i love this man more and more with each day that passes

Anon Request (Love Letter)


Within the time you have spent with me here in London,I find that my heart yearns for you more and more with each passing day.The want to be at your side and keep you safe from harm,not that you need me to of course.You have more than proven your strength and skill in combat,and for that you have my everlasting respect.

The thought of getting told that you have been killed clouds my mind constantly, when you are not with me.Everytime you leave for a mission I find that I have a sinking feeling within my stomach as I fear the worst for you.

As I write this you are asleep upstairs,I could not bring myself to wake you and tell you my true feelings.I fear that you do not feel the same way as I do,that your heart does not yearn for me as mine does for you.Deep down in my heart I know that I am right,but I still continue to write to tell you how I feel.Is it with hope that maybe this will change your mind?I do not know the answer to that question,all I know is that my feelings for you are still strong

Always yours,

Jacob Frye

I want more bodyswap viktuuri AUs but a slowburn one. I want yuuri freaking out bc he’s the soulmate to a very beautiful man but in a foreign country and not sure what to do while viktor is like amazed at how cute his soulmate is and having too much fun with his dorm mate phichit, who is immediately taking selfies to post to let yuuri somewhere out there know he’s chilling with a perfect gentleman.

and when they meet up yuuri is so embarrassed but they weren’t able to switch back so viktor is like “let me get to know you” and then that’s when they slowly fall for each other. more like immediately. yuuri then feels more in love with every passing day

To my sunshine,

You’re turning 22 today, and I think back to when you first debuted which was the first time I saw you. As I laid my eyes on this handsome, adorable young man, who danced in his own intricate way, my heart was stolen immediately. However for reasons, I wasn’t able to keep up with EXO for the next two years, but luckily I was able to find my way back, and from then on began my journey into loving one of the most beautiful, incredible, and loving boys. 

What had started off as you simply catching my eye, developed into something so much bigger. With each passing day, the more I peeled back the layers into the person you truly are, the more and more I fell. While to others you might just be the handsome, sassy maknae, to me you are so much more than that. You are like a light in the darkness, shining brighter than anything else in my universe. Like a blanket on a cold winter’s day, filling me with so much warmth and love where it wasn’t before. Like a diamond, with so much beauty and so many sides to you. Like the softest little cupcake, so sweet and delicate, filling me with so much happiness and calm. I could go on forever, because there’s just so many parts of you that I love and that bring so much happiness into my life. Every day I look at you and I always think how happy and proud I am to love you, that out of everyone it was you who took my heart, because I really wouldn’t want it any other way. You have grown to be one of the most special people in my life, and even though you’ll never know that, it doesn’t change a single thing.

It’s only been 4 years since I’ve gotten to know you, but so much has happened in that short amount of time. You debuted as this adorable and incredibly shy boy, and while to me you’re still my little baby, you’ve grown up so much. You’ve worked so hard, you’ve improved in your skills and while in some areas you still have a ways to go, you’re always making progress little by little. And while you’ve always been a wonderful, incredible, beautiful boy inside and out, you’ve opened up a lot more, gaining more confidence, and letting the light within you shine so bright. You’ve gained so much love and support, you’ve gotten your own award, you’re getting your own movie, and I know there’s so much more to come. To see you staying so humble, setting yourself your own path, finding your way around and always showing your best no matter how tough it gets, fills me with so much pride and adoration and love, and I’ll be there rooting for you every step of the way.

Always remember that we, the ocean, are your galaxy, and each of us are your little stars. And I hope when you look out at us you see how brightly we shine for you, that you feel all the light and love from the galaxy my little prince, because that’s where stars belong, and you’re the brightest of them all.

Even though I missed two years of your life, I’m glad I found you again, and I promise I’ll be here until the end. And while it can’t stay like this forever, since life gets in the way and we all move on, you’ll forever have a special place in my heart. So to the shy, awkward, sassy boy who is actually a small child at heart. To the boy who always stays humble and sweet and cares for everyone around him in his subtle ways. To the boy who’s growing more day by day, gaining new experiences, learning new lessons, soaring higher and reaching for the stars. To the boy whose smile shines brighter than a supernova and has stars resting in his eyes. To the boy who taught me what it was to love someone wholeheartedly, when before I never thought I could. To the boy that brings so much light and laughter and happiness into my life   —   Happy Birthday ♡♡♡

The Prettiest Star Ascends...

David Bowie. The man who sold the world, the man who stole my heart, and the man who changed my life.

It is true, planet Earth is even more blue than usual without you. You were the brightest star the world has ever seen, and likely ever will see. Your genius and talent knew no bounds, and your brilliant work continued to evolve, and alter the landscape of music with each new record, up until your final days on this Earth. Your voice and words were a beacon of hope and passion for me, even in my darkest hours. With each new song I discovered by you, I fell more in love with you and your beautifully strange music.

My heart is weighed down by the deepest sadness I have ever known today. When I heard the news of your passing I cried the whole night and all the way through the next day. My world is shocked to the core. I feel like I’ve lost a best friend, a lover, and an inspiration all in one man. Even though I never had the chance to meet you, I feel as though I knew you through some spiritual connection, like a dream.

Tonight, as I walk these snow-covered streets of my campus, I stand alone and face the frozen lake Michigan. Warm tears pour down my icy face, as I stare off into the darkest night I have ever seen. I sob loudly to myself, knowing no one is around or can hear me, the first time I really let it all out. Inside my freezing body, my heart is aching for you, asking why, wishing it was all a lie.

But on my walk back through the frigid, painful night, I stop and stare up into the sky. The falling snow is soft and pure, and appears glowing against the pitch black sky. I look down to the sidewalk below me and see the most shimmery, glittery snow I have ever seen, illuminated by a street lamp. I smile to myself now, because I know it is you, gracing the world with your presence one last time- your final and most magical performance yet.

I know as you ascend into the sky, a new star is reborn, just as it was born on Earth so many years ago. As your soul rises I know this glittery powder is you showering us with your beautiful stardust, one last time.

Thank you for all you have given me, and the rest of the world. I know your legacy will live on forever here, on Earth, and is just beginning for you out there.

When I look up into the night sky from now on, I will always look around until I see the brightest star. I know that one is you.

Please know that you will be forever in my heart, and forever on my mind. And know that you have risen up all the way. All because of what you are-

The Prettiest Star. ★