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@yuurier and I were talking so here’s some #highlights 

  • After the banquet Victor locks himself in the (Chris’) bathroom, downs a bottle of champagne, and cries while Chris threatens to break down the door. 

  • “I met my husbannnnnnd” “No, you drank 3 glasses of sex on the beach, told Yakov to plan the wedding, and then threw up on my Oxfords. Get out of the bathroom Vitya i need to take a shower.” 

  • Post “Victor is in love and he’s kind of freaking out” cuddles were Chris assures Victor that yes Yuuri loves poodles (He has a poodle actually which makes Victor cry more because he’ll be a good Papa to Makkachin then) no Yuuri won’t leave him if he loses his hair, and yes you should go to sleep so you don’t meet him with dark circles. 

  • When Victor knocks on Yuuris door in an Armani suit, bouquet of roses, and reservations for his favorite high class restaurant in Sochi he just stares at the maid cleaning it for 20 mins before calling Chris for emergency drinks. 

  • Phichit welcoming Yuuri back and ragging on him for 20 mins because Yuuri looks like shit (Can you imagine a hangover on a plane…) and he still has a sharpie phone number (smeared from his shower) on his chest. 

  • Yuuri expects Victor to be the god of flirting, romance, and pick up lines but nope the dude has literally learned all his dating skills from trashy romance novels. He still reads them, especially the gay ones, and pens to his favorite authors under a fake name. 

  • Victor literally buys “100 best pick up lines” at the airport on his way to Japan and has told Yuuri ALL of them by the end of the summer. 

  • After they start dating Yuuri loves them. He knows they’re bad, he knows Victor is LOVING how well they work, but god he just looks so happy whenever one “lands”.

  • When Yuuri dishes it back though Victor lays on the couch with a pillow covering his face asking God how many times you can fall in love. Yuuri keeps dropping them as Victor begs for his heart’s mercy. 

  • Y’know that thing where big dogs get excited and they slide around because it’s just 100 lbs of love heading for you? Literally Victor when he decides it’s cuddle Yuuri time. 

  • The amount of times Makkachin and Victor fight for Yuuri’s lap is every day. Yuuri loves it and has so many videos of Victor and Makkachin nose to nose “arguing” (aka Victor in Russian telling Makkachin in detail that is HIS fiance and Makkachin boofing and licking his nose) over whose turn it is to cuddle Yuuri. It usually ends with Yuuri sandwiched between Victor’s chest and a 100 lb dog (Who thinks he’s 10 lbs) asleep on his lap. It works. 
skirt (m)

Title: Skirt 

Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Theme: Five litres of smut with a light, sprinkle of fluff. 

Warning: Coarse language, Explicit Sexual Content, and Mature Subject Matter. 

A/N: Re-post. The one on Ao3 is fixed if you would prefer to read it there. 

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Part I: 


There’s sweat dripping down his face and neck. He dabs it off with his hand towel and proceeds to dig through the contents of his duffel bag as you watch from around the corner. You know it’s wrong but you can’t stop yourself from staring. He’s one of the most simultaneously loved and hated students at school. Kind and considerate when you’re on his good side, and a complete nightmare when you’re on his bad side. Just last week, he made your friend cry after she accidentally spilled tea on him in the cafeteria. It was a total disaster. You went home furious that night, praying for the chance to get back at him … and now you have it.

For whatever reason, the academically challenged jerk-off is using the girls locker room. All you have to do is scream bloody murder and the school administration will handle the rest. It’s fool proof … but the second you open your mouth, he reaches back and tugs his shirt off. You rapidly lose focus. Whatever you were going to say is shoved all the way down your windpipe, and you watch in quiet disbelief, holding your breath as he undresses in front of your eyes.

The soft th-thump in your chest grows louder and heavier as you pan a look down his body.

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You can't help everyone. No matter what you do some people will like it and some people won't. Personally I love your use of words. I love the idea of a tumblr mom especially because I have a rocky relationship with my dad and my own mom isn't always supportive. I get notified whenever you post and sometimes if I've been about to break down (I just found out I'm aro) your letters have come just in time to help me feel better. Please don't stop what you are doing. Lots of love -your tumblr kid.

My dear aro kid, 

Thankyou so much that you took time out of your day to send me such a encouraging, kind message! I have to admit that I felt pretty discouraged and sad when people told me i do more harm than good for the lgbt+ community, so it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up to sweet messages like yours <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: I’d like to use this chance to say a big thankyou to everyone who left a reply on my post yesterday, your words were so heartwarming and i really appreciate them! 

Blood And Whiskey

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Summary: The Reader gets drunk after a bad hunt

Word Count: about 1.600

Warnings: Underage drinking

A/N: Shoutout to the amazing @nickiwinchester97 because I would have never posted this without her support and encouragement. I love you!!!

Also, this is my first fic, so feedback of all kind is greatly appreciated!

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“Do you need help patching something up?” Sam asked as he threw his duffel on one of the tables in the library. You shook your head no and went to your room, grabbing a random bottle of liquor from the kitchen as well as a small towel. You didn’t get hurt bad, just a gash on your thigh, you’d be able to fix that yourself.

When you came into your room, you let yourself fall onto the bed. For a few seconds your eyes were closed and it was dead silent, just a small sigh and your breathing filled the room. You were exhausted. It took you days to track those vampires down and when you finally found their nest, they were quicker than you or your brothers and killed the teenagers they’d kidnapped. It was useless.

Your hand ran over your face as you sat up and sighed once more. Okay, you had to admit that the gash on your leg was probably bigger than you had thought. It hurt a lot to get out of your blood covered jeans and you knew that it would hurt even more to disinfect it with the liquor. You took a closer look at it – Whiskey. Jack Daniels to be more precise.

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Listen, I have this idea:

Lance loves and cares for his family a whole lot; he misses and wants to see them.

We can assume that he has a good family life and just wants to go home and be happy right. Maybe it hasn’t always been that way, let me evaluate; when he was younger, life was tougher. His older siblings were trying to afford collage, and his younger siblings were still just kids, they were beginning life.

He just was kind of, stuck in the middle, he wasn’t going to collage yet and he hadn’t finished school, and it was getting hard. He couldn’t focus on anything and everyday seemed like a challenge, and it wasn’t as if his family didn’t listen or help him, they were just busy. He didn’t want to get in the way of anything, and his problems seemed like they didn’t matter, as if they would just add to the stress.

He had to admit to himself, he was being a little irrational; maybe his problems didn’t even matter. He didn’t matter, so he left, in the middle of the night, he packed a bag, left a note, and didn’t look back. It didn’t go well, for anyone, his family immediately dropped everything and searched.

Lance wasn’t doing any better, he was terrified and alone, just wanted to feel wanted. When his family found him, he immediately started balling, his mom scooping him up in her arms, crying too.

He just repeated, “I’m sorry” while she shushed him. His siblings were there his whole family was, he learned that, of course he mattered to them he was family.

Things were better after that; it took a while, to heal. He spent more time with everyone, and didn’t distance himself, he got better and his bond with his family got even better than it ever was.

He got better grades and a few years later, he was accepted to the garrison, and his family was ecstatic, held him pack and his older siblings even visited from collage. He left a week later, he was following his dream with his family by his side not behind him, and then Voltron happened.

He was swooped up into space with no goodbye; he left his home and family behind. He was left alone again and this time, he didn’t have his family to find him. He felt alone again, felt like everything he was doing didn’t matter.

He distanced himself from his team, and started being reckless with his fights. The team tried to question him, asked if he was okay. He wasn’t though, and one day he just cracked, he just wanted to go home. 

He didn’t ask for this, he didn’t ask to be the blue paladin, and with Shiro gone, it felt just like back home as if he didn’t matter.

 I don’t want the team forcing out Lance’s problems with anger, I want them learning about it and helping him and the team grow stronger, give me some actual Lance character development with backstory to his family and why he has insecurities.

this is a v v smol thank you to all the people ( that would be you who’s reading this who decided to give me a follow? i’m incredibly blessed by your presence and support, and honestly am so happy to be here. i know i don’t talk much on dash or ooc ( something i hope to change ), and i know i’m super fucking slow but. i’m just so grateful that you all thought i was worth clicking the follow button, and then not clicking the unfollow. it means a great deal to me and i hope that i get to know more of you in-depth because it makes me happy to see all of you on my dash. you’re such pure souls that i always want the best for.  

                                                  all my love !!

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I seriously just barely found this blog, and I already love it, but I'm asking you to see how often you post things~..

Aaaah thank you for you message! I’m happy that you find me there!

Gasp I’m so sorry lately my activity is kinda low, I’m currently going throught a lot of problem IRL sadly ;A; but I’ll try to keep sharing stuff as much as possible!

your kind message keeps me determined, thank you so much for that.
I hope you will enjoy my posts! *hugs* ♥

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laurahhollis replied to your postlaurahhollis replied to your post “laurahhollis …

i have no idea what is that e_e make it easier for me

Demi and Selena were in a “friendship” movie on the Disney Channel called Princess Protection Program that everyone called a G-rated lesbian movie bc of how gay Selena’s character was for Demi’s.  First off, her name is “Carter.”  It was like a hate to love kind of friendship.  And instead of going to prom with dudes, they went together with a bunch of other girls.  In the end, Demi’s character became queen and they both become secret agents together to protect other princesses.  I watch it 3 times a year man.  Fuck it, I’m gonna rewatch it tonight.

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what kind of garden do you think magnus and taako have in their post adventure house? i picture a beautiful herb garden that magnus planted for taako with neat little wood stakes that taako wrote the names of each plant on (magnus’ handwriting is illegible)

their yard is fenced by trellises magnus built covered in jasmine and other sweet smelling climbing flowers and taako can see them blooming from the kitchen window when he’s cooking

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so... in your opinion, do you think mutsuki looked bored/annoyed at the fake execution bc he knew that wasnt kaneki + the hypocresy of ccg or did he lowkey tried to avoid to watch bc in a lucid state he has touble watching people get hurt? i would love to see some positive development from him in the future bc at this point i can really see how it can get worse, tbh i dont think he will give away :re, it seems to easy though i would love a confrontation with touka, that would be nice

Mutsuki’s definitely rolling his eyes there. The most likely explanation is that he knew it wasn’t Kaneki. From what we know of Mutsuki post-rueshima he’s become conscious for the most part of what would otherwise be his fugue state persona’s actions. Which means most likely he remembers these events in detail after the fact, even though he recovers to a more stable kind of mood. During that time, Mutsuki already bore witness to this:

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I accidentally deleted my blog

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> Also obviously no TERFs or bigoted people!

Hi there, I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not to send you this through this blog or @camrazstuff, but I wanted to send you this all the same as a thank you. I really like your posts XD ((I am a big fan of all things cute)) so much that I was inspired to try and draw this, it’s my ooc character Mishi being star struck meeting the boy wonder. I haven’t drawn anything in such a long while and I never really colored my pics when I did but I really hope you like it and thank you again for always being so sweet ((I am not used to people commenting back to me or even mentioning me in their posts -^_^-))


(( AAAAAA OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS!!!!! SO WONDERFUL OH WOW !!!!!! GOD BLESS U YOU KIND SWEET SOUL I LOVE THIS SM,,, your art is so cute thank you so much for taking the time to draw this it means so much!!! I will treasure this forever tbh thank u so much,,, omg,,, ))

it’s wild that michael/meg and gavin/lindsay are as similar as they are.

like, meg and michael are Competitive Assholes, 100%. fuck you, fuck that guy, fuck everybody i am going to win people. they’re also the kind of people who will say i love you to people they care about–they’ll just balance it out with a fair amount of “you’re stupid and dumb and the absolute worst”. they’re also big on squidging their s/o’s faces (there are a lot of gifs/screenshots from relationship goals where michael’s doing it to lindsay or meg’s doing it to gavin). also, both gryffindors.

same thing with lindsay and gavin. their play style tends to be  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and super heavy on the wildcard/chaotic factor. they’re not fuck you, i am going to win, they’re this thing might help me or it might kill me or it might kill everyone but it sure as hell is going to do something and i am sure as hell going to do it. they also tend to end up on the defensive side of arguments a lot, where michael/meg will bring up something with the implied presumption that gavin/lindsay are wrong and gavin/lindsay are the ones who escalate the argument by not backing down when meg/michael tell them they’re wrong at increasing decibels. they tend to stay more levelheaded, too? like. meg/michael very easily slip into annoyed-voice which becomes annoyed-yell. lindsay/gavin also get louder, but by far lesser degrees and their tone is different, way more look, listen, wait, hear me out than annoyed. both of them use woof* as an exclamation. both apparently love burger king (while michael and meg hate it and refuse to go with them) both** slytherins, too.

it’s just… michael really wasn’t fucking kidding when he said gavin and lindsay were the same person while he and meg were the same person,  

*it’s actually something lindsay’s been saying since she was a teenager, and i’m guessing gavin picked it up from her, because it’s not something that pops up in his vocab early on in rt stuff.

**gavin hasn’t ever talked about his harry potter house but you’re straight up lying to yourself if you don’t think he’s a slytherclaw who leans towards slytherin

i know i’ve said it a million times, but i really do love the septimus heap fandom because it’s full of friends. people all follow each other, know each other’s names, know people’s favourite characters. people support each other in their real life endeavors, they reblog each other’s selfies, they send kind words when someone needs it.

anybody can just show up and be like “hey, i love these books!! wanna be friends?” and it’s an instant yes, but not only that, then they send that newbie lists of people, they invite them into conversations and circles, they follow each other, other fans reply on the post inviting the newbie to be their friend as well. 

people create fan blogs and they get instant followers, people post art - strangers even, and everyone goes crazy in the tags. we create group chats and inside jokes and we all make fun of angie sometimes. we know things about each other and we like each other, we tag each other in posts, we create things specifically for our friends because we know they’ll like it, we send nice asks. we give each other cute nicknames and playfully tease each other and scream at each other over the internet when we’re excited or emotional over our shared beloved characters.

people have been so incredibly patient and kind with me while i go through a weird time, people send me drawing requests because they know that’s what i can handle right now, they preface their asks with “when you are emotionally ready,” they offer to talk if i need it, they send me cute headcanons, they reply to my personal posts with endless encouragement.

i love you all so much, and i hope you know, i regard each and every one of you as either “friends i’ve talked to” or “friends i’ve yet to introduce myself to.” and i hope i can be someone like that for you too. in a world that can be dark and overwhelming, this fandom is an island of light.

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I agree with you that the story they are telling doesn't involve Emma in any kind of romantic sense with the bartender. I also think Emma would truly never do that, no matter how vulnerable and hurt she is at the moment.

I couldn’t agree more. Personally, though there are more than a few things I side eye A&E and the writers about, the way they’ve written Emma, and the consistency of her character, is not one of them.

Good lord we’re talking about maybe 24 hours post fight. If anyone honestly worries that she’s going to be doing the “move on” thing and bringing home some random bartender for a tumble I have to wonder how much they really think of the character to begin with.

Emma is smart and strong and brave and right this minute…yes, hurt. Her emotions are all over the place. She doesn’t know what to think. The rug has been pulled out from under her. She’s scared, she’s uncertain. The love of her life just walked out the door and at least initially she believes willingly walked right out of town.

So forgive her if she’s a little off her game.

But even with all that going on there’s not one thing in Emma Swan’s life as we know it that screams–I know what will make me feel better. A one night stand with a bartender.

Have a little more faith in the character than that.

And ask yourself this–if there was an actual “moving on” story going on why did they have to edit the audio in the promo? And if there was any kind of flirting on Emma’s part do you think both the promo and press release would have been able to avoid screaming it from the rooftop for drama’s sake?? Pfffft. Never.


I love that they showed Diana’s bedroom, and all the books that she’s always reading. I don’t want people to think that Diana can do everything just because, yeah she does have talent and she is from a very distinguished family, but she’s also very smart and is always studying, is not just some kind of ‘magic trick’ because she’s from the Cavendish lineage. She’s very hard-worker and is always trying her best to help everyone.

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Ahhh I'm so nervous and I don't know why... Anywho, could I please request a Minghao + Wonwoo reaction to you feeling baf about your severe eczema?? Like someone pointed it out, or said something mean idk. If you need help knowing what struggles people with severe eczema have,please just post this and I'll message you!

Wonwoo would intertwine your fingers with his and let you rest your head against his chest after hearing about your insecurities. He may not always be good with words, but when it comes to cheering you up, he always knows what to say. He’d tell you that eczema is nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s okay to feel insecure sometimes because everyone does at some point in their life. He’d make it clear that he loves you for your kindness, your humor; he loves you for you, and something as small as eczema wouldn’t change that. He’d make you feel beautiful because in his eyes, you really, really are.

Minghao would pull you close and tell you to just ignore them after you tell him all about your worries about your eczema. He’d tell you your skin is beautiful the way it is, and he’d beat up anyone who thinks otherwise. This would make you laugh, and he’d go on to point out other traits of yours. Your nice smile, your sparkling eyes, your cute face. He’d remind you that you have other beautiful features as well, and that he loves every single part of you. He’d want to help you feel confident about yourself.

thank you for your request!!

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