i love this little anecdote

A little Rammstein anecdote.

I love early Rammstein stories so hope you enjoy this one from Flake.

‘’What was unusual, even in those days, we willingly stayed overnight with the people who came to the concert rather than in hotels, as we do now. And once our host explained on what street to go and added: “Well, there you will see a house with a gray fence.” But coming back, we found that the gate was locked, and thought it strange. We got over the fence, but the door was closed, too. This time, we thought, ‘What extraordinary hosts! “. Then I took off my shoes and getting on Till’s shoulders began to climb the wall of the house, reaching the window, I slipped inside, down the stairs and opened the door, letting everyone inside.‘

We went straight upstairs to the bedroom, intended for us. Rooms we did not like: the beds were not made, there was no food, and generally nothing had been prepared for us. It was all very strange/ I remember thinking at the time: “What impudence! These people invited us to his home, and they themselves have gone! ”. So we tried to get comfortable in so far as it was possible, but here there was the most awful racket - nine young people making a terrible noise and screaming broke into the room, shouting that they would kill us, ‘We’ll break your fucking necks!’’ and what the hell are we doing in their house?.
We, of course, did not know what to do, so we hurried to get out of the house as fast as we could, panicking and not knowing what might happen. And we discovered that there were two houses with gray fences on this street, and by mistake we chose the wrong house, whose owners had no idea who we are and what we were doing there. No wonder we did not like them.

But there was one problem - in this great haste, I forgot my shoes. Luckily the next day we stopped at a gas station that sold shoes and found a pair that fitted. We had no money to buy them so I tried them on to make sure they fit well and Till stole them, smuggling them out under his jacket.

‘That was a typical day for us then, and even now.’

Aaaaah I’m in love with a fanfic!  @poubelle-squelette is a gift to the world.  Her fic’s called “The Party Incident and Other Embarrassing Anecdotes” and this is my tiny little offering of appreciation for it!  It’s a ReaderxSans fic, and somewhere in there Reader accidentally sticks her fingers in her verte-bae’s eye socket, and I couldn’t help but think of those cute little videos with the countdown and puppies licking your finger or whatever.

This is my first shot at something like this, and I won’t claim to be an artist!  But this was fun to make, and hopefully one or two of yall will go check out the fic!


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 7]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

“I’m suggesting you almost fall out of the TARDIS,” James  [Hawes, director] calls out.

This is David’s big entrance in the Christmas special. He’s wearing his predecessor’s black leather jacket especially for the occasion. Noel and Camille are waiting to greet him outside the TARDIS.

“This is your big moment,” yells Camille. “Yay!”

David stumbles out of the police box.  “I might do a bit of this,” he says to James, putting his hands on Camille and Noel’s shoulders.

“Ooh, I like that,” jumps in Camille. “Touchy feely stranger.”

“And you,” says James to Noel, “should be like, ‘Who is this guy?’”

“Do I care though?” asks Noel. “Seriously?”

Also, David suggests fixing his gaze on Mickey and Jackie, rather than looking around at the estate on which he’s landed.

“Okay,” says James, “stand by to shoot.”

“And… action!”

“Here we are then,” says David, emerging from the TARDIS. “London, Earth, the Solar System. I did it!” He walks forward, delighted. “Jackie! Mickey! Blimey! No, hold on a minute, wait there, let me think, what was I gonna say? There was something…”

He trails off. To everyone’s astonishment, an old man in a dirty raincoat is shuffling through the scene, ignoring the actors and everything else around him. It’s as if we’re all invisible. Everyone stares at him open-mouthed.

As he passes Noel, the old man - let’s call him Scrooge - scowls. “Bloody BBC,” Scrooge mutters, “it’s full of poofs and homosexuals!”

“There’s a dentists over there, mate,” shouts out Noel, as Scrooge hobbles off. “Why don’t you go and get your teeth fixed?”

“I like the way he put them into two categories,” laughs David, afterwards. “Poofs and homosexuals! Heaven forbid!”

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(The Bill Simmons Podcast w/David Duchovny)

I listened to the whole thing! And honestly, there is something altogether amusing & soothing about this man’s voice. Boo is captivating, but I digress…This was pretaped, about a week prior to Shandling’s death and so David’s discussion of The Larry Sanders Show and meeting his friend for the first time is especially sweet. David really loves basketball; he’s a dude’s dude, a guy’s guy. He is truly a romantic. Loves his kids, loves The Kiss Cam, for ‘beautiful’ reasons and is quite proud of himself for creating his very own X-Files Bitmoji :)

Did you know he auditioned for 'White Men Can’t Jump’? Yeah, neither did I! Says he wasn’t ready for such a role at the time. Bottom line, I love him. He’s funny, humble and tells adorable little anecdotes about the quirkiness that is his life. Like this fun moment with an unexpected, high profile X-Phile:

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alright basically i wanna do a project where i just photograph and celebrate Queer Girls* and esp f/f relationships. i wanna make a book with cute little portraits and lovely anecdotes alongside. i want it to be full of positivity cos i’m just so sick of being told how sad we are and how much of a struggle life is and how one of us always has to die apparently 

anonymous asked:

Would you mind posting a part 2 to favorite Harry anecdotes? I love learning these little things about him!

Ok here are some more 

  • Another Eton story is he was balance a book on the top of a door so that it fell on the beak’s (teachers) head when he entered the classroom. “It was never a big enough book to do any damage, but it gave the beak a hell of a fright,” one of Harry’s classmates recalled. “Harry would be the one snorting with laughter, but he never got caught, and no one ever ratted on him as we all liked him too much 
  • Shortly before his second birthday he launched himself off the table at Highgrove and smashed his face on a nearby hard surface, after which he needed stitches. This resulted in the scar we often see in pics when he was a toddler.
  • While at school once Harry triggered a security alert at the school when he lost his GPS satellite security tag one evening. Both he and William had been instructed to wear the tags every day so that their protection officers could track them even if they weren’t actually with them, and there was chaos when Harry lost his. After several frantic minutes, the device was located beneath the dirty clothes in Harry’s laundry bin
  • When Charles and Diana came to visit him at Ludgrove for his first sports day, Harry decided to get his own back on the photographers who had gathered on the public footpath ahead of his parents’ arrival. At his instigation, four former students mooned at the press, some of whom were hiding in the undergrowth. “Harry didn’t actually moon at anyone. He dared the others to do it and they did,” recalled one school contemporary. “He didn’t want to get caught
  • Some other pranks were, dropping ice cubes down the backs of the household staff and once he poured red food colouring acquired from the Kensington Palace kitchen into boyguard Ken Wharfe’s bath when he had stepped out of the room leaving the taps running
  • Wharf also speaks of how Harry always fought to win and he didn’t mind fighting dirty, either. On many occasions, as Ken tried to fend off his attack, the prince would aim a fierce punch into his private parts, knowing it was where it would hurt most. He also says Harry would come and knock on my door and say, “Any chance of a fight, Ken?” Then I’d go and beat him up for half an hour.’ He would see how far he could go.
  • Harry was about six or seven years old when he displayed behaviour that demonstrated that he had inherited his mother’s willful streak. He was at Highgrove House, being entertained by one of his protection officers, who was giving him driving lessons in his father’s Range Rover Discovery.The Scotland Yard officer was in the driving seat, Harry standing in the footwell, having access to the steering wheel, the front edge of the driver’s seat and the accelerator. After a while, Harry was informed that it was game over and time to take the car back, but he was having none of it and, as one of his protection team observed, he could be like a little Rottweiler when he didn’t want to stop doing something.Despite vigorous protests from the young prince, the protection officer insisted the car had to be taken back to where it was ‘borrowed’ from. Harry, still protesting, was now approaching the parking point, which just happened to be face-on to a rather large Cotswold stone wall. As he got closer Harry stamped hard down on the accelerator and pushed his bottom back, and the vehicle smacked into the wall. No damage was ever found on the vehicle!
  • Diana would take him down to the kitchen and let him choose what he wanted for tea when she was around. Fish fingers or beans on toast were the favourites and he delighted in eating them from a table covered in plastic ‘so Mummy won’t have to have the tablecloth cleaned’.
  • Another favourite food was treacle tart.
  • Left to their own devices, Harry and William also enjoyed playing army, and would put up blockades in the drive and dress up in their army gear, with camouflage paint on their faces, and make lunch guests and staff pay tolls. In her book The Housekeeper’s Diary, their housekeeper Wendy Berry remembers that William would ask for 10p, but Harry would say, ‘No, 20p. It’s got to be 20p.’
  • Former Bodyguard Ken Wharfe believes that both boys were aware of their station from a young age, ‘I think Harry was about six when he made a classic statement. William would have been eight, and he said to William, “You’ll be King, I won’t, so I can do what I want!” At the age of six!’
  • One afternoon when he was with a group of friends in London’s Chester Square gardens. Spotting a young girl sitting with her mother and baby brother a few yards away, the six-year-old Prince went up to her and asked her if she would like to play with them.The girl, who was called Sophie, shyly agreed and soon she was running and leapfrogging with Harry and his friends.‘When the games started to get a bit too boisterous Sophie came back to me and sat down on the grass,’ recalled her mother, travel writer Louisa Lucie-Smith. ‘The next thing I knew, Harry walked over with his arms full of yellow flowers - he must have picked an entire bed of them - and laid them down in front of Sophie.“I’m sorry if we were too rough,” he said. “I thought you would like these.” 
  • Ken Wharfe recalls, ‘William had this thing about the media. Whether Diana said in the early days to him “you have to be very careful of the photographers”, I don’t know, but I don’t recall her ever saying that to Harry. He listened to his brother though and William would say to him, “Don’t ever talk to the ’tographers, right? Don’t trust the ’tographers.” And Harry would be all, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” So he’d pull faces at them whereas William would pull his cap down.’

Okay that is probably enough for one question!

“I am the ill intent”

I loved Wilson Fisk’s little anecdote about The Good Samaritan, but I don’t think they properly emphasized what “ill intent” meant in his story

Obviously, the Good Samaritan would be Daredevil in this case

But the “ill intent” that Wilson Fisk was wasn’t just that which set upon the traveler on the road

it was also the ill intent that made good people afraid to help the victimized Jew. 

Wilson Fisk didn’t just bribe people–he also made them fear for their lives, the lives of their loved ones. They didn’t rebel against him because they feared being attacked as well. 

The other “good men” who passed the victim on the road were afraid of the consequences, the losses, of stopping to help a man in bandit territory

Wilson Fisk was the ill intent that stopped people from helping somebody in dire need, instead allowing his harm to spread and go unpunished or undeterred, because they were afraid of him

But the Good Samaritan, he could just as well have feared for his safety as any of the others, but despite the danger, he still helped the man. 

It wasn’t just about the money or time. It wasn’t just a matter of inconvenience.

 It was the danger that kept the others from helping the victimized man. 

And The Good Samaritan knew of the dangers as well as anyone, but he still helped, well and beyond the minimum requirement, because he believed that the lives of others was more important than his own safety. 

Just like Matt.