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favourite outfits from pride & prejudice (2005)

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Dragon Age for the fandom meme

How I entered/learned about the said game/show/movie/etc of that fandom

I played and beat Mass Effect and to help me cope and recover people said I should play Dragon Age. I’m more into sci-fi than fantasy but it seemed fun.

Fave character

It’d take too long to list them by game but for the franchise as a whole, probably Flemeth, actually. Love me some trickster archetypes, and I love how deep and enigmatic she always is. There’s layered meaning to every word out of her mouth but she never completely gives herself away and there’s always a hint of something more ancient and mournful to her. Kate Mulgrew is fucking amazing, if I’d known she had that in her I might have tried harder to get into Voyager.

Least fave character

Oh my god I AGGRESSIVELY don’t care about Cullen.


Hah, uhhh, none of my first choice romances have ever worked except for Alistair and my Cousland, which, UNFORTUANTELY was the one I was the most “aww, that was cute. moving on.” about so idk what to say here bcs I don’t have any real Companion or NPC ships I care about?

The one I’m most hung up on is Solas/Lavellan but that may be because it’s the most recent and it seems like it’ll be the most plot relevant and I’m most interested to see how it ends, so *shrug*

Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get

If I ever have to see one more piece of goddamn fucking “Fenders” art or slave!Fenris/magister!Hawke au I am going to personally set the person reponsible on fire and beat the shit out of anyone who tries to rush in and help or put them out.

Fave thing about the fandom

This series inspires some of THE most gorgeous artwork I have ever seen and I’ve made several very good friends through the series.

The most despised thing

This fandom is infamous for being one of the worst, most volatile, petty, performatively outraged, irrational, and racist fandoms on tumblr for a goddamn reason.

If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be.

There is so much I would change I do not have the time of day to list it all so the one thing that sticks out MOST to me is bcs I’m still thinking about Flemeth, I would not spend 3 games building her up to be The Big Bad antagonist only to replace her with the dude we just met that game. LIKE. I even like Solas but if she turns out to be dead I’m gonna be pissed.

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Relationship status: the sound this baby deer makes

Lipstick or chapstick: Seeing as how my lips are forever chapped, it’s the Burt’s Bees life for me.

Last Movie I Watched: The Adventures of Tintin, probably? I watch a lot more TV than I do movies, these days - speaking of, you all should watch The Last Tycoon on Amazon Prime.

Last song you listened to: “Raise Your Glass” by P!nk is the last thing, according to Pandora.

Top 3 shows: I Love Lucy for days. It’s a product of its time in many ways, but it is insanely influential in TV history, and usually really funny. (Also, if ILL, made in the 1950s, can pass the Bechdel test, the Sexy Lamp test, and the Mako Mori test, all of which it often does, modern media has no excuse not to.) Parks and Rec (season 3 and on, especially) is a good go-to for a pick-me-up. I’ve been watching Gankutsuou with my roommate lately, and it’s really great, even if it kind of smacks you upside the face with its 2004-ish-ness.

Top 3 characters: Gonna go with three characters I’m really into right now… King Arthur from @bethany-sensei‘s WIP novel (he’s an absolute ray of sunshine). Klaus Wulfenbach from Girl Genius, because seriously. Wouldn’t necessarily want to be friends with him, but what an amazingly well done character. And Cassandra from The Librarians (and it’s such a toss-up between her and Stone - they’re both great). Life goals or wife goals? Pick one.

Top 3 ships: I don’t ship as much as I used to. Agatha/Tarvek/Gil from Girl Genius is my OT3. That whole love square thing from Miraculous Ladybug is pretty great - pick a side, any side. Victuuri from Yuuri on Ice warms my soul, so there’s that, too.

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Are there any kids/family movies anyone can think of that have queer themes? I just really want some. I wanna know if there are so when I grow up and direct a super-gay family movie with all of the queers (nonbinary trans gay lesbian bisexual asexual agenda genderfluid and most likely more that I can’t think of rn) I can say, “as a lesbian who came out to my parents at 13- remember i loved animated “family”-type movies more than any other kind- it was disappointing to see so little representation in the world, especially for the younger people, who should be told that gays are a thing as normally and soon as possible” or probably something a lot more eloquent

because guys, i didn’t know gay was a thing until one summer day, in my ninth year of living, waiting with my big sister in the car for mom to finish what she was doing at work, talking about dungeons and dragons, when they off-handedly mentioned a girl (fire imp or something fiery?) who was in love with God, and that she was “flamingly gay.” being the innocent and eternally curious person i am, i asked “what does gay mean?”

so yeah. and i didn’t even know trans until big sister mentioned of one of their trans friends that i thought was a girl with the pronoun “he,” and i asked about it. they just said that it was the pronoun he had chosen after various experimentation. i think i got the idea like??? i never really thought of gender as being… a thing… like how those peeps who think it’s some sacred and unshakable thing… i mean my brain just said, “so mentally he’s a guy but physically he’s female. okay makes sense.” of course now i know the more proper and respectful phrasing for that (he is afab, etc.) but in truth, i don’t care, i don’t really think it matters, but because there are people who i care about who do i will use the right way to say it. 

and then i was told about nonbinary people… i don’t even remember when??? like, i did not immediately know my big sister is nonbinary (they have requested the use of “sister” in this phrasing so it is okay) but i don’t really remember when it like… happened…

and then asexual was entirely the internet.

TL;DR: queer kid-appropriate movies? anyone know one?

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I suck at flirting and honestly the best quality time I can offer is possibly you havign to drag my sleepy ass to bed because god knows I do not like sleep horribly ineffecent necessity. I find you ridicliously attractive, like more than I probably should any guy I work with but I hatrdly have control over that matter, needless to say Monster movie tonight My place if you can guess who sent this.

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“Okay Pidge. Monster movies, but only if you curl up with me.”
He’s hoping she’ll fall asleep watching them and get some well-needed rest.

  • JP fan: naruto is the worst scumbag
  • JP fan: scumbag sister cares more about scarf than her sister
  • JP fan: this movie is fantasy for socially inept women
  • JP fan: future sasuke will love deeply sakura this is bunch of bullcrap
  • JP fan: stalker sakura most probably raped sasuke
  • JP fan: sasuke eating with his family is surrealism on its finest, he should wake up already with his talk about revolution
  • weeaboo fools: sweetie... (: stop disrespecting japanese culture... (: I have watched three anime, I know what every japanese person thinks... (:

Okay I’m probably biased but why wouldn’t Lionsgate want to make a Finnick and Annie movie?  They could have the action/suspense from Finnick and Annie’s Games, a romance that is more than a girl trying to decide between two guys (I feel like there’s too many love triangles in YA tbh), humor from Finnick (and who knows?  Annie’s probably funny too).  Like seriously, they have a great story to make, with freaking amazing actors to pair it with.  So Lionsgate should get crackin in my opinion because the film would be absolutely heart-wrenching and I want it so badly

So it’s the afternoon and i just woke up, well actually i’m barely up. The only productive thing i’ve actually done is go to the bathroom and i crawled from my bed to the toilet just to do so. It’s not my fault though, i was out all night at a Hozier concert but if i didn’t know any better i’d swear it was a Metallica concert because my head is killing me. What i’m trying to say is today is a lovely day to lay in bed in a sea of Halloween candy with a few bottles of wine and watch every Halloween movie i can possibly find on Netflix. Now that i’ve told you a bunch of stuff you more than likely couldn’t care less about i think i should introduce myself, I’m Nina Dobrev and i’m probably going to turn into an oompa loompa by night fall.

Share the Reylo love and support around you.

My fellows Reylo shippers. That post will probably sound weird or done way too soon but I’ve been thinking about it for a few days…

The new Star Wars is coming out in May 26th 2017, it’s a long way until we’re there but I think we should definitely take advantage of this time to share our love and support as far as Kylo & Rey are concerned.

The movie came out a little more than 10 days ago now and I find really amazing how many people got invested (others probably will too along the line) in this ship, all the videos, arts and fanfics already being made. It’s freaking FANTASTIC! 

What I’m suggesting is keeping spreading the love on social medias (tumblr, twitters, facebook, instagram, youtube and more…) but also talk about this around you, see if you can find other Reylo shippers. For the people who lives in the USA, whenever there is a convention (comic con, for exemple) or something with J.J Abrams or the actors, take this as a chance to show them how much we support this ship. Take this chance to talk to them about Reylo. 

Now, I know that the script for episode VIII is already written. I’m not telling you this in an attempt to make Reylo happen. Let’s be honest, we have no power over this. But let the world know that you’re a PROUD SHIPPER, who DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE HATERS and that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH SHIPPING THEM. 

Until the next movie, the fanbase will grow. We will be more vocal. And who knows, we might get what we want in the next movie. CAUSE NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING FOR SURE ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN!


Day 1: The Film or TV Show that first made me a James Spader Fan

I remember the first time I saw James. It was in Pretty In Pink and I hated that I loved him. I was pretty young when I first saw it and knew I should have hated Steff, but for some reason I didn’t. I found him infinitely more interesting than all the other characters, because for the most part, I can’t stand the movie (but that’s a talk for another day). 

Every time I rewatch it I see why I loved him so much and it probably has something to do with that little tongue flick in the last gif…

1) I am Swen

My name is Kelly. I’m 18, I live in New Jersey, and I’m a lesbian. I’m currently a student at college and plan to go into the vet tech program. I’m a rather shy person and am often quiet around people unless I feel comfortable. Tbh I don’t really have any talents and my only real passion is animals (hence the vet tech thing). I spend more time on the internet than I probably should and don’t have much of a social life if I’m being honest. 

My favorite color is purple and I don’t have a favorite food/drink/movie/book because I’m too indecisive for that. I spend a good chunk of my free time reading fanfiction (mostly SQ). Obviously my OTP is Swan Queen but I also love Joniss (Johanna/Katniss from The Hunger Games Series), Hollstein, Korrasami, Margaery/Sansa (Game of Thrones), and pretty much any other femslash ship out there. 

2) I love Swan Queen

I’m relatively new to the fandom so I watched the show about 7 months ago (I think). I had seen SQ on my dash on my other blog before but never actually watched the show (I remember being really excited when I saw the picture of Lana and Jen in the sweaters. I had no idea what was going on but I was happy anyways). One day my friend said that she was gonna watch OUAT so I decided to join her. I was basically shipping Swan Queen before even watching the show tbh. But then I actually started watching the show and fell in love with Regina (also Emma, but mainly Regina). As I watched on netflix I continued to delve into my Swan Queen obsession, eventually leading me to make another tumblr (and a twitter) specifically devoted to talking about it. 

As for why I love SQ, well…I feel like that would take too long to write. To put it simply they are both amazing and wonderful characters whom I adore. They compliment each other really well (duh, ying and yang) and they share a son for god’s sake! How am I supposed to not want them together?! And as a bonus they are both really attractive and look so good together. I don’t think I could pick a favorite season/moment (again, I’m too indecisive). I feel like there is honestly a chance that they could end up being canon. I know some of that finale was a little rough but all in all SQ could definitely happen. 

3) I love Swen

Since I’m somewhat new to the fandom I haven’t interacted with too many people. I’m not that great at making friends but I did decide to join a group chat with some other swen and lemme tell you…it was a great decision. I may not talk too much in it but the chat makes me smile and laugh everyday. But even if I haven’t talked to that many people, I love all of you. All of you seem like such wonderful, sweet, caring, and accepting people. Not to mentioned talented as fuck. 

The fanficiton, fanart, gifs, videos, meta…all of it is simply amazing. I have read so many great fanfics that are way better than many books I have read. Everyone in this group is so supportive and it honestly feels like a giant family. This is the first time I ever felt as if i was actually a part of the fandom (even though I rarely contribute to it). I hope one day I have the chance to meet all of you wonderful people.