i love this movie so mush

Little things that I love in Sense8

  • how Kala goes from “I don’t know how to kick people to mush like Sun” to “so I guess I’ll just make a FUCKING BOMB” in 0.2 seconds
  • How Lito appoaches Wolfgangs situation like a movie director or an actor by analysing the environment, the “scene”; He’s like: “Ah, so this is where you planned to fall, and there is the gun, very good…” I bet he had a billion conversations like this with directors, discussing fighting choreography to solve framing and pacing problems.
  • the fact that Aminata thinks the man who tried to lobotomise her girlfriend couldn’t be entirely evil because he had a copy of a Nancy Drew book in his bookshelf (Can somebody explain the phenomenon of Nancy Drew to me? Being german, this wasn’t part of my childhood. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but I still don’t quite get it)
  • while we’re at it: the fact that Dr Metzger (seriously that’s what you’re calling him? Dr Butcher? okay….) called Nomi by her name. It would have been easy to make him some transphobic arsehole, but the few bits that we saw of him made him look like he would be a neat dude if he wasn’t running around lobotomising people. And he seemed really scared of Mr Whispers, so I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • When Lito says “We had sex”, you can basically see Wills brain freeze like “..but…no…homo? yes homo? me homo? whaaaaaa” dude, your straight days are over, get over it, welcome to the pan
  • Silas’ daughter picking Wonder Woman’s civilian name as a decoy name.
  • How Wolfgang takes it as a personal insult when Will doesn’t recognise a line from Conan. And what this movie means to him and how it connects him to Felix and how Felix as a child descided to take on a grown man to protect him and basically I need to watch Conan again some time.
  • the entire scene between Lito and Nomi. I was in tears after that. 

ok so I just rb’d a post about the newsies’ favorite musicals and I want to do some movie newsies!

-Blink: he LOVES Avenue Q. Mush is horrified by it.
-Mush: very into everything, but has a soft spot for 20s inspired shows like Thoroughly Modern Millie and The Boy Friend
-Itey: saw Man of La Mancha and adored it (even though everyone mocks him for having such an obscure favorite show)
-Skittery: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. it’s just the right level of macabre
-Dutchy: I always think of him as p educated against all odds, so he’s the only one who really *gets* Something Rotten (and he thinks it’s hysterical)
-Bumlets: A Chorus Line. duh.

imagine-with-gods  asked:

Enfp Pisces strength can make anyone feel better in any situation i can find the right words to cheer them up weakness i trust people easily and put so much effort in but in the end im just disappointed that's all. i love reading watching films EATING CHOCOLATE BC ITS LIFE i love cuddling so muuch just lazily laying down on the bed agh, but actually im very very kinky person im rlly sarcastiic and i cant help it either i want it or not i just end up saying rlly harsh things. haikyuu pls.

match up: Shoyo Hinata

So basically you kinda boost Hinata. He is already a huge ball of energy, you only support him. He’ll appreciate you cheering him on, he’ll do it for you and loudly. While he isn’t mush of a reader, he’ll watch movies with you in marathons. He’ll never admit to enjoying cuddling, mostly due to him being the little spoon.

For your date, he is early. Like at your house, pacing out in front, running away and then running back. He’s just super excited and nervous. He probably had some cool persona in mind but the minute he catches your smile, it’s out the window. He’ll want to hold hands right off the bat and take you to a river for a picnic. He got you some chocolates since you love them. By the time the sun is going to set, he’ll ask about renting a movie. Your gonna have a movie night while he tries and steals kisses. 50% of them fail but a kiss is a kiss in his book.

Runner ups: Toru Oikawa, Lev Haiba, Tetsuro Kuroo,

Sister Wanda

Bucky x Reader x (Sister)Wanda

Imagine request: HEEEEY! Soooo.. Um, can you make a onde shot where Bucky and reader are loving each other but they didn’t confess and when Wanda descovered, she tries to make them stay together? (Sorry if wrote something wrong, I am learning English yet)


Warnings: None

Note: Wanda being your best friend would be the besssssst. I switched up the story a bit, if you don’t like it tell me, I’ll write a new one.

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Your P.O.V


Oh how you loved her, she was like a sister.

You guys talked and watched movies and made so many memories. As you got closer, you told her one rule, the rule only about the friendship.

Stay out of your love life.

And she did quite the opposite of that.

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