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The losers getting high

Richie would totally be the one who came up with the idea and it would definitely not be the first time he got high. He would be even more clingy than normally and would constantly play with Eddie’s hair. He would not talk as much though, because he would be so calm and sweet. He would lie on the ground somewhere just giggling to himself trying to get Eddie to lie down with him.

Eddie would only go with this idea because of his boyfriend’s puppyeyes. He would have the most fun though, getting all hyper and full of energy. He would want to make out with Richie, a lot. He would also do some stupid shit. Like him and Stan would try to steal a signpost or some shit. 

You wouldn’t feel it on Stan as much, because he wouldn’t really change. He would just have zero ability to sense right from wrong. So him and Eddie would try to steal shit. He would get super hungry though and him and Bill would go to mcdonalds and buy way too much food. 

Bill would be a giggling mess. He would be sitting somewhere with Richie laughing so hard at a rock or something. Stan would adore it. Seeing Bill all happy and giddy? Yes please. He would be more touchy feely and Stan would let him because had no sense of reality. 

Man Bev would be all over the place. She would talk to everyone who passed them and she would end up making a deal with some elderly couple to go eat at their house the following day. Of course she would follow up on it and have a nice time. She definitely dances a lot too when she’s high. She just lets loose, a wide grin on her face. 

Ben would be the most hesitant. But when he finally gave in he would be so into it. Ben would turn in to a straight up poet. I mean, the words he would spit out and write down. He would end up trying to hide all the poems the next day but we all know Beverly finds them and she loves them. Ben would be really calm and such a sweetheart. 

Mike would have gotten high before too. You wouldn’t really feel it on him exept he would be so overprotective of all of them. “No Richie, get out of that grass, think about the ants”, “Eddie, Stan get down from that lamppost you could get hurt, jesus christ”, “Bev you don’t know these people please be careful I love you”, “Bill. How much did you smoke buddy?”, “Ben. Think before you speak pls”, like he would be such a mom. 

okay, so finally sitting down and doing some Thor: Ragnarok fic recs, because I’ve been reading a whole bunch and figure it’s about time to at least…do kind of a starter pack, a first week pack, a “sure I haven’t actually finished any of mine but kudos to the people who have” pack

ANYWAY, A RECS LIST. disclaimer that this is basically a Loki-centric list, because I know what I like and I’ve basically stopped apologizing for it (mostly. sort of.).

better stop and rebuild all your ruins by ohliamylia.

An immediate post-movie tag, including The Hug and Thor and Loki having a bit of a talk.

home through shadows journeying by Etharei (Thor/Loki)

On the whole, I don’t read a lot of Thor/Loki, but this fic was…ahhh. A bunch of post-movie vignettes (and one sex scene) about settling in on the ship, and with each other.

put out the flames by finalizer

Loki and Thor get to Earth with the ship (so, ignoring the mid-credits scene), and some of the things still unresolved. This one doesn’t necessarily mesh with all my headcanons, but it’s excellently written and has some great characterization.

bold and roll the dice by finalizer (Loki/Valkyrie)

Okay so I fell into kind of shipping it - they’re both enough of disasters that it hits my “two disaster people being disasters together” kink. This fic kind of ties into the one above (by the same author) but you don’t need to read that one to read this one - Loki takes off to get some space, and Valkyrie does the same. Eventually they crash into each other and it goes from there.

Recalibrating by KhamanV

Another short post-movie tag with Thor trying to figure out his new problems with depth perception. It’s short and sweet and good brother fic.

over the edge of all our knowing by grim_lupine

It’s marked as Thor/Loki but reads as gen to me, and just feels like another look into Thor and Loki’s relationship post-Ragnarok, featuring Loki returning to old habits (but not those ones) and a really great last line.

In His Good Graces by Tandirra (Loki/Grandmaster)

Loki’s first weeks on Sakaar - not just about the sex (though a little about the sex) - also about Loki dealing with the sudden (presumed) loss of everything he knew and figuring out how to live with that. 

Loki lands on his feet (always) by alternatedoom (Loki/Grandmaster)

Another one about Loki on Sakaar working his way up - some good sex, a lot of good character study.

be my mirror, my sword and shield by ginnyweasleys (Loki/Valkyrie)

Yeah, so I’m weak for the “fighting turns into sex” trope, and I’m also weak for this kind of sharp, deadly, edged relationship. Valkyrie doesn’t pull her punches on Loki (in any way), and it creates a tense, convincing dynamic and some very hot sex. 

Getting to the Top by StarsintheRiver (Loki/Grandmaster)

Loki parties too hard. It’s really hot and really dubious smut. That’s what you’re in this pairing for, right? (It’s what I’m in this pairing for.)

Vices Are for Mortals (series) by TheOtherOdinson (Loki/Grandmaster)

Written pre-movie so the series isn’t exactly canon-compliant, but damn it’s hot and also some…delightful Grandmaster characterization. All the right fairy king edges. And did I mention that it’s really hot.

atonement by foolandahill17

It’s angst and I would read 1000 fics like this, honestly, I would. Loki takes action during the mid-credits scene.

play to win by humanveil (Loki/Grandmaster)

So sue me, there’s a bit of a theme to this list. It’s just that a lot of the really interesting (to me) fic that’s come out so far has been…really smutty Loki/Grandmaster. I will not apologize for art, and neither should this fic writer.

Un/Hurt by PoorYorick

A fic where Loki was injured in the battle against Hela and tries to hide it from…basically everyone. I am almost embarrassed by how much this fic pushes all my buttons, but not really. Good quality whump, A+.

a land flowing with milk and honey by LadyCharity

Okay, I honestly might’ve screamed a little when I saw that LadyCharity was writing in this fandom again. This fic…she says that it’s not “her trademark” but it’s beautiful character work and beautiful prose and made me cry, so I figure that’s pretty much a trademark. Thor POV and Thor-centric (unlike most of this list), it’s a lot about Thor’s struggle with ruling and trying to find a way to deal with his newfound responsibility and all the revelations that came in the movie. And that ending. Jesus. Just go read it. 

The Convalescent Way by gaslightgallows (WIP, Loki/Valkyrie)

This one is a WIP but it’s three chapters in and I’m loving it. It’s set on the ship post-Ragnarok - Loki and Valkyrie is the ship in it but it’s not just about them. I’m really excited to see where this one goes.

Beep Beep Richie || Richie Tozier

Request: hi love 💓💓 can you do a Richie Tozier x Reader fic where all the losers are hanging out and the reader gets fed up of Richie’s constant talking, so she kisses him? kind of like a “you talk too much” sorta thing? thank you so much

+ could you PLEASE do a Richie x reader? i love richie with all my heart

Characters: Reader x Richie Tozier, The losers club


Word count: 365 [one word for everyday]

Warning: sex jokes

 (nothing compared to the movie)

A/n: Sorry its so short!

Originally posted by beverlymarshisabadass

“Today in ma-” you started to tell the losers club when Richie so rudely interrupted by sitting down in his chair next to you and dropping his lunch down too hard. You shot a glare at him “J-Jesus Richie.” Bill chuckled when you jumped back. “Sorry, Didn’t meant to interrupt you or anything.”

You gave him a tight smile “yeah, okay, whatever, as I was saying, In Mat- he poked you on the cheek. “What the fuck?” You turned to look at him confused.  He shrugged and you sighed, “anyway, I was sitting-” “on Henry Bowers lap?” everyone snickered. “No, on my chair.” “Well this is already a disappointment.”

You rolled your eyes, “would you let me talk?” “and possibly die of boredom? No way.” “Okay, in math-” “I literally-” “Beep Beep Richie.” you interjected He kept talking. You glared at him. “I said- Beep beep Richie!” He still rambled on. You would have never done it if you had time to think it though but before you could stop yourself you whipped around and stuck your lips right on his and that definitely shut him up.

When you pulled away everyone had stopped eating and gone silent. “Beep beep Richie” this time you whispered it, just loud enough for everyone to hear. “Holy Shit.” he mumbled, your eyes widened as you clammed down and realized you just kissed Richie Tozier in front of everyone.

“I’ll Tell you guys later, I was supposed to go in for help from Ms. Johnson today for help, I just remembered.” You gave the best smile you could p and left the lunchroom trying to hide your blush. “(y/n)!” You turned around and nearly ran the opposite when Richie was rushing towards you.

 He gave you a goofy grin, “what was that babe.” you chuckled and shook you head, “Just trying to shut you up Richie.” you smirked, beating him at his own game. “Oh yeah?” “yup.” he started to walk backwards towards the cafeteria. “So you wouldn’t want to do it again.” you shrugged, “I never said that.” he winked and left you standing in  the middle of the hallway with a blush painted on your cheeks.

7 o’clock

Series: Mr. Holland

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Swearing because I swear IRL and incorporate it into my writing sorry not sorry

A/N: After a long wait, here’s my newest addition to the Mr. Holland series. I hope you all enjoy this update :) 

Originally posted by amethystslinky

I’m in the works of stuff on my freetime when I’m not studying for exams c:

Previously on Mr. Holland…

“How have you not fucked her yet?” Harrison sets the papers and folders making a plop sound. From how heavy it was it sent a vibration through the desk. Seeing your panties on the floor you reach over and grab them making the chair move slightly. Mentally facepalming yourself for doing that,

“I’m keeping it professional mate” you could hear Harrison scoff at his best friend’s statement. Hearing footsteps get closer and slap on the desk making you cower slightly. Nerves were making your hands slightly shake.

“If I were you I’d fuck her on this desk dude”

“If you only knew.,” Tom mumbles chuckling leaning against the bookshelf behind his desk. Looking up you see Tom staring down at you then glancing back up at Harrison. Your heartbeat erratic because of Tom fucking Holland.

    If only Harrison knew… He was right. If he only knew.  The fact you were under his desk after he just fucked you on it. Your anxiety of being caught was thrilling in a way that seeped into your bones. Scrambled thoughts fluttered through your mind. Legs squeezing together to relieve the need you started to feel.

“Dude if you do, gives you a reason to keep her around the office. Man with a body like that.. if you pass it up I’m swooping I-”

“Harrison, she’s mine. Back off” the sound of his voice deep with authority making you bite your lip. He sounded so hot when he lowered his voice like that.

“You do like her don’t you mate” there was a silence in the air making your heart drop a bit. The next thing you know is the chair is pulled out and Tom sits down. Scooting closer he then responds with an answer you didn’t expect.

“I do like her a lot. She’s the first woman to not use me for my money and fame and she genuinely loves Spider-Man as much as I.. Our conversation the other day just chatting about things felt so nice and her sister is even a fan of my movies. I just really enjoy her company so I won’t lose her to you Harrison so back off”

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The big plot twist of Wonder Woman was

humans are awful sometimes.

Reddie headcanons

- They call everything a date. Eating together at the cafeteria at school? A date. Richie walking Eddie to class? A date. Waving at eachother in the hallway? A date. 

- When they do go on real dates though they call it meetings. They have so much fun with that because they’re dorks. 

- Everybody always assumes that Richie is the protective and dominant one but Richie is the softest, dorkiest, most awkward nerd in the world.

- Eddie is so sassy though. Also he’s pretty scary when he gets angry. 

- Once a guy grabbed Bev’s butt at a party and Eddie kicked the guy on the leg and grabbed his collar to let him know what’s up.

- They’re so soft. Like they’re together all the time, napping, cuddling, watching movies, going for walks. 

- They like taking polaroids of eachother. 

- They show eachother new songs all the time, making mixtapes and stuff. They just love music. 

- Richie likes singing and playing the guitar and he practices a lot and Eddie gets so proud every time he learns a new song. He’ll be cheering and clapping making Richie blush. 

- Richie likes writing letters for Eddie and cute little notes that he puts into his locker or in his backpack or in his books. He just loves making his boyfriend smile. 

- When they go to parties Eddie gets way too drunk and Richie comforts him all night as he throws up. This happens every single time. 

- Eddie tries his best to make Richie stop smoking but he also thinks it’s kinda hot. Like, Richie with his curly hair and huge glasses wearing an overzised denim jacket with a cigarette between his lips is a sight that’s hot enough to make Eddie pull him into the bathrooms to make out. 

- Everything’s enough to make Eddie pull Richie into the bathrooms to make out though. They do that a lot. 

- So. Many. Hickeys. Usually Richie’s neck is the one to be covered in purple and red marks but he loves giving Eddie hickeys as well, Eddie just never lets him. 

- They still bicker a lot though and Eddie pretends to be mad at Richie a lot. He’s never really mad. 

- Richie lets Eddie design all of his tattoos. Eddie is terrified at first because “jesus Richie, they’re fucking permanent”. But he actually really like that Richie lets him do that. 

- “You should get a tattoo as well Eddie”. “That’s not going to fucking happen trashmouth, forget it”. 

- They’re just the cutest boyfriends I love them so much.

Meet the Robinson’s is an imperfect film but…Jesus it has so much going for it, so much fucking life in it, so many new ideas, and its having fun with them every single moment, and the emotional scenes all fucking land, every single fucking one, despite the ridiculousness of the whatever scenario they depict…like compare it to some more forgettable movies Disney’s produced, there’s a reason people feel it should have gotten more love, there’s a reason its a sort of cult classic nowadays…sorry I’m just…never gonna be over this flick…

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the batfam (no shipping any of them together please)

Any Timothy Jackson Drake shit pls i love him so much i need more of him in my life



mar’i grayson/nightstar

dickwally (yj!birdflash too)

wally west

jayroy (& lian harper)




damijon (dear jesus nothing nsfw theyre babies!!!!!)

harley quinn

poison ivy


super sons

diana prince/wonder woman (movie or comics)

young justice tv show

snaibsel aka artemis/zatanna

More Than You Could Know (Evan Hansen X Reader)

WC: 2195

Pairing: Evan Hansen X Reader

Warnings: Sad Evan, fluff

Summary: Evan has run out of options after he let his secret spill. So who can he turn to now?

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. Here, however, is a Dear Evan Hansen imagine to make up for my inactivity! Hope you enjoy!

I was waltzing around my room, Ed Sheeran’s newest album playing in my ears, when I heard a violent knocking at my door.

I assumed mom would get it and I shrugged it off as nothing major. Probably just some Mormon going door to door trying to get us into Mormonism. We got those a lot in our neighbourhood.

I took one earphone out when I heard muffled conversation from downstairs. “Y/N! Honey, Evan’s here.” Mom said and I smiled, pressing pause on my music. I bounded down the stairs, my smile widening.

“What’s up nerd…” My voice trailed off and my smile disappeared instantly.

Evan was hunched more than usual, and his face was red and blotchy, the tears on it illuminated in the hallway light.

“Oh my God, Evan!” I exclaimed and my mom’s eyes softened as she backtracked slowly away from us.

“Y/N.” Evan said, his voice weak and broken. 

“Jesus Christ.“ I muttered, pulling him into a tight hug.

He wrapped his arms around me and started sobbing softly. "What happened?” I whispered, rubbing his back soothingly.

“Can we go upstairs? Please.” Evan said desperately, his tears staining my shirt. I nodded and let go of Evan, turning around.

“Mom, we’re going upstairs.” I announced, taking Evan’s hand and walking up the stairs to my room.

Evan sniffled, desperately trying to wipe the tears off his face. I squeezed his hand reassuringly, pushing the door to my bedroom open with my free hand.

“Evan Hansen, sit your ass down. Please.” I added quickly, and I saw the corners of his mouth turn up slightly as he sat down.

“There’s that smile I love so much. Now, what’s wrong?” I said softly, sitting down next to him.

Any trace of a smile on Evan’s face had disappeared, and his eyes darkened.
“I told the Murphy’s.” Evan murmured, and I let out a gasp. 

“Oh Evan.” I wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him closer to me.

Evan rested his head on my shoulders, the room silent except for the sound of his sobs.

I was one of the first people to find out about Evan’s predicament and the whole Connor situation. He told Jared first, and that day I found out that my brother cannot be trusted with secrets.

“They.. they looked like I’d killed Connor myself.”  Evan said quietly and I didn’t reply verbally, but my grip on him tightened slightly.

We sat there in silence, time feeling as if it slowed down.

“Hey, do you remember when we first met?” I said abruptly and Evan gave me a quizzical look.

“Yeah. Why?” He said, looking up at me. “It’s one of my favourite memories.” I mused, recalling the eventful encounter.

I made my way out of the shower, tying my robe tightly around me.

I pulled my hair up into a bun and trudged downstairs, cursing Jared and the annoying, loud games he played first thing on Saturdays.

I heard conversation and I naturally assumed that Jared was on some live chat thing. God knows what he does on that Xbox.

“Jared, I’m making coffee. You want some?” I shouted from the kitchen and I heard a snicker from the living room.

“And sleeping beauty has risen. Also, I would love some coffee, thanks.” Jared retorted and I rolled my eyes.

“If you keep up that attitude there will be no caffeine for you until finals week.” I teased and I was met with silence from the other room.

I shrugged and pulled out two mugs, making the coffees expertly. My brief stint working at Starbucks counted for something, I guess.

I picked up the mugs and walked into the living room, expecting to just see Jared in his usual Saturday morning getup (eg his underwear).

Instead I saw Jared, fully clothed, sitting on the couch with a sandy haired boy next to him.

“You never told me you were having a guest this morning, Jared.” I said, putting Jared’s mug down on the coffee table.

Jared’s friend’s eyes were wide, looking between Jared and I constantly. I will admit, his friend was cute. His sandy hair was styled immaculately, and his cheeks were flushed a little pink.

“I suppose some introductions are in order then. But, before that.” Jared said and I shot him a wary look.

He smirked at me and stood up, walking over to me and slinging an arm around my shoulders.

“Thank you very much for the coffee Y/N.” Jared said and I furrowed my eyebrows, very confused.

Jared never thanked me for making him coffee. Ever. In 15 years of living together, he’s never said thank you once.

Jared suddenly pressed a kiss to my forehead and I shoved his arm off my shoulder.

“Jared, what are you doing?” I hissed, and Jared’s smirk only grew.

 "Y/N, this is Evan. Evan, Y/N.“  

I smiled at Evan, stretching a hand out towards him. "It’s a pleasure to meet you Evan.” I said, waiting for him to shake my hand.

He, after a nudge to the ribs from Jared, shook my hand, an incredulous look on his face.

“I had no idea Jared had a girlfriend. That sounded mean, I’m obviously very happy for the two of you. I was just a little shocked that Jared didn’t tell me. God, I’m so sorry. I’m rambling.” Evan said hurriedly, his cheeks increasing in colour as he spoke.

My eyes widened, and I looked over at Jared. His expression was very similar to mine, and we both looked at Evan.

“You think we’re dating?” Jared said, his words slow and spaced out.

“Yeah. You’ve never had a girl here every time I’ve been over. I just, you know, assumed this time was, uh, different.” Evan said, and my my upper lip curled in disgust.

Jared, however, looked like he was about to burst out with laughter. “Oh my God, Evan!” Jared finally said, laughter punctuating his words. Evan suddenly looked very concerned, and started fidgeting anxiously.

“You nerd, she’s my twin sister! Oh my God.” Jared said, sounding incredibly amused. Evan’s jaw dropped and I chuckled at his expression.

“Maybe a better introduction is in order. The name’s Y/N Kleinman. Jared’s older sister.” I said and Evan now looked incredibly awkward, his cheeks cherry red.

“You’re only older by 12 minutes Y/N!” Jared interrupted and I let out a loud laugh.

“And I’ll never let you live it down, baby brother.” I replied, winking at him.

Jared rolled his eyes and flipped me off, and I heard Evan let out a short laugh. “I’m, uh, Evan Hansen.”

“I still can’t believe you thought I was Jared’s girlfriend.” I mused, shaking my head slightly.

“A pretty girl shows up at my best friend’s house in a fancy looking robe. What else am I to think?” Evan said, the corners of his mouth turned up in a slight smile.

“That I’m not sleeping with my brother, you perv.” I said, punching Evan’s shoulder playfully.

“You know, I was actually kinda glad you were Jared’s sister, and not his girlfriend.” Evan muttered under his breath, and I arched my eyebrow slightly, cocking my head.

“What do you mean?” I said, shifting closer to him. 

“It, uh, it was nothing. I mean.“ Evan stammered, nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"Evan, what do you mean?” I said, stronger this time.

Evan’s cheeks were becoming pinker by the second, and I could tell he was beyond embarrassed.

I put my hand on Evan’s and laced my fingers with his. This was something we had done many times before, but somehow this time it felt different.

There was an underlying electricity that seemed to race through our hands, and it made me pause for a second.

My feelings for Evan that I quickly pushed down when I found out about Zoe were starting to rapidly resurface. Evan took in a deep breath and I assumed that he’d start talking quickly and try to apologise for making me feel weird.

I could not have been farther from the truth.

Evan turned his head and swiftly placed his lips on mine. The contact was brief, but when he pulled away I was left craving more.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to, I just.” Evan stammered, his face going a bright shade of crimson. I let out a chuckle and squeezed his hand.

“Just shut up and kiss me again, you wonderful, wonderful nerd.” I said and Evan’s eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning.

“Wait, you mean you.” I cut off his rambling with a kiss, our lips moulding perfectly together.

I cupped the side of his face with my free hand and Evan wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

We broke away and I leaned my forehead against his, my hand still on his face. “Wow.” I breathed out, a smile slowly making its way onto my face.

Evan chuckled lightly, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear. “You wanna come and watch a movie? Jared won’t be home till much later, and I’m fairly certain mom won’t mind.” I said and Evan nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to my cheek.

“I would love nothing more.” He said and I smiled at him, standing up and gently tugging him up with me.

We walked downstairs hand in hand, and everything just felt right. “I’m glad you finally manned up, Hansen.” Jared said suddenly and I jumped a little.

“Jesus Jared. I didn’t, uh, think you’d be home until later.” I said, gesturing towards Evan with my head.

“Fine. I’ll be upstairs so you two can get it on.” I immediately felt my cheeks heat up and Evan wasn’t looking any better.

“We won’t, I mean, um, ugh.” I tried to say, but embarrassment was getting the better of me.

“I’m kidding, Y/N, but you two have fun.” Jared said and I nodded, desperately avoiding eye contact with him.

Evan squeezed my hand reassuringly and I shot him a grateful smile. “Bye Jared.” I muttered as Jared walked past us, clapping the both of us on the shoulder.

“Oh my God, that was the most awkward thing I’ve ever had to experience.” I said, laughing nervously.

“If it’s any consolation, I thought that you looked cute when you were blushing.” Evan muttered and I kissed his cheek in thanks.

“Now, what movie do you want to watch?” I asked Evan, taking him into the living room. “I don’t really mind, honestly.” He said and I let out a sigh.

“Do you like Disney?” I asked and Evan nodded.

“Perfect. We’re watching The Little Mermaid and you can’t argue.” I said and Evan smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders when I sat down next to him.

I wrapped my arm around his waist and rested my head in the crook of his neck, sighing in content. “This is perfect.” I murmured, pressing play on the movie.

“15 year old me would never have thought that this would happen.” Evan replied and I laughed, enjoying the warmth from Evan’s closeness.  

The movie played through, and I sang under my breath when the songs came on. “You have a beautiful voice Y/N.” Evan mused, playing with my hair as he spoke.

“It’s not that great.” I muttered and Evan frowned, his eyebrows furrowing. 

“Don’t say that. You’re talented, Y/N. Don’t play it off.” Evan said and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Thanks Evan.” I said, and a sheepish smile crossed Evan’s face. I leaned up and pressed my lips to Evan’s, butterflies filling my stomach.

I shifted my position so I was sitting on his lap and Evan let out a little gasp. I ran a hand through his hair, tugging on it gently.

Evan let out a low moan and the butterflies in my stomach started raging. “Y/N.” Evan gasped and I broke away from the kiss.

I looked down and smirked when I saw that his jeans were a little tighter in the crotch than usual.

I went to resume the kiss, but the sound of my phone shocked me a little. “Talk about terrible timing.” I muttered and I picked up the phone, looking at the screen.

“Evan, uh, you may wanna see this.” I said, showing him what was on my phone.

From: Baby Twin
To: The Nerdiest Group Chat

Look at these two! Ugh, I wanna barf 😒

Attached to Jared’s text was a photo of the two of us curled up on the couch, the TV glowing on our faces.

“That sneaky rat!” I said and Evan chuckled, pressing a kiss to my forehead. “I think it’s adorable.” He replied, resting his hands on my waist.

“God I love you.” I said and Evan’s eyes widened. “You love me?” He said quietly.

I nodded and pecked his lips. “I love you very much, Evan Hansen.” I said and he smiled warmly at me. “And I love you, Y/N Kleinman. More than you could know.”

anonymous asked:

so can we talk about logan??!! what did you think of it? is it one of your fave xmen movies? thoughts on old chalres?

Yes, LET’S!

I freakin’ loved it. I really didn’t go in with high expectations (I’ve seen all of the solo Wolverine movies… they didn’t exactly inspire confidence…) but I was totally blown away. I saw a review for the film that said something like “It’s not a superhero movie, it’s a movie that happens to have superheroes in it” and I thought that stated it REALLY well. I also liked that it was R-rated, which really allowed for the grittiness and violence that is the truth of how Logan would actually fight. It’s a very messy, personal way to kill people.

Okay so, obvious highlight of the movie – CHARLES. CHARLES CHARLES CHARLES. I already know that Sir Patrick is a genius, but I was so blown away by him in this movie. He’s half insufferable old coot, half caring father-figure, and a whole lot of tragedy. I guess the question of how Charles’ extremely powerful brain would age has always been a fascinating one to me and I loved how they dealt with it. One of my main criticisms about X-Men movies in the past is the sheer lack of BADASS Charles. Well, we finally got him, but just not in the way I was expecting. I love how dangerous Charles finally came across as. I love that he’s classified as a weapon of mass destruction. I love that they finally took his powers SERIOUSLY. The fact that it had to come with such tragedy is just heart-wrenching. All the hints of Charles hurting/killing his own students and his spotty memories about all of this just HURTS SO MUCH. His constant shift in mood, his guilt and his feelings of powerlessness were just so painful to watch. And through it all, there was still that glimmer of the stately, god-like man he used to be. I loved seeing the untouchable older Professor X finally made human. He reminded me a lot of DOFP Charles, which is of course perfect because isn’t that who Charles really is? Not just a perfect symbol of peace and mutant wisdom, but a real, flawed person who can be a total dick.

His relationship with Logan was also everything to me. Still snarky at each other, but with such obvious affection. Charles is the closest thing to a father that Logan has ever had and seeing Charles in the state he was in must have been killing Logan – but I can see his reluctance to let him go. It was so sad to see that Logan had built his whole life around hiding and protecting Charles. And omg, the tears that flowed when he had to bury Charles, knowing that their last exchange was less than ideal. Logan’s voice breaking when he’s talking about the lake nearby. AHHHH ahhhhhhh.

I know the movie was an overall downer, but I honestly was so impressed that I have very few complaints. I loved how Logan was portrayed as dying, fading away slowly due to the adamantium, but sick in soul just as much in body. Hugh Jackman rarely gets credit for being a fantastic actor but his performance was so good in this. I sobbed at the end. Jesus, what an ending for such a man. What an ending for two of the most iconic superheroes of all time – I loved that they died as people and not symbols. I loved the hope of the new mutants. I hope that brought Charles a bit of comfort in his death, knowing that mutants could make a comeback.

As an aside, my immediate headcanon after the movie was that one of Charles’ uncontrollable attacks caused Erik’s death, but Charles has trouble remembering this and will often ask Logan where Erik is or when he’s coming back. I can just see Logan telling Charles that Erik’s coming back soon and Charles being so happy to hear that before he forgets again that he’s asked it. I’m not a fan of unhappy endings, but this has stuck in my head so deeply since I left the movie that I can’t imagine any other way that Cherik ended now. 

Wooow sorry for the rant but this movie was so damn good. Superhero movies done right. An X-Men film with all the complexity, social commentary, and amazing human relationships that I wanted. If only the same care had been given to XMA.

Aaaayyyy another batjokes

I also made this a while ago RIGHT after I saw the movie, I could not contain the gay so I had to draw it. Aaand no that’s not superman it’s bruce. They are hard to draw and not get them confused since they look so simular without the costumes.

But I made this in my old art program and loved it to much to not post it (I’m lazy so I didn’t add the “BANG!” On a flag with the gun but pretend it’s there) I hope you like it

Jesus h Christmas this is a lot of notes dawg. Thank you my dudes ♡♡ ⊙●⊙

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omg , 24 for newt and hermann from pacific rim !! (jesus christ i love your art bro)

UUUUUGHHHHHRR thank you so much @arphiercipher and sorry this took so long holy hell.

main reason was the fact that I know a lot of the Pacific Rim universe but never watched the movie so I had to spend a long time researching (fanfics and wikia) as well as the fact that its two people so i need to get their interaction at least somewhat accurate. I’m so sorry if this still sucks.

Research notes: Kaiju apparently do have organs such as guts , kaiju are also referred to sometimes as aliens and were made by aliens, so I hope that term is okay to use. Alien Guts is actually also the name of a level three Kaiju from Ultraman.

(yeah i looked up a lot of stuff just to make sure. also looked up a height comparing website for hermann and newts hieght difference. its slightly off sorry)

(also this color set is harder because of the wide range of value, which is good since i need to practice that so thank you)

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man kishi alright if your gonna make naruhina just make it fucking believable so people can support it its that damn hard sigh what a mess

I just can’t buy naruto falling in “love” with hinata in that movie. jesus christ he didn’t even bat an eye at her romantically before that genjutsu. 

To repeatedly watch someone struggle and want to be with you,to give you so much that you didn’t notice, specially someone you didn’t view of romantically, does things to you. 

Here throughout this movie we just get to see naruto getting guilttripped, constantly pushed towards Hinata’s direction by the other characters, being called an idiot for not naturally returning her feelings.

Oh yes, let him see how much she has done for him, let him realise he is an moron and terrible person for not seeing this

Once again how “ stupid “ he is

let him watch everything se he feels terrible

He doesn’t know what love is because he’s not interested in a nice beautiful girl like Hinata

Oh let’s remind him once again, that she’s willing to die for him because she loves him. Let’s deepen the wounds a bit more

Naruto’s reaction to everything afterwards speaks volumes





Holy shit okay

I was seriously not expecting to enjoy commitment this much, but everyone is bringing their A game and I love it??? The boys are roleplaying so hard it’s unreal. Maybe it’s because DnD as a system doesn’t allow for as much goofing off, or maybe it’s just because Clint has a different GMing style, but pretty much all the best scenes so far have been character driven, which is fucking amazing.

And the goofs! The goofs! Kardala demanding meat and enthusing about her best friend Jesus! Remy trying to take a step forward and launching himself into the wall! Nadiya silently shaking as the others insist her favorite movie is Flubber!

I love this entire world and I love the wonder triplets and I am so excited