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I made this QR code after I finished my playthrough of moon, as I just missed my girl so much. out of the two outfits, she wears in the game I couldn't pick a favorite so I went with a Z form inspired outfit!

feel free to share and I’d love to see your mayor or villagers dressed up as everyone favorite girl!

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‘’I’m not the Break Man. I was the first, I’M THE PROTOMAN!’’

I love mage!Handers and non-mage!Handers for different reasons.

I love mage!Handers because here you have these two individuals who have always been outcasts, the Other, and they find solace in each other, in another person who understands, who doesn’t have to be told all the details and nuances of what it’s like to be different because they know, and the world may not understand them but at least they have each other.  And Anders grew up in the Circle learning magic is evil, magic is bad, mages are bad - oh he denies it, but it’s lodged deep in his subconscious - but then here’s Hawke, Hawke who is a mage and is wonderful and amazing and strong, and if Hawke is a mage who is also a fundamentally good person then perhaps Anders, too, can learn to accept himself as a mage who is a fundamentally good person.

I love non-mage!Handers because someone actually accepts Anders for who he is, as a person - they look past the mage part, they look past the apostate bit, they see him as the fierce and beautiful and fiery soul that he is.  They see his magic as beautiful, as a gift - not something to be feared.  A non-mage Hawke adds such gravitas to the story and the romance, he’s so worried that they’ll leave him, that they’ll realize they’re giving up a “normal life” for him.  He asks them “You’d tell the world, the Knight-Commander, that you love an apostate and you will stand beside him?”  And they do, because they love him and Anders realizes he’s not just fighting for mages but for ideals that everyone holds, and he knows that with Hawke at his back with their sword or their daggers or their bow that they can take on the world.

I just

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ HANDERS, guys, I love HANDERS

lil ross things to appreciate
  • his eyes are the color of,,,, Wow
  • when his hair was slightly longer and had lil flips at the ends
  • the Ross Laugh™
  • he loves holly so much
  • his cheekbones!! holy shit slay me?
  • when he says certain things and his accent shows through
  • early steam train ross being very austrailian
  • very early 2008 ross being Mega Australian™
  • his animations!!!!!
  • his art!!!!!!!!!
  • him!!!
  • hes got gamer hands,, in a good way like damn
  • he is not afraid to speak his mind at all (zero filter and no dignity)
  • how everyone draws him with the :3 face and it’s adorable
  • hes an evil lil gremlin
  • gross but its acceptable he makes up for it with,, everything else
  • how his mouth curls up at the corners hence the :3
  • when he smiles you can see it in his eyes
  • hes totally sadistic and makes it look good
  • HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mega Jolteon

This one was so much fun to do! I colored him during a a livrstream over on Instagram . I stream there every Friday around 10-11 pm Eastern Time if you guys want to join. :D

Credit for the sprite art goes to the talented @pkmnfusionprof! Always really inspired by his stuff. Go show him some love!

As always hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

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also im reminded of the frames when steven finds peridot and it has like the best faces like she bites her fingers and its Good Faces like i miss those days give them back, SU Crew.

u mean this

from this scene that i will never shut up about ever because it’s like, mega fave moment??

what always gets me about this moment is that like. it happened RIGHT before she lost her limb ehnahcers?

It’s like. Way to show us how expressive they can be before removing them forever.

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what if virgil was on laughing gas? i don't know why but I just have this vision of loopy anxiety telling the others how much he loves them

Oh Em Goodness. This is…the cutest thing ever??? 

Like the sides for some reason manifest? Okay like what if something weird magically happens and they turn human? But they’re still them, right? And still connected to Thomas. And for some reason Virgil is the only one who still has his wisdom teeth (don’t as me why, this hc is not very well thought out). 

So he has to have them removed but he’s like…mega nervous, so they all go with him. And afterward he’s all loopy and disoriented and doesn’t remember who they are, and he’s like, “You guys look like me…” and they’re like, “Yeah, we’re all brothers, remember?” (cover story is probably identical quintuplets or something???) 

And he’s like, “I have a family?” and starts tearing up, and they’re like, “Yeah, buddy, of course you do,” and he’s like “Wow…I have a family? I have brothers?” and they’re like, “Yes, Virgil.” 

And he’s all, “So you love me, right? You have to. You’re my brothers. Right? You love me?” 

And they’re like…looking at each other and this isn’t as funny anymore, they’re a little concerned, and they’re like, “We’d love you even if we weren’t brothers, buddy.”

And he like…shakes his head and says, “No…no, before, no one loved me. I remember that. You weren’t my brothers. I didn’t have family. No one loved me. But you’re my brothers? Really? So you love me? Right?” 

And they’re just like, “Well shit.” 

After that they just sort of distract him, telling him about how his surgery went, and that Thomas is on his way to pick him up, etc. And the whole ride home he’s singing songs quietly to himself in the backseat and occasionally grinning at one of them. And Patton has to keep taking his hand to make sure he doesn’t poke his mouth too much and Virgil’s like…awed by that, and he squeezes and Patton squeezes back and Virgil nods and says, “Yeah, you love me!” 

And after he sleeps it off he finds his phone where the others had recorded him (at his request, because he wanted to know what he was like, but he didn’t want the recording on anyone’s phone but his own) and he saw what happened and was super duper embarrassed because omg, he made them say those things when they were probably super uncomfortable, and now he’s all like, “I’ve got to apologize,” but as soon as he goes downstairs the others just glomp him and hug him and tell him they always loved him.

Did I turn a laughing gas prompt angsty? Apologies. 


MEGA CUPSONA DOODLES :000 ♥ cuz i love all this ocs

mic and masha by @circateas
flemming by @averyfoxx
Arty by @spacefacedboy
Rook @zaunites-finest
connie o’ clock @mayadile
Roto by @moochi-mirchancey
Spoon boi @wishuponacrane
diamond dart and heart dart by @qgirl222266
tomie gann by @undergroundwubwubmaster
fizzle by @popfizzles
mr.tomboson by @izmemomo
Ludovizco by my beautiful wuaifu @timbcuphead

and Bruchy and Dyer by me ♥

i dont know why i like to draw so much bruchy with these beautiful ocs, I just do it

pokemon sm au where hau’s dad isn’t missing, hau’s dad is archie from oras, who has become a marine conservationist. they don’t see each other a lot but they talk a lot over video chat and archie visits whenever he can.

  • “hau, kid, listen. when your granddad gives you your first pokemon… make sure you pick popplio. water types will never let you down.”
  • archie is the best sharpedo rider in alola and don’t you forget it. just imagine him zooming around on his mega sharpedo. nyoooom.
  • part of why archie loves the water so much is because he grew up on melemele island and was just surrounded by it. 
  • half-hoennian, half-alolan archie. (hau would be three-quarters alolan, one-quarter hoennian.)
  • “your. your dad is the leader of team aqua.” “yeah, but he’s a really nice guy, i swear!” “this explains SO. MUCH.”
  • shelly as the cool aunt. matt as the cool uncle. shelly bought hau his hairclips.
  • “don’t go near legendary pokemon. just trust me.” “hey makuakane, this is my friend lillie and her cosmog nebby!” “[ANGUISHED ARCHIE SCREAMING]”
  • family debates over what’s nicer, lava cookies or malasadas. it can get pretty heated.
  • archie comes back to alola and ends up battling hau. “trainer hau sent out raichu!” “…oh, come on…”
  • affectionate noogies. you can tell when archie’s in alola because hau’s hair is a disaster.
  • archie attempted the island challenge but it wasn’t really his thing in the end. he prefers mega evolution to z-moves.
  • weird family bonding activities ft. hala and archie racing. hala’s on land on a tauros, archie’s in the water on his sharpedo. hau roots for whoever’s losing at any given moment.
  • archie meets moon, and is suddenly reminded of another little champion girl who smiles in the face of the apocalypse…
  • bonus hardenshipping: stepdad maxie. or as hau calls him, “land dad”. he is not used to this level of familial affection. but hau introduced him to mudbray and alola diglett, so that worked out pretty well. 

Actually! Fraid celebrated halloween! he loves it! It’s a celebration of monsters alike so he transforms himself to look like his hero; hellboy!

Fraid is much braver during halloween pretending to be his hero who also has horns like he does!

(but i do encourage the shipping u got ;) go for it!)


nyathing mewch

HEADCANNON - He uses it now and it’s working (sometimes)

he ‘said’ it!