i love this movie so much ughhh

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May I have a scenario where Murdoc calls his s/o saying how stressed he & the band have been lately. So his s/o comes over with homemade baked goods for everyone & movies to help them all relax

It was late when Murdoc phoned that night. You guys were trying to stay in touch as much as you could but things were hectic with the band right now. It wasn’t anyones fault, that was just how things worked out. When you picked up you could feel the tension in his voice.
“Hiya love.”

“Hey Mudz, how are things?”

“Ughhh don’t get me started,” he sighed.

“One of those days then?” He chuckled dryly on the other line.

“Well you know how things get this time of year. Everyone wants everything righ now.”

“I know that feeling. Are you lot holding up ok?”

“Ehh don’t worry we’re used to it by now.”

“Just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean you enjoy it,” you responded.

“I suppose. Listen I’m sorry but I’m kind of held up with something at the moment, I’ll call you later alright?”

“Ok, speak to you soon,” you hung up slightly worried that he was going into his habit of overworking himself. That was when your maternal instincts kicked in. You busted out a recipe book that your mum had bought you for christmas a few years prior and got to work. There were a bunch of fancy cake recipes but you skipped past them to make a simple sponge cake. Making the cake was a challenge of sorts mainly because you were hardly a great chef. Once iced though the cake didn’t look half bad. You boxed up the cake, picked up a couple of dvds you knew he liked and made your way to his house.

When 2D opened the door you could tell he was a bit confused, he was happy when he saw the cake though.

“Oh hey Y/N, I think Murdocs at the studio. You can come in if you want though.”

“It’s fine, I thought you guys were all a bit stressed out so I bought some cake and movies.”

“Well I’m not complaining!” You made your way into kitchen and set the cake down on the table. Noodle was at the kitchen table writing something in her notebook. She looked up at you and smiled.

“Studio Ghibli marathon anyone?”

By the time Murdoc had gotten back you and the rest of the band were half way through princess mononoke. At first he looked a bit startled.

“Whats all this?”

“I thought you guys were all a bit stressed out and whats a better stress buster than cake and movies?” He let out a small laugh and went to sit next to you. You snuggled into his side and you could feel him gradually relax.

“Thanks for this love.”

“Anytime Muds”


bts au; gone girl by gillian flynn;
kim taehyung as amy elliott; jeon jungkook as nick dunne;

“I’m so much happier now that I’m dead. Technically missing. Soon to be presumed dead. Gone. And my lazy lying shitting oblivious husband will go to prison for my murder. Jeon Jungkook took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder. Let the punishment fit the crime.” 

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Jacob Batalon is honestly a scene-stealer in Spider-Man I was not expecting to like Ned half so much as I did he brought so much there and I hope we see more of him

I KNOW!!! he was great and god i love that his weight wasnt used a joke in the movie bc thats what i feared the most and UGHHH I LOVE HIM HES THE BEST

Reply to Anti Naruhina

I would like to thank the sane naruhina fans for replying to my blog in a proper manner..
The points you guys made were fair, and I would just like to reply to those points in another anti nh blog, because every time I try to reply back in my original “anti naruhina blog” It would only allow me a certain amount of reply space. 

The top replies I got

((A))Naruto knows who Hinata is

((B))Naruto cheering for Hinata against Neji

(©)Naruto saying “I like you” to Hinata

((D))Hinata did watch Naruto from afar in the manga

((A)) I would like to start off by saying, I could of typed out my blog more thoroughly with better details. Yes Naruto did know who Hinata was.. It wasn’t like he walked passed her thinking “Who’s that girl?” ((that was Shino))..
In my blog, what I meant by “Trying to get Naruto’s attention” was attraction wise, and getting Naruto to understand her more.
Naruto just knew Hinata as the ((Quote)) Weirdo, shy and dark girl…Naruto didn’t know much about Hinata, he only knew her from academy and afterwards….  

((B)) Naruto cheering for Hinata..
I dont count this as a moment. I am sorry naruhina fans..
The reason why I do not count this as a moment is because you might as well say Naruto had the hots for almost everyone there..
Kakashi even told him to “shut up” because he was cheering too loud.
Yes you can reply back with “But he got the most angry with the neji and hinata match, and defended her!”
I would like to point out two facts with this one..

1… If you say that with Hinata, you might as well say that about lee. Remember how devastated naruto was when gaara beat the shit out lee…. Was it because of love? Well no… ((naruto doesnt have a thing for lee)) It was because naruto thought that Neji/Gaara were jerks, and went too far..

2.. Of course he would of defended hinata in that match… Naruto is the main protagonist ..
And when you have another character who is acting like a bully, and bullying other characters who cannot stand up for themselves, what do you think the main character would do?  
Naruto is a character that believes in never giving up, Neji was just bullying Hinata and telling her to give up, Naruto would of felt like it was a personal attack on him as well..

So really the whole Hinata vs Neji, you could of replaced with any other characters, make them act the way neji and hinata did in that scenario, and Naruto would of done the same thing ((Proof: the Lee and Gaara match))

(©) Before Naruto left to train with Jiraiya, he ran into Hinata and said, “Your still weird, but I like you”
Yeah, I guess that’s sort of a moment ((And I like to remind you guys that I was a fan of naruhina at that stage)) but also it wasn’t Naruto confessing his loving feelings. It was just a kid being like “Hey, your weird. But that’s ok, I like you.” 
And if that’s not enough to convince you… Didn’t Kankuro go up to Naruto and say “Hey, your funny. I like you” ???
Well oh my god, Kankuro must have romantic feelings for Naruto as well… 

((D)) Yes, in like one or two parts of the manga, Hinata did watch him from a far ((Again should of word it better)) but I am angry with this because alot of naruhina fans state ((she was always there for him)) 
No she wasn’t!!!
The fillers make it out to be like she was always there for him, but it wouldn’t even make fucking sense if she was there!
Naruto had an upsetting childhood because he was so lonely and Isolated, he had no one ((until iruka)) IF HINATA WAS ALWAYS THERE! HE WOULDNT FEEL THE NEED TO BE SO SAD, BECAUSE HE WOULD HAVE ATLEAST ONE FRIEND!!! 
((calm down))
And if she was such a good childhood friend, and was always there for Naruto, why would Naruto call her a weirdo as the intro to Hinata? Wouldnt it be something like “This is my best friend. She is like the only girl who hangs out with me”….
And again my main point.. Why would it take a whole manga series, and half a movie for Naruto to realise Hinata’s love, if again ((sorry to quote this so much)) but…IF SHE WAS ALWAYS THERE!!?! 

. *sighs* This couple frustrates me… Ugh next I am going to be doing the worse…Sasusaku..ughhh..  

me: Okay, I have this two stories, I need to write next chapter for both, so…

my brain: But, hey, there’s this great movie, you know which one, with this great characters, I know you love it, we could…

me: No. No. NO! I need to write these chapters, readers are waiting! Don’t you even…

my brain: Oh, but do you remember that old idea of ours? It could be so good!

me: Ughhh!

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Can i just say how much it warms my heart that its almost 11 years later and the cast of the covenant still hangs out and posts pictures together?? 💕😭 Whether its all of them are just 1 or 2 of them at a time. Theyre all still friends and ughhh i love that movie so much! 😭❤ it was my first ever sebby movie and it will continue to be one of my all time favs! 😭😭👏👏

They do?? :D they are friend goals 2k17! 💕💕💕

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my name’s luisa and i’m obsessed with Halsey rn ughhh her new album is a masterpiece,,, my fav blog is yikejpg bc ky is the sweetest most incredible person ever and their blog has quality content ! hope u have a great day!!! 💫

I LOVE HALSEY SHE OWNS THIS ASS @yikejpg some love for ya over here!

blog compliment: loveeee ur url one of the best jokes in the movie lol love your new layout (icon is so good wow, and ur greeting is beautiful) we have soooo much in common wow we should be friends (just gonna casually throw that out there whtvr)

name playlist: (L)A devotee - p!atd, (U)ntouched - the veronicas, (I)f i believe you - the 1975, (S)ex - the 1975, (A)nother sad love song - khalid

blog compliments + name playlists

I frikin love zootopia I cant believe I only watched it now. Why was I not informed of how great this movie is. I SWEAR I’ve never been so hyped about a disney movie this much since lyk wat lilo nd stitch? Emperor’s new groove? Tangled was good too but YAH AS I SAID I LOVE THESE TWO UGHHH ಥ‿ಥ

I believe below has better quality -pls dont repost tho or at least credit me tenks :-) (http://giphy.com/gifs/zootopia-xT8qBoCUojznpHoNpu)
Things I love in that IZE intervew XD

did he just anthrophomorphize his abs

wtf jimin XD

a shy Busan man, huh? ;))))

he has his life planned out O.o

does jin have OCD omg he even named his kids and they aren’t even conceived yet

how old does someone have to be to know that you can’t just leave fish outside and let the water evaporate omg kookie srsly xD

“Eyeliner is like my life.”

Wise words from Park Jimin. XD omg i never knew eyeliner was a requirement in dancing hiphop XD

I love how he has just embraced his J-Horse nickname XD


are you absolutely sure that you don’t want to, jimin?? XD

why was he watching a movie with a guy IS THAT A DATE

IT MUST BE A DATE no really i’m very curious to know


i suddenly remembered when he called Justin Bieber his sunbaenim on ASC x)))

ughhh. tell me i’m not the only one that adores their love-hate relationship so much >.<

uhhh.. jimin… what exactly goes around in that head of yours?

i’m getting very aroused scared…

the story behind suga’s aegyo xD

Spider-Man: Homecoming is AWESOME!!!

Honestly, this is the most realistic superhero movie I have seen in my entire life (well, that if we ignore the fact only one person dies in the entire movie which is entirely bullshit, but it’s a movie about a guy who was bitten by a radioactive spider, c'mon!)

Zendaya as MJ was awesome, I love her so much, and I am so glad her story was changed, we didn’t need a stupid romance (oops, i forgot to say “spoiler alert“ #sorrynotsorry)

And Tom Holland is the cutest thing everrrrr!!! His Peter Parker is so cool and dorky and so excited about everything ughhh he’s so cute!!!

Aunt May is epic! She’s such a cool aunt O want her to adopt me.

I laughed so hard at this movie, it was exactly the kind of Spider-Man movie we needed. I will even say it, Tom Holland as Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man we had so far (sorry Toby… not at all sorry Andrew)