enjoy.

For people who call the SasuSaku fandom negative things for liking their otp is so disgusting.
Obviously you guys are certified counsellors/sociologists or something because you got sooooo much to say about it.
I for one (a fellow Naruto fan for 11 years) enjoy the canon. I know they were not the best couple to begin with but half of you fucking fucks probably never even had an actual relationship to begin with. I’m not promoting abuse in any form in general. But its a fUCKING STORY! (You guys must have fun with Disney movies!)
• Yes there were times Sakura pissed me off for loving such dickwad who was hellbent on revenge and was a douche to her.
• For those who complain about Sakura staying in love with Sasuke and she’s stupid for it; In Japan, women who fall in love with someone, they remain loyal to those that they fall in love with and can’t easily give up on them just like that. Hence why Sakura was giving Naruto advice about Hinata. (BTW. Kishimoto = Japanese. Not everything has to be fucking americanized, you ignorant fucks)
• Kishimoto even said he loved her but blocked her out because he needed to avenge his clan. He realized he loved her this whole time after the final fight with Naruto.
• No, Sasuke didn’t get away with everything by saying “sorry” to Sakura, he went on a journey of redemption. He obviously thought about how he hurt his comrades (AKA Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi)
• “He doesn’t love her”
‘Scuse me, in the Sasuke saga novel, you can read that he only came back to Konoha because of Sakura. (And no, she did not fucking beg like you fuckheads say she was.)
• Kishimoto said that the forehead poke was the ultimate expression of love. For those who state that its a “sibling” kind of relationship then why hasn’t he done it to Naruto???¿¿¿
• If Sasuke didn’t care for Sakura why did he try to save her when she was kidnapped in the novel?
• He’s a mysterious character. Yes, I wish Kishi did a better job developing the couple but Kishi was horrible with the romantic parts of Naruto (hence why he didn’t lead “The Last”, only supervised)
• Yes, Sasuke and Sakura were intimate. That is a fact.
• Sasuke is not one for PDA. There are plenty of parents who don’t show affection to eachother in front of their children. (If you don’t believe that, then you’re ignorant.) It is even said that Sasuke is the less dominant one in the marriage because of Sakura’s character. So Sakura isn’t some housewife who doesnt do shit all. She fucking raised her child, even trained her daughter while her husband was off doing a long-term mission that could save his family and village. “What kind of good father does that????¿¿¿” what do soldiers do??? Leave their families to protect their country while their wives/husbands take care of things at home.
• Sasuke isn’t good with talking about his feelings. How he interacted with his daughter at first is a fine example.
• “Why was Sasuke smirking when he left? He had to be happy to leave!”
First of all, like I stated before, Sasuke isn’t one for PDA. It was even stated that he’s more affectionate when they are alone. And he was fucking smirking because Sakura was being selfish asking for more affection after all the fucking sex they had when he came home for the night.

Now, if Sasusaku had developed like Naruhina, it would have been so much better. I agree with that part. But we aren’t going to get a movie. BUT. You can read the NOVELS that CLEARLY state their relationship.

You are entitled to your own opinion, just quit being fucking asshats to people’s otp. It’s a fucking story.


hello~i just wanna say that i love your xavierine fanarts sooooo much and heard u ship Wyatt and Simon,i am so exciting!!!!my friend and I made a fanstory about them,this is the movie poster i did.

we also have some other pictures and a story line about them.once we translate the whole story into English,we will @u as soon as we can

i m sorry for my poor English,hope u will enjoy~