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I really wanna practice non-chibi style so I draw many of these recently :D Thank you for putting up with me and my poor drawing skills! :D

(And I am going to watch Spiderman tomorrow I am sooooooo excited!!!)

(There is a pose reference for this art)

Summary: Sansa is kind of YouTube famous and decides to vlog her family holiday for her viewers but her first video has unexpected results. 

The thing is Sansa didn’t mean to get into YouTube. She had aspirations of being a theatre actress, doing Shakespeare on the West End or something equally as prestigious, but one drunken night at uni, Sansa decides the world is in dire need of a video on how to do your makeup drunk. It’s not her proudest moment and she even uploaded it without any editing whatsoever, but somehow, by the time she woke up the next morning, she already had over 100,000 views. It’s utterly bizarre and – well, it’s kind of cool. Jeyne thinks it’s good exposure because it’s not like she can’t just quit YouTube if she wants, so she uploads a couple more videos. One of her doing the everyday beauty routine challenge and another drunk one where Jeyne and her drink wine and talk about fuckboys. By the end of the month, she’s kind of YouTube famous and life ceased to make sense anymore.

Her family at least thinks it’s hilarious. Robb constantly asks to appear in her videos and her views skyrocket each time because according to her fans, her brother is ‘so hot holy shit let him impregnate me’, which is really, really disgusting. Occasionally Bran will join her if he’s visiting her at uni and they’ll just drink and review movies or shows together. The only two people who adamantly refuse to have anything to do with her channel are Arya and Rickon. Rickon’s still in that awkward teenage phase where hanging out with his older sister is uncool and Arya just scoffs at YouTube in general. But when the trend of vlogging starts taking off, Sansa decides to give it a try. She’s going on holiday with her family and a few of their friends, so it’s the perfect opportunity to test it out.

– although not everyone thinks so.

“Get that fucking camera out of my face, Sansa,” Arya spits out as they stand in the queue waiting to check in their luggage. Sansa sticks out her tongue and her sister rolls her eyes in exasperation. They’ve always had an antagonistic relationship, as sisters do, but it’s gotten worse with YouTube. Sansa doesn’t really know why but she doesn’t want to dwell on it either. Arya can be a cow so it’s probably just that.

Sansa turns the camera to Robb, who’s wearing a greying hoodie, sunglasses perched on his nose and an empty Starbucks cup in one hand. “Hungover, Robb?”

He looks up blearily, notices the camera and flashes a weak smile. “Like you wouldn’t believe.” Looking directly at the camera, he adds, “listen, kids, if your best friend breaks up with his girlfriend and you think it’s a good idea to go cheer him up with a bottle of whiskey eight hours before flying, don’t.”

Arya, Bran and Rickon snicker, but Sansa is a little frozen with this new piece of knowledge. “Wait…” But she doesn’t get a chance to ask because Jeyne comes bounding forward with her hot pink suitcase rolling behind her.

“Morning, Starklings!” she greets brightly – to much groaning from her siblings. She plants a kiss on Sansa’s cheek and squishes Robb’s face between her hands. “Hi, sunshine. Saw your Instagram story last night. Looks like you and Jon had a great time.”

“Story? What story?” Robb questions, rubbing his cheeks, before his eyes widen. “Noooo, I didn’t. Did I? Shit.”

“You did, you so very did,” Jeyne chirps, as she turns to the camera with a wave. “Our resident heartthrob here took our resident grump to a strip club.”

“What!” shouts all four Stark siblings, Sansa included.

Arya punches Robb in the shoulder. “Why would you do that to Jon? Does he look like that would cheer him up? He’s not you or Theon.”

Her brother rubs his shoulder, glaring at Arya. “Drinking games weren’t working! And he didn’t want to talk about it so…” He shrugs sheepishly. “We were out of options.”

“That’s so like you, Robb,” Sansa says on a sigh. “Maybe you should’ve just left him alone.”

She doesn’t usually voice her opinions on any matter involving Jon – mostly because she doesn’t think she has a leg to stand on. They’re not friends, not in the way he is with Robb or Arya or even Bran and Rickon. Actually, she seems to be the only person he doesn’t get along with. But she knows him. He’s Jon. He’s the guy who sat with her on her fifteenth birthday when she walked in on Joffrey making out with Margaery. He’s the guy that drove her home when she got drunk for the first time at seventeen and was too terrified to call Robb or her parents. He’s her grumpy knight in shining armour and she’s been in love with him for six years, so she knows him, probably better than Robb does, but of course no one knows that.

“Speak of the devil!” Arya exclaims as she walks quickly towards Jon, throwing her arms around his waist in a tight hug. He chuckles and wraps his arms around her. Sansa watches them whispering to one another, Arya rolling her eyes and then Jon ruffling her hair with fondness. It twists something inside of her that makes her shut the camera off and look away.

“Are you okay?” Jeyne says under her breath so only Sansa can hear.

She nods mutely, not wanting to say anything to betray how painful it’s always been to see Jon interact with her siblings, how effortless their friendships are and the stark contrast it is to how he is with her. She doesn’t need him to love her back, not in the way she loves him, but she can’t even have his friendship and that stings.

“Morning,” Jon greets as he reaches them with Arya tucked under his arm. “So I guess you’ve all heard.” They nod and there’s a round of commiserations. “Okay, good. Now that that’s done with, let’s not bring it up again.” His voice is teasing but there’s a sharpness to it that means Jon’s serious, so they all laugh and carry on, changing the topic to whether their flight will be delayed.

Theon’s the last to arrive, and thankfully by that point, the queue’s moved up enough that they only have to wait a further five minutes to check in. Her parents arrive back from their morning stroll around the airport just in time and soon they’re all heading to board the plane. There’s a scuffle as they near the gate as everyone’s looking at their tickets to see who they’re sitting with.

“Oh c’mon! Someone else sit next to him!”

“Awe, Jeyne, I’m not that bad.”

“Piss off, Theon. I will stab you!”

“Jeyne, honey, it’s only a couple hours.”

“Yes, Mrs Stark.”

Sansa muffles her laugh behind her bag as she searches for her passport which she shoved down to the bottom as they went through security. Once she has it in her grasps, she pulls out the ticket and reads out, “26C.”

“Oh,” says a voice from behind her and Sansa quickly turns around. Jon’s looking at his ticket then back up at her, a faint smile on his lips. “26B. I guess we’re sitting together.”

“I guess so,” is all she can manage, as her whole body stiffens at the prospect of spending nearly three hours on a plane beside Jon. A single Jon. It’s just all too much for Sansa to deal with this early in the morning. His hair is as unruly as ever, curling just over his forehead, and he’s wearing a thin black jumper that strain against his broad shoulders and a pair of dark-washed jeans. Too much. It’s too much.

Sansa grabs for Jeyne and tugs her forward, turning away from Jon. “I’ll sit with Theon.”

Her best friend’s face widens with joy and then suddenly pinches together as she frowns at Sansa. “Why would you –” She glances behind them where Jon is still standing, now rolling his eyes at whatever Robb is saying. “Oh no, absolutely not. You are not running away from him again.”

“Again?” Sansa cries out indignantly, catching the curious gaze of her father. “What are you talking about?” she hisses a little quieter.

“Um, remember when Robb and Jon came out with us that night in freshers?” Jeyne raises a brow and Sansa deflates because she does remember. “He was practically ready to propose to you.”

“He was drunk.”

“He couldn’t stop staring at you or smiling at you,” Jeyne says. “And then he asks you to go outside with him and you panic and run away.”

“I went to the bathroom!” Sansa whispers harshly, but she did panic. She had been so sure she would never be more than Robb’s little sister to Jon that when he had taken her hand and asked if she wanted to get some fresh air, she panicked.

“And what happened next, Sans?” Jeyne asks, voice a little gentler now.

Her heart breaks all over again as she leans her forehead against her friend’s shoulder, a resigned sigh escaping her lips. “He met Ygritte.”

“That’s right, he did, and guess what? They broke up and you’re not bloody running again,” Jeyne says as she pushes Sansa back upright. “You’re going to sit there and be charming and he’s going to fall in love with you all over again.”

“You’re delusional,” Sansa murmurs instead.

“No, I’m brilliant. Now, c’mon.”

The first hour actually passes by in near to complete silence. Sansa doesn’t know if she’s disappointed or relieved; she’s existing in the realm between both emotions and it’s making it really hard for her to sit still or sleep. Jon seems to be sleeping just fine, his face relaxed as he leans as far back as the chair will go. But as the second hour approaches, the man beside Jon, a terrifyingly large and bulky man with multiple tattoos winding up his arms and peeking from his cargo shorts, slumps his head onto Jon’s shoulder with a thump. He startles awake, wide-eyed and confused, and Sansa can’t help laughing at his expression and the situation he’s now in.

He groans quietly. “Of course this would happen to me.”

“Oh, don’t be such a drama queen, Jon,” she says, nudging his shoulder with hers. “If only I was as lucky to have a handsome man resting on me.”

Jon quirks an eyebrow at her. “Then let’s trade seats.”

“But how could you wake him!” she whispers back, smiling brightly at him and forgetting for a moment that she’s still madly, desperately, stupidly in love with this man.

“You’re enjoying this too much,” he says but his lips twitch and it’s adorable how hard he’s trying not to smile.

“I’m enjoying it just the right amount,” Sansa says before she’s reaching down for her bag and grabbing her camera, turning it on and recording. “Now I’m enjoying it too much.”

Jon eyes the camera and then glares at it. “Sansa,” he says warningly. “If this goes on the internet, I’m going to –”

“What?” she questions with an innocent smile. Sansa turns the camera onto herself. “He wouldn’t dare threaten this face, would he?” She gives a little pout, and in the background, she sees Jon cracking a fond smile as he reaches forward to tug at her loose plait.

“I’ll get you back for this.”

She focuses the camera back on him again. “Hmmm, no, I don’t think so.”

“What do you mean, no?”

“I mean no, Jon, you big puppy dog. I can outplay you,” she says still sweetly innocent. She’s enjoying this weird banter they have going on far more than she should because Jon just broke up with his girlfriend and this is only going to end up with her getting her heart broken in the end. Only she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care so much she might as well repress whatever self-preserving brain cells she has left.

“Outplay me? I didn’t realise this was a game,” Jon says, amused.

“Life’s a game, Jon Snow,” she quips back, to which he actually laughs so loud the man leaning on him jumps awake. He stares at Jon and then at Sansa’s camera and yawns before leaning against the window and falling asleep once again.

Both Jon and Sansa stifle their laughter but it’s no use so Sansa does something wildly inappropriate and presses her face into Jon’s shoulder, muffling her giggles into his jumper. He doesn’t seem to mind or maybe he’s too busy trying not to laugh himself.

For a few seconds, Sansa just allows herself the comfort his warmth provides her before extricating herself once she realises her camera’s still recording. She turns it to face her and makes a face. “We’re going to hell.”

Jon nods in the background. “First class tickets.”

“At least I have you as company,” she says, smiling back at him, and he returns her smile.

When she passes out later at the hotel trying to edit the footage, the last thing Sansa expects is for it to be uploaded by the time she wakes up and for her to receive way more notifications than should be normal.

Aromanticbabex: Okay but am I the only one who would still climb hungover Robb like a tree?


Sansa blanches. How is that the most liked comment? Ew!

Lyla Patel: Sansa, you’re so pretty! I’m so glad you’re vlogging! Your videos always makes my days better!


A smile so wide blossoms on her face and she quickly replies, ‘Thank you, Lyla. I appreciate you and all my fans so much! Xxx’

But then the comments sort of devolve from there and she really has no how idea how to handle any of it.




            Roseand Tenforever: I ship it! I ship it so hard!!


Siobhan Hughes: Ummmmmm why the fuck would anyone break up with a man who looks like THAT! Sansa, get in there, girl!


Sansa slams her laptop shut and throws a pillow at Jeyne’s head. Her friend groans and rolls away from her. She throws a second pillow at her.


“Did you edit my video and upload it for me?” Sansa demands angrily. She slides out of bed to go and sit on top of Jeyne’s prone figure.

The girl huffs and tries to kick her legs out to dislodge Sansa. “I thought I was being a good friend! You looked really tired!”

“But now the entire internet thinks me and Jon have something going on!”

Jeyne opens one eye to narrow it at Sansa. “Well, don’t you? You two were awfully cosy on that plane.”

Jeyne,” she groans, pinching her friend on the hip. “He just broke up with his girlfriend! What if Ygritte sees it?”

“Then her bloody loss!” Jeyne suddenly thrashes wildly and Sansa ends up falling backwards onto the floor. A bruise is definitely going to form on her ass now. “Stop worrying about some girl you don’t even know and go after what you want, Sans.” She leans over the side of the bed to look down at her. “Look, I know Joffrey and Harry really screwed you over in the whole relationship department. And then after Ramsay, you’re kind of hesitant but we’ve known Jon since forever. He’s good and decent.”

Sansa rolls her eyes, even though her whole body’s recoiled at the mention of Ramsay but she’s trying desperately not to dwell on those months in her life. “I know that. Of course I know that. I’m the one in love with him, aren’t I?”

It’s hard to concentrate on having a good holiday when her mind is whirling with what Jeyne’s said. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t just go for Jon aside from the courtesy of giving him a wide berth while he heals from his breakup, but that’s not even what’s making her hesitant. It’s much more convoluted than that. It’s being cheated on in both of her previous relationships. It’s being stalked by a classmate for three months until he’s finally arrested for something completely unrelated – since reporting a stalker who hasn’t done anything means nothing to the police. It’s all of those things that make Sansa start to wonder maybe she shouldn’t be with anyone ever because everything she touches gets tainted one way or another and the last thing she’d want is to taint someone as pure as Jon. He’s the last good man on this planet that’s not related to her. And that’s just the thing, isn’t it? He’s really, really good. He’s honourable and honest and so loyal. He’d never cheat on his girlfriend. When he loves someone, she’s his whole world. Sansa saw the way he used to look at Ygritte, and although it had killed her to see him look at someone that way that wasn’t her, she was happy he’d found someone who made him that happy.

God, she hates love. She hates everything about it.

“Alright, sourpus, what’s got your knickers in a twist?” Arya asks, slumping down into the beach chair beside her. She’s in a simple black bikini with a ball cap turned the wrong way around on her head. She has a bottle of some obscure Spanish beer in one hand.

Sansa shields her eyes from the sun to look at her sister. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re glaring at the ocean like it personally offended you,” Arya points out with a long drag from her beer. “Honestly, you’re in bloody Spain. What have you got to be so angry about?”

“I’m not angry, I’m just… thinking,” she says lamely as she watches Jeyne tackle Theon into the ocean while Robb looks on with an amused and somewhat impressed expression.

Uhuh, well you should think less,” Arya says. “Because you’re on holiday. Thinking is for losers. C’mon, Sans, have some fun.”

Sansa sighs. “What do you care if I’m miserable or not?”

Her sister snorts and rolls her eyes. “I care. Hey, I do. Just because I think you’re a spoiled princess most of the time doesn’t mean I don’t care if you’re happy or not. You’re just annoying.”

“I don’t know if I should be comforted or insulted,” Sansa chuckles as she swipes the beer from Arya’s hand to take a sip. As soon as the liquid hits the back of her throat, she makes a face. “I forgot I hated beer.”

Her sister snatches the bottle back. “Good. More for me.” They fall into a comfortable silence for a few minutes, both of them too busy watching their family and friends get into an all out war with each other. “Is this about Jon?”

Sansa’s head snaps to Arya so quickly she probably has whiplash now. “What?”

“He has no idea you fancy him, you know?” she says nonchalantly as if Sansa’s whole world hasn’t just been turned upside down. “Jon’s a bit of an idiot like that. Actually, both of you are idiots like that.”


“I mean god, he fancied you for so long it was honestly super gross,” she continues. “When he started dating Ygritte, we were all like ‘what the fuck’ but also kind of glad he was moving on.”

“What do you mean ‘we’ and what are you talking about!” Sansa is about to hit her sister out of sheer frustration.

Arya finally turns to look at Sansa and she’s wearing a long-suffering expression. “We as in the whole bloody family. Okay maybe except for Rickon. But everyone else kind of guessed it.” Her sister shrugs. “We didn’t think you were interested.”

“But I –”

“You’ve always been the type of person to keep your cards close to your chest,” Arya rattles on, cutting her off. “It was hard for any of us to tell.”

“So what changed?”

“Ygritte.” Her sister sighs and takes another pull from her beer. “When he started bringing her around, it was like – I don’t know. You just looked so broken.”

Sansa bites down hard on her lower lip but the memories come flooding back anyways.

The first time she saw Ygritte and Jon together was at her childhood home during Easter holidays. He’d brought her back with him from uni and it was just so obvious how smitten he was with her. Seeing him like that, so in love with someone else, had ripped out every wall she’d ever built around herself. It was like her mind had just given up trying to protect itself, like it didn’t care anymore what the rest of her did; it just wanted to succumb to its own self-pity and heartache. For days, Sansa had lived on autopilot. She smiled and made small talk but nothing could penetrate through the haze she was living in. Eventually, Jeyne had to come kidnap her and drive them back to uni early before Sansa completely fell apart.

The months that followed were the most agonising of her life. It feels melodramatic now to think it but Sansa couldn’t describe it in any other way. She knew even then how stupid it was to feel such a loss so acutely when Jon had never been hers to lose in the first place, but the petulant, childish part of her mind still screamed out that he was hers. He was her grump in shining armour and no one else’s. It was pathetic and she felt pathetic for thinking it.

“I hated her so much,” Sansa admits after a long silence. “I know that’s awful. I didn’t even know her but I just did. She was everything I wasn’t. Strong, smart, witty – it was like this realisation that I could try all my life to be like Ygritte but no one would ever look at me the way Jon looked at her.” She looks at her feet buried in the sand and says quietly, “because none of them would ever be him.”

Arya reaches out to grip Sansa’s hand. “You don’t just fancy him, do you?” She shakes her head. “You love him?” She nods. “Awe shit, Sans, then tell him.”

“I can’t. It’s not – he just broke up with Ygritte. I’d be an asshole to dump all this on him now.”

“You’re an asshole for not telling him in the first place,” Arya says but she’s smiling softly at her. “I’m no Jon interpreter but there’s a good fucking chance he loved you too.”

That night Sansa can’t bear to be around her family as they mill around the hotel bar chatting and drinking. She has too much to think about so at the first opportunity – which is just when Robb and Theon decide to do a duet at the karaoke machine – she slips out onto the beach with the goal of just walking aimlessly for as long as she needs to clear her mind. As always, Sansa has her camera and she begins to record the ocean as it laps up onto the sand. It’s close to a full moon and the silver light reflects off of the murky surface of the water. It’s beautiful and romantic, and so of course, she feels lonely for the first time in a long time. Sansa’s normally okay being single. After the debacle with Harry and the incident with Ramsay, the thought of any man being near her made her queasy, but now all she wants is for someone to wrap her up in their arms and just hold her. It’s a silly thought, probably born out of all those Disney movies she used to watch as a kid, but it’s there anyways, niggling at the back of her mind as she walks down the beach.

The air is humid and makes her hair stick to the back of her neck but there’s a cool breeze coming from the ocean that eases the humidity. She’s nearing the edge of the hotel’s property when she hears someone call out her name. Sansa turns and squints against the darkness.

“You shouldn’t be walking out here alone,” he says, jogging up to her. “It’s not safe.”

“Jon,” she breathes out, her whole body instantly relaxing at the sight of him. “I was just… clearing my head.”

He nods, grey eyes watching her carefully, before his cheeks flush. “Your viewers seem to like me.”

“You watched it?” Sansa asks, a little incredulous. She turns the camera off and puts it back into her bag.

“I always watch your videos, Sans.” He sounds so casual but the pink flush spreading across his cheeks makes her think this is anything other than casual. It’s unfairly adorable.

“I didn’t… know that,” she says slowly, unsure of what else to say now. “I can take it down if you don’t want anyone to see. Jeyne edited it so I didn’t really get a final say before she uploaded the video.”

Jon shakes his head. “It’s okay. It was funny.”

“Yeah,” Sansa says with a cheeky smile. “You and that man looked really good together on camera.”

He sighs and runs a hand through his dark hair. “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

“Never,” she agrees, smiling even brighter.

“Figures,” he mumbles, chuckling softly. “You know… we looked good together too.”

“What?” Sansa’s heart all but stops. She’s not really sure what to say or what he’s implying.

Jon takes a couple steps closer to her till they’re only a foot apart. “I wish I knew,” he murmurs softly. “Maybe I wouldn’t have wasted everyone’s time pretending I still didn’t care.”

“Jon, what are you talking about?”

“Do you want to know why Ygritte and I broke up?” he asks instead, which really annoys her, and if she isn’t already so close to coming completely undone she would kick him for being so cryptic.

“It started a couple months ago,” Jon continues when she doesn’t answer. He’s looking at her warily and it’s making her heart beat faster and faster. “Or maybe earlier, I don’t know. But when I found out what was happening to you with that Ramsay guy, I was just – it was all I could think about. Robb and I would spend hours researching what legal action you could take. We’d take turns driving past your flat and making sure you were safe. I was so worried out of my mind that I guess I just neglected Ygritte. And when she tried to bring it up, I snapped at her. I was furious that she couldn’t understand how important this was, how it was you.”

Sansa doesn’t really know anymore if she’s breathing. She wonders if she might’ve just wandered into the ocean and died because this is too surreal. This is Jon telling her she means as much to him as he means to her.

“Once Ramsay was arrested, I promised her I’d get better but it was like – for over a year, I was so sure I was in love with Ygritte. She was great in every way, but…” Jon pauses to glance towards the ocean. “The thought that someone could hurt you and take you away from me suddenly made me realise that I never did move on. And I think after awhile Ygritte figured that out too.”

He looks back at her then and takes her hand in his. “I don’t deserve you but I just need to know if there’s even a chance you feel the same way or if I completely misread the signs in that video and made a total prick of myself. If I did, I promise I’ll never bring this up again and we can go back to –”

Sansa cuts him off by pressing her lips against his. He freezes at first but then his hands go immediately around her and she’s wrapping her own arms around his neck, carding her fingers through his hair. It’s everything she ever wanted and so much more because it’s not just a kiss, it’s a confirmation that Jon really is hers and has always been hers and will forever be hers.

“God, I love you so much,” she admits quietly when they pull apart. “But you really are an idiot.”

“I know,” he chuckles. “And I’m sorry it took me this long to get here.”

“You’re here now,” she tells him, dropping a chaste kiss to his lips just because she can.

“I am… and for the record, I fucking love you too.”


Aromanticbabex: I can’t decide if I want to climb Robb or Jon like a tree. Maybe both together? Anyone else?


           Alison Lowe: I would let them do ungodly things to me

           Superwholock: You guys are gross (but if I had to choose, I’d choose Robb!)

           R0cket Racoon: Uhhhh, are you serious? It’s Jon all the way!

           Sansa Stark: Can you guys please stop trying to climb my brother and my boyfriend? (Also, Jon all the way indeed ;)) xxx

Wonder Starks: I think I peed myself laughing watching Robb try to give Jon ‘The Talk’!!!


           Wonder Starks: Also, how cute is Jon surprising Sansa with a holiday! I wish someone would fucking whisk me away from these exams! Where’s my grump in shining armour!

           Dasha Santos: Seriously, where’s my fucking grump!!!1!@£@!$£!!!



           Dani Johnson: I’m not crying you’re crying!!! T_T

           2Slow Veryfurious: This is the best Christmas present ever!!

           Arya Stark: You guys need to get a fucking grip.

           Jeyne Poole: Don’t be rude, Arya. This has been in the making for like seven years!! Do you know how tired I was of hearing her pine away for him?

           Robb Stark: Ugh, do YOU GUYS know how tiring it was for ME to watch my best friend stare longingly at my baby sister? That’s way worse!

           Arya Stark: That’s because you think Sansa and I are like 12

           Robb Stark: But you are…

           Robb Stark: Arya?

           Jeyne Poole: I think she left, idiot.

           Robb Stark: Oi, don’t call me an idiot or I won’t take you out on that date!

           Jeyne Poole: I NEVER EVEN SAID YES!!

           Robb Stark: The lady doth protest too much ;)

           Robb Stark: Jeyne?

           Robb Stark: Oh goddamnit.

           Tom Hart: OH MY GOD! REYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seventeen: Reaction to you showing them your lingerie

Aww yes the beautiful life of a writer can i call myself writer????? Is that okay?? Am i allowed to do that???
You see i actually would have added some GIFs but i write everything on my phone and it does not work????

Man who cares anyways.
Thank you and enjoy!



S.coups would just stare for like solid 5 minutes. And then either blush really badly or take you then and there. It depends highly on what sort of lingerie you’re wearing. If it’s something sexy he would be all daddy but if it’s something cute he’d be a blushy mess.

Jeonghan would love it sooooo much. I mentioned before that everything that is somehow really beautiful to him can make him rock hard in a second.

Wonwoo would get all sensual and really touchy. Slowly tracing his fingers along your skin and looking at your eyes while doing so.

Mingyu would straight up moan really loud. This boy gets turned on by everything you do and when you wear things like it provokes him even more. Get ready for a really wild night *wiNK WONK BABY*

I don’t know about you but in my opinion Seungkwan would get happy about it. Like this innocent happy???? He’d be soooo happy that you would do these things for him. I’d make him feel appreciated.

Vernon would have a similar reaction like Seungkwan. He also would get happy and everything but he’d also take this chance to show you how manly he is.

Hoshi the little sunshine would blush sooooooo bad. His body would be ready but his mind would be blank. He wouldn’t be able to have a straight thought hELP THIS BOY.

Dk would react just like Hoshi but would giggle alot. Giggling, scratching his head and fidgeting alot.

Don’t get me started on Jun. This man would take you then and there and i’m not kidding. I even think that lingerie is one of his many kinks tbh. This man is no joke.

I swear i love Woozi so much. This lil bean would stutter and blush so much you would have to get him a glass of water. It’s weird because i think he’d be into light BDSM and seeing hin react like would be quite interesting.

Minghao would react just like Mingyu. Moaning loudly and stroking himself through his pants. Would pull you close to kiss you but rather rough just like the night you’re about to enjoy.

Last but not least comes our Joshua. He is in my opinion one of the most sinful ones when it comes to sex in seventeen. So seeing you in lingerie preferably in black or red would make him proud to call you his.

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uuuhhmmm how about some Bucky Barnes romantic headcanons? :)

YES THANK YOU I LOVE MY SON SO MUCH HES SO WONDERFUL also thank you for being my first Avengers ask!!! Also, the next couple of posts are gonna be on mobile, so i’ll go in later and edit everything!! oh
-Admin Robin

Bucky Barnes [The Winter Soldier]
-Is super timid and shy, and does everything in his power to keep you safe and secure (and happy!!)
-does a lot of admiring from a distance at first, because he doesn’t know if he can control himself around you.
-DOES NOT like you around his metal arm, so if you sit by him, you’re always to his right.
-Opens up eventually and likes to hold your hand a lot
-when you two are walking around, he holds you with his right hand/arm because if anything sketchy ensues he can assure your safety by fending anything/anyone off with his metal arm
-Seeks out your comfort when he has nightmares (eventually requests that you sleep in his bed with him, if it’s okay with you)
-Secretly like it when you watch him train. He likes to show off AND he wants you to see how strong he can be, so that you’ll feel safer around him
-100% loves to hear you sing, even if you’re bad
-Bucky himself is actually a lovely singer
-likes to lay his head in your lap so that you’ll play with his hair
-Actually tried to kill Tony once when the Millionaire flirted with you at one of his parties
-Is vvvvv happy when you get along with Steve
-“Doll, y'know, you make jaws drop without that skimpy lookin’ dress. I don’ want anyone lookin’ at your ass in that; I think this occasion calls for sweatpants and that big ol’ hoodie that I love so much.” “But Bucky we’re going to Tony’s party?”
-“If I catch Stark staring at you one more time, Darling, ’M gonna have to break his neck,”
-Sooooooo loving and caring and he calls you “My Girl” like S T O P I T

Nancy Drew Game Revisions

Here is how I would revise each of the Nancy Drew games! I only put 1 or 2 things for each to leave room for you all to add in your own! Comment below with your additions & feel free to disagree with me!! 

SCK & Remastered: CD CHANGE OH MY GOD. Hey, I can’t knock this game too much. It’s the late 90s. Plus they DID revise it so… (I never actually played it through). Open-ended for the fandom here. Overall, entirely too short.

STFD: MORE. MILLIE. Those damn riddles were pointless imo. Make her an actual relevant character!!!

MHM: Have that tapestry in Nancy’s room never to exist. Then make that zodiac animal puzzle a hotspot that Nancy realizes she needs to look out for. Because you can quickly solve that first puzzle from Abby’s book and then therefore quickly realize that you need to look for Chinese characters. Also eliminate Emily Foxworth.

TRT: Blizzard is such a cop-out. Snow, yes. Blizzard, no. I want to explore outdoors more. The garden!! So! Many! Possibilities!

FIN: Those damn fucking keys at the end sequence. The end. Bye. CHANGE THEM.

SSH: Running around aimlessly waiting for Henrik to fall. Give Nancy a reason to go all the way around the garden to cue this scene. Or maybe cue it a different way.

DOG: Man, I would have loved to have met Sally.

SHA: Oh my God this game is perfect. Um…the magnet maze puzzle, honestly what the fuck

CUR: The ghost hunt/run was cute and all but shit stressed me out being on a timer.


TRN: Allow Nancy one punch to Tino’s face…nah (I mean yeah but…) Part 2 of the game was so short. I want more time outside of the train.

DAN: Okay this is a tiny detail but when Nancy talks to Jean about Heather and they go back and forth about Heather’s name pronunciation, I get about 10 levels of awkward.

CRE: I know it’s a dumb thing to say but…Quigley’s dialogue? I usually mute her long ramblings because I get sooooooo bored.

ICE: Fox and fucking geese. Why can’t I play by myself? Why can’t I tell Bill that I’m playing to win FOR A REASON??

CRY: Please for the love of God, Nancy, solve the mystery during the day. Also, let’s not have an 80-year-old man be creepy AF.

VEN: Water tunnels. I refrain from saying anymore.

HAU: We could have had so much Irish culture. SO MUCH IRISH CULTURE. But what’d we get instead???  A JETPACK.

RAN: -sighs-

WAC: I don’t know??? Um…the ending challenge/puzzle with the blade didn’t make sense to me. I would have hoped it would tie into the theme of the game more.

TOT: Another ending sequence complaint. It takes place somewhere you only go ONCE just for the ending. Either, one, visit the Grange more throughout the game or two, take it out. Unnecessary.

SAW: Terrible accents. JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS. Hell, I’d take at least Asian voice actors over…this.

CAP: That freaking board game. Easy but just like…no.

ASH: Hey, if you’re gonna make a game at the home base, WHERE ARE MY HARDY BOYS??????

TMB: At the very least, make it a tiny bit more challenging for Nancy to read hieroglyphs. Also, really wish Dylan’s time wasn’t cut so short.

DED: I know they’ve done it before in other games but switching days to talk to different characters gets annoying. I mean, it’s realistic and I love that but I always forgot who was when & if it was morning or nighttime.

GTH: I wish we got to see/learn more about the family’s history (the factory incident, Charlotte, Harper..) God, this game is RICH with backstory and I WANT MORE.

SPY: Don’t….don’t fuck up Kate Drew.

MED: -sighs again but adds commentary- Eliminate entire concept of a game show, focus on New Zealand culture & Sonny’s mission. G O D.


SEA: Just a bit too puzzle heavy, personally. Again, more history. More story. I still don’t totally know what this game was 100% about.

mr ed “i want you to suffer as ive suffered” nygma

sir when have you suffered in your life, ever. oh boo hoo, i killed my girlfriend then chopped her body into pieces, poor poor me. my new plot point clone girlfriend i knew for a week got killed but oh i loved her sooooooo much. pity me, i deserve soo much SYMPATHY


Remembering Don Ameche on his birthday.

(May 31st 1908 — December 6th 1993)

I’m such a dreadful perfectionist that there isn’t much of my work that I get total satisfaction from. I need some work where I’m in control. I’m not [limited] to acting; in fact, I’d be happy to get out of it. But the notion of retiring has never occurred to me.”

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ok so what about taegi in las vegas getting drunk and ending up marriedTHINK ABOUT IT

ooH trust me i’m thinking about it sjhcnxns ok let’s go this was so fun to write

if there’s one thing anyone close to yoongi and taehyung knew about them is that they couldn’t hold their liquor. they had just gotten back from the billboard awards and all of them was in complete awe and excitement. so they hurriedly changed into more comfortable clothing at their hotel and ended up in a club down the street. everyone was absolutely buzzed and dancing their asses off on the dance floor.

everything was going great and fun until taehyung decided to grind his ass into yoongi’s crotch and innocently turn around to watch his reaction. yoongi and taehyung have had their fair share of “helping each other out”. and by “helping each other out” this is exactly what you think it is, yoongi would hear taehyung in the shower jacking off and maybe the door would be accidentally unlocked and the two would fuck like their life depended on it. or the dozens of times yoongi has been woken up by a head underneath of his comforter which belonged to taehyung who insisted yoongi needed to start off the day with mind blowing head. also seokjin wasn’t very happy on those days and was quite traumatized.

yoongi’s hands immediately gripped at taehyung’s waist and turned him around.
“you wanna be naughty in the fucking club do you?” he purred into the other’s ear.
taehyung practically moaned at that, he loved yoongi’s dirty talk.

hoseok was ordering rounds after rounds of shots and it had come to the point that the two was completely plastered and couldn’t function with complete sentences anymore.

after what was probably an hour of completely grinding, taehyung was tired and needed to sit down for a few minutes.
“yoongi-hyung, sit down?” taehyung slurred while pointing to an empty seat.
yoongi nodded but it really looked like he was dancing with his head and dragged taehyung to the chair allowing him to sit on his lap. when yoongi is wasted, he craves affection, skinship, intimacy; all of it.

while taehyung’s head rested on yoongi’s shoulders, he noticed a couple that was celebrating with others on a recent engagement.
“do you love me-e-e hyunngg?” taehyung asked, playing with the hair around yoongi’s ears.
“ye-es, i lovee you sooooooo much.” yoongi replied, his speech even worse than taehyung’s.
“then why don’t youuu propose to me yet like them?” taehyung said pouting and gesturing to the group he had been watching.
“can’t babeee, not where we liveee.” yoongi said like he knew it all.
“but we are in VEGAS, we can here!” taehyung demanded. yoongi’s eyes shot up and he grabbed taehyung’s cheek and sloppily kissed his lips.
“let’s get marrieddddd!” yoongi grabbed taehyung’s wrist and called down a taxi.

“where to?” asked the middle aged man driving the taxi.
“wedding!” taehyung was the only thing he would tell him. the whole ride there was messy kisses, messed up hair, and high pitched giggles. how convenient it was to have a jeweler next to a church because taehyung bought some expensive ass rings last minute.

the whole thing went by within ten minutes and taehyung was more than happy to become min taehyung. they spit out the best of vows they could in korean and the priest just went along with it and told them to kiss. it was quite the sight too because taehyung picked, well tried to pick up yoongi and dropped him. yoongi cussed at taehyung and they took a taxi back to the hotel where they fell asleep. (not before they got a little naughty like taehyung had been wanting)

the next morning yoongi tried moving but was prevented to do so by a fancy ass ring stuck in his hair and taehyung’s naked ass body.
“what the fuck?” yoongi groaned and taehyung smacked his lips in response still asleep. yoongi looked over at the night stand and a bottle of aspirin was placed next to a water bottle along with a note.
“to the min’s”
the min’s? yoongi thought and opened the note.
“congrats on the marriage! wish you both the best of luck!”
“WHAT THE FUCK WE’RE MARRIED??!?!!!” yoongi screamed.

a couple aspirin, half a water bottle, some clothes put on, a shower, and untangled hair later; they decided that it wasn’t such a bad thing and actually laughed about it until namjoon came in pissed along with pd. when they were asked what the hell they was thinking,
“what happens in vegas…” taehyung said, looking at yoongi.
he sighed but finished the lame saying, “stays in vegas.”

A word to my fellow Gay/Same-Gender Loving Black Men.

Your attractiveness does not hinge on whether or not White Men want to fuck you. 

Your relevancy as a Queer Man is not dependent on how well you fulfill a White Dude’s archaic and racist fetish. You are worth sooooooo much more than that. 

If some dude’s “preferences” prevents you from getting to know him, I can promise that you’re not missing out on much. 

You have, do, and always do matter and mean so much more than how much you can rile up another dude’s pants. The fact that we’re often ignored by the community at large does not change that now or ever. 

An Out of Body Experience

Requested by anon:  HOI! I love ur blog sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! And i was wondering is you could write a fanfic where you and cas switch bodies while hunting a witch and you’re on your period? AND PILE ON THE FLUFF MAN (not much fluff until the end, but hopefully you still like it!)

Summary: You, your brothers and Cas are hunting a witch, and things go awry.

Words: 2,608 (I got a little carried away lol)

Cas x Reader

Warnings: PMS (is that a warning?), some angst, fluff (mostly near the end), body swap fic

Notes: this is the most I’ve written over such a short span of days. I really like how it turned out, let me know what you guys think!

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N! You with me?” Sam’s voice rang in your ears. You groaned, the feeling of cold ground on your cheek. “Y/N, wake up!”

“Cas!” Dean’s equally nervous voice sounded closer. You slowly opened your eyes. A face loomed over you and smiled. “Thought we lost you there for a minute.”

You felt your head spin as you sat up, and placed your hands on either side of your head, closing your eyes.

“I’m not sure how much you guys remember.” Sam sounded far away. “You called to let us know that you had tracked the witch down to this house and we were on our way over, but when we got here you were out cold.”

You felt a hand come down on your shoulder. You looked up and saw Dean crouching in front of you. “You good, buddy?”

Buddy? Since when did Dean call you buddy? You nodded and stood up with his help, wincing and holding your head in your hands.

“Sammy?” Your voice sounded hoarse. Probably from being knocked out.

“Uh, yeah Cas. I’m over here.” Sam sounded confused.

You shook your head, trying to get rid of the dizziness.

Dean slung an arm  around your shoulder. “C’mon, let’s get back to the motel before someone finds us here.”

You just nodded, burying your face into your brother’s neck. You felt his body stiffen before holding you at arm’s length, gripping both your shoulders. “You sure you ok, man?”

“I’m fine, what’s wrong with you?” You frowned. What was up with your voice? You ran your fingers through your hair. Your short hair.

“What the heck?” You spun around ran to the other room, looking for the mirror you had seen earlier.

No. Freaking. Way.

You looked into the mirror, but it was Castiel who stared back. You looked down, finally taking notice of the suit and trenchcoat you were wearing. You slowly turned around, and what you saw made your knees weak. Standing next to Sam was you. Well, obviously not you, but it was… you.

“No. No no no no no,” you repeated over and over again as you walked over to, well, yourself?

Dean looked concerned. “Cas, what’s wrong?”

You began to laugh, anxiety running through your veins. “Oh no, not Cas. Me, Y/N. That,” you pointed to your image. “That’s Cas.”

Sam and Dean exchanged a confused glance. You- no, Castiel, you assumed - tilted his head to the side.

“It appears the witch has switched our bodies.” It was surreal, hearing your voice and not being the one speaking. “Y/N is correct. I am Cas, whereas your sister is now inhabiting my vessel.”

Dean looked back and forth between you and Cas. “Well, can’t you just angel mojo it back? Reverse whatever spell she placed on you?”

You- no, Cas shook his head. “I do not have enough grace remaining to perform such a task. We will have to find the witch and have her reverse the spell herself.”

You groaned. “Seriously? She could be anywhere. How are we supposed to go around town looking like this?”

“Well, technically you don’t look any different.” Sam spoke up. “No one would know.”

“No way. I’m not going anywhere until I’m looking like myself again.”

“And I’m afraid I won’t be of much use either, if Y/N does not wish me to go out looking like herself,” Cas said.

Dean sighed. “Well, guess it’s just down to you and me then, Sammy.” He walked over to the door. “Let’s go find us a witch.”

You sat on the couch, flipping through the channels of the motel’s small TV. You had changed into one of Dean’s tshirts and a pair of sweatpants, wanting to get as comfortable as you could in another man’s body. You didn’t understand how Cas could possibly go all day wearing a suit and that insufferably hot trenchcoat. Perks of being an angel, probably- heat isn’t a problem.

Cas walked out of the bathroom, also having changed into some clean clothes you had given him. You glanced over, looking him up and down.

“It’s like ‘Freaky Friday,’ but weirder.” You turned back to the television set. “At least they got to stay the same gender.”

Cas took a seat next to you. “I have never inhabited a female vessel before. It is quite a different experience.”

“Don’t say vessel.” You scrunched your nose. “Or inhabited, for that matter. Makes this sound even weirder than it already is.”

“Of course. I apologize, Y/N.” Cas made a pained face. “My stomach hurts.”

“Could be from switching bodies. Good ol’ Jimmy here has been there, done that, but this is a first for me.” You stood up. “Hungry? I ordered a pizza around ten minutes ago, it should be here soon.”

You had been asleep for maybe an hour when you were woken up by a scream. You shot out of bed and looked over, Cas’ bed empty.

“Cas?” You practically shouted his name. He came barreling out of the bathroom, body shaking.

“I’m dying!”

“What?” You were interrupted by repeated knocking on the door. You ran over to open it, Sam and Dean rushing in.

“We heard screaming, what’s wrong?” Sam asked, Dean looking around for any sign of danger.

“I- I don’t know, Cas just screamed and I-”

“I’m dying!” Cas was more insistent now, fear spreading on your- his, you still weren’t used to this- face.

“What do you mean, you’re dying? What’s wrong?” Dean’s voice was steady, but you could tell he was worried.

“I’m bleeding.”

You walked over to him. “What? Where?”

Cas’ eyes started to water. “Y/N, it hurts. My stomach hurts and the bleeding won’t stop.” A tear trailed down his cheek. “Make it stop.”

Your eyes widened with the sudden realization. “Oh.”

“Oh?” Sam took a step closer. “‘Oh’ what? What’s wrong with him?”

“Cas is, um,” you cleared your throat. “I think it may be my- well, Cas’, um, time of month…” you trailed off, trying to contain the laughter that was building up inside of you.

Dean snorted. “No.” He covered his mouth with his hand, trying not to laugh. “You mean…?” He dangled the question in the air.

“Well, it is Y/N ‘s body, so it’s entirely possible.” Sam smiled, walking back to the door. “C’mon, Dean. I think we should let them take care of this alone.”

Cas frowned. “I don’t understand. I am not dying?”

You sighed, leading Cas back to the bathroom as your brothers left, Dean’s laugh sounding through the closed door. “Cas, I’m gonna explain something to you…”

You were making some breakfast in the small kitchen the next morning when there was a knock at the door. You shouted “it’s open” as you moved over the stove, stirring the contents in one of the pots. The door opened and Dean walked in, shutting it behind him. “This is the part where I would usually say what’s cookin’, good lookin’, but…”

You rolled your eyes. “Morning to you too. Where’s Sam?”

“Grabbing us some coffee.” Dean sat at the table, opening the newspaper he had brought with him. You smiled, knowing how cranky your oldest brother could get without his morning coffee. “Where’s Cas?”

You pointed to the bed, where Cas was still lying asleep. “After I gave him some ibuprofen last night, he curled up in that exact position and hasn’t moved an inch. I’ll go wake him up soon.”

Sam walked in at that moment, catching the last of your explanation. He laughed quietly and made his way to the table, shaking his head. He set down the three coffees he brought with him and gave you a small wave. “Pancakes?” You nodded, eyes not leaving the stove.

“Hopefully being in Cas’ body doesn’t affect your cooking. I’m starved.”

You set two plates of pancakes in front of your brothers and watched as they dug in, thanking you around mouthfuls of food. You waved them off, walking towards the bed Cas was sleeping in. You hesitated before waking him up, watching him as he slept. Was that really what you looked like while you were sleeping? You shook his shoulder gently, getting a grunt in response.

“C’mon Cas, you’ve gotta eat.”

“No I don’t. I am an angel. I do not require food.”

“Wrong. You’re in my body now, which means you have to keep it nourished and healthy. And you’re not going to do that sleeping all day long.” You pulled the covers off him. “Now get up!”

Cas groaned, reluctantly opening his eyes. “Hurts.”

“I know. I’ll get you some more medicine, ok?”

He slowly got out of bed, making his way to the kitchen table. He sat down and you set a plate of pancakes in front of him, along with a glass of orange juice and some medicine. He immediately downed the pills, tackling his food next. You grabbed your cup of coffee as you sat down next to him.

“Find anything on the witch yet?”

Sam shook his head. “Not yet. No sign of her since you guys tracked her down. But we’ll find her, don’t worry. You’ll be back to normal in no time.”

“Hopefully…” Dean mumbled and you kicked him in the shin, with more force than you meant.

“You have to find her. I want my body back.” Cas nodded in agreement to your words. “Look, just go back to the house and see if she left anything. She’s got to go back for her stuff.”

Dean sighed. “All right. And while we’re out you’ll be?”

“Researching. Maybe there’s a way to reverse the spell without needing the witch.”

“Doubtfully. The chances of reversing a spell as complex as this one wou-”

“What else can we do, Cas?” You retorted angrily. “If I’m going to be stuck in some crap motel room all day, I want to at least be trying to fix the situation! Are you gonna help me or not?” Cas looked down and nodded. “Ok. I’ll grab my laptop. Sam, will you head to the library and find us some books that might help?” Your brother nodded, already standing. “Thanks.” You took a deep breath. This was going to be a long day.

Seven hours later and you still hadn’t found anything useful. You dropped your head in your hands and groaned in frustration. Hopefully Sam and Dean were having more luck than you and Cas were. You turned to look at the angel, who was bouncing his leg up and down as he flipped through a book. You chuckled, his nervous habit a sign that he was frustrated. Even in your body, you could read Cas easily. You had always been able to; in the amount of time you spent together, you knew him as well as your brothers, maybe even better.

You were so lost in thought that you didn’t hear him the first few times he called your name.


You jumped, startled. “Yeah, Cas, what’s up?”

“I asked if something was the matter, you were staring.”

You shook your head. “No, I’m fine. Find anything?”

“I have not found anything that could be of use to us. I am afraid we will not find the answer to our problems in any of these books.”

“Yeah, the internet is a bust too.” You got up from your chair and stretched, feeling your back pop. “Wanna watch something?”

Cas nodded, abandoning the stack of books in front of him. You sat on your bed and quickly pulled up Netflix on your laptop, letting Cas pick something out. After searching for a few minutes he picked ‘The Princess Bride,’ a movie both if you’re enjoyed. You hit play and set the computer by your feet, leaning back against the headboard. Cas settled in next to you, laying his head on your shoulder. You were used to sitting like this in the bunker when you watched something together, but it felt weird to have a smaller body up against yours. You absentmindedly ran your fingers through his hair, the sensation different from the usual short locks that you now donned. You looked down.

“How you feeling?”

He shrugged. “The medicine has helped somewhat, but the sensation can still be uncomfortable at times.” He shifted slightly to look at you. “I have come to develop more of a respect for you, for having to deal with this every month. I apologize for that.”

You chuckled. “It’s fine, Cas. I’m used to dealing with the pain. Plus,” you smirked. “I would’ve thought that being stabbed and beat up multiple times would be worse than just a little cramping. You going soft on me?”

Cas just turned back to the screen with a “humph,” and you laughed. You pressed a light kiss to his forehead and went back to watching the movie.

You blinked a few times, adjusting to darkness in the room. Your body felt stiff and the clock on the wall said 8:47pm, three hours after you had started the movie. Must’ve fallen asleep, you thought with a yawn. You stretched briefly and then nuzzled back into Cas’ side, closing your eyes again.

Wait a minute.

Your eyes snapped open and you shot up, the sudden movement waking Cas with a jolt. “Y/N? What’s wrong?”

You smile. “Nothing! Look at us!”

Cas stared at you for a moment before realization dawned. “We are back in our own bodies.”

“I know!” You bounced up and down on the bed. “I’ve never felt better in my life.”

“I don’t understand how you can be so energetic while under the influence of your menstrual pains.” Cas looked genuinely confused, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s what’s bugging you? You’re not even curious as to how we got back?”

“Sam and Dean have likely procured the witch and had her reverse the spell. It is either that or the spell only lasted 24 hours.” Cas spoke methodically and you rolled your eyes.

“You’re such a buzzkill.” You screamed as you were pushed over and pinned down to the bed. You struggled against Cas’ hold on you but he was too strong, and if you were being honest with yourself, you didn’t mind being like this all that much. You stopped struggling after a few seconds and stared up into his deep blue eyes. You missed seeing those. He smiled as you stared up at him and leaned down, placing a soft kiss to your lips. Your eyes fluttered shut as you moved your lips against his. There was no rush in the kiss; just the two of you enjoying the moment.

You finally broke apart and Cas let you go, laying on his back. You draped yourself across his chest and he held you in his arms, running his fingers through your hair. You both stayed like that for what seemed like hours before you spoke again.


“Mhm.” His deep voice rumbled in his chest, causing the vibrations to course through your body.

“I missed this.”

You could feel him smile. “So did I.”

The door to the motel room opened and Sam and Dean walked in.

“So the witch did eventually end up going back to the house. We were able to trap her and-” Sam stopped mid-sentence at the sight of the two of you. You were sound asleep, Cas’ hand still carded in your hair, arms wrapped around you. Dean smiled.

“I think they’ve already figured it out.”

The boys exited the room as quietly as possible, letting you and your angel sleep.

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Do you think Thomas prefers James beardy or clean shaven and vice versa, how does James prefer Thomas?

 big HC that Thomas loved James’ beard sooooooo much when he came back from Nassau. So for Thomas beard it is.
For James…honesty he just prefers Thomas alive. he is used to him being clean shaved, but it’s been ten years so it’s strange at first, he never in his life had a bearded man kiss him. he would be somewhere in the between I think. not clean shaved but not beard either. 

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girls please...he shares a lot of songs. He just likes them, maybe he doesn't even know the lyrics and their meaning. If every song, which he posted, would mean as much as you interpret in it, Roman would be depressiv and lay all day in his bed. But look at him, he's fine. I like the song galway girl, but I'm definitely not in love with a girl. And girls, don't try to understand de behavior of a man, it's hopeless.

omg, anon I love you! you finally put it in words. cause, men psychology sooooooo different from women psychology, so trying interpret it in the way that girls doing - it’s a little stupid #sorrynot sorry

New to Tumblr


So i’m new to tumblr and a friend recommended I do something along these lines. I’m looking for blogs to follow, so if you post/reblog things about what’s found below, please either reblog or like this and I’ll check you out! 

-Naruto (I ship both NarutoSasuke and NarutoHinata sooooooo no hate blogs please)
- Gintama
- Fairy Tail
- Kuroko No Basuke
- Haikyuu
- Love Live!
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- D.Gray-Man
- Durarara!!
- Free!!
- Owari no Seraph
- Kingdom Hearts
- Tales of Vesperia, Graces, Xillia - Xillia 2, Abyss
- Fire Emblem: Awakening 
- Project Diva/Vocaloids
- Death Note
- Noragami
- XXXHolic - X99 - Tsubasa
- Junjo Romantica
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Bakuman (manga, I don’t watch the anime)
- Pandora Hearts
- Makai Ouji

That’s all I can think of actually haha, so feel free to follow me back if you want. I literally just created this blog and haven’t done much on it yet. I’ll be working on it in the next few weeks. 

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Pls pls pls explain panics history in terms that sound like fan fiction a 12 year old wrote, it'll be beautiful

okay this is SO not in detail and i missed SOSOSOSOSOOOO MANY parts and it doesnt even sound 12 it sounds like fuckkin NINE YRS OLD but here goes


*~~~RYAN POV~~~*

hello im ryan ross im 18 and i liv in las vega im in college i hav a schlorship in creativ write but i dnt wana b in collage i wnat to travel th world w/ my band paainc at th disco *sigh* i wuz in band practise today w my bandmats spencer adn bretn and trevior 

2day i realiszed trevir sux so i want 2 get a new guitarer so i did and his name iz breadbin urine and like he’s SO HOT like i cud not evieeenn. im lyk sooooo in luv with him i made him lead singer so i ken stair at him when wer playinfg showzzz

i sent pepe wrontz (he’s th BAEssist of fell out boy and omgzz he’s lyk sooo hot but not as hot as breadbin) our songz and he actually massaged me and sed he lyked dem i wUz like O M G PEpeT WrONTZ!!! he sed he waz gonna cum hiere 2 listen to us play and if he lykk us enoff he myt sign as and make us famousz i was like OMGZZz!!! CRAYZE RIGYT?????

so pepe wONRTZ wnet 2 watched us plyay and hE LIKED US AND SED HES GNonA SIGN US AND HE BOUGHT US DEL TACO OMG!!! i dropd out ov collage and we finishd our 1st alboom a fevre u cant swet out i wrote ol de lyrix!! theyre abt my alkoholic dad he didnt lyk i dropd out of colage 2 mek mousic….

we tourd a lot we wer mekup on stage im soooo good at makup sometyms i do breadbin’z makeup and i get 2 breathe hiz air its soooo hot sometimes breadbin kissez me on stage i think he lovs me??? we kickd brent out of th band becos hes a SHIT BASSIST!! even breadbin is bettur breadbins so talentiiiidd <33 we replacd him w the academy is old gitur tech jon!! 

we wentz (haha geddit?) to a cabin 4 our nxt album pretty odd we got hi a lot alot and wrot sum cool sonzgz it was a betls sounding ablum and most of d lyrix i wrot wer abt breadbin <33 we tourd and i didnt lyk d critix sed we suk :( i jos wanted 2 make folk ablum abt breadbin :( 

breadbin sed he wont a mor pop albmu and i sed NO!! i lykd fok moosic we had flowerz on stage and i get 2 wear cute scarvf!! but breadbin and i fought and me and jon endid up leavin band…i was so sad i dint want 2 leave breadbin and spence but me and jon wnted 2 make folk ablum!!!!!


ryna and john left de band but mi and spenxor still mak moosic fuk dem!!!!! we mad album call’d vices nda vitroos and 1 of our songz made it to SMURF MOVIE LIKE OMG CNA UYO BELIV I LOVE SMURVES!!!!! SEE I DON NID RYNA AND JOHN!!!!! but i steel wrot sum songz on d albmlu abt ryna……i miss ryna……so….much……

we got new BAEssist his names DALLON so dat now i kiss OTHER MAN ON STAGE NOT RYNA!! cant kiss spenxor bec hes on the drooms….i got a gf too her name iz sarah shes saoooooo prittey!!!! like sooooooo prettye PRETTIER THAN RYNA!!! SO PRITTYE DAT I MARRYD HER!!! TAKE DAT RYNA!!!!

we wrot new album its colld 2 weird 2 live 2 rer 2 dye!! but spenxor had to stpo tournen bec he had 2 take care of himself he has an addiktion :( :( :( :( so it just me and dallon and tourin drummer…

a lot of intebriew still ask mi abt ryna and john and it mak me sad answer questions abt dem i miss dems…………spenxor left d band offishculy already and it mkea me sososoosooo sad…why do all my friends leaf me……..i wrot hallelujah song abt RYNA SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!

(2 b continue………)