i love this man btw

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!


“the old that is strong does not wither”

happy birthday Fernando Torres, you ageless elf!


“For me, This one is about a coming of age story. Wrapped up in fealty and brotherly love. That idea of brotherly love is something that the world could use a little bit of now. Knowing that you could go through life and your constants that are your friends and your family can change but you can still be you and you can still grow. If you can get that through to a player in a game, I think mission accomplished.” - Robbie Daymond


‘’… why would you want to call me that?’’
‘’… is this Neah’s doing?’’


i’ve been on a gaster kick lately, so i sorta went with it??? what can i say, i just really love this sad, void man lmao. (btw some of the images have caption!)

also included some pre-core gaster! i’ve decided that i like the idea of my gaster being sans’ and papyrus’ father. for the longest time it was a toss up between him being their older brother, or being their dad, but the latter won me over in the end haha. 

…I’m so gay…for Vilia…I swear…this entire encounter with them…added so many years…to my life…of fucking course I’ll keep you in mind when I’m free to grab something to eat…I barely know you but I love you already~ 😘

i’ve been playing GNGK on loop these past few days so here i gained a bunch of new headcanons for Guilty Kiss:

  • Mari picked up guitar skills when she was in America. She mostly plays her fav industrial metal songs but when the mood hits her during lazy days, she grabs her acoustic guitar instead and plays very chill songs that Riko and Yoshiko find it very calming.
  • ‘Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss’ was actually originally played on an acoustic guitar before they redid it to the current version to match Strawberry Trapper. They still kept some of the acoustic parts to play in the background tho bc it sounds nice. (no im serious if u listen to GNGK carefully, there really is an acoustic guitar playing in the background)
  • Mari and Riko discuss the music composition while Yoshiko plans out what they’re gonna wear bc since the first album, they’ve discovered they can’t trust Riko to properly coordinate on her own.
  • Yoshiko’s also the one who mostly deals with the stage technicalities (ie lights, effects, etc) bc she has the most experience with it due to her ‘Yohane Videos’.
  • Lyrics are mostly Mari and Yoshiko’s doing. Riko gets v embarrased and flustered when she reads them. “I won’t restrain myself, I want to steal away the things I desire- HOW ARE YOU TWO EVEN COMING UP WITH THESE?!”
  • Riko worries over the ‘shamelessness’ of the lyrics a lot but when it’s time for the actual performance, she’s actually the one who sings them most seriously which makes Mari and Yoshiko exchange ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) looks behind her back.
  • Guilty Kiss is the sub-unit most prone to get injuries. It’s not that any of them are clumsy but between Yoshiko’s weird luck for accidents, Riko’s impromptu acrobatic escapes, and Mari being a combination of excitable and distractable (i.e. moving too fast that she snags on something, bumping into things when she’s too busy teasing Kanan or Dia to look where she’s going, lunging at the two for a hug without care if they’re holding something)… well. 
  • To everyone’s surprise, it’s Yoshiko who gets v responsible about taking care of the injuries. She’s even taken to lugging around a first aid kit bc none of her groupmates can be trusted to treat themselves properly. “It’s just scratch?” “Mari-senpai you’re bleeding over your socks.” “Oh!”
  • Yoshiko actually goes ‘Annoyed But Actually Worried Mom’ Mode on them when they get injured. “You’re both older than me, aren’t you two supposed to be more responsible than this??”, she grumbles as she disinfects Riko’s scrapped hands while Mari curiously prods at the skull-covered band-aid Yoshiko had plastered to her knee. It’s an unexpected dynamic but it works really well.