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actual angel sam wilson looking like a 90s fashion cover for @riakomai​ ✌️

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*Suddenly there where three of them wacky skeletons. Doing things. Asserting themselves. 

 Inspired by a commission fic @soloshikigami wrote for me. 

 Seriously, go commission them. 

Their writing is fanatic! 

 They gave me my babies and its everything I could ever have hoped for. <3

 SpiceymustardBBQ sauce? ? ? This otp3 doesn’t even have a name. It’s sad. There needs to be more UF bros+SF pap in the world.

Can we talk about how much character growth there was in TRC??

First off, Gansey. In the beginning of the series, you see this fresh faced boy wanting adventure and magic, believing anything is possible. But he’s also holding in literally EVERYTHING. He makes sure no one ever sees him as anything but perfect. He doesnt think hes worth it. In the raven boys, there was that part saying, “in the end he was nothin to ronan. He was nothing to adam.” He really believed that. Now by the end, we see him as this guy who knows theres good and evil and he knows that not everything is perfect, but he also knows that his new family doesnt want him to be perfect. He can be broken around them, and in showing that he starts to heal. Gansey’s anxiety ate him alive for so long and now he knows there are other people with him. In trk, he goes after glendower alone, and he could have died because he was having an anxiety attack and imagining wasps. Abd then ronan, adam, blue, abd henry show him hes not alone and he realizes that with them, he can do it. Even when they find out glendower is actually dead, he and his family are together abd they will make it together and he KNOWS that now.

Blue started off hating raven boys and what they stood for abd she was all sarcasm and wanting. She longed for magic as much as gansey did. She was the only non-psychic in a family of psychics and it she wanted something more. She was full of potantial, but when would that potential become real? Then she meetd gnasey and at first she hates him. She becomes friends with them and falls in love with all the boys, a little. Blue realizes that she was something more. And with them, she could reach that potential. By the end of the series, blue realizes that she is more than her fanily and she can be more than what she is. She isnt tied down.

Then adam. In the beginning, Adam was this angry, beaten boy who refused to take anything from anyone. He had so much pride that it almost killed him. Adam didnt know what love was and so he refused to take any of it because it seemed like pity to him. He was a ball of rage and he pushed everyone away because he hust couldnt understand the concept of love. As the books go on and he makes the deal with glendower, adam starts to picture himself as other. He was different, and because of that he was lonesome, or at least he thought. Adam isolated himself because he didnt know what to do. Then things progress and adam starts to see ronan’s feelings for him and he sees himself as someone worthy of love, or he starts to. But adam didnt know what love was. His father hated him and his mother didnt care for him. Then, by the last book, adam starts to realize. He can be loved. This is his family. Ronan, gnasey, blue, even henry, these people are his. The ending when adam goes to his father gave me such closeure because he is above fearing his father. Where before he was terrified and he thought he could become like that, now he knows differently. He knows he is special and he knows he is worthy of love he never got at home. Adam Parrish is worthy and he realizes it now. He tells his father about the deaf ear and when his father averts his gaze, adam is filled with satisfaction. It DID happen. It wasnt a figment of his inagination. But he rose above it, and that isbthe best thing of anything.

Finally, Ronan. In the beginning, ronan is a weapon honed to kill. He is destruction and his smile is as sharp as daggers and the look in his eyes can slay. But then we SEE him. He cares about his family and he loved fiercly. Ronan was ferocious, but he also loved ferociously. But ronan was broken too. What realy hit me in TRK was when ronan said in cabeswater that what was different in his dreams was that before, his dreams had wanted to kill him and he wanted them to kill him. Now, he wanted life. His new family made him realize he was more than his father’s murder, abd he was more than the horrors of his life. He could live with adam and he could dream up beautiful creations and he could live as fiercly as he loved. Ronan went from hating everything and everyone to loving everything fiercly. Ronan was sharp and in the beginning, Gansey tried to get him to hold it in, but ronan was like that and he needed that to be ronan, but he could also be more than car racing and danger. He could be a boyfriend and he could be a best friend and he could make people feel joy with his dream things. The biggest thing about ronan was that he created. In the beginning, his creations were nightmares and danger and pain, asidefrom Matther and Chainsaw. Now, he dreamt up wonders like the engine-less camaro and epi pens for gansey abd hand cream for adam. Ronan had reasons for life now and he wasnt going to let them go and that’s beautiful.

Also, please excuse my typos, i just finished rereading TRC and have many emotions so this isnt really revised or anything, sorry

AU where Mick pulls two guns out of his jacket and shoots Hess and Ketch first


“there were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight…”



Flying Down to Rio (1933) closes with two of the lesser known members of the supporting cast, drinking champagne. 

This ending is a somewhat prophetic moment in musical cinema history. As the credits roll, we are left with Fred & Ginger, looking merrily and with much cheer into their bright and glorious future together as the most famous onscreen pairing of their time - arguably of all time. 

anonymous asked:

Yo I was wondering, how would Caleb and Chloe respond to/perceive someone else's nostalgia? For example, if someone was reminded of the smell of their grandmothers house, or a piece of their childhood that was extremely important to them but they know they'll never see again. Would Chloe see or smell the place they were thinking of (since memories are heavily tied to scent)? What color would Caleb describe nostalgia as?

So, first off…I’m going to answer this for Caleb. I’ll leave Lauren and/or Anna to answer on Chloe’s behalf…but I have thoughts on this. I’m going to mention a little story here…

A month or so ago I was out to dinner with my boyfriend. After our evening of IKEA meatballs and Lingonberry drinks, we decided we wanted to grab dessert somewhere. So we decided to go to a bakery in Burbank that I had never been to before…

After jamming out to some classic Cartel in the car, we arrived and walked into the bakery; I froze immediately. I froze immediately and in about five seconds I was crying. I’m not even kidding…I was full on crying. I was crying because the inside of that bakery smelled like my Great Gram’s house (she passed away 10 years ago and we were incredibly close). 

In that moment, when I stepped inside that bakery, I smelled a smell that I never thought I’d experience again; a smell that I didn’t know I missed. It all just hit me and I started crying. I was so grateful for that moment because in the span of a minute I was hit by this flow of happiness and sadness as I reflected on memories of me, my brother and my Great Gram.

So…the reason I bring this story up is because I don’t think “nostalgia” is necessarily an “emotion”…but I think it can be “a vessel that carries us down a river of emotions” (cheesy wording…but true AF).

…and therefore, my answer: While I don’t think nostalgia can necessarily be felt by Caleb as an emotion/color all by itself…Caleb, as he matures, has been able to begin to identify combinations of emotions and what those combinations might mean. Think of it like each color is a word in a sentence and the full sentence describes the complexity of a thought or experience (like nostalgia). Actually! Even better…anybody here see ‘Inside Out’? As the character Riley gets older…the colored globes in her head evolve from single colors (blue for sadness, yellow for happiness) to mixtures of them. I think Caleb in all of his fits and starts of emotional maturity (he’s a teenage boy…so…lots of fits guys) he is learning to translate combinations of emotions into more intangible concepts like “nostalgia”.

In The Bright Sessions, Caleb has said things like “Orange and smothering” I believe, to describe emotions like pride or protectiveness…and I think that’s a result of the emotions that make up that intention mixing together to produce a color that can be perceived and communicated to describe that concept.

So…there ya go! My thoughts on that. I Hope it made sense! 

- Briggon


So I know durinswizardwheezes just made a powerpoint but she inspired me to make one too because YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH AND OMG THIS SHOW I SWEAR

This is inspired by durinswizardwheezes’ powerpoint and ninthfeather’s post quantum-angel’s powerpoint and and envy-loves-you’s post (spoilers in the last two)

Thanks to @durinswizardwheezes@ninthfeather​  envy-loves-you @quantumseraph​  dannyboymw and KingOfStupidElephants

What’s My Line?

The Definition of Reality Series, pt 3 (ao3)

pt 1, The Legend of Kent Parson’s Sex Hair (tumblr) (ao3)

pt 2, You’re My Open Road (tumblr) (ao3)

Four months after the road trip, Swoops and Kent are having a last hurrah in Kent’s bed before preseason starts and they have to start sneaking around again.

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do u ever feel like u were destined to draw a character????? smoky quartz is mine… theyre shaped like a friend

shitty things malaria has done

A Comprehensive Study by snarkydarkling: 

  • ignores alina’s existence for ¾ of S&B even tho he’s supposed to be her best friend like ??? ok there friend of year 
  • “omg alina is actually fucking hot now??? hands off! i saw her first!” 
  • shames alina for daring to fit in at the little palace
  • shames alina for ….wearing black?? ha ha ha ha ok who made malaria the fashion police????
  • shames alina for daring to crush on someone who isn’t him even tho he’s probably banged half the first army 
  • shames alina for being well off for once (”And here you are, safe and sound, dancing and flirting like some cosseted little princess.”) yEAH FUCK YOU TOO MALARIA AJSHAKJDHSFK (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  • “I love you, Alina, even the part of you that loved him” like whoa talk about a backhanded compliment and if we’re gonna keep holding ex-lovers against each other then alina might as well have responded with “yeahhh i love you too malware, even the part of you that fucked zoya, kissed ruby, and fingered anya” like oh my god mal get a fucking grip
  • he’s literally the happiest son of a bitch in the entire country at the beginning of s&s, completely ignoring the fact that alina is now sickly, weak, and terribly unhealthy because she’s suppressing her powers like he literally could not give two shits about alina’s well-being aS LONG AS HE’S DOING WELL THATS ALL THAT MATTERS (And you know he’s extra gross when even the villain of the fucking series is like ?? da fuq are you holding yourself back for ??? you look miserable??) 
  • when they’re on the darkling’s ship he’s more worried that alina might end up enjoying herself with darkles than like…oh, idk..getting fucking tortured by him???
  • actually ATTACKS nikolai for daring to make a sensible proposal to alina 
  • mal@nikolai: “You don’t have a right to her.” me@mal: HAHAHAHA STFU YOU SELFISH ENTITLED PIECE OF SHIT OH MY GOD THE IRONY
  • doesn’t even let alina answer nikolai’s proposal bc why would his girlfriend need to think for herself??? have her own agency??? 
  • straight up admits he doesn’t even want to help ravka he just wants to get in alina’s pants 
  • whines and complains and generally acts like an oppressed fuckboi the entire time alina is trying to rebuild the second army and save her goddamn country 
  • “since i dont fit in for once in my life, im gonna act like an immature shithead and make your life miserable too wah wah wah” 
  • omg alina dares to flinch when malaria tries to kiss her? should we let her explain herself or should we act like crybaby and go shove our tongues down zoya’s throat? 
  • “psshhh its YOUR fault i kissed zoya!!! if you hadn’t dared to reject my magnificent self then i wouldn’t have had to kiss her obvs!!!11!” 
  • “omg i can’t believe you care about saving your country more than fucking me?? selfish bitch!!!” 
  • “i dont care that ravkas in a civil war and you’re our only hope of winning!! im going thru an identity crisis and i need you to stroke my ego 24/7!!!! im not a soldier, im not a tracker, so who am i alina/?? TELL ME WHO AM I???” a plague is what you are, you diseased prick 
  • i liked you better when you were insecure and powerless. where is that girl??? i want her back!!!!” 
  • “how dare you crush on a prince who actually treats with the respect you deserve??? fucking gold-digger!!!” 
  • abandons alina during his shift because he was too busy getting drunk and nearly lets her fucking die if toyla hadn’t intervened like yOU HAD ONE GODDAMN JOB MALARIA 
  • sabotages alina’s plan to kill the darkling 
  • spends all of r&r resenting having to help alina & nikolai save the goddamn country like can you make it any more obvious you’re only here to try and get into alina’s pants again???? 
  • “i am become a blade” is probably the most unintentionally hilarious and anti-climatic conclusion to mal’s irrelevant identity crisis like yes, good for you malaria, you’ve finally embraced your identity as a tool 
  • “listen i don’t have an army or a crown but if you don’t choose me you’re basically a gold-digging materialistic whore but no pressure lmao” 
  • hades was so repulsed by mal’s gross ass that he sent him back two seconds later 
Being a powerful witch and dating Klaus would include...
  • most obvious thing: he’d rely on you and ask for help on a daily basis.
  • he’d often state he’d doing all this to build a home and make you his queen
  • if Hope was ever to do magic regulary, you’d definitely be one of her tutors (besides Freya, that means)
  • his cheeky remarks would probably lead to tease him back with your powers - which would make him say something like “whoa, love I was just kidding”
  • every time a new enemy appears he’d go all smug and say “oh, believe me, you don’t want to mess with me. You have know clue who’s having my back” (it’s obvious he’s talking about you right?
  • his siblings teasing him constantly that you’d be so able to kick his ass.
  • okay, we all know the threathening and ruthless Klaus but let’s move to the puppy/ immature side of his:
  • whenever you are practising new spells and you don’t talk to him for hours, he’d get on your nerves eventually
  • “(Y/N), it’s pretty rude ignoring me like this” and please do me a favor and just wave him off and keep on doing what you’re doing, if you’re not you need to get ready for things like “I knew you couldn’t resist me” “I’m the mighty witches only weakness” 
  • family scenario because I need this: “Klaus, one of the people you enraged is here” “God damn it Klaus” “How many of them do you have?” “JUST LET (Y/N) HANDLE THIS AND LECTURE ME LATER” - very gruesome hybrid king here ok I’m done with the stupidity I swear
  • he’d always ask for your advice - before you became a couple he held huge respect towards you and really cares about your opinon (he still does of course)
  • when you are exhausted - because you are responsible for saving all the Mikaelsons (good luck!) - he’d make sure you’re resting, running you a bath, giving you massages, cooking for you, getting books you wanted to buy for months, tea… whatever helps you regaining your energy
  • you are one of Mikaelsons, a dear family member to them and even though you can guard yourself, they’d have your back any time,especially when you’re busy with doing magic
  • you’d be a super badass couple but also so dorky behind closed doors:
  • “What if I get struck by lightning because you have a bad dream?” Klaus would ask. “Where the heck is this coming from? Why would that happen?” “Well, I share my bed with a mighty witch so better prepare for all scenarios.” “It won’t kill you. You’d take it, or we need to get seperate bedro-” “Okay, I’m perfectly fine with getting electrified.”
  • If you’d spread all of the magic spell books and items across the room, Klaus would avoid ‘destroying’ it and carefully step past them
  • he’d be so proud having you at his side. He admires your strength
  • when a man is not giving in while  flirting and really annoys you, Klaus would stand next to you, grinning “Oh boy now you’ve done it”
  • i mean it’s not like he’s not being protective but he knows you are having your own back - he’d be seriously just amused with everyone trying to mess with you.
  • however, he’d also know when you need help and won’t hesitate to step in
Everybody's Got A Secret

Pairing: Sonny x Reader

Requested: Nope

A/N: I haven’t been able to watch the episode buuuut I have seen the gifs. Here is my take and what makes me hopeful that maybe Sonny will finally have a girl of his own! 

Originally posted by eighthmark

You swung your apartment door open, “Oh, Sonny! I thought I was meeting you at your place?”

“That was the plan wasn’t it, I’m sorry, I can just go. You are probably busy.” Sonny tried to leave but you pulled him into your apartment.

“No it’s fine,” you smiled at him, “I’m glad to see you!” Sonny blushed.

“I was thinking we could just stay in for the night, order takeout, maybe watch a movie?” Sonny pulled his laptop out of his bag, laying it on the table. He looked adorable, wearing jeans and his Fordham Law hoodie. Equal parts adorable and irresistible.

“That sounds perf-,” you chewed on your thoughts for a moment, “I hope you aren’t trying to get laid. I had a plan and I haven’t ordered it yet! I’m not prepared tonight!”  

Sonny put his hands up, “whoa, promise I wasn’t trying anything. Just wanted a night in with my girl. Plus, your sheets are much comfier than mine and I may just fall asleep.” His boyish grin was enough to settle your panic.

Long after your food was finished, you and Sonny sat atop your bed with his arm around your shoulders and legs tangled together. Sonny broke the silence.

“What was the plan you were talkin’ about earlier?” You blushed.

“I -uh- had an outfit I was going to model.”

“What kinda outfit?”

You smiled, pulling Sonny’s laptop from the table beside the bed.

“Well, it looks a little something like this.

"Whoa, doll, let me just say, whoa.”

“You like?”

“I love, and I will be buying dis for you. I mean, it’s much more of a gift for me than you.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Yeah I do, and I have to get expedited shipping too.”

“God I love you Sonny.”

“I love you too, Y/N. even more once we get dat outfit!”

“So, you’re friend got a name?” Amanda asked with a hint of jealousy in her voice. Sonny panicked, he wasn’t ready for the squad to know all of his business. Once it’s out there, nothing’s off limits.

“Uh, yeah, it’s Y/N. She -” before he could finish he was cut off by the shrill ring of his cell phone.

“Carisi. Yeah, okay, I’ll be right there.” Sonny ended the call while grabbing his coat.

“Saved by the bell.”