i love this love

If you
10 years from now,
with a new love in your arms
happen to remember the way my smile graced my lips,
the way my breath used to fill up your lungs
at 2 in the morning,
then all is enough.
That will be more
than enough for me.
—  Lukas W. // When I am not the one
Fish Fly

The fish that come to Elsewhere U tend to come in tiny tanks or, Gods forbid, fish bowls. It makes a little sense, transporting fish to a new place, expecting a small dorm room. But after a few weeks, overly confined fish Go Away.
The freshmen especially blame their RAs and roomies because “They didn’t do this to themselves! They didn’t fly out the window on their own!” They’re probably not wrong on that point. But it is purely Elsewhere that they end up with a Bubbly Decimal number and a colour photograph on a plaque, and plenty of space to swim in the giant Tankshelf in the Deep Library. The Tankshelf is a set of bookshelves, or rather it isn’t, except it does parallel the stacks nearby, except it’s a big 500 gallon tank with a few sections separated off, at bookshelf-mimicking intervals, to keep certain species away from each other.
There’s not that many fish in it at any one time, unless you look at it from the corner of your eye…