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Thoughts On This Winter Anime Season 2017 So Far. . .

We are about halfway through this anime season, so I’ll share my thoughts on the different shows I am watching this season, and what I like/dropped so far.  Keep in mind, there are so many shows this season, and I am only watching a handful of them, and these are just my opinions.  So, let’s get started then! 

Koro- Sensei Quest!:  

Chibi versions of my favorite assassins was exactly what I needed this season.  This show is freaking adorable, and hilarious.  There’s so many cute moments between everyone and ugh, this show is just gold.  If you loved Assassination Classroom, then you’ll love these short ten minute episodes.  

Gabriel DropOut:

This show is freaking adorable.I needed a moe blob this season where I could laugh and turn off my brain, and this is exactly that.  The angels and demons are so unique to the show, and the art style is really good too.  


Dropped.  Fuck.  I hate this show.  What started out as super promising turned out to be utter crap by episode three.  Fuck, it was so dull.  I really hoped for more from a show with great visuals.  It also has very cringeworthy, forced drama.  I know, I know, the manga is supposedly much better, but after trying to watch that, I doubt I’ll ever be able to get into the manga.  Also, for fuck’s sake, Fuuka put some damn pants on.  The panty shots are insane.  

Masamune-kun no Revenge:

Dropped.  Will I pick it back up later?  Doubtful.  The animation is really great, but the overall story is really dull.  I mean, it’s incredibly predictable.  I gave it five episodes before I lost interest.  

Little Witch Academia:

My only regret with this show is that I didn’t start it sooner.  I recently picked it up after I watched the Movie/OVA and oh my god, I freaking love it.  The animation isn’t as vibrant as it was in the OVA, but it’s still great, and I’m so glad it got this adaptation.  

Kuzu no Honkai:

I have a ton to say about this show.  I absolutely love it.  I am addicted.  I love how terribly amazing the characters are, and each one of them is fucked up in a special way, BUT THEY ARE ALL WELL WRITTEN.  Akane-sensei is the best villain of the winter season.  She is such a terrible person, and I fucking love that about her.  It shows the dark, twisted side of love and using others to fill voids.  It’s brilliant and so fucking dark and I’m fucking hooked.  

Super Lovers 2:

It’s much better than the first season.  Rin is adorable, and it’s just a cute yaoi show that I definitely needed this season.  


Best. Fucking. Season. Ever.  Fuck.  It’s amazing.  It’s fantastic.  It deserves all the praise.  I’m hyped for every. single. fucking. episode. every. fucking. week.

So, yeah, these are my thoughts as we reach the halfway point of the season.  Let me know what you guys think of these shows this season, and any others I should watch.  So yeah, thoughts?  

evensdramaticshenanigans  asked:

Not sure if you're still accepting drawing prompts, but I thought I'd ask anyways! I was thinking maybe Isak and Even kissing in the rain would make a lovely drawing (especially in your style because it's the best and I love it so so much!) Thank youu! ❤

Hellooo!!! Thank you so much for asking me this! I really loved! I hope you like it :3

anonymous asked:

omg i love ur touhou art so much??? (also @ ur hairy kagerou: same headcanon!!)

thank you!!! i was just going off on twitter about people being terribly rude to artists who draw anime girls in a non moe style and it reminded me a lot of being mocked for drawing kagerou with body hair, so thank you

anonymous asked:

I don't think the new art styles are too moe and childish because they still look their age and the childish art style examples are Ojamajo Doremi and KinMoza.

They definitely are a bit more moe and childish than in the two previous seasons; I mean they look younger and more ~kawaii~.

Tbh I was never very fond of moe but since it’s getting huger and huger in Japan there’s no way to avoid it and you just have to accept it.

It’s hard to define moe, to me the raw meaning of moe is just cute little girls with either bubbly o tsundere personalities with a characteristic animation style.

They also tend to have a bit of ecchi or fanservice.

Since this is such a generic definition and the moe animation style can vary so much without stopping being moe is hard whether to say an anime is moe or not. You can say an anime is moeish just like the new season of Crystal but it’s really hard to claim an anime is moe unless it’s very obvious:

To explain myself better I’m listing a few with the ~level~ of moe in each of them.

- Madoka -> Slightly moe

- Yuuki Yuuna -> Slightly moe (more than Madoka tho)

- Love Live -> (Totally moe)

- Himouto Umaru-chan -> moe

- Precure -> (moe but not as much as other there are out there)

Also I need to point out that with every new release the level of moe increases so something that could be considered moe back in the day cannot be considered it completely today because it falls weak in comparison with the latest new moe anime (for example Madoka was considered really moe back in the day but now a days is not even remotely as moe as shows like Love Live).

I’m just posting this to say that an anime can have moe elements and not even be considered moe which is Crystal Season III’s case in my opinion.

Obviously this is just my opinion and not everybody can agree, but I don’t think having moe elements can ruin a show especially when it’s what saved it in the first place.


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