i love this moe style so much!

x-izzie-chan-x  asked:

A tiny opinion of mine- I prefer the art style of 90s anime to modern anime! Everything had a darker, gritty look to it (from the old animation techniques I suppose) as opposed to the new clean-lined and super-bright aesthetic. And a lot of old background art, like Sailor Moon scenery, had style - it wasn't super realistic, so it was beautiful like a painting. And, characters looked so much more elegant, realistic, & mature. The moe style makes everyone look oddly short, thin and kinda childish!

Nothing wrong with that at all, and totally valid! 

I’ve never given much thought to which I prefer to be honest, and thinking about it now I can’t choose between the 90′s anime and Crystal. They both have aspects that are appealing to me, and since I love the characters and the story either way, I’m kind of just happy to be able to see a new take on it.

I find the 90′s anime style comfortable, if that makes sense, and Crystal kind of new and flashy? Not quite sure how to describe it. XD

Thanks for sharing!