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#HeartsForSean Project

Recently, as many of you know, Sean has been inactive for the past couple days. This is because of the video he made entitled “Let’s Talk” that talked about the controversy on Felix being Anti-Semitic. This video had a lot of backlash that made Sean regret making it and in turn has been very inactive on his social media accounts. I, personally, am very worried and want to help Sean in some way. 

Me and @midnight-ray have decided to create this project on behalf of the JSE community. Our goal is to uplift Sean with as much support and positivty as we can. We want to bring the community into this project and give back to Sean the love and care he’s had for us since day one of doing YouTube. We want to repay Sean with the kindness and respect he deserves.

How You Can Help:

- Post a picture (or record a video) of you holding a heart (preferably green)  with a supportive statement to Sean 

           (If you have a Sam plushie, you can include them in the picture!)

- Tell the community how you found Sean (If you’re posting a picture, type your story. If you’re recording a video, tell it!) and how he has affected you 

- Tag 10 people you found through Sean’s channel in your post

- End the post with the hashtag: #HeartsForSean #jacksepticeye

- Reblog this project! :D

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Worth It

Prompt: reader twisted her ankle and Bucky helps her take care of the injury. One thing leads to another and… well just check the warnings.

A/N: Okay…. So something weird happened last night. I was just doing what I normally do which is look through my drafts and see if I can come up with something for my imagines and stuff which didn’t happen, sadly. Then I just opened a new draft for some reason and just began writing while my mind drifted off to some… things. Basically what I’m trying to tell you here is that I wrote smut.
Yes, I wrote smut and posting it will be my first time posting smut on this blog. I’m feeling kind of anxious about posting this because I don’t know if it’s any good. Either it’s so bad it’s hilarious, cringy or it’s actually something people can enjoy in a non humorous way. I mean I got a little erotically charged (college talk for horny (i love you if you get that reference)) while writing it but I don’t know if other people will. If you want to read it, go ahead and if you feel uncomfortable, don’t.
Feedback is appreciated, especially now since this is my first smut that I’ve posted. You don’t have to go into detail just tell me if it was well written or not, that’s if you want to, of course. I don’t want to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.
FOR THE PEOPLE I TAGGED!! I have no idea if you guys wanted to be tagged in smut posts too but hey, you don’t have to read it! I don’t expect every person to read every single imagine I post. Just skip this one if you feel like it.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 5,622

Warning(s): SMUT, oral sex (both male and female receiving), cursing, unprotected sex (remember to wrap it before you tap it! Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener. Don’t be a fool, cover your tool. Wrap your bate before you mate and all that stuff)

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au where yoongi and jimin are on their first date and jimin playfully guesses yoongi’s favourite colour to be pink (because it’s the colour of his hair) and yoongi just kind of looks at him for a moment and takes in the soft pink of his hair, the natural blush of his cheeks, the tip of his nose which is a lil flushed from the cold, his full rosy lips, and blurts out that yeah, he’s totally right (though in all honesty, yoongi didn’t even have a favourite colour until that very moment).

I’ve decided to take a step back from Tumblr, at least for a while. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. I don’t have fun anymore. It doesn’t make me happy anymore. I’m constantly worried that something I say might trigger someone or offend someone, and I don’t mean this as a jab to anyone, I am genuinely worried about this and it’s too stressful, especially with everything else going on in my life.

I’m not deleting or anything, it’s more like a break. I’ll probably be back before long, but atm it feels like the best decision for me.

I doubt that anyone will miss me, I honestly do, I’m not important or anything, but I thought I’d make a post about this anyway.

So yeah. Take care of each other and be kind to each other. Lots of love ❤



[From Chyler Leigh]

About a year ago I was swimming with my kids in our pool and noticed Anni (my now 7 year old) staring at me as I toweled off. She had a puzzled look about her as she approached me, wrinkling her nose. She reached her hand out and ran her fingers across the side of my waist and asked where I got all my stripes. The question kind of caught me a little off guard. I had almost forgotten they were there. But her eyes were so honest and her question sincere that I took the opportunity to explain.

I told her they’re stretch marks and that lot of Mommies get them when they’re pregnant because as the baby grows, the Mommy’s tummy and hips grow, too.

I think her little radar went off and she could sense a flash of my momentary insecurity. What she said next was magical. She reached out and touched all the stretch marks and said to me…

She paushes for a moment and I return the question.
I asked.
And with that, she hugged me tight and jumped back into the pool.

That brief exchange still resonates with me. I forget sometimes how important it is to take a moment to check myself, for clarity’s sake. It’s so easy for me to get hung up on my selfdiagnosed negatives. And here’s my little girl who loves me, all of me, unconditionally, telling me I’m beautiful just the way I am.

This is the message I missed out on as a child. I started modeling at 12 years old. Not something that my younger self wanted but rather, something my mother wanted me to do. In my case, the majority of comments I received about my appearance were filled with criticism, not acceptance. So, I’ve grown up in a world of approval seeking for a very long time. There were countless times I stood in line for hours waiting for my turn with casting agents only to be stared at, told to spin around, and spoken out loud about, saying I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, tall enough, this enough or that enough. Play that on repeat in your mind at such a young age and you absolutely begin to believe it for yourself.

I felt uncomfortable and ashamed about my body. I didn’t like who I was, especially in those few awkward years around 12. So in an effort to remedy the issue, my mother gave me fat burning pills. Perhaps in her own mind, she felt like this was going to help me gain back my self esteem by looking how I was “supposed to”, but after a few weeks of taking this supplement with no success, I felt it was taking too long and the pressure to be perfect was overwhelming. So one morning, I tried to take more than recommended and was nearly sent to the hospital.

Pressure for women to look a certain way, to be somebody else is undeniable. And a large part of that is due to the media designing and manufacturing women to have the “right” look. I certainly fell victim to that. It’s so hard not to when you are in your early teens and seemingly rejected because of what makes you unique; and what should be celebrated, is in turn deemed a flaw. So I ate very little, enough to keep up energy, partied hard, and constantly competed with a very thin friend of mine (who was already 4 inches shorter than me) to see who could get skinnier. Well, at almost 5’7” tall and weighing in at 103 pounds, I was definitely headed down a dark road of deception and destruction. I was ill of body and of spirit.

So yes, I know firsthand what it’s like to be pressured into being thinner than you should and/or need to be. I know what it’s like to stand in front of the mirror every morning and check the space (or lack thereof) in between your thighs. I know what it feels like when you can’t fit into the smaller size jeans. And I know what it’s like to have stripes all over.

It’s been a long, and in many cases, torturous journey for me and, truth be told, one that tries to rear it’s ugly head now and then. But I can tell you that personally, becoming a mother has brought me to a deeper place of understanding about what true beauty looks like. I can look into my little girls’ eyes and confidently say that your beauty, your authenticity is reflected in the way you see and love yourself. I can say that because they look at me and say the same.

I can’t shield them from criticism, can’t be with them all the time. I wish I could. But if they can take that seed of truth and plant it deep within their hearts I, as their mom, have helped them break the chains of self-sabotage and encouraged them to freely blossom into the magnificent beauties they are. Friends, that message doesn’t just stop with the younger generations. It begins with you, where you stand right now. If your turnaround can be expedited by the power of belief, or your assurance of who you are can be confirmed by the way you walk, you will see yourself as the grace-given, grace-filled masterpiece that you are. It comes from a place of clarity and a renewed perspective, despite how difficult it seems. You are wonderful, you are worthy of respect and praise, you are deserving of love and yes, you are unique. Start with yourself and know…

YOUR stripes are beautiful


G o d I was about to make a post about how stressed and frustrated I am with my schoolwork and health but looking at all of the kind suggestions you guys have for our artist alley booth really cheered me up!!! I love you guys I truly have the best friends and followers in the world holy heck. Who wants to meet up and hug

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Hey! I have kind of a vague request (that I really hope doesn't sound mean). I'm hoping you could recommend the most quality fics you've ever read, or a few exceptionally talented authors. Bcdaily and monroeslittle come to mind. Do you know of any that are on their caliber of writing? Much love and thanks! :)

This post has fics that are similar to monroeslittle in terms of writing style.  Also check out our faves tag which has some of our favorite fics (with great authors too!). Also, these are some favorite multichapters:

Title: Before The Fawn
Author: andelyn kinsey
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 52
Word Count: 508,841
Summary: Before Harry, before Godric’s Hollow, before the Dark Lord was defied three times… Lily Evans and James Potter discovered that neither of them were what the other had expected, and embarked on a relationship that would change the world as they knew it.

Title: All Right, Evans?
Author: CokeBottleK  
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 30
Word Count: 177,798
Summary: The thing about being Lily Evans and James Potter was that you couldn’t do anything without everybody else saying something about it.

Title: Turning Tables
Author: scaredofclouds
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 37
Word Count: ~205,000
Summary:Lily Evans and James Potter has always been a complicated story; its just never been quite this complicated before. But everything happens in its own time, and the eventual outcome of things was always more obvious to anyone who wasn’t Lily Evans or James Potter. They might not know each other well, but they’re about to know each other a lot better.

Title: Boyfriend
Author: Molly Raesley
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 130,000
Summary: Potter was going to say that he wasn’t my boyfriend. I couldn’t let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn’t tell her the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him. 

Title: A Month of Sundays
Author: GhostOfBambi
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 25
Word Count: 88,345
Summary: How exactly does Lily discover her buried feelings for James Potter? Picks up from James’s and Lily’s 5th year, shortly after Lily ends her friendship with Snape. 

Title: Their Halcyon Days
Chie (Chierafied)
Drama, Romance
13 [WIP]
Word Count:
Before they gave birth to a legend, they were just students, trying to hold on to hope as the war threatened to tear their world apart.

Woman of Letters - Part Seven

Asthetic made by the lovely @hanny-writes-spn 

A/N: Part 7 of my WoL series. This is kind of an in between part, so just bare with me. My original plan was to post twice a week, but this series isn’t getting a lot of feedback, so I’m gonna start writing some of the other things I have on my list, and post this once a week. Thanks to my wonderful beta @thorne93. Feedback is always appreciated.

Summary: When Louisa finds an old, unopened letter from her great grandfather, she leaves her old life behind to go search for a man named Henry Winchester, hoping he has some answers for her. What she finds is beyond her wildest imagination, but she is determined to continue her family’s legacy.  

Warnings: language.

Wordcount: 1949


*not my GIF*

Originally posted by ilostmyshoe-79

“It’s not fear, you’re a giant,” Louisa joked. It was just after noon and she and Sam had been sparring for almost two hours now, she was exhausted, and her muscles were aching. No matter how hard she tried, she could not pin Sam to the ground.

“Well, I can use my size to my advantage, but so can you,” Sam explained, brushing his long hair out of his face. Yes, Louisa was a lot smaller than him, but she was quick and Sam tried to get her to use that against him. “We won’t stop before you get me pinned to the floor.”

“Fuck you, Winchester,” she chuckled as she sat up her stance again. She was truly exhausted, but she was also determined to get this done.

Dean walked through the gym doors just in time to see Louisa pop her hip out and fling Sam over her shoulder, his massive body hitting the floor with a thud and a loud groan before she twisted his arm and placed a knee on his chest. She looked absolutely beat. Her hair sticking out of her ponytail, her cheeks red and her skin covered in a thin layer of sweat. Dean had a hard time taking his eyes off of her as her face lit up in pride. Sam could easily have gotten out of her hold, but it looked like he decided to let her have the win. That’s just one of the many differences between Dean and his little brother, Dean would have kept going until she got it right. Giving her a false sense of security like this would only put her in more harm out in the real world.

“Tell me I can go shower or I swear to god I will twist your arm off,” she threatened with a bright smile on her face, which made Sam laugh and Dean had to fight back his own smile. She sure was feisty.

“Since I kind of need my arm,” Sam answered thoughtfully and she released her grip on him.

“Dean,” Louisa exclaimed as she turned around to get her towel. “I didn’t see you there.”

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So I kind of had two ideas for my Valentine’s Day exchange drabble, this is my other one (here you go Steph - @klarolinedrabbles - consider this a bonus gift). I thought I might as well post it anyway now my stubborn muse has decided to kick in! Given the date has passed, this one isn’t going to be VDay centred (probably explains the return of my muse funnily enough).

Co-stars and former lovers Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes can’t stand each other for reasons only known to them. When an unwelcome, summer storm invades their film set in Georgia things between them come to a head.

(All lyrics in bolded italics from the song by Rhianna and Neyo and all flashbacks in plain italics.)

Hate that I Love You

One of these days maybe your magic won’t affect me…

HATE/heɪt (v) feel intense dislike for (n) intense dislike.

Tybee Island, GA

“So what, you’re just going to run away?” He demanded, the rain was falling in sheets and visibility was extremely low but Klaus could still make out her lone figure racing away from him and into the stormy night. “I really should have known, it’s what you do best.”

“Don’t you dare put this on me, I wouldn’t be running away if you would be honest about your feelings for once,” she yelled, looking back briefly and pushing the wet strands of hair from her face. “At least I’m willing to put myself out there but you’re just a coward.”

“And running away in this storm is so much better?”

“Much better than having to deal with the same empty promises,” she whimpered. Before he could argue, she ran away along the jetty, the rain and darkness enveloping her form.

“Cut!” The Director, Enzo St John yelled into the night air. One of the interns handed Klaus a towel and he used it to wipe the water from his bare forearms. Luckily it was still hovering at just over eighty-five degrees, one of the bonuses of filming in Georgia in July. The hose they’d been using to create their rain storm eventually abated and Klaus took the opportunity to look around the set now that he had a clear line of sight.

His familiar, blonde co-star was making her way from the jetty. Klaus couldn’t deny she looked absolutely stunning saturated. Her blonde locks were firmly plastered to her face, framing those expressive, blue eyes and her fitted jeans and thin grey t-shirt stuck to her svelte frame. A frame he knew so well especially when it was naked and wrapped around him. In fact he’d memorised her entire body given his lips had travelled over every bare inch of her creamy skin. Trying to erase those images was proving difficult given they were emblazoned on his brain.

She was just another co-star, well that’s what Klaus tried to tell himself every day of filming. And every day he had to tell himself that she wasn’t just another anything. She was Caroline Forbes, the one woman who had managed to overwhelm him completely. A feat unheard of until now.

“Towel?” He offered as she strode past him, wringing out her long, blonde hair as she did it, her gaze firmly trained on the direction she was headed.

“No thanks, I mean who knows where those hands have been,” she replied shortly, grabbing the one on offer from her waiting assistant nearby. Klaus shouldn’t have been surprised, she’d been cold to him since they began filming three weeks earlier. If there was a competition for holding grudges, Klaus was pretty sure Caroline Forbes would win the championship hands down. Not that he could completely blame her, they hadn’t left things well mainly due to a severe lack of communication teamed with his prevalent commitment issues.

Klaus knew she was angry but figured she’d had nine months to get over it. Her prickly demeanour was telling him she obviously wasn’t.

“Okay, listen up everyone,” Enzo interrupted. “That’s a wrap but if you’ve been diligently reading your call sheets, as I hope, you’ll know we’re picking up tomorrow morning before sunrise at the beach. For those night owls who have no idea what time that equates to, it’s 4:30am.” Klaus rolled his eyes thinking that by the time he returned to his accommodation he’d be lucky to have three hours sleep. Less if his dreams were filled with Caroline like they’d been the past two weeks straight.

Given their first kissing scene was due to take place at sunrise, he was fairly certain that insomnia was most definitely on the cards tonight. He wasn’t worried about the scene, her lips obviously weren’t foreign to him and Klaus knew that part of the script he could master with ease but the problem was trying to stop himself when the director yelled cut. Klaus wasn’t sure after so much time apart that he’d be willing to let her go so easily.

Klaus would always remember the first time he laid eyes on Caroline Forbes eighteen months earlier, mainly because she was more gorgeous in person than he could have imagined. Blonde waves, pink lips and creamy skin not to mention her gorgeous physique poured into a cornflower dress the exact hue of those eyes he’d committed to memory, throwing Klaus slightly off guard.

It was a Monday and their respective agents had organised brunch at the luxurious Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to discuss the possibility of starring together in a yet to be titled period piece. Apparently the director wanted to find out if they had chemistry, Klaus always assumed that’s what an audition was for but Enzo St John’s approach was nothing short of unorthodox.

Klaus had already carved out a successful acting career and was never short of work so he didn’t really need this role but something about meeting Caroline Forbes intrigued him. He’d seen her films and the girl certainly had talent. The fact she was absolutely beautiful just added to her overall allure.

As she made her way towards him those hips swinging rhythmically and hypnotising him, Klaus licked his lips in anticipation. He was already planning ways of getting her into his bed, possibly an intimate dinner at La Poubelle followed by a drink at his Hollywood Hill’s mansion. No one refused his charms and he was fairly certain Caroline would follow suit.

“Hello, love,” he smiled, breaking out those dimples he knew had the power to disarm most women. Her frustrated expression was telling him that she wasn’t most women.

“It’s Caroline,” she replied, taking a seat. “So, what’s good here?”

“Excuse me?” He asked, not expecting that comment to come out next.

“The food,” she explained. “I’m starving.” Klaus was so used to most actresses skipping the meal rather than devouring the menu as she seemed to be doing right now. Obviously she wasn’t like most actresses either.

“The crispy bacon is pretty good,” he offered. “If you don’t mind the excess calories.”

“Why would I mind that?” She baulked. “The more calories the better. In fact, I might get those pancakes and some of that bacon on the side.” It was obvious her immediate focus was on food so they ordered quickly and once the waiter left they were alone again. Klaus always knew the right thing to say to women but she’d thrown him off slightly with all that food talk. He wondered whether her appetite for food matched that in the bedroom. He really was hoping so.

“So,” she began. “Is this the part where we try to bond or something like that?” Klaus nearly spit out his mouthful of orange juice at her comment. If it meant between the sheets, he was definitely on board with a little bonding. “I think we can agree that we share a love of bacon, which is a start I guess.”

“True. I honestly have no idea this is the first time I'ver ever had one of these famous Enzo St John ‘get to know each other’ meetings,” Klaus shared.

“It isn’t half awkward at all,” she admitted, removing her oversized, Gucci sunglasses and placing them on the table. “It feels like I’m on a blind, first date and not meeting with my possible, future co-star.” Klaus chuckled, she was certainly right about that. “I knew Enzo St John was eccentric but this weird 'do we have chemistry’ meeting is verging on the bizarre. Especially given he’s not even here to witness it.”

“Oh, he isn’t here but he records it. Didn’t your agent tell you that?”

“You’re joking,” she muttered. “Right?”

“Unfortunately not.”

“Thanks Katherine. Well that isn’t creepy at all,” she murmured. “Uh, not that I think you’re creepy Mr St John, in fact you are one of the best directors I have ever come across.”

“Smooth, love,” he joked.

“I told you, it’s Caroline,” she insisted. Most girls thought it was endearing, she obviously wasn’t so convinced of that fact.

“Fair enough, Caroline,” he repeated, a little taken aback by her brazen nature. “I thought it was just the lack of food but someone’s obviously a little uptight, if you don’t mind me saying,” he offered. She really did need someone to ruffle those feathers and Klaus figured he was the perfect candidate for the job.

“Actually I do,” she growled. “I may be hungry but you don’t even know me.”

“I’m starting to believe that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” he joked. “Looks like someone needs some stress relief.”

“Oh, I get it. You’re the one who’s going to provide it, right? Between you and me I think you need to work on your lines, Mikaelson.”

“My lines,” Klaus scoffed. Where did she get off accusing him of that? He didn’t need lines, he was Klaus bloody Mikaelson after all. “I was merely stating that you are in fact unnaturally tense and that response just proves my point.”

“I didn’t realise you were a therapist.”

“I’m not but if there’s something I know about women it’s how to relax them, if you know what I mean,” he implied, raising his eyebrows knowingly. Klaus didn’t expect to jump into that straight away but it was obvious she needed some kind of sexual intervention.

“Charming. You know I’m not sure the director would think this was entirely professional conversation.”

“Well, given he’s not listening I think it will be okay.”

“Excuse me?”

“I was joking before, I assumed you knew that.”

“Uh no I didn’t, excuse me if I’m not familiar with your warped sense of humour just yet,” she hissed.

“My sense of humour is perfectly fine,” he growled. “From what I can tell though yours is absolutely non existent.”

“That’s it, I’m going. No movie role is worth this.”

“There’s no need to be so childish, love,” he said. “Plus, you’re not going to leave. If anything it’s because I know just how hungry you are.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll get it to go,” she shot back ignoring his obvious double meaning, standing up and stalking away. Despite everything Klaus couldn’t deny just how sexy her pert bottom looked as she left. Same with that feisty attitude.

Turns out Enzo might not have been filming them but he’d organised for someone to sit at the neighbouring table and identify any possible chemistry. According to his spy these two had enough combustable energy to start a fire. Pity neither actor wanted anything to do with the other even when he subsequently pursued them. Enzo would lie in wait for his next available opportunity to cast them together, knowing that their sparks would translate into an enormous profit at the box office. He just needed to convince them of that fact.

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(thank you for the beautiful gif!!!)

here are some that come to mind!!!

@amazingphilz ; my lovely gf!!!! i adore her with my whole heart!!! her blog is lovely, she is away on vacation rn but she will be back v soon!!!

@thunderhowell ; noora is such a sweetheart, so kind, and honestly has such a great blog!!! whenever i fill up my queue i go to noora bc i know that every single post will be wonderful!!! i adore her so much

@lesterp ; lainie is so wonderful! she is honestly one of my favorite people on here!!! her blog is amazing, and so is she!!!! she is so funny and kind and i lov lainie

@lesterally ; heta honestly owns my heart :( such a wonderful person with such a wonderful blog!!!! 11/10

@lesterie ; aHhhh i love aimee so !!!! much !!!! aimee has the biggest heart and a blog that makes me :oooo i love her so much!!!

@shingekihowell ; idris is honestly so amazing!!!! he is s o funny and nice and i adore his blog!!!! 11/10 would recommend

@cringe-attacks ; emily :’) emily is so beautiful and kind!!!! emily is the light of my life, i am so lucky to know and have met her!!! not to mention her blog is always wildin and perfect

@bondange ; avery!!!!! omg!!!!! one of the funniest and kindest people i have ever met, she makes me so happy :( blog is iconique and irreplaceable!!!

@cleverlester ; remy om g they are so sweet they make my heart happy!!! their blog is absolutely positive and wonderful i wholeheartedly recommend!!!

@howelloddle ; kennedy is so funny om g and absolutely gorgeous??? like omg???? i want to be kennedy ’s like,,, best friend ngl!!! blog is 1000/10 would write home about xoxo

@phanz ; ann! i have never met someone who has put so much effort and love into their blog om g!!! the most beautiful blog i have ever seen for real!!! also ann is gorgeous om g

everyone in the soft gc, apds, and the phannie pack i adore as well!!! these were just off the top of my head im sorry if i forgot anyone!!! i love u!!!

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Please don't beat yourself up too much! Everyone posts stuff without thinking it all the way through sometimes. You recognized that (and apologized!) and that's really admirable and something most people don't take the time to do.

Thank you all for your kind messages. I was mostly upset and disappointed in myself. 

You shouldn’t had to comfort me but I thank you all anyway. I love you all so much.

#001 first post ( ◠‿◠✿)

Hi guys,

I’m Cathleen, I’m 17 and I live in Poland
This tumblr will be langblr, studyblr and full with positive posts
My goal is to be happy and kind so this tumblr will definitely help me with my aim.
I love learn languages. I’m learn English, German and French. But this list will be definitely longer.
I hope that here I’ll meet many nice people, so please text to me, I won’t bite you!
My another goal is to study in UK or Denmark, so tumblr will be also to me place with motivation.

I’m here for a long time, so I have some fave blogs: @emmastudies @stillstudies @bonbonlanguage @languagenerds @teenytinyhermione @lemonadeandlanguages @langblog @languageloveaffair

I hope you all have a nice day!!

btw, sorry for all mistakes

There is no such thing as too many selfies.  

Going to the gym with one of my best friends today!

I love this shirt and I love this filter.

I know I’m rambling…

I just want to say that it’s arm day so if you don’t hear from me by 00:30 Atlantic time then my arms fell off and I couldn’t drive home!!!

No I’m kidding… kind of

ANYWAY I did have a point when I first started this post but it’s lost now so I’ll just say that I love yas and peace out!

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YEAH! I was buying fabric for my Moana cosplay and I saw Jazzy posted a pic from a restaurant a few blocks away so I took my chances and they were so sweet! They were busy so their friend said I could only take a picture then I had to leave but Jasmine and Anthony (especially Anthony) were super kind.

that’s amazingggg congrats love ❤️

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Nicknames: ina, azu

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 158cm

Time right now: 9:34 pm

Last thing you googled: i think i googled bee and puppycat (i love that show)

Fave music artist: bruno mars songs, bump of chicken “hello, world!” about that

Song stuck in my head: Steven Universe ending song “Love like You”

Last movie I watched: X-men the apocolypse

Last tv show I watched: Voltron S1 & S2 and “Youjo Senki”

What I’m wearing right now: Batman black jacket and sweat pants

When I created this blog: about 2014 so almost 3 years

The kind of stuff I post: my drawings, doodles of my favorite ships, requests

Do I get asks regularly? i get asks after repsonding to someones asks. i guess so? free request runs are just a storm 

Why did I choose my url: i have no idea, i guess i was too lazy

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: freakin hufflepuff

Pokémon team: im not in one but if im gonna, im gonna be in instinct

Favorite color: i love black and red ever since middle school 

Average hours of sleep: school days its about 5~6, weekends 12~14 hours

Lucky number: idk

Favorite characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Takashi Shirogane, Keith Kogane, kuroooooo, and there is more i just dont remember it just right now 

Dream job: wanna do some animations, or game designing, or being a freelance illustrator………hm i wanna learn more i guess

Number of blankets I sleep with: winter 3 summer idk 1 or none

Following: I FOLLOW 200 PPL that are mostly batfam related. Some are Volrton related to. yep thats all

i aint taggin, whoever sees this YOUR IT