i love this movie so mush

Little things that I love in Sense8

  • how Kala goes from “I don’t know how to kick people to mush like Sun” to “so I guess I’ll just make a FUCKING BOMB” in 0.2 seconds
  • How Lito appoaches Wolfgangs situation like a movie director or an actor by analysing the environment, the “scene”; He’s like: “Ah, so this is where you planned to fall, and there is the gun, very good…” I bet he had a billion conversations like this with directors, discussing fighting choreography to solve framing and pacing problems.
  • the fact that Aminata thinks the man who tried to lobotomise her girlfriend couldn’t be entirely evil because he had a copy of a Nancy Drew book in his bookshelf (Can somebody explain the phenomenon of Nancy Drew to me? Being german, this wasn’t part of my childhood. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but I still don’t quite get it)
  • while we’re at it: the fact that Dr Metzger (seriously that’s what you’re calling him? Dr Butcher? okay….) called Nomi by her name. It would have been easy to make him some transphobic arsehole, but the few bits that we saw of him made him look like he would be a neat dude if he wasn’t running around lobotomising people. And he seemed really scared of Mr Whispers, so I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • When Lito says “We had sex”, you can basically see Wills brain freeze like “..but…no…homo? yes homo? me homo? whaaaaaa” dude, your straight days are over, get over it, welcome to the pan
  • Silas’ daughter picking Wonder Woman’s civilian name as a decoy name.
  • How Wolfgang takes it as a personal insult when Will doesn’t recognise a line from Conan. And what this movie means to him and how it connects him to Felix and how Felix as a child descided to take on a grown man to protect him and basically I need to watch Conan again some time.
  • the entire scene between Lito and Nomi. I was in tears after that. 
My Thoughts On Requiem

I found this really hard to write, sorry if it feels messy

After watching the Korean version, I didn’t think I was going to get emotional again when I watch the US version, how wrong I was. The episode was so sad but it was amazing and and the fights were intense.

I have to applaud Seth Green, he was amazing, they all were.


I liked the OT Carter reference in Bradfords cartoon.

That 1 to 1 moment between Splinter and Leo was full of feels, Splinter obviously knew he was going to die and he had to prepare Leo to take over as head of the Family. I think the other reason he wanted to go to the party was to spend time with Karai, sadly it didn’t happen.

The Mutanimals, Karai and Shinigami fighting Super Shredder was great. Shredder trying to kill Karai means he never cared for her, he was just using her to get his revenge on Splinter.

I’m so glad there was a CPR scene in TMNT, I find it so important to have CPR in kids shows because kids need to know that CPR cane save lives and they should learn CPR as well.

The CPR scene was short but it was still powerfull  but it won’t beat the CPR scene they had in Gargoyles.

It was pretty funny seeing April and Casey out of breath from climbing the stairs.

The fights were awesome, the Shredder fight was intense.

I doubt Rahzar has died, if he can survive being run over by a train, he will survive this.

Splinter’s death broke me, it felt my heart was ripped out and put in a blender till it was mush. The slow motion was breathtaking

I admit while upset I did get a chuckle from 1990 movie reference with Casey’s ‘oops’ moment when he turned on the Garbage truck compactor.

It was so heartbreaking to hear the Turtles so upset, Mikey saying 'Papa’ while holding Splinter’s hand broke me more.

I loved the flashbacks and memories, Turtle Tot Leo was so cute. I hope we see more of this season 5.

I’m so proud of them for carrying Splinter’s body into the Shellraisor and they arn’t even 18 yet.

Good thing they left before Shredder broke out of the Garbage truck, he would of killed them because the turtles wouldn’t have been in there right mind.

Even though Splinter is dead, it won’t be the last we see of him, I expect we will see his spirit, flashbacks and memories

Hospital Visit | Jc Caylen

//ceceinblack13; Heyyy can you do another imagine of Jc where the reader and him have been dating for a while but she gets hurt like realllyyyy bad where it came to the point that she had to go in an ambulance. Jc all worry and it ends up with a cute ending??? PLZZ I love your writing//

Pairing; Jc Caylen x Reader

Word Count; 1,079

POV; Third Person

Summary; You went to a party with your friends then a fight happens. You got pushed accidentally and end up hitting your head. You wake up in the hospital with Jc by your side to make sure your okay.

A/N; This is horrible because it is currently 5 am as I write this and I have gotten no sleep…


It was Friday night, there was a party and all your friends were going. They all suggested you go but partying wasn’t your thing so you declined. But eventually, they persuaded you and accepted. Jc still wasn’t on board with the whole thing as begged you not to go.

“Y/n, please don’t go” He begged as he stood in the doorway of your room

“Why? You had your fair share of parties” You stated looking at him through the mirror

“And I regret them all” Jc argued

“We both know that’s not true” You smiled as he lowered his head in shame

“What if you get hurt? What if there’s a fight?” He asked making you grin because how concerned he was

“Yeah because I’m such a fighter” You scoffed turning towards him then wrapped your arms around his neck “I’m gonna be fine,” You said trying to reassure him softly kissing him on the cheek

“Can you just stay home?” He pouted

“You are especially whiny tonight” You teased tapping his nose as he sighed “I don’t really like to drink and I hate arguing/fighting in general, what’s the worst that can happen?” You say as a last attempt to reassure him, you heard a honk outside meaning your friends were here. “I’ll see you later okay?” You stated placing a kiss on his lips and he slightly nodded

“I love you” He replied

“Love you too” You smiled then headed out the door.


You finally arrived at the party, people stood outside the house drinking/talking. You followed your friends inside and it was crowded. It was basically the cliche scenes in movies, people dancing so close that it looked like tic tacs being shaken in the box, horrible pop songs blasting through the speakers, people questioningly jumping into the pool fully clothed, and occasionally, stoners in the corner.

The stench of alcohol followed you everywhere you went, the music was so loud it made your skin tingle and made your lungs feel like mush, the bass thumped in time with your heart beat as though they were one. Over the roaring music, distant, hazy chatter was heard, you couldn’t make out any words, but laughter rang in your ears and wouldn’t seem to stop. Besides the smell of cheap beer and overplayed music, you were having a great time. Huddled with your group of friends and purposely singing horribly to the current song was loads of fun. It brought up a side of you that you didn’t even know existed. Everything was going fine until you heard some loud arguing in the kitchen.

You and your friends made your way to the center of the circle and saw two guys in the center with a crowd of people surrounding them. You didn’t know what they were shouting at each other but it seemed intense because one eventually threw a punch at the other. It escalated and it grew into a full-on fight with the crowd making an occasional reaction sound.

One of the guys pushed the other then bumped into you and since he was twice your size, it made you fall to the ground hitting your head on the counter, knocking you out. Everyone gasped as your friends gather around you to see if you were unconscious or not. They yelled for someone to call an ambulance and that’s when people finally attempted to break up the fight.

When the ambulance arrived, so did the police and they cleared everyone out and shut down the house party. You were still unconscious and one of your friends called Jc and said to meet you at the hospital.

Once they hung up on Jc, he bolted to his car and frantically made his way to the hospital. Many what if questions came to his mind, each one becoming worse and worse. He tightens his grip on the steering wheel, going past the speeding limit. It was a shock that he didn’t get pulled over. Jc loosely parked his car and dashed to the front desk.

“Where’s y/f/n,” He asked trying to catch his breath. The nurse asked one of the doctors to take Jc to your room as the doctor loosely explained what happened to you

“She suffered a severe concussion from impact so we are treating her so it doesn’t get worse” The doctor explained as he leads Jc to room 204, which was your room. “She should wake up any second so please call when she wakes up” The doctor states as Jc nods. The doctor went off in the opposite direction to assist other patients. When Jc walked in, a wave a sadness and guilt came over him. Even though the doctor explained it wasn’t that bad, it still hit him pretty hard. He sat in the small chair that was in every room and impatiently waited.

A few moments later, your eyes fluttered open greeted a loud ringing sound in your ears.

“Where am I?” You slurred still feeling loopy

“Thank god you’re awake” Jc exclaimed pulling you into a tight embrace, you let out a slight groan in pain “I’m sorry, a-are you okay?” Jc stutters examining your body

“Considering, yeah” You stated sitting up from the hospital bed

“Babe, you should stay laying down-”

“No, I’m fine” You argue. Jc sighs placing a kiss on your forehead, he stood in front of you in between your legs. His hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek. You smiled then pulled him into a kiss, his lips were firm against yours. But the kiss remained soft, gentle, and slow. You held it for a few seconds before your lips began to move in perfect sync, slowly and cautiously. From your soft touch, it sent a strong feeling of warmth spiralling through Jc’s system. You both pulled part resting your foreheads on each other. You sadness in his eyes with a tear starting to run down his cheek

“What’s wrong?” You ask as he shut his eyes then slowly inhaled from his nose. He held his breath trying to contain himself then sharply exhaled

“You just scared me” He managed, pulling you into a long hug. “I should call a nurse, they said I need to when you come to” Jc finally says

“Not yet” You added grabbing his wrist. A grin grew on Jc’s lips as he laid down on the bed. You cuddle next to him nuzzling your head in the crook of his neck. “I love you” You whisper sending shivers down his body.

“I love you too”

anonymous asked:

1.,5.,6., & 11. freddy & larry

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl?

- Larry is the early bird. he always wakes up before Freddy and makes them both breakfast and coffee.. he is a romantic after all. Freddy is definitely a night owl, being the lovable dysfunctional adult that he is comes with an irregular sleeping patterns. sometimes he’d sleep at like 4 am and other times he’d pull all nighters for no reason other than his inability to unwind and go to sleep.

5. Who usually has nightmares?

-Freddy. it’s part of why he has irregular sleeping patterns, he gets a lot of nightmares about the job and even his past ( boy’s had it rough you know ) and he has a lot of anxiety about the whole undercover job and lying to Larry thing…

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day? 

- Freddy, being the night owl that he is , would definitely get all his deep emotional thoughts at night .. when he’s unable to sleep. 

larry would have these kinda thoughts during the day. he’d be in the car with freddy or something and he’d just let his mind wonder …

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?

-they would both like horror movies.. the cheesier the better. freddy being the nerd that he is, would have a vast knowledge of good horror movies, the ones with a cult following, and the ones that are so bad they’re actually good.

larry secretly like romance movies because he’s tough on the outside but all mush on the inside. anyways they both like to watch movies because they can just cuddle up , and nap in each others arms

i love these dorks 

I Have A Boyfriend You Know?

A Tyler Posey Imagine


A/N: I haven’t written a Tyler piece in forever. I loved this idea it was so cute. Tried to finish it quickly and didn’t proof read it much but I hope you like it!

Warnings: Cursing, Smut.

    Mornings were meant for you, mainly because breakfast was your go to meal. Pancakes, eggs and bacon are on the menu and you were busy preparing a nice hot spread. Wearing nothing but an over sized band tee and undies you were comfy in your kitchen. The radio was on playing a song that you hummed to, at that moment you felt a pair of warm arms wrap around your waist and you felt a set of lips lightly on your neck. “Hmm sir as good as that feels I must warn you I have a boyfriend.” You spoke up. Tyler laughed lightly and turned you around. “What a coincidence I happen to have a girlfriend. She is pretty cool. But I just thought I would keep you company.” He replied while flashing that signature smirk. “What a sweet gesture but you should know my boyfriend is really hot, he has huge sexy muscles. I just love gripping his arms during our rendezvous.” This comment earned a chuckle, if you weren’t mistaken a slight blush crept over his cheeks. “Well my chick is so fucking sexy, her ass is absolutely perfect.” Tyler said while giving your bum a light smack. You jumped and tried to walk away and finish cooking but he gripped your wrist and pulled you closer.  “Also my boyfriend has the hottest abs, I love to feel them against my stomach. He loves when I do this as well…” You knelt down and licked a striped from the waist of his shorts up to his chest, then back down biting at the clothes the clung to his hips. This earned a moan from Tyler as his eyes closed for a second.

“Do you like that? I know he sure does. It drives him wild. ” You spoke before standing back up. Tyler could already feel himself getting hard. He really liked this little game you decided to play so he continued to play along. Taking his hand and slipping a finger under the waistband of your panties he slowly made his way down to your heat, he could tell right away you were turned on but he wanted more. “My girl loves when we are watching movies and I tease her just…like…this.” He dipped a finger into your folds and immediately started hitting your G spot. He knew exactly how to curve his fingers to make you like putty in his hands. Your legs instantly felt like mush and you fell onto his arm. Holding to his chest for dear life. “Fuck Tyler don’t stop.” You said into his neck. You kissed there and nibbled slightly. He chuckled at your pleas but slid himself out from your panties. You pulled away to scold him but was mesmerized as he brought his wet fingers to his lips and licked them clean. He really wanted to win at this game but you weren’t going down that easy. Bringing your lips back to his ear you whispered “Let me show you what drives my man wild. He is crazy about my plump juicy lips. He likes them even better wrapped around his dick.” Tyler bite down on his bottom lip and tried to suppress a moan but it was no use. He sounded like an animal who just found his prey. Smirking you went back down to your knees and pulled his shorts and boxers down enough to reveal his hard on. Tyler was very impressive for his size but you didn’t let that intimidate you. Licking your lips you looked up to see him eyeing your next move. He was patient but you could feel how on edge he was at this point. Your tongue licked a stripe up his member and you could feel him hardening even more. You hollowed your cheeks and took him in, fully. His head hit the back of your throat but you didn’t falter. Your gag reflex was nonexistent at this point being with him. He breathed out and let his hands make their way to your hair pulling it out of your face. “Oh damn…. that feels fucking amazing. ” He spoke barely above a whisper. Smiling to yourself you swirled your tongue around in the perfect motion to cause his member to twitch. Releasing him from your mouth with a sudden pop he gasped at the loss of contact. “Your boyfriend is one lucky guy. I have to say. But if you don’t mind I have to show you what drives my girl wild.” Tyler said while scooping you up into his arms, he made his way into the bedroom and placed you gently on the sheets. His face was displaying a sexy smirk while he bit his bottom lip. Seeing him so riled up made you giggle. “Your smile is almost as pretty as her’s too, lets see if you moan like her?” He whispered while lower his face to your clothed crotch. You watched tentatively as he slipped your panties off and threw them out of sight.  His breathe warned that he was close by, you had thrown your head back in anticipation. The feeling of his warm tongue grazing the skin of your thigh caused you to buck in hopes he would get to where you wanted him. “Ah ah. Calm down. Good things come to those who wait.” Tyler said as he spread your legs further apart. It was with all your power not to beg but you knew it would be useless. He was in total control now.

Reaching your folds he placed a soft kiss and them slowly slipped his tongue into your entrance. By this time you were completely soaked. “Mhmmm Y/N you taste so fucking good.” His words brought a flush to your cheeks. The sensation of him catering to your needs with his mouth turned to on to the point you would cum if he sped up just a little. Bringing your fingers to his hair you grabbed a handful and coaxed him on. “I bet your boyfriend never does this.” He lifted your lower body up and held you in his arms as he flicked his tongue in figure 8 motions all over your clit. Each pass made you slip closer and closer to the edge. Moans and various curse words left your lips. “Fuck yes…you even moan like her. Does this feel good Y/N? Who’s making you feel this good?” Tyler asked quickly not wanting to leave your clit unattended. “Y…you are Tyler. Please don’t stop.” You managed to say. He took this as a queue and picked up the pace. Your bundle of nerves couldn’t take it any longer and you reached your peak. Shaking and panting your legs tightened themselves around his face. He pulled them back to make your descent down as good as the trip up. One hand gripped his hair while the other gripped at the sheet for dear life. Your high had came to an end as your heart rate started to slow down. Tyler kissed the inside of your thigh then got up to fetch a towel. He wiped his face thoroughly then placed the towel under you. “Well looks like you made quite the mess here my dear.” Tyler said while laughing lightly. “Not my fault that my boyfriend’s a sloppy eater.” You responded with a wink. Grinning with pride he climbed next to you on the bed. “I can’t argue with that, but it’s your fault for being the hottest girlfriend in world. You make me feel so lucky, I’m glad I’m the one you were talking about earlier. Let’s me know I’m doing my job right.” He said as he stroked your hair from out of your face. “Your job?” You questioned. “Yeah my job is to keep you satisfied and I learned that I must be doing a pretty damn good job for you to brag so much about me.” Tyler responded with a cheeky grin and wink.


It’s so nice to be friends with the opposite sex with no mush, hidden agendas, or whatsoevs. Plain friendship with a dude or a dudette is definitely rare too nowadays. I noticed that people are too influenced by TV shows & movies that everybody becomes a prospect of love which I think is really stupid. Some really jump into conclusion that they could end up loving this friend or that friend, it’s insane really idk. I’d appreciate if somebody’s really honest with me but I’d hate it if they have that friendly fire bullshit making me a back up plan someday. No way, José. Not gonna happen or better yet I’m not gonna let that happen. It’s awkward I tell ya. Congratulations, it’s not special at all.