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Voltron Quotes Inspired by Shit My Friends Have Said

Lance: I’m garbage but like ~Gucci~ garbage. Like I’m dead and disgusting inside, but I’m still beautiful as fuck. Try me bitch, I can and will steal your man.

Hunk: I’m sad so I’m eating my feelings, but eating so much makes me more sad which just causes me to eat more DO YOU SEE MY DILEMMA?!

Allura: I’m growing out my hair in hopes that one day I can use it to strangle my enemies

Keith: Do you think anyone has ever tried to fuck a knife? Hey don’t give me that look just hear me out!!

Shiro: Stop calling me the dad of the group! I just want the sweet release of death, I can’t take care of you children!! I mean it, stop-alright yeah okay, I’m the dad. Sure whatever. Daddy needs a drink.

Pidge: You know what I wanna hear? Stephen Hawking talking dirty. What?! Technology is sexy, don’t kink shame me!

Coran: Have you ever been attracted to facial hair? Like sure that guy is cute, but his beard? …damn.


Slav: There’s a 47% probability that I’m pissing you off.

Zarkon: Oh god I hate them. Well, I don’t really hate them. I just want their cat. Do you think they’ll be pissed if I just stole it?

Lotor: If my hair gets messed up, I’m killing all of you and taking over the world. I spent three hours getting ready, and I will not hesitate to stab a bitch if they come too close.

Taking Tom to the Spa:

- Tom giving you a spa voucher package for your birthday
- “I thought maybe you could take one of your friends darling”
-Tom’s face clearly saying ‘please take me though’
-“Tommy did you want to come with me?”
-“Oh you don’t have to do that love, take one of your friends, you don’t want your boyfriend at the spa with you.”
- “Last chance Tomm-.”
- “YES please”
- Getting ready to go and Tom not being sure what sort of thing to wear to a spa
- “Is this shirt okay? Will they give me a shirt to wear? Shall I just not wear a shirt?”
- “You can wear whatever, they’ll give you a robe when we get there”
- “Oo with my initials on it and everything?!”
- “No Tom”
- Driving there and Tom looking at his nails feeling insecure about them being a little dirty
- “I think maybe I should have cleaned my nails before we left, what do you reckon?”
- “You have acted in front of award winning celebrities Thomas why are you getting nervous about going to a spa?”
- “I’m just excited to get pampered with you.”
- Him saying PAMPERED UGH
- Getting to the spa and him asking the receptionist loads of questions
- “So apparently we get robes? Is that true?”
- “It’s my first time at a spa, is there like an initiation or something?”
- “Tom it’s not a cult.”
- “Just checking love!”
- Being sent to seperate locker rooms and Tom being really disappointed
- “I thought you might need my help changing though darling”
- “I’m sure I’ll manage on my own Thomas”
- Starting in the mud bath and Tom being confused about why mud is involved
- “Y/N? Y/N?! I thought spa’s were to get clean not dirty???”
- Taking your robe off to get into the mud bath and Tom rushing to cover you up because he’s worried the spa attendants are looking so he just pulls you into a bear hug and covers your butt with his hands
- “Oh. Ha, oops.”
- Rolling your eyes at his dumbass as you step into the bath and him just confidently stripping off and joining you
- Closing your eyes to relax and feeling him start to graze his fingers over your bare thigh
- Turning to stare at him and him just opening one eye to look at you and grinning like a CHEEKY BASTARD
- “Tom we can be naked in here but we cannot fool around in here”
- “Where there is a naked Thomas, fooling shall be had”
- “Are you kidding me?”
- Getting a couples massage together and you’re already faced down on the table and as he’s stripping to lay down he keeps getting distracted by the curve of your body, the dimples in your back and the way your hair is tied on top of your head, he’s always loved it that way
- You fall asleep and as his massage is finishing up he asks the masseuses to leave the room while he secretly takes over your massage
- Starting at your shoulders he slides his rough hands down your arms, achingly slow, reaching to the spot just above the small of your back, sliding his hands one by one back up your spine
- He kisses your shoulder, leaving a trail of kisses from one to the other
- You’re not even surprised because you’d recognise his facial hair anywhere, your skin knows it’s touch so well
- Flipping over, you reach up, holding his gaze so perfectly, pulling his chin in with your finger, kissing him hastily, with heat
- “When did you get so good with your hands Tommy?”
- “You’ve always given me plenty of chance to practice sweets.”
- Getting a pedicure while he gets a facial and he’s got he’s earphones in bopping his stupid cute little head to music while the beautician is laughing at him
- Snap chatting it and sending it to him and he looks at it and just gives you the finger
- “If you sent that to Harrison we’re breaking up!”
- “What are you even listening to?”
- “Madonna! She has some right old bops!”
- Tom feeling so pretty after his facial
- “Y/N! Feel my face it’s so smooth”
- “I’m not feeling your face Tom”
- Tom taking your hand and just plopping it on his cheek
- “Nice isn’t it?!
- “Yes Tommy.”
- Getting eyelash extensions put in and Tom just being concerned af
- “Is that safe for your eyes darling? It looks like it hurts, I didn’t pay for this for you to lose your eyesight!”
- “It’s fine Tom, the lady knows what she’s doing.”
- Tom getting his hair washed and blown out because he likes to do the moST
- Tom asking the hair dresser if she can make sure his curls look extra nice because he knows you love it when his hair is curly
- “What do you think my love?”
- “You know exactly what I think Tommy. My handsome man.”
- Him throwing the ‘oh stop it you’ hand at you.
- Putting your hand on the back of his neck and playing with the curl at the back, kissing his jaw and making him sigh
- “My little curly locks”
- Walking out and Tom checking with the receptionist, “so we definitely don’t get to keep the robes?”
- “TOM”
- “Just making SURE, they’re really sofffttt”
- Jks on him because he’s a soft bby boy
- Driving home and he has his hand in yours, drawing figure eights in your palm
- “So, did the love of my life enjoy her trip to the spa?”
- “Not as much as you did I think Tommy.” -
I just got thinking bout how I needed to get my lip waxed and how I’d fucking love to go to the spa with Tom and see him get treated the way he deserves sooooo 🤷🏻‍♀️ If y'all have any requests, hmu xx

Ao3 Link

Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

Chapter 1

Adrien was never the writing type. He did write well - written papers and essays – at least according to his teachers – and was even occasionally asked by a few of his classmates for some writing tips. But, it was for educational purposes only. He‘d never had any sort of passion to write an actual story and he never thought of himself as the imaginative kind anyway. His mind was almost always focused on school, his responsibilities set by his father, and his masked identity. He never really had that luxury of being able to think about anything else. Well, except for his Lady, but that was something entirely different.

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MAN!!! 💙💙👌👏💙👏💯💯✔️✔️💙💙AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA a good man. A beautiful soul. A wonderful, wonderful being bless him. Bless karamatsu, their amazing Servant personality, lovely soul good being amazing man 200/10 deserves so much love 💙💙💙💙💙 KARAMATSU IS A GOOD MAN WHAT A GOOD MAN GOOD 💙 GOOD 💙 GOOD MAN!!!!! GENUINE REAL MAN WHO LOVES EVERYONE SO MUCH!!!!! 👌👌AAAAAAAAAAHHH LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM EEEEEEEMMMMMMM GOOD MAN!!! 💯💯 GOOD!!!! MAN!!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💯💯👏👌👍✔️👏👌💙💙💯💯✔️✔️👌💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙


Alright - a week or two ago I made a post about my love of “Obi-wan breaks Ahsoka out of prison during The Wrong Jedi arc” fics and promised to produce a list of Dooku & Obi-wan stories I have enjoyed the next day. 

Well, real life had a few things to say about the amount of time I would have for that, but FINALLY, we’ve arrived. 

The relationship between the two of them is my JAM (especially when it deals with Dooku trying to lure Obes to the dark) and I wish there was more material out there. (So much so that it motivated me to work on my own series that is going down this route. Slowly. Probably too slowly and with a fair bit of over-analyzing, but I’m having fun and I would say that writing keeps me out of trouble but that is a pernicious and bald-faced lie. Ha!)

Anyway, here we go…

The Finer Shades of Why by yesac on fanfiction.net

This is the story that sold me on the Dooku & Obi-wan relationship. It includes all my favorite tropes such as fancy dinners with your enemy and Obi-wan flirting with the dark side. As a bonus, it includes awesome Anakin & Obi-wan bonding and a kick-ass Padmé to boot.

Fimbulwinter by Imadra Blue on fanfiction.net

Interesting short story that is slightly slashy but it really works in context. Dooku is a creeper.

Backdrop by esama on Ao3

Agh, really well-done short that leaves open so many possibilities. I won’t spoil it here. 

Set It Alight by DAsObiQuiet on Ao3

This was the fic that turned me on to dark!Obi-wan and it has some fun Dooku/Obi-wan interactions. WIP. 

Offset by DeviantAccumulation on Ao3

Dooku is busting out every trick in the book to turn Obi-wan to the dark. AU where Qui-gon lives. Warning for some violence. Listed as Obi-wan/Qui-gon but there is no romance or smut in this story. 

The Puppetmaster Moves The War (But Not How One Thinks) by Cosmic_Biscuit on Ao3

This is a very unique and quiet story that is kind of Obi-wan & Dooku but not at the same time. There is no luring to the dark side here, but I wanted to include it on my list because it’s so interesting and Obi-wan gets caught in the middle of Dooku’s past with some OCs.

As always, if anyone has any more recs, I would be delighted to read them. Can’t get enough of that Obi-wan and Dooku interaction :)

Seventeen: Reaction to you showing them your lingerie

Aww yes the beautiful life of a writer can i call myself writer????? Is that okay?? Am i allowed to do that???
You see i actually would have added some GIFs but i write everything on my phone and it does not work????

Man who cares anyways.
Thank you and enjoy!



S.coups would just stare for like solid 5 minutes. And then either blush really badly or take you then and there. It depends highly on what sort of lingerie you’re wearing. If it’s something sexy he would be all daddy but if it’s something cute he’d be a blushy mess.

Jeonghan would love it sooooo much. I mentioned before that everything that is somehow really beautiful to him can make him rock hard in a second.

Wonwoo would get all sensual and really touchy. Slowly tracing his fingers along your skin and looking at your eyes while doing so.

Mingyu would straight up moan really loud. This boy gets turned on by everything you do and when you wear things like it provokes him even more. Get ready for a really wild night *wiNK WONK BABY*

I don’t know about you but in my opinion Seungkwan would get happy about it. Like this innocent happy???? He’d be soooo happy that you would do these things for him. I’d make him feel appreciated.

Vernon would have a similar reaction like Seungkwan. He also would get happy and everything but he’d also take this chance to show you how manly he is.

Hoshi the little sunshine would blush sooooooo bad. His body would be ready but his mind would be blank. He wouldn’t be able to have a straight thought hELP THIS BOY.

Dk would react just like Hoshi but would giggle alot. Giggling, scratching his head and fidgeting alot.

Don’t get me started on Jun. This man would take you then and there and i’m not kidding. I even think that lingerie is one of his many kinks tbh. This man is no joke.

I swear i love Woozi so much. This lil bean would stutter and blush so much you would have to get him a glass of water. It’s weird because i think he’d be into light BDSM and seeing hin react like would be quite interesting.

Minghao would react just like Mingyu. Moaning loudly and stroking himself through his pants. Would pull you close to kiss you but rather rough just like the night you’re about to enjoy.

Last but not least comes our Joshua. He is in my opinion one of the most sinful ones when it comes to sex in seventeen. So seeing you in lingerie preferably in black or red would make him proud to call you his.

"Your boyfriend is Spiderman, darling"

Inspired by @quackmom post ❤️


-You are a famous television actress, you have your own show. And after a little situation in a coffee shop with a strange man and your boyfriend Tom, social networks find out instantly.

x x

“What was that all about?” Tom asked once you two left the coffee shop

You thought for a few seconds without getting the smile on your face “remember when we fight and i win the discussion?” Tom nodded “and how much do I like to win them?” Tom nodded again with a confused face “let me put it like this … I love to win” you winked at Tom who is still confused but with a smile on his face proud of you and how smart you were.

x x

“So congratulations on season three of your show!” James Corden said when we came back from commercials.

“Thank you!” You said with a smile on your face excited to start filming the next season.

“But about your show we already talked, let’s talk about this recent tweet of yours” James said and on the screen appeared a tweet that you published a few days ago “y/n tweeted this a couple a days ago, and she says:” I just had a battle of looks with a strange man because of my spiderman shirt, weird. #EveryDayLife" James read your tweet and look at you with a face of confusion “Can you explain that?” James laughed with the audience.

You laughed and sighed “This happened when I was in London at my break. One day I decided to go to a coffee shop that is very close to my house.It was a chill day, so I was dressed in my big spiderman shirt. You know! He was doing the pose and everything.”

“Tom’s gift?” James interrupts you and the public laughs

“obviously” you said and the public joined your laughter “I have thousands of those t-shirts thrown in my room” James laughs as well as the public “so I entered the coffee shop and asked for my order and I stayed there while i was waiting for my order when a man of maybe 60 years old approached me and said, "What? Does your boyfriend like spiderman?”

“what?” James said confused

“I know, I was the same, confused looking at the man, so I thought of my mind: ok, there are two options: the first is that he did not recognize me and he was making fun of my spiderman shirt. Or, he knows who i am and he’s playing with me knowing that my boyfriend is Tom. So as the positive person I am” you looked at the audience with a funny face and they laughed “I chose the second one. So i said "my boyfriend IS spiderman” And the man rolled his eyes thinking i was another crazy spiderman fan!“ James laughs and you were with your face of confusion like that day

"and what happened?” James asked.

“And then Tom walked in, he approached me, grabbed my waist and kissed my forehead saying "sorry that I’m late, darling” James laughed with the audience “and I looked at Tom with a smile on my face and then look at the man who had his mouth wide open from surprise”

“No! He recognized Tom!” James laughed “what a moment!”

“So i looked at the man with a sassy look and, perfect timing, the waiter gives me the coffee, I grab it … so I left the coffee shop with my coffee in one hand and Spiderman in the other hand and a giant smile on my face” James laughed and joined you in laughter as the audience clapped “how crazy! That man must be regreting everything” James said with a laugh.

x x

“You are crazy, you know that?” Tom texted me while he was filming for his next movie after he saw the interview

“People needed to know!”

“But you’re right. Your boyfriend is Spiderman, darling”

“Nobody makes fun of my Spiderman t-shirt”

“That’s my girl”

Yes, i’m Spiderman’s girl. So what?


Sooooo, i just found out that i hit 100 followers. What the hell?????? Thank you so much!!! I love all of you omg

allybrookeofficial: Look whose birthday fell on Father’s Day this year - MY PRECIOUS BROTHER’S!!! Anyone who knows me closely, knows that he is my HEART. Bobo (his name is Brandon but this is my nickname for him🤗) you know how much I adore you. I can’t believe you’re 28. You are getting older ❤️ I am so proud of the man you have become. So proud of your hard work and how it is paying off. So proud of who you are! Even though you’re older than me I will always take care of you to the fullest! And I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me. At all times. Have the most incredible birthday and give dad an extra hug for me 😁 You were the greatest gift to us and our family, and especially to dad 28 years ago. That was the best Father’s Day ever 💘 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBO I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH 💛

Dear Greedy Anon for “That Summer” Fanart,

Received the cookies. Done deal. 

Love, Another Greedy Fan Thirsting for “That Summer” Fanart


  • @mysticscanlations you are the best! 
  • Jumi deserves all the love in this world… this entire universe!
  • Hee Bum, stop with the eyebrows… I know you like that damn cookie. 
  • Yoo Won… why are you sniffing the cookie? >.>

Yo..i know its been like over a year, but…“Love Drought” …i still cant get that song out of my head. Yo. Those lyrics. I can think of few songs that hurt that much. Idk whats worse. The fact that a woman was hurt by a man so deeply she had to make a song like that. Or the fact that there are sooooo many other women that can relate to it. Like. I’m privileged enough to listen to Lemonade and be like “damn…i cant imagine what being hurt like that feels like” but at least 90% of the women that heard it have to go “yup….i know this feeling”

Dudes…..we need to have a meeting. This shit cant go on, fam


please watch in HD, small screen with headphones.

I scream, I cry, I curse, I say I hate it and will never forget. I say I’ll burn everything to the ground if they don’t have a good and happy life but let’s be honest here, I’m all here for the drama, I live for it and happiness is for the fics haha And these two are pretty much the definition of drama itself, my poor babies can’t have like one week of peace it’s sooo rude but man I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 You know what I love the most ? They always -ALWAYS- find they way back to each other. They’re SOOOOO beautiful I can’t even write how much I love them and how much they’re precious to my heart and soul <3
Anyway, I really think this season is one the best we had and I can’t think about the show being cancelled, it’s just impossible !
Oh and I was supposed to wait until the season’s finale to vid again but what can I say ? These two are my worst weekness <3

Inktober 2016 Day 6

WILLABETH!!!!! Man its been forever since I have drawn my original OTP Will and Elizabeth from Pirates of The Caribbean and with the new trailer out featuring their son all of the feels came exploding out again! Hahaha Gal I love these two so much!!!


Sooooo, Happy Birthday to the Cutie, the Sailor, The Key Man, the groovy jazz cat, the Duck Imitator, the Genius Richard William Wright!!
You already know how much I love him and his music but I think it is always nice to post or talk more about him because he is so underrated! Happy birthday you precious man, I hope you get a lot of cake, we love you ♥♥♥♥♥

Let's not forget that Henry Branwell was the man who introduced Magnus Bane to glitter

Honestly, I don’t think that any of us could ever imagine Magnus without his glitter.

Thank you Henry.