i love this movie so goddamn much

Thanksgiving Miracle

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader, Tequila x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Crusing

A/N: Since we don’t ever hear Tequila’s real name, I’m stealing his name for Channing Tatums best movie of all time. She’s the Man. And I’m calling him Duke. Also I wrote this at work so I didn’t really edit. So my bad at any mistakes. 

Thanksgiving. You hadn’t realized just how much you loved the holiday until you had moved to London. And then spent your first Thanksgiving there as the only person who cared about it, and apparently the only person who just wanted a goddamn box of Stove-top Stuffing. You’d been living in London for a few years now, and had once or twice thrown a small Thanksgiving for your friends here, but it just wasn’t the same as experiencing it with another American.

So when you had met Tequila, and the two of you became close you had both agreed that this year you’d do Thanksgiving together. You’d even had your mom mail you a box stuffing just for the occasion. You’d been looking forward to it for months. But now….you were just going through with it so you didn’t disappoint Duke by canceling.

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negative reviews about power rangers hurt my feelings personally and then i look and see it was written by a white dude and i know he’s just mad that it wasn’t a story all about white people, so with that in mind, here’s a list of why white nerdboys hate this movie and why you should go see it!! mild spoilers!!

  • only one white ranger (jason, red), and while he’s the leader, his screentime was not significantly greater than his teammates, nor was his background the most fleshed out. he also suffers real consequences for his poor choices instead of being let off with a slap on the wrist. 
  • half indian ranger (kimberly, pink) who makes a very bad choice that is very cruel, who is not coddled. she is told that her choice was bad, point blank, but that she can still be a good person. reformed mean girl!!! and she’s not a white blonde!!!
  • mexican ranger (trini, yellow) who is LGBT (we don’t know if she’s bi or a lesbian but i’m guessing she’s a lesbian).
  • chinese ranger (zack, black) who is bilingual, showing the struggles and pressures of a kid who is responsible for caring for a single parent who is sick and struggles financially.
  • black ranger (billy, blue) who is autistic, and actually says the words “i’m on the spectrum” in the film instead of dancing around it. is the heart and soul of the team, his friends treat him completely normally.
  • NO ROMANCE!!!! there are slight hints but seeing as the events of the film span roughly two weeks, the film is all about friendship and sacrifice and acceptance, not about teen love.
  • i’m dead serious go see this goddamn movie i cried like ten times and was absolutely amazed by how they took this cheesy little show from the 90s and gave it so much heart and love.

You know what really fucking pisses me off guys

All of us keep saying that we dread the day wolverine, iron man, Thor, etc are recasted in like 20 or 30 years and like I’m right there with y'all


I’m more pissed about Deadpool getting recasted than anything

Like Ryan Reynolds spent what? 12 years on that role? Spent money out of his own goddamn pocket making that movie possible and believed in it when no one else did and made it into something special and one day some other person is just gonna take all of that away from him.

They’re not gonna do shit bc everyone loves Deadpool now and that makes me so mad.

Ryan put so much into it and he’s the Deadpool we deserve and is what makes that role so special and I never want to see the day that gets taken away from him and all those younger generations forget about him.

dating peter parker would include...

dedicated to my harrison bestie anon in hopes it makes them smile :) also yes it’s really fuckin long i’m sorry i just love peter parker and have a lot of feelings

  • you actually hate to tell the story of how you two met because it’s mortifiying oh mygod
  • peter, however, loves to watch u blush about it even though it was only really embarrassing when it happened
  • taking the subway to school like every other day, you obviously had spent too many hours on the internet so u were tired as hell 
  • so tired you couldn’t grab the pole in time when the subway stopped
  • and you in an ungraceful manner, tripped, stumbled and fell
  • into his lap
  • his l a p 
  • you still get red cheeks when remember just how embarrassing it was
  • oh my god! i c-can’t believe that- i-i, i’m so so sorry- h-holy shit–
  • peter did find it extremely awkward but your mortified and blushing red face was so much more adorable 
  • n-no, it’s fine– d-do you want my seat?
  • o-oh no, it’s alright. i’d just like to crawl into a hole somewhere. sudden amnesia works too.
  • a cute girl with wit and oh my is that a nerdy shirt????
  • from them on, you had his entire heart 
  • yes i will totally be writing a full on imagine for this
  • you guys weren’t friends for long if u know what i mean 
  • like you had already face planted into his lap so you skipped most of the awkward interactions
  • you were kinda like ‘ah what the hell’ 
  • you did it while you guys were walking home together, like usual
  • hey peter, can you hold this for me?
  • yeah?” 
  • and you just grabbed his hand, grinning at him with wink 
  • cue the cutest blushing from peter 
  • peter goddamn nearly had a heart attack but couldn’t stop smiling the entire walk home 
  • he was really sad when he reached your building 
  • but then you stood on ur tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek so he wasn’t that sad
  • eventually kisses on the cheeks became kisses on the lips & it wasn’t official but you two just knew
  • let’s be real, peter is the worlds biggest dork so movie marathons are so common
  • i mean everything– star wars, back to the future, jurassic park, like man you name it 
  • and if u were a nerd too, then oH boy he would just be in a constant state of heart eyes 
  • he would be anyways but extra heart eyes if u geek out
  • c’mon pete, hurry that cute lil ass up! it’s rogue one!!
  • oh my god, please marry me right now.
  • you guys definitely try to quote movies as much as possible
  • i love you” ”i know *intense blushing* diD YOU JUST–
  • he has a such soft spot for when you guys marathon disney movies not that he tells you that
  • something about you lighting up & singing along makes him go !!!!!!! inside
  • no you two never perform disney duet songs together never ever have you done that why do u ask
  • (your favourite one to perform is hakuna matata because its a goddamn classic and peter gets so into it)
  • (breaking free from hsm is a close second because damn can peter hit those notes when he really tries)
  • peter parker is such an admirer like you dont even know
  • he could stare at you for hours and its pretty much what gets him through the day tbh
  • in fact, he has all your birthmarks and freckles committed to memory because shes so pretty i can’t deal with this
  • he blushes SO MUCH when you catch him staring
  • but lets be real, you were staring at him too
  • he blushed even more when he found that out because oh my fucking god she was staring at me do i look weird is there something on my face
  • but when you’re like no you goof, i’m admiring youu get 
  • he just never stops blushing 
  • he! would! try! so! hard! at everything 4 you
  • baking? hell yeah he’ll bake for u
  • singing? eh he’ll give it a go (but only for you)  
  • dancing? he hates it but he loves to watch u laugh and smile with him so he does it anyways (even if he sucks)
  • speaking of dancing
  • peter loves it when u dance
  • especially when you stay over and he wakes up to you dancing around the kitchen or his room 
  • his favourite is catching you off guard when you’re grooving to some 80′s song
  • babe– cutting himself off with his own laughter, i don’t think that’s dancing.
  • he loves to tease you about your funky dancing because seeing his girl blushing is like his second favourite thing
  • (the first being your smile because it completely melts his insides and everything is better when you smile at him)
  • you also love it when he’s teasing because all you have is pout and suddenly peter’s showering you in kisses 
  • peter is such a sucker for kisses
  • actually he’s such a hopeless romantic & lover of cliches like
  • constantly bringing you flowers he finds on nightly patrols? check 
  • stopping so you two can share a cutesy kiss in the rain? check 
  • dumb pick up lines that still make you laugh? check 
  • tbh you both do pickup lines
  • hey, hey y/n, are you the square root of -1? because you can’t be real 
  • he just giggles at you from the bed
  • except when you do it, its a different story
  • hey hey hey, peter 
  • hmm?” 
  • are you related to yoda? because yodalicious.
  • peter just falls off the bed 
  • you don’t even ask if he’s alright, you just cut straight to laughing at his reaction
  • s-shut up! this isn’t because of your pick up line!! i was startled! 
  • even though he’s trying to hide his face in a pillow, you can see his pink cheeks
  • sure, peter, sure. 
  • aunt may is both a blessing and a curse to both of you 
  • because she spills BOTH OF YOUR SECRETS
  • like you can’t ramble to her about peter because she will tell him everything
  • with you in the same room 
  • oh peter, you’re wearing that shirt? i know y/n loves it, she was talking just the other day about how she find it so hot– 
  • peter secretly really wants to know what you said about him 
  • but aunt may does it to peter too and he hates it
  • “seriously y/n, you should hear the things he says about you, i swear he’s turned into some lovesick–”
  • makeout sessions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • you both l o v e them 
  • funnily enough, peter is the one who usually starts them 
  • hey y/n, you’ve got something on your face, let me just– *kisses you all over you face*
  • because he’s more than ahead in his classes, ‘study dates’ really means makeout not that you mind though  
  • peter loves kisses everywhere
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • eyelid kisses
  • back of the hand kisses
  • all the kisses
  • his absolute favourite kiss is the one he receives from you in the morning when you’ve stayed over
  • he’ll play with your hair softly and you’ll yawn & stretch and catch him gazing at you 
  • and you just smile and lean up and kiss him 
  • it never fails to make peters heart stop and when you pull away he just goes nooooooooooooo and pouts till you kiss him again 
  • it’s especially hard when you have to leave or part ways after school because peter turns into a needy lil boy
  • one more kiss! one more! 
  • peter you’ve said that seven times now!! 
  • you literally have to push his away, giggling and grinning, because otherwise he’s going to be late 
  • i swear to god parker, it’s only one class! 
  • and of course you know about him being spidey
  • you actually found out by accident 
  • you were searching thru his closest for something to wear when you stumbled across it 
  • tbh you thought it was a really dedicated costume at first
  • so you put it on and it was so fucking baggy man
  • hey peter! look at me, i’m the spider man! thwip thwip! 
  • except it was the real thing so 
  • y-y/n!! where did you find that??? 
  • don’t worry, i’ll keep your spider-man obsession a secret, peter.
  • but when you accidentally web peter’s hand to the wall, you figure out this suit is the real deal 
  • holy shit!! holy shit! you– you’re, this is the real, oh my god, you’re the spider-man!  
  • peter just panics because you’ve webbed him to the wall and he can’t actually do anything
  • no! no i’m not!
  • you freak out for like another minute before you gather your senses enough 
  • peter parker, do not play with me right now- are you spider-man?
  • would you believe me if i said it was a very detailed halloween costume?
  • after cutting him free, you squeezed him into the tightest hug because you were so goddamn proud of him 
  • but also because oh my god how many times had he risked his life and had you not known???? 
  • oh my god, this is so wicked i can’t believe you’re spider-man–
  • you can’t tell anyone! 
  • shh, you know i wouldn’t but holy god! you have to tell me everything
  • you’re not mad i didn’t tell you?” 
  • pfft, i’ll only be mad if you don’t tell me now.
  • yes i also want to make this an imagine
  • yes, you’re the one who patches him up which always ends in cuddles
  • basically you get to shower peter in constant love and affection because he would do that and more for you 
  • he’s just the perfect boyfriend??? 
  • i want a peter parker
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much fucking LOVE there is in Star Wars and how fast it happens but how REAL it feels, how PRECIOUS it is

So I’m a very, very shippy person, and I ship a lot of stuff in Star Wars hard but I want to take a moment to appreciate how friendships form in these amazing movies. 

Let’s start with a New Hope. 

Here is Han Solo. 

All he wants is to be a grumpy smuggler with one trustworthy, hairy friend and no debts and no worries. 

Is that so much to ask?

Hahaha, yes, sir. Yes it is.

Because here is this goddamn FARM kid who is naive and idealistic and believes SO HARD in doing the right thing and is so disappointed in how jaded Han is

and also this sassy, rude, intelligent BRAT of a princess who has lost everything but still believe so much in their pointless rebellion and she’s also so very disappointed in how jaded he is

and he wants so much to just walk away, but he CAN’T because even though he’s known them for A DAY they are in his head and they’re in his heart, and fuck it, he comes back and helps them save the day (and so many days after) and they are SO HAPPY


Then there’s FORCE AWAKENS. 

Where we have this guy who about to get executed, but at the last minute he’s saved by a guy who desperately wants to escape, because he doesn’t want to be a weapon. He’s dressed like the enemy, but he says it’s a rescue.

And even though Poe has suffered so much torture at the hands of these people he’s just like OKAY I TRUST YOU LET’S FUCKING DO THIS

and then they’re escaping he realizes those bastards never even gave his savior a NAME and he’s like:


And Finn is like YES, YES IT IS. 

But then it’s NOT cool because things go wrong and he tries really hard to save Poe but there IS no Poe and all there is a jacket, but he takes it, because even though it was so brief, they had this CONNECTION , and he wants to remember this brave man who gave him a name and got him OUT of hell

But then, OMG.






HAVE MY JACKET AND MY HEART (oh fuck I did a shipping thing sorry I’ll stop now)



Let’s go back to that grumpy smuggler. 

Sadly because of reasons he has become a grumpy smuggler once again. 






And last but not least (THERE IS NO LEAST, EVERYTHING IS AMAZING) we’ve got Finn and Rey

They start off a little rocky because of misunderstandings 

And also, explosions

but 20 minutes later…

they are BFFs and SO FUCKING DELIGHTED with each other

And they kinda get pulled in different directions for a second because they’ve both got SOME SHIT going on, but the SECOND he realizes she’s in danger, it’s NOPE. I WILL GO TO THE LAST PLACE IN THE GALAXY I WANT TO BE FOR YOU. I WILL RISK EVERYTHING. 


I just love them all so much. I’m so happy they found each other. MY HEART. 

Get yourself someone who loves you so much that they would fight your ex-lovers by scaling a goddamn castle out of jealousy and drunk off their ass while naked screaming that “ you may be *insert your name* but I am their NOW!!!!!”

or get yourself a lover that would join you on top of the building you scaled while drunk and jealous of their ex that they mentioned while they were drunk because you asked them to.


I think Jack likes telling Bitty that he loves him, no matter if he can hear him or not. Just because.

The first time it’s in a letter that he doesn’t even send, “why didn’t anyone tell me that I’m so goddamn in love with you?”, because it’s only been two weeks since they first kissed and it’s too scary, too much, too soon. The second time is when Bitty has fallen asleep on top of him on the couch while they were watching an old movie his mum starred in. It’s the first time they’re alone together in Jack’s apartment and Jack almost told him over dinner, on the way home, when they got back inside and the rain had them changing into soft shirts and wrapping themselves in blankets. It’s just a soft “I love you” against Bitty’s forehead followed by a kiss before Jack closes his eyes too, but it’s something. The third time is when Jack sees Bitty for the first time in over three weeks and can’t hold it in anymore.

“I hope you know I love you,” he says and refuses to let go of Bitty’s hug, even when there’s an obvious change in Bitty’s entire body when he says it. It feels lighter, less restricted.

“I love you too, honey,” Bitty says back. And Jack pulls back enough that he can kiss his forehead and whisper it softly again. Just because.

New Brown America

When I was a kid, the one thing I wanted more than anything else was a Cabbage Patch Kid.

But, in the late 80s/early 90s - they didn’t make Cabbage Patch Kids with light brown skin and dark brown hair and eyes. 

There was black and white and that’s how the world was divided….but not because I grew up in Southall. 

Pretty much every kid I went to school with had brown skin, brown hair and a mom who made them eat rice every night. 

So, where were our dolls? 

I watched Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix special - Homecoming King - recently and I fucking loved it. LOVED it. It was like hanging out with my coolest cousins - it was hilarious, heartfelt and bilingual. 

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Here’s a dude that looks like me and sounds like me. 

Someone who can reference Drake and knows heartbreak. 

Someone who also understands that if you’re reading this, it’s already too late, I’ve bit the fucking laving in the biryani and I think I might be dying, man. 

Over the past couple of years - I’ve noticed it more and more. 

More Indians represented in media. 

More people who look like me and sound like me. 

For me, it started with Kal Penn in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

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For the first time in my life - I saw an Indian character I could relate to. For once, I saw an Indian person who didn’t have a thick, ridiculous accent. An Indian person who wasn’t mocked with “smelly curry” jokes. 

Sidebar: Literally fuck every single person who makes this joke. Firstly, people didn’t die in the spice trade for you to be so goddamn ignorant and secondly, do you even understand how complicated and lush and beautiful a curry is? How much time and energy and love it takes to make? No. You don’t. So, shut the hell up and try not to choke on your shitty mayonnaise sandwich. 

I saw an Indian dude who dropped pop culture references and used the word “dude” about as much as I do. I saw someone whose dad looked like an angrier version of Paps. I saw an Indian who wasn’t a doctor or an engineer or a call center employee. 

Alright, fine. He was applying to med school in the movie but like the man said:

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And then came Mindy Kaling who was basically a goddamn revelation in really cute shoes. 

A smart, funny, mouthy Indian woman WRITER who gives ALL the fucks about cute packaging for make-up and SNL sketches? 

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It was like hearing my voice for the first time. Holy shit - that’s what I sound like?! That’s amazing! My voice is like a cross between Fergie Asha Bhosle and Jesus! 

And of course, there’s Aziz Ansari. A man who created a genuinely honest look at the first-generation immigrant experience for millennials with Master of None

The “Parents” episode of the first season and the “Religion” episode of the second season really hit home for me. The former deals with the stark differences between immigrant parents and their children and the latter deals with coming out to your parents about your lack of religious convictions - both issues I’ve certainly dealt with in the past couple of years. 

I am part of #NewBrownAmerica

I can talk about the issues of the GOP condemning systemic poverty as if it were a mortal sin, I can rhyme every single word in Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It, I know how Ganesh got his elephant head and that Mom has hidden little Ganesh statues in all of my apartments she’s been in and I’ve been making cups of chai since I was six-years-old, so I’m totally comfortable mocking the shit out of anyone who orders chai tea lattes. 

Chai means tea. Latte means milk. You’re ordering a tea tea milk and you need to knock it off. 

And I can do whatever the hell I dream of doing because isn’t that the promise of America? 

I’ve even become more comfortable with speaking Gujarati. I mean, I’m super rubbish at it and my pronunciation will make every one of my masis wince, but I’m not embarrassed anymore like I used to be. 

We were trying to book an AirBnB last night and I asked J to text the link to our buddy. 

“How do I do that?”
“Here. Batawu.”

As in, here. Let me show you. 

I’m becoming more myself and it feels easier. 

Maybe because I’m in my mid-30s and you just don’t care as much about that kind of stuff anymore but also because there’s a we now. 

I see people like myself on television and it’s such a big fucking deal. And you know what’s even more exciting?

In like, fifty years - it won’t even be a big deal anymore. Some little Indian girl is going to see tons of people on TV like her and she won’t even bat an eye because duh, why wouldn’t Indian people be on TV like everyone else? 

Representation matters and seeing this new crop of talented, smart, funny and brilliant brown people who grew up on Bollywood and Barbies, Ganesh and Ghostbusters and the goddamn pressure cooker going off at 8:00 in the morning gives me such hope. 

Still waiting on that Cabbage Patch Kid, though. 

anonymous asked:

Head canoning/au: what if stiles was bit instead of Scott? Or in addition? DOB playing accidental werewolf stiles. Does it cure his ADHD? Does he embrace it? If Scott still dates Allison, does that make the drama more interesting and less cliched, less Romeo and Juliet, more how can you choose her over me? Or what if Peter bites stiles later in first season, when he mentions it canonically to stiles. How does stiles take to being a were? How do you think Sterek would be affected?

Continued: I mean, don’t get me wrong, I looooove human stiles and wouldn’t change him, love that he’s sarcastic but fragile, love that he’s a spark, or whatever, but not bullet proof… But I think he would handle the wolf stuff so differently than Scott did…

Oh Stiles would have 1000% handled turning very differently than Scott did, and season one would have been a completely different show. I’m going to start off saying that I agree, I love human!Stiles (and also spark!Stiles) too much to ever really be into the idea of wolf!Stiles or him turning, but it would have been interesting to see how that would have played out.

I’m going to run with the idea of Stiles being turned instead of Scott in this ask, because him being bitten as well would be a whole different ramble. 

First off, I think Stiles would have embraced the hell out of having superpowers. Scott enjoyed the benefits of being a wolf to get on the lacrosse team and win over Allison, but otherwise he was pretty desperate to be normal and ignore any elements of the supernatural going on in his life. Scott wanted a normal (well, popular sports star, but normal) life, but Stiles –– the geeky, World of Warcraft playing, superhero and sci fi movie loving geek that he is –– would have embraced the new wolf identity whole-heartedly. Remember, he was the one who actually figured out Scott was a werewolf (even jokingly) and helped him through learning control and connecting with his anchor. So I see werewolf!Stiles taking to be a wolf much faster than Scott did, if only because he would want to embrace it, want to learn as much as he could about it, want to be the best goddamn superhero werewolf he could be, because having superpowers is freaking awesome! 

So I think that, while for Scott the journey was one of “ugh, why is this happening to me” with a touch of “cool I can get a girlfriend now”, toward accepting that this was a permanent part of his life, for Stiles the journey would have gone in somewhat the opposite direction: from wholeheartedly embracing this awesome gift to slowly realizing –– as bodies piled up and hunters appeared in the picture –– that it might not be all sunshine and superpowers after all. (But I honestly think he’d handle that better too. Stiles is used to adapting to hard times, is a realist bordering on a cynic, and when he realized it was time to get serious I think he would have been able to ground himself and grow up fast –– though not without some serious griping along the way.)

I think the arc of the season probably would have changed a lot too, with Stiles as the core character. Along with his own research, he probably would have gone to Derek for answers and struck up a relationship much earlier on, wanting to learn as much as possible about the world he was now a part of. The main reasons he kept more of a distance from Derek in canon were because he was A) following Scott’s lead, since Scott was the one this was most affecting, B) he was scared of Derek (and certain feelings Derek was bringing out in him) and C) he was jealous that Scott and Derek were in this werewolf club together and he wasn’t, so he kind of wanted to nudge Derek aside to hold onto Scott better. All of which would have been different if Stiles were the one at the center of all the werewolf issues, with his own werewolf strength to match Derek’s.

(And in fact, he did go to Derek for answers a bit even in canon, like the scene in the police car when Derek was arrested –– and in an especially bad mood, I mean don’t get a guy arrested for the murder of his sister and then decide it’s time to chat. Just… bad timing there, Stiles –– and I think that would have been much more the norm in a world where Stiles was the werewolf.)

Since Derek would see Stiles actually invested in what was happening, actually wanting to understand (even in his snarky and skeptical way), I think Derek would have felt a lot more settled and secure than he did throughout canon season one. Derek’s main goals that season were to protect the stupid teenagers, get the stupid teenagers to take this seriously, and to feel a little less alone after losing Laura, and Stiles actually coming to him, wanting to learn, would change so much of that and leave him a lot more settled.

Ok, what else… I do think being a wolf would have probably cured Stiles’ ADHD, since the bite cured Erica’s epilepsy. Or at least… held it at bay. There’s a possibility that being exposed to wolfsbane, or other things that stalled out his wolf healing, would cause a resurgence of symptoms the way it did with Erica. Which would make wolfsbane exposure even more dangerous for Stiles, because it could potentially make him weaker and make it harder for him to focus on how to escape the situation.

As for Scott… I can see this going one of either two ways. Scott was very woe is me and Scott-centric throughout season one, and I’ll say somewhat understandably. He was the one who got the bite, who had his life flipped upside-down, and so it makes sense that he would be thinking about his own drama over other people’s. I’m also going to suggest that Scott’s overwhelming obsession with Allison was partly due to his being a new wolf (stronger senses, stronger instincts) and her being his anchor (being hyper-focused on her settled him). So, while I think a lot of Scott’s behavior was just down to his general personality, it’s also possible that a human Scott would have just reacted a bit more… normally, to getting a girlfriend. It’s also possible that, considering Stiles would be the one who was in trouble, the one whose problems needed to be focused on, Scott would have stepped up and been more focused on supporting Stiles in general. It’s easy when you’ve got a broken thumb to go “oh I have a broken thumb, feel bad for me, I can’t focus on your problems right now friend, my thumb’s hurting.” But if your thumb’s perfectly fine and your friend’s is the one that’s broken, you might be there and focused and more inclined to put them first and help them out.

(And yes, I just compared being bitten by a werewolf to having a broken thumb. I have no idea why. I’m sleep deprived with too much coffee in my system; let’s move on.)

So yes, it’s totally possible that human!Scott would put more focus on a werewolf!Stiles than on Allison, even causing him to leave her once he finds out her family are werewolf hunters. (Because again, it’s easy to keep dating someone dangerous when they’re threatening you and the poor loner werewolf you just honestly don’t care about :/ but if they’re threatening your best friend, that might change your attitude a bit.)

Of course, it could go in the complete opposite direction as well. Since we know Scott just wanted a normal life, the fact that Stiles was suddenly so completely not normal might set a wedge between them, even unconsciously. If that happened early on, it would probably push Stiles closer to Derek, push Scott closer to Allison, and potentially even lead Scott to side with the hunters if Kate or Chris managed to convince him that the werewolves were the dangerous monsters who stole his best friend from him. (And honestly this would be such an interesting dynamic to play out –– Scott trying to do the right thing, convinced by his girlfriend’s family that werewolves were the wrong thing. Maybe even convinced that killing the Alpha or Derek would turn Stiles back to being human, and that he’d be saving him by doing so. Leading Stiles and Derek into a trap by pretending to want to make amends, and then realizing his mistake when Kate ends up trying to kill Stiles too. And… damn, I want to write this now.)

Anyway, there’s so much more to explore here but I’ve definitely rambled on long enough. Awesome question, anon, thank you!

^ werewolf Stiles with Derek as his anchor ;P

The Marvel Movie You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Here’s the deal: it’s called the Runaways and it’s fuckin rad.

Synopsis: At a yearly family get-together, 5 teenagers and a young girl find out their parents are all members of a fucking cult that just sacrificed a girl, so they all figure out the powers and shit that they got from their parents and then they get the hell out of town (FUCKING DUH) and then their parents frame them for killing that girl and kidnapping the youngest one

Oh yeah, and this team is exactly the kind of diversity Marvel needs right now. Four words: just. one. white. dude. 

They’re lead by Alex Wilder, the incredibly smart son of two crime lords (who is black.)

Then there’s Nico Minoru, a Japanese girl who’s an actual fuckin witch

 Our one white guy, Chase Stein, whose only real power is the x-ray goggles and flaming gauntlets he stole from his (abusive) genius dad.

We’ve got Gert Yorkes, who is Jewish and has telepathic control over a fucking dinosaur 

There’s also Karolina Dean, an alien lesbian who turns solar rays into rainbow energy blast shit and it’s so goddamn pretty like FX guys are gonna love her

And finally Molly Hayes, an 11-year-old girl with super strength and lots of neat animal hats

And may I mention again, THEY HAVE A FUCKING DINOSAUR

You guys know what the best part is?


There’s pretty much nothing keeping them from making this movie except for the fact that no one’s really telling them to, SO GO TELL THEM TO MAKE IT. 

Like, now. 


EDIT: MARVEL has CONFIRMED that the Runaways won’t be a movie, but a HULU-EXCLUSIVE TV SERIES!
[Sweeter than Ice Cream -Remus Lupin x Reader]

“She’s fine. She has some ice cream. I wish I had ice cream.”
Word Count- 1725
Warnings- None
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Okay, I thought the prompt was kind of funny and kind of adorable so I just went for it. I’ve been posting so much the past few days that I didn’t see any reason to hesitate writing this.
Also, I’ve went up seven followers in two days and I know that to other people, that’s not a lot, but to me it really is so thank you to everyone that has followed me and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

“Why did you recommend the saddest goddamn movie you could find?” Sirius choked, tears welling his silver eyes.
You were sitting on the sofa in the Gryffindor common room, buried beneath the fluffiest blankets you could find in your room. You had your legs thrown over your friend, Remus, and James was drowning under his quilt from his dorm on the love seat. Sirius and Peter sat on the floor with their backs leaning against the sofa, chocolate frogs peeking out of the edges of their chocolate coated lips.
“I didn’t remember it ever being this sad,” You wept as the credits for Terms of Endearment came on the television screen.
“Y/N, are you sure you’re okay?” Remus asked, concern in his eyes. Before you could reassure him, James cut you off.
“She’s fine. She has ice cream. I wish I had ice cream.” He grumbled and you rolled your eyes, wiping a few tears from your face. No matter how many times you wiped tears away, more just rolled down your face.
“You should have bloody brought some up from the kitchens with you then.” You shot back and he mouthed the words back to you, holding his hand up beside his face, mimicking the motion of a mouth. You sunk further back against the sofa, tiredness plaguing you.
“Maybe I didn’t want some then.”
“Since when was there a time when you didn’t want ice cream?”
“Since-Since- gahhhhh,” James threw his head back against the sofa and you chuckled as he continued to struggle to find a viable answer.
“I think we should go back to the dorm now, guys,” Sirius yawned and you looked at the clock, eyes wide. It was three o’clock in the morning. So maybe time did fly when you were having fun.
James, Sirius, and Peter gathered their blankets and left up the boys’ staircase, leaving their discarded chocolate frog packets and sweet packets strewn across the common room floor.
You settled back against the pillow and closed your eyes, deciding that you would rather stay in the common room than go back to your dorm. Lily was always a snorer anyway.
“You can’t stay down here all night,” You jumped, snapping over your eyes. You had forgotten that Remus was there entirely and you weren’t prepared for anyone commenting.
“I think I can, actually. I’m pretty comfy, I’ve finished my ice cream, and there aren’t any snoring roommates down here. I think it will work just fine,” You responded indignantly and he rolled his eyes.
“I’m not going to leave you down here on your own.”
“Why not? The only other people here this late at night will be the house elves, and they love me. I’ll be fine,” You reassured him but he still looked unconvinced.
“I’m staying here just to be sure,” He said and you knew there would be no changing his mind. You moved closer to the back of the sofa and he laid down beside you, wrapping an arm around your waist.
You blushed furiously due to the proximity. You would never tell him but you always had a soft spot for the gentle giant. But you also knew that he would never want to be with anyone due to his condition so you kept quiet about it, much to the other marauders discontent.
“Why won’t you just say something? He’s been in love with you since second year, it’s not like you would be facing rejection! He’s never going to say anything so it’s up to you to make the first move so just grow some balls and do it!” James exclaimed and you rolled your eyes, closing the book in your lap.
“Remus has not been in love with me since second year. I can read that boy like a book, I would have figured it out by now. And even if he was, do you not remember what he said about not wanting to be in a relationship ever in fear of putting them in danger? Even if I did say something and he felt the same way, he’d reject me because he’s that fucking selfless.” You retaliated and James slumped against the post of his bed, defeated.
They all knew that you were right. Remus was a stubborn one and he wasn’t likely to ever change how he felt about love and the whole prospect of being in it. Not even you could change his mind, and that hurt you more than you could let them, or anyone, know.
“Are you really that much of a chicken that you’re not going to take the chance that maybe, he may be thinking differently now? Come on, Y/N, you’ve always been one to dream,” Peter piped up and you froze, your eyes not moving further past the sentence in the book that you were reading.
He was right, annoyingly so.
“Just drop the subject already,” You snapped.
“But, Y/N-“
“I said drop it!”
“Hey, are you okay? You’re still crying,” Remus said, wiping away the tears that were still on your face, the callouses on his fingertips passing gently over your face.
“It’s nothing.”
It had become your go to phrase the past few weeks. Whenever someone asked if something was wrong or if you were upset, the words slipped out as if they were programmed into your brain for that very reason. You couldn’t let your friends know that your unrequited feelings bothered you so you buried them as deep as you could.
“We both know you’re lying.” That, you were not expecting. You stared at the brunette with wide eyes, confused as to how he had figured it out. You thought you were discrete.
“I-I’m not lying,” You whispered hiding your face behind your hands. He could always read your facial expressions better than an Enid Blyton novel so you decided to eliminate as many opportunities to find out the truth as you could.
“You’re been…different…these past few months. You’re not as bubbly and happy as you used to be. Bloody hell, you barely go pranking with Padfoot and Prongs anymore. And I seem to be the only person that is out of the loop. Whenever I ask the others, they always say to ‘Go ask Y/N’ and ‘It’s her secret to tell you, not ours.’ Since when did you tell them things and not me? It couldn’t be that bad!” Remus’ voice rose with every sentence and you trembled. He never rose his voice at you. Never.
“I want the fucking truth this time, not the first lie that comes into your head!”
“It’s because I’m fucking in love with you, that’s why, you idiot!”
Silence. You could have heard a pin drop.
Remus stared at you, wide eyed, his mouth gaping. Your eyes welled with tears as you jumped off the sofa and started running towards the girls’ staircase, deciding that staying there would be better than the awkward silence and the apologetic rejection that you knew would come to pass.
“Y/N, wait-“
“You can reject me in the morning, I’m too tired for this now,” You choked, more tears streaming down your face. You thought that the most tears you would ever cry would have been at the movie you had watched earlier that night, Terms of Endearment.
You were wrong.
“Would you just listen! When did I say that I was going to reject you?” You froze on the second step, your heart beating loudly in your chest.
“You said that you wouldn’t ever want to be with anyone in case that they would find out and call you a monster, or in case you would hurt them,” You recited the words rhythmically, as if you had heard them a hundred times over, which, technically, you had. “Why would I think that I was any different?”
“Because you’re not just anyone,” You turned around to face him and he smiled softly, the dim light of the fire kissing the ends of his sandy brown hair. “You’re Y/N. You’re the fifth marauder. You’ve been my best friend since first year and hopefully for all the years to come. You cry at sad movies and yet you watch them anyway. You eat more ice cream than I eat chocolate and your record time for reading a book is tied with mine. You pull pranks and take the blame when you get caught because you know that James is trying to clean up his act and can’t have any more detentions to do so. You have to ask me to reach for the books on the second to top shelf in the library because last time you tried by yourself you fell of the chair and broke your arm. You stopped James and Sirius from bullying Snape even though you hate him just as much. You were the one who came up with the idea of becoming animagi and have the cutest little cat Animagus I think I’ve ever seen. You console the girls that Padfoot dumps and talk James up to Lily, even though you think he’s still too big for his boots. How in the world does any of that stuff make you just anyone?”
With every point he said he took a step closer to you until he was standing right in front of you, his face inches away. Your stomach was filled with a thousand butterflies and your heart was beating faster than a snitches wings.
“If I admire every single thing about you, what reason would I have to reject you? What reason would I have to reject you if I’m in love with you?” He placed one hand on your cheek and pressed his lips against your gently, pulling away after a few seconds to see if you were alright with it.
Your face was brighter than the Lumos charm, blush igniting both of your cheeks. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him again, grinning that finally, you would no longer have to hide.
“So, I guess I’m not going back to my dorm now?” You smirked and he shook his head, pecking you on the tip of your nose.
“You could try.”

Guys, I’m so excited for the Black Panther movie that I’m actually feeling quite emotional. As a black person who loves superheroes, it’s so amazing to see a superhero movie come out where the main lead is black as well as most of the cast. It’s not us being the usual sidekick or even the villain but it’s us being in the role of heroes and so much more. I actually had my hand over my mouth because there’s just so much representation in that one trailer. Even seeing all the African clothing with the colorful prints is so goddamn familiar to me, it’s something that I hardly even get to see in a Western film. 

So this film means a whole lot to me and probably many others like me. It just really makes me happy and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. I know there’s been talk about it for months now and we’ve seen the cast and whatnot. But seeing an actual trailer really cemented it for me, that this is real and it’s actually happening. 

I’m going to stop being all emotional now but yes, it’s finally here!

anonymous asked:

Reddie for the ship thing

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

    Eddie. Richie just can’t understand why he finds these movie so sad, but Eddie is sobbing too much he can’t even explain “you….you just c-can’t understand….y-you…heartless i-idiot….”

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

    Richie…. he does it at least 2 times a week

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

    Richie. Eddie always makes the most sarcastic “wow. is that Stanley?” voice when he does it

  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

    Eddie. He just love the screams of suprise Richie makes when he puts his cold feet on his back when they’re sleeping

  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?



    EDDIE. always.

The Gang Watching "Gone With The Wind"
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> - They watched the whole thing.<p/><b></b> - Toilet pause.<p/><b></b> - Steve going to toilet and gang not pausing the movie.<p/><b></b> - "PAUSE THE GODDAMN MOVIE!"<p/><b></b> - "NO! WE WILL LOSE THE TRACK!"<p/><b></b> - "DAMN YOU SCARLETT!"<p/><b></b> - Ponyboy loves Scarlett.<p/><b></b> - Johnny is amazed by her curtain dress.<p/><b></b> - Dallas got SO much into the movie.<p/><b></b> - He hates Ashley.<p/><b></b> - "JUST LOOK AT HIM, HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU! SCARLETT STOP!"<p/><b></b> - Darry really likes Melanie.<p/><b></b> - "C'MON SCARLETT, HELP THE GODDAMN WOMAN!"<p/><b></b> - "SCARLETT!"<p/><b></b> - "Scarlett."<p/><b></b> - "sCARlet"<p/><b></b> - Steve thinks Mammy is the best character.<p/><b></b> - Eveyone laughs at Mammy.<p/><b></b> - They adore her scenes.<p/><b></b> - Soda cried.<p/><b></b> - So much.<p/><b></b> - He's also pretty sure he'd look hellishly good in Scarlett's red dress.<p/><b></b> - Two-Bit drew mustache on his face and<p/><b></b> imitated Rhett.<p/><b></b> - "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."<p/></p><p/><b></b> - Everyone cried through last hour of the movie.<p/><b></b> - "DO IT FOR TARA!"<p/></p><p/><b></b> - Johnny and Ponyboy remembering every moment from the movie.<p/><b></b> - "REMEMBER THAT ONE SCENE WHEN--"<p/><b></b> - "I KNOW, SHE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!"<p/></p<p/><b><- Last scene comes on .<p/><b></b> - Rhett is leaving the house.<p/><b></b> - Everyone's crying.<p/><b></b> - Dally's trying to hide it.<p/><b></b> - "DON'T YOU DARE TO LEAVE YOU MOTHERFU-"<p/><b></b> - Johnny sobbing quietly while watching Scarlett cry on the stairs.<p/><b></b> - "TOMORROW IN ANOTHER DAY!"<p/><b></b> - Everyone yelled that line.<p/><b></b> - Darry seriously got into the movie.<p/><b></b> - "BE STRONG SCARLETT!"<p/><b></b> - "WE LOVE YOU!"<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>