i love this movie so goddamn much

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Yuri being lowkey sweet is killing me pls stop


  • yuri being mila’s go-to comfort person whenever her heart gets broken by her on/off hockey player boyfriend
  • he already has a Comfort Mila Kit which includes nail polish (milas good at nail art and he lets her experiment w/ him), 80′s movies, microwave popcorn and lots of chocolate
  • one day mila’s not in her best form during practice. she isnt landing anything for shit and her face is just… sad and lost and it hurts yuri more than he’ll ever admit
  • he asks her whats going on and she admits she broke up with her boyfriend for good
  • ‘what happened this time?’
  • ‘he cheated on me.’
  • and. oh man. was yuri seeing fucking RED
  • but for once he calms tf down and focuses on mila bc he doesnt want her feeling more upset than she already is
  • he asks yakov if mila can take the rest of the day off and he agrees bc he too can see how low mila is rn
  • he tells her to go to his house instead of her own bc nikolai already sees her as another grandchild anyway
  • when he gets home they move to his bedroom and yuri cant even bring out his Comfort Mila Kit bc she spends the rest of the night crying her eyes out
  • it kills him to see her like this, someone whos so strong to come so undone bc of some fuckboy who doesnt deserve being in her presence
  • hes glad he managed to contain his anger for once, bc instead of just running him over with his skates, he comes up with a much better idea
  • he remembers everything mila has told him about her relationship with this guy - the place where they confessed, their first date place, the restaurant where they spent their first anniversary
  • he steals his house keys from mila and hopes that the asshole remembers them just as well
  • and its totally not bc he stole his laptop, tv, credit cards and gaming consoles and put them in those significant places. not at all
  • and if they get stolen before the ex gets to them well thats not his fault lol

  • when he figures out that mila and sara like each other but havent acted out on their feelings yet, he pulls sara aside
  • tells her to get her shit together and just tell mila how she feels about her
  • and if she ever, EVER, breaks her heart she’ll have to answer to him
  • (also dont tell the old hag i did this seriously)
  • sara tells her anyway, when they finally get together, and mila just grins bc she just. loves yuri s o m u c h
  • because theyve gone past being friends, she thinks. theyre siblings in everything but blood, always looking out for each other and being each others rock
  • she’ll make it up to him for everything he’s done for her someday. she’ll start by telling otabek that she knows abt his giant crush on him and he better toughen the fuck up and tell him already before they both combust

so here’s riley walking into class in GM Goodbye 

and here’s farkle’s face

this is right after GM Sweet Sixteen and everyone’s freaking out about Riley moving to London. Every looks so concerned except







Had dinner with my friend who’s halfway through a read through last night and she said, “HBP is my favorite because I love anything about Snape.” And she talked about how much the books emphasize Snape’s hatred for Harry so much more than the movies, then mentioned his emotional outburst at the end of PoA. And she said all of this without any derision, just calm analysis of his characterization.


And it reminded me, as these conversations often do, that fans and fandom are very different. Fans can see the darkness in Snape’s character and still love him for how complex he is. They don’t feel the need to qualify his negative attributes because they understand that the books have already done that.

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okay but can we fr talk about how dirty dancing two is such trash but also not??? like fuck havana nights was how i found out about diego luna and my life was changed and it's so goddamn embarrassing how much i love that movie despite hating it (or myself idk)

I FEEL YOU, BABE. I mean, I know it’s an objectively bad movie, but it’s like comfort food: it has no nutritional value, but it makes me feel good lol Look, no one’s diet is completely healthy, and tbh, it’d be weird if you never ate cake or listened to Top40 radio or watched something that made you cringe with secondhand embarrassment, you know? Without those things, your tastes end up kind of bland. I think knowing it’s trash but liking it anyway is better than either hating or loving it completely because that shows a good amount of nuance and self-awareness. Or maybe I’m rationalizing, idk. Either way, I wouldn’t want to live in a world without cake ;)

Movie Night

Marvel | Alex Summers x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Can you write an Alex Summers X reader where Alex is in love with his best friend but he has not told her yet so she goes out on a date and comes back and immediately Alex is being an ass to her so they have a HUGE blow out fight and during it he admits that he loves her and she asks him why he didn’t tell her sooner and he says he is afraid she calls him stupid and says the feelings are mutual and then super fluffiness? Gracias mi amor! 😘 

A/N: Today is Lucas Till’s birthday so I thought I’d post an Alex fic! Also, modern day AU & switched it up a bit. Goddamn, I gotta get more creative with titles.

The lunch date went on so much longer than expected, much to my dismay. Now I was running late to movie night with my best friend. I tapped my foot impatiently in the elevator as I ascended to his apartment floor. The elevator reached the floor and I was out as soon as the doors opened. I walked to his door and knocked.

Alex opened the door and said, “You’re late.”

“I know,” I replied and walked in, “I’ll buy tonight’s takeout and you can choose the movie.” He merely scoffed and instead of greeting me with the usual hug, he went straight to the living room as if he were avoiding me. I followed him and found him sitting on the couch. I walked behind it and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he huffed while setting up his Netflix account on the TV.

“You do realize that we’ve been best friends since elementary, right?” I asked, knowing he was lying.

“It doesn’t matter. How was your date?” his tone a bit acidic. Something was off about him today.

“I texted you I was going to be late. Is that what you’re mad about?”

“I’m assuming it went well then,” he guessed. 

I couldn’t see his face but I knew he rolled his eyes. He was never like this on movie nights, the only time he ever gives me his hothead attitude is when… when I see him after dates… there’s no way in hell… a thought hit me so I decided to go with it.

“You know, if you’re just going to ignore me, maybe I should spend the night with him instead,” I said.

He stood up and turned around to face me, “Maybe you should.”

“Is that what you want?” I crossed my arms below my chest, a hint of anger in my voice.

“If you want to go, then go!”

“Just be honest with me! Why the hell are you always like this after I get back from dates?!” I countered.

“I’m not always like this!”

“Yes, you are! You know, you could easily get yourself dates, if that’s what’s bothering you!”

“What is that supposed to mean?!” Alex’s voice boomed throughout his apartment.

“It means that you could get any girl to date you so stop being so damn silly!” 

“I don’t want just any girl! I want you!” he blurted out, his eyes wide at the realization of what he revealed.

“Wanna run that by me again, Alex?” I asked, not even trying to hide my wide smile.

“Why are you smiling like that? And I know you heard that loud and clear,” he asked but his eyes lost contact with mine.

“How long have you felt that way about me?” I questioned.

“Grade school,” he muttered but it was clear to me.

“How come you didn’t tell me sooner?”

“Because you obviously don’t feel the same way. I didn’t want to sound stupid for liking you,” he admitted.

“It’s not stupid. Lunch took long because the dude just wouldn’t shut up. I tried to be nice and let him talk but our little tradition of movie nights is priority. I put some cash on the table for my food, left him, and called an Uber to bring me here.”

“Oh,” was all he said.

I walked around the couch and over to him. He still wouldn’t look at me. I decided to confess something, “You know, I always thought you’d never date me so I just never bothered but now that I know how you feel, you should know that I liked you since before I knew what a crush was.”

He finally looked at me again and spoke softly, “Don’t joke around, Y/N.”

“I’m not,” I said nervously.

He tentatively intertwined our fingers and this time around, there was more to it. Alex was my best friend, of course we’d held hands before. With our feelings out there now, this was a more intimate gesture. I smiled and so did he. It’s was still kind of hard for us to believe. The butterflies somehow affected my thought process, just him holding my hands rendered me speechless.

“We wasted a lot of years,” he said, raising an eyebrow and smirking before his smile return.

“We can make up for it in the years ahead of us,” I suggested.

“I’d like that, Y/N,” he nodded and bit his lip.

“Alexander, will you be my boyfriend?” I asked.

“Damn, I don’t know, Y/N. I mean, you haven’t even taken me on a date yet,” he joked. I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Yes, of course,” he added in a more serious tone. 

He guided us to the couch and had an arm around my shoulders, keeping me close to him. He placed a soft kiss to my forehead before turning his attention back to the tv and looking through movie options. Though new to me, this felt like the most natural thing. It was so comforting. He picked a movie so I snuggled closer to him and laid my head on his shoulder, hoping that our movie nights would always be like this from now on.

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My current obsessions/moods are tied between “HOLY SHIT I REALY LOVE YURI!!! ON ICE it’s just so GAY and I LOVE IT” and “FUCK I just REALLY LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh! / The Dark Side of Dimensions movie gave me goddamn LIFE I HAVE NEVER FELT SO INVIGORATED” and its very disorienting

Pick one please, brain, pick one

ishipallthings replied to your post: aou dropping the ball so goddamn hard fucked up…

YES. EXACTLY THIS. I rewatched AOU today AND MY RAGE HAS ONLY INTENSIFIED. mcu was done for after aou, fucking fell apart.

tbh i LOVED the panicked desperate fix-it fic / blatant ad for future marvel films that was cacw so much once i accepted that it wasn’t going to Actually Be A Captain America movie but like. gosh. joss’ ooc brucenat avengers fanfic really fucked things over, huh

Rose’s video in “Lion 3″ is like one of my legit favorite animated sequences ever, I love how it feels so much like someone’s real home movie but integrated so perfectly into the show’s style, and like

you KNOW Rose made videos of the gems and probably other people around town like that and I want to see them??? so bad???? I wanna see Rose trying to film the gems and make a normal goddamn video and Amethyst is hamming it up because there’s a camera I wanna see Rose cornering Pearl with her camera and Pearl is laughing and saying “Rose, stop–Rose! Stop it, what are you filming me for!” and you hear Rose’s voice say something flirty and Pearl blushes and hides her face I want Rose giving like a video tour of plants that she planted like a youtuber I want “Ah crap Greg hold this” *picture blurs and then there’s a weird-angled shot of the gems fighting a monster* I want Garnet and Amethyst play-fighting on the beach and Rose laughing in the background I wanna see Rose’s videos of her life it would be so amazing

Dating Stiles and sharing his love for Star Wars would include:

  • the both of you quoting and referencing it all the time and being the only ones in the pack who actually get what you two are talking about
  • impatiently waiting for the force awakens to finally come out in the movies
  • going to the movies on the very first day and bringing a blanket so you two can cuddle up while fangirling
  • making really bad star wars puns, but laughing anyway
  • “what do you feel like for dinner?” - “curly fries I am feeling" 
  • debates about yyour favourite characters that almost aways leads to some annoyance and then may very well lead to some making out 
  • stiles feeling so goddamn happy that he found someone who loves the franchise just as much as he does
  • and the same with you finding a boy that likes it as much as you
  • often thinking of yourselves as the han and leia
  • “i love you.” - “i know…just kidding, i love you too!”
  • having toy lightsaber duels

A story:
In 2000 Kenneth Branagh made a movie of Love’s Labour’s Lost in the style of a 30’s movie musical for some goddamn reason. So occasionally a character will start or end a monologue or scene with a song and dance. It’s….a concept.

Anyways, sometime around 2009 I got the flu. I don’t get sick much, but when I do it hits me like a freight train. So I missed a few days of school and by day 3 I was out of both stuff to watch and contents in my stomach. I was channel surfing and clutching a bucket, incredibly light headed. I come across this ridiculous movie on IFC but didn’t know what I was watching.

But I switched to it right as Costard, played by Nathan Lane, starts singing “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, you know, the way The Bard wrote it. And my lucid ass took this as a goddamn sign from the universe that I should spend my life doing theatre.

So, blame that event for my life in theatre.

How scorpio sees the signs
  • Aries: ur scary as hell... but i like it
  • Taurus: me but less hot?
  • Gemini: bla bla bla... stop talking if you have nothing to say
  • Cancer: bae let's watch movies and CRY
  • Leo: calm down not everyone needs to love you
  • Virgo: ayy i adore you but you're so goddamn critical i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Scorpio: i love you or hate you but either way LET'S HAVE SEX
  • Sagittarius: i like your humour but damn YOU ARE RUDE???
  • Capricorn: cutie pie whom i am SO jealous of wtf
  • Pisces: let's runaway together and talk about feelings. be mine?

I know I’m selfish and stupid but damn if I wouldn’t be down to take Baekhyun out to the nicest goddamn dinner for Valentine’s Day and do whatever he wanted and listen to him vent for hours like JEEZ I love Baekhyun so MUCH I hope he has a great time on the 14th and that he gets lots of love for 비가와 MMMMMMMMMM anyway carry on

I saw Tomorrowland tonight

and it was amazing.

First… if you are a fan of Disney history, philosophy, and the parks… you’ll love this movie. 

Like…visually, there are parts that had me floored because they looked just like concept drawings for the original Tomorrowland in the parks (and the actual attractions too!) and there are bits that seemed like they were picked straight out of Walt Disney’s imagination for the original EPCOT (experimental prototype community of tomorrow). 

And the message of the whole movie, like they took quotes from Uncle Walt himself and turned them into plot…. not even kidding. Here are just a few quotes from Walt Disney…

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”
“The answer is in your heart. Do as dreamers do.”
“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
“Dreams, dreams, dreams, magic, dreams, imagination, and dreams.”
“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”
“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.”
“Wishes and dreams and believing made this possible. And pixie dust. And dreams.”
“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

These… all of these quotes… this is what the movie is about. Walt would be proud of this film and the message it tries to impart to the audience.

Seriously… Walt wanted this place to exist for real. The last things he talked about before dying were his Florida Project… which was EPCOT. Not the Epcot we know today, but the community. He wanted a place for people to try new ideas and be creative and  “It’s going to be an actual place that you can try ideas and we’ll take corporations and we’ll collaborate with them on new ideas, and sell the ideas to the world, and try them out.” THIS is what he wanted and what lit up his face right up to his dying moment. On his deathbed, he said he saw the completed map of it. Not kidding.

And then we get to the parts that tumblr will love. Two female leads who don’t rely on love interest to keep moving forward. Two female leads who pass the Bechdel test. Two female leads who are smart. Two female leads who are not sexualized at all and actually look like normal kids.

So… under the cut, I am going to put up some of my favorite Tomorrowland and Epcot concept art. And if you’ve seen the movie, this will be amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will recognize these pieces as inspiration for many of the scenes when you DO see it. Because you are going to see it. I demand that you go see it.

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Black Nerd’s spoiler review for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I love this review about as much as I loved the movie. He’s 100% right about everything.
He’s so goddamn cute and excited.

*whispers*….. He ships it….. 😂👍


The most perfect opening to a movie/franchise EVER. I love the opening of The Muppet Movie so goddamn much, you guys.

Why Captain America Civil War is a terrible movie

I saw Captain America Civil War today and I hate this goddamn movie. Below is a rant on why I hated it so much, so be ready, because the more I think about it, the more I despise the whole thing. I’m so angry. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

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