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CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ Celebrity Reactions

씨엔블루의 미공개 신곡 ‘Can’t Stop’을 미리 들은 스타들의 반응 공개!

배우 박신혜씨, 가수 윤도현씨와 아이유씨의 리액션은?

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Actress Park Shin-Hye, Singer Yoon Do-Hyun, and IU’s reactions to CNBLUE’s new song, ‘Can’t Stop’!

(Captions for photos from top, then left to right)

  1. Actress Park Shin-Hye, Singer Yoon Do-Hyun, and IU’s reactions to CNBLUE’s CNBLUE’s new song, ‘Can’t Stop’!
  2. Park Shin-Hye: “AH! Yong-Hwa! What have you done??? This song is so great. It gives me goose bumps!! This song definitely will become popular. This song is sentimental, but also makes my heart beat as if I’m in love.”
  3. Yoon Do-Hyun: “I get to listen to a song which is not released yet? Makes me curious.” *listens to the song* “Sophisticated. Very sophisticated. Who wrote this song? Jung Yong-Hwa? Ohhh. He is a good composer. He makes songs which show CNBLUE’s color, and are loved by general audience. May I listen to other songs as well?” *listens to Lee Jong-Hyun’s song* “Hmmm. Very different from Jung Yong-Hwa’s. When Jung Yong-Hwa’s songs have popular melody line, Lee Jong-Hyun’s song shows the band-like characteristics. It’s good to have different music styles in an album. CNBLUE has variety of colors.”
  4. IU: “Really? Is it okay(for me to listen to unreleased song)? Great.” *listens to the song* “Sweet. It makes me want to fall in love. I like Jung Yong-Hwa’s voice." *listens to another song* Ah! I have heard this song when it was not yet completed. I didn’t know this song would be in this album… When I heard this song last time, I asked Jung Yong-Hwa to give this song to me. Well, he kept the song for himself! Haha. I wanted to sing it… (The song is) Very fresh and jumpy—youthful. It’s like a break time, a boy’s high school… combined altogether; this song is like a live fish! Hahaha.
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