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What if Mitsuru married someone with the family name "Niijima" and decided to give up the Kirijo name? And she was always Aunt Mitsuru, and both Sae and Makoto looked up to her. Hence motorcycle, and whenever Sae tries to be serious Makoto calls her "Mitsuru" under her breath. She adopts both of them after their parents pass away and one day Makoto finds old videos of her dad's boxing tournament and idealizes both her dad and Aunt Mitsuru as the strongest people (as she can't remember mom well)

(unintentional 2/2) but Makoto doesn’t realize that her love for others and stubbornness comes from her mom until, after her persona’s awakening, Aunt Mitsuru sits down one day and tells her all the great things her mother did and what kind of person she was.

AAA thank you for this! i always have had hamuko and mitsuru SUPER CLOSE to each other like she’s one of her closest friends so i really like the idea of mitsuru telling stories about their mom and she gets emotional during so too!! she’d tell stories of how akihiko and hamuko got together too and how they always ran to her complaining (or gushing) about one another WHJGHJGK

songs that defined me in 6th grade: love like woe by the ready set, i like it like that by hot chelle rae, check yes juliet by we the kings, shake it by metro station, good girls go bad by cobra starship feat leighton meester 


[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.26 - Fan art: to draw or not to draw? ]

As someone who has honed their art for the last decade based almost entirely on original characters, I am still ambivalent about my choice to invest my art time into contributing to a fandom I love rather than drawing original illustrations that no one would attempt to redistribute. :/

“Cause I got some intuition, or maybe Im superstitious But I think you’re a pretty sweet pill that Im swallowing down To counter this addiction you’ve got me on a mission Tell me darling, can I get a break somehow? Could I say no? Shes got a love like woe (whoaa oh oh oh) Girls got a love like woe (whoaa oh oh oh) I kinda feel like it dont make sense Because you’re bringing me in and now you’re kicking me out again Loved so strong, then you moved on Now I’m hung up in suspense, Because you’re bringing me in And then you’re kicking me out again”

i. not a bad thing - justin timberlake // ii. true love - p!nk // iii. out of my league - fitz and the tantrums // iv. queen of france - royal // v. style - taylor swift // vi. africa - toto // vii. i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) - whitney houston // viii. boys - charli xcx // ix. oui. - jeremih // x. shut up and dance - walk the moon // xi. classic - mkto // xii. everybody talks - neon trees // xiii. love like woe - the ready set // xiv. i like it like that - hot chelle rae // xv. double vision - 3oh!3 // xvi. trouble - nevershoutnever // xvii. b team - marianas trench // xviii. i’m yours - jason mraz // side B here / listen here

Alec Lightwood Appreciation Post (coz most of the time I mainly rave about Magnus~^^;;)

One of the best and amazing thing about Alec (in the show) is how… incredibly brave and direct he is.. 

Whenever he is unsure/nervous/afraid of something, he just face it straight up instead of giving himself a million excuses and/or running away. 

- He was scared of everyone knowing he is different : ended up coming out of the closet in the most spectacular public way in history..  Not just coz of malec but what he did was so.. insanely brave. He came out not only to his family but to some damn important people at the same time. It was his literal ‘fuck you’ to the whole ancient principles. 

I love malec, yes. But I love that Alec admitted that he didn’t do that (specifically) for Magnus. He did that for himself. This was very important fact. 

Like I respect him so much for that.

- He was unsure of the difference of relationship experience between him and Magnus: decided to braced himself for come what may, just plunged head first into it and holding on to ‘relationship takes effort’ mantra like it was a lifesaver.

- He was unsure on what to do/react when he was doing as instructed and being a good soldier as he was being taught from he was a child and somehow that resulted in Magnus was angry at him: literally practiced his apology and actually making very conscious effort to change his ways.

- He was nervous about their first time: Again, literally decided to take the first step first.

- He has no problem whatsoever pointing out to authority when they’re making mistakes and berated them. 

- He is young, yes. But he really has all the qualities to make a great leader.

As a boyfriend,

- I love how.. amazingly gentle he is with Magnus, seriously~! The way he speaks to him, how he knows when to give Magnus some space but still keep an eye on him nonetheless, he knows when to push Magnus and not taking a ‘no’ for an answer (on Magnus not  being fine). 

- I mean it is so easy to just let Magnus take the lead in everything but instead, he never acts like it is up to Magnus to know it all and figure things out in their relationship. He meets Magnus halfway (sometimes even more than that) in every step and more often than not, takes the first initiative. And i do believe he loves spoiling Magnus in so many little ways (purposely missing his shot while playing pool just coz he saw bae was pouting, omamori, gave in and went out for a date even though they were in the middle of a war and bae literally just faked an emergency firecall just to get his attention, cleaning up bae’s messy house whenever possible ^^, keeps worrying bae is overexerting himself)

- He literally just wants Magnus and it never even enters his mind to look elsewhere when they’re on a break (Jace, Izzy, Clary and even Simon for example bounced quite fast from their own love woe). Alec was just like ‘I love Magnus Bane. And that’s the fact. We may be together, we may be is breaking up for good. But I love him and that’s it.’

- I love how he knows when to back off and let Magnus cools down a bit and i love that no matter how nervous he was, he would still push himself to take that nerve wrecking step to try with everything he has and fight to keep this relationship : first kiss, first apology, ‘relationship takes effort’ kiss (oh, i adore this kiss~), ‘first time sex’ kiss, ‘but you and me, we always find our way back to each other’ (he halfway begging in here~ and.. while the entire experience was an important lesson for his future character development, it still hurts me inside ;__;) and finally the latest ‘can we talk’ scene.. he was so so so nervous when he stepped out to the alley, you can tell by the way he keeps taking deep breath to calm himself down, shaking his hand restlessly and how he just dived into the conversation. 

- And the way he looks at Magnus…. istg, if you ever EVER found someone who looks at you the way Alec looks at Magnus, do NOT let that person go.. He looks at Magnus like Magnus is his world and hung the moon and the stars and all the planets (even though sometimes it could be tinged with exasperation especially when they’re fighting..lol)


- Oh and I love love LOVE salty!sarcastic!judgy!grumpy-cat!Alec. 

Hey hi hello. I’m Jordan Witzigreuter and I sing in The Ready Set aka Love Like Woe, I also have side projects, Only Child as well as Nekokat. Those are for when I don’t feel like dealing with TRS. Anywho, my hair goes from green to yellow to green. Like magic. Or hair dye you choose. But if anyone wants to talk and get to know more about me hmu on Chasinggoldd@gmail.com!

for you i will - scoopshipping fanmix

notes: i’ve wanted to make something fluffy for this ship, and after listening to “for you i will” for the first time in a while, i got inspiration! this is dedicated to kanayaa-maryam , one of the most amazing people i know and a huuuuge scoopshipper! i really hope you like it dear.

really, it’s just a compilation of fluffy songs. but thinking about them in the context of scoopshipping. 

listen - image credit

for you i will - teddy geiger, cross my heart - marianas trench, love like woe - the ready set, check yes juliet - we the kings, five minutes to midnight - boys like girls, hey juliet - LMNT, if my heart was a house - owl city,  intoxicated - the cab 

HxH Playlists

( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9GAKoWQeLOK4NhUPn7ciePECvbZ0xgM ) - Shut up and Dance with Me; Walk the Moon
- What You Know; Two Door Cinema Club
- She Looks So Perfect; 5 Seconds of Summer
- She Will Be Loved; Maroon 5
- Don’t Stop the Party; Pitbull

( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9GAKoWQeLM81TdOUa1LxZxnNf8wpWuA ) - Leave the Lights on; Meiko (Blank Postal Remix)
- Savages; Marina and Diamonds
- Pressure (Alesso Radio Mix); Nadia Ali, StarKillers, @ Alex Kenji
- Discord; The Living Tombstone (Nightcore version)
- Headshot; She

( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9GAKoWQeLPNVstDxv0VMkOlLlb57RSN ) - Bruises and Bitemarks; Good with Grenades
- Hello Zepp(Saw) vs Cry Little Sister(Cell Dweller) (Amv4Fun Mix)
- Dont Stop; InnerPartySystem
- Strut; Adam Lambert
- Le Disko; Shiny Toy Guns

( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9GAKoWQeLNXuaFjT0sRdJJ6DC1Y2Lv2 ) - Trojans; Atlas Genius (Blank Postal Remix)
- Happy Little Pill; Troye Sivan
- Frozen; CellDweller vs Blue Stahli
- Miss Jackson; Panic! at the disco
- Radio Active; Imagine Dragons

( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9GAKoWQeLOW4IwXSLPwoemQ7HmkkNW_ ) - Dear Fellow Traveler; Sea Wolf
- I Write Sins not tragedies; Panic! At the Disco
- Wrecking Ball; Mother Mother
- Pop, Lock and Drop Dead; Good with Grenades
- Paradise; Coldplay

( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9GAKoWQeLMMPOpIXRuLnkiKoyl8YcyN ) - This is Gospel; Panic! At the Disco
- What I Like; XCX
- Watercolour; Pendulum
- Somewhere to Hide; Shiny Toy Guns
- Maps; Maroon 5

( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9GAKoWQeLOHekz8p7pjNjMbHG_0nXDB ) - I was wrong; Capsule
- Christina Perri; A Thousand Years
- Late Night Alumni; Empty Streets
- Monster, How should I feel?; Meg and Dia
- Love Like Woe; Gym Class Heros

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Tell Me, Darling, Can I Get A Break Somehow?

how could I say no? she’s got a love like woe

Rated M

Emma has no idea how long they’ve been at it, but she knows that she is one second away from losing her mind. She’s lying on her back, nearly hanging off of the bed with Killian’s face between her thighs as he kneels on the floor, bringing her to the edge between sanity and complete and total distress.

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A Kagehina 8tracks mix because I am so obsessed with this pairing I don’t even understand it


cliche love song- basim // all i do is dream of you- michael buble // love like woe- thereadyset // check yes, juliet- we the kings // rhythm of love- plain white t’s // crazy little thing called love- queen // boats and birds- gregory and the hawk // suomi- alexander rybak // can you feel the love tonight- il volo // something i need- onerepublic // you are my sunshine- bride & groom

art: http://kageyamatobiokun.tumblr.com/post/87457066064/more-kagehina