i love this little expression she does

So I ask her about love and she tells me about the bits of us that we give away. You’ll never get them back. When you’re this empty you’ll try anything to cover up the void. So I ask her about her favorite color and if it has anything to do with passion. We feel more pain than we’d care to mention– so we draw, paint and write just to have a little more self-expression. So I ask her if she hands away so much of herself, who is she by the time it’s all over? You don’t really know someone until they walk away. You don’t really love someone until it’s too late. You don’t know a damn thing until it’s all said and done. So I ask about her smile. Are you happy when we’re talking? Do you enjoy this as much as I do? So I ask if she does late afternoon runs to run from herself or to find something. Do you chase ghosts too? Inside those halls, you’re trapped in photographs. Inside that soul, you’ve burnt the whole house down. Inside that heart, you’re still looking for love. So I ask about us and if she sees hope. She points to the smile that they used to love. She points to the scars and sketches a constellation of promises on my skin. So I ask if she’s a sucker for love poems and honesty. So I ask if she’s ever been hurt before. What do you do when it’s just you? Does the anxiety rip you inside out? You can write until you’re all out of words. You can love until your heart is a grain of sand. You can be angry until your fist bruises the night. So I ask her about love and if it’s ever worth it. Do you really see us together? Isn’t it weird? Two strangers. Before meeting– you didn’t exist to one another. Now? You’re routine. Now? You choose to stay. I can ask if she really means it all. I can ask if she believes me. I’m always in my head picking myself apart. I’m always in my heart sorting out feelings. The complexity of something as simple as saying I love you to someone bothers everyone who stays up really fucking late. We all have a past that won’t sleep. We all have a present worth living. The future? I don’t know if it holds us, but I’m here until the last page.

does it ever makes your heart break the fact that bellamy and clarke right now can’t see how deeply in love the other is??? i mean clarke has already used almost every word that describes love towards bellamy (see: need, trust, special) and the moment she goes for something a little more physical (hand nuzzle), he steers away. bellamy was finally trying to express himself through words and she cut him off — he thinks she didn’t want to hear that. or didn’t feel the same.
they think they’re not on the same page or that they’ve misread the clues and i wonder what in the freaking world will finally put them definitely together


But the things I love most about the Ilvermorny school song scene is the parts that Queenie and Tina take on. Now before this, Tina looks a little disheartened, and I think it’s because, when Newt says they’re talking about “nothing”, she believes Queenie has enchanted Newt like she does everyone else. “Well there goes the guy I like, falling in love with my sister.”
Then Queenie starts us off and is definitely the soprano, going off on tinkling harmonies, being the little shining star. Tina joins in and carries the melody as she always does (not only in song), except at one part where she dares go high. Her facial expressions reveal a chastisement of herself for being daring, but I love that Newt is just in awe of her steadiness and occasional whimsy. Because if Queenie is a star, Tina is the moon.

Does anyone else just love the idea of Harley sitting on Joker’s lap like at the club or just in their hideout? She’d just stroke the back of his neck and watch his facial expressions while he’s talking to someone and he’d stroke little circles on the small of her back?

Authority Issues pt. 5

Professor Barnes x reader

Notes (over-all story): smut, fluff, teacher-student relations, angsty, alcohol

My attempt at a summary: Surprises at your door when you’ve had a rough night aren’t always as pretty. Wanda and Nat make a shocking discovery. And: guess who’s back! Shane! 

Tags: @therealcap @science-of-deduction-sh @potterhead7656 @anitavalija @directionerssalute  @minaphobia  @jjlevin  @starstar1012  @amf71010  @felteppsters @stephvera @wxnchestervevo @styleswift1989 @captainbitchjerkassbutt @denialanderror 

Description: oh shit.. 

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‘I love you

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B L E A C H + character color

『 朽木 ルキア 』

“At that time I was consumed by a little insecurity. From the start, I had little talent with a sword. My kidō grades were good when I was in the Shinō Academy, but even that was average among the Gotei Divisions. Was it really alright for me to be here? Where does my heart lie? Why am I here in the Gotei Divisions?”

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Oh my gosh, I totally get the Captain Underpants thing. My lil bro is suuuper ADHD, so when he was little he could only read short(ish) books with plot lines that were over quickly, which is surprisingly hard to find. He LOVED Captain Underpants, and I even signed him up for the weird newsletter thing they did??? Anyway, they were a Godsend for an ADHD kid with an active imagination and not a lot of ways to express it.

Yeah man, I totally get that. Like my mum’s a teacher and I remember her researching Dav Pilkey (cuz she does that) and basically finding out that that was the case for a LOT of kids. The great thing about Captain underpants is they are SUPER easy to read, but because of their thickness and how they’re formatted, they look like a real book. So kids who have weak literacy skills don’t have to be embarrassed by bringing a pre school looking book to school. They can bring captain underpants, a book that’s fun and they can actually read, and it looks just like their friends’ books.

My brother is neurotypical. Like he doesn’t have a diagnosis of any kind, but my mum really struggled to get him to voluntarily read as a kid, and he still has issues with writing today. He’s at university now for mechatronic engineering (my bro is basically Hunk guys. I’m not kidding. He will make muffins and 3d model something in the same afternoon) and he still gets either my mum or I to check over his essays because they need a lot of work. But Captain Underpants was a huge influence in making him enjoy reading. It helped him to see that it doesn’t have to be boring and that it’s possible for him to finish a whole book. Today he still reads comics like Chew and Batman more than he reads actual novels, but that’s ok.

Basically Captain Underpants got a lot of kids who struggled with reading excited about opening a book, and I will defend this shit to my grave.

Some random sketches mostly featuring Mari and little Scarlett.

Wanted to try drawing Mari something more modern, maybe something similar to what Undyne wore when we went on that date with Alphys. Then I drew some baby Scarlett, Mari’s daughter with…someone. Still working on that.

Scarlett isn’t aware that Mari’s her mom (yet), so she calls her “MarMar“ (Mari loves it but acts like she hates it)

Then I decided to draw my favorite expression from BlindDetermination’s Chara. Happy Questions only, plz

Then I also doodled ZigZag, Alainaprana’s Skellie. I really like him and I hope she does more with him! (though by the time I post this, I see there’s a blog for him!)

Barontale and Scarlett belongs to me
RoseChara belongs to @blinddetermination
ZigZag belongs to @alainaprana

Took the pony on a short trail ride today, only 2½ km, and even though we mostly walked she was black with sweat under the saddle afterwards. She was a bit sensitive with her feet, having been trimmed quite close yesterday, and preferred to pick sand and grass to the gravel and stones, and when I asked her for an experimental trot, she gave me about ten strides, bucked and went back to a walk, so we left it at that. One of the things I love so much about this mare is how willing she is to express her opinions these days: gone is the stoic, shut-down little automaton, and in its place is a headstrong diva who will let you know exactly what she’s thinking. She’s always very clear about her opinions, and I can depend on her to tell me if something isn’t working out for her. It does mean she’s increasingly a one-person ride though, and when others ride her I explain to them that they will have to adapt to her, and not the other way around.

We did have a moment on the way back, when one of the guided tourist rides demonstrated a complete lack of etiquette. Abba and I were ambling on a loose rein, but the ride decided they were going to take our path as well, and they were going to come flying up behind us at a trot, and then pass us, without once calling out to give me warning. Abba, of course, gave me warning by bunching up and getting ready to blast off, and I was sufficiently annoyed that I decided not to tell them that she kicks. If they’re going to rush up behind another horse on the trail, then they can get a hoof to the face, because Abba means business and dolphin dives to get extra height for her back feet. 

Fortunately for them, Abba held herself together incredibly well, merely getting tense and jiggy and only half-attempting to take off. A year ago, it would have been a disaster, because she would have kicked, and then she’d have bolted. So I’m considering it a trainable moment, though I still think it is incredibly rude and, well, stupid, to go rushing past another horse, particularly when the area is so open that they could have given us space. It’s an issue I’ve had with this particular guide before, and I may call him out on this if it happens again. I may not. I may continue to use this as a means of teaching Abba that she doesn’t need to be alarmed by strangers approaching fast from behind. 


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Imagine being a Lannister and Sandor falls in love with you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Sandor,” your voice called, more kindness than he thought he deserved. You never called him anything other than his name, from the moment you’d met him. Surprising, considering your lineage, “How are you today?”

Its hard for him to keep his angry expression, or snap at you with the harshness he does even with the boy king, but he manages to hold onto his frown as he avoids your question, “Run on back to your queen, little Lady Lannister. I’m sure there’s something she’s wantin’ from you right now.”

He ignores the quirk of your lips, or at least, tries to, as you give him a short, unsatisfied nod and hurry on your way, but not without giving him the proper goodbyes that were probably ingrained into your prim and proper royal coding. He tries to shake himself of the small pink tinge under the cover of his bearded cheeks, repeating to himself what helped him convince himself that your visits were just out of naive courtesy.

A purebred could never love a hound.

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You know what would be awesome? If Naegi was making a bunch of funny faces at baby Hikari to get her to laugh and it's not working. Naegi turns to his wife and says something like "How about you give it a shot?" She pauses for a second, steps up to the babe like it's a fearsome challenger and proceeds to completely fail at making funny faces. Ironically, she does a better job than Naegi and when little Kazuki walks by the scene he bursts out laughing too at his mother's hilarious expressions.

Gosh I love these interactions

Well this makes a lot more sense…

 In my chapter write up, I wondered why the death of a comrade would have such a profound influence on Erwin’s life, making him doubt his motives.

As it turns out, this was no ordinary soldier. 

They were trainees together, relaxing, laughing, sharing meals. I could be imagining it, but does her expression look a little fond?

They joined the Survey Corps together. Isayama drew them standing side-by-side. Again, I love her smile.

On an early expedition, it appears as though she might have saved his life. He’s injured, she’s in the clutches of a Titan with her swords drawn. She is shouting to him.

But here’s the kicker. As she’s being eaten, she turns to Erwin and salutes him, reminding him that she was proudly offering up her heart to the very end. She wasn’t trying to make him feel guilty. She was letting him know her sacrifice has meaning. It was for humanity.

And I just… gfdsdghfhsrfas!!!!!! I hate you, Isayama!!!! I hate this manga!!!! I have a million thoughts and feels for this nameless young woman who left Erwin feeling alone and on a trajectory to self-hated.

моя любовь

A/N: I took awfully long to publish the third part of the Protective Dad Bucky series but like the request was so nice but I couldn’t write it in words till now and even now I’m not sure if its great but either way whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy it. Part [1][2][4][5]

The Request:  I’m fine with the Protective Daddy Buck fic being either a series or part 2; I just love reading dad!bucky and his little girl. A scenario I suggest is when he comes home after having a mission, and he checks on her. Like, does she still have all ten fingers? Any cuts or scraps? Or something like that he’s concerned about her well being.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: It’s fluff so no warnings

Word Count: 1,112

милый- Darling
моя любовь- My love?
радость моя- My Joy

The moment his hand touches your waist, he was already looking at your face. A smile so familiar he couldn’t express it other than home. You gave him a quick glance before looking back down at the food you were preparing for breakfast, a sly grin forming on your lips. “Had a good night sleep Mr.Barnes?” You asked. He smirked walking behind you and pressed your back against his front. Leaning down, he gave small kisses up your neck till his lips lightly brushed your ear, his smirk widen when you gave a little shiver from his hot breath fanning over you.

“Mhmm it was very lovely Mrs.Barnes,” his teasing voice having both of you smiling wide. His job was very erratic. It wasn’t like he worked from nine to five. No, he could be called in at anytime and could be gone for numerous days. It always had you nervous when he had to leave. But this also meant he would come back home at anytime. For example, last night he came in a little past midnight and well, you gave him your own welcome home party when you saw him.

“You know I love it when you wear my clothes.” He continued to hug you from behind as you cooked over the stove. You let out a snort of laughter and began shaking your head.

“No, you love me without any clothes.” You teased tapping his hands on your waist playfully. You didn’t have to look to know he had a big grin on his face.
“I really do, but you wearing my clothes is a close second.” He hummed quietly rubbing his hands up and down your sides lovingly. His lips leaving kisses on your shoulder before repeating the pattern on your other shoulder.

“Daddy?!” A small voice exclaimed excitedly snapping you out of your little love bubble He squeezed your hips once more before turning to his little girl a smile wide on his face.

“моя любовь! You’re awake,” he crouched to her height as she ran full force to him. Launching herself in the air Bucky caught her swiftly twirling her as he stood up. Her giggling bringing you happiness. He sat her on the counter a little ways away from you.

“Did you get me something?” She asked impatiently, her emotions on overdrive.

“Did I?” He wiggled his eyebrows at her causing her to laugh again. “We need to do something first though, right? You know the drill Pumpkin.” She was laughing again nodding her head enthusiastically.

It was his thing, being the protective Dad that he was, when he came from missions he needed to make sure his little girl was alright. “Alright ten fingers and ten toes,” he said with an amused smile biting her hand playfully causing her to go into another fit of giggles. Her laugh was like her Dad’s, contagious. “Do you have any cuts or scrapes?” He questioned her in mock seriousness. She shook her head no but then her whole face lit up.

“I fell and got a scrape!” She began rolling her pajama pant up her leg before showing her knee off to him. He turned to you with an incredulous look on his face and you knew he was going to freak out. “It hurt but I didn’t cry!” You could hear her pride in her voice as she beamed up at her Daddy.

“That’s great милый!” You could see Bucky’s gears turning in his head. He was happy his little girl was so proud of her eternally fighting himself for not being there to catch her before she could even get a scrape.

“Hello?” A voice called out as you heard a door opening and footsteps coming in, just in time.

“Uncle Steve!” You watched your daughter jump from the counter and disappear from the room.

“Steve?” Bucky questioned at the same time turning to face you as you shrugged sheepishly.

“Sammy!” Your daughter screamed before you could speak and Bucky’s eyebrows raised as he gave you a look but you could see his muscles relaxing.

“I called them, thought they would want breakfast and they agreed, a family breakfast sounded good to them.”

“Alright breakfast is served!” You beamed setting the last plate on the table.

“Looks great Y/N,” Steve smiled at you before looking back at everything that was on the table. When you have company you went all out. There was bowls of fruit and stacks of waffles as well as eggs, bacon, and biscuits.

“Oh my god Y/N, I love your cooking!” Sam all but moaned already stacking his plate high. “Why you gotta hog her Winter Wonderland, I need more of her food! You know my birthday is coming up.” Bucky gave a playful glare that Sam just wiggled his eyebrows at with a smirk. Steve rolled his eyes at the two as he helped your daughter get food on her plate.

“Hey Baby,” both Bucky’s and your daughter’s head snapped in your direction causing you to laugh lightly. “My little baby,” you gave Bucky a look as he smiled. “Why don’t you tell Uncle Steve and Sam what you just told your Dad.” Her face lit up once more as both of her uncle’s faced her expectantly.

“See, she just fell from a slide in the playground the other day.” You said as you washed the dishes. Bucky was to your left, drying them off and putting everything away.

“But she still got hurt,” he grumbled as you rolled your eyes.

“We talked about this Mama Bear Bucky,” you teased he pretended to playfully bite your arm as you handed him a plate.

You both heard your daughter giggling in the other room with her two uncles. She was probably showing them what Bucky had gotten her on his way home from a mission. “ I know, it’s just- she’s радость моя.” He sighed but a little smile was on his face.

“I thought I was your joy!” you hit him playfully watching his smile grow. He twirled you in his arms chuckling and pecked your lips briefly.

“You can’t share?” He bantered right back kissing your lips again.

“Mmmm I don’t think so,” you hummed lying against his lips a smile on both of your lips now.

“Well too bad, you’ll just have to deal with it. You’re both my pride and joy. You’re both my world.” He mumbled kissing down your neck softly. You hummed again smiling more.

“Forever and always?” You questioned and his blue eyes met yours. His smile had you falling more in love than you already felt.

“Always and forever.” He promised.


Today I’m gonna talk a little about my favorite character of one of the most amazing show ever - Wander Over Yonder.
Honestly, I love all the main four characters - Wander for his positivity and ability to see good in everything, Lord Hater for the open expression of emotions and cranky grumpy personality, Sylvia for the power of the spirit and loyalty, and Commander Peepers for his sharp mind and short temper. (This list includes also Lord Dominator, because she’s tough, confident and does everything she wants)

But it’s not surprise that my favorite character of the show is The Greatest in the Galaxy, Number One Superstar - Lord Hater.

Lord Hater is pretty relatable character for me, because he is the quintessence of desire to be respected and loved, and what can be more relatable to anyone? When we firstly meet him, he tries to hide his sensitive and emotional side behind hard and scary exterior (as many of us try to do too!), and Wander successfully cracks through this exterior during two seasons (of their lives). I really like character development of Hater, though he always was greedy for entertainment and competition (we could see it from the very start), he shows more of this side of his personality in the season 2.

I like that his personality is full of life, he reacts to uncomfortable situations as an ordinary, imperfect man - yells and complains, though usually it looks hilarious. Along with that he wants to be accepted for who he is and passionately defends his ideals. Also he’s really smart (though it’s not always obvious), but at the same time childish and emotionally unstable. The combination of his qualities and flaws leads to getting into comical situations almost constantly, and that’s another reason why I love him so much. Not to mention he’s handsome one~

With great confidence I can say that Lord Hater is the one of the most interesting character I ever met, he has biggest flaws in the show and the biggest development. His transformation through two seasons (of life) reveals his true intention - to be loved, and I find it amazing. He tries to protect himself with that harsh behavior and reputation of a ruthless conqueror because of his own insecurity, but in the end Hater reminds us of another important thing - when you’re confident, you’re unstoppable.

I really want to see how his personality will develop further in the season 3 of WOY. Anyone who wants to help us to save this wonderful show, please, sign this petition - https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3
Thank you!

marinette dupain-cheng does a lot of stuttering and fingernail biting and all-around flailing, and also a lot of smirking, and lowkey taunting, and cute little giggles when she’s amused. and let’s not even when it comes to her rage and you can see the tension in her eyebrows and the redness of her fury, her posture held firm when she stands with her hands on her hips or crosses her arms in defiance and determination and stubborness against an opponent.

this has been an appreciation post about how expressive marinette dupain-cheng is

Sans, you gotta stop always having that shit eating grin on while the rest of your face does another expression. It makes you look a little creepy. 

Have some Feeling Bonely Soriel from @zeezeepearl fic. It’s about time I drew these two. Tori has pulled Sans into an unexpected hug and he’s getting a face full of boob. Don’t worry, they both like it. 


Sans approves. 

I love this little moment right here. 

Emma promises to have her back and whilst waiting Regina actively searches for her to see if it’s true. What does she find? Someone actually keeping their word and looking out for her and I think that that would save her slipping back into darkness. There’s someone in her corner. 

Then there’s her face. Her expressions say it all here. A mix of relief and concern. She’s not alone but she’s frightened for Emma torn between having Emma have her back and telling her to go so she doesn’t get hurt. 

(If Lana isn’t playing Regina in love with Emma then I want her to explain her acting choices because quite frankly it all screams SQ) 

At the very least I would say Regina feels something for Emma and is aware of it a way Emma may not be. Emma frantically searches for her and decides to have her back and that’s something Regina needs in a partner and something she has in Emma. 

They’re a team and a damn good one.