i love this kid a lot wow

i did get around to playing tsw!!! i started as a templar bc i felt like, for once, i was rlly aligned with the templars?? i am also scared out of my wits bc im a baby but i love i love everything i do not love the crushing pressures of school that cuts game time but i love it!!!

also y’all were not kidding about running around a lot bc wow!! like i play ranged in ffxiv so im used to being stationary in mmos and now im like mOVE GOTTA MOVE 

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... solangelo headcanons... maybe... 👽

of course ((: so i decided to do headcanons about them falling in love hope you like it!
• so during the three day stay in the infirmary nico & will get close & become bffs yay!!
• they spend a lot of time together, during meals, nico will help will out in the infirmary, will helps nico with training the little kids in fighting, it’s all very nice
• but nico goes to hazel a lot & hangs with percy & jason so it’s not like they’re ALWAYS together
• but anyways will kinda starts noticing cute little things about nico after a year of being close
• like omg wow look at his cute little freckles & his nose when he laughs & oh gods the sound of his laugh & how dark & pretty his eyes are & how warm his hands always are & his sweet accent &
• shit all the sudden will has a crush??
• but what he doesn’t know is that nico has always had a crush on him lmao
• have you seen his eyes?? & how shiny & golden his hair is?? & how his calves look when he runs?? & how intelligent he sounds when he speaks doctor talk?? so yes of course nico has a crush, thankyou very much
• so anyways like another year passes & each boy feels the slow transition from Like to Love
• & shit man everyone around them wants to tell them to get a room already when they do the cutesy lovey eyes at each other but also they know these boys deserve to fall in love slow & sweet
• & Finally on a cold december day the two are wandering around new york in little italy & get gelato even though it’s freezing & nico throws his head back & laughs for like ten minutes straight after will butchers italian words on a sign & he sighs i love you after he’s done & oh shit what did he just do
• & wills just kinda like ohhhh that was nice to hear & is kinda in shock
• but then all the sudden nico isn’t scared anymore & stands up straighter with his pink gelato in his hand & clears his throat & looks will right in the eye & says i love you once again very clearly
• & will stutters for a moment & says it back & throws his arms around nico & they kiss & laugh & for once it’s kinda perfect
• when the wander themselves back into camp they see a few hands exchange money & can do nothing but laugh & lean into each other in pure love

vex and percy being canonly head over heels in love with each other is my favorite for a lot of reasons but ESPECIALLY because of the ridiculous amount of embarrassing things they’ve seen each other do over the years and how they both apparently went “wow thats embarrassing i think im in love with that nerd”

see: the buttflap of percy’s soul being down, vex straight up vomiting onto percy because he got airsick on a trip on the broom (setting off the vomit comet which, imo, is the most Iconic perc’ahlia scene), etc


I always had the chance to do whatever I wanted to do, my parents were very open about that. Acting has been a passion of mine. I wanted to be in musicals as a kid, and took tap dance, so for me it’s a dream come true, my childhood was filled with things that I loved to do, and also very normal things: I lived in New York, I have a family life and went to a regular school. If anything, I look back and think, “Wow, I did a lot of things that a lot of people don’t get to do in their lifetime.”.

Hello! Okay so me and @minky-for-short have been extending her ideas from her Reynolds Fix it plan (which I turned into a fic!) into what we’re calling the Everyone’s Okay AU! More specifically into what happens a while after Maria moves in with the Hamilton’s after the events of the fic. Jackie, if I’ve left anything off, feel free!!!

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So I just read all of Golden Age in one night and, just, wow! I love this new setting you've built and how it changes familiar faces and just, all the characters (Anton is such a sweet puppy of a man and Mihail melted my heart just showing up the one time) and I'm very excited (and a lot scared) to see what will happen with Jack and the Tsar in the future. Thanks for writing such brilliantly engaging stories, Pia!

(same anon who read all of TGATNW in one night) ALSO YOU BROUGHT BACK MORA OMG. I screamed a little in pure glee because…Mora! It’s a really nice nod back to where you started with those two.             

I had to put Mora in! I mean I didn’t have to, but I really wanted to kind of have that nod to her. She’s one of my favourite characters in Shadows and Light, and for someone that was supposed to be a Nightmare who didn’t live, she ended up becoming a pretty staunch and stubbornly present part of that story. :)

Mihail will show up again! And so glad you’re enjoying Anton. :D And ahhhh dflksjfas just *bounces* glad you’re enjoying the story! I’m so glad to be exploring this world myself. It’s such a sprawling, rambling thing, but I just can’t help myself, so thank you for being so patient with the story! <3

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Have you watched Prince of Egypt, if so, what do you think of the soundtrack?

hello, yea i have that was a film i loved as a kid!!! we should talk about that opening sequence. that is just so…. wow. everything together but deliver us is really powerful - the trumpet bugle call at the start is pretty iconic tbh. the hORN LINE in the verse rising up. i am weak for a good horn line. and the horns are just …. so GOOD in this. the arrangement is really great. 

obvs you have tonnes of the phrygian dominant scale, lots of flattened tones going on what is v prevalent is that 1 - ♭2 - 3 thing that movement from the flattened second to the third and back down sneaks its way in a heck of a lot.  

i remember loving all i ever wanted as well like it is just so epic he’s running and the opening is just really driving. 

and omdfg. playing with the big boys, THAT IS JUST. okay. i really like this number for many reasons. but you know i was listening to it a few months ago on repeat for a few hours idk why but i noticed something really interesting. i think it was the melodic movement on some of the lines and the blaring horn after ‘stop this foolish mission’. 

The plagues!!!!!!!!! GAH. little nice arrangement touch when talking about the locusts the woodwinds are doing v rapid chromatic movement which paints those words so well. 

when i was about 13 (and thought i was an amazing singer awkward… lmao) when you believe was so influential to me. me and my friends sang it together at school for this music evening thing lol. 

i havent seen or listened for a while but yes - i think it’s pretty rad from memory. thanks for the ask! 


“I wish I had that luxury some days,” Kieran joked.

“You don’t live alone?” Simon asked, “who do you live with?”

“Oh, my daughter and I– her name’s Darcy– we live together. I lived alone for a while though,” Kieran said. He hadn’t realized he didn’t mention his daughter to this new person he had met. 

“Oh wow! You have a daughter? That’s pretty awesome. I’ve always wanted kids,” Simon said while smiling. “I grew up with a couple younger brothers and a sister, and they never bothered me, so I’ve always enjoyed caring for youngsters.”

“I’m kinda the middle kid, I have an older sister, a twin, a younger brother, and a younger sister. So, I can’t say I enjoy ‘em too much, but I do love Darcy a whole lot,” Kieran shrugged and smiled. He couldn’t believe how well this meeting was actually going. This guy was just… remarkable.

OK I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS THAT I NEED TO EXPRESS! No spoilers will be given in the following rant.

This was one of my favourite book series of all time as a kid. When the movie came out I was thoroughly disappointed. The creators of the movie did not understand the books, the themes, the layout, the messaging or the lessons. They sugar coated it with a non existent “happy” ending. In the books, the children to not end up in happy situations, but the love between them is what drives them to continue with hope. The typical idea of
A Happy ending isn’t possible for everyone, and sheltering children from that harsh reality will not save them. What is possible is hope, and love. And everyone can experience that. This series was such refresher from the movie. It was so wonderful being back in the world of the Baudelaire children. The creators understood how to approach this series and the characters and they did it so well. The acting and format is incredible and the story and plot twists and aesthetics are all done so beautifully. A++

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dont apologise its okay to be upset and angry !! you have another someone fixing it now though, right? ik the feels (im sure a lot of people do) being in a place u dont wanna while being tired and hungry (i once had to take a seven hour coach trip w/ a bunch of kids at 4 am w/o any food or sleep) but stick through it and indulge in ur nap later <3 <3 sending love

It’s done! I am back in my dorm and I am going to take the best nap ever!!!! (Wow that sounds horrible! How did you survive????) but thanks anon! I appreciate the love 💖☺️

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what'd you like about tfa?

hmm i liked a lot of it!

 i thought the animation was really cool and i liked the style it was really unique and really helped like communicate the different bots personalities just through the design! 

also i LOVED sari!!!! she was like so CUTE and funny and i loved how much ass she kicked she really reminded me of miko and verity i want them all to be friends somehow! and the Plot Twist (no spoilers just in case) really took me by surprise which does not happen often ! and i loved that she was southeast asian which you do not see very often in kids shows!

i also thought that the reimagining of the universe was really well done like kind of disregarding the matrix as somethign that chooses primes and having prime being a like Rank that a lot of poeple share ??

 also prowl !!!!!!! i am so in love with cyberninja prowl wow like it really keeps the main tenants of his character like being calm and calculating and logical but taking it in a whole new direction! and having the seekers all bein starscreams clones was so tongue in cheek and great

one thing i didnt like was the headmasters (which i jsut dont like in any universe lol) and all the human villains every time they showed up i was just like…………..leave

but overall i really enjoyed it and wish thre were more seasons : (

Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait. Here, hope this list helps :) 

  • The Hotel Regulars - downright creepy. the imagery in this fic is superb you can actually shiver from the chills.
  • Jag-eun - nurse chanyeol falling in love with his psycho patient baekhyun. hello shutter island???
  • The Smile in the Mirror - eveything seems to be light in the beginning but WAIT FOR IT. WAIT FOR IT.
  • Hole in your Face - this is all so twisted and gore and wow i love it
  • The Painter Of Bones - great imagery as well, lots of great elements, flawless flow. 
  • The Switch Effect - more than dark this is really sad. 

anyone who can help baek6104 on her second question? “yeol killed baek then he piggyback b but their kid ask why chan piggybacking baek.” Thanks!

- Admin Rose :> 

I’m going to wax poetic about Gargoyles here for a second, because I’ve been re-watching the series in little baby bits over the past few weeks and I am just…blown away with the depth of story-telling in this short-lived piece of glory from the mid-late 90s.

Elisa and Goliath are like…awesome. Elisa is awesome. Yeah, she falls off of buildings a lot, but Goliath almost gets fucking smashed like every damn day so it evens out.

Demona and Macbeth’s personal history is SO COMPLICATED ‘City of Stone’ is one of my favorite arcs in the entire series.

Fox, Xanatos, and Owen? I fucking love that dynamic. What a team. Wow. And that’s not even counting the fact that one of them is technically two people.

Arthurian legend, Shakespearean references, history, global folklore, fairytales (like the kind that kept kids in at night not like cinderella stuff), magic, aliens. A legit future vetted/written by the creator in which the planet is occupied by invaders from space.

It has literally everything, and the way that its all woven together just blows my mind. Yeah, it’s cheesy sometimes bc it was written with a more childish audience in mind (childish meaning someone who isn’t 20 but what the hell 20+ year old ppl can enjoy this show), and sometimes the messages are a little sociology/philosophy 101, but that stuff’s important for kids to learn. I mean, what cartoon bad guys don’t have laser guns and rly bad aim (after watching Jurassic World I’d argue that every side character in every action-oriented creative endeavor has just enough firearm accuracy to keep the plot moving).

This show can easily be transplanted into an adult context, and I think that’s what keeps drawing me back to it. I keep wanting to write gritty fanfic for it bc I KNOW it can go there. The show was written in the 90s and aired on Disney, so they couldn’t really talk about things like “Hey btw this character is gay” (Disney hardly does it now - and if you were wondering, it’s Lexington). Greg is awesome enough to answer questions like these about his characters even today, two decades after it aired. BUT imagine this show redone with all the same voice actors bc I’m 85% sure they’re all still active.

Think about what they could talk about. 

Idk, I just think about the potential for the series when I watch it, as well as enjoy the depth and dynamics already endowed in the characters, relationships, and story as they exist in the original series. 

An AU where Ciel absolutely hates the beach, because sunburns, ouch he’d rather not, and sand, lots of it, ew, no thank you, but keeps on going there even though he has no knowledge of how to swim and can barely put a foot in water only because the lifeguard that works there on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (it’s only a coincidence how he knows that man’s schedule, it’s not like he was stalking him or anything… Haha…) the man who he later found out was named Sebastian, was a real eye candy. And damn, does he look so damn handsome under the sun half-naked, not to mention how breathtakingly beautiful he looks after coming out of the water. Ciel believes he needs a visit to the church after every time he goes to that beach.

But what Ciel doesn’t know is that Sebastian is also so into him that most of the times he walks in front of him not to watch for people drowning or in need of help but to flaunt his muscles to the younger male, and that usually he goes into the water for a swim just to show Ciel how great he is at what he does so he might have a chance to impress him before making his move and asking him out on a date.

A Lightened Soul

Wow, an update in less than a week?! I’ve out done myself! Haha, I kid. Here is the latest chapter. Fair amount of warning this is a wee bit angsty and I should warn you all now, I think this will be a verra angsty story, so you are warned! Jamie and Claire are a wee bit broken in this story and they need a lot of love. As always, let me know what you think!

Part 1, 2

The key rattled in my sweaty palm as I tried to jiggle the lock into place, grunting as I pushed up and finally felt the lock obey and click open the door.

I turned a bit back to Jamie standing behind me in the darkened hall way and shrugged self-consciously towards him.

“Faulty lock,” I smiled and was greeted with his warm, friendly face in the dimness.

I tentatively walked a few steps into my tiny flat and flicked on my lamp, trying not to look at him as he walked in the door and saw the condition of the small space that I had been inhabiting for the last year.

I quickly moved to throw the dirty clothes lying on the floor into the laundry bin and throwing the medical textbooks littered open across my bed onto my desk, pushed into the corner of the room.

Clearing my throat, I looked over to him from the corner of my eye and sat down on the very edge of the bed, back as straight as a rod.

“Sorry for the mess and the overall claustrophobia of the room.”

I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked down as he walked the few steps to sit down next to me, the door closing behind him, enclosing us together. Bringing his hands up, he brought my curls, wild from the walk outside, to fan out in front of my face, cascading in brown swirls between us.

The corner of his mouth turned up as he ran his hands down the shape, all the way to the small of my back.

“Dinna fash, mo nieghean donn,” he said quietly as he looked over me.

I lost my breath again at the look on his face. Sitting there in the quietness of the room, street noise drowned out by the emotions pausing between us, it felt we were alone in the world.

“So, you’re from Scotland, I presume?”

“Aye,” he said with a thicker Scottish burr. “Born and raised.”

I chuckled at this as I became more conformable and started to relax. “And do your parents still live there?”

Jamie’s smile faded as he looked down at his hands on his lap. “Ah, no. They’ve passed.”

Something inside of me twisted painfully at the sadness on his face and ached to ease it as quickly as possible.

I reached out and grabbed his hand tightly in mine, smoothing his knuckles.

“I’m so sorry. But I know what it’s like and I know that doesn’t mean much when people say it.”

I smiled tightly and my other hand floated by some force to his knee, rubbing in soothing circles. “So, I’ll just say I understand. The loss of unconditional love is…well it’s tragic.”

A deep sigh left his chest and he brought his hand to lay on top of mine on his knee.

“Aye. My mother died when I was small, but my father died not but a year ago.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “That’s why I moved to London. I just…I had to get away.”

I nodded in understanding, silently letting him know I was here to listen if he wanted me to.

“My sister, Jenny, she still lives in our family’s estate. We havena spoken,” he voice dropped to a whisper, “we havena spoken since he died.”

Scooting closer to him, I leaned my head on his shoulder, trying to echo the support he’s shown me.

“Tell me about it,” I urged softly.

He lay his head on top of my own and I could feel he wasn’t in the room anymore, but seeing the darkened memories that haunted him.

“I’ve always had a temper, ken? But it was wicked one night in November last year. My father and I butted heads a lot, though it usually ended with us forgiving each other with a wee dram at the end of the night.”

His voice got thicker as his speech progressed.

“I was in the the army for a few years, and I had just gotten done with my service,” his eyes squinted at the darkness outside the window. “My father runs,” he stopped suddenly. He swallowed and had to control his face for a moment.

I brushed the corner of his eye where a tear hadn’t quite fallen.

“Ran,” he finally spoke in a quiet voice, “our small farm and his own small whiskey distillery.”

His eyes squeezed shut tightly and I understood that his was the first he had spoken this to anyone, the pain in his voice was fresh and his face struggled to remain impassive to the memories that fluttered behind his eyes.

“And I was to take it over. Well, it was a night we got in a wicked argument. He though I wasna ready to have the responsibility and it set me off.”

“Jenny had told him she’s seen me gambled a fortune on cards at our local pub and that I was too reckless to run a business yet.”

He shook is head slightly at glanced at me from the corner of his eye. “I like to gamble a wee bit here and there, but I only bet a lot when I ken I will win. I’m no reckless.”

I rubbed his back in gentle circles, soothing his concerns that I was judging him. “I’m sure you’re not,” I whispered to him.

He let out a deep sighed and squinted back out the window. “I yelled things at him I would have never said in usual circumstances.” He turned to me again, looking for some sort of reassurance.

“It just,” he waved his free hand in the air, “when everything gets under yer skin and ye finally explode.”

His eyes turned glassy as I saw the moonlight reflect in his eyes. “I couldn’t fit back into my life there after the army. I felt empty and I counda find my footing yet.”

He nodded to himself. “I got in such a temper, I stormed out in the pissing rain and took the car and drove until I could calm myself.”

He sighed and clutched my hand harder and I felt the bones rub together.

“I drove until my eyes were too tired to stay open, so I pulled over to have a wee rest before going back.” A few escaped tears ran down his cheeks, glimmering like crystals.

“I must have fallen asleep and when I woke it was almost dawn,” his voice was barley audible now as he continued.

“When I finally got home, my father wasn’t home and Jenny told me he’s been out looking for me all night,” his whole body started to shake with sobs and I threw my arms around him.

“Shhh,” I mumbled as I stroked his hair and clutched him hard to me.

“It was only a few hours later the police showed up to the house, sayin’ that he’d skidded on ice and lost control of his car.”

“Oh, Jamie,” I whispered.

“He died on impact ye see,” his thick voice stuttered out. “And it’s my fault. He died because of me and my foolishness. I left home so I could to escape the guilt. I havena spoken to Jenny because she blames me, I ken she does.”

He leaned his head into my shoulder as he began to lose control of his emotions, letting his vulnerability known to my heart.

I held him tightly in my arms as he cried into my blouse, stained with the coffee I had spilled only hours earlier but what felt like an eternity. In those few short hours, I had met this man. A compassionate man.

A vulnerable man, who obviously came with demons of his own and demons he wasn’t afraid to show me. I held onto him with all my strength, this virtual stranger. Yet somehow, I felt closer to him than to anyone ever in my life, including my ex-husband.

We sat there for an unknown amount of time. With him in my arms, burdened with the pain of the past dripping down his face and me with the knowledge that I had something more than extraordinary in my arms.

At some time, when the moon was high in the sky, casting to the room in a dreamlike lighting, we found ourselves wrapped around each other reclined on the bed. Nose to nose, hands twined and legs ensnared.

He whispered something under his breath in Gaelic before his eyes fluttered shut and his breathing grew slow and quiet.

My heart warmed at the sight of his slumbering, peaceful face, clear of any of the past’s pain.

I settled myself against him and closed my eyes and dreamed of red hair, and strong arms wrapped around me, squeezing the sting of lost hope away and replacing it with light.

Continued here


Roy: Oh my God, VIOLET! HEY! 

I almost didn’t recognise you without my wife’s crotch in your face!

Violet smiles.

Violet: Hello, Mr. Goddard. How are you today? Can I get you some pastries? A coffee, maybe? 

Roy: I’ll have four pain aux raisins to go, thank you Violet.

Violet: Four. Wow. You must be hungry. 

Roy: I’m always hungry. I’m a man of insatiable appetites. 

Violet’s eyes meet his without wavering. Her manner is smooth and professional.

Violet: Anything else? 

Roy: Well, there is something else, now that you mention it. My lovely wife and I are spending Wednesday night in town. As much as we love them, it’s nice to get away from the kids every once in a while. We’ll be staying at a hotel and we’ll probably go to dinner, followed by a show. Or vice-versa!

Violet: That sounds like a lot of fun. Lucky Mrs Goddard.

Roy: Well, you know. You have to keep the romance alive and all that shit. But more importantly, are you busy on Wednesday night, Violet? Would you care to join us? 

Violet: Really? Sure. That sounds fantastic. Your wife has my number. She can call me with the details.

Roy: Excellent! That’s excellent! I’ll make the bookings as soon as I get to the office. That’s wonderful, Violet. I’ll be looking forward to it! Wow! Thank you! 

Violet: Mr. Goddard?

Roy: Yes, Violet?

Violet: You forgot your pastries.