i love this montage so much

I will always love One Direction. But, I wish media would let it rest for now. I remember everywhere Niall went after “This Town” came out, it seemed like the song, and embarking on a solo career, took a back burner to questions about the band returning. 

Today, asking if they’ve spoken to each other is one thing, but playing a lengthy 1D montage while one is on a program to promote a solo album is just…unnecessary.

They’re not going on shows and giving interviews to talk about 1D. Leave the past in the past for a bit. Give them all time and the opportunity they deserve, to establish themselves as solo artists, without harping on about what was. Start the 1D talk again when the ten year reunion is imminent.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts:

The local Vietnamese that we worked with in the Ninh Binh area were all so amazing and so much fun to work with. The scene the shot with brie is one of my favorite things in the film. Most of the crew went to lunch and I stayed back with Brie and we very freely shot this montage with all the local Vietnamese. It took them hours to go through make up and normally people would be exhausted but their enthusiasm was infectious. Brie and I fed off of their energy. I love what they bring to the film and the stories their faces tell.

The One

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N) -off screen lol

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean gets nervous when talking to the Reader over the phone.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys!! This is my entry for Shannon’s aka @splendidcas  Birthday Fic Challenge!! Prompt is bolded!!  I hope you guys like it!! I literally typed it up this morning so I’m kinda proud!! Feedback is always welcomed!! Also, watch out for a second part!!! *wink*

P.S. thank you to Arie and Ree for convincing me to post it, even if I was losing hope!!! *hugs*

The One - Part One

My finger hovered over the call button, my heart racing. It shouldn’t be this hard, right? Since when did I get nervous when calling a girl up? It wasn’t like me.

But here’s the thing.

This wasn’t just a girl. It was the girl.

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ok i’ve been trying to find a way to word this so here goes

i know some ppl feel like we should have been shown more “obvious” evidence in the whole dizzee x thor relationship but like…aside from actual physical contact everything else was there?? like i know we got scenes of mylene & zeke having /implied/ sex & tanya kissing ra-ra’s cheek & carmelita straddling boo-boo but do we ever see mylene go for any of zeke’s gigs (i know she’s busy being an a star but still)?? tanya literally just met ra and carmelita was a v brief plot device that was a huge bad influence?

but dizzee & thor!!! dizzee wrote letters for thor when he was in jail & started a freaking comic just to tell him about all his adventures and thor fuckn loved every single one like you can basically say they had a long-distance relationship thing going all the while thor was in jail. thor attended every single get down bros gig?? like he literally came straight from jail to see dizzee & his bros perform (he was wearing the same clothes so im assuming this dude didnt even go home to take a shower or change lmfao) then we had the whole painting scene which i thought felt so domestic dizzee’s soft “im painting” & thor being like “i want u to paint but i dont want you to die and i dont want you bombing no more” he’s looking out for dizzee!! plus how he was looking at dizzee painting through out that whole montage with so much love and admiration in his eyes!! like basically thor is just so supportive of dizzee and their relationship might not seem “affectionate” but there’s definitely a lot of love there and imo it’s like the most healthy relationship in the entire show so far??

having said this THOUGH i do hope the tgd showrunners show dizzee & thor being physically affectionate with each other in season 2 cos lgbt representation is important and shouldnt just be “implied”.

Im officially in LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤❤

My house looks like a flower shop right now. So many guys sent flowers and shoes to my house. And yes… those are all Christian Louboutins 😍

So my tinder guy has officially asked me to be his gf. He ordered my a Hermes Birkin bag.

He took me to Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on VDay and spent $800. I told him I loved it so much he’s making me again tomorrow. He’s booking a room after and we’re going to have sex for the first time!!!!

We’ve been just going shopping, dinners, tea afterwards. This is the first time we’ll be intimate. He’s so romantic. He sometimes comes by to give me a kiss. He’s so sweet.

I have put everyone on hold. I’m going to just devote my time to this guy and see what happens. I’ll keep you up to date! It’s 6am and I can’t sleep because I’m so excited!!

I like this guy so much I broke up with the manufacturing CEO


Son Gokū: Sand Shinobi human, are you a friend of Naruto too?
Gaara: *”I love Uzumaki Naruto So Much: A Detailed Dissertation” in a 15-minute internal monologue (in the middle of an active war zone, but take your time)*
Son Gokū: I asked if you are Naruto’s friend?

Sometimes recap episodes are a delight. Idk, the fact that the flashback montage is apparently happening in real time while Gaara tries to think of an answer that isn’t too much of an understatement is so funny to me.

Boruto AU

So um… I have an AU.

Orochimaru, or some other bad guy, steals a DNA sample from Naruto to create a proper host (that they can control) for the Kyuubi. Thus Boruto is created, named accidentally by a minion (and Boruto loves it).

Both the bad guy and Boruto are now waiting//planning an attack for Naruto. But Boruto wants more, cue “Part of Your World” montage.

Sasuke, on his travels finds Naruto… wait, why is he so smol and more lonely than the last time Sasuke saw him?! (reminds Sasuke too much of baby Naruto and spooks him.)

After a minute of rational thought, Sasuke kidnaps Boruto, to bring him to Konoha & Naruto.

The two of them arrive at the village and Naruto freaks out about having a little brother and moves Boruto in his house…but Boruto doesn’t want Sasuke to leave him, cue both Naruto & Boruto making Sasuke move in with them.

Then Naruto and Sasuke fall in love.

Yeah… that’s what I have. Sorry for the run on sentences.

I’m going to get salty a f for a minute here so bear with me.

So apparently the entire point of Super Danganronpa 2 was so Chiaki could prove her hope to Junko with her super mary sue desu powers. Yeah. Okay.

Let’s just totally ignore Kuzuryuu sacrificing his chance to escape to give Peko the right last words, let’s ignore The Imposter’s efforts to keep the team together until the very end, let’s just ignore Komaeda’s self-hate and resolve to wipe out everyone and save the world, let’s ignore Tanaka sacrificing himself to get everyone out of dying of starvation, let’s ignore Nekomaru’s valiant efforts to protect Akane from Monokuma, let’s ignore Sonia’s continued attempts to keep the survivors together and risking herself to test Komaeda’s bomb, let’s ignore Hajime growing from the angst scared teen who was seriously contemplating killing someone in chapter one to the strong independent guy who was the only one who was brave enough to see through Mikan’s charade, and who gathered enough courage to realize voting Komaeda’s death as suicide wasn’t enough.

Yeah. Chiaki defeated Junko. Okay.

Like, I get it. She was the one who pushed Hinata in the right direction when he feared forgetting her. But holistically, she’s only a small part of a whole that made up the entirety of DR2. I don’t know why the anime is so disgustingly biased towards her. I don’t understand why she had to be brought back to life when other characters like Sakura didn’t even get 5 seconds on screen. I don’t understand why Tanaka sacrificing himself is not a big deal but when Chiaki does it, she’s suddenly a messiah. I don’t understand why over half the class have kicked Teruteru at some point but when she does it, we have to stop everything we’re doing to praise her. I don’t understand why her introduction with Hajime was the only thing in the entirety of DR2 that got animated plus was retconned into being romantic when he had that same freaking introduction scene with everyone in the class (like holy shit, it would’ve been awesome if we got a montage of Hinata meeting everyone in DR2 instead as testament to the meetings that never happened in DR3). I don’t understand why everyone loves her so much that her death affected them more than the death of family members / lovers / childhood friends when she didn’t even do anything for them other than play some video games. I just don’t understand how her character fits contextually into the story line in the way that they put her there at all.

Like, sure, make everything revolve around her. I still won’t like it out of my own personal taste, but can they please at least write it in a way that makes sense? In a way that doesn’t turn every other DR2 character into a piece of personality-less and incapable of development worship meat for her to use as a throne?

Thanks for making me a better man (Joe Sugg Imagine)

“Babe I’m going to record tomorrow’s video” Said Joe while I was cooking dinner. 
“Okay have fun. Dinner will be in an hour.”
“Okay” He said and went upstairs. 

It was a while since I saw Joe. Usually it takes him around twenty minutes to film a video and few hours to edit it so I figured that he was editing. I was watching Friends on Netflix when he came downstairs. 
“I’m starving.” He said as he sat next to me. 
“It took you a while to film this one.” I said and looked at my boyfriend.
“Not really I’ve almost finished editing. I will show it to you when I finish.” He said and kissed my cheek. 
“Okay. Let’s eat.” 
“I’m literary starving!” He said and followed me. 
“You literary ate two hours ago.” I said and he made a face. 
We watched Friends and laughed while we ate. I love this about our relationship. We could do literary anything as long as we were together we were happy. After we ate I was watching Friends and writing new blog post when Joe call me to our bedroom. 
“Yeah babe?” 
“I have finished it, will you watch it?” 
“Of course.” I said and sat at his desk. 
I pressed play and the video began. 
“Hello everyone! Last week I asked you guys what video do you want me to make and someone said that I should talk about my friends. So without further ado let’s start with a video.” He said and looked at the floor. “It’s weird recording this on my own!”  He said and laughed. 
“In last couple of years so many things have happened. Especially this year. This has been really crazy year for me and my friends. And nothing would be possible without you guys! So thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I have to start this video with one and only Zoella or Zoe 103.72 jhfghjn, naah we’re to old for that joke. But seriously I can’t express how proud am I of her. She just had her baby boy and she brought up he own clothing line and now she has over 20 million subscribers. That’s a lot! I proud of you Zo! 
Next one is of course one and only Mr. Oli  White! Oli, Oli, Oli,Oli” He sang the last part. “This kid.” He laughed. “He bloody got married! Can you believe it! This kid” He showed Oli in his dinosaur onesie. “Is married to this beautiful model. Congratulation Oli!” He said and smiled. 
“Jack and Josh. I know them since they made their channels and now they have almost 9 million subscribers! It’s crazy! They have a channel where they film their adventures, they have traveled all around the world. I’m so proud of you two.” He said and showed the montage of they traveling the world. 
“Next one is Zoella’s husband also know as Alfie Deyes! He’s a dad now! Can you believe it? I can’t! He has grown so much in these past few years I’m proud to call him my sister’s husband!” He said and I laughed. 
“Conor Maynard. Can you believe that I’m a friend with one of the biggest pop stars in the world? He’s such an inspiration to me. And I can’t wait for his next album to come out!” 
“Caspar Lee. My brother. Have you seen how big this kid has gotten? I’m almost afraid to be around him! Ha! No, but seriously Casp I’m so proud of you! You have relisted another book! You’re a bloody author now, man!  You have always been a huge inspiration to me and I’m so proud of you. Thank you.” He said and smiled. 
“That’s all guys!” He said and paused for a moment. “Oh I almost forgot.” another pause. “The most important and most inspiring person in my life, of course my amazing girlfriend Y/F/N!” He said and I saw a montage of me throughout the years. “You have your own book! That you actually wrote by yourself! You have grown so much since I have meet you and you amaze me every single day I spend with you! I’m so thankful for knowing you and having you in my life. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! I love you Y/N so, so much! Thank you for making me a better man!” He said and with that the video ended. I was crying. He always found so many ways to show me how much he cares for me and how much he loves me. Joe doesn’t usually show his feeling so I knew that this was a huge step for him and I bloody loved him for that.
“I love you too Joe.” I said and kissed him. 

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OK so love like you is definitely middle school sarumi yes or no

Definite yes, I’m just imagining that playing over a montage of cute gloomy middle school Fushimi staring at bright smiling Yata and wondering what Yata even sees in him and how Yata could possibly care about him this much.

I had a dream about him ;;o;;

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Kylo Ren and Ewoks. Why have I never thought of this before? Ugh, now I'm thinking about Leia (the OG Ewok Princess) introducing bb Ben to them and he would visit them once a year/every couple years until he went to get properly trained in the ways of the Jedi. Then, decades later some McGuffin brings him back to Endor and he's so much taller than the more elderly Ewoks remember BUT HE'S THE SON OF LEIA AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS. Cue cuteness montage


a montage of some of stan’s “excellent” parenting skills, as requested here by thejournalsaregone.


“Kurt’s brain was just constantly going. He was always thinking about something. I mean there was always something going on. You could just see it.”

“I think it was not so much it was hard for him to accept love, but the fact that maybe he was afraid of getting hurt.”

– Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015) dir. Brett Morgen

I think one of the funniest things in TFA is how fucking done Megatron is with Starscream. But like, genuinely done, and not “desperately trying to pretend like I don’t care but getting weirdly angry”-done. 

I love that they check Starscream’s spark chamber right away after Megatron gets his revenge and they see that he is definitely dead, but then he keeps reappearing and that montage of Megatron killing him happens, and not once does Megatron show confusion or surprise. He is so not threatened by this guy that he doesn’t even question how the hell he’s still alive and attacking after all of this.

I just love this so much, Megatron doesn’t even give a shit. How done do you have to be with somebody that them rising from the dead doesn’t impress you. It’s hilarious and I love it. 

Imagine, for some major holiday, Bones’s daughter sends him a video with the instructions to play it in front of everybody. Bones has no idea what the video is, but he goes along with it anyway because it’s his baby girl, how bad can it be?

So he gathers everyone in the mess hall or on the recreation deck, and everybody is there with drinks and snacks and they’re all excited because “Aww, Bones’s daughter. She must want to tell us all good luck on our mission.” Bones turns on the video and it starts off very seriously, as seriously as a little kid can make it look. There’s a zooming shot of the stars or something, then it cuts to a very obviously handmade (and cardboard) starship bridge and somebody whispers “Joanna, lower the camera” and it pans down and we see a teeny-tiny gold-shirted kid sitting in the captain’s chair. He says “I’m Cap'ain James T. Kirk and this is my science oss'fer, Mis'er Sock”

It progresses the way an episode of TOS would go if it was written, acted, produced and directed by children (which it obviously was)

  • “Kirk” has a speech impediment and tells “Uhura” at one point to get away from him because girls have cooties; plus the sleeves of his shirt are way too long for him so he just grabs things with the shirt instead of pushing the sleeves up
  • “Uhura” is the “bossy older girl who has to stop the boys from fighting” stereotype but she rocks it
  • “Spock” has to lead an away team into “Kirk’s” bedroom to save him from the monsters under his bed because, obviously, those are the monsters in this episode
  • “Sulu” can only give his lines AT FULL VOLUME AND IN ONE TONE OF VOICE ONLY
  • “Chekov” has so much stage fright that he pees his pants
  • “Bones” is totally not Joanna this older kid who has a really hard time looking grumpy
  • All the special effects were made with arts and crafts supplies and all the effects were done by the kids too
  • Somebody’s thumb ends up in the shot halfway through
  • You can hear somebody laughing in the background when “Kirk” screams about cooties
  • At the end there’s a montage with everybody’s name and the character they played, and the credits roll up the screen and you see that the kids did all the production themselves and the last line is “To Daddy from Joanna” and everybody on the Enterprise loses it

Kirk loves the video so much that he legitimately considered going back to Earth right now so that he could hug Joanna

Bones is so proud of his little girl

@cihojuda this is an amazing idea!!! I could imagine the whole thing perfectly, and it’s the cutest thing!! Joanna is quite the creative one <3

Thank you so much for submitting this!!