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Quiet Dreams (Part 2)

Summary: After Barry changes the timeline and saves his mother, he discovers a huge aspect of his life has changed, maybe for the better. (Set after the finale of Season 2) 

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Part 1

A/N: Ah thank you guys so much for the love again!!! It motivated me to write the next chapter (and I will always try to update as soon as possible anyway!) I’m sure all of you saw the Season 3 trailer last night, so I do now have a more solid basis on what to do, although some things are different because I already established them before I saw the trailer (like how Barry lost his speed in the fic.) And yes, I totally stole Iris’ Season 2 Finale lines. Anyway, enjoy!!


“Some people are just meant to be in our lives.” Barry Allen, The Flash Season 3 Trailer.


Barry ran his fingers through your hair, heavily concerned with what he had done. It was a Saturday night, rain pouring down. You and Barry had decided to snuggle up and watch movies during the storm, as long as the power didn’t go out.

So there you two were on the reclined couch, you lying between his legs, upper half pressed into his chest, with your eyes focused on the screen. Barry continued to gently stroke your soft hair as his attention was drawn away from the screen and into his thoughts.

It had been 5 weeks. A bit over one month. He had done quite a good job of playing off his mistakes and trying to figure out things. And some things he did discover, like how Cisco was a billionaire, Iris barely recognized him from high school, Joe hated him, Wally was Kid Flash, and Eobard was locked in a cage.

He didn’t know what to do, really. He thought that his life would be absolutely perfect if he had saved his mother, and for the most part, things were great. There was nothing like seeing his parents laugh and enjoy their lives together, the way they always deserved. There was nothing like coming home to you, the girl he had easily come to adore.

He didn’t know yet if he loved you, but he knew he would eventually. You were so gentle and supportive and kind. You would wake him up with soft kisses and you’d make food together, flipping pancakes and accidentally letting him burn the bacon when you went to get orange juice from the fridge. Barry didn’t understand much about this timeline, but one thing he understood was that when he looked at you, he felt happier than he had in a long while.

Some might find it crazy in his circumstances, living and being engaged to someone he’d only met five weeks ago. Falling into easiness and adoration with someone he barely knew. Barry couldn’t exactly explain it, though. It just felt right, and after his experiences through the past 26 years, he learned to stop questioning things that made him feel sane.

Despite how positive his life had become from his previous one because of you, so much was missing. Too much. His best friends, the people he once knew, the right relationships and friendships. It was so confusing. He never thought that saving one life could have possibly impacted so many. One might ask, how does saving his own mother cause Cisco to become a billionaire? Well, no one really knows. It’s the small differences along the years that lead to huge changes. And despite the fact that Cisco had been positively impacted, more of this world faced negative consequences.

Barry knew that this wasn’t right. This wasn’t his world. This wasn’t his life, and he needed a way back.

With a soft sigh, he pulled you into him a bit tighter. He didn’t feel like worrying about how screwed up this timeline was right now. He just wanted to breathe.

You smile softly and take his hand, keeping your eyes on the screen. You kiss his fingertips, and then lace his fingers with your own.

“You know Barr,” you begin, watching the characters on the television, “I know you. And I know this is your favorite movie, and you’ve barely looked at the screen.” You feel his grip on you loosen. “Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” You look up at him and he frowns at you. “You haven’t been acting like yourself these days.” You crawl out of his lap and beside him instead, keeping your hand in his.

“I’m sorry baby.” He smiles weakly. “I just haven’t really been able to focus.” You kiss his cheek softly and place your head in the crook of his neck.

“Barry, it’s okay. It will be okay, and you can talk to me about anything. You know that. I love you, always.”

Barry felt his emotions spin through a whirlwind. “I love you too, Y/N.” He tugged you back into his lap and sighed into your skin. He felt like his brain was going to explode. He wanted his old life back but he also wanted you, too much. Enough to be willing to stay, stay in this crazed world. Stay in Flashpoint.

You pull back and look him in the eyes, the green ones that were filled with so much stress. You knew him like the back of your hand. You’d met when you were children, he asked you out in high school, and proposed on your anniversary last year, promising that the wedding would be scheduled on your next anniversary because you liked consistency. You knew him. You knew when he was happy or sad or plagued by something. You understood him the way nobody else did, no matter how horrible or crazy the situation was. And you knew that right now, this was more than work or family or friends or anything. Something was eating him alive.

“I know there’s something important you’re not telling me Barry. And that’s okay,” you whisper, looking at his green eyes water. Barry felt like he was going to choke. There was so much that had changed, so much that was wrong and too much chaos. He knew that he had to change it all, that he was the only one who knew what was different and the origin point of what caused all this. It was so selfish to let this world go on in disaster to keep himself happy. But even he knew he wasn’t truly content, not with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Because this time, these were his burdens to carry. It was his fault, no one else’s. He took a shaky breath as you stroked his face. “Barry, honey. You don’t have to tell me anything. You don’t have to explain yourself or make me understand. You just have to take care of it. You do what you have to do, and don’t let anything stop you, okay?” He nods into your head, tears falling, “And when you’re done,” you whisper, “come home to me.”

Barry breaks as he pulls you into him, holding you tighter than he ever has. He had wanted to pretend like this was his world, but it wasn’t. He was The Flash, and he always would be. He would always run towards danger, save people and make change. He couldn’t let things fall apart any further. It may have been normal for everyone else, but it tore him up inside because he knew how wrong everything was, not just in his life, but in lives across cities. The people he should’ve met and the lives he had once changed, those actions had been erased, and now everything was wrong. Everything except you. As his breathing settles and his tears fade, he knows inside him that you were who he was always supposed to be with. You were the one he was meant to love, not Linda, not Patty, not even Iris. It was always you.

In this past month, he had discovered that you were everything to whoever he was supposed to once be. And in the back of his mind, he hoped you could still be everything once he got home.

He pulls back and smiles softly, kissing you. And you both stay that way for a while, not necessarily kissing, but just lips touching, breathing each other in. He kept his hands firm on your hips, and you kept yours on his shoulders. You open your eyes and he lets out a soft laugh at how your eyelashes tickle his skin.

Against his lips, you murmur sweetly, “It’s going to be alright.” You finally lean back from his lips and instead curl into his side.

And that’s how you two fall asleep that night. Lights still on, the soft echo of rain, TV playing in the background, the smell of coffee in the air.

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Hi there! Just wanted to say I love your art and that I honestly thought the way you responded to that hater was really really cool of you. The world needs more people like you who can respond to hate with love. Stay awesome! <3

Thank you very much for your support. This means a lot to me. In the last days I was confronted with so much hate. I know the murderer in my city and a hater are not the same thing, but hate is hate. I, as simple woman, can only give love. I know this sounds cheesy but don’t ruin your own life with bad thoughts. It will affect others and spread through the world. Stop the line and be optimistic. Live, be happy and reach satisfaction.

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I honestly don’t know what to say other than the obvious, I’ve seen other posts like this (lowkey copying in a sense, credit to those lovelies) and they all express how they feel and to be honest, i don’t know really how to express it other than this equation —-> (Hoseok X EXO Beagle line) youngjae + Jackson + all of seventeen = my happiness level

Literally though, thank you all so much for even following me, thank you all so much for the encouragement that you all give and i couldnt ask for anything more. (anecdote time) I didn’t have much before making my blog to what it is now, i was always bored until i found writing albeit it’s not great but i do love it a lot and then came along the series of thick thighs and self confidence which i feel are the best things i’ve done since starting this blog. I’ve considered more than several times of stopping everything and just deactivating my blog but i realised that this is something i love doing and i get to communicate with people all over the world and you’re all some of my favourite people (anons are the best istg. there are some people i would love to thank as well :3

so @lolzwithholz @taegotjams @bangtan-fuck-me-up @showmethekookie @princess-chimchim @dimplecoups @jeons-jalebi @astro-bts-trash @slayerqueeneve @verymanlyluhan @taestutu @exo-chanyeollie @bangtansqueen @parkchii-min @cakejimin @jeonrepublic @namjoonsrightdimple  @jesusagrees @kpopscenariosyay @bts-for-life - most i talk to and some i don’t but they have all helped along the way and most i am close to and some i wish i was close to but thank you all so much and i know this gooey af but i am thankful. For some, i do wish we stayed in contact and it would be nice if we would talk again but i wish you well and you are happy! (please folow these loevely people, they’re great and i’m sure you will love them and there are more people, i just don’t have the time to properly tag everyone)

i don’t really talk to a lot of people or follow a lot of blogs so i cant really do a huge list but there are a few that got me into writing

@your-miss-right @lovingthekpoplife @verymanlyluhan @exoticarmy127 @exobtsimagination  @kpop-scenarios-blog @mittenktv @enaasteria @pandabearlikes and many many more, once i have the time, i will do this properly for you all, you should all follow these blogs because their writing is amazing and are some of my favourite fics are written by these blogs!

so overall, thank you all so much! this literally means all of you.


Dean won and YES… I’m Happy…

You guys know me by now. I’m a Rollins kind of girl. He’s been my man since the day I laid eyes on him and even though he stab his brothers in the back, I never stopped loving him. 

But Deano… he’s been through so much and I think he deserves it. I’m happy for him ‘cause he finally got some recognition. 

Bottom line is that I’m PROUD of the three member of the Shield. It was a good match in my opinion and I will miss seeing them together.

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I love your art so much, do you have any tips on digital art?

Oh wow! Thank you so much! Hmm, well I do have a few. 

- always work in layers, it really helps me sort out my color and sketch system.

-save work a lot, otherwise the unmentionable could happen!

-Use a light brush for sketching, and create a new layer and use darker brush to finish (complete line-art) 

-If coloring, create a palette to the side of your artwork with various different shades of the same thing. (reference from an artists, and the lighter the better when drawing)

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Good luck my friend~!

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In that tv line interview, Andy after Danai interrupts him while he talks about richonne: "oh okay this is also the way our relationships going" lol Sonequa and Lauren laugh at him

lmao yes I loved that! i love so much when they joke around like that

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"Do you think I'll ever be okay again?"

    Zuko sat by his wife at the fire in the little igloo. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and held her close as she cried. His face too was lined with a streak of tears. Hakoda had passed away last night after battling with an illness. Zuko was glad he brought her home in time to see him again- one more time. 

    “You’ll be okay again, Katara,” murmured Zuko, kissing her face. “I love you,” he assured her. “I know it hurts– so much, but you’ll be able to be okay again. I promise… not right now, but eventually you will– and that’s okay. You can grieve. Your father was an incredible man.”


Some people heard “You’ll forget me”, some others heard “Don’t forget me.” I hear “You’ll forget me.” I’m actually convinced that’s what he says and at first I was a bit disappointed, but now, I think that this line is better than the other one. I mean, he says “You’ll forget me”, because he is pessimistic, he’s sure she will, he is heartbroken by the idea, but SHE assures him that she won’t. She knows she won’t. That’s like saying “I love you too much to forget you sTILES WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, I CAN’T FORGET YOU.” Okay. But when he says “Don’t forget me.” it’s like he’s asking her not to. And she obviously has to tell him that she won’t. I mean… it’s like she doesn’t even know herself if she won’t, but she tells him she won’t cause she hopes she won’t and well, she couldn’t answer anything else. So that’s why I’m team “You’ll forget me.” and can you believe we are freaking out over a FOUR WORDS LIKE?

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Laying on Harry's chest as he runs his fingers through your hair and occasionally placing soft kisses on your hair line, and he keeps whispering sweet nothings like "I love you so much" "my sweet girl" "you're so beautiful" "how did I get so lucky?" And you look up at him and place a kiss on his jaw line, then his cheek and you move up so you're hovering over him and kiss his lips softly first then you deepen the kiss, straddling him, until you end up having a slow, passionate make out session😍

This sounds like absolute heaven. Maybe it’s when you’re visiting him for the weekend. And he’s so cuddly and soft and quiet, and all he really wants is to hold you. And you love it because it always makes you feel small and safe and protected, and he loves making you feel that way. And you genuinely think you could fall asleep if he presses one more soft, velvety kiss to your head.

you know in ten years or twenty years i’m not going to remember the set lists or the bands (ok i’ll remember the bands tbh) but i’m never going to forget my dad driving me to the venues (he drove me 4 hours once to meet fob).
i’m never going to forget him listening to me talk about the concert and the lyrics and the band members and listening as i happy cry about meeting them or what their lyrics mean to me

i’m never going to forget him waiting with me in lines for concerts that he doesn’t even have tickets for so that i wouldn’t be alone because he knows how anxious i get

i’m never going to forget what my dad has done for me

i’m so grateful for my dad i love him so much

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What are the character's orientations?

I don’t know if you meant sexuality or race etc. so I’ll answer as much as I can about what you might mean! I love answering stuff like this anyway haha!

-Sexualities: feel free to project your head canons (same with gender) but if I were to label the characters with sexualities despite ever bringing them up in the plot or not they’d probably fall along these lines. Also not all characters who are not Demi or ace have a hypersexual personality, but cmon they ARE teens…. Doesn’t mean they are sexually active I guess.

Jamie- Pansexual/romantic
“People are just gorgeous!!!”

Vicky- Asexual/Demiromantic
“I mean sure if you wanna SHARE your fries…”

Aiden- Demisexual/Demiromantic
“I’d just….rather not????”

“Man I just like Phoebe, lbs”

Vivian- Heterosexual/romantic
“Ahhh, the eye candy! Women just can’t compare. ”

Phoebe- Hererosexual/Biromantic - “Honestly,not interested in dating atm, maybe it’s "prudish” but school is my main priority.“

Spinelli- Pansexual/romantic,
"Haha! helps I was raised by gay men but like…why limit your love to one gender!?”

-Nationality/Heritage etc.

So obviously these are a little more “strict” but Idc if you change up their skin tones if that matters to you… like it doesn’t change who they are ENTIRELY, but I created them with race as part of their identity. Also just a heads up….. I’m not some kind of professional in this stuff so please just embrace the fact that it’s all a comic lol

All of the characters are of American nationality, they are American citizens. The only people born outside the USA are Aiden (Canada) and Spinelli (Brazil)

-Heritage (ancestry)

Jamie- German, Welsh and Irish
Vicky- indigenous American (of the The Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi.)
Aiden- French and Canadian
Mikael- French and Haitian
Vivian and Phoebe- English
Spinelli- Brazillian

So I just finished the first episode of Looking and aside from the cheesy pick up lines I understand why everyone on my dash, @darrenburr mainly, loves it so much.

AND the Golden Girls reference by Groff at the beginning of the 2nd episode seals the deal! 

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I've read a lot of books and always say that I love every book I read, but The Colours of Madeleine is one of only two series (the other is The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater) that changed me as a person, changed the way I live life, and changed the way I view others. So thank you so much for writing it.

Dear booksandbroadwayave, I’ll tell you what makes me very happy, that opening line of yours: ‘I’ve read a lot of books and always say that I love every book I read’.  That is a beautiful line, especially amidst the crowds of criticism and doubt and pursed lips.  For more self-centered reasons, I admit I love the second half of this message even more, and I’m so grateful to you for telling me this.  But the whole message!  Wonderful!  Thank you so much and please have a wonderful day.  Jx 


Tahani and Jake - “Jailhouse Rock”

Sasha and Emma need to choreograph on this show all the time please! I loved this routine and I love them! It was wonderfully cheesy. Jake and Tahani are definitely the most energetic partnership this week! They look like they’re having so much fun together and I smiled from ear to ear watching them.

I think this was a great start in ballroom for Tahani. She needs to tighten up her contractions a little and get that bounce feeling down, but overall I think she got the gist of this style. Tahani also presented herself really well in this routine. I loved her lines and she has a great range of motion. Jake was in his wheel house here and I thought he did excellent! He was very free in his dancing and got really into the choreography. He had so much energy! I kind of wish he would push his shoulders back a little more sometimes, but I think that might also be the turtleneck.

One of my favorite performances this week!


This is Julian talking about the line from Welcome to Japan and it literally makes me so happy he is so silly its great

(this is just from my phone so the quality is pree shit but like, its still him and I was there and here it is anyway)