i love this man btw


“the old that is strong does not wither”

happy birthday Fernando Torres, you ageless elf!


Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

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Remembering Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin on his birthday.

April 16th 1889 — December 25th 1977

It is not reality that matters in a film but what the imagination can make of it. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!

Shipppp babbyyy-

Geno (loverofpiggies) and reaper (renrink)

Bois name is Lorelai yeah I knowww, shhh, he kinda does that anyway I guess?

Anywayyy, this kid mannn, he is dead inside and doesn’t care anymoRE. Usually he keeps his cloak thingyyyy closed completely but I opened it a lil so you could kinda see his clothes underneath.

The ends of his cloak thing trail off in some weird smoke ooor something ??? And his scarf is constantly movng like wind is blowing, not that much but I wanted to show that there are two sides to it aND that ittt goes off in little strands of the fabric that usually fade away, like smoke or steam does, idk how to describe it

His right eye glitches from time to time but not usually, it happens more often when he is feeling more emotions.

I’ve heard that is you touch Reaper you diE so this kid inherited that, so don’t touch hiMm. He is kinda depressed looking an dead inside but if he likes something oor whatev he gets happy and cyOOOT.

I genuinely had plans to write today until I discovered that whilst I was wrapped in the blissful oblivion of slumber, @jungblue and @kimtrain and @ellieljade all updated their fics. Ultimately, this has lead me down a long and treacherous path of procrastination in order to read each of their phenomenal pieces of work, and I am not at all upset about in the slightest.

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“For me, This one is about a coming of age story. Wrapped up in fealty and brotherly love. That idea of brotherly love is something that the world could use a little bit of now. Knowing that you could go through life and your constants that are your friends and your family can change but you can still be you and you can still grow. If you can get that through to a player in a game, I think mission accomplished.” - Robbie Daymond

Snug as a mug in a rug. Red’s gonna be peeved once he finds his jacket missing yo.

✏️ HHHH a comfy Dre is all I live for aaaa

DUUUDE ROSTER THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! It’s so relaxing to look at!!! 8U8 He looks so comfy!!! AAA AND THE FACT THAT HE’S WEARING FELL’S JACKET REALLY MAKES ME WANT THEM TO MEET NOW HAHAHA thank you so much! This is a great pic, it’s so chill! I love the way you do your body types btw man ;A; it’s so precious and adorable and SQUISHY AND I LOVE IT