i love this little lamb so much

this is a gift, it comes with a price
who is the lamb and who is the knife
midas is king and he holds me so tight
and turns me to gold in the sunlight…

check out this stunning portrait of Shaera and Solas i commissioned from @noquietinhere! i can’t get over Shae’s perfect little face and solas’s tender, loving expression. i am in love with how the green glow of the mark lights up their faces, the tarot-style details, their hand holding, her curves, and how the whole thing feels so warm and intimate.

i wanted to capture this moment between them because i have an non-mage inquisitor who is fascinated by her newly acquired magic and seeks to perfect her ability to use it by calling on Solas for help and training! and of course he takes advantage of any opportunity to be close to her because he liek vhenan <333 solas is weak for shaera and it definitely shows here.

Mystic Messenger HC where the RFA+Saeran react to MC at the beach in a bikini


  • He blushed at just the thought
  • But he really wanted to see you in one
  • When you stripped down to your bathing suit he turned bright red as expected
  • He stutters to compliment you, “Y-you look really c-cute.”
  • It makes you laugh and his whole body is so hot he suggests going swimming
  • You splash him and he laughs and splashes back 
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
  • too damn cute
  • He does get insecure when other better looking guys start staring at you
  • Inside he wants to tell them to get lost but his courage fails him. What if you got mad? If you didn’t like him being possessive?
  • You see that his bright sunshine exterior has faded
  • So you take his hand and smile and those insecurities disappear
  • He kisses your hand without thinking
  • You blush, causing him to blush, and you just stand their holding hands
  • Both of you laugh it off and walk shoulder to shoulder
  •  You two continue to frolic and eat ice cream the rest of your beach day aw youth


  • He jumped at the chance to have a beach date
  • You went to get changed in a public bathroom and he awaited your return eagerly
  • When you come back you blow his mind
  • Is he blushing?
  • He couldn’t be more attracted to you
  • But when he notices the attention you’re getting by other guys, Guard Dog Zen is on high alert
  • He’s glaring down guys left and right practically snarling
  • He covers you up with his button down shirt
  • “What are you doing Zen?”
  • He takes you by the shoulders, “Listen MC, you’re a little lamb in a pack of wolves. As a loyal guard dog I can only resist my own instincts for so long.”
  • Zen, please chill
  • You love this over-protective side of him but if he only worried he couldn’t have any fun
  • You get on your toes and kiss him slowly before saying “I believe in you.”
  • Shocked, he just stares at you
  • Absent minded he lets you pull him by the hand back to the beach
  • All the while counting down the minutes until the two of you could be alone


  • She rejected the idea at first, she had far too much work to do
  • You may or may not have snuck in the idea of field research to Jumin about beaches
  • So there you were, Jaehee was grumpy and refused to change out of shorts and a tank top
  • You returned to her with a bikini on and that grumpy look dropped for just moment
  • “You need to put on sun screen.”
  • You did as she said but, “Can you get my back?”
  • She nodded and started to apply it. You were blushing with as her slick hands moved over your shoulders, neck, down your spine…
  • “Done.” You turned around, “You next.” 
  • You applied the sun screen to the spots she couldn’t reach.  When you were done you gave a light kiss to her shoulder.
  • “We’re here to work,” she stated.
  • You grabbed her hands, “than let’s work” you say and pull her towards the water.
  • You try to show her how to have fun by swimming about and eventually just float on your back and your head pumped into her chest.
  • As you smiled up at her, she leaned down and kissed you on the lips and says “you’re too much sometimes”. You see her smirk and know that you’ve done a good job.  


  • When you said you wanted to go to the beach you thought he replied too quickly
  • You arrive and realize that he owns a private beach with an ocean front house. 
  • As soon as you come out for your big bikini clad reveal you feel like covering up
  • His eyes roamed over your body with no shame there ain’t no shame bell that will work on this boy
  • He’s seated under the shade of a large canopy with comfy pillows, a mini bar, and–was that a bartender?
  • “Come here,” he pats his lap.
  • You walk to him and sit in between his legs
  • His arms wrap around your waist and tug you closer to his bare chest.
  • Hm, looks like Jumin has a case of wanderinghands-itis
  • “J-Jumin… there are people around…”
  • He snaps his fingers and you notice the bartender leave but you know for a fact his body guards didn’t go far
  • He kisses your neck. “You’re so beautiful. I need to touch every inch of you.”
  • You have to wonder if the guards are blushing as much as you are


  • Outside? This boy? No thanks.
  • It takes some serious coaxing and mild threats about hiding all his chips and soda for him to finally agree
  • But with some of his own conditions he lays you on the bed to negotiate
  • The next day you are surprised to wake up without any loud beeping from the alarm.
  • You check the time and its 4 in the afternoon!? You shake the sleeping man next to you
  • As he sits up you tell him the time and he just says, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “oh well, we better just go back to sleep” and lays his head down
  • ಠ╭╮ಠ You take a pillow and smack him with it. “You planned this didn’t you?!” Salty af you decided you were going to the beach one way or another.
  • You changed into a bathing suit and threw normal clothes on over and made him get up to drive.
  • As you thought, the sun was starting to set by the time you arrived. You got out of the car to stretch your legs and mostly ignore Saeyong.
  • He follows you. “Are you salty?”
  • This is not the time for puns, what are you doing
  • “I just wanted to show off my new bathing suit…” you tell him.
  • He hugs you from behind. “I’m sorry. I’m shore you would look sexy in it.”
  • (¬_¬)
  • “Come on, what’s the porpoise of being mad?”
  • His stupid ocean themed puns finally get to you and you crack a smile.
  • He hugs you tighter, “There she is.” He kisses you as the sun sets over the ocean.


  • Only goes to the beach because you seemed so excited
  • Also to escape from his brother’s “bonding day” plans
  • You go to change and when you take too long he comes looking for you
  • Saeran sees that you are being harassed by another guy
  • Saeran  punches the guy without a word and breaks his nose
  • Saeran and MC are forcibly removed from the beach by the police
  • You scold Saeran when you get back to the hotel
  • He apologizes for breaking the guy’s nose, he used too much strength.
  • that’s not the point sweetheart
  • Suddenly he hugs you to his chest. “Next time… I won’t do anything so wear your bathing suit again.”
  • You hug him back and hide your face in the warmth of his chest. “Deal.”
  • “You could just show me now…” he whispered in your ear.
  • *gasp* SAERAN CHOI  
  • It looks like he had plans of his own for the night.
The Wrath of the Lamb

And we’re finally here, the finale. This post will be THE LONGEST one in this whole series, so prepare yourselves!

…that’s what she was going to do?? Damn.

This little scene was cut. Excellent thinking from Reba in that situation!

A surprise appearance from Dolarhyde!

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You moved your head from side to side softly as the sun peeped through the window. You stretched your arms and leant over to Harry’s side who was also cuddled up on the sheets. “Morning gorgeous.” You whispered as you stroked his now short hair back. He grumbled and moved a little bit. “Uh, morning” He moaned. “‘Ts bright” He mumbled. You hummed in agreement. “Was thinking, could have a BBQ with the family today.” You smiled. You got along with Harry’s family so much and loved their company. He turned a little bit to cuddle you. “Mmm, but first we cuddle for a little bit” He says into your neck.

You and Harry were both now dressed and on your way to Morrisons in his Audi for once. “I really fancy a minty lamb chop” Harry smiles as he turns down the radio. “I don’t mind, we should get a selection seeing as your Mum and that are coming.” Harry nodded. After picking up some vegetables to make some salads and Harry picking up some Kale you made you way over to the meat section. Harry decided to be annoying and lean up on the trolley and guide through the empty space. You rolled your eyes as you picked up various bits of meat. You was half way through deciding between what bits of fillet steak when you felt some kisses being pressed to your cheek and the slight pull of something in your hair. You weren’t denying the kisses, how could you ever, but his expensive glasses stuck in your hair whilst doing so? Not so comfy. You moaned a little whilst Harry removed it but a kiss to the lips sure did make everything better.

“Have we still got a gas bottle?” Harry asked coming into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around your waist as you made a salad. “Yeah I checked his morning before we went out, its in the garage, we used the last bottle at New Year’s Eve when you thought it was a good idea.” You giggled. He smiled and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Love ya.” He said. “Love you too.”

You opened the door to fine, Robin, Anne, Gemma and Michal standing there. You smiled and welcomed them all into the house with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. “Harry’s in the garden setting up the BBQ and I’m in the kitchen” You smiled. You could predict what happened next, Gemma and Anne walked with you to the kitchen whilst the boys walked to Harry. You grabbed the white wine from the fridge (something you girls always drank) and poured three glasses. “How’s you Y/N?” Anne asked. “I’m good, really good, you?” You asked back. “Yeah, I started off in the garden yesterday because of the beautiful weather. I can’t believe it!” She smiled. “Yeah I know! I seems to of brighten up all of a sudden!” Gemma added. “I recon we are going to have such a hot summer considering that we are still in spring!” You smiled.

“”’Allo ladies.” Harry says walking in. He greets his Mum and Sister before walking over to you and pressing yet another kiss to your lips. “What meat have I got to out on now babe?” Harry asked. You skimmed all the meat looking for the one that took the longest. “I think the steak and you might as well take the pork too.” You said passing him the meat. “Okay, is all of the salad and stuff done or do you want me to help?” He asked. You shook your head and kissed his lips. “I’m all good.” And he walked outside with the boys. “You’s are so getting married.” Gemma commented. You felt yourself blushing. “Maybe” You smiled. You really wanted to get married. Especially to Harry, you knew he was the one and so did he. You’d both expressed your love and dedication for each other but you’d never mentioned marriage before. “You are both so in love, it will happen.” Anne smiled. “I hope so.” You smiled. Earning ‘Awws’ from Anne and Gemma.

After the long table that has most definitely had more food than the six of you needed, everyone tucked in. “This meats amazing babe” You smiled at Harry. He thanked you and took a sip of his beer. “Yeah, this is wonderful” Anne said and everyone agreed. You all ate up and rank and talked randomly. “These potatoes are lovely Y/N, how did you do them?” Gemma asked. “I sauted them believe it not” You smiled.

Whilst you were doing the washing up, everyone was still outside drinking and having a good time.  You heard some footsteps behind you and you turned to see your boyfriend. “Hello love” He smiled. “Hey” you said turning back to the plate you were washing. Yet again he wrapped his arms around your waist and placed kisses over your cheek.”You’re very loving today Mr Styles.” You giggled. “Mr Styles loves his girlfriend lots and is feeling bit needy today.” He smiled. “His girlfriend can tell.” You bounced back. “Is Mr Styles’ girlfriend complaining?” He asked. “Never” You turned around and placed a massive kiss on his lips. “His girlfriend is very appreciative of Mr Styles.” You mumbled against his neck. “And Mr Styles’ Mum shall come back later to get another glass of wine.” Anne laughed. You and Harry both turned to see Anne standing by the door. You all laughed. You walked over to Anne and took her glass and filled it up. “Here you go,” You smiled. “Didn’t have to do that love, but thank you.” She smiled at you both and gave you a wink as Harry cuddled back into you.

I do NOT believe that Aria is A, but there are so many Weird Things™ about her that the show needs to fucking Explain….

the fact that in 2x25 ‘Unmasked’ she was dressed like the Black Swan novel, when ‘A’ was supposedly going to dress up like the Black Swan (although, and Aria is A Theories seem to forget this, that turned out to be a diversion, as Mona!A had Melissa dress like the Black Swan….)

Mona calling Aria “Big A” a season (or two?? I can’t remember if this was in s1 or s2) before Big A (Charlotte) started her game

Eddie Lamb, at Radley, saying that he’s seen Aria before

Melissa stealing Aria’s “toffee” yogurt, Aria setting up her mom’s dating profile as “hot mamma loves to tango” and then of course Mona’s “toffee tango” lipgloss

and so much more

@amerikaikong thanks for the “favourite bias, favorite picture(s…)” tag jerk. You’re cancelled.

Soooooooooo come on…I can’t just pick one. This is Yixing here. SO! The first one he just looks so god damn smiley and that dimple is so damn big I melt everytime. I couldn’t leave out how much I love him with a guitar cause it’s just natural for one to be in his hands! And that fansign! Next…come on…he looks so Fricking soft and cuddly in that hoody and his eyes are so warm. No other argument needed. Last…well…Boss Zhang guys. Such a tease Yixing is. (I don’t even know if these are my faves I just love them a lot)

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Reasons to love Jackson Wang
  • befriended a donkey like could your fave even
  • got rly sad when he couldn’t buy said donkey
  • loves animals SO MUCH
  • name should be Bluffy the Vampire Slayer tbh
  • shows off so much but is never serious about it
  • is hardly ever shy so when he gets shy IT’S ADORABLE????
  • wants to be best friends with everyone i mean everyone
  • his feelings get easily hurt bless
  • thinks he’s close w/ everyone and gets hurt when they say otherwise ACTUAL PUPPY
  • big gay chicken
  • talks about how hairy he is all the time jackson pls
  • sweaty so much sweat i feel u bro
  • if something even looks spicy he’ll start to sweat i feel u bro
  • thinks he’s hilarious and to be fair 9 out of 10 times he is like someone is literally always laughing around him
  • the rest of the time he’s just embarrassing
  • v affectionate and v aggressive with his affections
  • gets attached to ppl so easily like his capacity for love is BOUNDLESS
  • knows 5 different languages and probably more wtf even is he
  • says he’s into hip hop and stuff but he is way too nerdy to actually pull it off
  • thighs thicker than the bible
  • shameless
  • has 0 shame
  • if shame were clothes he’d rip them off and strike a pose

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Bray Wyatt/OC: You and Bray have a lot of sexual tension backstage. You pretend you hate him, but he finds out the truth. All you want is to be manhandled, tied down somewhere dark while he has his way with you. And he knows just the way to do it. Smut with Bae Wyatt. A true blessing someone else loves him as much as I do. Requested by @wwespongebobfan

Bae Wyatt doesn’t have a match at Summer Slam but that doesn’t mean he’s not doing something physical today, ayyyyeeeee.

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anonymous asked:

What nickname(s) would Starish and QN give their s/o? (btw you're doing a great job with this blog \(^-^)/ ~ <3 )

Thank you so much!! that’s so sweet of you to say<3 I went with generic nicknames as in Babe/love etc. seeing that it would really just depend on the name and appearance of the s/o!


My Love - its sweet gentle and very gentlemanly to say

Babe/Little lamb -  hard pick for Ren as he canonly uses little lamb! But I can totally see him say babe

Sweety - this guy has such a huge heart even though hes been through something harsh and ugh I feel for him. but alas! he’d go for something cute ~

Princess/prince - what can I say? hes a prince and his s/o would be his princess or prince!

Cutiepie/cutie - ….he’s natsuki (all I can say….)

Dear - short but sweet and gentlemanly, just like stoic Ichinose~

Baby/babe - it makes him feel manly to say things like that ok. let the man be…


Sweety/Baby - This guy atually would have so many nickname for you, serious. every week its a new one.

Queen/King/Princess/Prince/Your Highness -  did I make my point ??

Babe - his go to nickname

Sweetheart/Love -  something sweet but serious for this cutie

Im just literally heartbroken. Of course I wish Kate, Emerald, and Bryony the very best in what ever they have planned next, however its just so “little comfort” when i can count on one hand the positive representation of lesbian relationships in the media where neither one has been killed, shot or some how miraculously decided that they wanted to be with a man. Here we had two women, they were beautiful, strong, their relationship was meaningful. Yes it got less screen time than all other relationships on that show (which really is just a whole other annoyance that i have) but what we did see filled our hearts, made some of us believe again that it was all worth it, worth caring and going through the motions of car accidents and having seas separate what could have been. They were beautiful and damaged and flawed, and they were perfect, and now my heart grows that little bit more so they can be with me forever like all the other dozens of lesbian relationships that could have been and weren’t. 

This honestly has to be a cruel joke.
Liam was the strongest little guy.
I’m devastated. He was barely over a month old.
And of all days…
A year and one month exactly since dad passed.
Liam, my little lion, my little lamb, my nephew.
There was so much I wanted to experience with you.
I wanted to hear your voice, and hold you. I wanted to see you grow up and be my little chunker.
I’m glad you never had to experience the feeling of loss like we’re all feeling now.
I love you.
I love you so much, and I’m so sorry you had to suffer all these incredibly long, but so short 45 days of your life.
I love you so much.

boyfriend yixing
  • probably the sweetest boyfriend u could ask for
  • really shy and awkward but so cute
  • asked u out after getting tired of being just friends so cliche
  • first date was at a coffee shop bc he wanted to get to know everything about u without any distractions
  • loves to spend time with u and give u the attention u deserve
  • knows all ur likes and dislikes by heart 
  • would go out of his way to do anything that made u happy
  • spoils u with countless gifts and affectionate gestures
  • shy about pda
  • wouldnt go farther than a kiss on the cheek in public
  • a lot more comfortable with skinship in private
  • loves to cuddle!!! !!!! !!!!!
  • always the big spoon
  • plays with ur hair and likes to smell it when he hugs u
  • neck kisses??? seems like the type to like them
  • bear hugs over back hugs
  • teaches u guitar and piano as an excuse to be close to u without feeling shy or embarrassed
  • sings u songs when u cant sleep
  • gets rly worried if u dont pick up his call or answer his texts
  • likes to go out for dates a lot 
  • but prefers to stay home on lazy days
  • lowkey the jealous type but wouldnt act on it
  • asks u how he looks just so he can get complimented
  • sneaky lil boy
  • tells u he loves u 395273 times a day
  • “i love u!!”
  • “i know yixing u just told me a minute ago”
  • “just in case u forgot”
  • always sends u goodmorning/goodnight texts
  • pretty much the sweetest most innocent cute shy boyfriend

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer this! I’ve wanted it for a while lol.

Natsuki: *gasp* “____-chan, you look even cuter with short hair! I love it!”

Tokiya: “Ah, I was worried when you said you wanted to cut it but now I see I had nothing to worry about. This really suits you.”

Cecil: “As much as I loved your longer hair, this is great too!”

Ren: “Wow, Little Lamb… Shorter hair really does it for you. I apologize in advance if I get a little handsy today.” *winks*

Otoya: “Oh man. You really can wear anything! This looks awesome!”

Syo: “You look amazing with shorter hair. I really like your new look!”

Masato: “You really did cut your hair, huh? It’s so different from before but it’s also very nice.”

Reiji: “Awww~! What will I have to grab on to now? O-Ouchie~! H-Hey, no hitting! I was joking! I like it! Honest!”

Ranmaru: “You weren’t joking when you said it’d be short, huh? I see… Mm, not bad, ____. Looks good on you.”

Ai: “You almost look like a different person… I don’t dislike it though.”

Camus: “Hmph, I must admit I may prefer this look over the other. Both were beautiful though. This length suit you very well.”

anonymous asked:

Welcome back! I was wondering if I could request STARISH' and Quartet Night's reactions to their SO telling them she's pregnant after they tried for a long time? Thank you!

Thank you! sorry it took so long!! my internship is reaaaally busy at the moment :C 
So I made this extra long~~ 
Hope you like it!


Ichinose Tokiya
After a long day of work Ichinose came home, his S/O was quietly sitting on the couch and when he spotted her he approached. Usually she would have gotten up already to greet him, mostly his dinner would be ready as well but when he noticed that she was not doing anything but just sitting and staring he got a bit worried. This changed however when his S/O looked up with gleaming eyes and without any hesitation blurted out the words he thought he would never hear “I’m pregnant, I’m finally pregnant ichi!” she had chimed at him. Ichinose stared at her, his eyes growing wider until not even a circle lens could conceal it anymore. He dropped down beside her and embraced her. He never thought he’d see the day but now she made him the most happy man alive on earth.

Shinomiya Natsuki
Natsuki and his S/O had decided to go out today, and why today? It was the only sunny day in the entire week. It had rained almost every day by now and they had not been able to have some fun whatsoever. It had actually gotten boring. So today, when Natsuki finally had his day off, they had decided to go out. It was not that bad outside now anyways. The sun was warm and birds where chirping. Natsuki and his lover where having a great time, until she decided that she wanted to go into a pharmacy. Natsuki was curious but obliged, his curiosity grew when she approached the baby section of the pharmacy. She kneeled down and looked around before pulling out a pacifier that she liked. She showed it to Natsuki who tilted his head “whats that…?” he questioned her. She smiled brightly as she looked up at him “for our baby” she stated. Natsuki nearly cried there and then as he hugged her tightly “then we need to go baby clothing shopping right away!

Ittoki Otoya
Finally a weekend of peace and quiet. Just strumming on the guitar he loved so much was all he wanted. Instead his loving S/O had decided that they should have fun today and thus his peace and quiet was over. But it was strange, when he came home their shared home was decorated and the smell of his favorite food was spread throughout the house. His S/O had send him out on an errand. “Get some chocolate cake… huh..” Otoya muttered as he entered the livingroom “do you know how hard it is to find chocolate cake in a store on a Sunday, not to mention that its fathers day as well!” he complained. His S/O was on the couch, waiting with….. presents? “HAPPY FATHERS DAY!” she cheered as she got up, approaching him with a small present. At first he was confused, but after he unwrapped the gift his dream came true. After all the trying they finally were getting their dream. A child.

Aijima Cecil
They never had expected that it would take so much time and effort to get a child. Especially not Cecil. He thought that it wouldn’t take too long, that one would get pregnant quickly, but now, they have been trying for so long and it didn’t work. It was a later evening and Cecils S/O had been feeling ill lately. She suggested that she’d try a test again, maybe this time it went well. So when he saw her return, he was a bit anxious. She sat down beside him with a warm smile and put her hands in her lap “well?” he asked curiously, leaning into her “are we getting a prince or princess?” he smiled brightly. She nodded “we are!” she answered him. Cecils eyes widened before he hugged her tightly and started spinning around with her “thank the muses!”

Jinguji Ren
It was their annual date night that Ren and his S/O where having dinner in a fancy restaurant. It had been a really long time ago that they had come here to have dinner and now they were fully enjoying it again. This time with a more grumpy female then the usual happy S/O that she was. Then again she was hungry and Ren was aware of this. He sighed quietly and watched his partner “my lady…. I love your smiling face so much more” he complained quietly. She puffed up her cheeks “well I got a fucking reason to be so grumpy, I just want food” she complained “the waiter will be here any minute now little lamb. Shall I order the usual?” he tilted his head. She nodded and sighed deeply. When the waiter arrived and Ren ordered she did interrupt him. He ordered a sweet white wine for her, which she loves, but now she asked for a coke instead. After the waiter left Ren turned to his S/O “why aren’t you drinking the usual, sweetheart? Does your stomach feel that bad?” he asked, laying his hand on hers. She shook her head “well when you’re pregnant you can’t drink right?” she shrugged, before her eyes widened “shit that was a surprise!!” she complained. Ren stared at her before smiling. He held her hand gently and squeezed it “of course you can’t drink then. Its fine” he nodded. Behind his calm expression was an excited little boy, and when they returned home. He carried her around with a warm smile on his face and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Hijirikawa Masato
Masato had been cooking for his lover when she approached him quietly. She was looking calmer then usual and was smiling gently as she wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him. Masato was delighted, ever since they where married and decided that they wanted to have children together, his life had changed. the only sad thing was that having children together didnt seem to work out all that well… ever since they where married they where trying and it had been almost a year now and nothing changed. Thus they changed their eating patern. They even had gone to a doctor to see if she was infertile or he was but they both weren’t so why wasnt this working? A deep sigh left Masato’s lips as he glanced over his shoulder at his S/O who was smiling “you know….” she started before she looked up at him “I think we can finally start decorating our babyroom” she muttered. Masato blinked, but it didnt take long before he realized what she meant. But when he did he dropped everything and turned to her. Hugging her tightly “thank you….. thank you so much” he muttered “I’ll do anything to thank you” he muttered into her ear. His S/O laughed “I”m just happy that you are…” she hummed 

Kurusu Syo
Usually his S/O went to the gym with him and now he had to go alone. Well he didn’t mind, he just wanted to work out, but once there… he found himself constantly texting his S/o when he could and she texted back. After two hours of working out he texted her that he was quitting and he would come home. Strangely she didn’t respond. When he was changed and came at the entrance he saw her standing there, waiting. “you said you were done so I came to pick you up!” she cheered. Syo stared at her before grinning. On their way home he was boosting about what he did. How much weight he lifted, how long he ran and how fast. How much he had done in general and how manly he was. His S/O listened with a smile and focused on him. When they got home she started talking. “you know, we’ve been trying for a long time to get a child right?” She asked him as she left to the kitchen. Syo nodded and followed “yeah, but it’s not working.. and I wonder if we should go on… with your health and all” he answered, his voice growing quiet at the end. She laughed quietly “I think we should make a nursery” she hummed. Syo tilted his head “a nursery? But this isn’t working??” he questioned. She laughed “well, we need one now!” it took a while before Syo realized what she was saying. She turned around to face him and was greeted by his lips on hers .”I love you” he muttered after a long, loving kiss. She giggled “and I love you” she responded “come on” he hummed happily as he pulled her along “to what?” His S/O questioned. “we’re going to celebrate of course!” he chimed without looking at her. She giggled, but what she couldn’t see was that he had tears in his eyes from joy.

Quartet Night

Kototbuki Reiji
Reiji’s biggest wish was to settle down and to have a family. One of these things was coming true. His S/o, a wonderful girl that liked everything he did had agreed on marriage and they were engaged. The only thing missing was a child. She did agree though, she wanted to try it and have a family with him. They both wanted it so that wasn’t a problem. The problem was that it was not working as they wanted it to go. After a lot of trying she still wasn’t pregnant, the trying was not bad though. Sex still was something that they highly enjoyed. However, his S/O had a surprise for him. A big one. She had become famous because he was and today, in a talk show in which they were together, the host asked them if there were any plans for children. “currently we want them but it isn’t going how we want it to be.” Reiji answered. “well I might have some more intel but I think I should discuss that with Reiji first!” his S/O cheered. Later backstage Reiji approached his S/O about the happening. She just smiled at him, brightly. “I’m pregnant” she announced. Reiji stared at her with wide eyes, before he hugged her, tightly. “thank you” he muttered as he buried his face in her neck. Before lovingly placing one hand on her belly.

Kurosaki Ranmaru
It was quiet in the room next to Ranmaru’s bass playing, sometimes his S/O thought that his bass was his girlfriend. A girlfriend he wanted have babies with. A deep sigh left her lips. Secretly, she was pregnant, but she did not tell him that yet. Sure they were both trying. But they had been for an entire year by now! Ranmaru had given up it seemed cause at first he was excited to try and now he focused on his music with quartet night more. His S/O started nervously tapping her fingernails against the wood of the desk she was sitting on. She was so distant that she didn’t notice ranmaru calling out to her. When she finally did notice she turned to him “I’m pregnant” she suddenly muttered. Ranmaru stared at her. At first clueless and then he smirked lightly “great, finally. “ he nodded and went back to playing.

Mikaze Ai
When his S/O suggested that they start a family, Ai was skeptical about this, he was an android after all. But once his S/O begged him for it, since he was more human then he thought he obliged. He loved her a lot, and she made him feel so… human that maybe she was right and maybe they could have a family together. He had proposed a long while before so this would only make it more perfect right? However it had now been a year and a wedding later and there was still nothing. Ai started to think that maybe he wasn’t that human after all. It was a quiet morning and his S/O was laying on the couch, she had cramps. Her head was situated in his lap as he was reading her composing. Humming the tune he read. It came out of no were that she spoke up to him “you know… we should make a song for our child!” Ai looked down on her and raised an eyebrow and unconsciously his sensors analyzed her. He noticed something off but he couldn’t put his fingers on it. She looked at him expectantly “but, I don’t think I can give you a child” Ai muttered, in a sense he felt bitter. She snorted and lay her hands on her belly “but you already did! I’m pregnant! I checked it last week after I didn’t get my period!” the gears in Ai’s mind started whirling now. Before he felt his eyes get wet. “Ai? Why are you crying?” his S/O questioned “I thought you’d be happy…..” she muttered. Ai blinked and nodded “I am…. I’m happy” he nodded and leaned down to kiss her forehead. It was quiet for a while “I’m going to compose a song for it…’ he then agreed as he pulled his s/o up into his arms and hugged her tight. Not letting go of her for the rest of the night.

it was only natural for Camus to get a child and once he found the love of his life, it only felt more natural then before. So when he came with the idea two years ago it was more than normal for the male. His S/O however was eager to accept it and they started trying. But it still hadn’t worked… and sure Camus was busy with quartet night but this was just… cruel for the couple. They actually had given up. So when they walked in the candy store, he didn’t notice the signs of the extra chocolate his S/O bought, he didn’t notice that she didn’t get tampons for her period and he didn’t notice that she bought a pacifier. So when they were sitting in the room and she was looking at a photo it came as a surprise. His S/O sat down beside him and showed him the pictures which were the echo’s of their baby. His eyes widened as he saw them, he didn’t need her to tell him and embraced her tightly “….” No words came out for a while until he couldn’t stop thanking her

Mukami: how they fell in love. Requested by Anon.

They were watching your and his little one. While you too a nice hot bubbles bath. And as they were playing with them your child looked up at him with great big eyes and asked, “Why are you in love with mommy?”

“You mother is a woman among girls. She treated me with such kindness and is filled with such passion for life for everything. She took me, the good and the bad. And opened me up to so many things. And she took my heart in the process.” He smiled as he pecked your child in the forehead. “No little lamb, what do you want me to read to you next?”

“She taught me that things aren’t all give and take. They there are really good people in this world. She gave me every things of hers and not once asked for anything in return. She gave me all her love, and compassion. But I just had to give her something to show her how much she meant to me. So I gave her my heart.”
“Daddy your cheesy.” The child giggled then wrapped his arms around Kou’s neck.

“Because don’t tell her this, she’s my sugar cube. She is the sweetest little firecracker I have ever met. And she soften me up. Showed me the tender care I have my planets and I fell for her. Hard n fast.” He blushed.
“Ooo! Mommy! Monmy! Daddy says your his sugar cube!” The child told running into the bathroom.

“She…showed me…there is..more than…pain. That..I don’t…need…pain to…feel…alive. Because..she did…that…she..makes…my heart…beat..and makes…me feel…alive. She…is always…so loving…and…warm…I couldn’t…help…but fall…for her.” He smiled.
“Awe.” Your child cooed.

Woman In White - Nightmares to Come

Part: 1/6 - Prologue : Pilot
A/N: The first re-visited chapter of my take on the reader insert series. I added a lot and hope that you all will enjoy. I know that I am very pleased with its outcome! I once again apology for the delay.
Song: Dollhouse
Gif Credit: The Rose Brain
Episode Overview - [ 1x01 ] Sam and Dean Winchester were trained by their father to hunt the creatures of the supernatural. {Y/N} Summers, their childhood friend, was raised in a similar manner right alongside the two brothers. Now, as they are older and have gone their separate ways - the three have to reunite as the Winchester’s father has mysteriously disappeared while hunting the demon that killed not only their mother, but has the possibility to have killed {Y/N}’s, twenty-two years ago. [ Credit to the Season One Box Set ]

He didn’t know why she wouldn’t answer. Sure, she had called earlier informing him that she would be coming home late; but Elias didn’t think that it would have been this late. Work was something that his wife took pride in with their normal, mundane life, and Elias fully understood that and was proud of her as well; yet the couple had strict rules they both followed and never broke in their entire existence. The occurrence of Lela breaking these guidelines for the first time worried him something fierce; but he didn’t want to seem as if he was being ridiculous and that she wasn’t able to trust him to trust her in return- not that he could reach her anyways.

Elias sat uncomfortably in the arm chair that had been placed next to the telephone in the living room of their home. Elias had developed a bad habit of scratching the fabric on the side of the arm chair when he was nervous, which explained why it was tattered and slightly ripped on the ends. It beat his old habit of biting his nails, not that the man enjoyed that any better. His anxiety was through the roof, and he tapped his foot rapidly upon the ground, as his fingers scratched over the worn fabric as his free hand pressed the phone receiver tightly against his ears, knuckles white from gripping the receiver so tightly. “Tell me I’m being stupid.” He breathed out.  “That’s all I need to hear. It may help.”

From the other end of the line, Mary Winchester sipped at the glass of water in her hand. One of the corners of her mouth twitched upwards as she hummed at first to what he said, proceeding to place the glass upon the counter-top aside her. “I could say that; but I don’t think you’re being stupid.” She cradled the phone between her ear and her shoulder, turning to lean against the counter-top and crossing one arm over the other. “You’re concerned, Elias. I understand that. I am too. With your pasts- it’s necessary with lives like yours-”

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Jungkook as a bestfriend

Group: BTS

Member: Jungkook

A/N: thank the beautiful soul @yovng-j for helping me. hes a very nice beautiful sweet human being. also he is the king at stuff like this so bless him and I’m trying to make my posts more gender neutral how am I doing??

  • pokemon battles
  • calling him ‘kookachu’
  • “you don’t know what I go through on a daily basis bc #maknaeprobs”
  • pleading him to wear something other than black on black and timberlands
  • him getting defensive and saying he wears white too
  • messing with him and hiding his timberlands
  • can’t you just hear the squeals??
  • you messing with him while he’s sleeping
  • you can’t take your eyes off of him while he’s sleeping because he’s so beautiful
  • him darting his eyes open
  • “I know I’m hot but stop staring at me”
  • *falls back asleep*
  • always dissing his hyungs
  • but also love his hyungs so much
  • “You know Yoongi hyung is such a hard worker and I get that he’s really tired but I wish he wouldn’t take up the entire couch when he naps. Like someone tell him he has a bed.”
  • “Hold up our genius leader broke the rice maker again jfc”
  • “Just let Jin hyung do it man”
  • doing trot versions of all his songs
  • you calling him when you can’t sleep and him automatically asking what song you want to hear and he’ll sing mary had a little lamb if it will help you sleep whatever you need
  • him telling you about anything from him feeling insecure about a performance that he didn’t get 100% right or when he’s not feeling like he’s not good enough compared to his hyungs
  • you have to remind him that there are millions of fans out there that think he’s more than enough and his biggest fan sitting right in front of him
  • you guys met by a dare
  • the rest of the boys dared him to come up to you and ask you on a date
  • “H-Hi, I’m here to ask you on a date but it’s a dare so if you could just look disgusted and turn me down that would be great.”
  • a very dramatic “whaT NO WAY” then you throwing your stuff down
  • he turns and looks at the boys almost crying from laughing too hard
  • but you guys meet up for pizza and video games later
  • “dude just get together already geez.” -jimin
  • Jimin ALWAYS teasing you and Jungkook about you guys being together
  • “I mean you guys hang out 24/7, it’s like you are already dating.”
  • bunny smiles
  • whenever he smiles you can’t help but smile because his smile is just so contagious
  • cute little giggles from him
  • “Hey I know it’s kinda of late but can you come over and watch my new dance?? I’ll buy Chineseeeeee~”
  • Jin driving you places like mall and we he drops you off “have fun my cute little kids. be good text me when you need me to pick you up~”
  • you guys only stay in the video game store (leaving of course to stuff your faces with pizza from the food court)
  • when you finally leave after the manger kicks you out something about ‘you have to buy something or get out’
  • you decide to go try on that outfit you’ve been eyeing for a while and drag him along
  • when you walk out of the dressing room you see Jungkook start high tailing it out of the store and hug some plant for safety
  • ‘what the hell is he doing??’ you think while changing back into your original clothes
  • *buzz buzz* “you looked really good, buy it ;-)”
  • you teasing him non stop about how he thought you were hot for the rest of the day
  • you still teasing him after like “awhe Kookie you like meee~~”
  • “yes yes!! ok!!! I did!!!” *blushes*
  • when mama Jin picking you guys up and both of you are super silent and Kookie’s face is still super red
  • “did you did have fun? Kookie what’s wrong?”
  • *silence*
  • “okay then.. well I have to stop and grab some eggs for dinner tonight.”
  • when Jin gets out Kookie sighs really loud he slowly grabs your hand and leans in a kisses your cheek
  • “I hope this doesn’t change anything between us but I really love you.”

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