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Hi there dear! May I please request a matchup if possible? I'm 5'4", a lil chubby, I have green eyes, and shoulder length dark brown hair. I'm very eccentric, weird, creative, friendly, supportive, and I can get a bit protective ^^;;. I can be very serious when it comes to my studies and my friends! I have a pet doggo named Dexter and I love him so much!! ;---; anywho~ thank you for your time dear! I hope you have a great day!!


*drum roll please* 


  • loves your ‘chub’ 
  • he is the King of eccentric and weird - ya’ll get along perfectly 
  • loves when you get protective 
  • really likes your doggo Dexter 

Ya’ll meet at True Cross, probably. (If you’re a student - you’re at least 18 for the sake of this ^^ ) Ya’ll just hit it off really well. Ya’ll clicked and could sit and chat for hours, as ya’ll occasionally did at lunchtime or during study hall. Ya’ll grew close quickly but neither of you acted on this, simply remaining great friends for the entirety of the school year, up until prom. You asked him to go with you - and how could he tell you no? He kisses you at the door after he takes you home.

(I wrote a thing: ‘ Imagine Mephisto taking you to Prom <3 ‘ You can check that out if you like the idea of this ^^ cause everything else I have to say is basically already a thing) 

Actual Cinnamon Roll Mike Faist

•Believes his character Morris Delancey is actually a good guy deep down, even after saying things like “My skull busting arm could use a break" and beating up a crippled boy. (Aka Mike Faist has an unbelievable amount of faith in people)

•Informed everyone of the cookie cake before getting some himself.

•Have you seen the picture of him and Ben Platt cuddling?

•His friendship with Laura Dreyfuss. Too cute.

•Actually named his Newsie Mike.

His hair is on point no matter what length

•He used to beat up on the rest of the Newsies cast, but they loved him anyway

He wears a tiny tie!

•"You know how I feel!“

•He reads Albert Camus before the show

•Always plays the villain, but is the sweetest?!?!?

• His energy when performing King of New York. You can tell he loves it.

•Him and Thanye during King of New York. Yes.

•His friendship with Tommy Bracco. Too pure

•The boy can’t use Twitter for shit, and I live for it.

• Once said his favorite fan moment was when someone asked him to marry them.

He is a tired little cinnamon roll with puffy eyes that need sleep

He wears New Balance shoes (But he also owns converse tap shoes)

Please add more! I love hearing about Mike’s adorkablness.

(If it’s in italics, it’s something my sister said)

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Forever Yours, Forever Mine (M)

SUMMARY: You’ve been with your fair share of guys, Yoongi’s been with his fair share of girls, but nothing can ever compare or come close to how good it feels when you’re together.

GENRE/WARNINGS: Smut, PWP; body worship, dirty talk, possessive themes. It’s incredibly intimate with a shit ton of filth mixed within.

WORDS: 4.5k.

A/N: I’m posting this from the grave. Seriously, I don’t think I’m alive lol. This killed me. Enjoy. xx.

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You gave me the key to all your love and pleasure, boy you’re my treasure.

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Loving insanity pt. 3{{Jerome Valeska x Reader}}

Author Note: yay I finally get to write this!!! I really hope y'all like this story!!!!💜💜 Length: long Requested: request/Collaboration Warnings: none _____________

When you woke up the next morning you were completely tangled up with Jerome. He was sleeping perfectly and you didn’t want to move and wake him. You instead just sighed and laid your head back down on his chest. He started to stir and looked down at you. He smiled and ran his fingers through your hair. You looked up at him.

“Well good morning Sleeping Beauty.”

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. You felt his chest rumble and it made you giggle. You got up and stretched.

“Let’s go get breakfast. No one is home so you can just wear that.”

He nodded and followed you out of the room. The two of you headed to the kitchen where you proceeded to make coffee. You handed him a mug and smiled.

“Well well well… What do we have here?”

You and Jerome both froze. You turned to see Barbara standing there with a smirk on her face and arms crossed.

“Did you two have fun last night?”

You blushed immensely while Jerome choked on his coffee and started coughing.

“That is not what happened!!!!”

“uh-huh sure.”

Barbara winked at the pair then turned to exit.

“Just remember to wash the sheets!”

“Shut it!”

You heard Barbara laugh as she exited. You turned to give him an apologetic look.

“Nice mom you got there.”

“Not my mom, that’s my dad’s girlfriend.”


Jerome insisted that you go back to the Circus with him. He said he would show you the best acts and introduce you to the circus performers. You two walked around for a few hours before a man that looked like a ring leader came up and called Jerome over.

“I’ll be just a minute.”

You nodded and he walked off. You stood there admiring a poster for the Flying Graysons. Your feet seemed to get bored as they started moving. You had gotten lost after a while and had stopped in your tracks. You looked around for someone who could help. You saw a woman with a snake wrapped around her and you presumed she was a performer.

“Excuse me miss, but do you happen to know where I can find a boy name Jerome. I don’t know his last name but I know he lives here.”

“It’s Valeska. Jerome Valeska. And why on earth would a pretty girl like yourself be looking for a pest like him.”

“Excuse me but who do you think you are to talk about him like that?”

“His mother.”

You froze. You knew this was the woman who screamed at him. Her voice was recognizable now.

“and who may you be?”

Jerome had been looking for you for a while now and when he found you…. He didn’t like what he saw. She was with that last person on earth he wanted to see her with. He heard his mom ask the question so he ran up to you and grabbed your arm protectively.

“My girlfriend.”

“Hah! Like you could get a girlfriend.”

You were beyond fed up with this woman. So you intertwined you fingers with Jerome’s.

“Actually he can. Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch to him all the fucking time you would realize that. Now excuse us. We were just passing by.”

Lila looked beyond shocked as you gave her the sweetest smile that you could before walking away with Jerome.

Since that happened you and Jerome wouldn’t unlock your hands. Hours felt like seconds as you realized it was time for you to go. You frowns and he hugged you.

“Cheer up Doll face. I’ll see you again soon.”

He bent down and placed a sweet kiss on your forehead before entering his trailer. ______________

It was 1 am. You were laying in bed thinking about what Jerome said. Did he really mean it when he called you his girlfriend? Or was it all just to get you away from his mom?


You threw yourself back into your bed and covered your face with your hands. You heard a light tapping noise on your window and when you looked over you saw Jerome squatting on the fire escape while waving at you. You quickly got up and ran to the window. You unlocked it and opened it. He slipped inside.

“What the hell are you doing here at 1 in the morning.”

“I had to see you again.”

“And this couldn’t wait till tomorrow.”

He shook his head and you sighed. You led him to the bed and you both sat on it.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And what you said. No one has ever stood up for me before.”

“She was a bitch and I wasn’t going to let it slide.”

“But that’s not the only reason I am here… I know we have only just met but you are different from other people. You care about me unlike other people. What I’m trying to say is that I care about you too. And what I said earlier about you being my girlfriend. I want that to be true too. And I’m not good with words so I want to show you how I feel.”

Before you could reply he smashed his lips onto yours. He was passionate but soft and sweet. Almost as if to treat you like glass. You started to kiss back. Both of your lips moved in sync. Almost like they knew what to do.

The moment ended too soon for you when your dad walked in.

“Y/N, I’m ho-”

You and Jerome just froze. Jim was to tired to get get angry so he put he hands up in the air in defeat and backed out of your room.

“I’m going to go and uh pretend like this didn’t just happen.”

You covered your face in embarrassment as Jerome laughed. Your first kiss with him and of course your dad had to walk in right then.

“So uh ignoring what just happened…. Will you be my girlfriend?”

You smiled and nodded. Tonight had to top your list of favorite night ever. Well besides the whole dad thing but none the less no one could ever possibly be as happy as you were right now.

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“I will go,” he said. “I will go to Troy.”
The rosy gleam of his lip, the fevered green of his eyes. There was not a line anywhere on his face, nothing creased or graying; all crisp. He was spring, golden and bright. Envious death would drink his blood, and grow young again.
He was watching me, his eyes as deep as earth.
“Will you come with me?” he asked.
The never-ending ache of love and sorrow. Perhaps in some other life I could have refused, could have torn my hair and screamed, and made him face his choice alone. But not in this one. He would sail to Troy and I would follow, even into death. “Yes,” I whipsered. “Yes.”
Relief broke in his face, and he reached for me. I let him hold me, let him press us length to length so close that nothing might fit between us.
Tears came, and fell. Above us, the constellations spun and the moon paced her weary course. We lay stricken and sleepless as the hours passed.” 

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Ideal body types for a female s/o for the Axis and Allies please?? :D

//I already did that axis so I’m doing the allies!!

2p America: Likes women with a bit of muscle and some junk in the trunk. Prefers blue eyed people just because their eyes remind him of his past. Wouldn’t mind a chubbier partner from time to time but usually sticks with people on the skinnier side. Prefers short-medium length hair, straight or wavy.

2p France and 2p Canada: LOVE chubby people as they think there’s so much more to love. Enjoy people with a darker skin tone and hazel/green eyes. Like curly/wavy hair of any length. TOTAL BOOB-BUTT GUYS.

2p England: Oliver prefers people who look like him; somewhere in the middle between skinny and chubby with pale-ish skin and dotted in freckles. Doesn’t really care about boobs or butts. Prefers long haired women.

2p Russia and 2p China: Just like 2p France and 2p Canada, these guys are suckers for bigger people. However, they don’t care about skin tone and eyes. They’d prefer someone with a little bit of curve and a pinch of ass.

Thirty Year Old Virgin

Request: Lin x reader with 22 and 93?

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Words: 476

Prompts: 22- I am not telling you how I lost my virginity, nope. 93- I forgot we had a cat.

“For the last time Lin, I am not telling you how I lost my virginity, nope.” You said firmly, crossing your arms and giving you boyfriend a stern look.

“I just don’t understand why you won’t tell me (Y/N). At this point you refusing to tell me just makes me want to know more.” He replied, tying his shoulder length hair back into a ponytail. Though you wouldn’t admit it to him, you loved his long hair.

“It’s just irrelevant.” What your boyfriend of three months didn’t know was the real reason you refused to tell him how you lost your virginity was because, well, you hadn’t and you were really insecure about it. You were thirty and a virgin.

It’s not like you were trying to stay a virgin, you had just always been too busy for relationships and you weren’t one for one night stands. Next thing you knew you were a grown woman who had never had sex.

Now, you and Lin had been handsy, but things never progressed all the way yet. Either one of  you would  have an early morning or you’d be on your period or some other crazy instance would cockblock the two of you.

“If it’s so irrelevant than just tell me.” Lin, a grown man, whined, grabbing your hand and tugging you down onto the couch with him.

“It’s embarrassing.” You groaned, burying your face in your hands. He put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you to him.

“Come on (Y/N), I promise not to laugh that much.” He teased and you punched his shoulder.

“God, fine. I haven’t okay. I’m a thirty year old virgin.” You confessed, refusing to look him in the eyes. His body stiffened.

“Well, I can help with that.” He said and you squealed as he jumped up from the couch and picked you up. 

“Lin!” You exclaimed in between laughs. You often forgot how strong your boyfriend was. He was practically running to the bedroom.

Mierda!” He cursed as he stumbled and you heard the cat you had dual ownership of yowl. “I forgot we had a cat.”

“You are an idiot.”

“An idiot who’s about to take your virginity.” You blushed as red as a tomato at his words and you lightly hit his chest, unable to form a rebuttal. “I mean, if that’s okay with you of course.”

You rolled your eyes as he let you down on his bed. Instead of answering you wrapped an arm around his neck and pressed your lips against his.

“I have pretty high expectations you know.” You teased, smiling against his lips.

“I guess I’ll just have to bring my A game then.” He replied and a chill ran up your spine at the mischievous look in his eye.

You really should have told Lin you were a virgin sooner.

A/N: Sorry this one is so short, it was hard to fit those two prompts together 😂 Hope you enjoyed!

I was given a surprise seat upgrade at my third visit to Falsettos today, and my goodness… the show is in such beautiful shape I cannot wait for the PBS taping to air so everyone can see it. Christian’s hair is roughly the same length as it was in Something Rotten! now, so I was very amused that Marvin suddenly looked a lot more like Shakespeare. :)

Everyone’s performances continue to blow me away. I’m still especially moved by Christian’s career-defining performance as Marvin. I’ve never seen him more in love with Andrew’s still-excellent Whizzer, or as emotional with Anthony Rosenthal’s Jason, or as chummy with Betsy and Tracie’s lesbians next door than what I saw this evening. And Stephanie J. Block… can we just FedEx her a Tony six months early? I gave her a standing ovation after “I’m Breaking Down” - and a couple people joined me!

Seriously though, if you can make it to Falsettos’ final week on Broadway, GO. It’s truly a perfect revival of a perfect musical.

(Slightly unrelated but I ran into John O'Farrell, cowriter of Something Rotten!, at Falsettos… so I’ve seen Karey and Wayne and John already this trip!)

Fight Club - Chapter 2

A/N:SMUT. This chapter has smut and fighting. Which helps tie in the title. You go on your date with Chanyeol, but there’s more to him than he’s leading on.


After destroying my bedroom in an attempt to find the perfect outfit for the evening, I finally settled on a knee-length white skirt with a bright, floral cropped top. My hair was down and straight, and I had on wedges to compensate for the height difference between Chanyeol and myself.

At 6:45 p.m. exactly, there was a knock on my dorm door. I opened the door to see Chanyeol with a bouquet of Gerber daisies.

“Hello, lovely,” he grinned and handed me the flowers.

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“I am so excited to see you!” I was giddy and, embarrassingly, could not hide my excitement.

He laughed a full laugh and said, “let’s go. Our appointment is at 7!”

We held hands as we walked to the on campus music building. I was a little bit baffled, but Chanyeol cleared confusion quickly.

“I’m a music major. I wanted you to learn a bit more about me other than just being exceptional at beer pong and being a total gentleman.”

I laughed and said, “you did lose our beer pong bet. So, I guess I only know half of those things about you. Oh, and don’t forget that I also know of your terrible taste in music. Now I’m nervous of what I’m about to hear.” I winked at him and he shook his head.

We got up to the room Chanyeol had reserved, and I sat in front of the controls. He went into the sound room, put on a pair of head phones and picked up a guitar.

He plucked a pleasing melody out on the guitar, and he his voice filled the room. It was an absolutely beautiful song sung by the purest voice I had ever had the pleasure of having flow through my ears.

He finished his last line of, “I’ll sing for you,” and came back out to where I was sitting.

“So?” It was all he asked. He was anxiously awaiting an answer, and I pretended to mull everything I had just witnessed over thoroughly. It wasn’t until I felt his nerves starting to spill over that I finally answered.

“Chanyeol, that was one of the most gorgeous songs that I’ve ever heard in my life. Did you write that?”

Joy spread across his face and he nodded vigorously, “it’s something I’ve been working on for a while. I finally got inspired to finish it up.”

I was unable to hold myself back, so I stood and kissed him. I kissed him as though I would never get another chance to kiss another person again.

Chanyeol responded by entangling his fingers tightly in my hair. He made sure that any space between us was non-existent as we allowed our tongues to dance and our hands to roam.

He palmed my breasts through my bra and I felt my nipples become erect at his touch. Goosebumps ran down my body and I my knees started to slightly give out in surrender to Chanyeol’s touch.

He used his arms to support me and lean me back in the chair that I had previously been sitting in.

Chanyeol got down on his knees in front of me. He looked up at me as he bunched my skirt in his hands. I granted him permission with a slight nod and he swiftly acted.

I leaned my back in the chair, my skirt hiked up around my waist. Moans continued to escape my mouth uncontrollably. My head was leaned against the headrest and my legs were draped on either of Chanyeol’s shoulders, his head resting against my thigh as his tongue assaulted my clit.

My hands tightened against the arm rests of the chair as his hand stretched my folds open. His index and middle fingers flowed rhythmically against my sweet spot.

I felt my body starting to tighten up as my legs pulled him in closer. I started repeating his name as though it was a mantra.

“Chanyeol, I’m… oh fuck… I’m about to…” My release was about to wash over me when he suddenly pulled away.

I gasped, appalled. Before I was able to get a complaint out, though, Chanyeol grabbed me and flipped me so that I was straddling him on the chair. He had somehow managed to quickly remove his pants in the motion, and he slammed me down onto him. His hands clawed into my shoulders as he filled me entirely.

I let out a pleasure filled scream. He let me adjust to his length inside of me, but only briefly before he used his hands to guide me to bounce along his member. Our hands clawed at each other’s skin, and we alternated bruising each other with bite marks and hickeys.

I felt my core heat and his thrusts became sloppy. I became fully aware of where every part of our bodies were touching. He fucked me mercilessly and aggressively. Acknowledging the rough nature of our sex sent me over the edge.

I screamed Chanyeol’s name one last time and we both let out our orgasms simultaneously. I collapsed on top of him. He ran his hands down my spine as he asked if I was okay. I nodded against his skin.

Chanyeol lined my collarbone with kisses and planted one last hickey above my left breast. He smiled proudly at me, as though he was marking his territory.

We finally removed ourselves from each other and began to get dressed again. As he pulled his shirt down, I noticed a bruise on his rib cage that I knew I could not have possibly caused.

“Yeol?! Where did that come from?!” I lifted his shirt again to inspect the mark, but he quickly pulled it down again and kissed my hand.

“Ah. I’m clumsy, jagi.” He grinned at me and planted another kiss on my cheek.

If only if I had known that his answer would only be one of many lies.

Once we had reassembled ourselves, Chanyeol and I left the studio to continue our date night and go get dinner.
Chanyeol’s POV:

After I dropped her off back at her dorm room, our night ended with a sweet kiss goodnight that made me wish that the evening was unending, I headed back to the house. I was flying high on cloud 9. I kept re-living the events that had occurred earlier.

I hadn’t intended to sleep with her that quickly. I had been genuine in my intentions to not take advantage of her, but the second that her lips hit mine, it was impossible to not touch her. I craved her, and it had been just shy of 24 hours.

I opened the front door to see Yixing standing in hallway, arms crossed.

“Have yourself a good evening,” he scoffed.

“None of your fucking business, Yixing,” I snapped. I was still slightly steamed from our interaction the night before.

He rolled his eyes and responded to my hostility with, “whatever. Get downstairs. You’re up.”

I was not in the mood for what was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, but I had signed a contract. I unzipped my jacket and tossed it onto the railing.

As I opened the basement door, I heard chants and cheers from the other guys involved. Yixing and I had started this Fight Club as a form of stress relief. It began as a way to hash out arguments between us, and it ended up being run as a tournament style as more people continued to get involved.

To be honest with you, it had gotten out of hand. Betting and gambling, and there’s no way I could keep track of how many times the police had been called to investigate the report of bleeding men leaving our house. But, Yixing and I had too good of a thing going on to stop it at this point. We were in too deep.

I taped up my knuckles and unbuttoned my shirt.

I heard a lot of hoots and hollers, and immediately regret choosing to go skins this round. The evidence of my date night adventures were still fresh on my skin. I turned to those behind me and shot them all dirty looks. Most of them shut up, a few still snickered here and there, and a couple of them called out things like, “nice bro.”

I rolled my eyes and walked up to the board to see who my fight was. We were nearing the end of this bracket, so my eyes headed toward the center of the chalk board.

“Kyungsoo. You’re up. Let’s go,” I yelled over the crowd, and there were loud cheers as we bowed up in the center of the room. He shook my hand, and we retreated to our corners.

We made sure to empty out our pockets. I tossed my keys, wallet, and phone to Yixing. I heard my text tone ring and saw him read the message as it flashed across the screen. His eyes went dark as he saw, what I assumed was a message from the girl who had chosen me over him.

Yixing didn’t like losing, and I instantly began to regret getting her involved now. I saw the idea of making her a trophy cross his mind. He licked his lips and crossed his arms after he laid my stuff down. I wanted to turn back to him and tell him to quit thinking the exact train of thought that had taken over his mind, but I was called to the floor again by the sound of the bell.

I knew that Kyungsoo was going to take advantage of the fact that I was still facing Yixing, so I honed my hearing on his footsteps. I was able to duck and dodge his first swing. It threw him off balance and he flailed forward.

I felt a guttural growl form in my chest. I spun and swung several times making contact with Kyungsoo’s face, chest, and stomach.

We danced in circles for about fifteen minutes, both laying equally as damaging blows on the other. I felt blood trailing down my face where he had split both my left eyebrow and right cheek open.

I laid one final blow directly in contact with his head, and he hit the ground, knocked out. The referee called the victory and raised my arm.

He came to quickly. He spit blood on the floor, but rose to his feet and shook my hand. It had been a god fight, and he knew that he had lost fairly.

“And, still our reigning, undefeated in his bracket, champion, Chanyeol ‘The Wolf!’”

I rolled my eyes. I don’t know where that name came from, but it seemed to have stuck, so I never argued with it.

I watched as they wrote my name in the final line on the bracket. I was to go against Yixing next week. This was what he meant by, “it won’t happen again.”

I had beat him for the first time in an undocumented fight a few nights ago. This was to be our unofficial rematch for that fight that had left him knocked out and on the basement floor. I hadn’t bothered to pick him up that night. Tensions had been high since then, and with a girl involved, they were only going to get worse.

Yixing tossed me my phone and said, “she really enjoyed your date. Hope you’re able to explain the cuts and bruises to her and she sticks around.”

I ignored him as I grabbed the rest of my items and went upstairs. I ran a hot shower to soothe my muscles.

He was right. I didn’t know how I was going to keep both seeing her and the fighting up, but I wasn’t willing to let either go for now.

End chapter 2.

“You’ve got to be joking.” Brienne dropped her tasteful satin purse on Jaime’s floor, if only so her hands were free to strangle him. The cockier he made his smile, the harder her fingernails dug into her palms. 

“Come on, wench. You’d love to tangle your hands in my hair and bend me to your will.” Her hard look quelled whatever innuendo his runaway tongue had formed, and his smile morphed into a grimace. “Alright, look. Normally I have a girl for this, but everything came up so last minute, and–”

“I was at a wedding,” she reminded him in clipped tones. 

Stepping out of her flats, she gathered the hem of her absurdly sparkly, floor-length gown in a fist, wondering how much Donyse would hate her if she ripped it. Stalking angrily towards Jaime Lannister had never presented this much of a challenge before. 

He snorted, popping out his cufflinks one by one. With almost tantalizing slowness he rolled his sleeves, stepping out of his own shoes and toeing them neatly under the bar. He could’ve have been her date, some traitorous part of her whispered, dressed to the nines in crow black pants and a rumpled tuxedo shirt. 

As if anyone would believe he’d come with her.

“You were suffering through the dying gasps of a wedding reception,” Jaime pointed out. “An ostentatious, black tie non-optional wedding reception for some girl you barely know. Even I was having more fun, and I was with my father. And not dressed in flayed man pink.” 

His eyes raked across her dress, raising heat everywhere they touched. She tried not to imagine the glint in them was anything other than light reflecting off the sequins. She knew she looked even more ridiculous than usual. Dress options were severely limited for a woman her height. 

“If you didn’t breathe a prayer to the Crone when my name flashed across your caller I.D., I’ll drive you back for the sparklers send-off myself.”

Brienne crossed her arms. The sequins scratched as if to remind her of how miserable she’d been. “Fine,” she muttered. “I’ll do it.”

Jaime grinned, hiking his shirt over his head without bothering to undo the buttons. From the sound of skittering plastic across the hardwood, his seamstress would pay for it.

“Excellent. I have everything we need in the bathroom, I just–” He made a sound that bordered on sinful, taking in the freckled expanse of Brienne’s thighs as she hiked up her dress.

She raised her chin, blushing, and took some small satisfaction in rendering him speechless. “You don’t expect me to stay in this dress, do you?”

Jaime blinked, green eyes oddly hazy in the bright light of his apartment. “Best not,” he said hoarsely. “That color does nothing for you.”

When he made no move toward the bedroom, she gestured impatiently.

“Right. I’ll just …” Trailing off, he swallowed hard. Doing an abrupt about face, he disappeared into the bedroom, presumably to retrieve a spare pair of sweats.

Feeling suddenly awkward, Brienne wandered into the bathroom. The lights were over-bright, highlighting every insecurity from the roots of her hair to the place where her thick, sequined thighs disappeared behind the counter. Grimacing, she grabbed the little box and turned it over in her hands, studying the gleaming, silvered script. 

#7 Gorgeous Gold for Greying Guys.

She couldn’t believe Jaime Lannister touched up his hair.

I know we talk a lot about the iwtb Mulder beard (rip) but Scully looked gorgeous with long hair. She grew her hair because she went wild with him, isolated herself from civilisation for him, loved him to the point that she wanted to stay in their forest house forever and not care about the world surrounding them. Scully’s first appointment after she left him was at the hairdresser. She held the tears back when the lengths fell to the floor.


Spencer Reid x Reader One Shot

Word Count: 925

Request prompt:  can i request one where the reader has incredibly long, soft hair and spencer *loves* it, and its basically fluff about all the crazy hairstyles he does and just him playing with her hair, maybe with smooches? O:

A/N: Here’s a lil thingy for ya beautiful anonymous requester! I was a little vague about the length of the hair so it could be a bit more inclusive to anyone reading. Hope that was okay! There a plenty of Spencer smooches in there to make up for it. Thank you for being the first to send in a request, lovey ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Summary: Spencer loves his girlfriend’s hair almost as much as he loves her. (Maybe a little more.)


You knew something was up when you woke from you nap with your boyfriend staring at you, trying (and failing) to hold back a laugh. He had that mischievous glint in his eyes that told you he did something he shouldn’t have but he refused to tell you what.

But when you walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, you knew exactly what had the BAU doctor in fits of laughter, earning him that sharp cry of his name.

While you were sleeping, Spencer managed to tie a bunch of mini ponytails all around your head. Sadly, this wasn’t the wackiest thing the young doctor had ever done to your hair.

“I must confess, this is the most attractive I’ve ever seen you,” he teased, leaning up against the bathroom door frame with a smug little grin on his face.

“Oh yeah?” you asked sarcastically. “How’s this for attractive?!” You rushed headfirst at an unsuspecting Spencer, whipping him with your hair.

He let out a surprised laugh, half-heartedly pushing you away. “Noooo! How could you use my own masterpiece against me!”

You grabbed onto the front of his shirt to hold him in place as you shook your head, tickling his nose. “How d'you like me now, boy genius?”

Your head-shaking came to a stop when Spencer used his large hands to cup both sides of your face. You scrunched up your nose, earning a small kiss to the top of it.

“I’m gonna get you back for this, just you wait,” you warned playfully, “I’m thinking maybe… a spiky faux hawk?”

The two of you did this often, fixing each other’s hair into wacky styles. More often than not, the styles Spencer chose were things you might’ve done to your hair on crazy hair day in elementary school. Silly spikes, millions of little ponytails, hair batted up to a height you had no idea your hair could reach… But he always graciously allowed you to return the favor and your possibilities were endless with that messy head of hair he had.

While Spencer having a weird hairdo was usually a retaliatory move on your end, your boyfriend genuinely enjoyed playing with your hair.

In fact, you were pretty sure he loved your hair more than he loved you. You jokingly told him that on multiple occasions.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Spencer chided, “and before you say it for the 63rd time, no, I do not love your hair more than I love you.” He tugged on one of your ponytails. “I love you a little bit more.”

“Just a little more?”

“I love all of you, silly. I love your forehead.” He placed a kiss on between your eyebrows. “I love your nose.” He kissed the tip. “Love your cheeks.” He pecked both of them. “Your lips.” He sealed his lips against yours in a searing kiss, before placing a trail of kiss down past your jawline. “Your neck…” His voice was soft and you felt him give you a feather-light kiss right at your pulse point.

You savored the sensation for a moment before pushing at his chest playfully. “Alright, Casanova, I get it, you like me for my body,” you said in jest. You wiggled out of his grip after giving him a quick kiss under his jaw, heading back to your room to look for your phone.

You had an entire album dedicated to the funky hairdo’s the two of you gave to each other. Your current lockscreen photo was a selfie of you and Spencer both sporting crazy hair, faces squished together mid-laugh.

You snapped a quick picture and looked up to see your boyfriend waiting for you in bed. He patted the space between his legs, gesturing for you to come over so he could undo your hair. You leapt onto the bed, head starting to ache a little from all the ties in your hair.

Spencer used a gentle hand to carefully pull the hair ties out, combing his fingers through your hair to smooth it down. When he was finished, you relaxed back into his chest, allowing him to wrap his long arms around your middle.

“Wanna read some more Steinbeck?” you asked, gesturing over to where your latest read was sitting on the bedside table.

You felt Spencer’s head shake against side of your head. “I think I’d prefer if we just sat here for a little bit. I like holding you like this.”

A smile threatened to take over your entire face. “The romance never ends with you, does it, Dr. Reid?” It seemed impossible, but your body relaxed even further onto Spencer’s. You could feel your heartbeats holding the same steady cadence.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too, Spence.”

You felt one of Spencer’s hands move up towards the ends of your hair, just as it usually did. As he twirled a cluster of strands onto his finger, you couldn’t help but let another teasing comment leave your mouth.

“Even if you love my hair more than you love me.”


You curled into him, intertwining your fingers, placating him with a soft kiss to the cheek. As your breathing evened out and a comfortable silence filled the room, you gave him one last squeeze and the two of you basked in the feeling of happiness and warmth.

I hope you liked it! Any comments, likes, reblogs, and requests are very much appreciated. OMG ALSO thank you so much for the lovely feedback on my first story! I love you all 

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What are Claire and Owen's favorite physical features on each other 😏

Owen’s favourite part of Claire? There’s really no narrowing it down. Her whole body is heavenly to him. Her eyes; lighting up when she laughs till she aches, how they cloud with emotion when she speaks with sincerity, and how they darken with lust as his kisses travel over her body. Her red hair, beautiful at any length, twisting between his fingers as he holds her close. The sweet turn of her nose with the freckles dusted just so, and the perfect bottom lip he loves to sink his teeth into. Her chin jutting out just a little when she has a point to make, her collarbones smooth beneath her pale skin. Her breasts fit perfectly into his palm as he dips a hand beneath his shirt to feel her, the flat of her belly soft beneath his touch.

Y'all know he has an obsession with Claire’s legs; running a hand over the muscles of her calves and thighs, taut thanks to years of Louboutin loving. Owen’s crazy about her ass, the swing of her hips - even more so when she gains a few pounds, fills out more. They live a wholesome life together; Owen encouraging Claire to just enjoy the hearty meals he makes for them whilst also volunteering to be her sparring partner, take her swimming for hours in the ocean. He desperately wants Claire to see herself the way he does - to help her fall in love with the extra weight she may begin to carry. To help her fall in love with herself, because to him, there’s nothing sexier. More of Claire just means more for Owen to grab at, to kiss, and to sink his teeth into.

As for Claire’s favourite part of Owen? I go on about his physicality a lot, so you know it’s pretty much the same deal. She loves the way his hair curls just a little when it’s damp after a shower, the feeling of it through her fingers. She lives for Owen’s stubble against her chin, her throat, between her thighs. His teeth and lips and what they do to her - the marks they leave, the trail of adoration across her body. The scattering of freckles adorning his shoulders, Claire tracing over them on quiet mornings when she knows he needs his sleep. Owen’s many scars and the stories to go with them - though she’s heard them before, she’ll always ask again - especially the one just above his ribs, Delta and her claw tearing into him when she was less than a year old.

Claire loves the way Owen’s hands hold her, how his callouses feel over her skin. When he places them on her hips and takes so much of her in his grasp, or his thumb rubbing circles over her thigh with the other hand on the steering wheel. The smooth muscles of Owen’s stomach, the lines trailing down to his pelvis, the soft hair below his navel. The little crease between his brow when they’re arguing, the intricate tattoos threaded round his biceps - even the one of his mother’s name he got when he was drunk, which never fails to make her laugh. Claire likes to leave the office and find Owen on the couch, his thighs the perfect seat for her to settle on as his arms welcome her home. He makes her feel loved with every embrace, every passionate kiss and every tender touch.

You Didn't See That Coming?

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Prompt:  You and Pietro have been friends ever since he came to stay at Avengers Tower. You love him, but are too scared to tell him. What happens when the rest to the Avengers try to “help”?  Mischief ensues!

Warnings: “Helpful” Avengers, Mutant! Reader, Smut, Fluff, and Language

A/N: So this is my first story on Tumblr and I really hope you all enjoy it. Of course I had to make this story about this beautiful cinnamon roll. Enjoy!

(Y/N)= Your Name, (Y/N/N)= Your Nick Name, (E/C)= Eye Color, (H/C)= Hair Color, and (H/L)=  Hair Length


You had been with the Avengers ever since Loki’s attack on New York. You don’t know how they found you, but you had to guess that one of them had seen you use your powers. You are a conduit, which means you could take any of the natural elements and use them as your own. You had been trying to take away some of the smoke and fire to get civilians safe, and once it was all over, the overly famous Iron Man (or as you now him now Tony Stark) had approached you about becoming an Avenger.

That was a long time ago. You had gone through the rigorous training, learned to control your powers better, and even made some friends.  All the boys were like brothers to you, and Natasha was your closest friend. You finally felt like you had a home. That was, until it was destroyed again by Ultron. That was the first time you saw him, in the middle of the rubble and soot. Pietro Maximoff, notorious speedster and sarcastic asshole. You had saved him from getting shot by quickly absorbing steel and taking the blows for him.  You had looked down at him and smirked, a shocked expression on his face.

“You didn’t see that coming?” you said. His eyes widened, and somewhere from the back, you could hear Clint cracking up. After the battle and the Maximoff twins had been inducted, you and Pietro had become quick friends, same with his sister, Wanda.  You had helped them with their training, helping them learn to control their powers. 

It was now many months after the battle with Ultron, and you had developed feelings for the silver-haired speedster. You were, however, 200% sure that he didn’t return the feelings. He was a flirt. It was just his personality, but of course you had to fall for the cheesy one-liners and suggestive comments. You sighed, and got out of bed. You dragged yourself out of your room to make some breakfast and make some coffee. When you arrived in the kitchen, you saw Steve sitting there making a pot. You smiled to yourself. Steve was one of you best friends in the tower, and you thought of him as a brother.

“Mornin’ Stevie!” You said with a yawn. You really needed that damn coffee. Steve looked up with a smile on his face. He made his way over to you, and gave you a hug. He pulled back with a smile.

“Good Morning, (Y/N),” he replied, “How’d you sleep?”

“Okay, could’ve been better if it wasn’t for Tony and Thor having a drinking party in the living room. How about you, Cap?”

“About the same.” He said. He went back to making coffee, more small talk here and there due to the fact neither of you could form more than a couple of complete sentences without yawning.  Damn it, the coffee couldn’t be made fast enough.  You went to pick up a croissant, when suddenly a gust of wind and silver flew by you, picked up the croissant from your hand, and rushed out.

“Damn it, Pietro, I was going to eat that!” You knew he was long gone and probably couldn’t hear you, but you still had to express your frustrations. Steve was chuckling softly behind you.  It wasn’t exactly a secret that you liked Pietro, well it was a secret from the man himself, but the rest of the Avengers knew you loved him.

“So, (Y/N/N), when you going to tell our resident speedster about your feelings for him?” Steve said cheekily, with a slight smirk on his face.

“Steve! Keep your damn voice down. I am not telling him. Since when did you get all upfront and nosey, huh? ” You replied, a slight blush on your cheeks.

“Oh come on, (Y/N), we all know you like him. Just tell him, alright?”

You went over and hugged Steve, “Steve, he doesn’t like me. “ Steve just rolled his eyes, and walked out of the kitchen. You slumped against the kitchen counter and sighed. It was gonna be a long day.

On the other side of the tower, Pietro was having a similar conversation with Wanda. “Wanda,” he sighed in his thick accent, “there is no way on earth she has similar feelings for me. You see ze way she looks at Captain Rogers. She obviously loves him.” Wanda just snickered adorably. “Soon you shall see, brother. Very Soon.”

                It was later that night, and the whole team had decided to have a game night. Pietro took a seat next to you, and put his arm around you. Tony wanted to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, and the rest of the team reluctantly agreed. Even Bruce agreed to play a couple rounds. Tony leaned over and whispered in your ear “He only wants to play so he can make out with Nat” You snickered at that joke totally agreeing with what he said. Pietro looked over at your laughing form, and a pang of jealousy went through him. He should be the one making you laugh, not Stark.

                Little did you and Pietro know, everyone wanted this game to happen. They had even rigged it, so when it was your turn, you would get Pietro. They were so sick of the pining and the talks of unrequited love, so they planned to finally push you two together. And this game was the answer.

                “I think (Y/N/N) should go first. Everyone okay with that?” Nat said. Everyone just shook their head in agreement. You, on the other hand, were blushing like crazy. You secretly hoped that you would choose Pietro’s trinket, but this was a game of chance. You could literally get anyone, even Thor. You went up slowly, and chose out of the bag, and picked up the first thing you felt. It was a silver lightning bolt.

                “Alright, looks like our little (Y/N) is going into the bedroom with Quicksilver!” Tony chirped happily. The rest of the team was cracking up.  You heard Clint whistling, and you shot him a glare that could kill. Tony grabbed you and the speedster, and shoved you into your room. You blushed when you heard Tony say to J.A.R.V.I.S., “Lock them in and don’t let them out.”  You blushed, and quickly looked at Pietro. His face was red, and his eyes were wide. He was just as shocked as you were.  

                “Well….what should we do? It looks like they won’t let us out.” you said. It made you a little uncomfortable that the love of your life was in your bedroom. Some old fantasies began to resurface, and you blushed.

                Pietro didn’t answer. He was too busy staring at you. He thought you were they most beautiful person on Earth. Your (H/L), (H/C) hair was slightly messy from the day, and the red tint on your cheeks just made you look even better. He loved you so much, but was scared to say anything. What if it messed everything up? What if she doesn’t love me back? It would hurt him so much, but seeing as the two of you were locked in a room together, he might as well do something.

                “Pietro?” you asked, “Are you okay?” Suddenly, in a blur, you felt his lips on yours, pulling your into a searing kiss. Your eyes widened, you never thought he would do this. You let your eyes close as you began to kiss him back. Just as quick as it had started, however, it ended. He pulled away and let his forehead rest on your own. “I love you, (Y/N),” he said in that gorgeous accent, “I can’t hide it anymore. I get so angry when I see you laughing and hugging on the others. Because I should be the one making you happy, not them.”  You looked up at him, tears welling in your eyes. He loved you? You never thought you would hear that from him. Quicksilver, your best friend and now more, loved you.

                “(Y/N)? Please, say something. Anything.” He pleaded. He looked so unsure,  he needed you to say something.

                “Pietro..I love you too.” You stated, kissing him hard. He smiled into the kiss, overjoyed that you loved him back. You spent minutes like this, holding each other and kissing. Things got heated fast, and he gently pushed you onto the bed. He bit your lip, and you gasped , allowing his tongue to dart into your mouth.  You moaned at the sensation of his tongue, he moved his hands under your shirt loving the feel of your smooth skin under his hands. He brushed a spot that was sensitive, and you giggled a little bit.  He looked down at you and smirked.

                “No, Pietro, don’t you dare..” your words trailed off as he started tickling you. You were a mess of laughter on the bed, yelling stop between breaths. He loved the sight of you under him, smiling and laughing. He soon went back to kissing you, and pulled your shirt and bra off. He trailed kisses down your neck, stopping here and there to bite and suck on certain places, causing you to moan.  His trail finally ended at your breasts, where he took one of your sensitive nipples in his mouth. You moaned loudly, your hand flying to his hair and gripping it. God, this was the hottest thing you had ever experienced. Your body was on fire, heat was pooling between your thighs. You needed him. You tugged at his shirt, and he got the message. He removed himself from your chest, and tugged off his shirt. You ran your hands down his firm chest, loving the way his muscles feel under your hands.

                You decided that you wanted to see him under you, so you flipped the two of you around and straddled his waist. He looked shocked, and all you did was smirk. You leaned down and kissed his neck, bititng and sucking points just as he had. You let your hands brush over his growing buldge, earning a deep groan from the silver haired man. When your trail of biting and kissing reached his pants, you looked him dead in the eye as you started to unzip them. He lifted his hips and lets you take them off. And what you saw shocked you. He was huge. You were suddenly nervous, wondering how in the hell he was going to fit inside you. You licked your lips, and slowly put a hand on his cock, earning another moan.

                “(Y/N)…” He whimpered. God, that was amazing. The sound of your name on his lips like that drove you crazy. You slowly let your hand pump his hard length. He was moaning, loving the feeling of your hands on him. He fisted the sheets, his knuckles turning white. “(Y/N)…please…stop..” he moaned out. You stopped suddenly, taking your hand off him.

                He smirked from under you, and flipped you over yet again. He was on top of you now, and was unbuttoning your jeans. You lifted your hips to help him take them off. He slowly put his head between your legs and looked up. Making eye contact, he smirked and stated “Now it’s your turn.” You were confused, but that was replaced quickly when you felt his tongue lick your core. You moaned loudly, your back arching off the bed. This felt way to damn good. You felt as if you were on fire.

                “Pietro…please..” you moaned out. He smirked, and continued to eat you out ravenously. He loved the taste of you, and the sounds you were making were driving him on the brink of insanity. His hand slowly snaked up and started teasing your clit. You gasped loudly, this was too much.

                “Pietro! Please.. I need you..” you yelled. The heat was too much. He slowly pulled away, your juices on his smirking lips. He slowly crawled up towards you, and captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You could taste yourself on him, and you moaned. He pulled away slightly, his cock nudging your entrance.

“Are you sure you want this, love?” He asked.

You cupped his face with your hand, “Of course, I want all of you, Pietro.”  You kissed him again, and he slowly entered you. You both moaned at the sensation. He filled you perfectly. He started rocking his hips, slowly at first. The speed was agonizingly slow, you needed more.

“Fuck! Pietro,,please…more..faster!” you panted out

“Someone’s ..a little..demanding, huh?” he chuckled, but happily obliged. He started pounding into you relentlessly, and it felt amazing. All you could hear was your combined moans, and the sound of skin on skin.  You moaned his name over and over again. You felt your release building.

“Pietro..I’m about to..” you were a moaning mess.

“It’s okay..me too..oh shit…fuck…(Y/N)…,” He managed to groan out, “Cum for me (Y/N).”

And with those words, you felt yourself  soaring over the edge. “PIETRO!” you cried out, your back arching off the bed and you tightly fisted the sheets. This was too much. It felt amazing. A couple seconds later, Pietro stilled inside of you and let out a growl. “(Y/N)! FUCK!” He released inside of you, and collapsed on top on you.

You were both coming down from your highs, Pietro still on top of you. He leaned up and kissed you lovingly. He pulled back and whispered, “I love you, (Y/N). Please, be mine?” You smiled at him, and replied, “I was already yours.” He smiled, kissed you, and pulled you into his side. You feel asleep, curled up into his arms, sleeping better than you had in a while.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of laughter. You opened your eyes, looking to see who was waking you up at such a god awful time. It was Tony and Steve. Shit.

“So, (Y/N/N), we locked you in a room for the night and this is how it goes, huh?” Tony says mischievously. You looked and saw only a sheet was covering you. You glared at the boys and threw a pillow at them, yelling for them to get the hell out before you decide to absorb fire and throw that at them instead. Pietro had heard the whole thing and was cracking up. You huffed angrily, and cuddled back up, hoping to fall asleep again.

Outside your door, the rest of the team was high-fiving each other. They had finally gotten the two of you together. Even Wanda was happy. And you and Pietro spent most of your time together. And it all started because he didn’t see it coming.

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@Squad, Star, and Marco: wait, what's this I hear about Sol having his first crush? Is she more adorable than him? Please tell me she's more adorable than him!

Sol: Whoa whoa whoa, nah nah no you don’t get to talk about this. I am not crushing on anyone.

Star; Her name’s hope @axis2500 oc, she’s about a year older than sol, daughter of our close friends Marcus and faith more of axis’s ocs. 

Sol: Mom! I HATE HOPE!

Marco: She’s got one green eye, one blue eye. she has shoulder length brown hair.


Star; Oh she loves hoodies and she is the cutest

Nova; haha your turn brat.

Sol: Quiet you, you still haven’t told us the wedding day for you and Connor.

Nova; hey don’t turn this around on…

Sol: Novy and Connie sitting in a tree, totally k i s s i n g.

Nova; Sol!

Sol: *sticks his tongue out and runs away

nova; get back here *runs after him. 

Star; and yes she is more adorable than sol

Sol: *from afar* IS NOT!

After seven long years of wanting to cut my hair, I finally did it! You should have seen me in the chair yesterday. Every time Dave came near it, I let out a little whimper but I eventually got past the traumatic events of my childhood and let him snip, snip, snip. I love it. I feel so much lighter. I’m going to miss my pink streaks but I think it’s the perfect length and it’s just in time for this auction too! I won’t be surprised if I get zero bids because, same, but I promise I can be a really great date for a night. I’ll buy you pizza. Everybody loves pizza, right? 

BTS react to their GF having long wavy hair

I was wondering how you think exo or bts would react to a gf with really long and wavy hair? (Mine goes down to my butt) Thanks! :3

Jimin: (this one popped in my head as soon as I read the question tbh) I think this sneaky little thing would use the length of your hair as an excuse to constantly stare at your butt. 

“Jimin are you staring at my butt?” You’d ask, eyebrows raised.

“What? No! No no, I was just looking at how long your hair is jagiya. It looks beautiful” He would say exaggerating the ‘No’s a little bit too much. He flashed you a smile, his cheeks slowly turning red having been caught red handed. You nodded, unconvinced, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, until you caught him staring again.

Originally posted by hugtae

Jin: Jin would love your long wavy locks, he would stare at the length of your hair when he looked at you from a distance, admiring how it glistened in the light. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from staring in admiration as you carefully brushed your hair.

“Can I try?” He would ask, taking the brush from your hands, and ever so slowly and gently, he would begin to brush your hair, watching the brush run through it, separating the strands, only for them to get back together in the end.

Originally posted by prncessjin

Rap Mon: Namjoon would probably find your hair quite sexy, he would love watching it brush your hips as you walked. He would probably not be able to stop himself from biting his lip, or giving a smirk whenever you flipped your hair away from your hair, or behind your shoulder.

“I really love your hair, you know?” he would tell you, grabbing the locks at the back of your head before crashing his lips onto yours, sending the butterflies in your stomach into a state of euphoria.

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Suga: I think Suga would love your hair, he would love watching it cascade down your back, and bounce in the air when you walk. He wouldn’t tell you this though, because he isn’t too good at expressing his feelings (talking about feelings isn’t swaggy you know?), but I’m sure you would know by the way he holds you close, and plays with your hair gently every so often.

I think he would be the type to take in the scent of your shampoo when you cuddled in bed with him, and gently run his hand through your hair once you were asleep, until his eyes grew heavy and sleep took over.

Originally posted by b-sonyeondan

J-Hope: I think J-Hope would tease you a little about your hair, whenever he saw you huff and puff because your hair got messy after a tickle fight, or complaing about how hard it is to brush your hair. He’d secretly love it when you complained though, because it would give him the perfect excuse to take the hair brush from your hand, and use it himself.

“It’s not that hard silly, even I can do it!” he would joke, gently running the brush through your hair, getting rid of all the tangles he had previously caused. On a side note, I think he would find your messy hair quite sexy.

Originally posted by jung-koook

V: Taehyung would be madly in love with your hair. He would spend hours playing with it as you lounged about, running the locks through his fingers in amazement. 

“Your hair is so pretty Y/N” he would tell you over and over. “How do you make it so soft?”

“See all the hair products in our bathroom? Thank them” You’d reply with a laugh, but he would shake his head.

“teach me how to braid your hair the way you always have it” He would ask you, taking you by surprise. You would slowly agree, running him through the basics of braiding hair, before letting him practice on your endless waterfall of hair. Eventually, after many MANY tries, he would get the hang of it, and you would cheer, kissing him softly as a reward.

Originally posted by taehyyungs

Jungkook: Jungkook would surely be intrigued by it. He would ask you questions about what it is like to have hair that long all the time.

“Is  it heavy? Does it make you hot? Is it uncomfortable? Do you have to brush it every day?” He would ask, making you laugh with every question. You would patiently answer all of them, although some were quite difficult to answer since you had never really thought about it before. He would love your hair, he would love the different things you could do with it, and he would love how it fell on your face, making you look absolutely adorable.

Originally posted by jiminuh

A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credit goes to their rightful owners.


“My favorite one is a guy that I nicknamed Fernando. He has long shoulder-length hair and a moustache and sometimes a little goatee and usually works as a sort of janitor figure or whatever, whatever’s needed. He’s been my favorite I think, just because of the elaborate backstory I’ve given him as a flamenco-dancing assassin.” - Matthew Rhys

“Our favorite, the one that all the ladies like, is Fernando. |Laughter] And Fernando is spanish. We decided he’s a flamenco teacher and he’s incredibly sexy.” - Keri Russell