i love this love

interviewer: so dunkirk–

louis: *level 10 supportive boyfriend activate*

louis: im so proud of harry i keep up with all the promo i heard the movie is great did i mention im proud because im really proud christopher nolan himself said harry did a great job im so proud im just really proud he did amazing

So we’re laying on your sofa with my head on your shoulder and I almost tell you everything,

Like somehow when I’m with you I forget the way he touched me, and the way I tore myself to shreds because of it. Somehow when I’m with you he doesn’t even matter.

I almost tell you that this is the third summer I’ve been hopelessly in love with you and ever since we first kissed on the ghost train, that love has never faded, no matter what.

I almost tell you that I wish we hadn’t have fucked it up, that we were too young, that that much love is nearly Impossible to handle at such a young age, but now we’re older, now we can do it.

But I can’t tell you anything I want to tell you because we’re just friends, we’re just friends, we’re just friends,

I almost tell you that every ounce of my being wishes that we were more than just friends.