i love this man btw

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!


“the old that is strong does not wither”

happy birthday Fernando Torres, you ageless elf!


“For me, This one is about a coming of age story. Wrapped up in fealty and brotherly love. That idea of brotherly love is something that the world could use a little bit of now. Knowing that you could go through life and your constants that are your friends and your family can change but you can still be you and you can still grow. If you can get that through to a player in a game, I think mission accomplished.” - Robbie Daymond


♡ 2016 + favorites (part l) 。.:*:・'゜☆。


‘’… why would you want to call me that?’’
‘’… is this Neah’s doing?’’


i’ve been on a gaster kick lately, so i sorta went with it??? what can i say, i just really love this sad, void man lmao. (btw some of the images have caption!)

also included some pre-core gaster! i’ve decided that i like the idea of my gaster being sans’ and papyrus’ father. for the longest time it was a toss up between him being their older brother, or being their dad, but the latter won me over in the end haha. 

…I’m so gay…for Vilia…I swear…this entire encounter with them…added so many years…to my life…of fucking course I’ll keep you in mind when I’m free to grab something to eat…I barely know you but I love you already~ 😘