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Seriously. In No Sanctuary, Daryl hugged Carol like it was the most important thing ever. More important than fighting cannibals or walkers. More important than anything.

As he held her close and buried his face in her shoulder and breathed her in, his expression was one of pure bliss and happiness. Daryl never looked more like he was in heaven and holding everything good in the world in his arms, than he did when he was holding Carol. That’s the only time his face has ever appeared so overwhelmed with joy and relief and peace.

All because of Carol.

What’s My Line?

The Definition of Reality Series, pt 3 (ao3)

pt 1, The Legend of Kent Parson’s Sex Hair (tumblr) (ao3)

pt 2, You’re My Open Road (tumblr) (ao3)

Four months after the road trip, Swoops and Kent are having a last hurrah in Kent’s bed before preseason starts and they have to start sneaking around again.

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shitty things malaria has done

A Comprehensive Study by snarkydarkling: 

  • ignores alina’s existence for ¾ of S&B even tho he’s supposed to be her best friend like ??? ok there friend of year 
  • “omg alina is actually fucking hot now??? hands off! i saw her first!” 
  • shames alina for daring to fit in at the little palace
  • shames alina for ….wearing black?? ha ha ha ha ok who made malaria the fashion police????
  • shames alina for daring to crush on someone who isn’t him even tho he’s probably banged half the first army 
  • shames alina for being well off for once (”And here you are, safe and sound, dancing and flirting like some cosseted little princess.”) yEAH FUCK YOU TOO MALARIA AJSHAKJDHSFK (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  • “I love you, Alina, even the part of you that loved him” like whoa talk about a backhanded compliment and if we’re gonna keep holding ex-lovers against each other then alina might as well have responded with “yeahhh i love you too malware, even the part of you that fucked zoya, kissed ruby, and fingered anya” like oh my god mal get a fucking grip

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Mokdong Fansigning 10162016 (w/ Seokjin)

Q1: What’s the easiest Choreography that you’ve learned?
(좋아요) I Like It.

Q2: Rank your members on who performs the sexiest concept for BST.
1 - Jimin
2 - Tae
3 - Hoseok
4 - Jungkook
5 - Yoongi
6 - Namjoon
7 - Seokjin

*fan note* She thinks Seokjin started writing the boys names in English because he noticed her having trouble reading his handwriting hehe~



skydive!yongguk got me like “whoa who is you” so this happened

Yongguk knows there are words for it—what he is. Knows his fascination with fire would be considered sick in most people’s eyes.But in this gang, this group of youths society turned its back on, he’s considered normal. He’s not in it for the money like Youngjae and Junhong. Not for the killing like Himchan’s stray.

They’re an odd couple—Jongup and the boss. But there’s no denying Himchan is the only one who’s got some level of control over the boy. They’re constantly at each other’s throats, the danger in Jongup’s eyes like hot flames, but Himchan always knows how to put them out. Yongguk wonders if there’ll come a day when he won’t anymore.

He’s an observer; prefers to follow rather than lead. Quiet. Not charismatic like Youngjae, lively like Junhong, arrogant like Jongup, or loud like Daehyun.

Daehyun. The pretty one. He is fire embodied—warm, bright, and wild. They’re each other’s opposites on so many areas, Yongguk sharp and edgy where Daehyun is soft and smooth. His smile can light up a whole club, making heads turn the moment he walks in. He doesn’t look dangerous, but Yongguk knows better.

Yongguk knows he still feels it, every time he pulls the trigger, but he does it nonetheless. There’s so much emotion left in Daehyun, while Yongguk’s burned out long ago. Maybe that’s why he likes to watch the man. Maybe that’s why he must keep his fingers occupied, flipping his lighter back and forth, to keep his destructive fire from spreading.

katoka97 replied to your photoset “Skipping the queue because I forgot this happened and just everything…”

Hmm did he? It still feels kind of too quick, like there was something more. And maybe he kissed him so he could make Ren jealous and finally declare their relationship to everyone.

I do feel like there’s something more and I want to say, yet again, jealousy plays a part.
Now seeing Natsuo like this and hearing his input plus seeing the past kind of puts things in perspective. “His number one changes so easily” can be interpreted in different ways; it can go with my theory of Natsuo having a crush on Haru when they were younger or it can be interpreted as in Natsuo being Haru’s number one in a familial, platonic way but then getting pushed aside as Haru puts his brothers in the number one spot replacing him. 
What the first girl says when talking about Haru to Natsuo, “The way you make me feel like I’m the only one for you is nothing like the other Natsu” is something we should also take into consideration as it goes along with the word “love” being lighter than air to Haru and still is up til this day. 

Either if it is a love or familial feeling, jealousy is sure apparent within Natsuo towards Haru for a reason or two yet to be fully told. 

The kiss with Haru. Right before he does it, he thinks on how Haru never had to work for affection and was always surrounded by people. He also thinks about the time when Haru was in the car accident and goes on to say how happy and carefree Haru looks and feels at that moment despite what he had to go through because of the accident. Then he goes on to say that he’s only like that because of Ren then kisses him, the sentence is unfinished but we all know Ren is the answer. Jealousy again plays a part into this because it is unclear if Natsuo has any other siblings or the relationship he and his dad had when they moved abroad, but I think it’s safe to say that he’s an only child so the love that Haru showed and gave to Natsuo is surely something to cherish and hang onto. With Ren now being Haru’s Number One, making him happy, it most likely pulled a trigger within him. I believe Ren’s jealousy was just an outcome of Natsuo’s own jealousy.
Natsuo looks like he plays it off by saying to Haru “What? Doesn’t hearing him say that make you happy?…You owe me one” but how much of that is genuine? (Is that the right word to use- idk-) It’s for sure that Natsuo knows the kind of relationship Ren and Haru have, obviously, but with everything happening it might be conflicting with feelings he doesn’t want to dive back into

yesterday i was sitting with my 14 yr old cousin in her basement after we were playing mario kart wii and she pulled up the game settings screen and this funky music started playing and she was like “whoa….i love this!” and she started dancing and i started dancing along with her. then she went 2 find the name of the song on her phone and pulled up the mario kart wii soundtrack on youtube and found the specific song and she was like “i’m adding this 2 my music playlist” and she showed me a playlist entitled “My Jams” which was like, the shrek soundtrack, the jesus christ superstar soundtrack, gloria estefan, the pokemon rap, hotling bling and mambo number 5. anyway this is a long story but it was one of the Purest Experiences of my life. i love her

So all I’ve seen about Precure A La Mode is a couple of gifsets of transformation sequences and I am thoroughly convinced I need to see it it’s like…my entire aesthetic THERE’S A LION-THEMED MAGICAL GIRL WITH A ROCKSTAR AESTHETIC AND SHE’S BLUE. I have no idea who she is yet but I love her and I can’t wait to find out how she saves the world

I modeled and 3D printed the Bravely Default team (xpost /r/gaming) • /r/bravelydefault
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Redditor Agg23 3dprinted the crystal crew…it looks pretty neat!

i get these thoughts sometimes where its like whoa how did this happen how did i find someone that i love so much like whoa whoa wHOA i must be dreaming this is just too good

2017 blogrates!

Hey guys! To celebrate the end of the dumpster fire that was 2016 and to commemorate the new year, I decided to do blogrates! if this fails it never happened ok?


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Bon Jovi Music VideosBad Medicine (1988)

Your love is like bad medicineBad medicine is what I need. Whoa shake it up, just like bad medicine. There ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease.