i love this little expression she does

Shadowhunters 2x14 Recap

Ok, is it just me or did this episode fly by?? I’m definitely going to have to re-watch it tomorrow but here are some of my initial thoughts on the episode: 

I love Alec confidently jumping right into his role as head of the institute and organizing this shadowhunter/downworlder alliance cabinet. I also appreciate that he needed Magnus there as the High Warlock not as his boyfriend (sidenote holy shitakadangoagoi he said MY BOYFRIEND) (I legit squealed) and I hope Magnus didn’t take that the wrong way and understood, his expression was a little unsure and I’m confused as to how we are supposed to interpret it. Maryse is back and she’s actually being a supportive, nice, mother…I enjoyed seeing that new side of her and I hope there’s more of it in the future. Also, I hope she leaves Robert, she does deserve to be happy and loved despite the way she’s behaved in the past. I’m nervous for Luke and how easily he fell into Sebastian’s trap and didn’t use his cop intuition after getting the fire message. He should have been very suspicious of the whole thing but instead he just blindly followed the mystery voice…concerning. Speaking of Luke, I do not like or trust Ollie…she’s hella suspicious and way too nosy, something is up with her. I was shocked by the Seelie queen but I actually liked that she was portrayed by a young girl because it actually made her more powerful and fearsome. Other than her being cool, that whole scene was predictable from the moment Simon tagged along. Am I glad Climon seems to finally be over? Yes. Do I want to sit through awkward Clace moments for who knows how long? Not particularly. I’m glad Rizzy is dead but I do appreciate Raphael’s instant distrust of Sebastian and I hope that comes back into play further down the road. Anyway, I really enjoyed the episode but I’m sad we have to wait 2 weeks now damn it Independence Day lol. Thanks for reading!! 

p.s Mr. Bane and Mr. Lightwood??…how extra but also how fucking cute!


Sparta on the day she came home, July 24th 2014. I hope I never forget that day. Bonding and learning took time, but she made it so easy right from the start. I had never owned or even lived with a dog before, but I knew right then we’d make it work.

So I ask her about love and she tells me about the bits of us that we give away. You’ll never get them back. When you’re this empty you’ll try anything to cover up the void. So I ask her about her favorite color and if it has anything to do with passion. We feel more pain than we’d care to mention– so we draw, paint and write just to have a little more self-expression. So I ask her if she hands away so much of herself, who is she by the time it’s all over? You don’t really know someone until they walk away. You don’t really love someone until it’s too late. You don’t know a damn thing until it’s all said and done. So I ask about her smile. Are you happy when we’re talking? Do you enjoy this as much as I do? So I ask if she does late afternoon runs to run from herself or to find something. Do you chase ghosts too? Inside those halls, you’re trapped in photographs. Inside that soul, you’ve burnt the whole house down. Inside that heart, you’re still looking for love. So I ask about us and if she sees hope. She points to the smile that they used to love. She points to the scars and sketches a constellation of promises on my skin. So I ask if she’s a sucker for love poems and honesty. So I ask if she’s ever been hurt before. What do you do when it’s just you? Does the anxiety rip you inside out? You can write until you’re all out of words. You can love until your heart is a grain of sand. You can be angry until your fist bruises the night. So I ask her about love and if it’s ever worth it. Do you really see us together? Isn’t it weird? Two strangers. Before meeting– you didn’t exist to one another. Now? You’re routine. Now? You choose to stay. I can ask if she really means it all. I can ask if she believes me. I’m always in my head picking myself apart. I’m always in my heart sorting out feelings. The complexity of something as simple as saying I love you to someone bothers everyone who stays up really fucking late. We all have a past that won’t sleep. We all have a present worth living. The future? I don’t know if it holds us, but I’m here until the last page.

does it ever makes your heart break the fact that bellamy and clarke right now can’t see how deeply in love the other is??? i mean clarke has already used almost every word that describes love towards bellamy (see: need, trust, special) and the moment she goes for something a little more physical (hand nuzzle), he steers away. bellamy was finally trying to express himself through words and she cut him off — he thinks she didn’t want to hear that. or didn’t feel the same.
they think they’re not on the same page or that they’ve misread the clues and i wonder what in the freaking world will finally put them definitely together

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Fandom: Star Trek AOS.
Leonard McCoy X Reader.
Prompt: Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.” For @kaitymccoy123‘s Spring has Sprung challenge.
Word Count: 1514.
minor description of a bullet wound, a little bit of blood, mentions of violence.
Rating: Teen+.
Genre: action, fluff.
Summary: An away mission gone awry has reader admitting feelings she wasn’t quite ready to have out in the open yet.
Author’s Note: The title is a play on the old expression of biblical origin for something that’s not as it appears.  This was hastily written and I feel like it felt a lot better in my head than it does on paper, but I hope you enjoy it, loves!  Especially you, Kaity dearest!

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Everything around you has long since faded away.  Your world is reduced to the immediate bubble of space around your body as you pace nervously back and forth in the wake of a firefight that’s left the guards who’d chased you and Dr. McCoy out of town out of ammo and far behind.

It was supposed to be a peaceful, run-of-the-mill supply drop off for the town’s medical clinic.  Starfleet had never had problems with this planet’s people before, and so you the captain had decided a security detail wasn’t necessary.  A doctor and nurse were plenty for the short trip down, he’d said, and so you’d come along on his orders.

You supposed it wasn’t Jim’s fault that female crew members had always historically come down in dress uniforms and that they didn’t appreciate how short your dress was.  It also wasn’t his fault that they had reacted with violence against your sacrilege.  You were the one feeling personally responsible for the whole situation now.  Ordinarily you would have changed into a more practical uniform, but because you were only supposed to be planetside for a few minutes to makes the exchange, you’d elected not to waste any time getting into different clothes so you could just get the whole mission over and done with.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Your meta was good but Emma wearing less make up and she needs has become mu pet peeve. Mostly because people who don't like who Emma is currently and I find that unfair. Especially since its my otp. Second of all, I find it incredibly brave for someone to come on tv not wearing much make upl. I still think she looks good and I loved her engagement sweater. Emma wore a floral during her heist with Neal. It shows she's happy and in love

Look, BravePeopleWearEyelinerToo!Anon, in real life I am a pumpkin latte– hold the spice. I’m a PH of 12, that’s how basic I am. But this is TV, where hair, makeup and costume come together to give the audience a story about CHARACTER. You should notice a character, not any given hairstyle/shirt/make-up choice.

For example, Camelot!Emma didn’t have makeup and was in a raggedy bathrobe but nobody made fun of her for that– everyone just said: “Oh, fighting The Darkness ™ has taken a toll on Emma!” That’s good costuming.

Originally posted by amthedreamer

The price of dark magic is … those shoulder pads 

Likewise, I have no clue what makeup Regina is wearing at any given season because I’m too busy being scared of her. Let’s go back to S4 for a make-up fail, this time involving Belle: her fake eyelashes were so big they entered the scene before her and probably could have applied for a SAG card:

Originally posted by onceuponadaily

I can’t hear you over this make-up and that has nothing to do with Belle’s marriage

So we have to look at what S6 Emma’s makeup and hair and costume are supposed to be saying about her character, as opposed to the message they’re ACTUALLY conveying. There’s nothing wrong with florals in it of themselves.

Originally posted by simplysamnicole

You stay out of this!

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It Must Be Magic: A Gold Family Fic

Summary:  Neal receives an unexpected morning visitor—his six-year-old brother, Gideon—landing him smack in the middle of a family drama.
Rating: G
Word Count: 5,775
A/N: For my Missy, @beliza-fryler. Happy birthday! Written for @a-monthly-rumbelling: icee, pixie, doctor. This takes place about seven years after the events of Passing Inspection, which DOES NOT need to be read first. Rumple never dies and neither does Neal. Gideon is born and a few years later, their sister Isabelle (Missy) comes along. It’s basically giant Floof Family feels. You’re welcome.

{ON AO3}

It Must Be Magic

Rat-tat-tat. Rat-tat-tat. “Psst! Hey, Neal! Neal!”

The whispering, coupled with the insistent tapping on the bedroom window, disturbed his pleasant dream. He heard his name whispered again, and snorted himself awake, blinking up at the ceiling fan.

Still the whispering continued, getting louder and more demanding. A flash of red entered his peripheral vision, and he became aware of a small yet powerful presence hovering outside the master bedroom window.

“Gid?” Neal squinted at the dreamcatcher through the sun-streaked glass. “Kiddo, is that you?”

Grumbling under his breath, Neal threw back the covers and rose to open the window. His little brother scaled the siding and hopped over the windowsill with the exuberant grace of youth.

“It’s five o’clock in the morning and all decent people are sleeping,” Neal said around a yawn. “What are you doing?”

Gideon peered over his shoulder at the smooth, empty side of the bed and ignored the question. “Where’s Aunt Emma?”

“On her back in a field of wildflowers, till you woke me up,” Neal complained.

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You Make Me Smile

Maggie was having a pretty rough day. The teenager she had been helping get through the flawed, racist system had gone to prison for a stupid amount of time. She knew for a fact that if the boy had been white, the system would have given in a slap on the wrist and kept it moving.

She hated watching young people of color receive the short end of the stick simply because of their race, ethnicity, or sexuality.

All she wanted was to go home and have a nice, cold beer and not think about it.

She pushed the key into the lock of Alex’s door and went to open it, but paused when she heard music played on the other side of the door. She could have sworn she heard Alex singing along with the upbeat rhythm that Maggie recognized as These Words by Natasha Bedingfield.

Maggie quietly opened the door and her heart swooned at the sight.

Alex was standing in her living room in Ninja Turtle pajama pants and a tank top folding laundry while loudly singing along to the lyrics. She caught sight of Maggie as soon as she walked in and her smile got wider, but she didn’t stop singing.

These words are my own. From my heart flow. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! There’s no other way to better say, I love you, I love you…” she sang loudly, extending her arms towards Maggie and scrunching her eyes with the emotion of the song.

Maggie could feel her heart doing somersaults in her chest, but she rolled her eyes and laughed to cover it up.

“You’re such a nerd, Danvers.” Maggie stated, walking to press a kiss to Alex’s waiting lips.

“What? Can’t a girl say I love you?”

Maggie couldn’t help the smile that widened on her face. “I love you, too.”


Maggie knew Alex loved corny jokes.

Like loved corny jokes.

Maggie could remember the first time she’d ever told Alex a pun “Hey, Danvers, what do otters drive?” “No clue” “Ottermobiles” and Alex nearly threw up from laughing so hard.

And so Maggie took to learning every single corny joke there was.

“Danvers, how many tickles take to make an octopus laugh?”

“…eight? I have no idea.” A light chuckle.

“Nope.” Maggie let a dopey smile cross her face. “Ten tickles.”

Alex snorted loudly in the middle of the DEO at that one. And it earned Maggie a small kiss which was always a great payment.

Alex’s favorite had happened after they’d worn each other out in bed one night. Alex was falling asleep quickly due to Maggie lightly rubbing her back. “Who was the roundest knight at the table?”

Alex’s head lifted up to seek out Maggie’s face. “What?”

“The roundest knight at the table, Danvers, who was it?”

“Uh…humpty dumpty?”

“Noooo.” Maggie laughed. “Cir-cumference!”

Alex’s eyes lit up at the math joke (nerd) and she laughed pretty loudly. It made Maggie’s heart swell.

And so she told Alex a joke every chance she could get. She loved hearing the bursts of laughter from Alex’s mouth and it prided her to know that she was the cause of it.

“What do you call a crocodile in a vest and a knack for research?” Maggie asked one day as Alex jotted down notes in her lab about whatever she was seeing through the microscope. Maggie would’ve been bored out of her mind if it hadn’t been for Alex in that white lab coat and those damn glasses. Instead her mind was in a frenzy and her body was on fire.

Puns helped to calm it down.

“Hmm?” Alex threw a quick glance at Maggie before returning to her notes.

“An investigator.” Maggie grinned largely waiting for Alex’s laugh.

Except it never came.

“Ehhh. That’s not funny because crocodiles and alligators are actually very different. Crocodiles live in more saltwater areas while alligators prefer freshwater. Also, Alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts while crocodiles are shaped like a V. So, I can’t laugh at your joke because it’s scientifically incorrect.” Alex stated very seriously.

Maggie was at loss for words. “…Are…are you kidding?”

“No.” Alex stressed with wide eyes. “Science is never a joke, Mags.”

Maggie watched her a moment before realizing that her girlfriend was actually dead serious. A laugh bubbled up and out of her mouth before she had a chance to stop it. “Woooow. You’re a bigger nerd than I thought, Danvers.”

“Whatever.” Alex chuckled, turning back to her notes.


Alex knew that she couldn’t dance. Like at all. But Maggie loved with Alex danced because it never failed to amuse her.

And so Alex danced all the time.

She does a little dance in the morning while Maggie watches her get ready for work from the bed they’d both slept in. She shimmies into her pants with while humming an upbeat tune and doing little extra jazz hands and things complete with facial expressions. The whole 9.

Maggie loved the mornings now.

She does a little spin move and sings dramatically into the shower head on the mornings Maggie joins her in the shower.

Maggie gives her a loud laugh and wet shower kisses for that.

Alex shakes her butt a little as she’s putting in the dvd for the night and Maggie watches on with her lip between her teeth and a smile on her face.

She only breaks out into laughter when Alex places her hands on her knees and really gets into it in a really dorky way.

And so Maggie always urges Alex to put in the dvd.

When she brings Maggie’s lunch to the precinct because Maggie has abused her paperwork for a day too long and her captain is on her ass about it, Alex places the take-out container on Maggie’s desk before doing a quick Michael Jackson spin and finishing off the move with finger guns.

Maggie nearly tips her for being the best delivery service in town. She kisses her in thanks instead.

To get Maggie to stop crying after she has to watch the man who murdered an innocent alien refugee walk free and couldn’t do anything about it, Alex does the silliest shoulder shimmy while making a goofy face and singing a Britney Spears song in an over-exaggerated nasally tone.

Maggie watches her dork of a girlfriend through watery eyes and she tells herself that she’s not gonna crack, but her girlfriend is persistent and she finds herself giggling at Alex’s actions.

“God, I love you so much.” Maggie whispered, tears still falling, but her sadness was eased a little.

“I love you more.” Alex smiles and leaning forward to capture Maggie’s lips.

Maggie’s favorite, though, is the dance that Alex does when she wins any kind of game.

During game night, Alex wins the game of Scrabble that had been going on for most of the night. She beats Winn by 4 points and she was up on her feet in the blink of an eye.

“Ha! I win! Suck it, Schott!” Alex cheers, thrusting her hands into the air and gently rotating her hips.

Maggie can’t help but laugh at her.

Fuck, she loved that woman.


Maggie loved to cook.

Growing up in a large family, Maggie had been forced to learn to cook from a young age.

And now, having to feed both of the Danvers, her cooking skills were coming into use.

And so she made a deal with Kara and Alex that if they picked up the groceries she needed, she would make dinner every night.

Needless to say, Maggie found herself spending quite a lot of time in front of her stove, Alex’s stove, and Kara’s stove.

She didn’t mind though. Most of the time she had some eager helping hands. Kara came in handy when she needed things chopped quickly and Alex was useful for measuring the proper amounts of ingredients.

They all made one solid team.

She also didn’t mind the silly things that went along with cooking dinner for her newly formed family. (It felt so amazing to even be a part of a family again.)

Most of the time there was some kind of music playing.

Kara preferred that they play Disney songs when they were at her place and Maggie spent her time watching the sisters break into slightly off key renditions of their favorite duets. (It came as a shock that Alex was usually the soprano and could hit most of the notes with ease.)

When they were at Alex’s place, Maggie found herself listening to anything from show tunes, It Takes Two from Hairspray and Maria from Westside Story were Alex’s two faves, to old school P!nk. Of course, she had her alternative rock bands thrown in there too.

Who would Alex be if she couldn’t tell Maggie to pour some sugar on her? (Cue silly dance)

Maggie, on the other hand, was more into old r&b love songs. Usher, Boys II Men, Shai, Alicia Keys, and Destiny’s Child filled the playlist. Maggie often times found herself singing the songs to Alex and finally understanding what the singers were talking about when they sang about love.

(Kara cooed each and every time Maggie sang along to the songs and Alex’s face turned into that dopey smile that told the world that she was in love.)

Sometimes, when Kara was otherwise occupied by being the DJ or checking her Snapchat, Alex moved to stand behind Maggie before she wrapped her arms around Maggie’s waist and whispered sweet things into her ear. This never failed to make Maggie melt back into Alex’s body and let her eyes fall closed at the feeling of being so close to the woman she loved.

Alex, though, would ruin the moment seconds later when she blows a loud raspberry on Maggie’s neck making Maggie shriek and push a laughing Alex away from her.

Fucking loveable brat.

And so cooking was always an adventure with the Danvers plus one Sawyer.

Laughs filled the kitchen along with the enticing aromas of whatever Maggie was cooking that night.


Humor had been a constant in their relationship.

It was the only way that they could cope with the constant threat of one of them dying in their unbelievably dangerous jobs.

And so they kept each other laughing any chance they got.

And proposals were no different.

Alex dropped to one knee one night after Maggie had gotten out of the shower to find the room filled with candles and rose pedals all over Alex’s huge bed. The ring she held out to Maggie had to be one of the most beautiful rings that Maggie had ever seen.

To say Maggie was shocked was an understatement.

“Maggie Sawyer, there are a million things I could say right now. I could go on and on about how much I love you or how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I hope you already know that because I do my best to tell you and show you every day.”

“I do. I know.” Maggie let out a watery chuckle.

“Hey, no ‘I do’s’ yet!”

Another chuckle.

“But I’m glad you know. What you don’t know is that I want to spend the rest of my life making that beautiful smile cross your face every day. I want to dance and sing in the shower with you every morning. I want to sing show tunes and Disney Princess songs with you. I want to take a Slow Ride with you and Cater to You like Destiny’s Children sing about. I wanna be your favorite delivery woman and your personal raspberry blower. I want all of it with you and only you, Mags.”

God, Maggie was a sobbing mess at this point.

“So, will you please let me put a ring on it? Marry me?”

Maggie couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled out of her throat. “Yes, baby, you can put a ring on it.”

Alex placed the beautiful ring on Maggie’s left ring finger before standing to thrust her hands in the air. “Yes! Take that, Yonce!” Cue silly dance move.  

Oh, how Maggie loved this dork.

Just gonna rant about my feelings

Holy shit man I am just so in love. I love my kids, my amazing fiance, and just about everything right now.

My first child is just the sweetest and purest creature to ever walk this earth. She literally just loves everything and does whatever she can think of to help anything and everything. She hides spider so we don’t kill them and reads to her newborn sister and cooks and cleans when we let her and just….fuck man she’s so damn great all the time. 

My newborn is so cute too! Her little voice is so sweet and her facial expressions crack me up constantly. 10/10 can stare at her quietly for hours. 

Rogue is the best dad. He always does his best to help me (and anyone he can help tbh) no matter how small or stupid the thing might be. I have never met anyone as supportive and loving as he is. He beautiful and talented and just all around perfect. I’m so lucky to have him and I will never EVER let a day go by without reminding him how much I appreciate everything he is.

@tehrogue I love you honey. Thank you for being you~

dancerdramatic1264  asked:

Hi! Can you do a daughter of Apollo dating a son of Ares?

Hahahah um yEs

  • Going all oUT for combat training
  • Like full on sparring matches that last for forever because neither one will give in
  • They’re both super stubborn
    • God help you if you want anything out of them when they’re fighting because they will not help you
  • Letting their competitive sides get the best of them all! the! goddamn! time!
    • Everything is a competition if you make it one
  • Tbh my boy can be hella petty and she is so over it sometimes and tries to be a peacemaker
    • She 9000% gives silent treatment when she’s upset
  • Would never be caught dead wearing matching clothes
  • Do stuff like go on runs with each other and hikes
  • Apollo girl is a Cali girl and Ares boy is New Englander so whenever they visit family they just laugh so badly at their SO being a total fish out of water
    • “what the heck is an old bay? is it like parts of the Chesapeake bay that are historic?”
    • “I dunno, five guys has a way better burger than in n out”
      • “alright you’re walking goodbye”
  • Both having completELY different ways of expressing love for each other
    • He does little things, like taking the trash out or picking up her dress from the dry cleaners
    • She likes giving stuff, gifts, making things, putting effort into projects like birthday parties or elaborate dates
      • Both hella love and appreciate each other
  • Having little ways of showing closeness
    • When she’s really tired she just rests her head on his shoulder and falls asleep
    • He absentmindedly strokes her hair for comfort when she’s close by.
      • God they’re so cute guys

jenniferjuni-per  asked:

Congrats on 1.5k!! I love your blog and your fics :-) I'd love option 1, here's my prompt: character A slowly falls in love with character B over the course of several years, realization hits them that they’ve been in love with B for a long time hits them like a truck

ahh thank you Jen! 



If Jyn ever had to pick just one thing she likes best about Cassian, it would definitely be his straightforwardness. 

Cassian doesn’t beat around the bush the way Bodhi does, or speak in enigmatic riddles the way Chirrut is so fond of doing. Neither is he insensitive or clinical like Kay can be, or gruff and phlegmatic the way Baze sometimes is.

Don’t get her wrong. It’s not that Baze doesn’t care. It’s just that what most people see as problems, Baze almost always sees as nothing. Chances are, if no one’s dying or dead, you won’t be able to get Baze to lift so much as an eyebrow. 

It had pissed her off at first, meeting someone as forthright and frank as her. That sort of thing can lead to misunderstandings — the kind that generates and fuels a heated, drawn-out rivalry all throughout college.

After a few years, she’d gradually discovered Cassian’s unique knack for telling it like it is in a way that, miraculously enough, doesn’t grate on her nerves or make her feel like she’s being patronised. He’s always serious enough that she believes him, and yet light enough that she feels comfortable bouncing dry jokes off him. He just knows how to word things so that she gets it instantly, without wasting time or effort having to clarify or ask for more detail.

More importantly, when it comes to him, she never has to guess. She hates guessing.

She thinks it’s a big part of the reason why they’d called it a truce and eventually became best friends. 

Which is why it especially annoys her whenever people ask her why she and him have never dated.

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kirigakure hotaru x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: a little annonie told me i should try my hand at writing a hotaru fic with the line “don’t die,” and let me just say that you are all so lucky that i hate writing angst because this could have gone very downhill. however, i have spared us all heartache because hotaru is still new and fics about him somewhat scarce. tl;dr – you’re safe, for now. @jemchew and @demon-princess-anastasia

“Don’t die,” he begs. It is the only instance in which he has knowingly used his gift on her, willing her to keep breathing, commanding her heart to keep beating. Her breaths sound wrong, short and raspy, and ninja are known for not feeling fear but damn him if he doesn’t feel it now.

He cradles her closer to his chest, keeping to the smoothest, swifts path he can manage, and she keeps her fingers curled loosely in his scarf — but they are cold, so much colder than usual, so unlike her.

There are almost never civilians in Iga, and those who come are not likely to leave alive; he is determined this will not be the case with her.

Yuki was here when he left in the morning, and he can tell that she is here now, if only because the ninja of Iga have spread the word to her. She appears before him, a hand propped on her hip, and sighs like their brother. He wonders if that jaded sort of attitude can run in the family.

“Help her.” He wishes his voice worked on Yuki — it is the only time in his life he has wished to manipulate his flesh and blood.

She smiles, as tender-hearted as he has ever seen her.

“You sure do love this girl, don’t you,” she remarks, casting a cursory glance over the girl in his arms. Her expression turns gravely serious, a look that sends an icy dagger of fear straight through his heart.

“Follow me.”

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But the things I love most about the Ilvermorny school song scene is the parts that Queenie and Tina take on. Now before this, Tina looks a little disheartened, and I think it’s because, when Newt says they’re talking about “nothing”, she believes Queenie has enchanted Newt like she does everyone else. “Well there goes the guy I like, falling in love with my sister.”
Then Queenie starts us off and is definitely the soprano, going off on tinkling harmonies, being the little shining star. Tina joins in and carries the melody as she always does (not only in song), except at one part where she dares go high. Her facial expressions reveal a chastisement of herself for being daring, but I love that Newt is just in awe of her steadiness and occasional whimsy. Because if Queenie is a star, Tina is the moon.

The New Routine (Park Hyungsik Version)

Hyungsik shook in his half asleep state, hands reaching to pull _____ close to him. But he wouldn’t find her, as she was dealing with her new excruciating morning routine in the bathroom.

It was her three months and those annoying pregnancy signs people talk about were starting to show. It was one thing to throw up relentlessly, but every morning? Not a good thing to start your day.

“See, it got worse,” he said while rubbing his sleepy eyes as soon as he entered the bathroom, “we should’ve gone to the hospital yesterday.”
“It was the same, Sik-ah,” she said taking a break from puking to the toilet bowl, “and by the way it is normal.”

Soon that horrible nausea stroke again, she immediately faced with the toilet bowl again.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled with hands already grabbing her hair from her face. She could sensed his somber expression through his low sigh.

“And why were you apologizing?” She threw a quick glare at him after another nausea attack then went to the sink to brush her teeth clean. She was surely knew of the smell after throwing up your last night dinner.

“You were sick and I can’t do anything.” He said leaning to the bathroom door with still another somber expression which now slowly turning into her too-familiar Hyungsik’s pout.

“You think that was your fault?” She said after finishing the teeth brushing routine, smiling a little. He’s always a sweetheart, she thought.

“Well, the baby is ours,” he answered, almost looking down sadly.

“So you blaming the little dinosaur?” She mentioned their little nickname for the baby while reaching to mess his bed hair out of adornment.

“No, it is just that,” he turned to look at her, she was grinning over how silly Hyungsik was.

“I’m fine, Hyungsik-ah” she stated, cupping his cheek, “you don’t have to apologize over anything.”
With that she released her hand from his cheek and went straight to the kitchen. Thinking of making some breakfast to start the day.
“You must be really sick when I was away filming.” Suddenly he has his chin on her shoulder, leaning in.
“Ya! How many times I told you I’m fine,” she slowly turned back to face him.

“How about you make me your kimchi fried rice, would that make you feel better?” She faked a pout while touching his hair again. She just love playing with his brownish bed hair, she sure does love her little beagle.

“But _____, you know how the last time went, I don’t think it will make you feel better.” He said while caressing her still-flat stomach.

“Well, managed not put too much sugar on it!” She giggled trying to escape his hands that caged her to the kitchen counter.

“I’m sorry, really,” suddenly his expression turned serious, he was seriously felt really bad and worried. _____ knew this Hyungsik too well, he blames himself all the time and he was just too kind.

“Okay, how about this,” she said while squishing his arm, so he looked at her.

“Here,” she said while had her index finger pointing her own lips. 

“No one wants to kiss someone who just threw up her whole dinner in the bathroom,” she smiled playfully, waiting his response. She thought she had found a solution to this pouty puppy.

“That was easy!” After a playful smirk, he immediately cupped her cheeks then kissed her plum lips. Soon he was starting to plant kisses on every part of of her face which made her grinned and tickled.

“Hyungsik-ah! This is you trying to eat me!”
“Yes, last night dinner we had chicken, I love chicken!”
“Ew, you’re gross!”

And with that she forgot about how awful the first half of the morning was.


This is my apology for a long long delay of the requested Sam Maek Jong scenarios, I want to make the scenario good while I don’t have that much time cause of work etc:( Also, this is a thank you!! For the 200 marks of subscribers❤️❤️

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Prompt : With the girls from the Omelia group chat we were talking about the 12x21 scene where Maggie and Meredith caught Owen and Amelia at the couch naked, and given that we also know that Zola took a glimpse of them lying naked together there… the prompt is: Can someone write something related with Zola asking Amelia what they were doing there?

I’ve read @ailingnoor fic and loved it so I thought I would have a go at the prompt as well - enjoy!

After all of the pestering and jokes she had endured all morning at her own expense Amelia had silently decided she had had enough. Yes, her sisters had seen “Major Hunt reporting for duty” but after what felt like 100 jokes, even Hurricane Amelia was beginning to feel a little embarrassed. Miraculously neither she nor her sisters had run into Owen all at the same time, which was the only thing her dignity was holding onto to, al be it by a very thin thread. With her lunch break looming she decided that she would go and visit one of her favourite people in the world, and someone who she was certain would not want to talk about her and Owen and his ‘thing’. Zola. She noticed that Meredith and Maggie were both in surgeries meaning that she would have her little niece all to herself.

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Just a very general thing: I figured out that the higher the F-function of a type, the more they are likely to show their affections to others in the ‘common emotional way’ like hugging, kissing and expressing it through words and general phrases. They don’t hesitate to do it and it’s a normal thing for them. Types with lower F-functions have moments of showing their affection more seldomly, of course, and if they appear it happens mostly in a surprising, attacking way. But also the difference is how types with lower Fx express it:

I have an ESTJ mother, for instance, and her way of expressing how much she loves me is in making ironical, critical comments (Te) about me which can seem to be quite rude for outsiders of the family. Is she considering all the problems that I might face on the journey (Ne) that I had originally planned with a friend and says a clear and final No (Te), I know she is just worrying about me. But her Te doesn’t allow her to admit that she is worried, you need to read between the lines to get to know that. Planning for me (Te), cleaning and cooking for me (Te-Si) are all signs of affection, but just not being shown in an emotional way.

Another example is my INTP friend with whom I’m going to school. Some months ago, I had to work for a presentation in History lessons and I got unsure because it wouldn’t last long. So I asked her about it. I expected her Fe to appear and comofort me, instead there came Ti and said: ‘Get more detailed. Take more materials.’ I was taken aback by so much harshness, but after some time I realised that this was her way of helping me out and I hadn’t appreciated enough. She even used her Si to share her experiences with me for she had learned that using more materials could actually help.

On the other hand, my INFJ father is constantly giving me warm and encouraging smiles, hugs me and touches me, even if I don’t really need it and his Fe isn’t forced to do it. Expressing his feelings towards the people that he loves the most is normal, he even does it towards unknown people, while my mother has difficulties.

For a Fi-example I have my INFP friend who is also constantly showing how much she loves me. She hugs me, always assures me to ask for help if I need it, gives me little surprises (Fi-Ne), warm and encouraging smiles and even her way of concentrated listening (Fi) shows how important I am to her. Being a Fi-dom, it is her general attitude, and being emotional warm towards others is part of that.

Important to add is that emotional gestures and the willingness of the types to do them always depends on the strength of their F-function. Of course, we also have lower F-user who have a stronger Fi or Fe, based on their family situation or age - they can be very different reasons. - enfpthoughts

I’m not sure if this is a correct characterization of Lardo but it helps me to picture her NOT as an extrovert who is trying to hold back on expressing herself emotionally, but rather as an introvert who has a deep internal life (hello she’s an artist) and has to deal with all these in your face frat boys. She loves them and does love the chaos of partying, but she’s perfectly happy spending the majority of her time in her own little universe. She might appear as if she’s standoffish (I don’t see her as that bc I relate to her a ton), but I think it’s just her trying to navigate being a part of a team of loud boys and being a person that they will actually listen to and respect. That’s not easy to do.

Michelle’s Chicago 2017 adventure!

I’m back from Chicago! I SO much fun seeing all my favs and making some new friends! Special shout out to @ab-normality @whimsicallyenchantedrose @smb814 @honeybadgerhook @demisexualemmaswan @the-savior-swan @killians @romancelvr @captainswansource I really enjoyed our pizza dinner meetup, even though I had no pizza. LOL

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